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The Icing On The Cake

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Chris Evans x Reader

Request: (I deleted the request on accident but I remember what it was!!) You are pregnant with Chris Evans baby. You and Chris want to announce your pregnancy, but in the cutest way possible and after, a cute way to announce the birth of your baby.

A/n: Ok, so Chris would totally be up to the idea, in my opinion?? Like…Chris would totally do the cutest thing to announce a pregnancy but also embarrassing himself at the same time because he is an awkward dorito-flavored meatball and just ??? why are you so cute Chris sToP iT

Genre: Romance, Family, Friendship, Fluff, Humor

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Fluff, Chris embarrassing himself

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

The kitchen was a mess. Flour was on the counter top and the floor, food coloring stained the table, bowls were strewn everywhere, and icing was inside at least nine different plastic bags. Chris’s face had blue stained on it from icing that you had graciously slapped on, and you had black icing in your hair. If it wasn’t apparent: You and Chris were baking a cake. Now, Chris was a pretty damn good cook. But it seemed that when it came to baking, he needed a bit of help. You weren’t an professional baker, but you knew your way around the recipe book. As you mixed yellow food coloring into a bowl to put into an icing bag, you smiled. 

You and Chris were going to announce your pregnancy by baking and decorating a cake. You and Chris had been trying for months, with no success, to get your little baby. However, on a fateful night last week, after taking a pregnancy test, you were so excited to see those two little, pink dashes on the pregnancy stick to confirm that you were with a child. Chris and you had cried so hard while holding each other tightly, so happy that you two were finally going to be parents. 

Chris wanted to tell everyone upfront, but you wanted to tell everyone in the cutest way possible. So, you both agreed to bake a cake. Sighing, you smiled when you felt hands on your hips and a bearded chin rest itself on your shoulder as you iced on the hair of Steve Rogers, smiling widely afterwards. Chris whispered to you. 

“I’m so happy. I can’t even…is this really happening?”

You chuckled and looked over your shoulder at him.

“Yes, it is. I can’t believe it either. But let’s keep this good going.”

“If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.”

You replied, nodding and agreeing as Chris laid a sweet kiss to your neck.

“Me neither, Chris.”

The stove beeped, signalling that the second part of the cake was done and Chris reluctantly detached from you. As you iced and did your artwork, Chris started to clean and helped with mixing the icing and dyes. When all was done, you and Chris smiled widely at each other. The cake was badass, and you did a phenomenal job with the artwork. 

“Pretty good artwork for icing, if I do say so myself.”

“You’re amazing, sweetheart.”

Chris said to you, kissing your cheek as you grinned, black icing on your chin and arms crossed, hand holding the icing bag. Chris then suggested with a sly look.

“Wanna finish off the rest of the icing?”

“That’s so unhealthy, Chris.”

“But it’s a good idea.”

You were quiet before grinning and you both dug in. It would be one hell of a stomach ache later on, but it would totally be worth the pain.


Chris had called his family and friends, the Avengers cast eager to come over as they haven’t seen you and Chris in a while. In the back yard, Chris’s family, your mother, the Avengers and Civil War cast, and the dogs were all having a good time. You had successfully hidden the cake and Chris yelled.

“Hey, everybody! Me and (Y/n) have some very important news so please gather around!”

Sebastian and Anthony glanced at each other while Jeremy, Scarlett, Tom, Mark, and Chris Hemsworth got into a little group. Robert stayed sitting at the patio table with Chris’s family, Paul, your mother, Elizabeth, and Aaron-Taylor. You went to the cakes hiding spot and grabbed it while Chris spoke.

“Now, you guys know that me and (Y/n) love each other very much-”

Sebastian muttered with a teasing grin.

“-Oh god, not another speech about how much he loves his girl.”

Chris gave a pout and Anthony snickered. Everyone chuckled and Chris replied.

“I’m gonna ignore that. Anyway, me and (Y/n) have some very exciting news for you!”

You came out with the cake and set it down. Everyone looked down and Chris’s mom was the first to react. The cake was of Steve Rogers and you, both of you looking beneath his shield with a hand over your eyes as if to see better, and a baby was under the shield. Both Steve Rogers and You had wide, curious eyes and at the bottom, in beautiful cursive, it was written.

‘In 9 Months!’

Chris’s mom cried out.

“Oh my god, you’re pregnant!”

