do you need to talk about it

When your schizophrenic friend talks about delusions or hallucinations


  • Tell us it’s real.
  • Add more information or details to our delusions.
  • Try to take control of or change our delusions.
  • Give us examples of what it could be besides a delusion or a hallucination as in “what if these shadow people you see are ACTUALLY ghosts.”
  • Tell us that we’re stupid or crazy or dumb or sick for believing what we see and think is real.
  • Tell us not to talk about it.
  • Confront us with the fact that it isn’t real and that we’re sick unless you’ve talked to us first about whether that helps and gotten our permission. You’re not our therapist and we might not need or want you to confront our illness, we might just want you to be supportive and listen.
  • Dismiss or invalidate our thoughts and experiences. They’re very real to us.


  • Ask us what we need from you - do your friend need and want you to confront them with the fact that they’re sick and it isn’t real or would you doing that make everything worse?
  • Listen and be empathetic. Example: “wow, that must be scary, I totally get that you’re upset - can I do anything to make you feel better?”
  • Tell us that what we see and hear can’t hurt us and that we’re safe even though we’re experiencing these upsetting things.
  • Try to distract us - ask if we want to do something active with you like playing a board game or going for a run or going to the mall to get our minds off things and connect us to reality.
  • Understand that what we think and experience is real to us.
  • Help us feel safe and let us be weird in the attempt to feel safe. Let us pour salt on the floor if it keeps the demons away, give us water from and unopened bottle if there’s something wrong with the water in the taps, taste our food to check if it’s poisonous and help us cover the cameras so they can’t watch us.
  • Let us talk about it. We have the same need to share and talk about our thoughts and experiences as everyone else and sometimes we just need someone to listen without judging or invalidating us.

So… I went silent again

But I’m not taking a break this time! I’ve actually been quite busy - The good kind of busy. I’m currently on a little trip with my choir to Malmö, which is fun. I’ve gotten closer to some of my fellow singers, which is great.

They’re currently out having drinks, but I decided to stay behind at the hostel we’re staying at. I’m too tired to go out. And you know… introversion. I need to recharge.

ANYWAY, telling you I’m on a trip is actually not why I’m writing this, believe it or not…

Your girl may have a little bit of a crush on somebody. A priest. Yeah, I never thought I’d say that either. But he’s really freakin’ cute, and really nice, and easy to talk to annnnnd… I may have Facebook stalked him to see if he’s single, and it looks like he is 😅

  • Link: *quietly cleaning up*
  • Guardian: *breaks through a wall*
  • Link: *Goes to grab The Master Sword but can’t find it* Honey!
  • Mipha: What?
  • Link: Where’s the Master Sword?
  • Zelda: What?!
  • Link: Where is the Master Sword?!
  • Zelda: We, uh, put it away.
  • Link: Where?
  • Mipha: Why do you need to know?
  • Link: I need it.
  • Zelda: Oh no, don’t you even think about going off to do your daring do, we’ve been planning this dinner for three months.
  • Link: The Castle’s in danger!
  • Mipha: Our evening's in danger!
  • Link: You tell me where my sword is women, we’re talking about the greater good!
  • Mipha and Zelda: *exchanging looks* Greater Good?! We’re your wives, we are the greatest good you are ever going to get!

Peter Jason Quill - arrested by Tony Stark for:

  • Looking way too good
  • Snoring loudly
  • Singing in the shower
  • Dancing too sexy

“Hey Starlight.” Peter says when he enters the workshop and kisses Tony’s cheek. Tony smiles up at him.

“I have a surprise for you.” Tony says then and grabs his board for Peter, who takes it a bit surprised.

“What’s that?” Peter asks and Tony grins.

“Gonna arrest you.” Tony answers cheekily and then grins, when Peter laughs loudly as he reads the words on his board.

“Looking way too good? I like that.” Peter says and he winks at Tony. Tony comes closer again after he took the picture and cuddles Peter.

“Well you do look stunning. I tell you that everyday.” Tony mumbles and Peter kisses his hair.

“But you really hate the snoring.” Peter sighs. They talk often about that, because Tony needs his sleep and Peter hates that he is a reason for Tony not to sleep.

“I do. But it’s alright. I mean everyone else i would’ve kicked out already. But you can’t go. Ever. Snoring or not.” Tony says and he hugs Peter a bit harder. Peter just smiles and hugs back. He loves this man so much.

“Also i don’t sing in the shower.” Peter says and Tony snorts.

“Yeah you can’t really call it singing, because it’s so horrible.” Tony laughs and Peter smacks his butt.

“I perform!” Peter says loudly and Tony just kisses him, to stop him for saying more bullshit. Peter chuckles against Tony’s lips and dips him. Tony purrs.

“See. You dance so sexy.”

