do you like wasting your life away

Can we romanticize video games the way we do books?

Like you hear all these things about how you can curl up with a book on a rainy day and drink tea and smother yourself in blankets but anytime you hear things about video games it’s always about how you’re wasting your life away yelling into a headset as you play Call of Duty in a basement?

Imagine bundling yourself up on the couch, the sound of rain hitting the roof, and putting on Fable for a few hours. Or getting home after a long day of work. You make yourself a cup of cocoa, put on fuzzy pjs, and play Viva Piñata for hours not giving a second thought to the outside world. Semester just got out? Throw on some Fallout and just take a night to breathe and enjoy.

You aren’t wasting your life away, you’re enjoying it. Games can be just as much an escape as books, except you get to be part of the story.

random starter sentences

“Oh my God! You love him/her.”
“She/He doesn’t understand you like I do.”
“Are you taking his/her side against me?”
“But you’ve only heard his/her point of view!”
“No! I’m tired of doing as you say.”
“You really told him/her, didn’t you?”
“I don’t give a damn what they told you!” 
“This isn’t just about you. It’s about what’s best for all of us.”
“Why is it always all or nothing?”
“Please! We can’t argue, not now!” 
“You have to leave! NOW!” 
“The way you flirt is shameful.”
“Yeah,I might’ve been checking you out.”
“If I could just get you to see it.”
“Everything I need is right in front of me.”
“Once I hold on, I won’t let go …”     
“So it’s all about getting attention?” 
“Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?”
“I’ll find him/her and take him/her home, I promise.”
“H-How long have you been standing there?”
“I just want a nice, easy life. What’s wrong with that?”
“Just one moment!”
“You can’t fool me!”
“I’ll make your little secret public.”
“You’re just wasting your time here.”
“You call this a life?”
“It’s not like me to walk away.”
“Try me one more time!”
“You always do as you please.”
“You could have told me!”
“Always keeping the front up, hm?”
“Why would I do that?”
“What is it good for?”
“Don’t you dare!”
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“Oh no! Not this again!“

Desperate Times (Joker x Reader)

Okay. I’m so sorry guys, I know it’s been about 80000 years since I’ve posted but I’ve just had really bad writers block and I’ve been really busy with work and school and whatnot but here it is. 

This was a request from an anon: “Could you please make an imagine where the reader is given to Mistah J because they were in debt to him. He immediately because super obsessed with her, but the reader is very scared of him <3 <3″ 

This is like decently close to the request just i couldn’t figure out what to write. I’m sorry!!!!! 


“Please, no Mr. Joker, I’ll give you anything. You can have anything.” You saw the man beg for his life, for another chance. It disgusted you to see him like this. To see the man you once knew as your father beg for drugs. You shook your head in disgust and turned away. You had no idea why but he insisted you be there with him, maybe it’s ‘cause he knew it could very well be one of his last days, if not his last.

“Anything?” The green haired man purred as he circled your father. Your father nodded and looked you in the eyes as if he were apologizing. Confusion clouded your mind as to why he would be apologizing. Maybe it was for being a shitty father, or for making you witness this horrid interaction.

“You can have my daughter,” he stated simply. You eyes snapped open and your back straightened.

“Excuse me? No you can’t have me and what the fuck dad?” You said in disbelief.

“Oh she’s feisty, I like her. You’ve got yourself a deal there Mr. You can keep your life, and your drugs, in exchange for this lovely creature,” he said as his looked you up and down, drinking in every detail of your body.

“No. Dad what the hell is wrong with you? You’re not actually serious are you?” Your voice dropped as the look in his eyes confirmed that he was in fact serious about selling you to the Joker.

“I’m sorry Y/N. There’s nothing else I can do,” he muttered, embarrassed that he had gotten to this point. Your heart broke as you watched the man you once looked up to pick drugs over his own daughter.

“Oh we are going to have so much fun together little miss Y/N,” the Joker snarled in your ear. You flinched as his hands came down on your shoulders.

“Dad… How could you?” He looked down in shame and walked out of the room without a word. Tears were streaming steadily down your face as you stared at the door he had just left through.

“Hm. Dads, am I right?” The Joker broke the silence in the room. “Hi doll face, I’m the Joker, the man that your father is seriously indebted to, and you belong to me now! You can call me Mr. J,” he said, extending a hand towards you as if to shake hands. You glanced down at his hand and ignored the offer. “Oh sweetheart now that’s just rude. That won’t fly doll. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Gonna have to teach you a lesson then. Take a seat,” he said as he pulled you down to sit next to him. His face got serious and you knew you were in trouble. “You belong to me now. That means you do what I want, when I want, and where I want. If you disobey me sweetcheeks, you get punished. Are we clear doll face?” He gripped your cheeks, forcing you to look at him. You nodded and he released your face. “What’s your name sweets?”

“Y/N,” you said simply. He stared at you with a bored look as if he was expecting you to say more. You stared back in defiance and he let out a long displeased groan.

“Not a talker are we? I can change that y’know,” he said with a maniacal smile as he pulled his shiny gun out of the holster under his jacket. He lifted the gun and caressed your soft cheeks with the cool, hard metal. You stared him dead in his crazy eyes as he tried to scare you with the powerful weapon in his hands. His face fell as he realized you weren’t scared and you wouldn’t open up to him. “Now tell me doll, am I gonna have to find some other ways of getting you to open that pretty mouth of yours?”

“Fine. What do you want to know. You get three questions, choose wisely,” you said, boredom dripping in your words. Your father had dragged you in to a world of guns and violence, this was not the first time you had been threatened at gun point and you had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last.

The Joker raised his non-existent eyebrow and stared you down. He was vastly impressed by your cool composure and lack of fear. Most in your shoes would be trembling, begging for their dear lives but you, you just sat there, bored with his games and his old intimidation tactics.

“And who do you think you are making demands?” He sneered angrily.

“I’m just trying to get this show on the road. Question one, two more to go. Like I said Mr. J, choose wisely.”

“I like your spunk sweetcheeks. Alright, why aren’t you scared? Most people would be terrified out of their minds, why not you?” He inquired.

“You’re not the first basket case my father has pissed off. I’ve been tied down, beat, interrogated, the works. I’m used to it now. My father owes a lot of people a lot of money but what they always fail to realize is that I mean little to nothing to him. I must admit, I’m a little impressed. You’re different than the others. He’s offered me up before y’know? No one’s ever agreed but you, you fell for it,” you explained. He stared at you with a confused look spread across is tattooed porcelain skin. “Stop staring,” you said.

He stared at you open mouthed and went to wrap his hand around your neck only to retract quickly. “You doll, are special, that’s for sure. I can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have. Last question, do you like the left or the right side of the bed?” He threw his head back as he howled with laughter, his infamous laugh ringing through your ears and the small room you two were seated in.

You rolled your eyes and mentally groaned at the stupidity of this man. “Right,” you said as you got up from the small couch. “Can we go now? I would really like to get out of here and take a shower. I’m assuming there’ll be towels and whatnot ready for me? Clothes maybe?” He shook his head at you and wrapped his hand in your hair and yanked back.

“Now listen here Y/N, just because you’re not scared of me doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the things I’ve done and trust me honey, I can do worse,” he spoke in a deep, threatening voice. You felt the tip of his gun press against the center of your back. You had to admit that you were a little scared. The other men you dealt with were nothing like him. He was deadly, ruthless, and he could crack at any moment. “Now that we have the all cleared up let’s get this show on the road shall we?” His mood switched instantly.

A while later you pulled up to a lavish place. You were unsure of what to expect from him but you figured it shouldn’t surprise you that he lives in such an extravagant set up. He pulled you up from your elbow and you followed him inside. It was beautiful as you had expected upon seeing the outside of the house. Gold everything, marble counters, purple accents strewn around the house.

You glanced around, taking in what would be your new house.

“It’s beautiful,” you mumbled to yourself mostly. His hands came down on your shoulders in a gentle way, his hands travelling up and down your shoulders. You leaned your head to the side allowing a pleasant stretch to the tense muscles of your neck. “Do you live here all alone?” you inquired.

“No, the maid lives here, a few of my more trusted henchmen, for security measures. Not that I couldn’t protect myself, just don’t wanna do all the work myself,” he answered. You hummed in acknowledgement and continued to scan the room around you. “The room’s upstairs, I already had some of my men pick up your stuff from your father’s place, if you need anything else just tell me and I’ll send someone out to get it,” he said as he walked to the kitchen. You nodded, and dragged yourself up to what looked like a spare room. You plopped down on the bed and let out a long sigh.

So this is what my life is like now, you thought to yourself, looking around the lavish room. Joker stepped up to the doorway and stared you down before sitting down next to you on the big fluffy bed. “Why am I here Joker?”

“Please, call me Mr. J, Joker sounds… Too formal. I want you here because you’re a beautiful girl, your father did me wrong, and I want to make him pay.”

“Hah… Well jokes on you Mr. J. My father doesn’t care about me. Keeping me here is doing nothing but giving him the chance to shamelessly waste away without me yelling at him. You’re doing him a favor,” you explained. He nodded and spread a wide silver grin across his pale tattooed face.

“Y’know doll, maybe I just want your lovely company,” he said sarcastically.

“Y’know, maybe I just can’t stand your company,” you retorted. Before you could react, his hand came across your skin with a harsh sting. The force behind it made you fall back and place a tender touch on your cheek. You looked down, cowering away in fear. You loved to put on the tough girl act. Sure, you had dealt with crazies but nothing that ever came close to the Joker.

A slow tear dripped down your soft cheek. His eyes widened at the realization that he had made you cry. “Can you please leave me alone,” you muttered.

“Shit Y/N are you okay doll?” His voice was a bit quieter than before.

“Please just leave.” You were shaking, terrified to be in the same room as this psychotic, dangerous man.

“What’s wrong sweets?” You looked at him with a look of disbelief.