Everyone reacted immediately. Paul yelled.

“Group hug for the Momma!”

Playfully, everyone pushed Chris out of the way and hugged you tightly, making you giggle, and Chris’s jaw dropped as Robert snickered at him.

“What?! I don’t get a hug?”

Sebastian replied, kissing your temple.

“Ladies first, Chris.”

Then, everyone migrated to Chris and you chuckled. Robert, with a selfie stick, said.

“Pregnant Selfie!”


The road of Pregnancy was a long and bumpy one. Little Baby (boy/girl name) was one hell of an active baby. When it hit your 3-4 month mark, that was when your child got active. Often, the baby would kick and move around, especially when Chris spoke to the to-be-born baby. Your water had broke during the night, so you and Chris had rushed over. Chris’s family was there, but you all had decided to surprise the cast with the baby (boy/girl) by having Chris wrap a box like a Christmas present and have your baby inside. 

It was that moment and you had gotten your baby to sleep before putting (him/her) inside the box. Chris chuckled lowly and whispered in your ear.

“I’m so proud of you.”

“I’m proud of us.”

You replied and he smiled softly, giving you a chaste but loving kiss. Putting the cover on, Chris walked out to the part and you recorded from the kitchen. 

“Ok, guys. I got a big present for you! As a thanks for being here for me and (Y/n), I got everyone something. Yes, it’s one of those kind of presents. But hey, I love you guys.”

Robert replied.

“We love you too, even if you are a total and complete meatball.”

Sebastian and Anthony snickered to each other and Chris pouted once more. Chris did a little dance before exclaiming, hands gestured to the present.

“What’s in the box?!”

Chris’s mom pulled the top off and the four corners fell, revealing the baby with a sign on it that said.

‘Baby Evans, Born at 2:49am.’

Everyone gasped and you ran out, picking up the sleeping baby. Chris hugged you and Jeremy fangirled.

“Oh my god, (He/she) is so cute!”

You giggled and Sebastian called loudly, looking around as if waiting for somebody to even think about challenging him.

“I call being the godfather. You guys can suck it.”

“I wanted to be the godfather!”

Robert replied. You laughed and replied.

“Guys, guys. Me and Chris already made a decision on who’s going to be (his/her) godparents. Sebastian’s been asking since me and Chris started planning so: Sebastian, you’re gonna be the godfather.”

Sebastian put his hands in the air.

“I told you all so!”

“But, hey. At least (he/she) will have an unlimited amount of uncles and aunts!”

Cheers rang out and Elizabeth asked.

“Who’s the godmother?”

Chris replied, hugging you closer.

“I decided that my mom will be the godmother. I promise her, after all.”

Everyone smiled and Sebastian was still bragging about being the godfather, even after Anthony had told Sebastian to ‘shut up before I throw you to the HYDRA agents.’


Stress-related problems (Aaron Taylor-Johnson x Reader)

@atomicpeacekryptonite requested:

Hey, could you write a AaronxReader when he was recording AOU? Something really fluffy and maybe with smut?

  • Words:  2.123
  • Pairing: Aaron Taylor-Johnson x Reader
  • Warnings: Slight fluff, heavy swearing, and HEAVY SMUT
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/Bf/N) is your best friend’s name.

