do you like my freckles

Freckles Tutorial:

For all your cosplay/non cosplay make-up needs:

Alrighty so I usually combine a few methods of freckle making when I do freckles for cosplays such as Marco Bodt.

(This is kinda long so I’m gonna put it after the cut)


-Eyeliner Pencils (I use 3 shades of brown, got them for 99 cents each at Fred     Meyers)

-A large make-up brush

-Some sort of bronzer/darker loose powder

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…. this is the third design i’ve had for lune… this year

i like this one tho

i also tried to look up references to do cats better because my cats look like my dogs… and my rabbits, and dragons, and basically i have no sense of anatomy or species at all 


tfw u try and take selfies cause u feel Validated and Cute and then u look at urself and all u can think is ‘who the fuck does this gremlin think he is??’

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Jonas would probably be the only tattoo artist in the country to not have any tattoos lmao

Honestly tho?? Tru. He might even make jokes about it like “uh.. how do you know my freckles arent tattoos???”

poetry//tc imagine

submission(s): Can you do one where he invites you to his office to discuss some of your work and things get a bit sexual? If you know what I mean ;)
:Fantasies, eh? Hm..I do enjoy a bit of rough fooling around and a tie wrapped around someone’s neck.. ;)


as i run back into the school building to escape the sheets of rain falling outside, i curse to myself: why didn’t i pick up my jacket this morning? my house is only about a mile from my high school, and normally i’d walk the distance with no complaints. but then again, normally it doesn’t rain in california. i can already feel my shorts and jumper drying out a little, but the storm shows no sign of stopping and i’m not risking stepping foot outside again, so it looks like i could be here a while.

i trudge through the empty corridors shaking out my previously straightened hair. i can hear the water in my nikes squelching with each step i take towards the library. my mom had to be at work today didn’t she? it will probably be a few hours before someone can come pick me up, so i figure that the best way to pass the time is to find a laptop and take a seat on a beanbag amongst the shelves of books.

i panic as i remember who’s rooms i’ll have to pass on my way. my heart rate quickens as i approach his office. praying that (TC/N) has left already, i breathe in slowly and pass his door in the calmest manner possible. i don’t know what it is about him. my friends don’t either. i might be one of the only girls in this school that finds him attractive, which is crazy! because to me, (TC/N) would beat young johnny depp in a beauty contest any day. i continue down the corridor, nikes still squelching and hair getting wavier by the second, until his voice stops me dead in my tracks.

“(Y/N). we need to talk.”

i seem to lose the ability to speak. my mouth seals shut.

“(Y/N), turn around please.”

there it is again. my name, rolling so heavenly off of his tongue. his voice is low and husky, and he sounds as if he smokes a few packs each day, but honestly, i couldn’t care less. his voice sounds like music to me.

i turn reluctantly on my heels and face him. his eyes trace my face, as if searching for some hidden expression beneath my uncomfortable features.

“talk about what, sorry?”

the edges of his mouth turn upwards, and he grins an unreadable grin.

“just follow me.”


his office screams literature lover. i breathe in the essence of caffeine as i hold my stomach tight enough to squeeze past a mountain of hardback novels.

“we need to discuss your recent poem. the one i administered as a homework task last week.”

i nod as a gesture for him to carry on. i know which piece of writing he was referring to, and i know the hours of effort i put into finding the right words to express my feelings, mean that he can’t have asked me here to discuss the quality. no. he’s figured it out.

“i want you to tell me who exactly inspired this particular piece (Y/N).”

he begins to read aloud.

home for me is not a place, nor a building,
nor a family whom i can rely on.
my home is him.
my home is him at 9 o’clock on a monday morning
when he greets me with his tired smile
and crooked teeth, right on time, as if scheduled.
my home is him, when i stare into those copper brown eyes
and see my future paved before me.
my home is with him and his insecurities and his cinnamon
freckle dusted nose and the darkness beneath his tired
eyes when i leave him on a friday night.
my home is him.
my home is all he is.
and all he will ever be.
because the thought of coming home to him is better
than the thought of coming home to any building.”

we stand in silence.

he takes a step towards me and i stand my ground.