“You just slapped me across the face. If I’m being totally honest, I’m terrified right now. You scare the living daylights out of me. The moment I saw you I was scared for my life. I don’t want you in here. If I’m going to have to live with you I want to be left alone… I don’t want to be scared for my life. Please just go…” He looked at you, shock on his face.

“Alright. If you need something you can let someone know.” He placed a hand on your hunched back and left.

A small part of you felt bad for banishing him from your life but it wasn’t right for him to treat you in such an awful manner. You let out a sigh and laid down on the comfortable bed. Before you knew it you had slipped in to a deep sleep, forgetting about the disaster your life had become.

I don’t know how

Warning: mentions of childhood abuse (in the past, not graphic), suicidal thoughts and mental health issues. (All ends well though)

Draco’s eyes were burning. Not because he was about to cry or anything, but because he was ridiculously tired. He’d been working on his transfiguration essay for over an hour now, and it had already been way past midnight when he started. 

He figured that if the nightmares would keep him from sleeping, then tossing and turning in his bed wasn’t going to do any good either. That was why his nights were filled with homework, empty bottles of cheap pepper up (he couldn’t afford anything else since his father had disinherited him for his failure to capture Harry during the battle of Hogwarts), spell practice and reading these days. 

All of this hard work was starting to take its toll on his body though. His hands were shaking near constantly, without glasses he couldn’t see shit and he was unable focus for more than half an hour. Other people might think that was still quite a lot, but it wasn’t for someone who used to manage seven hour break-less study sessions. The perks of being one of the world’s best occlumences

“Oh, you’re still up.” Draco didn’t need to look around in order to know who’d just entered the common room. 

“Of course I’m still up, Potter. Are you going to ask that every time you see me here in the dead of night?” Draco sighed. He knew he shouldn’t bitch to Harry, but he also knew that he’d screwed up his relationship with the man bad enough over the past few years in order to be sure they’d never get along. He might be long over their childhood quarrels, but Harry surely wasn’t. Draco had fucked up too many times for that. 

“I think I am, yes.” Harry replied to Draco’s rhetorical question. Idiot. “Maybe then you’ll realise how fucked up it is that you don’t go to bed at all." 

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yellowgoingblue  asked:

“i work at a little market/store and u came up to the register with a candy bar but didn’t have enough money to pay for the entire thing. but don’t worry, i got you, fam” au: I saw this and my mind screamed, "ANDREIL".

ok i combined both of these and neither is fully what you asked for but i hope you like it anyway!!!

It’s hot the way only New Jersey gets hot, America’s swampy asshole, thick damp air under an impermeable layer of smog, the sun mocking him from where it hangs between a few grey clouds that indicate but don’t promise an upcoming rain.

Neil’s jog is taking much, much longer than usual thanks to an unbearable amount of traffic. It doesn’t help that he’s had to reroute himself to get some British candy bar from the one Wawa that—without explanation—carries British candy bars.

He gets there eventually, eight miles away from his apartment and so fully dehydrated that he’s questioning how the fuck he’s going to make it back. Wawa is, as always, an oasis: refrigerators line the walls, and within them, blissfully, is cold water. He grabs a bottle and drinks half of it in the aisle before even going on the search for the Mars Bar.

The candy aisle has nothing, just mostly-depleted cardboard boxes of Snickers and Twix. The international section is mainly Latin American and Asian goods, and then, crammed between coconut water and Goya goods, a box of Mars Bars.

Like the boxes in the candy aisle, it’s empty.

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Hello! uhm so yeah, making a request here xD RFA members reaction after MC became a rabbit suddenly? OuO (assuming that they are already together and living together as well) Thanks! <3 -anon

Oh my god this is the oldest request in my box I am so sorry you’ve been waiting like 5+ months; also I’m getting some Dandelion vibes here


  • Upon waking up, the first thing Yoosung noticed was an animal sitting on his face
  • “Mc, why’s there a rabbit in our room?!” he called out
  • “Mc?”
  • Come to think of it, the rabbit’s fur is the exact same color as your hair…
  • He eventually finds a note on his bedside table that reads, “Poof! Your girlfriend is gonna be a rabbit all week! You’re welcome! ~The Wizard”
  • The who?? what?? wizard??
  • “muhuhaha you can’t play lolol and focus on me now”
  • There’s nobody who’s going to believe him so when the RFA asks where you went he panics and says that your family dog died and you had to go home asap to mourn
  • Good thing he’s studying animals though because he def knows how to take care of you!! Good veggies, you get to sit in his lap while he pets you, and he cleaned up your droppings (romantic!!)
  • He’s so relieved when he woke up one morning cuddled up to your actual human body and he’s missed you so much
  • Plus animal droppings are gross so


  • Why is there fur all over the bed
  • Why does it it smell like an animal? 
  • “Did Mr. Han leave Elizabeth over again? But this isn’t her fur color…”
  • The blankets were shuffling a little, so she pulled them away and hOLY CRAP WHY IS THERE A RABBIT IN MY BED
  • No response 
  • “Mc…?”
  • That’s when she noticed the note on the floor that probably fell when she shook the blanket
  • “Your girlfriend is going to be a rabbit for a week! Isn’t that exciting? ~The Wizard”
  • The…what?
  • Now looking closely, the rabbit was wearing a miniature version of your sweater
  • She sighed, picking you up and bringing you to the living room and that’s where you stayed all night; in Jaehee’s lap watching Zen dvds
  • It was a stressful week trying to balance work and making sure you were well taken care of but that’s okay you’re adorable
  • But she was glad when you turned back into a human one morning, it was so hard trying to cover up your absence 


  • “A-ACHEW!”
  • “Jagi?” Zen called out, “Is there an animal in here…?”
  • He kept searching through the house but you still weren’t home
  • You always told him when you were heading out so it was odd that you were gone without notice
  • In a flash, something moved fast in his peripheral vision towards the bedroom
  • ‘She better not have secretly adopted an animal I swear to god–’
  • Hesitantly, he grabbed the notecard the animal was chewing on and read it, “WOOSH! Your girlfriend is gonna be a rabbit for the week! Have fun! -The Wizard”
  • “How do I know that you’re really MC?” he skeptically picked up the rabbit despite his urge to sneeze again
  • The rabbit proceeded to hop out of his arms, diving under the bed, only to start pushing out the box of condoms he kept under there
  • His face went as red as his eyes, “O-Okay, okay! I believe you! Just put them back!!”
  • He had to persevere though heavy allergy meds to be able to treat you like the ultimate rabbit princess when he wasn’t away at rehearsals
  • “Maybe this is why Trust Fund pampers the furball so much…”


  • The only times you were out of bed before him in the morning were when you were using the bathroom or getting some water in the kitchen
  • And you weren’t in the bathroom
  • As he walked into the kitchen, there was a ball of fur eating from the food bowl
  • An animal that was not Elizabeth
  • “What is this…disgusting creature doing, eating out of my princess’s bowl?” wow thanks jumin
  • He noticed a note tied to the tail, upon opening it it read, “Wow! Guess I’ve turned your wife into a bunny for a week! Have fun! -The Wizard”
  • …what?
  • Jumin wasn’t very convinced until the rabbit was nuzzling that one spot on Elizabeth’s stomach to make her purr, something only you knew how to do
  • It was then that Jumin Han’s new rabbit made the headlines
  • No expenses were wasted in spoiling his new pet, you got to like the Elizabeth 3rd life in glamour
  • Jumin woke up in the morning, tightly hugging the human you, but you pushed him away immediately 
  • “My love, you’re back and already upset? What have I done to do so?”
  • “I didn’t know it was you!”


  • Saeyoung checked the time on his monitor: 3:15am
  • It was well into the night and there was this weird rustling sound coming from the kitchen
  • Sighing, he stood up and wobbly walked outside his office to the source of the noise
  • It seemed to be coming from the food pantry
  • He opened it only to find a rabbit head deep into a bag of HB chips
  • “Hey, those are mine!”
  • Saeyoung quickly snatched the bag away and picked up the ‘intruder’
  • “Now why is there a rabbit in here…?”
  • That’s when he noticed that the ribbon around the ear was actually holding a tiny, rolled up note that read, “Tada! I’ve turned your girlfriend into a rabbit for the week! Fun, isn’t it? -The Wizard”
  • Being with Saeyoung is the worst
  • He’s putting you in all these weird outfits and arranging all these obstacle courses for you to run through
  • There was one time he tried putting you in rabbit lingerie and you flat out bit his hand
  • “Ow ow ow!! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again I sWEAR PLEASE LET GO”
  • When you woke up as a human you were not a happy camper and Saeyoung was very beaten up by the end of that day
You're Mine

Paring: Seth Rollins X Reader
Rating: Smut, Explicit
Length: 3k+
Includes: Smut, lots of angst, and fluff

Summary: You and Seth still aren’t an official couple after three years. You hatch a plan in anger and spite to make him realize how much he cares about you. It doesn’t go as planned. Angst and smut and a little fluff.

“Why do I even bother?!” You shouted at Seth as he rolled his eyes. You were in the living room of his new house, but this was an old fight.

“Look, I told you,” he sounded angry even though he had no right. “I don’t like titles. We’re dating. I don’t have to be your boyfriend.”

“It’s been three years! You don’t want a title. You don’t want me to move in. You just want me around. It’s not cool!” You were at your wits end with this conversation. You had talked to his friends, and they were as confused as you.

Roman was the most helpful. He told you Seth talked about you a lot. Seth would say “You’ll never guess what y/n did. It was so awesome-” and “Y/n loves those things.” Stuff like that. You did the same thing too, but less and less lately because of this situation he put you in.

The two of you weren’t getting any younger, and you wanted to settle down with him. He was the man you loved, but you were starting to think he wasn’t your future.

“I just don’t want labels. I’ve told you that for like, years,” he said, getting up from the couch, adjusting his basketball shorts and hoodie. “I’m going to hit the gym.” He grumbled as he walked past you.

“I guess I’m going home then,” you said, snatching up your things furiously. “Just tell me one thing,” you turned to him as he put his hair up and picked up his gym bag.

