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Cybertube Poster

I wanted to make a poster of Cybertube. I made a poster for Cybertube.

I did want to include the rest of the cast in it, but since this was just an experiment, that’ll probably be a poster for a later date… meaning whenever I get to it haha~

But I heard some people interested in getting the poster as well, so instead of being selfish and keeping it all to myself, I’m sharing it with you. :)

I’ve bought the medium poster, and it looks awesome. Of course, I could be biased because I am so giddy to have one, but I’m hoping it is quality. I wonder what the large would’ve looked like…

Anyway, thanks to everyone who came to the stream two weeks ago, including @scribbly-of-the-scribbles, who kept me company. Y’all rock!

Speed Stream



a study in eyes and eyelashes ft. connor brown (◡‿◡✿) → for @mitchsauston

I’m having a real hard time restraining myself from drawing this au I’ll tell you that much

Tarzan au @esselley

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AU + 5 headcanons: How does the "half feral fire bender" Zuko's story end in the events of S3?

Continued from here: [Link] and here: [Link]

1. As far as Book Three goes, by far the biggest change is that Zuko joins up with the Gaang in Book Two during “The Chase”, so he is already a well established member of the Gaang, the same way Toph is, since they joined at about the same time.  In part this means that when they sneak on board the Fire Nation ship and sail to the Fire Nation, he is there to share in the despair and fear they’re all feeling.  He is also able to smooth over some bits of Fire Nation culture clash for them, like explaining to Aang that the clothes he picked are a school uniform, and if he wears them, he’ll get dragged in for truancy.

2. Hama takes one look at the former Fire Nation soldier traveling with the Avatar and his friends and singles him out for kidnap.  He goes missing under the light of the full moon, and the gaang sets out to find him while Katara studies waterbending with Hama.  Afterwards, Hama’s story, and Hama’s rearrest, bring up Zuko’s past as a prison guard.  He opens up to the Gaang about the Boiling Rock and his experiences there.

3. On the Day of Black Sun, Zuko tells the Gaang how to get into the bunker, but other than that, not much changes.  Azula is still able to delay them for long enough for the eclipse to end, and they still have to escape by the skin of their teeth, leaving the adults behind.

4. Speaking of the Boiling Rock… Zuko’s story means that Sokka knows where his father and the other Southern Water Tribe warriors are probably being kept.  He takes Zuko with him to get them.  At the Boiling Rock, things have changed since Zuko was there last.  Mai’s uncle has been transferred away, and Mai herself is a prisoner, in a cell next to Suki’s actually, because that’s just the way Azula is.   Also at least half the guards know and recognize Zuko, and it’s not hard for him to spin a yarn about being transferred back.  It’s Sokka who gets caught and thrown into prison, and it’s his presence as one of the Avatar’s companions that causes Azula to come, only to find her brother there too, leading an escape.  In the end, Sokka and Zuko are able to rescue their girlfriends and Sokka’s dad, and it’s Ty Lee who fights to protect them and is thrown into prison for her betrayal.

5. After the Boiing Rock, when Azula attacks, the Gaang flies off and accidentally finds the Sun Warriors.  Aang and Zuko have their little dance with the dragons, Sokka makes fun of them, the Sun Warriors glare at him, Katara hits him in the head. Good times.

(I wanted to draw this but eh)

many years later in the story of Ninjago

old man Lloyd: and that is how we saved Ninjago

Kid: [raises hand] excuse me Master Lloyd! Can I have a question?

old man Lloyd: Yes?

Kid: Why do you still sound like a 12 year old? Didn’t you grow older quickly because of that tea?

other kid: Yeah, shouldn’t your voice have a little change then?

other other kid: Didn’t your voice change when you were possessed by that ghost Morro?

old man Lloyd:

6 Movies I Can Watch Anytime.

1. Mean Girls. - The amount of times I have watched this movie is unbelievable. The limit literally does not exist.

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2. She’s Dating The Gangster. - My all time favorite Filipino movie. I’ve watched it a lot and yet I still cry. 

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3. 13 Going On 30. - I literally have watched this movie so many times, it’s kind of bad. 

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4. White Chicks. - The dance battle was an iconic moment of my life.

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5. Keith. - I don’t know if it’s because I love Jesse McCartney or the movie in general. But anyways, I always get emotional when I watch this movie. 

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6. Clueless. - Two words. Paul Rudd. 

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lmao zelena pulling emma’s arm like “ENGAGEMENT RING?!?!?!” is literally me

LeFou: I’d really love to date someone. We’d have to keep it secret.
LeFou: Gaston is so great.
LeFou: But so is Adam…
LeFou: And Beau…
LeFou: And Stanley…
Le Fou: Schmendrick is really cute too…

and with @boorishbrute:
LeFou: If Gaston finds out I like this person, he’ll probably kill them and make me watch.