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You were finishing with folding your boyfriend’s clothes because the lady that helped you with keeping the house together had her well-deserved day off until he, your boyfriend, appeared through the door and scolded you for doing something he should be doing.
“(Y/N) you don’t really have to do that” He said as he took one of his shirts away from you “they are gonna be wrinkled anyway”
“But baby, I don’t want them to think you’re untidy” you pouted “Besides Lucille is not here to help me and you’re leaving in a few days”
“Oh yeah, talking about that… What are you gonna do while I’m not here?” He asked taking a big suitcase from your closet.
“I don’t know, Aaron” Well perhaps I forgot to mention you were Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s new girlfriend “Maybe I’ll go to (Y/Bf/N)’s house or I’ll stay here sobbing and knitting over my loneliness. It’ll depend on the weather” You shrugged and gave him a wide smile “Oh no, don’t bring that suitcase because I haven’t finishing folding your clothes” “Why don’t you come with me?” He asked from over his shoulder as he kept the suitcase where it originally was “We’ll be going to Johannesburg first. The weather it’s nice this time of the year and Lizzie will be there as well”
“Can I at least think about it?” You tightly held the t-shirt you were trying to fold “I haven’t packed my bags yet and I haven’t thought of doing it”
“We’ll have fun!” He cheered “and you’ll get to meet the rest of the people. I heard Robert is going with his wife and so is Chris” He smiled you as if he tried to convince you but as you knew two Chrises in that set you opened your eyes to give him the hint that you didn’t understand “Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth is going with his wife too”
The idea was tempting, seeing Aaron in a tight superhero costume and seeing the other Avengers in their costumes was definitely tempting, but you wanted some time alone as well so you were not quite decided yet. You spoke to Lizzie Olsen before, and she was also going to be there (a nice change since she was Aaron’s sister in the new Avengers movie rather than his wife like in Godzilla) so it would be nice to have someone you actually met.
“Aaron look, it’s not like I don’t want to go but you just broke with your wife-”
“Honey, that was over a year ago”
“We are not a public couple yet…”
“So?” He rose one of his dark eyebrows “we have to come out one day darling" 
"But, but…” you tried to refute what he said, but it was true; you had to come out one day. 2 days later you two were packing clothes for the other in two suitcases.
You were not very inclined on going by plane, but you really didn’t have much option rather than that, so you just went on with the 13 hour flight all the way down to Johannesburg. Aaron was right, the weather was nice this time of the year. A bunch of the Avengers crew was there waiting for you. It was February 9th, and you had just a couple days before he began filming.
“So… This is what you’re going to wear?” You asked looking at the very comfy looking clothes on the bed “This is so not superhero” You couldn’t help but laugh.
“I guess my character is not very heroic at first” You two heard a knocking on the door and Aaron yelled to come in.
“Hey love birds” Lizzie greeted “How are you?” She went to you for a big hug.
“Fine, just checking at his… Superhero costume” You giggled.
“Yeah, mine’s just a black dress and a red something” She smiled as well “It has to be red, if not, I’m no Scarlet Witch”
“Yeah, you’ll be ‘Any other color Witch’, right?” Aaron asked making quotation marks with his fingers.
“Shut up, Speedy” Lizzie stuck her tongue out to her soon-to-be brother “Oh by the way, the rest of the cast arrived way before you and they want to chill out for a while so… if you wanna come”
“I don’t know if my baby wants to go…” Aaron looked at you.
“Uhh…” You hesitated “Yeah, sure, why not” You giggled.
The filming started and because of that you didn’t get to see much from Aaron, he came late and completely worn out at night so you only saw him for a couple hours before he placed his head on the pillow and fell unconscious due to the hard work. One day, you looked around for him but you couldn’t find him anywhere. Definitely M.I.A.
“Lizzie?” You screamed at her “Lizzie!”
“Oh, hey (Y/N)!” She waved and ran towards you.
“Hey have you seen Aaron?” You scratched your head “He’s usually back at this time and he’s not in the trailer…”
“You sure? Cause he told me he was gonna be there” She pursed her lips and then something must have clicked inside her “Hey, look… He’s not feeling well… Joss was a little harsh on him so if you go there, try to make him feel better, ok?”
“Ok, thank you” You gave her a hug and then ran back to the trailer.
Perhaps you didn’t see him because he was avoiding you, but when you walked inside you saw him laying on the bed with his head up and looking at the ceiling. He didn’t even care about you coming in.
“Hey baby…” You said, sitting next to him on the bed. He rolled over to the other side and basically ignored you “Hey, don’t be like this… Talk to me” He grunted and tried to cover himself with the beddings “Ok, you don’t wanna talk? It’s ok” You cuddled next to him and rested your head on his back and starting humming Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”, of course he giggled at it “Where’ve all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where’s the street wise Quicksilver to fight the rising odds” You started singing “Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?” You rolled over to the other side and started moving “Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need