“What?” He asked, clearly irritated and not wanting to actually listen to you. His tone stoked your ire and you decided to change your question.

“Do you mind if I date other people?” You asked, shrugging a bit, keeping your face blank.

“Excuse me?” He asked, looking aghast. You gleaned a bit of satisfaction from his horrified face.

“Well, I’m not your girlfriend, so…? I can date other people, yeah?” You shrugged again.

He glared at you, and you could see his brain working behind his eyes. He didn’t like what you were suggesting, and he was trying to find a way to say ‘no’ without giving ground on his position.

“Sure,” he finally said after a very long pause. “I personally won’t, but sure, go crazy.” He said with a condescending tone. He was trying to guilt you out of the idea by volunteering that he wouldn’t see other people, but at this point… /Fuck him/.
“Hey, y/n! What’s up?” Cesaro’s voice over the phone was just as pleasant as you remembered. “Did Seth lose his phone again? He’s right here somewhere.”

“No,” you laughed. “I wanted to call you specifically,” you admitted.

“Okay,” he said, waiting.

You had planned to just ask him out, but he was too close with Seth. He would say no. You quickly thought of something he’d say yes to.

“Seth is giving me the same argument against labels again,” you sighed.

“The 'Oh, I don’t like labels. I just want to be me. Blah blah blah,’ thing. I’ve heard it.” Cesaro said, sounding as incredulous as everyone else that heard Seth give the excuse.

“Yeah, but this time, I got pretty hot and I kind of said I’d start dating other people,” you winced, realizing how that would sound to one of Seth’s closest friends.

Cesaro sighed. “I don’t blame you.”

“Yeah, so here’s what I want to do, and why I called,” you said, getting down to business. “I would like you to take me on a date. Like, pretty publicly. If that’s okay?” You said, biting the tip of your thumb.

He surprised you by laughing. “Oh boy, that’s evil y/n. Yeah, I’ll do it.”

“Really?” You asked, bouncing in your seat.

“Yeah, lets fuck this tomato,” he said, making you quirk your face in question. What kind of idiom was that? Swiss? You took it for the agreement it was.

“Okay. Bye.” You said, laughing.

“I’ll text you.” He said before hanging up.
You were sitting on your couch watching TV when you heard a furious knock on your door. It was late. About midnight. And you wondered who in the hell it was.

Opening the door cautiously, you peeked out. It was Seth.

You didn’t know he would be back so soon. He usually texted you when he was getting on the airplane or making the drive back home.

“What’s up?” You said, pulling the door open all the way. He rushed inside and you closed the door behind him. He didn’t say a word. He looked rattled. His hair was a mess and he smelled like the cold air outside. It was like he had stopped whatever he was doing and just rushed here.

“Seth,” you started to say, but he just held up a finger. That’s when you noticed his hand was shaking. You looked up to his eyes and saw they were black with fury.

You had seen Seth angry before, but you hadn’t ever seen him livid. You were guessing that’s what this was. You were guessing he saw the photos. The photos from your date with Cesaro.

“You said you would date other people. Not my best fucking friend,” his voice shook as he spoke. You were quiet for a long time. The TV the only sound in the room.

“I’m just-” you tried.

“No. You don’t talk til I say,” he told you. His voice was hot with rage. You felt yourself shrink in. You thought this little stunt would remind Seth how much he liked you. Needed you. Maybe loved you. But maybe it was the thing that would finally tear you two apart.

“Did you ask him, or did he ask you?” He asked, staring you down.

“I asked him,” you said quietly, beginning to shake yourself.

“And he said yes? Just like that?” He was silently waiting for your answer, but his lips were parted with heavy breath.

“Well, I- He-” you tried to figure out what to say.

“Never mind. I just want to know one thing,” he said. “Just tell me…” Seth’s voice broke just a little. “Did you fuck him?”

You shook your head. You hadn’t.

“Did you want to?” His eyes were like open windows to his soul. You could see it howling in pain, and it was about to get worse.

“Yes,” you whispered.

“Yes?!” He asked in disbelief.

“I want to sleep with a lot of guys, Seth, but I don’t.” You told him simply. “Cause there’s only one guy for me.”

He looked angry again. How did he still not understand this?

“Then why date other people?! Why put me through this?!” He shouted, looking more distressed than you’d ever seen him. Even when his knee tore in half and he vacated his title, he was more together than this.

“Because I need a commitment!” You shouted back. “I need to know that at the end of the day you’ll be there for me!”

“I’m here for you!” He argued.

“As a friend? As a fuck buddy? As what?!” You fired back, becoming quite livid yourself. If this was the last fight, if this was the last time you talked, you wanted to make yourself clear. “Come on! Tell me what I am to you!”

He stared at you. He was silent.

“Really?” You said, feeling a knife through your heart. “Nothing?”

“Y/n,” he said, reaching for you. His anger seemed to have slipped away, but that didn’t matter now. You were too flustered. Too mad. Too frustrated.

You slapped his hand away, shocking him. You shocked yourself too, but you didn’t let it show. Not now.

“Get out,” you hissed. You couldn’t look at him anymore. You couldn’t be around him. It hurt too much.

“When I saw the pictures… When I saw you with him,” he started.

“I don’t care anymore. Leave,” you said, feeling tears roll down your cheeks. You didn’t even know you were crying until then.

“Let me just-” he tried, but you couldn’t listen.

“No. I want you out,” you said, realizing he wasn’t going to leave. He had rooted himself like a tree. You had to do something drastic. You had to topple him to get him the fuck away from you. “I already wasted three years of my life with you. How much more of my time do you want to waste?”

He recoiled at that, and it broke your heart to see him in pain. But he couldn’t give you what you needed, so he wouldn’t give you anything anymore.

“I’m- I- Please,” he stuttered. He looked shattered, but you had no idea why, or what it meant. He either couldn’t or wouldn’t tell you what you meant to him.

You went to the door and opened it.

“Goodbye, Seth,” you said, looking down at the floor. You could still feel the fury coursing through your veins, but the anguish was starting to overwhelm it. You needed him gone before you could collapse to the floor.

He walked over to you, and gently put his hand over yours, closing the door for you.

“You’re mine,” he said quietly. His hand was still on yours. You stared at where your hands met. “And I’m yours.” His eyes were pained, but soft as you looked up.

You didn’t say anything. You didn’t know what to say.

“That’s all I’ve got,” he confessed.

“What does that mean?” You asked, feeling so unsure. Like the ground would drop away from your feet at any moment.

“You’re mine,” he shrugged sadly. Probably thinking that wasn’t enough, he kept talking. “You’re my best friend. You’re my favorite person. You’re the person I lean on. You’re… mine.” He said. “And I’m all that stuff for you, right?”

You sniffed and nodded.

“Then I’m yours.”

“Okay,” you said, looking at him in question. A silent 'what else?’

He reached out and pulled you to his chest. He did that thing you loved. Sometimes after a long or particularly rough road trip; he pulled you in, held you tight, rested his chin to your forehead, took a long inhale of your hair, sighed deeply, and kissed the top of your head. He loved you. Seth might not have known it, but you did. You wouldn’t say anything now. You weren’t about to tell him how he felt.

“What was Cesaro saying to you? In the picture, I mean,” he asked, holding you close.

“Which one?” You asked. He pulled back a bit to get his phone out of his pocket. Then he pulled up a picture of Cesaro whispering in your ear and you blushing with a little smile on your face. “I don’t remember.” You didn’t remember what he said. “Is- is that the one that bothered you the most?” You asked, knowing there was a photo of a goodnight kiss.

“Yeah,” he said, laying his cheek on the top of your head as his hand flexed around your side.

“Why?” You were perplexed.

“I don’t know. I guess- I like to make you smile, and- I know lots of people make you smile, but- I don’t know. We make jokes. Our jokes. I didn’t like thinking about you and Cesaro- I don’t know? Having jokes? That doesn’t make any sense,” he sighed. Seth was talking about intimacy. He didn’t want you to be intimate with other people. You smiled to yourself. What a big dummy, you thought, unable to contain a laugh.

“It does make sense. But I have bad news, Cesaro and I do have one joke.” You had remembered what Cesaro was telling you when that picture was snapped.

“What is it?” He frowned, looking at you.

“I’ll never tell,” you smiled at him evilly. He smiled back.

“Come on!” He laughed, shaking you gently, teasingly.

“I’ll tell you my secret for one kiss,” you teased, pointing to your lips. He smiled and paid the toll of one kiss. It stared as a quick peck on the mouth, but then his lips softened and he stayed a bit longer.

After your lips parted, you looked up at him and forgot what you were going to say. He was staring at you, looking at you like you were a stranger. Just blinking, trying to take all of you in.

“Seth?” You asked, putting a hand on his chest. He looked lost.

His hands came up to cup your face. His thumb traced your cheekbone as he stared at you. His beautiful, intelligent brown eyes gazing between your eyes and your lips. You moved forward just an inch and he kissed you again.

He kissed you over and over, pulling you closer. His hands gently, desperately grasping your face. Usually, he’d be pulling your body to his, making his desire clear, but this was different. He was making his desire clear just by kissing you. Fiercely, passionately clinging to your lips.

“I’m not wasting your time anymore. I’m yours,” he said, before sealing your lips again.

You put your arms around his neck. One hand diving into his hair. Saying, with your body, 'I’m here. It’s okay. I’m yours too.’ As soon as you did that, he picked you up and started toward your bedroom.

“I want you,” he said breathlessly, as he set you on your bed. You moved away a bit to start undressing, but he grabbed you back to him.

“Come here,” he huffed, pulling the hem of your shirt over your head. He kissed your shoulders, chest, tummy. He removed your bra. Then he started on your jeans. “You’re mine. You understand?” He asked, pulling your panties down with your jeans.

“Yes,” you said, putting your hands in his hair as he kissed down your hip bone to your pelvis. You knew where he was going.

His mouth found your folds wet, and you moaned in want as his tongue worked magic on you. He was so good at eating you out that sometimes the orgasms brought tears to your eyes.

