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Angel and Demon Prompts


  • I’m a guardian angel but really shitty at my -oh my gosh don’t walk into the street!
  • I’m the angel in charge of giving you a tour of heaven. 
  • Please stop kicking at the gates of heaven you’re dead and that’s that.
  • I don’t care how fluffy my wings are you can’t use them as a pillow!
  • You’re a new angel and I’m the one training you 
  • I’m just wandering around doing random good deeds and you look like you need the lords help but I can try.


  • I’m trying to harass you but you’re immune to my antics because you have a demon friend.
  • You summoned me to make a deal but I’m not sure even hell’s power can help you.
  • I dragged you into hell by accident but you actually like it here so it’s cool.
  • Found a human who likes causing trouble as much as I do.
  • You summoned me by accident and now I’m staying with you till you make a deal with me cause it’s difficult traveling to hell and back and I’m not leaving till we make a deal


  • We are supposed to be enemies but you just saved my life???
  • I’m just a humble demon trying to cause havoc and you’re the pesky angel who won’t leave me alone. What do you want from me?
  • You’re trying to save this human, I want to corrupt them, and they think we are both hot. 
  • Harassing this angel on duty turned into flirting??
  • Date planing is hard when you’re an angel dating a demon

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Hi! I would really love a part 3 of the Burrens demon AU, if you have time.

// part 1 // part 2

The tension filled moments passed in silence. Aaron was still holding the demon close to his chest, and Hamilton was looking between the two of them with a growing look of horror and realization.

“Burr,” Hamilton whispered. “What have you done?”

John shook its head. “Now,” it said. “Don’t go blaming my summoner here. By all rights, no one should have found it. It’s a working protection spell.”

So it did work! Aaron felt something like triumph. He was talented, he had magic, he had the gift. All those years of his teachers telling him he wouldn’t amount to anything - saying that the lack of outbursts was a sign of low power reserves - they were wrong. Not only did he have power, he had enough power to attract the attention of the demon prince - a demon no one had ever before tried to summon, let alone manage it.

“If it’s a working protection spell,” Hamilton said. “How are you here? Why are you here? What reason do you have except to bring ruin down upon all of us?!”

The demon giggled. “Why would I bring ruin upon you?” It turned its head to press another kiss to Aaron’s cheek. “To do would mean to bring ruin upon my summoner here, and that is not in my interests.”

“He didn’t summon you!” Hamilton shouted, face growing red, eyes flashing. “Stop calling him that!”

John stepped forward out of Aaron’s arms, wings lifting and spreading behind it. “Are you jealous?” It asked. “Do you not like the idea of Aaron being mine and only mine?” It cocked its head to the side.

“That has nothing to do with it!” Hamilton responded. “What matters is that if you keep calling him that people will hear and they’ll call for him to hang! You are an omen, demon prince, and a bad one.”

It stepped closer to Hamilton and said, “oh no, I disagree.” Aaron could only see the demon’s back, but he could see the fear on Hamilton’s face. “I am a very good omen, here of my own curiosity and desire. I could have burned this entire camp - this entire realm - to the ground if I so chose, but I haven’t.”

“And why haven’t you?” The question left Aaron’s lips before he could stop himself.

John turned back to look at him. “Oh, because you’re here, my summoner. I’ve grown quite attached.”


“Not buts,” It turned away from Hamilton and back to him, putting its hands on his shoulders. “You’re involved in this war, and now so shall I. And afterward, when this is all done, I’ll take you with me and you shall be mine where I can protect you in my own kingdom.” Aaron was frozen in place. The demon wasn’t going to be leaving anytime soon. There was a stubborn set to its shoulders.

Hamilton choked, and John turned back to him. 

“You’re-you’re going to help us?” Hamilton asked, sputtering.

John smiled. “Sure! The other side has already rallied some of my underlings we might as well make it a fair fight.”


The demon nodded. “Now,” it said, still looking at Hamilton. “Go run along to your General.” The hands on Aaron’s shoulders tightened their grip. “I’m going to take care of my summoner.” Aaron swallowed, and anxiety fluttered in his stomach when Hamilton nodded and turned to leave the tent, shooting one last concerned look his way.

John’s hand cupped his chin. “So, my pretty summoner.” It leaned down to press a soft kiss to his lips. “Back to where we were, yes? I was quite comfortable.”

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Request: Engraved

Request: Can I have a Gadreel imagine. Something like y'all are soul mates or something?? Please???

