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As I’ve stated from the LAST post, the special mentions will have me rambling about how much they mean to me! You guys deserve your own spotlight & thus I am here to let my heart open to you~ Also. I’m so so so so sorry for the potential spam this is going to do, but at the same time, y’all needa let Luciafer love you to hell & back. 

Also, please just ctrl + f your urls if you don’t wanna scroll for decades, because this got SUPER lengthy. Also sorry for any mobile users viewing my blog oh dear lord– 

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I’m all for promoting other artists and musicians but if you want me to post something of yours make the effort and at least be following me. And I mean that. Now more than ever I think we should support each other and other artists. But unwanted solicitation is tacky. Try saying hi first or something.

I may be bad at promoting my own music but I’ve never spammed others with requests to post my stuff on their page. The worst thing I do is repost my own music but you can (and should if it’s not your thing) always ignore it.


I would like to ask the tumblr user “ @tenaciousarbiterface ” to kindly screw off of my ask blog and all of my other blogs :3

I do not want to answer any of your asks, since you seem to have no respect and have spammed my blog with the same question well over three times within the past week

I also do not want you to interact with me any further, and will actually speak out even further against you if you try to spam or interact poorly with my followers

This means if I hear one thing about you bothering, spamming, etc. even one of my amazing followers I will act out against you in any way I can

I do not appreciate those who have no respect to one’s schedules and problems, and have spammed hundreds upon hundreds of other blogs with the near same exact question, for what other blogs have claimed to see you use for your own disturbing and unsafe gains

Thank you kindly, and I apologize to all of my followers for this outburst

Send me character(s)/a pairing + a number for a drabble!

Couldn’t find one that I hadn’t done/wanted to do, so here’s a drabble meme/prompt list of my own made of random one-word prompts, sentence starters, and AUs.

[your choice] means the person making requests can choose

Sentence Starters:

  1. “It’s been far too long.” 
  2. The phone rang at 4 AM in the morning.
  3. “I- I can’t breathe.”
  4. “Hello? Hello? You there?” 
  5. She couldn’t find it.
  6. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a flash of gold.
  7. “Please shut up before I strangle you with my very expensive scarf.”
  8. “What part of leave me alone don’t you get?”
  9. “Who do I have to beat up this time?”
  10. “He’s waiting for you, ma’am.”
  11. The clicking of heels against tile echoed in the hall.
  12. Where are you?” 
  13. “I’m coming.”
  14. “Let’s make a bet - you against me.”
  15. He narrowed his eyes.
  16. “Last time I checked, books didn’t try to bite off fingers.” 
  17. [your choice]

One-Word/Phrase Prompts

  1. the smell of rain
  2. sunshine
  3. a guitar
  4. a blade of legends
  5. seatbelt
  6. broke(n)
  7. mirror
  8. curse
  9. lips
  10. warm eyes
  11. puppies
  12. ballgowns
  13. royalty
  14. betrayal
  15. dark
  16. the end
  17. [your choice]


  1. superhero!AU
  2. bookstore!AU
  3. coffeeshop!AU
  4. coffeeshop in the bookstore!AU
  5. mermaid!AU
  6. next door neighbors!AU
  7. modern!AU
  8. role reversal!AU
  9. whoops i spilled coffee all over your new shirt!AU
  10. fuck i set my apartment on fire!AU
  11. let’s press this button!AU
  12. i desperately need money please buy a [choice product]!AU
  13. alto-soprano rivalry!AU (s/o to those who get this)
  14. you know there’s a no pets allowed rule right because there’s a dog in your fucking dorm!AU
  15. wait you’re a werewolf/witch/vampire/ghost/[your choice] and i didn’t notice until like, a year after we met???? AU
  16. you broke my heart! no really you broke the heart sculpture/model i was making for art class that’s due tomorrow fuCK KILL ME NOW! AU
  17. [your choice]

Feel free to send one in anytime! If you like it, go ahead and reblog for your own use - I don’t mind. Please don’t let this crash and burn or I will be a failure

I’m going to go ahead (for my use, feel free to adjust) no nsfw requests specifically! All prompts open to interpretation; feel free to request one again even if it’s already been sent!

Good luck, and have fun.


Recently I heard about a girl who deleted her Tumblr of 17k followers due to the death threats and hate mail she received.

A lot of Naruto fans were upset because Sasuke didn’t end up with Naruto. This girl then made a statement along the lines of “Naruto x Sasuke would never happen because it’s not a Yaoi manga”.

That post immediately upset a lot of NarutoxSasuke fans, who then spammed her with “homophobe” and other mean remarks. She seeked for help from Tumblr Support and then ended up deleting her own blog due to the excessive amount of hate and death threats.

No matter what race or sexual orientation you have, those qualities should not define your character. We do not need to express hate among each other. Bullying will not be excused, and ganging up among other Naruto fans shall not be tolerated. Remember, if you have something rude to say, just keep it to yourself. Sometimes silence is the best answer.

Dattebayo ~

With Love,



In all honesty I am done with caring about antis

Obviously it’s come to the point where they all made themselves as dumbasses, especially when a lot of them KEEP making new blogs for a single ship and everything.
It’s actually getting annoying and I’ve even seen their own followers get tired of their bullshit, some actually leaving them.


- Any hate/Ship hate you see in the tags
Flag as Spam/Block the Post/Flag the blog (if it’s continuous) and Block the user

Honestly this method makes me feel so much better and it literally feels like they don’t even exist, and I can still make my own content.

Just flag, block, and ENJOY YOUR SHIT.



They don’t mean shit if they are just going to insult/Guilt trip/ And Manipulatively/Emotionally abuse others.

Yes, what they do is manipulatively abuse others, especially with all the guilt-tripping they cause, by making others feel like shit and paranoid.

They don’t mind calling shippers abusive and possible pedos NO MATTER IF THEY ARE A SURVIVOR OR NOT.

But once you call THEM abusive they automatically throw a fit and completely don’t acknowledge that we have our own mental problems. 


And also, now I just laugh at their posts really. Tbh they’ll get offended by anything, as usual.