He groaned as he realized just how slick you were and the husky sound made you even slicker. He brought his hands up to your center and used them to spread your pussy lips so he could give your clit direct attention. You cried out as he lapped at your pleasure center with deadly accuracy. Your hands shook against his scalp as he got you to the edge, making you gasp in desperate need to come.

“Please!” You cried as you felt your peak so close. He licked quicker, more forceful, to make sure you came and came hard. “Yes! Seth!” You practically screamed as your body shook with pleasure.

He climbed up your body, laying between your thighs. You used your fingers to wipe your wetness from his beard, running your thumb over his talented lips. He placed a kiss on the pad of your thumb just before he pressed forward.

You gasped as his cock filled you. He looked down at you with stars in his eyes.

“God, you feel so good. You always feel so good,” he said, holding you close as he started to thrust.

“You too, baby,” you moaned as your hands roamed his back. And he did, he felt so good filling every inch of you with his length.

He took his time, building up the pace, finding out what made you gasp and your pussy clench. The whole time his own breath caught and masculine moans emanated from his throat, driving you wild.

“Louder,” you told him. He looked at you for a second, but then it clicked.

He started going faster, making you throw your head back. He was hitting your g-spot with every thrust, his powerful arms were around you, and his moans hit your ears like music.

“Oh God!” You cried as he lifted your hips a bit.

“You like that?” He huffed, leaning back to look at you.

“Yeah, yeah,” you said, nodding furiously. Your fingers digging into his shoulders to pull him to you. Your lips landed on his right before he pushed you over the edge.

“That’s right. You’re mine. This is my pussy.” He said, reaching down to your clit. You had already come twice but that wasn’t enough for Seth. He wanted to remind you why you were with him.

“I’m yours! Yes!” You told him, looking in his eyes.

“Come for me again,” he demanded of you. “Come for your man.”

You screwed your eyes shut and just heard and felt everything. His cock inside you, his fingers on your clit, his breath hot on your ear, his groans, and the sound of your flesh slapping together. Seth was inside of you and all around you. It was perfect.

“Oh my God!” You gasped as you came for the third time. Tears streamed down your face from the intensity of the pleasure.

“Oh! Y/n…!” He groaned as he came inside of you and went still. You could hear his heart pounding, and you put your hand over his chest to feel it too. “I love you.” He said quietly.

“I love you too,” you said, running a hand through his hair and kissing his forehead. “I’m yours.”

“Damn right,” he chuckled, rolling over and bringing you with him.

“I think you should move in with me.” He said, running his hand over your bare back as you snuggled to his side.

“Really?” You asked, peering up at him. He was completely serious.

“Yeah, really,” he smiled at you and then kissed your forehead.

“Alright then,” you giggled. “Let’s fuck this tomato.”

“Let’s what?!” He laughed. His face quirked in mirth and his eyes shining like no tomorrow.

“Apparently, it’s something Sami says.” You confessed and pecked his cheek. “Cesaro picked it up from him. That’s my joke with Cesaro.”

“It’s lame,” Seth said, trying to frown. “It’s a good thing you have me to make better jokes with.”

You laughed. “Yes, better jokes with my man.”

“My girl,” he sighed, pulling you closer. “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

All that Jazz - Sirius Black x Reader (smut)

[Request: Hi could I request a Sirius imagine where reader and Sirius have an argument and like hanging out with the Marauders becomes awkward as the two make sarcastic remarks and stuff. But after a few days there’s too much tension and make up smut (quite rough) but the Marauders walk in and are like ‘well I guess you guys made up then’ xxx
Warnings: SMUT/ kink/ my English/not that great? Idk!
I don’t own the gifs/ Credits to their original owners. Also, thank you @ra-veela-claw  for the gentle push!
Thank you for requesting!]
Requests are open!

You were struggling to study and remain calm at the same time because, in all honesty, all you wanted to do was flip the damn table over and burn your notes. It was soul sucking. Merlin knows how long you have been studying. You have been studying for hours upon hours. You weren’t that studious usually and you would prefer to be with your boyfriend but alas! N.E.W.T.S. 

“You’ve been studying all the day. And yesterday. And the day before. I missed you” Sirius said while he played with a strand of your hair affectionately
“I know, love. I just need to study for the exams. It’s not like I can fail” you said while you tucked the strand he was playing with behind your ear. He was pouting.
“Come on! Let’s do something fun! I feel abandoned” he murmured while he started pecking your neck. You let out a heavy breath. You can’t give up now. It’s only one more chapter after all!
“Cut it out Siri” you pulled away from his kisses. You wouldn’t be able to resist him any longer if he kept doing that.
“Jeez, woman!” he said mocking you. You really didn’t need that kind of attitude right now.
“Stop it! I need to study. You may not care about your future, but I do. So leave me the fuck alone!” you snapped at him. You weren’t really that mad but it came out that way. Truth is, you were bottling things up. Like how he didn’t care about the exams or anything, that is. He seemed to be so laid back and chilled out when you were studying your ass off and still- you hadn’t even finished one book.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he spat cruelly at you, causing your mind to shut down. With you? What was wrong with him?
“I am not the one who doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything. I want to do something with my life. I don’t want to waste it away because I was so stupid to throw every chance out of the window. I have goals and aspirations”. You were yelling at him by now. You just didn’t understand how someone could throw his life away to have fun. Fun. How fun will it be when he can’t even find a job?
“Screw this” he yelled at you, venom spreading through his words into your blood. He just stood up and left. And took all of the air with him. For a while, you felt numb and you tried to regain focus. Nothing seemed to work and soon tears were streaming down your face, sobs echoing around you, silent at first, deafening after a while.
You grabbed the books and threw them at the wall while ripping your notes apart and creating a chaos.  
Lily marched in. Your legs gave away and you crashed the floor.

Dinner was… Heartbreaking. You were sitting alongside the girls. They were talking about the next Hogsmeade trip and how beneficial a day off would be. You wouldn’t dare to look up because he was sitting there with his friends, laughing and girls were right beside him. Too many girls. Not you. You were mad and sad and mad. You literally wanted to scream at them that he was yours… but was he? The only thing you wanted to do after the argument was to apologize to him because you just didn’t mean it. You didn’t want to yell at him. He wasn’t the problem. The exam thing was just too overwhelming and you… Oh, great you thought to yourself. Here they come. They sat right across you. You had to keep your posture.
“Lily-pad! How is it you look so ravishing every day?” James flirted. Lily just rolled her eyes and offered him a forced smile.
“We are already dating James” she simply stated. Yeah, like that would do it. The guy never stopped flirting with her.
“At least she isn’t screwing you over studying”. He didn’t. Your mouth agape. Fine, two can play this game.
“I’m not listening, but keep talking. I enjoy the way your voice makes my ears bleed” you said sarcastically, making eye contact with him for the first time. He raised an eyebrow.
“I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong” he returned. You felt like punching him straight in the face.
“Are you always this retarded or are you making a special effort today?”. Who would have guessed that you could go this cocky?
“If it looks like I give a damn, please tell me. I don’t want to give off the wrong impression” he continued. You rose from your seat. You wanted to scream and punch and kick the hell out of him.
“I’d insult you, but the sad truth is that you wouldn’t understand and if I tried to explain it to you, your brain might implode from information overload” you spat at him. You were glaring daggers at each other. Every student was staring at you two. Your friends were trying to distract you from each other but every attempt failed.
“Why are you here?” he growled. You faked an innocent smile and batted your eyelashes.
“Wow, you sound better with your mouth closed” you answered too sweetly. You walked away from your friends and made your way towards the exit. What you couldn’t realize though was that even though you were furious at him, you actually found him so damn hot.

The same scene was playing on repeat. Every time you two were in the same room, doing as much as breathing the same air, the world would stop spinning and sarcastic, mean even, remarks would be exchanged. Your friends tried to reason both of you but nothing could change the fact that he was an ass to you and that you were an ass to him.
You were currently about to enter their room because Lily made you the messenger. She wanted you to tell James to meet her in the Astronomy Tower. You were fuming at your friend but you did owe her that much.
When you did enter the room, however, James wasn’t there. In fact, no one was there but the very person you wanted to slap. He was shirtless. That was a sight that never failed to make you blush. He was gorgeous and he knew it.
“You’re not that lucky and I’m not that desperate!” he exclaimed. But you’ve had enough. More than enough.
“Yes. Yes, you are” you whispered, your voice stripped from any sarcasm. It was the truth. It had been one week and two days since this crazy thing had begun. You haven’t touched each other for what seemed like, forever. You’d lie if you said that you didn’t miss his hands on your body, his lips on your face.
You took a few steps closer. You could feel the heat that his body radiated.
“And Merlin knows, I am” you breathed out, inches away. Your hot breath fell on his lips, sending shivers down his spine.

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Speak (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: I really hope you like it!
Warnings: Angst, yelling, cursing
Request: Could you do some angst with Jason and a little sister? My only specification is that his nickname for her is Bluebird

You awoke to voices coming from the kitchen. You made out the voices of Bruce and your older brother. Your dead older brother.

It had been five years since you were eleven, five years since Jason died, and four years since the hallucinations had started. Four years since your slow descent had begun.

You saw him everywhere. For the past few days he’d been sitting by your bedside, making empty promises about how he’d never leave you again. Ironic, coming from a hallucination.

You hardly moved anymore. Hours of your life wasted away, staring at your ceiling, not caring what happened around you. Wayne Manor could be burning to the ground and you wouldn’t move a muscle. You ate scarcely. You slept too much or not enough. You were a husk.

So when you heard your older brother, screaming at Bruce downstairs, all you could do was sigh.

“It’s not a lost cause,” Bruce attempted to console Jason after the fifth time he’d tried to talk with you.

“It’s like there’s not even a person in there anymore. What happened to the kid I left behind?” Jason snapped, anger building in his chest.

“We’ll figure out a way to-”

“She’s not responding to me, Bruce. Fucking hell, she won’t even look me in the eye!” Jason slammed his hands down on the counter in frustration.