“who did you write this about (Y/N)?”

i take a step towards him. our bodies are touching and our faces are flustered.


he moves swiftly to capture my hot face in his hands and presses his lips to mine. i search frantically to find a part of him that i can hold on to; i clutch his hips and drive them against mine. we kiss each other like it is the last thing we’ll ever do. our jaws move out of sync and our tongues fight frenziedly to keep up with our hearts.

i begin to aimlessly grab at the bottom of my jumper in an attempt to lift it over my head. my mouth is occupied and i can’t look down and help myself. we break the kiss for a moment, a second, while (TC/N) tears my jumper up and over my small frame, but a second feels like to long apart, and soon we are back together and deeply engrossed in our kiss. my torso is only covered now by my slinky black bralette; and (TC/N) soon joins me with bare skin and a surprisingly sculpted chest.

“jump.” he commands. i jump, wrapping my tanned legs around his waist. his swollen, red lips trail down my neck and along my collarbone leaving a trail of wet, messy kisses along the way. my breath hitches as those lips reach my untouched breasts. i moan and arch my back as he sucks and nibbles and bites and kisses and leaves purple marks of possession on my skin. his large hands, still assisting in holding our bodies together, are gripping my thighs like stairway railings.

(TC/N) places me gently on the floor and instructs me to turn around. i obey without a second of doubt, and find myself trusting him still as a burgundy tie comes into my view before it ceases my vision. i wait patiently as i sense his strong hands executing a knot at the back of my head.

“so you like my crooked teeth huh? and my tired smile?”

i bite my lip as blood rushes to my cheeks once more.

“and you like my freckles? my tired eyes do you (Y/N)?”

“yes sir.” i squeak. my patience wearing thin, and my want for him getting stronger and stronger.

“good.” he whispers.
“then you’re going to love this.”

11 Questions

11 questions
1. Always post the rules 
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you 
3. Write 11 questions of your own 
4. Tag 11 people

@spaceegayss Questions
1. What do you love about yourself?
Um. I like my freckles I guess.

2. What’s the best thing about a person you love?
My youngest brother is by far the funniest person I’ve ever met. He’s such a little smart ass.

3. Do you have a favourite TV show? (if not watch brooklyn nine nine trust me)
I think Dexter was a fav of mine. So was Hannibal. (But Brooklyn99 is a category all of its own, man. That show is the shit)

4. Do you enjoy going to the movies to hang out with friends?
I am the worst moviegoer. I talk through the movie because I make dumb comments and I get really bad second hand embarrassment to the point of like panic attacks so I have to cover my ears and hum anytime something makes me even vaguely uncomfortable. So basically what I’m saying is that while I enjoy going to the movies with friends, my friends do not enjoy going to the movies with me.

5. What’s something that you’re passionate about?
I guess like civil rights lmao. I get very political and I def refuse to be ashamed of that.

6. Are you still happy with your seventh grade self?
God, no. I fucking hated my 7th grade self.

7. Do you enjoy art galleries and museums, or are those boring for you?
I like museums and shit but like. Idk I only rly like modern art or like van goghs stuff. I don’t rly understand art so I get a bit uncomfortable, like I’m a fraud whenever I’m at art galleries lmao.

8. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Loud chewers and when people play a song while another song is already playing. What are you doing? Cut that shit out wtf.

9. What’s an accomplishment of yours?
I once, accidentally, took an 18 hour nap.

10. What was your favorite thing about your childhood?
Tbh I don’t remember most of my childhood and I’m only 17 so like. Who knows, my guy. Lmao.

11. Any fandoms that you’re apart of?
Ok so like. I watch soooooo many shows, I have a side blog dedicated to them, I like to read/write fanfiction, but I generally try to stay away from fandom sand stuff bc like. That shit gets so dramatic and toxic.

My Questions
1. Fav fanfiction trope.
2. Did you have a favorite song as a child?
3. Do you eventually want to have children?
4. Do you prefer the doctor or the dentist?
5. What was your childhood fear?
6. How many hours of sleep do you typically get a night?
7. What’s your dream vacation?
8. Have you ever broken a bone? What was your most serious injury?
9. Are you religious?
10. What was the worst book you’ve ever read? Why?
11. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Sorry the questions suck lmao. I’m gonna tag @hellagayhellasingle @dripsofjupiterinmyhair @zzxirememberthehorizonxzz @starsoveryourhead @peachiquil @the-cats-meowth @alyjade7 @stillgotlipstick @domonominic @ethni-titty @uncomfortablecucumber

These were picked from just urls I remember seeing in my notifications so like. Don’t feel obligated to answer lmao.

