do you miss the sun

some thoughts on the sensates:

  • will: the human equivalent of a BEAR HUG. he wants to protect everyone so much and he is the literal embodiment of protect and serve, but in a good way, not in a douchey cop way. also his cheekbones are *very* important to me.
  • sun: “do you miss your family””no, i miss my dog”. deserves better always. KICKASS WARRIOR EMPRESS. you can feel her mom vibes whenever any of the others get into shit. “really? again?”
  • lito: precious trash prince. the only one of the sensates who really seems to embody the leo star sign. has excellent taste in men. also like friendship goals honestly??? my idiotic, good-hearted son.
  • riley: I WANT TO WRAP YOU UP AND KEEP YOU FROM HARM. why do bad things happen to good rileys. the MOST heartbreaking. living proof that the capacity to love is endless. i hope your last name is because of your hair and not vice versa.
  • caphaeus: human sunshine. like, a radiant ball of good vibes and love and devotion. i really cannot get over how good of a person he is without being boring as a character. capheus for next captain america honestly.
  • nomi: how she hasn’t punched everyone in the face is unbelievable. brilliant hacker genius queen. the only person in the world who deserves amanita as a girlfriend. SHE WENT THROUGH SO MUCH and i am so proud of her.
  • wolfgang: why do i love you so much? your attractiveness is honestly confusing to me. if you had a catchphrase it would prolly be “cool motive, still murder”. the ultimate in problematic faves.
  • kala: indian scientist who is also religous??? doesn’t have enough screentime but when she does MY GOD is it worth it??? built a fucking BOMB in ten seconds flat??? sign me the FUCK up

other feelings on other characters:

  • jonas: USELESS CONFUSING GARBAGE BAG MAN. naveen andrews i expected better from u.
  • amanita: threw a  ‘USED’ TAMPON at a COP. your faves could never.
  • hernando & daniela: honestly the most precious cinnamon rolls.
  • felix: the words ‘idiot’ and ‘child’ come to mind.
  • there are so many more but honestly i cannot go on
A poem I wrote for her. But she will never read.

When I say I love you, I don’t say it lightly.
I mean it,
I mean it, like the sun means to rise in the morning.
When I say I miss you, I don’t say it lightly.
I really do miss you.
I miss you like the sun misses the stars at night.
When I say you’re my everything, I don’t say it lightly.
You’re the air that fills my lungs.
The blood and veins that pump my heart.
When I’m crazy about you, I don’t say it lightly.
I would raise hell and drag down heaven for you.
When I say I would do anything for you, I don’t say it lightly.
I would take my last breath for you.
When I say I love you, I don’t say it lightly.


Ravages of Time chapter 473: Slaves and whores

Liu Bei: Then, about fetching Miss Sun, you can do that later. 

Zhao Yun: Zhugong, I didn’t want to go in the first place.

Liu Bei: She’s yours, so if you don’t go, then forget it.

Zhao Yun: No, she’s a hostage. Just send someone to fetch her. Don’t worry, zhugong, there’s nothing between Yun and her. The most important thing is the Great Cause*, there’s no need to talk about personal feelings. 

lovesantacarla-blog  asked:

Boys, how does it feel to know you will never touch the sun again without bursting into raging flames?

“Doesn’t bother me none,” Paul answered, flicking the butt of his cig into the sand. “Sun’s overrated anyway. Sides, I’ve always been a night owl, party animal.”

“My last few days as a mort were brutal and all I remember was the sun beating down on my face,” Marko said, looking towards the sky. All he saw now were stars and the darkness that brought a nice calm cool. “Sweatin’ like a pig, feeling that burning ache in the pit of my gut for what I needed, yeah, I think that’s pretty much all I needed. I don’t miss it.”

“I had my fair share as a kid.” Dwayne remembered running through his reservation along the dusty road that led to his grandfathers home during the summer time. It was one of those memories that had finally returned to him after years of being a vampire. “I don’t miss it either.”

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it now and then. Then again, the moon can be as bright as the sun, especially for us and since we don’t need heat to survive, it’s not something I mourn.” Even as David said this, he pushed his hands over the rail, reaching to feel the warmth of the fire from the oil drum down below. He could feel the burn though his gloves. It was all he needed as a reminder of the sun’s heat.

“I have been in Korea for about seven months from Kenya to study International Development Cooperation.”
“What do you miss about Kenya?”
“I miss Kenya’s sun! Unlike in Korea, our winters aren’t cold like this. I really miss that warmth.”
“Aren’t the summers quite hot though?”
“Right. There are a lot of times it’s over 40 degrees. Nonetheless, I really miss that warmth.”

“국제학, 개발협력을 공부하러 케냐에서 한국에 온지 한 7달 지났어요.”
“케냐에서 뭐가 그리워요?”
“케냐의 태양이 그리워요! 한국과 달리 겨울에 이렇게 춥지 않아요. 그 따뜻함이 너무 그리워요.”
“대신 여름에 덥지 않아요?”
“그렇죠. 40도가 넘을 때가 많으니까요. 그래도 그 따뜻함이 정말 그리워요.”


Lastation is like a clock.

When the sun rises, the mechanics, birds and animals and stand from their slumber, stretching and then going ahead with their day. Within the hour, apprentices would rise to greet their masters.

The CPU of Lastation, however, was the one objection to such clockwork precision; she would rise half an hour before the sun itself did, and she’d go and patrol the streets for any that would be causing trouble.

Usually Lastation was asleep by this time; however, for the first time Noire noticed someone roaming the streets; visibly distressed, Noire stepped closer, announcing her presence by the clacking of her shoes.

“And what are you doing awake at this hour, miss?”

Getting closer - the sun’s rays starting to peak over the mountains into Lastation - she could make out more of the girls features… 

She certainly wasn’t from around here, that’s for sure.