“She doesn’t think you’re real,” Bruce replied. “She’s been seeing—hallucinating—you for years.”

“And you didn’t think to help her? There’s medication for this!” Jason retorted and raised his voice, going from exasperated to livid.

“I wanted to reach out to her but-”

“But what?!” Jason screamed. “But you were too much of a coward?!”


“You did this to my sister! You did this to your daughter!” Jason continued at the top of his lungs. Anger rose in his chest, and a lump started to form in his throat.

“You think I don’t know that? You think I don’t spend every day regretting what I did to her? What I didn’t do to help her?” Bruce retaliated, still maintaining an even, yet harsh, tone.

“Regret? Is that all you have to offer? You took away a beautiful, happy, intelligent kid all because you were too fucking scared! It doesn’t help her, Bruce. Regret doesn’t help me, or her or anyone that you wanted to save but didn’t!” Jason was still yelling, the cracks in his voice beginning to betray him.

“This is still about you, isn’t it? How I never avenged your death. I’m sorry things turned out this way, but you need to stop-”

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Jason advanced on Bruce, grabbing the collar of his shirt. “Don’t you fucking dare, you stupid son of a bitch. Don’t think for a damn second that this is about my baggage. Don’t try to turn this bullshit on me,” his fist clenched around the fabric of Bruce’s shirt. Bruce’s calm only served to intensify his anger. “You did this. You took her life away.”

Jason let Bruce go with a harsh shove and turned to walk away just as tears started to fall.

“Where are you going?” Bruce questioned after him.

“To see my sister.”

Jason made his way up the stairs and to your room. The chair that he’d moved to your bedside four days ago was still in its place.

He sat and looked down at the shell of his baby sister. The shell of his Bluebird. He felt grief twisting in his gut at how frail you looked. You were far paler than was natural for you, you were skin and bones. Your eyes were open, unmoving, and fixated on the ceiling.

“Hey, Bluebird. It’s me again,” he started, his voice shaking.

There he was again. Your big brother, sitting at your bedside, talking to you. Why couldn’t he be real?

“I miss you,” you whispered, still staring up at the ceiling.

“I’m real, damnit!” Jason cried out, grabbing your hand in his and bringing it to your face.

Shivers snaked down your spine as you felt his breath flutter across the back of your hand. You felt the warmth of his palms and a pulse in his fingers. The hallucinations had touched you like this before but they’d never felt this… real.

You shifted your eyes slowly over to the person who sat at your beside. It was the first time you’d even spared one of these mirages so much as a glance for months.

That’s funny. It was definitely him, but older. Every time you’d ever looked before, he hadn’t aged a day.

Could it be? There was no way, right? That this was really Jason?

Jason’s eyes widened as your gaze met his.

“B-Blue? Please, it’s me. I’m back, see? I’m real and I’m here and I’m sorry. I’m sorry I let this happen.” This time, Jason did not stop himself from breaking into tears, his chest heaving slowly.

His heart pulsed rapidly in his chest when your lips parted as if you were going to say something.

The tears in his eyes turned into sobs that racked his entire body as your eyes shifted back up to the ceiling, your hand dropping back to your side.


anonymous asked:

A prompt, if I may? :) To celebrate Catco's 20th anniversary, Supergirl agrees to a televised interview with Cat Grant. It's a smash in the ratings, of course, and some viewers notice the chemistry and sexual tension...which leads to some angst and feelings being revealed. :)

“Like forty percent of these comments are about you staring at Cat with heart eyes,” Winn said, scrolling through Youtube comments in the middle of the DEO. “I mean, they aren’t wrong.”

“Winn!” Kara hissed, leaning over him and closing out of the page before J’onn caught him goofing off at work again. He’d already been given several stern talking to’s about it. A pout formed on her face and she crossed her arms over her crest. “I do not stare at Cat.”

“Everyone stares at Cat.” Maggie piped in, leaning back in the chair beside Winn at the console. “You are not an exception.”

“You’re not even supposed to be here,” Kara said, pointing at her threateningly. “You’re supposed to be at work.”

“I can’t believe we’re even wasting time talking about the ‘heart eyes’ comments,” Maggie said, pretending to ignore Kara completely. “Cat spent half the interview trying to act like she wasn’t ready to climb Kara like a tree.”

“I can’t hear you,” Kara muttered, walking away from the two newest annoyances in her life. Not that she could really get away from it; it seemed everyone had something to say about the interview she’d volunteered to give Cat after she’d helped save everyone from the Daxamite invasion. It seemed about the only way she could really thank her for coming back just in time. And it had actually went really well. People had loved it, she hadn’t given away too many secrets about herself or her work at the DEO, and she hadn’t completely embarrassed herself. Or, that’s what she’d thought before people start dissecting every single detail of her interaction with Cat.

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adore you (you're lovely)

ADORE YOU (YOU’RE LOVELY) — and i adore you, too. i’ve been thinking that your love is kind of special. you should know that i adore you, too! ( adore you, nao ft. abhi//dijon )

REQUEST — the reader used to be ugly and archie bullied you. then, after summer break, you totally glo up and are now super hot, and he apologizes.


NOTES — i did tweak this request a little bit, simply because i don’t see riverdale!archie being a bully—i think it’s even a little ooc for comics!archie—so i opted for archie sort of ignoring the reader. also, i refrained from specifying a gender since there wasn’t one mentioned in the request. thank you so much for trusting me to write your idea, and i hope this was fluffy enough for you. i felt like it would be kinda rushed to make them kiss in this? i don’t know, but enjoy. ( requests: open )

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The brothers and self harm

Before I do this, I want to say that self-harm is a really serious issue, and you should not do it- I understand certain reasoning behind it, but if you ever feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to you can come to me, I’m always open to help. Causing yourself pain, over emotional pain as well, just makes it worse, and it gives you a scar to remember the bad moment the pain momentarily helped you forget- I know it’s hard, but I promise it gets better. You are loved by many, and hated by some, that much you can’t change, but you don’t need to change yourself, either. You’re special, and you deserve more than that. Please, stay safe.

[ Sakamakis ]

Shu: He would hate it. Like most things, at first he would pretend like he didn’t care for whatever you did, but it would start really messing with him- you were the one telling him about it, but once he found you, whilst in the act, from then on he started doing everything to stop it- for both reasons. Firstly, he doesn’t want you to someday do something worse, meaning he would end up losing you. Secondly, the smell of your blood would travel through the entire house, and it would mean his brothers would try to get a taste, and he won’t stand for it. Overall, he’d try to help.

Reiji: He finds it ridiculous. Why would you even do that to yourself? This time, it wasn’t you who told him, merely one day when you got hurt on a piece of glass whilst helping him with chores, when he was going to take care of it he ended up seeing some cuts on your arm- he scolded you badly over them, and made you promise not to do it again. Part of him knows it’s really not your fault, and that you must have reasons to do it, but he doesn’t see the point behind it, let alone it’s messy. Overall, he would try to get you to stop, and get a bit angry if you do not- that’s his way of caring.

Ayato: He thinks it’s stupid. Not because he doesn’t care, quite the opposite. Humans are fragile creatures who die far too easily, why would you want to waste your life like that? He would always think something could go wrong and you’d end up dying, and he doesn’t want that. Also, why waste your precious blood? If you want it to pour out that much whilst having pain, all he has to do is bite you, and it doesn’t go to waste! In all honesty, he worries something may happen, and tries to keep you away from it- he found out once he smelled your blood, and was about to throw a jealous fit thinking it was one of his brothers.

Laito: He would be devastated. Although he enjoyed the idea of a small cut here and there for him to suck the blood out of, he didn’t like that you were harming yourself because of emotional pain, and would do anything within his power to help you fix it. He would become really protective of you and be sure to be next to you at all times- he would even try to be there during a bath, but you’d most likely kick him out. Without a doubt, he would poke fun at you on a daily due to his personality, but if he saw you the slightest bit sad he would move everything he could to make sure you wouldn’t do it- your life is too precious for him.

Kanato: He doesn’t care. This is really rude, but he doesn’t really care that you cut- he thinks it’s stupid, yes, especially when you told him he said that to you. He doesn’t want you to ruin your precious skin, because dolls aren’t supposed to be broken like that, and he does not get the reason behind it- he doesn’t really try to understand, either. There will be a rare time where he will comfort you if he knows you’re sad, both because he doesn’t want to ruin your skin but also because you’re his significant other, and he might understand that cutting can be bad for you- he’s just really clueless about this stuff and ignores it most times.

Subaru: No! He hates it. He’s terrified of it. What if you end up cutting your wrist and bleeding out? What if he loses you? He can’t afford to even think about it. When you told him, the generally ‘piss off’ vibe he gives off completely broke and he started crying, hugging you and wanting to reassure you that it would be okay. He would do his absolute best to stop you from doing it again, going against everything and everyone that inflicted the slightest bit of pain on you. He would be really sweet about it, even if he found out you did it again, he would clean up the wounds and just hold on tight.

[ Mukamis ]

Ruki: Much like Reiji, he finds it ridiculous. He doesn’t really see what good harm can do, especially when you’re causing yourself pain from emotional pain- now two things hurt, right? He’d find himself punishing you whenever you did it, except it would be in a loving way- let me explain. He would punish you, but not spanking or anything of sorts, he would just force you to say certain things, like you won’t do it again and that you’ll come to him- when you’re depressed, these are, of course, quite hard to say, but he would insist. Whatever could keep you safe, he would try to do.

Kou: He would get really emotional over it. He’d probably even cry, certain times- how could you be doing that to yourself? He would, at all cost, get you to stop. He knows it can be hard, especially seeing his brother do it all the time, but it’s way different- his brother can’t really die from it, his wounds will heal, but yours will not, and that’s what worries him. He can’t let anything happen to you- he won’t lose you, absolutely not! He would probably kiss your wounds very lightly, and suggest you let him bit you when you felt like self harming, because there’s the pain and blood loss- just way safer.