This drawing is for my very own Peter Quill @patrioticarcreactor​ ♥

Every drawing of this series will be tagged as ‘why tony arrested his friends’. If you want to see a character, send me an ask :3

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My gf talks more affectionately with another girl than me (says i love you to her regularly but not to me unless i say it first, etc), i know shes not cheating but when i bring up the person she gets super defensive and idk how to have a convo about it, tips? I sorta wish it wasnt a conversation i needed to have cause if i do i feel like ill feel like shes only saying nice things cause i got upset but i really cant handle this as it is, it makes me have a physical pain in my chest :/

nothing will change if you dont talk about it

make it clear that you’re not accusing her of cheating or anything, just that you’re feeling neglected?

“Entreat Me”, by Grace Draven


  • FEMINISM all over the book
  • The conversations here are SO IMPORTANT and SO ON POINT
  • Consent
  • A woman who confesses to her lover that she pleasures herself thinking of him
  • Talking about the menstruation openly
  • A man respecting the woman because all of the above
  • Talking about women’s worth beyond virginity/reputation
  • disfigurement/diseases/curses/magic
  • Love… oh so much love here
  • I mean, it even has cursed roses
  • and THE MIRROR to watch over her father!
  • Maedieval-ish setting (Fantasy)
  • A castle that’s protected by sorcery
  • A woman willing to support her lover through his “crisis”
  • Tears… my tears!

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deanlove3  asked:

My ex boyfriend is my only friend is who is my age other than that I'm only friends with kids but my ex boyfriend is always busy and he acts like I'm not cool enough for his group his friends talk crap about me and he's always on there side even when I'm right i have tried hard to be there friends but they don't want me in the group. I need to leave them but I don't have the confidence. What am I going to do with no friends?

having no friends can suck, but it’s better than having friends that make you feel bad: they are contributing nothing to the friendship, tearing you down, and hurting you, so really you wouldn’t be losing much.

these negative people you surround yourself with are honestly probably temporary anyway (do you want them around forever, treating you like hat?), so separating yourself and finding good, genuine people now rather than later seems like a smart idea to me. if you think it’s bound to happen, why not get a head start?

leaving that group makes you available for other groups and better friends, ones that hopefully treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

it can be scary, but it can also be worth it.

good luck 💗

marty-mc-who replied to your post “Um, no, Eddy. I don’t have to watch. I don’t have to do anything….”

What did he say?

flyflyangel replied to your post “Um, no, Eddy. I don’t have to watch. I don’t have to do anything….”

has he said something again?

I saw it on Facebook. The article was about the people returning and the new characters of S7. Eddy talked about CS and basically said that we “don’t have to be frightened, but you do need to watch.”

Sorry, bitch, but no. I don’t HAVE to do anything. I am PERFECTLY content with the way CS’s story ended in S6. You’ve made it pretty clear that you don’t intend to have Emma back beyond this one ep, so why the fuck should I want to watch? Why should I trust a writer who’s CONTINUALLY overpromised and not delivered? Fuck that.

I love Killian Jones too much to see what fresh fuckery the writers are going to subject him to. It involves him be separated by his wife and (possible) child/ren. The happy ending he fought so hard for. DIED for. Hell no, I’m not interested in that shit.

succ&fucc saturday™


here’s what you can do:


the filthier the betterrr ;))

I think when talking about asexuality in trans people we need to be careful, I’m not saying asexual trans people don’t exist obviously they do, but it should be considered that dysphoria can also play a huge huge part in sex repulsion ESPECIALLY the idea of sleeping with someone who is the gender you were assigned at birth. like, idk

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Here's my 2 cents: If you return to YouTube (and I hope you do), just talk with us, not to us. It doesn't have to be *about* something more than you. I've grown bored of vlogs, challenges, tags, themes and posts that seem like presentations, and too many of the sponsored videos seem forced. Just, whenever you need company, or want to give us company, pay us a visit online. Its that sense of communion and fellowship that was once appealing about YouTube and now seems lost. -AE

Couldn’t agree more with this!

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i'm literally so heartbroken that the cw would choose this shitstorm as their crossover episode and i'm so angry what??? can i do???? to make a difference????? i'm sorry for sending u this ask i know that the real answer is nothing because i'm a regular citizen child with no power and i shouldn't be putting you on the spot with this but i'm!!!!!! so!!!!!!!! angry!!!!!!! and sad i'm also about to cry please send help

i know it’s fucking disgusting and i’ve been literally trembling with anger this entire evening, sending all the hugs & love to you 💖  

realistically there’s not so much one can do as this is already something they’ve planned and are committed to but you can 1) definitely not watch it live and urge others not to give them ratings either 2) if you have twitter you can cuss out any of the official DCTV accounts and the producers (Guggenheim is still quite active on there as far as i know) 3) cuss the CW out in an email 4) raise awareness on here so that people might finally find it in themselves to give a fucking shit lmao

Hey gang, I know some of you have complaints/critiques etc. but I really do believe you need to listen to what PB have told you to do in regards to addressing them??

