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every time there is a new game with beautiful new characters there is always someone who goes “at least my character isn’t a top model” as if they want to be applauded for that because apparently looking like a top model is “bad” or “not realistic”

okay but what is wrong with looking like a top model???? 

and why do you have such a low opinion of top models? we all suffer from the society we live in and its beauty standards. you think top models don’t? you think they don’t work hard, that they don’t feel pressure? that they don’t have a life and hobbies and people they love and books they like to read and dreams? what, you decided they’re all superficial? do you even know what goes on in their life????

and what is the link between looks and top qualities you might look for in a Pathfinder????

hate to break it to you pal but THERE IS NO RELATED LINK.


I mean, by all means, go and make an average looking Ryder and be proud because it’s your Ryder, but don’t do the whole “looking down at beautiful Ryders who look like top models” thing, it makes you look insecure, petty and ignorant 

[Tim is sitting on the floor, in the dark, surrounded by paper and what looks like the contents of an entire coffeehouse. Harper enters and turns on the light]

Harper(Looking around and trying to understand what she’s seeing): …Um? Tim?

Tim(Staring unblinking into The Void): Harper, how old do you think I am?

Harper(Hazarding a guess more to humor him than anything else): Fifteen? Dude, these all nighters have to stop, it’s like, 3 A.M-

Tim(Turning to her with what looks like great difficulty): I’m sixteen. And do you know how long I’ve been sixteen for?

Harper: I… I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand what you’re-

Tim: No, you wouldn’t, would you? You haven’t been here long enough to notice. Time stands still here. Oh, something passes, but it’s not real time. They can’t create real time.

Harper(Nodding slowly and choosing not to ask who ‘they’ are): Uh huh. Hey, uh, just out of curiosity, nothing at all to do with you sounding like even more of a conspiracy freak than usual, did you drink ALL of these? Because I’m pretty sure that amount of caffeine is fatal for anything smaller than a water buffalo and-

Tim(Making an effort to smile): I’ve been sixteen since 2003.

Harper: …Oh?

Tim(Giving up on smiling to lie face down on the floor): It was bad enough the first year. 

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do you think baekhyun will ever look like someone of his age? because lets be honest da boi is 15

no never he’ll forever look 10 years younger than he actually is

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Nevermind Robert, I'm bloody unnerved! She's clearly crazy! Can she leave now? and take Lachlan with her.

I’m not judging until I see the actual episodes cause they can play differently but yeah she is making ME nervous. She doesn’t feel bad about what she did? Like that is what unnerves me. She was mad Robert “used” her (*rme* ffs) and suddenly the victim in all this. She is all like “look what you made me do to this nice guy!” BUT – I see nor hear ANY KIND OF ACTUAL REMORSE from her. Robert is seeping guilt everywhere. 

None from her. 

So…it’s all feeling a little calculating and creepy?

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Battle Theme: The Boss of this City

Battle intro: “Come Xiamara! Show me what passes for fury among your kind!”.

Victory: “Your magic is strong, but my fury conquers all”

Defeat: “Bugger me…..think you scarred my face”

Taunt: “Don’t you have some books to be reading Parthie?”

Reacting to Taunt: “Do I look like your husband?”

Tie: “You’re tough Xiamara, drinks are on me eh?.”

Perfect Victory: “That uhh…..that went a little too easy. You ok?”

Final Finisher: “IS THIS WHAT PASSES FOR WAR?!”. The Hyur bellowed out as he took off into the air with a mighty leap, once air borne he thrust his lance forward plummeting to the ground as he was wreathed in an inferno that took the shape of a wolf. The mighty blaze wolf crashed upon the Au Ra scorching her.

- - TAG QUOTES - -

Assist: “You’ve always got my back right?”

Your muse down during Assist: “Bollocks…..that didn’t go as planned”.

Using item on your muse: “Not too fond of having to do this myself”

Healing/Buffing your muse: “Can’t have me doing all the work can we?”

Tag Team Special: “Hit ‘em hard Parthie!”. Vulkan roared as he took to the skies as always, crashing down upon their mutual enemy which sent them airborne and ripe for Xiamara to pick off. Casting an intricate spell she called down a mighty bolt of thunder sundering their foes, the Hyur chuckled before patting a flame off his shoulder.

@pearlescent-scales now we go for the championship!

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How do you DO edits? like drawing or photoshop?? Cause they look 100% real dood damnnn

thanks! i just find a good quality screenshot, or make my own, and basically draw over it on other layers in firealpaca, pretty simple actually, although doing bigger ones is kind of a challenge cause then you actually have to try and draw in the same style,

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I think the marks on jj's back may just be bruises from cupping, not actual tattoos, but I could be wrong

You’re right they do look like cupping to me too


year 2016 & bts


Third Wheelin’ with Jaha