Word Count: 1,088

Thank you so so so so so much for bearing with me on this! I’ve finally finished S9, so I can do those Gadreel requests you’ve all waited so patiently for. Thank you, and have an awesome day!<3

“We’ll be home soon,” Dean promises, “Remember what I said, Y/N.”

“Don’t mention the hospital thing. Got it.” You nod, even though he can’t see you.

“Thanks. See you in about an hour, alright?”

“See you then.”


Sam and Dean left a few days ago with no explanation than ‘we’re going to finish the last trial, don’t wait up’. The next thing you know, the whole world is going bonkers and the contents of heaven fall to the Earth. Then Sam’s in hospital, probably dying, but the next thing you know he’s alright. Dean described it as a miracle – you’re not sure, but what isn’t a miracle when it comes to the Winchester boys?

You close the laptop – you’d been tracking as many of the fallen angels and what they were getting up to as you could – and lean back on the chair, sighing. This could be a long few weeks.

The guys get back in a little under an hour. Sam walks in, trailing behind Dean – but there’s something different. He seems to have an… an aura, of sorts. Like there’s a shadow shrouding him, and you can’t quite place it. You keep your mouth closed, however, greeting them as normal.

It’s not until a little while later, though, that something really weird happens – three days later, to be exact. You go into the library, to find Sam and Dean standing opposite one another. And there’s something really, really different about Sam.

“Uh… Dean?” You ask softly, narrowing your eyes at the elder brother, “Can I borrow you for a minute? Please?”

He glances at Sam, then back to you.

“Sure thing, Y/N.” He nods, walking over to you. You pull him around the corner, out of Sam’s hearing range.

“Do you know that Sam has wings?”


“Like… angel wings, I guess.” Your brows furrow, “What’s going on?”

“What do you mean by wings?”

“You can’t see them?”

“No, of course not! You can?”

“I thought we’d established that!” You roll your eyes, “They’re… light brown. But so, so broken and ravaged. Dean, what the hell is going on?” You demand, leaning in close so that you can speak even quieter.

“After Sam finished the trials…” He relents, beginning his story.


“Gadreel?!” You exclaim, “Dean, what the hell have you – what is - ?” You stop yourself, “You need to keep me in the loop a bit more.”

“I’m sorry!” He insists, “I am! But Y/N, you have to go. I can’t. He’ll flee from me, but you… he was interested in you.”

“So a murderous angel who may or may not be working with Metatron is interested in me. Good to know!” You groan, walking through to the garage, “Fine. You stay here, okay? Call me if he comes back. Call Cas. Get him updated.”

“Will do.”

It’s been mere hours since you’ve lost Kevin, and now you’re driving off into the middle of nowhere with a carful of questionable ingredients to summon an angel. Just fantastic.

It’s not hard to find the warehouse Dean told you about, and you’ve set up the spell dozens of times. But you never got over the shock of seeing the angel’s wings – you never mentioned it, of course, but…  it’s still got you freaked out. You’ve seen hundreds of angels in your time, but never wings. Not like that.

You drop the match into the bowl and step back as the flame rises. When the light clears, Sam stands before you.

“Y/N.” He nods slightly, and you dip your head in return.


“Why do you summon me?”

“I – I need you to -” That’s when you realise – you don’t know why you have to summon him. Sure, you want to ask him to leave Sam alone, but there’s something more pressing on your mind.

“My wings?”

“You know I can see them?” You gasp out. Gadreel chuckles.

“There’s a reason that it’s you, Y/N.” He says softly, taking a few steps towards you, “You’re special.”

“I’m not special. I’m just me.”

“People who aren’t special cannot see an angel’s wings, Y/N,” He smiles wistfully, “I’m sorry it was my wings you can see.”

“I’m really not following you.”

“Soulmates, Y/N,” He says quietly, “Soulmates. An angel’s soulmate sees their wings; sees the truth. As you can percieve mine…”

“You’re joking.”

“I wish I was.” He says softly, “I wondered why I was compelled towards you. My name is engraved into your soul, Y/N, and it always has been.”


You bargianed and pleaded with him, just to leave Sam alone. There were other vessels, you said, and your friend isn’t necessary to him. He refused, though, leaving you with an apology and a kiss on your forehead. You cursed him out, but he was already gone.

It’s weeks and weeks later – Sam returned to the bunker as himself, and now he and Dean are trying desperately to track down the angel. You didn’t tell them about the whole soulmate thing – how could you? They have enough to worry about. One night, you retire to bed earlier than usual. You’re halfway through brushing your teeth when you hear a strange rustle behind you.