PB have stated countless times that tagging (@ ing) them on twitter or tumblr is in vain, they rarely see it (since they get tagged in so much stuff) and to instead talk to them via Facebook message, email or in game, they’ve made an entire post about it that’s been reblogged countless times. You really do deserve to be heard!! But your posts are preaching to the choir here. 

Please approach them the right way and with respect

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I've had an IEP since the second grade and I really don't need it anymore now that I'm in high school. My mom insists on me having it even though I never use it and my teachers talk to me like I'm stupid because of it. Do you know how I can convince my mom to get rid of it ?

You could talk to her about changing it to a 504 plan. It’s just as binding but your teachers might adjust their attitudes. I mean, the problem is really that your teachers are jerks, not that you have an IEP that you don’t really need. (Are you certain that you don’t need it? What kinds of accommodations does it give you? Do you use any of them?)

If there’s a guidance counselor at your school, you could talk to them about the problem with your teachers. Explain that you don’t feel that you need the IEP anymore and that it bothers you because of how your teachers are treating you. The counselor can then go to bat for you with your teachers and with your mom.

Followers, do you have any ideas to help this anon?


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What should I do if I'm looking for friends but don't currently have one? Bc I'm a lonely person that needs other ppl in their life. -🐧

i think one thing that almost always works for me is talking to people who seem to be sitting alone. maybe ask to sit beside them if you can and/or ask about the time? it’s what i always do when i’m at a new place

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Congrats on 200! Could you do a Lil J tsf? Something fluffy in the office?

“Hey babe, where’s everyone else?” you asked as you entered the main office to find only Jeremy sitting at his desk.

“Not here, why what do you need?” he answered, swivelling around in his chair to face you.

“I actually needed to talk to Michael about his footage but if you’re alone…” you said suggestively, sitting in his lap. He grinned and pulled your face down to kiss you.

“You know I love you but I have so much work to do,” he muttered against your mouth. You chuckled and got up, him reluctantly letting you go.

“I love you too. See you later,” you said making your way towards the door


Annabeth: …Mum…?

Dahlia: Yes, Sweetpea? Annie?…what’s wrong?

Annabeth: I need to talk to you about something. I…do you remember my seventh birthday?

Dahlia: Like it was yesterday. We went to the pool.

Annabeth: Yeah…well…I- I met my other mum…

Dahlia: What?

Annabeth: Dilly…she…I don’t know how but she found me. We spoke for a while and…

Dahlia: And?!

Annabeth: She told me that…that we’re magic. Her and me…we’re witches. She-she gave me a wand.

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I don't think they feel they need to make a tweet clarifying that? Again, I'm almost certain that they are not using "It" as a pronoun for the user, and I'm not sure how many people are reading it the same as you. The tweet is even ended with "how stupid this TWEET is", not "this person". I don't love that I'm kind of defending Glip here, but I really do think you're in the wrong with this one ;n;

For me, that tweet is entirely to the person who made that tweet. Why use pronouns for a tweet, when you’re talking about the person making the tweets?  And, you’re right, they specified how stupid the tweet was. They felt the need to specify that now they were talking about the tweet then, but not at the start, which makes me think it’s a subject shift from the person, to the tweet they made.

And, why not? Glip has shown that they believe misgendering to a big deal. They constantly go after those who misgender their fictional characters, what’s the harm in a self-correction in ‘Just for the record, I used “it” to refer to the tweet here”. And lets be real. We’re talking about someone who openly admitted to hating gay cis men. We’re talking about someone who ignores that all their criticism from lgbt+ people and justifies it with “my real queer friends love me!”. Glip is okay with being homophobic to both groups they do not like, and groups that criticize them. Which is why, in my opinion, referring to a lgbt person who criticizes them in such a horribly transphobic matter, is really not out of character for them. 

Of course, you’re free to disagree, but honestly, I think it’s something the totally lgbt friendly (only when I’m marketing myself though) glip kinda has a duty to apologize for this one.

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I feel like a tornado of emotions. Sometimes I'm loud, proud, happy and chatty. Sometimes I'm quiet, emotionless, just trying to avoid eye contact. Sometimes when I meet a new person I introduce myself nice and happy and loud Sometimes I say my name, blush and try and get out Continued ~ ¥¥¥

¥¥¥ ~ Only recently I’ve realised this is because the horrendous bullying I’ve suffered from nearly everyone my age… People have came up to me ask if I am “my full fucking name” and just insulted me “well you are a fat annoying whale, do yourself a favour and kys” People look in my direction and just laugh - I don’t even need to wonder if they know me if they are ages 14-20 they probably do ~¥¥¥

I can never remember how or why I have this reputation… a reputation where people constantly talk about me behind my back to others I don’t know But it’s one of the reasons for my maladaptive dreaming… imagining a world where I don’t have to worry if someone’s already talked about me, whether they are pre-judging me, whether they are going to be horrible or not. One where I’m so anxious Or where I have to tell people that “You are going to end up hating me so don’t get too close”~ ¥¥¥ Done