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thaluke + freckles

(There is two sides to Luke. Cinnamon roll. And sinnamon roll. I went with the first one here)

Thalia has those adorable freckles across her nose and on her arms.
Luke adores said freckles.
He would count them, when she fell asleep.
He would trace them with his finger if she was having a bad day-
“What are you doing?”
“Your freckles. They’re almost like little stars.”
“That didn’t answer my question. What are you doing?”
“Connecting the constellations.”


I was tagged by the lovely @dancingaxolotl (thank you!)

1. Nickname(s): Em
2. Bias: I– what? Is this an orientation question?
3. Blood type: O negative
4. Relationship status: Been with @fleur-bailius for nearly 6 years now, if you can believe that!
5. Birthday: June 3rd
6. Zodiac sign: Gemini
7. Pronouns: he/him
8. Hair length: kinda short. I either need to get it cut or grow it out, which i’d love to do if it weren’t for the awkward middle stage
9. Height: 6′3″
10. A crush: [crushes a juice pouch on my head, is hurt by the plastic straw]
11. What do you like about yourself: my freckles!
12. Right or left handed: right
13. List of three favourite colours: auburn, soft greens, grayish-blue
14. Right now eating: nothing
15. Right now drinking: also nothing
16. I’m about to: pay car insurance
17. Listening to: Ghost - Lovewave
18. Kids: None
19. Get married: Eventually, yeah! I would just like to be financially stable first, y’know?

20. Recent phone call: My stepfather for car problem reasons

21. Have you ever dated someone twice: yeah (didn’t work out so well,,)
22. Been cheated on: eeyup
23. Kissed someone and regretted it: kind of?
24. Lost someone special: a few, yeah
25. Been depressed: oh yeah
26. Been drunk and thrown up: never been drunk in general
27. Had glasses or contacts: not yet
28. Had sex on a first date: lmao no
29. Broken someone’s heart: yeah, sadly
30. Turned someone down: yes
31. Cried when someone died: not immediately, but yes
32. Fallen for a friend: I only fall for friends– dating without knowing someone makes me really uncomfortable, honestly

In the last year have you…

33. …made a new friend: yeah!

34. …fallen out of love: yep

35. …laughed until you cry: absolutely! my first thought was the stupid stuff i did in mgsv when it launched

36. …met someone who changed you: not particularly, no

37. …found out who your true friends were: you could say that, yeah

38. …found out someone was talking about you: not to my knowledge, no

39. Lips or eyes: eyes

40. Hugs or kisses: don’t make me choose hugs

41. Shorter or taller: shorter

42. Romantic or spontaneous: gonna second Mana on this one and say “both”

43. Sensitive or loud: sensitive

44. Hookup or relationship: relationship

45. First best friend: a kind little girl named Maleah, way back in kindergarten. I hope she’s doing well!

46. Surgery: yeah, to save my life as a baby

47. Sports I joined: I was in marching band, if that counts?

48. Do you believe in yourself: depends on how you mean, but generally no

49. Miracles: not particularly, but that’s not to say good things can’t spontaneously happen!

50. Love at first sight: nope, but you can definitely be interested at first sight

51. Heaven: It would be nice 

52. Do you have any pets: not anymore, and i miss them a lot

53. Do you want to change your name: not without getting to change a lot of other things, too

54. What did you do for your last birthday:

I went to lunch with my folks (which was nice), but that’s about it

55. What time did you wake up today: 6:15 am -> 7:30 am

56. What were you doing last night at midnight: telling myself to go to sleep and failing

57. Something you can’t wait for: seeing my friend that just got back from Japan!

58. Last time you saw your mom: earlier this morning, about 9 hours ago

59. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life:

Just one thing? Hm… I wish I were more confident in myself. Then I probably wouldn’t want to change as many things. 

60. What’s getting on your nerves:

At the moment, nothing in particular :0

In no specific order, I tag: @svcheats @tibli @aoiasahina @jakehercy @fleur-bailius @sigmundthesorcerer @avatartagg and @slaycinder. If you don’t want to do it though, no pressure!

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One thing I really don't agree with you doing is the fake freckles. It looks tacky. Freckles can be a reason some kids and people are bullied, or think themselves ugly because of them and spend a lot of money trying to get rid of them, so I don't think you should draw on fake ones.

I… I feel really kind of uncomfortable answering this one and I’m unsure of how to reply and I understand! I really do but I… um, please go talk to @motherstrawberry about this, they can answer this far better than I can and I really do apologize for my inability to answer this. I understand though, I promise, I just. I feel bad and I can’t really… I just. I want you to be able to get an answer or something and they can handle this sort of issue much better than I can.