Yuma: He would pretend he was mad, but he was honestly very emotional about it. The last thing he’d want was to lose you, so when he caught you doing it once he freaked out and started yelling- this was to prevent tears from falling from his eyes. From then on, he decided to be with you at every moment, regardless of what you are doing- if said thing takes more than one minute, time he’s not looking at you, he’s tagging along.  He will check for new scars every day, and will try his best to take your mind away from doing such things. He just wants you to be happy and live a long time, with him preferably.

Azusa: He gets it, but hates it. He cuts himself, as we all know, and it helps him feel human again, for a few seconds- but he heals, he has no marks on his skin after a while, and it hurts him when he sees them on you. Being extremely sadist, he also kind of fantasizes about cutting you, but never for an emotional reason, and certainly not to leave a mark- more like small kitchen cuts that don’t stay for very long. He will kiss every single one of your scars and reassure you that you are beautiful and should not do that to yourself- he will probably cry a bit when you tell him, too.

Why Some People Don't Support Your Writing Goals

One of the weird things about writing is that to many outsiders, you look like you are doing nothing. Often, people don’t see the results until months after the work has been completed. That, coupled with the fact that most of the population doesn’t actually understand how complex and difficult it is to write fiction, let alone be successful at it, can lead to some negative encounters. Most people don’t know how to value storytelling. So much of their experience of it is based on feeling and subconscious thoughts.

And of course, there is the tendency to measure things by income, and to some people, skills and work only have value if they can bring in the money. There is a realm for this kind of thinking, but it’s not for everyone and every skill at every level. D. Todd Christofferson once taught, “All true work is sacred.” Even those who have made a beautiful income off their writing were writing without it for a long time.

I remember back when I graduated high school, people were, of course, interested in knowing where I wanted to go from there. When I told them I wanted to be a writer, I was surprised how people felt about it. No one said it straight out, but I could tell from their tone, body language, and what they did say that they thought it was stupid. I clearly remember one person (a graduate from a different high school) sticking her nose up at me and then going off about all the super, amazing, world-changing things she was going to do–all before the age of 19, apparently. She emanated arrogance.

By the time I graduated college with an English degree, I got less flack from people, but I still clearly remember the day of commencement, standing outside a college building in my gown, and one person’s disbelief in me when I said I wanted pursue a career in fiction writing.

Look, I understand where this disbelief comes from. And for you, it might be helpful to know where it might be coming from too:

  • Statistics–the actual stats of how many people want to work in the writing industry vs. how many people actually do. The stats of how many people want to write a book vs. how many people actually do. The stats of how many people want to get published vs. those that do.
  • Money–our world often measures worth based on income. I’ve met people who make all their decisions based on income. I’m not going to say they are wrong. If their dream is to have a great income, good for them for pursuing it. Hats off! But sometimes people forget that not everyone measures life that way. Another point of problem may be that they think you are spending too much money pursuing your writing goals, in one form or another.
  • Time–some people won’t support your writing because of the time it requires you to work on it. They do not view it as a good use of time or that the rewards will be worth the time. I’ve met some people who think choosing to do anything that requires real effort outside of work and other high-priority areas is dumb and wasted energy. If the person is close to you, they may not like how time is taking you away from them or how it affects other areas of your life.
  • Ignorance–As I mentioned, the majority of the world’s population doesn’t understand storytelling or its worth in society. Most people are clueless that there is more to writing than punctuation and grammar, and most people have no idea that you can actually learn how to write better stories. They don’t know it’s a skill that people can actually develop. They think it’s something someone is simply born with, regardless of effort, or something someone just sits down and does in a night.
  • Self-projection–When people hear what others want and are doing, one of the first things they are wired to do is to project themselves into it. I’m pretty sure this is human nature, and if we want to move beyond it, we have to recognize it and retrain ourselves. But it makes sense, because we are trying to relate to whatever people are saying. Because people can’t personally see themselves doing a writing career, they can’t see you doing one. They’ve projected themselves into it, instead of you. This one goes deeper though, beyond career. It also goes into lifestyle.

    People don’t think you have the self-discipline to write a book because they don’t have it.

    People think you don’t have the self-discipline to work from home because they don’t.

    People think you can’t make it as a writer because they can’t.

    and it goes on …

      • Jealousy–Some people won’t support you in your writing because they are jealous.  

        Jealousy (real)–Remember how I brought up stats at the beginning of this list? All those people who wanted to work in the writing industry but didn’t, all those people who want to write a book, but haven’t, all those people who want to be published but aren’t, are out there. Now, many of these people aren’t jerks, and frankly it’s okay they haven’t done these things, or haven’t done them yet. But if they aren’t okay with it, then that might be manifested in jealousy–that you are pursuing what they want to pursue. This might result in them being jerks or unsupportive of you.

        Jealousy (perceived)–Other people who care less about fiction writing can get jealous, but it’s a perceived jealousy. Remember how I said most of the population doesn’t have a clue about how fiction writing works? Some of these people have misconceptions about it. They may be jealous because they think you are sitting at home all day, and you have it so easy. They think fiction writing is easy. They don’t appreciate or understand the process. They’re jealous you don’t have to slave away all day. Or they’re jealous you are following your dreams, when maybe they aren’t. They’re jealous you have a job you enjoy (even if it’s a love/hate relationship).

          All of these are reasons people may not want to support your writing endeavors. Often when people start writing, they don’t have a lot of people rooting for them.

          But guess what? If you want to get real, the only support you absolutely need to write is your own.

          You need to give yourself permission to love writing and to write.

          Now, this doesn’t mean you need to give everything else up and that you should quit your job. But if you want to write. Write. Write on your lunch break. Wake up early and write before anyone is up. Write in secret. Who has to know? If you don’t have time to write, consider how you can make time now or eventually down the road.

          This is your life. Life is short but it is also long. Do you want to miss out on doing what you love? Do you really want to spend all these decades not doing it?

          As I often like to acknowledge though, there are things that happen in life that might hamper your ability to do this or might keep you from being able to do it at all. Life hits, and sometimes there are bigger priorities. That’s okay. Life is also long. And it’s unlikely it will be how it is right now for all of it.

          But even when you give yourself permission to write, you’re still going to have to deal with unsupportive people. I’m very lucky in that my family has always supported me, my boss supports me, most all my friends support me. But not everyone has that.

          In some cases, if you really want to pursue writing, and you keep having to deal with people tearing you down about it day after day, it might be best to cut that person out of your day-to-day or even month-to-month life. Maybe “cut” is too harsh, but maybe you can sort of fade-out.

          But again, not everyone has this option. What about when you are married to that person? What about when that person works next to you at your job? Since I don’t have personal experience with these, I asked another writer to talk about how to deal and interact with people who don’t support your writing goals. That post will be up next week.

          Did I miss any other reasons people don’t support writing? Feel free to add them.

          noctxt-archive  asked:

          i love to cry so maybe lance x reader with 32? reader is slowly bleeding out and lance cant contact the others

          Hey so I’m actually balling my eyes out right now and wow god bless you for this request. I think I’ll make a part two, I’m not sure yet, depends on what you all want:,)

          part 2:

          The way it happened, was brutal and quick. You turned a corner, a blade slicing up and into your side. You froze, your body failing you as you collapsed to the ground. The blade still inside of you.

          The way it happened, hurt you in every way. Thick, dark blood seeped through your fingers that now covered your skin. The skin that was just torn and shred seconds ago. The skin, that used to be touched so delicately by earth’s water.

          The way it happened, ruined him.

          “Oh gosh,” he stared at you, eyes as wide as they will ever become in his life. He turned the corner seconds after you collapsed to your knees.

          His body felt stuck, yet he didn’t realize he was moving until he had reached you, grabbing your body and opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water.

          He didn’t know what to do, he was out of power. His body shut down as he stared at you. He called for help through his helmet, not receiving an answer.

          “Oh no, no no please.” The fire in his eyes melted into tears as he held his hand to your side. You stared at him, you didn’t even understand fully what was happening.

          The blood dripped delicately onto his knees. Such a delicate manner, from such a horrible matter.

          He brought his hands to your neck, holding gently under your jawline. He was so heartbroken. Liquid came from his eyes, mouth, and nose.

          He felt numb. His body, his face, his heart. He didn’t think he’d ever be able to truly feel again.

          “Hey, hey hey hey, keep your eyes on me, alright? Please, p-please don’t go..” He sobbed, pressing your head to his chest.

          He began removing his armor, making it more comfortable for you. If this was your last breaths, he wanted you to be treated like a queen, like absolute royalty.

          “Oh gosh.. I’m sorry, if I had just come earlier you wouldn’t be, you- you wouldn’t be,” he stopped, hunching over and sobbing. His forehead to yours.

          Your hand shakily reached to his cheek, not noticing the horrendous amount of blood upon it. You rubbed your thumb shakily over his cheekbone.

          “It’s not your fault,” you breathed in, tremors coursing through you, “this isn’t because of you.”

          “No! No it is, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me. Y-you’d be back on Earth. Having fun and being happy, being alive. I- I brought you here, I- I thought you could help us an-and now..” he trailed off. His eyes filled with a tsunami of tears and sadness.

          “Lance, listen, keep your eyes, on me.” You leaned toward his shoulder, coughing up blood.

          “Just, know…that I’m so, so glad. I’m, you brought me here.” Your voice was slowly making its way out, as well as your sight.

          “I love you for that.”

          He looked at your eyes, each one, one at a time taking them in. He wished he could’ve done this under softer circumstances. He wished he’d done this a long, long time ago.

          You kissed him then. You had kissed him and you had given him your truth in a simple action and once again, like all the times you’ve done anything, Lance was blown away. He kissed back, being as gentle as he could so to not harm something so delicate as you.

          You couldn’t speak anymore, every breath leaving your mouth was wasted air. Every breath was struggled just like your body itself. Your body was falling apart.

