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The Real Sleeping Beauty | Dick Grayson x Reader

Description: When Dick falls under one of Klarion’s spells, it’s up to sorceress (and love interest) Y/N L/N to save the day, and Bludhaven’s knight.

Request: Hopefully it’s not too late to send a request in! Can I request an imagine for Dick where reader falls under a sleeping spell that only a soulmate’s kiss can break? Lol kinda like sleeping beauty 😂😂😂

Words: 1797

Notes: I am aware you wanted the reader to be the one to fall under, but I thought it would be so cute to have it be Dick instead. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing! I was also taking Snow White into mind lol =D

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“It’s just as I feared,” You sighed, shoulders dropping with the weight of your new problem. The members of the Batfamily and the Young Justice team stare at you. When Zatanna could not figure out how Dick had suddenly fallen into what appeared to be a magical coma, or why, Tim had suggested calling you—a close, close friend of Dick’s, an on-and-off member of the team, and an expert in the magical arts.

“What?” Batman questioned tightly, taking a step forward to join your side. They currently had Dick under supervision (literally, Conner was in the corner), encased in a glass pod surrounded by medical machinery. It made him look like a sick and unused puppet, it’s strings tossed about around him. But still, it didn’t seem right; Dick’s face wasn’t pale, his body was weak—he didn’t appear to be in a coma, even if it hadn’t been 24 hours since he had gone under. If anything he looked better than normal. His hair fell perfectly around his face, his lips were plump like a ripe peach, ready to be plucked for harvest, and his skin was flushed a light, healthy pink. But if you turned your head a certain way it seemed that coma had begun to take from him, or maybe it was just your eyes playing tricks on you.

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Can you explain what brushes you use and how you make them like you want? I've tried messing with all sorts of photoshop settings and I can never get anything I like! :(

Ah, anon… I know your pain! It took me ages to find brushes I liked. 

Recently, I’ve been using two brush packs for painting: Istebrak’s “Dry Oil” brushes, and Marc Brunet’s “Advanced Brush Pack”. For sketching I use the “Super Light Sketch Graphite”, which was included in Kyle T. Webster’s “megapack” and now comes free with Photoshop. I also use a few of photoshop’s default brushes, that I made oval. 

All of those brush packs are paid for, but given how much I use them, it’s worth it for me. I would recommend seeing if you like the feel of textured brushes first, maybe by using Greg Rutkowski’s” brushes, which are free!

A lot of people think that brushes make the artist, but I would disagree. I’ve spent far too much on brush packs that I don’t even use, in hopes they would make me better or transform my art (spoiler alert: they didn’t). One of my favourite artists, Ahmed Aldoori, uses variants of PS’s brushes and his work is amazing! Matt Rhodes has been doing his lineart with the same brush for years, one that he made himself based on the default brushes in PS. 

It’s really about trying things (for free first) and finding what you feel comfortable with. While I like textured brushes, dry brushes and brushes that blend, you might not! So just have fun until something clicks :)

(I keep all of my PS’s pen settings off, opacity and flow on 100%.)

Young & Beautiful ~ M.Yoongi TEASER

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Summary: What’s better than dating a guy your own age? Food? No, Netflix? No…actually, all of those are better but dating a guy older than you is pretty damn good.

Pairing: Reader x Min Yoongi

Au: Older!Yoongi

A/N: Before people get butthurt by this I do not condone these types of relationships unless there is consent.

The actual Fanfic will come out on January 2nd (after the holiday season)

He stared at you intensely, you were sitting on his bed semi-naked across from him in his apartment. You were questioning everything yet you wouldn’t leave him, you couldn’t leave him.

“I don’t know” you whispered.

“You don’t know what?” he scooched closer to you, his ring, middle and index finger rubbing the sides of your arms.

You looked away from him, the truth is you were scared that you were holding him back from so much. You were only 17 meaning you couldn’t go out with him, you had to both keep your relationship a secret and you knew that’s not what he wanted.

“I should be dating boys my own age” you looked at him, tears threatening to leave your eyes. You looked outside, the sky was cluttered with clouds and the raindrops hit the window vigorously.

“Sweetheart look at me” he lifted your chin up with his two fingers making you look at him.

“Why would you want to do that?”