“Dean? Sam? That you?” You ask, heading for the bedroom. However, it seems empty  - until someone taps your shoulder. You jump a mile, nearly punching whoever it is behind you.

“Gadreel?” You wouldn’t recognise him if it weren’t for the wings. He nods.

“I had to come back for you.”

“They’re looking for you!” You hiss, “What the hell?”

“I had to. You’re all I could think about, Y/N. I’m sorry.” He whispers, reaching out and taking hold of your hand, “I feel like we got off to a bad start.”

“You don’t say.” You say, but you can’t find it in you to be harsh towards him. Maybe it’s something to do with the same thing that led him here. You holdout your hand as if to shake his.

“Hi, there. My name’s Y/N, and if I may, your wings are beautiful.”

He smiles brightly, meeting your hand with his, “Hello, my name is Gadreel. Thank you, Y/N – and if I may, you are the most beautiful human I’ve ever seen.”

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Hellooo ! I hope you're okay ! I really really love your Rub-e AU, aaaand i was wondering... If you could maybe do a masterpost about it (or if you did one could you give me a link ?) i had some questions like so they're gems ? They don't have anything to do with robots ? What's ruby "directive" ? What about Sapphire's then ? What does the others gems stands for ? (I'm really sorry if you already ask these)

i actually love it whren ppl ask me world building questions dont worry omg!!!

on my blog it’s all under the rub.e au tag on my blog but i can answer ur immediate questions now!!!

  • “so they’re gems ? They don’t have anything to do with robots ?“

they’re more like current homeworld gems in the show, blending magic with robotic parts (though with more emphasis on their robotic components rather than their magical components), some of the gems are immediately fused to robotic appendages or components immediately after being “made” (like LAP-S, she is unable to summon her wings because robotic scrubbers were attached to her gem after “birth”, powering them as well as immobilizing her)

  • “What’s ruby “directive” ?“

RUB-E’s directive comes into play with the homeworld agreement with earth, in the au humanity and gemkind reached an agreement that they would use their planet for kindergarten projects for a certain amount of time, if conditions get to harsh they will provide refuge on ships temporarily, then when the time comes that earth is no longer a viable kindergarten planet, the RUB-E units were sent en-masse to earth to dismantle and destroy all remaining gem tech on earth so earth would return to life sustaining status

early on, the diamond authority knew that wasn’t going to happen, not like they really cared about humanity or anything, it was really just to get them to stop bothering them, not even 5 years after beginning operation clean-up did they stop sending resources to earth, even after all the homeworld warps had been destroyed and the healing fountains run dry, even after the intense manual labour worked all the earth-class RUB-E units to death, a small “unbalanced” RUB-E with her gem in her hand kept a low profile and managed to keep going, even after knowing no one was coming back for her

so RUB-E continues to dismantle and destroy gem tech, it’s all she really has anymore, besides digging through ancient human junk. you gotta keep busy somehow, y’know?

  • “What about Sapphire’s then ?” 

SAF-IR was essentially a “probe-class” gem, originally created to be used within the time of operation clean-up’s debut, but was kept bubbled on the Axinite (THATS THE NAME OF THE SHIP I FORGOT TO MENTION), until Rose Quartz became captain, naturally knowing more about gem protocol than typical human captains before her, she was able to assess and send out the long-forgotten SAF-IR probes to earth without JASP-R getting to them first to stop her

SAF-IR’s directive is to assess the current status of earth, whether or not it is suitable to be colonized by the humans, and to locate a living specimen of plant life to confirm earth has regained life-sustaining properties

  • “What does the others gems stands for ?” 

I have this all typed up in another ask draft im gonna post soon >83c

question: what if the sun had fallen in love with icarus?

answer: well then, i suppose bird boy wasn’t the only one who got burned.

question: but why did he fall?

answer: have you ever loved something so much it feels like you are drowning and you open your mouth but your throat is full of feathers?

question: how do you find such a love?

answer: first you live in a darkness so complete that the stars become ghosts and you too begin to fade as pale as paper-myths.

question: but that’s not living at all?

answer: no. it isn’t. but then, you learn to fly and it all makes sense.

question: where do i get my wings?

answer: you build them with wax and wishes. 

question: and i jump?

answer: yes. you shut your eyes as tight as you can and you summon all the courage you possess and you hold your breath and you do not think of death and you as you jump you pray to whatever gods you believe in and then some and you hope that someone out there is listening to those prayers.

question: will it work? will i soar? will i love?

answer: i don’t know. 

answer: ask icarus.