“Baby…” Aaron whispered.
I need a hero!” You jumped out of the bed and sang louder “I’m holding out for a hero ‘til the end of the night! He’s gotta be strong” You curled your arm trying to show your muscles “and he’s gotta be fast and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight!” You wiped your brow in a dramatic manner.
“Ok stop” He laughed and turned to face you and your small show “How did you know it’d cheer me up?”
“Baby, we have watched Mulan at least 10 times and out of those 10, you have sung the song all the time, and Holding Out for a Hero was just perfect… It was made for you”
“And you changed to Quicksilver just for me?” His blue eyes looked for yours.
“Of course I did” You winked and laid next to him, with your head on his chest “I love you and I don’t want to see you like that, ok?”
“Thank you baby” He kissed your forehead and patted your hair.
“You know, I think you’re a little stressed…” You pointed out sitting up on the bed “And you know what’s good for stress?” He looked at you with an obvious expression that he had no idea what were you talking about. You straddled on top of him and leaned forward to whisper against his lips.
“Perhaps I like that idea” He winked at you.
You broke the distance between your mouths and placed soft kisses against his while you rolled back and forth your hips. His hands tugged up your shorts and from under them, he squeezed your butt. With your lips still together you tried to pull up you’re your shirt but it got stuck on your head.
“Perhaps I didn’t plan this correctly” You giggled lifting your torso and trying to get your head out “I’m stuck here, wanna give me a hand?”
“Oh no” He teased “I’m sure you had this completely planned”
He lifted his torso and left you there, all stuck in your shirt for a moment whilst he took off that extremely tight shirt he used for his character. Then, he roamed his hands over your chest, making you shiver under his soft hands. He leaned forward to kiss all the way up from your stomach, taking special care in your breasts and then finishing his path on your neck. His hands continued on your arms until he got rid of your shirt. His lips still on the crook of your neck, trying to be as gentle as he could, but considering that you were still slightly rubbing your pelvis against his, he wanted to get you all aroused.
You placed your hands on his pecs and carefully touched them, down to his abs. Then, your hands went up again and looked for his back, you held yourself tightly to his shoulders while he nibbled the skin of your neck. He sucked and kissed, making you a moaning mess… Yet the best was yet to come.
“Hold on tight baby girl” He purred to your ear and you nodded.
He stood up from the bed and fiercely pushed you to the wall, and his evident erection nicely rubbed against your wet core. He placed your legs back to the floor and kneeled in front of you; tracing sweet kisses on your stomach, he started unbuttoning your shorts and with his teeth he pulled them and your panties down, biting your skin in the process and making you whimper under his touch.
With one finger, he searched for your wet slit and started masturbating you. Your knees trembled with each pumping motion he did against you, now faster and with two fingers inside of you.
“Oh shit, ohhh” You cried “Fuck, fuck, fuck…”
“You like this, baby girl?” He purred against your clit “Because I’m sure you do” He kept playing with his fingers and tongue until your orgasm showed up in a very loud and… very wet manner. “Did you just…?”
“It’s your fault” You breathed trying to keep yourself together “I blame you” Your body was uncontrollably shaking and you hit your head against the wall more than once.
“Well, let’s see if you can do that again, baby girl” He stood up to kiss your lips and squeeze your breasts in his big hands “Against the wall” You turned around and he grabbed your hips to rub himself against your ass “Do you want me to fuck you?”
“Yeah babe” You moaned “Fuck me hard” You heard how he took out his belt; he asked you to put your hands in your back and he tied them with his belt “Oh, what are you doing, Mr. Gray?” You teased
“Mr. Taylor-Johnson is better” He said while caressing your ass “you wanna know how super I can fuck you?”
“Oh yeah”
With his hand still on your skin, he pulled his clothes down and teased your slit with his big shaft. You wanted him to fuck you senseless but you could make any move with your hands. You asked him to untie you but he only laughed at your pleading. Finally, he introduced his member inside of you at a slow pace, painfully slow.
“Are you gonna fuck me or what?” You asked impatiently? “My arms are starting to ache”
“Oh baby girl, this is going to be so great that you’re gonna forget about the arms” He said, slowly thrusting at your ass.
The slow motions became faster and faster every time, not losing the intensity of each impact. Your breasts wiggled back and forth. He had you screaming in pleasure and your orgasm built up again sending electric shocks throughout your body, making you a shaky, sweaty and a tied up mess full of pleasure.
“A-Aaron!” You cried out between moans “I’m-m gonna…”
“Not yet babe, not yet” He became Quicksilver one more time and fucked you at really, the speed of light releasing inside of you, but he kept the pace until you came again.
After a few minutes, of having you against the wall, he decided to untie you and caressed your arms, placing sweet kisses all over them.
“You were right” He said, placing a sweet kiss on your forehead “Sex is good for stress”