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What do you think the team’s houses would be? I know you said that Matt and Pidge are Slytherin, but how about the rest of them? I know people think that allura is Gryffindor which I definitely agree with. Keith and Hunk as a Hufflepuff, which maybe? Coran as Ravenclaw and shiro as Gryffindor, which again, not sure about? But something that confuses me is lance as Slytherin, mostly because I don’t see him as Slytherin 100% so what do you think? Thanks

I mean, I think everybody’s gonna read it differently, but how I would split it:

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hey are there any specific comics youd like transcribed? if so, do you have an example of what a good transcription looks like? i use captions and im aware that there's a balancing act between "[clunk]" and "[The heretofore unnoticed assassin drops softly from the window offscreen]" so i wanna know what youre looking for going into it

i’d honestly love to get transcriptions of runaways (which i haven’t read in….ages….) and also kill six billion demons both of which are… a hell of an undertaking lmao.

the first transcribed issue that came up when i checked gdocs was @thequeerwithoutfear’s transcript of young avengers vol. 2 #5, which is located here. the format auden uses is a lot more intuitive than the panel-by-panel script style that’s sometimes used, and i like it a lot.

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I haven't really see the entire two last pages, just a panel and I literally cried. I don't want to miss something in the manga because I really like kuroshitsuji and I don't want to miss anything but this... I know it's just a manga, but I simply can't. What do you think I can do to know what is happening but skipping if there are more scenes like these or of torture?

you aren’t really missing anything by skipping the last two pages! the only thing of note was that oc looked up at this statue and there were butterflies everywhere, but i think the butterflies were just a ‘coming of age’ metaphor.

weird statue dude.

and you can always ask me to summarize the torture scenes if you can’t handle reading them! just ask on anon :o i can’t imagine i’d ever skip them myself, even though they are horrible. so i’m happy to help!

im so sorry everyone, i dont even know what to say. what do you say when youe second bias in all of kpop dying? what do you say when you’re remembering telling your best friend at age 13 that you were gonna marry said bias? what do you say when you still cant believe the news? what do you say when someone influential and iconic and amazing ends their life? what do you say? im so sorry everyone. Please say something if you are suicidal. Please dont do it. You are worth my attention, someone’s attention, anyone’s attention. Speak and I’ll listen. Don’t lose youe fight, no, comeback fighting twice as hard. Please i dont know what to say. Please.

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Feel like I’m begging my boyfriend for the treatment and respect I deserve and it’s always over stupid things that are just common sense in relationships and it’s constant fighting. I am finding myself randomly thinking about this other guy and fantasizing about him and even got nervous around him last night but he’s also being flirtatious even tho he’s 28 with a child and I am 20 there is a really deep mental and energetic connection Idk what to do while I do love my man I am not happy

okay girl. two different problems here. you’re not getting what you deserve in the relationship you’re in now and things don’t seem to be changing. so you can leave. you’re young, you two aren’t tied together for life. you can leave and let somebody else come along who will treat you the way you deserve. second thing, please for the love of god DO NOT date someone 8 years older than you with a child at the age you’re at. that’s not something you should be getting into. there’s also a good chance you’re romanticizing this person and this connection because you’re unhappy in your relationship. you can be alone, you know? you don’t need to be with somebody. 

I burst into tears in the middle of class and I wasn’t able to stop it. This cute and sexy human being suddenly passed away without any warning. I was praying for Shinee’s comeback so much, but there’ll be any. Everyone should think, what people are able to do, when they’re sad and hurt. It seems, that idols have many of friends, but most of them are alone inside. They just work and waste their young age. Companies should change their attitude and give them more free time. This is too much.
Everyone, try to endure everything, I believe in you

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Do you think, in the end, the time when everything is solved, will kaneki be able to get a happy ending?

Depends on how you define happy, I suppose. I don’t think he’ll die. I think he will kiss Touka again and hold their baby. His greatest risk of dying is the aging thing but I have hope they’ll solve that. I don’t think he’ll die in the conflict. I do think the Qs will confront him when he’s out of Dragon and thereby he will–finally–grow. But I’m not sure how he’s going to atone for what he’s done. The entirety of Tokyo is not going to forgive him. The best bet for that is if Dragon does share his life force, somehow.

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hey, i lived in Japan for the first 6 years of my life and we don't have hall monitors and only a nurse (sometimes more than 1), faculty/staff, teachers and janitors, although i was only in "elementary" school (that's not what it's called in Japan) for 2 years (i took the nonmandatory "kindergarten" option as well, becuse in Japan you start school at age 6). if anything the only hall monitors were the janitors. the janitors are the real MVPs here

alex mahan if you dont implement janitors that beat you with a mop i am going to hack the game and do it myself


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I'm sorry I'm actually 15 years old I won't bother anyone of you ever again

//??? Honestly I’m a bit confused by what this message means or whomst it’s from? 

