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bts scenario: appreciation

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raising money for my pet’s tumor removal 

jin: jin was particularly insecure about his fingers, this was a widely known fact. so when you saw jin staring at his fingers as he bent them and pulled at them you gently took his hands in yours. “don’t do that jinnie,” you smiled softly at him, “your hands are beautiful, you don’t need to change anything about yourself. jin smiled before leaning his forehead against yours, “i’m sorry.” you shook your head, “you don’t need to apologize jin, just know that you’re beautiful no matter what.” soft kisses were exchanged for the rest of the night. 

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yoongi: yoongi wasn’t the best at sharing his feelings, but you could always tell when he was upset. his fingers curled and uncurled as he tried to restrain his frustration. “yoongz?” you asked softly and his eyes flew over to you, the anger leaving them as soon as he made eye contact with you, “what’s wrong?” yoongi looked down at his keyboard, “i’m a shitty songwriter.” your brow furrowed as you scooted closer to him, “min yoongi,” you started, “that is not true, do not put yourself down like that. you’re amazing.” yoongi nuzzled into your hair as you calmed him down.

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hoseok: hoseok sometimes got frustrated with himself when he couldn’t get the choreography 100% correct. “hobi,” you turned off the music, “come here.” hoseok looked over at you as he breathed heavily and sat down next to you. “i know you want to get this perfect, but you need to take a break okay?” your fingers threaded through his hair. hoseok went to retort but you stopped him, “you can’t get everything right all the time, you need to rest. you’re an amazing dancer hobi.” hoseok pulled you into his arms as he promised a night full of junk food and movies. 

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namjoon: namjoon’s hands slammed down on his desk as he threw his headphones off to the side. “fuck,” he swore as he dragged his hands down his face. “hey hey,” you said as you pulled his hands away, laying your hands on his cheeks, “what’s wrong?” “i can’t get this melody right,” namjoon huffed but leaned into your touch. “that’s okay baby,” you said, “you just need a break okay? how does sushi sound?” namjoon’s eyes immediately lit up at the promise of sushi, and that’s when you knew you would do anything to make him smile.

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jimin: jimin poked and prodded at his skin as you watched with a frown on your face. “jiminie,” you said with a chastising voice, which made jimin look down at the floor. “i gained weight,” he said with a voice full of sorrow. “baby,” you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close, “your body is perfect okay? gaining weight is okay. what’s important is that you’re happy.” jimin leaned into your neck and hugged you close, pressing kisses to your neck as a thanks. 

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taehyung: taehyung’s finger pushed against the freckles on his face while frowning. “tae what are you doing?” you asked as you watched his ministrations. “i don’t like my freckles,” he stated as he poked at the one on his cheekbone. pulling his hands away from his face, you began to place kisses on every freckle you could see. “well i love your freckles,” you said, “do you know which one is my favorite?” taehyung shook his head. “this one,” you placed a kiss on the edge of taehyung’s nose, making him break out into giggles. 

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jungkook: jungkook huffed for what seemed like the 100th time tonight as he sat on the couch while looking down at his lap. “it’s okay kookie,” you said softly as you grabbed his hands, “you did good.” jungkook shook his head, “no i didn’t, i’m supposed to be the golden maknae.” you frowned at his words, “it’s okay to not be perfect all the time baby, i know you messed up a little on your vocals, but your voice just needs some rest, alright?” kissing the frown at the edge of jungkook’s lips, you finally felt some of the tension beginning to leave his body. 

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Musinktober Day Twenty-Nine

Anyone as trusting or as kind

Peggy Schuler doing any wrong? Havent heard of them. Another one of @ask-feathers-and-freckles / @1floweredcrown designs because ??? Good designs yo.

Freckles Tutorial:

For all your cosplay/non cosplay make-up needs:

Alrighty so I usually combine a few methods of freckle making when I do freckles for cosplays such as Marco Bodt.

(This is kinda long so I’m gonna put it after the cut)


-Eyeliner Pencils (I use 3 shades of brown, got them for 99 cents each at Fred     Meyers)

-A large make-up brush

-Some sort of bronzer/darker loose powder

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guess who just had a presentation in school and got to talk about sherlock when everyone was forced to listen. yes.

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thaluke + freckles

(There is two sides to Luke. Cinnamon roll. And sinnamon roll. I went with the first one here)

Thalia has those adorable freckles across her nose and on her arms.
Luke adores said freckles.
He would count them, when she fell asleep.
He would trace them with his finger if she was having a bad day-
“What are you doing?”
“Your freckles. They’re almost like little stars.”
“That didn’t answer my question. What are you doing?”
“Connecting the constellations.”

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sterek 71

#71 “I just did some calculations, and I’ve been able to determine that you’re full of shit.” (I know you said Sterek but my mind went to Check Please! Sorry!) 

Dex is trying to study. 

He is in his study room in the library, the one that technically has space for two people. But really, once he gets all his books and notebooks spread out around him and his laptop up and running there isn’t any room for anything else on the desk. Well, there’s maybe room for some snacks. 

