do you love rain


I can’t get my guitar wet! What should I do?

“If you want me, satisfy me.. If you want me, satisfy me.”

Inspired by Christopher Clark’s “The Red Umbrella in Venice”, (ft. Sango & Miroku) 

❀ Dedicated to my @mirsan who I hope can forgive my heavy handed coloring~ Thank you so much for donating to Dani & Im sorry this took so long but I was having too much fun ❀ 

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When you feel like you can’t go on,
and the storm is surrounding you,
just remember;
the rain is there to water you
and help you grow.
The clouds are there to shelter you
and the wind is there to blow you in a new direction.
Just remember;
that this storm won’t last forever
and that when it ends
you will be a stronger person
enveloped in sunlight
and the colours of the rainbow.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)


starboys — blogger otps; jihan [cr: x, x, SPLASH RAIN]

People always ask, “Do you still love him?”
Honestly I don’t really know.
But I do know there is just something about him I can’t let go.


I dreamt of happier times…


“Cause nobody feels you like I do
Nobody kills me like you do
Nothing I take can ever cut through
I’m in trouble. “


This is actually an idea I stole from Lady Day when I started reading her Jedtavius fic and wanted to comment on it for the first time. I couldn’t resist.

When you realize how unnecessary you are to everyone……

hu song asks

my town - where do you live?

hear me now - have you ever felt lost?

apologize - do you find saying ‘sorry’ hard?

bullet - ever commited suicide or thought about it?

lights out - who is your worst enemy?

glory - have you ever done something that made you feel selfish?

levitate - if you could have one superpower, what would it be?

lump your head - are you good at fighting?

i dont wanna die - would you die for someone else?

s.c.a.v.a - who do you love the most in the world?

rain - what kind of weather is your favorite?

dead bite - do you believe in paranormal things?

lion - do you feel like you’re not like/what people think you are?

kill everyone - have you ever wanted to genuinely kill someone?

believe - do you feel bad about yourself often?

up in smoke - have you ever been high or would you like to?

medicine - do you take meds for something?

one more bottle - have you ever been drunk or would you like to?

how we roll - describe your life in 5 words.

gravity - what are some of your best memories?

disease - what do you think is something that should be changed?

party by myself - do you rather spend time alone or with other people?

live forever - would you like to have an eternal life?

dark places - ever felt like you didnt/dont get enough credit for something?

save me - are you ashamed of asking for help?

ill be there - ever lost someone close to you?

let go - is there something you’d like to forget or stop but cant?

everywhere i go - what do you think people know you by?

no other place - what is your favorite place to be in?

young - what are common misconceptions people have about you?

black dahlia - what is the worst thing that has happened to you?

bottle and a gun - are you good at reading people?

city - have you ever done crime?

paradise lost - have you ever felt used?

the natives - is there something that changed over the years that you miss?

knife called lust - what is something you want more than anything?

anonymous asked:

RFA+Saeran+V reaction to MC who's originally from a cold country (like Finland, Norway etc) , has that classic blond hair blue eyes scandinavian look and just isnt bothered by cold? Like there could be a snow storm outside and shes walking around the house with only a tshirt on complaining shes hot and when everyone else is freezing outside shes walking around with her jacket open complaining shes sweating? Love your blog so much thank you for all the good work and have happy holidays!!! <3

A/N: Anon, are you like this??? ‘Cause I’m like this, 500%, 11/10, we can play in the rain in shorts, let’s go ~Admin 404


(I added the blonde hair and blue eyes but switched it up with a few different things to keep the ball rolling, hope you don’t mind! ^^;;;;)



           -The first time he saw you, he was ecstatic!! You have blonde hair just like him!! Was it bleached???

           -IT’S NOT BLEACHED? OMG Y E S

           -He was so excited!!! He loves it!!! You’re so pretty!!

           -One day, while playing LOLOL, he was completely bundled in every blanket in the house, because it was so cold!!!

           -When he saw you come home in a t-shirt and some shorts though, he was speechless

           -??? Aren’t you cold?? COME HERE MC, I’LL SHARE MY BLANKETS

           -You tell him that the cold just doesn’t bother you because where you’re from

           - cue confused yoosung


           -Once you told him you were from Finland, he had you describe the place in extreme detail! What does it look like? Is it always cold? How cold? Does that mean I don’t have to share my blankets with you??? Can you keep me warm pls mc


           -The Bright Coloured Eyes Squad ™

           -The moment he met you in person, he just HAD to know where you were from!!

           -Not only because he wanted to know everything about you, but because your eyes and blonde hair were amazing!!

           -You both have light hair and bright coloured eyes!!! He’s so excited!!!

           -One day, near Christmas, he planned to take you out to watch the town’s Christmas tree light up

           -Where was your jacket?? Did you forget it??? MC WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY ANYTHING

           -So, being the gentleman he is, he took his off and tried to wrap it around you

           -When you refused, he was extremely confused?? Like, aren’t you cold? We’ve been standing outside for a very long time MC how are you not completely frozen

           -You told him that you just don’t get cold because you grew up in Norway! It’s okay! Please take your coat back so you don’t get cold, Zen!