//I can only assume that this is from dapper-dice/ sally-stage-play? Considering that that was the last thing I reblogged on Werner’s blog. 

//IF that is the case here, then dude, your age is no excuse for your behavior. You’re a minor, sure, but you’re old enough to know what is right and wrong, and the consequences of your behavior.

//Beyond that, you shouldn’t even be ASKING for n/ud/es, or pressuring people, other minors, into doing NS//F/W/ stuff that they’re not comfortable with and, more importantly, are legally speaking not allowed to do. Take it from someone older than you, you’re not an adult by any sense of the word.

//I won’t touch a lot of base on the ra/c/ial and r/a/pe jokes, as I’m neither a black person nor a victim of s/ex/ual assault. Though I will say that I don’t think it’s cool of you to do so, since I’m assuming you’re neither as well.

//I hope you take this as a lesson well learned, because I’m certain that if you try this shit again you won’t be let off the hook so easily. Don’t try this again, respect other people, and respect the fact that you’re a minor and shouldn’t be getting into that kind of stuff

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How do you think Niall would be if his little girl (like toddler age) was a little diva that had a little attitude and kinda just did what she wanted??

Think it was hilarious until it backfires on him when he’s trying desperately to get out the door and she’s screeching about wearing her sandals and there’s 7 inches of snow on the ground. Then it’s not so funny and he’s trying very hard not to lose his temper.

I think part of the reason why Persona 5 just struck such a nice chord with me is that it has one of the most relatable, most relevant plot lines in a JRPG period, especially to the millennial age bracket.

Persona 3 and 4 are all well and good; I mean, exploring a crazy Eldritch tower or solving murders are all compelling goals that do a great job in driving their plots forward. Those issues and challenges are without time; stopping murderers and fighting supernatural forces never get old.

But Persona 5’s premise of the younger generation fighting the corruption in modern society? That’s timeless, sure, but right now it’s relevant. No matter the country, you have young people being criticized for their ways of life. Too reliant on technology, no moral values, what have you. That’s true in Japan, in America, pretty much anywhere.

Persona 5’s main villain is who I like to call Japanese Donald Trump; a deceitful, spiteful con man who illegally rose to political power in his country and played upon the fears and angers of his people to secure his advancement. As a younger person in America who is constantly put down for thinking Trump is the devil incarnate, it felt SO good to fight against a villain in that same vein, fighting for the ultimate goal of kicking corruption and greed in the face.

P5 embodies everything I love about the hopeful side of being of the age group I am; that we have a chance to be less greed-driven, less corruptible, more convicted in our own definition of ‘morals’. We can win, and that just really wins my heart over.

Is it a perfect game? No, of course not. But damn if it isn’t my favorite.

The other night I had a dream that I somehow ended up in Ghana and I followed this group of people from the city out into the countryside (despite overwhelming pressure to stay in the city where it is ‘safe’, since it was assumed that none of us knew how to survive outside of the city), and in a village I met someone called the Storyteller. (I thought it was a man at first, and then I overheard an argument where someone insisted that the Storyteller was a woman, and when I looked at them again I could see how either conclusion would be correct.)

I was telling Sparrow about it and she said, “So you met… you.
Is that what you’re going to do after I die? Go to Africa and become the Storyteller?
Except sometimes it’ll be regular stories and sometimes it’ll just be you ranting for two hours about how Bioware fucked up the Qunari in Dragon Age”

Of cringe, hate and stuff

Can we talk about this for a minute?

Get ready because this Is going to be a messed, fucked up post. I’m sorry if what I try to say isn’t very clear, I just have a lot of things in my mind, and I will resume it all here.

First of all, I’m freaking tired of being criticized because of what I enjoy. Examples: “why do you watch them? They try too hard, they’re not even funny! Don’t be a white little twelve year old girl!” “He’s so problematic, oh my god. Stop watching him” “that’s a kid’s book. Act your age” “fanfiction is sooo cringy” I get it. It’s your opinion. I’m not judging you. What I don’t like, is the fact that you seem to have the need to talk shit about me because I like some kind of things you don’t.

You want to watch My Little Pony? THEN FUCKING WATCH IT

You like to listen to emo music?


You want to write cheesy Fan Fiction? THEN GO WRITE IT




We have to end all of these, supposedly “funny”, comments. They just add negativity in a world that is already a very dark place. I JUST WANT TO ENJOY WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY WITHOUT BEING DAMN LABELED GOSH.

I made the error of being one of those persons in the past. I want to change it.