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Do you believe in fairies? I'm honestly as serious as possible in asking this because I've always had a weird thing about fairies and my grandmother did too. But I'm an adult and it seems like it's not something other people take very seriously, so I was just curious what you thought.

I was OBSESSED with fairies and Peter Pan when I was 10 years old. I wanted them to be real SO badly. I remember looking up the Cottingly Fairies and getting disappointed when they turned out to be a hoax. 

My 5th grade friends would come over and we would perform some rituals we found online to summon fairies. Ah childhood.

Do I think they are real? I mean probably not. Maybe there’s another planet out there with miniature human figures with wings. Who knows? 

How Stan Became Mercuriat

“And what’s your demonic pseudonym going to be?”

Ford sat in the living room, a pile of books in front of him, while Stan floated above him, wobbling a bit. Damn if getting the hang of these stupidly-placed wings wasn’t hard as hell.

“My demonic pseudowha?” Stan said. Even though he knew what a pseudonym was, especially with that whole ‘infinite knowledge’ perk he had now, he would never miss the opportunity to get his brother to speak like a normal human, like Stan. Or, well, not like Stan, anymore.

A flicker of irritation passed Ford’s face. “Your nickname, Stan, your nickname.”

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 The Crystal Gems and Steven Universe, Chapter 1 (Momswap AU)

“Gem Glow”

So I started writing this and my browser crashed *cries* but a lot of this episode is basically exactly the same so I won’t be writing much of it. Also I have no motivation. 

But I changed the title cause it’s AU :D 

[Starts right after Steven eats the Cookie Cat and his gem starts glowing]

* * * 

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Dean Winchester/Poe Dameron, as requested by @SuperWiki

Dean likes him.

From the moment he sets eyes on him, really. The guy leaps out of his ship and stretches, arms spreading wide to frame the setting sun. He pats the side of the X-wing, as though congratulating it, and eases down the ladder. A moment later, his droid is rolling up to him, and Poe kneels and talks to it like you would a kid. The whole scene just charms the hell out of Dean. It’s a good way to be introduced to the Resistance base.

It’s his and Sam’s first stop here, after loads of runs to this world and that supplying Resistance outposts and running down operatives for the First Order - “monsters,” they call them. But this is where the magic happens, and Dean’s feeling that magic as he saunters toward the command center, rubbing his hands together and throwing glances back over his shoulder at Sam. “This is it,” he says. “The big time. We’ve made it, Sammy.”

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Into my Arms

So we all know that Norman likes to get hisself into the mood for certain scenes with the help of Music. recently NR posted the Song “into my Arms” by Nick cave&the bad seeds. So i thought lets take a look nto these obvious lyrics of the song:

I don’t believe in an interventionist God
But I know, darling, that you do
But if I did I would kneel down and ask Him
Not to intervene when it came to you
Not to touch a hair on your head
To leave you as you are
And if He felt He had to direct you
Then direct you into my arms

This one is really realy easy: 

Daryl does not believe in God (he even mentioned it during the search of sophia and said it right into Beth’s face)

Beth , obiously, was raised the christian way and believes in a higher power 

But even an , let’s call him that for the moment, Atheist like Daryl would do everything to get her back, even went beyond his own believes , or in this case disbeleives, in God.

Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms

Clearly Daryl wants Beth back easy to see

And I don’t believe in the existence of angels
But looking at you I wonder if that’s true
But if I did I would summon them together
And ask them to watch over you
To each burn a candle for you
To make bright and clear your path
And to walk, like Christ, in grace and love
And guide you into my arms

Same Pattern : Daryl does not believe in higher powers but would do anything to get her back.

he would even summon all angles to Light her Path. And this is interesting bc HE kinda is the summoned Angle that lights up her Path. 

^Right there: Obious angel Wings and the “Lighting up the Path” Part ?

well we saw it even on screen

teaching her how to follow traces, reading signs can be interpretaded as “lighting up the Path”

The Part about “walking like christ”? Beth was build up as a “Christ-Figure” during S5 we’ve talked the hell outta this one 

Than the “into my arms oh lord” PAt comes up again and we go into the last Verse

And I believe in Love
And I know that you do too
And I believe in some kind of path
That we can walk down, me and you
So keep your candlew burning
And make her journey bright and pure
That she will keep returning
Always and evermore

After all Both Daryl and Beth believe in Love

(”what changed your mind?- hmm- Don’t hmm…What changed your mind?- Oh!” Anyone?!)

The “keep her Candlew burning” Part? Beth is daryls light in the Dark and he wants that this light is never going down , that she is alive

Just like thw whole PArt even the “that she will keep returning” . well returning to him and her Family.


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