The problem is, his phone has been going off nonstop. Stupid group text. He’s mostly been ignoring it, is the thing. It’s probably just Shitty yelling about some issue or another and Ransom or Holster responding “PREACH” every now and again to keep him going. Or Bitty is ranting about someone making a mess in the Haus kitchen. 

If he didn’t have a major test tomorrow, he might be paying closer attention, just in case it’s something important. But as it is, he’s kind of worried this last minute cramming won’t be enough. So he leaves his phone on silent and goes back to expanding his notes for the second chapter the test covers. 

Even though it’s on silent, his phone keeps lighting up with new unread messages and it keeps him from staying completely focused. 

Today has been a good day. 

He didn’t feel like death after practice, got in a hot shower that loosened up his tight muscles, he didn’t even fight with Nursey today. They were so completely in sync on the ice it was amazing.

He just wishes sometimes they could get that dynamic off the ice more. 

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All Of Me by John Legend - One Direction Song Preference

Im starting to make song prefs again. If you have a song that you like me to write something about just tell me in my inbox =) Tell me who you want as well (1D or 5sos). Hope you like it. Love you guys xxx

It’s all written in his POV just as you know =) enjoy xxx


Zayn – And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me.

“Zayn! Would you please focus now!?“ I heared Liam yell into my ear. He was right. I messed up my parts and I missed my solos. That was just because of her. She was standing in the front row with some of her friends and just simply smiled at me as we made eye contact. She was stunning. I never saw a girl like her before. Simply breathtaking and so natural.  I was so dizzy and I dont know what hit me. I just knew, that I wanted her….

Niall – Love your curves and all your edges.

I simply loved it to wake up next to my beautiful girlfriend. She was my one and only. Everything I ever wanted and needed. I wrapped my arms around her sleeping body. My hands were stroking over her sweet tummy.

“Niall stop it. You know I hate it when you touch my fat down there!“ She growled into the pillow and pushed my hand away. I still don’t know why she was so insecure about that. I loved every little curve and edge on her. It was time to show her the right way, how much I loved and wanted her…

Liam – Even when you’re crying, you’re beautiful too.

I was cuddled up with my girlfriend Y/N on the couch the other day. We were watching some cheesy movie, which I honestly just looked because she wanted to. As the credits came on, I heared her sobbing.

“Aw babe don’t cry.“ I wanted to turn her face around to kiss her but she got up quickly and left. I followed her to our room and sat beside her on the bed. She was hiding her face from me.

“Don’t look at me Liam. Im ugly when Im crying and that movie just killed me. I’ll come down later.“ She sobbed again.

“Babe look at me please.“ I had to turn her face around and held her chin up. She cried very hard and I just smiled.

“Oh my god. How can you be so beautiful? Even when you’re crying, you’re beautiful too. How could I get so damn lucky?“ I kissed her with all the love I had inside and I felt her smile against my lips.

Harry – All your perfect imperfections.

I was laying on my bed, scrolling through my phone. My girlfriend was laying next to me, reading a fashion magazine. I don’t even know why she liked this stuff. After I few seconds she sighed and got up, standing infront of the mirror.

“Harry…why do you like me? Look at me. My little nose, the freckles on it, my teeth which aren’t perfect. You could have someone better. You could have any girl in the world. A girl who’s actually perfect….“ I frowned and stood up. I was standing behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist to hold her close to my chest. I hated it when she was so insecure about herself.

“Kitten don’t say that. I love your perfect imperfections. That’s what makes you perfect to me. I don’t want any other girl in the world. I want you for now and forever.“ I kissed her cheek and saw her eyes light up. I loved her more than anything else. Everything about her….

Louis – You‘re my end and my beginning.

The day has come. I would propose to my beautiful girlfriend that night. I took her out to her favorite restaurant. By now I was kneeling infront of her. Her eyes were already watery even thought I didn’t start yet. She made me smile like an idiot.

“Babe, we’ve been through a lot of good and bad times and yet we are sitting here together. Since the day I met you, I knew it would be you for now and forever. I want you to be my end of the boyfriend life and the beginning of my new life as your husband. Y/N do you want to marry me?“ I opened the little box with a shiny diamond ring in it. She just nodded, overwhelmed from her feelings. We both stood up and kissed passionately. The whole restaurant was applauding us. She made me the happiest man alive in this moment and I knew, with her on my side, I will be forever.

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One thing I really don't agree with you doing is the fake freckles. It looks tacky. Freckles can be a reason some kids and people are bullied, or think themselves ugly because of them and spend a lot of money trying to get rid of them, so I don't think you should draw on fake ones.

I… I feel really kind of uncomfortable answering this one and I’m unsure of how to reply and I understand! I really do but I… um, please go talk to @motherstrawberry about this, they can answer this far better than I can and I really do apologize for my inability to answer this. I understand though, I promise, I just. I feel bad and I can’t really… I just. I want you to be able to get an answer or something and they can handle this sort of issue much better than I can.