          He held your face in his hands and just stared at you. What could he do now? He had no choice but to watch you become absent from his life. He had no choice but to watch you, all of you, leave. Your laugh, smile. The way you pouted whenever you thought of a plan, the way you’d snort at times with the littlest effort. He watched you, all of you, become simply mist in his life.

          “I love you.” He whispered to you, pressing his wet lips to your forehead. His face felt swollen from the crying he had done already, his face might as well have been swollen from all the crying to come.

          The last thing to be rid of your body during death, is hearing. The last, last thing.

          And that’s what you did, you listened.

          You listened as Lance sobbed, most likely leaving snot and tears upon your now pale skin. You listened as footsteps came from far away. You listened to Lance drag you toward him more, in fear of those footsteps being the ones of those he despised.

          You listened as Keith came to the end of the hall, staring in pure horror and then screaming for the others. You listened to Keith run to Lance, sliding on his knees to your sides, tears pouring from his eyes as well.

          You listened to the others slowly come to you, you listened to their cries and you listened to the way they sobbed over your body.

          “Oh, Y/n, oh no no no no.” No’s echoed through you, becoming a symphony. You couldn’t tell who was who by their voices any longer.

          “I tried, so hard to contact you, b-b-but i-it wasn’t working and I just tried so hard and I don’t know why-” Lance held you to him again, the others began yelling at each other, lifting your body up and running out of there as fast as they could.

          The way it happened, was brutal and quick. As brutal as the blade that went through you. As brutal as the Galra’s Reign will fall. As brutal, and as quick, as Lance’s mentality.

          Award Show ~ Shawn Mendes Imagine

          Request “Hi, I was wondering if you could make an imagine where Martin Garrix is Y/Ns ex, and Shawn isn’t too fond of him after they meet each other and gets protective and jealous and stuff? Thanks!”

          I hope you enjoy.

           Want to see more of my work? MASTERLIST


          Shawn had been invited to the VMA’S to celebrate the success that he had achieved throughout the year.  You were over joyed for him, considering this was the first time you have ever been to a high profiled event you were also slightly apprehensive.  This wasn’t the first time you had been to something like this. Considering your ex was also a high profiled celebrity you were quiet used to the scene.  But, this also was what worried you.  Pap’s would be there, watching every move that you and Shawn made. Watching for you to mess up somehow like they did before with you and Martin.

          That was one of the main reasons you both broke up, considering he believed a lot of things that were stated in the media.  But, you did not want this with Shawn.  Your relationship with him had so much meaning and worth for you, and the thought of history repeating itself was on your mind for the past week.  You knew you had to be there to support Shawn and you really wanted too.  Even if it meant that you would have to endure some awkward stares from passers-by who may have known you when you were with your ex.  

          Shawn had also assured you that nothing bad would happen or be said to you if he was with you.  So, with that you began getting ready for the night.  It all started off simple, you and Shawn waking up early to make sure everything was organised for tonight.  Double checking the cars, makeup artists and hair dressers.  You both had to look pristine considering this is going to be aired on TV for the world to see.  You showered and departed from yours and Shawn’s shared apartment to get prepared for tonight.  

          The first stop was to pick up the dress you had brought, it had been tailor made just for you which you were very excited for.  You made sure it was a dress that you could wear again, hating the fact of spending so much money on something to only wear it once.  This then being followed with the hair stylist and then make up.  You felt completely like a princess, and you were excited for Shawn to finally see you when he came back from his meetings.

          Every award ceremony Shawn had to have a meeting before, his management made sure to prep him for any upcoming questions and what could happen later tonight.  They did not want him to slip up, mainly for his image as a down to earth kid that he always has been.  You were proud of Shawn, mainly because he hadn’t ever changed from who he was before.  When you go home with him he’s the same outspoken boy as he was here.  This warming your heart.  But, just in case he said something he did not mean he needs to know ways to get himself back.  This being easier for him to do when you were with him, considering he was more relaxed whenever he was with you.

          You slipped on your dress and shoes before making your way down to the living room to wait for the car to come and collect you.  Shawn would already be in there when it came, which excited you so he could see you finally with everything completed.

          It was only a few minutes before a knock was placed on your front door with made you shoot up.  Grabbing your phone and keys placing them in your clutch bag.  You looked down to your feet as you opened the door and slowly looked up to be welcomed with Shawn’s perfectly structured face that was lifted into a smile.  His eyes scanning over you multiple times, unable to take all your beauty in.  

          “Y/N, my lord you are so beautiful.  I’m going to have trouble getting people to not look at you” Shawn half joked while you smiled back at his compliment.  

          “Oh Shawn, thank you” You really wanted to cry from how he was looking at you with so much love, but considering your make up was way too expensive to ruin it before you both got there you held it back.  Shawn came close to give you a peck on the lips which you quickly pulled away from, this receiving an uncomfortable look from Shawn. “We all know it won’t just be a peck Shawn and I can’t have you ruin my lipstick” you pointed at him while laughing.  He nodded with agreement and decided it was best to just leave a kiss on your cheek. Your hand intertwined with his as you both walked towards the car that would transport you to the VMA’s.

          “Are you excited?” You asked Shawn as you began your journey

          “I am don’t get me wrong, but I am also nervous.  I have been waiting so long for this and I just feel like I am going to ruin it you know?” Your thumb slowly glided over Shawn’s hand to reassure him.

          “It’s going to be fine babe, I promise!  Plus, I am here with you.”  He nodded towards you before resting his eyes for a few moments, mainly to calm himself down. You looked out of the window at the passers-by, all doing their own thing.  Some going for a coffee, others coming home from work after a busy day at the office.  You always wondered what your life would have been like if Shawn hadn’t have come into your work that day looking for your boss.  Would you have been going on a coffee date with a self-absorbed scumbag and wasting your time on things that didn’t matter.  All the endless possibilities but your life had landed you in the best one. In Shawn’s.

          The driver finally announced that you were only a few minutes away and your nerves finally decided to return. You began to pick at the skin at the inner side of your thumb which was what you usually did when you were nervous. Shawn looked over at you and took your hand in his before giving it a light squeeze.  You placed his hand in-between both of yours and placed it on your heart before taking in a breath.  “I love you” you announced to Shawn as you rolled up to the red carpet.

          “I love you my darling” Shawn retorted placing a final kiss on your hand before he stepped out and you followed.  Your vision was consumed with flashes of lights, you were dazed for a moment until Shawn’s hand slid into yours.  You quickly looked down and smiled towards Shawn before making your way towards the interviews.  

          After those took place you made your way into the arena to be welcomed by a few other celebrities, such as; Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and some others you couldn’t quiet name.  You both got pointed towards the table you were going to be situated on and made your way over.  This was until your name got called behind you from a familiar but distant voice.  As soon as you turned around you recognised him completely.  Martin was smiling at you and Shawn while he made his way over to you.

          “Wow, Y/N how have you been? You are looking really well” Marin stated at you before looking you up and down just like Shawn had done when he first saw you.  This making Shawn’s hand clench onto your hand a little bit too tight for your liking.

          “I’ve been good Mart how have you been.  How longs it been?  Like almost a year?”  The nickname you used to call him slipping out of your mouth before you realised.  You heard Shawn scoff behind you, before you felt his hand slide around your waist.  Making sure Martin saw his movements.

          “Yes, it must have been. But, how rude of me not to say hello to you Shawn.  How long have you both been together?  Must not have been long after we broke up, hm?”  Martin asked as you looked down at Shawn’s arm around you.  You knew this was surely going to piss Shawn off and you were going to hear an earful as soon as you got to your table.  

          “Must have been, but that doesn’t really matter right now.  Me and Y/N need to go to our table, I’m sure you do too Mart” Shawn said in a much calmer voice than you expected him too.  

          “Ah yes, well it was nice talking to you Y/N.  We must catch up some time.  See you both” he gave you both a nod before moving away into the crowd.

          “What a dick” You heard Shawn scoff before he walked off in front of you.  

          You both were seated for a few moments, having ordered your drinks when Shawn started raging about what had just taken place.  “The fact he had the nerve to check you out.  What is that guys problem.  Acting like I am the rebound.  I can kindly assure him he has nothing on me in any department.  I mean the guy couldn’t even make you come for Christ sake”

          “SHAWN!”  you quickly tapped him on the side.  “This is something that we disgust at home.  Where only we can hear ourselves, not thousands to possibly millions of people”

          “I am sorry Y/N, its only how can that guy think you are going to meet him after what he put you through. And the way he was looking at you, I knew I was going to have trouble tonight.  I mean you look fit as fuck and now you have your ex practically eye fucking you”

          “So?  Shawn, you know you mean more to me than he ever did.  Out of anyone he is not the person you should be jealous over.”

          “Well at least I have the decency to not be rude to his face like he was to me”

          “I completely agree my love. Now please no more until we get back, tonight is meant to be happy”

          “Okay, but only for you Y/N.” You nodded at Shawn before placing a peck on his cheek which made him inhale your scent.  

          After that Shawn relaxed, it was though he forgot all about it.  That was until you got home, and well you knew you were his after that.

          Okay I am proud of this OMD, honestly holy balls.  Anyway, that was sick love JEALOUS Shawn he is my Dad. Okay bye see you again.    

          Scott McCall AU (part 2)

          PART TWO

          Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

          A/N: Sorry it’s late haha, but I actually really got into writing this part, so it’s kinda long (9 pages long). Also… I’m not sure how long this Scott series is going to last but based on how this one went, I’m betting not very long. Anyways, enjoy and give me some feedback! Also, just so you guys know I started part 3 last night!


          “College weekend! Are you ready honey?” Your mom asked.

          Keep reading

          Not Likely

          Prompt: If you’re still doing requests can you do one with the Question and the reader is like the person who keeps the information files in order for the League; also if it’s not to much can you have the reader shy and somewhat of a sister to Bats

          Requested by: ANON

              “If you’re bringing me some new, cockamainmy conspiracy theory, you need to turn around and leave right now.”

              He doesn’t take the threat seriously, then again, he never does. “Someone’s running on fumes.”