           -He remembered you telling him that, but, he still worries!! Looks for absolutely any sign that you’re cold so he can warm you up!! come on MC, throw him a bone, pretend to be cold and wear his jacket




           -Hey MC read this document out loud to me just…to see if there’s any mistakes, yeah, let’s go with that

           -She visited your house one winter day, where the temperature was extremely low

           -Expected to walk into a nice, warm house, away from the harsh winter winds!


           -She had to put on an extra jacket of yours, not to mention wrap herself up in about three of your blankets

           -But you?? You were in a sun dress? MC it’S WINTER WHAT IS HAPPENING

           -She quickly realized that growing up in such a cold place conditions you to be okay in the cold!!! That explains why you’re always complaining about the heat when she has the heater on!

           -Completely respects it and doesn’t ask you to turn on the heater just for her but you do anyway because you’re not about to let baehee just freeze on your couch


           -Not only did he have the information on you from Saeyoung, but he has Jaeehee do a background check as well

           -So it didn’t come as a surprise when he heard your Swedish accent or saw your bright blonde hair the first time the two of you met

           -He took the liberty of studying up on Swedish culture and learned many things about the country

           -Was not prepared for how cold it usually is there, however

           -So, during a snow storm, when you ran outside in nothing but some shorts and a tank top not even shoES, MC, YOU’RE GONNA GET SICK

           -P A N I C


           -You never wear the huge winter jackets he buys you!!!! Why!!!

           -Instead of asking you himself, in fear of offending you, he had to have Jaehee explain to him that, you just aren’t that cold because you grew up in Norrland, which is the colder part of Sweden

           -FEELS LIKLE AN IDIOT, but won’t tell you that. From then on, he’ll let you wear whatever you want in the snow so long as you agree to put on shoes because!!! Just because you aren’t cold doesn’t mean you can’t still get sick!!!!




           -Because of the background check, he knows that you grew up in Denmark

           -He’s a pretty smart guy! He knows the climate of Denmark, so he was prepared

           - buys a ton of blankets to cover himself with

           -He lets you turn down the thermostat because he’d rather you be comfortable than him!!

           -Still tries to offer you his hoodie though- IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO MC

           -Tries to condition himself into not being cold often, so he can run outside and stay out as long as you can!!

           -Doesn’t work out very well though, but at least he tried

           -You decide that you can live with the heat every now and then and cuddle close under the blankets for hours just to please him


           -Every time there’s a rain storm, it gets cold and there’s heavy rain

           -Yet, you’re always outside???

           -IN SUMMER CLOTHES????


           -He’s travelled a lot for photography, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s visited Estonia winter aesthetic photos

           -Remembers that it’s very cold, for a very long time!

           -Also remembers that, hey, wait, that’s where MC grew up

           -You still have to remind him every now and again that you’re completely fine in the cold! Please let me go play in the rain!!! I promise I’ll wear boots this time!!!

           -Can’t say no to you because you’re so cute!!!

           - plans a trip to your home town because thE BEAUTIFUL AESTHETICS!!!


           -Accent accent accent ruSSIAN ACCENT



           -When the two of you go for walks in the winter, you put on winter clothes because you don’t want him to be uncomfortable

           -He doesn’t like the weird stares you get because you’re in shorts when it’s snowing

           - not to mention all of the pervs that check you out in those shorts back off my mc you vulture

           -But you were dying from the heat? You had to keep fanning yourself and kept tugging at your shirt to try and stop your sweating

           -You didn’t even have that thick of a jacket on!!

           -“What is your problem, MC”

           -He’ll let you go without a jacket, hoping it’ll help you cool off some, but he’s still concerned that you’ll freeze, and makes sure the two of you aren’t outside for long periods of time without your coat

weather girls: o v e r c a s t 

Do you love her yet?
Do you love her like you loved me?
When you’re kissing her, do you tell her she’s the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen?
Do you spin her around in the driveway?
Have you kissed her in the rain?

Do you love her?
And I mean really, truly, ‘I would do anything for this girl’ love her?

I hope you do.
As strange as that sounds, I hope you do.
I hope she’s not a fling.
I hope it’s real.
I hope you love her.
And I hope she loves you.
I hope she’s everything I couldn’t be for you.
Even after everything, I want you to be happy.
Even if it kills me, I want you to be happy.

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write

tbh i’m all for platonic dan and phil never really getting into dating or having interests in relationships and so maybe they just continue to live together for a few more years (maybe even move somewhere where they can have a dog) and just continuing their careers and furthering their success as a duo and maybe when they’re grazing the boundaries of old age they settle down somewhere quieter and tweet or post videos every now and then about how they’re doing so fans can still feel connected and included in their lives and BELIEVE ME romance isn’t even a necessity to see how much they love each other and I’m just all for phan living life to the absolute fullest alongside their best friend okay