              You let out a growl, “What was the first give away, Question? The bags under my eyes, the slept in clothes, or the fact that I’m about to destroy this computer?”

              He leans against the giant computer, “None of the above. It’s your hair.”

              “My hair?”

              “Yes… it’s up in a ponytail, you never do that unless you’re stressed, or working on a challenge. I’d say this is a bit of both.”

              You take a deep breath, “Leave now before I toss hot coffee on you.”

              “That won’t happen.”

              “So sure, are you?”

              “Considering that you keep a stock at home, and call it the nectar of life, I know you wouldn’t waste a cup on me… especially when you’re three days into the hack of your life.”

              You rub your hands over your face, “What are you doing here, Vic?”

              “The bed’s been cold.”

              You look up at your boyfriend. Vic was not a sleeper. Usually he was a hundred percent after three hours, and getting him to rest was a chore within itself. However, he didn’t like sleeping alone. He blamed you, said you were too snuggly to sleep without.

              “Vic… ”

              “You need sleep.”

              You pout, “You’re one to talk.”

              “Some time away will do you some good… ”

              “The League… ”

              “Can wait eight hours.”

              You sigh before letting him pull you up out of the chair. Leaning on him, you walk down the halls towards the zeta tubes. “Who sent you? My dad or Bruce?”

              “Bruce. Mr. Pennyworth would have come up here himself and we both know it.”

              You sigh, “One of these days you’re just going to call him Alfred.”

              “Not likely.”

          Father Figure // Jensen

          Prompt #20: “Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone”
          Prompt #29: “You know, thongs aren’t so uncomfortable after all”

          Author: Caitsy

          Warning: Swearing, fluff

          Disclaimer:I do not own Supernatural. I do not own any gifs, images, or songs that may show up in this.

          Summary: You’ve never had a good father figure in your life until you scored the role of Dean Winchester’s daughter on the hit show Supernatural. He was over-protective but what happens when you get a little wasted with your friends?

          Requested: Yes. @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish

          A/N: I found it rather amusing to write this because Jensen fits the caring father role for someone that isn’t his biological daughter. I hope you enjoy!

          Master List

          Prompt List


          Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

          You were lucky to have the next couple of days off to relax from filming. You had invited your friends from the Vancouver area to your trailer for drinks. No one on set knew about this because majority of the cast and set members were American so they still believed that the legal age is twenty-one. Understandable given how they didn’t think about the age now due to the large gap of ages.

          “Kid, get some sleep.” Jensen said pulling you into a side hug, “We want to take you out for breakfast tomorrow.”

          “Sure!” You grinned feeling Jensen pressed a kiss into your hair. You played his on-screen daughter on the show.

          “Bright and early.” Jared grinned as you collected what you had brought, “We’re staying in our trailers tonight so we can leave quick.”

          “Okay!” You smiled before striding to your trailer that was on the far end of the lot.

          Jensen and you had gotten very close since you joined the cast four years ago when you were still sixteen. You had wanted to get away from your large and intrusive family, they had wanted to since your father went to jail for countless charges of indecent exposure to young children. Slowly Jensen became the father figure you had always lacked.

          “The gang is bringing the alcohol, I have snack in the trailer and everything it cleaned up inside.” You muttered to yourself while biting your lip.

          You had planned to get together with your friends and had asked for visitor passes for them to hang for awhile. The set people had thought it would only females but you hadn’t corrected them because majority would be female.

          “You’re a lucky kid.” Misha chuckled as you strolled past him, “I may join you for breakfast tomorrow. Have a good sleep.”

          “Thanks!” You grinned as you entered your nice size trailer.

          You quickly showered before climbing into a nice pair of shorts and a t-shirt while braiding your hair to get the wetness out of you face. You had just put the board games out when your trailer door opened. In came your friends Alice, Lexi, and Rachel followed by your male friends Larson, Astral, Liam and Luke.

          “Got the drinks?” You asked as they all laughed before falling into the seats. Larson chuckled as he nodded before he stretched out his legs.

          “You know it.”

          “What should we start out with? Poker? Board game?” Rachel asked going through the games on the table.

          “We did strip poker last time and I’m not prepared to bare myself again.” Alice laughed pointedly staring at her legs, “Forgot to buy more razor cartilages.

          “You guys want to be Never Have I Ever or Truth or Dare?” Astral asked.

          “Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.” You laughed at the eyebrow wiggling Liam was doing at the group.

          Cracking open a couple cans of your preference of alcohol you sat in a circle following the rules for the childlike game. The rule was that you would have to chug a beer if you opted out of doing a dare as told by Lexi.

          “Alice…truth or dare?” Astral smirked.

          “Truth.” Alice grinned.

          “Have you ever wanted to hook up with a female in the room?”

          “Honestly? When I first met Y/N but then I got to know her.” Alice shrugged as she popped an M &M into her mouth. You laughed pushing her in the side, “What! Your hot and I’m into girls!”

          “Nice to know you wanted to jump my bones.” You cried as you drank more of your beer.

          “Astral…truth or dare?”


          “Makeout with Rachel.”

          “What are you twelve?” Astral let out a deep chuckle before he pulled Rachel into a deep kiss that turned heated very soon.

          “Okay! Moving on!” You exclaimed.

          You were an hour into the game and a lot of you were majorly tipsy already that you were getting more and more daring. You weren’t backing down from any question or dare but you seriously were enjoying the alcohol that you weren’t served at cast parties as Jensen didn’t want you drinking.

          “Y/N…I dare you to wear a thong for the next twenty-four hours…starting now.” Lexi hiccuped.

          “I don’t have any.” You frowned. You hated thongs with a passion but drunk you didn’t give a shit.

          “I just got some yesterday!” Rachel squealed, “Here.”

          Rachel swiftly pulled out a package of the them making you curious as to why she was carrying thongs around with her. You burped as you stumbled into the corner where you discarded the panties you were wearing and pulled the thong on. You could feel the heated gaze of Larson staring at you more than the others.

          “Okay.” You giggled as you nearly fell over as you sat down.

          You moved on from Truth or Dare into board games that had you all laughing your asses off but what really go the party going was when you were having a heavy make-out session with Larson on your bed. It wasn’t something that was new, you and Larson flirted but never passed the line.

          “Y/N?” A knock on your tailer door didn’t pull you apart nor did you hear it over the music. You did however feel from when Larson was roughly pulled away from you.

          “What the hell?” Larson exclaimed before backing off at the height of Jared and the pissed Jensen, “Invite only.”

          “Get the fuck out of this trailer. NOW!” Jensen roared watching as everyone got their stuff and ran out of the trailer. You winced feeling the pain in your head before you saw Jared give you an advil and water.

          “Do you know what time it is?” Jared said as he crossed his arms at you.

          “It’s SEVEN IN THE MORNING!” Jensen roared, “Have you been drinking all night?”

          “Maybe.” You grunted.

          “You’re not legal.” Jensen huffed.

          “I’m nineteen. I’m legal in Canada.” You groaned before Jensen huffed as you were still tipsy.

          “Well your not in my eyes!”

          “Jensen I was having fun!”

          “Having fun drinking the night away and having sex with a stranger?” Jensen retorted, “Do you know how easily it is to forget a major detail of protection when you’re wasted?”

          “Dude. I didn’t have sex.”

          “Y/N you’re like a daughter to me. I don’t want to see you ruining your life like this. It’s one thing to have a drink or two but getting wasted isn’t acceptable especially when people are still working on set.”

          “I’m sorry.” You pouted feeling yourself sober up, “I’m so-orry Dad.”

          Jensen was stunned at what you called him before you passed out in his arms with no shirt on. He swiftly yanked the shirt you had stolen from him over you and placed you into your bed still thinking of what he was called. Jared and him quickly cleaned everything up before opening a window to air out the stench of alcohol.

          “Wow.” Jared whispered, “She called you-“

          “I know.” Jensen said awed. He really did see you as a daughter and could careless if you called him anything but he knew you saw him as a father.

          You know, thongs aren’t so uncomfortable after all.” You mumbled in your sleep. Jared and Jensen scrunched their noses up before they fought for the door.

          “That’s my cue to leave.” Jensen said he left his non biological daughter sleeping her way back to being sober.

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          Most of us have experienced a betrayal in our lives. The thing is, the signs are there but we don’t see them. We rationalize and excuse poor behavior - like hoping the person cares as much as we do. In that sense, we become our own victim. People like this rarely apologize and generally feel justified for whatever bad behavior they’ve shown. They are manipulative, hurtful, dishonest, and they rationalize their bad behavior so they don’t have change it. There’s not point in pouring your heart out to these people or to try and understand why they do it, most have no idea that they do it. The best thing you can do is walk away, believe me, they are not wasting another thought on you either.
          White Lie - M

          Kim Namjoon 김남준 - Breakup!au

          Warnings - excessive swearing, angst?, smut!!

          Word Count - 8.2k+

          Summary - “I love you so much and even though it seems rough, I just need to take some time to go figure out my life.” 

          Nearing the end of your third year of college, you found your nights were spent in the darkness of your shared apartment searching for jobs. There were weekends wasted away getting drunk on cheap wine and Smirnoff with your roommates and friends after you had all given up on combing through job websites and emails from professors. At the time, summer break had seemed like a blessing and a curse, with a new boyfriend and friends but also seemingly endless rejected applications and days passing doing absolutely nothing.

          Your only wish was to get a job to last you through the summer then into your final year of college. Soon enough, you would be venturing into the real world and it was time to start preparing for that day’s arrival. You needed to plan for when you finally were forced to jump ship on childhood and swim to the shore of adulthood—which seemed miles away, out of eyesight.

          But your senior year of college brought corporations reaching out to you and not the other way around. So quickly had adulthood become that much closer, and a stable cash flow was making its way into your bank account. Student loans didn’t feel like a demon perched on your shoulders each time you went to class. You were in a perfect relationship with the valedictorian of his class, Kim Namjoon, and with your one-year anniversary seemingly around the corner, you couldn’t help but feel content in the way things had played out for you after years of stress and hard work.

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