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Across The Hall Part Two

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 2000


“My date is tonight and I can’t cook to save my life so I was hoping maybe you can cook something and I could pass it off as my own,” Harry says.

Y/N giggles, walking down her hallway and into the living room where she can see her door is wide open, she closes it and turns back to Harry. He’s looking at her with a hopeful look in his eyes and a charming smile that Y/N can’t deny.

“Of course, I mean you helped me move, it’s the least I can do” Y/N smiled, “what time is your date?”

“Seven,” Harry says.

Y/N places her lower lip in between her teeth and her hands on her hip as she thinks, “okay yeah, I can do that, is this like a I want to actually date you date or a tinder type thing?”


Y/N rolls her eyes and hold the door open, “I’ll do it, but I do not agree with your motives.”


Y/N is the girl across the hall who tries to help Harry find a girl to settle down with, but Harry wants Y/N so he sabotages all his dates.

Part One

“You’re disgusting,” Y/N exclaims.

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On a mild summer night, Mike and El lay hand-in-hand on the parched and browning grass outside Hopper’s place, the sound of the lake lapping the shore filling the spaces between their whispers, the promise of rain heavy in the air.

As a flock of geese in V-formation fly by, their silhouettes dark against the gathering clouds, Mike sighs deeply. “Do you ever wonder what it’d be like to fly?”

El turns her head to glance at him, her eyebrows raised, her cheek tickled by the grass.

“Not like that,” Mike says quietly, knowing she’s remembering his walking off a rock ledge when they were younger. “That was falling.”

El rolls her eyes, a standard reaction to the quarry incident now that they’re sixteen and safe and the incidents that brought them together are bad memories they keep one another from falling into.

“Do you trust me, Mike?”

The question is sudden, unexpected, and Mike nearly snorts.

“More than anyone else,” he tells her. And it’s the truth. She’s saved his life about the amount of times he can count on one hand and, more than that, she’s changed his life.

“Close your eyes,” El instructs, squeezing his hand tightly. Mike obeys, letting his eyes drift shut, his fingers playing absently across the dried blades of grass.

And then they’re gone and it’s like he’s weightless. He can still feel El holding his hand, her thumb running gently over his knuckles. He’s still splayed out, long legs kicked out in front of him. But the ground is no longer solid against his back.

Mike cracks one eye open, then another, twisting his neck slightly to find the ground several feet below him. He bites back a stunned gasp, not wanting to distract El, in the air beside him with closed eyes and an intensely focused expression written across her soft features.

His heart swells, in love with El and her magic and amazed at the way she continues to share it with him. Gently, he squeezes her hand and, without a word from her, Mike feels himself beginning to slowly drift downwards until his back rests against the grass once more.

Immediately, Mike fishes into the pockets of his jeans for the tissues he keeps there, placing them into El’s grateful hands.

“I know it was more like floating than flying,” she murmurs, wiping at her upper lip.

Mike shakes his head firmly and brings her free hand up to his lips, kissing her palm.

“Still better than falling,” he grins.

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nya headcannons!! :D

I love her??

  • Jay: Nya I’m thirsty can you get me some water-
    Nya: *fires a huge jet of water right into his face*
  • She makes a body for Pixal again so she can date her because she’s like pls I need someone else who doesn’t make me want to roll my eyes so hard they roll out of my head
    • Please these boys are insufferable sometimes, they have so many stupid competitions and ideas honestly it’s a surprise they’re not dead yet
    • In season 5 when she says “can you even count the times I’ve had to rescue the boys" it’s because she literally saves their asses all the time from doing stupid stuff like “who can somersault off the higher branch of a tree and land in a split”
  • Loves the beach pls take her to the beach
  • Deceptively strong??
    • Nya: jay give me that pen I need it
      Jay: make me
      Nya: well yeet I guess *throws jay over the table*
    • 5’1” ounces of kick ass
    • Quads second to none
    • Her goal is to be able to give cole a piggy back up the stairs
    • If you want to find her she will be in the gym or sleeping surrounded by her only true friend which is food
  • Nya: I’m going on a date
    Kai: I thought you said you didn’t need to be in a relationship
    Nya: I don’t I want the free food
  • Super fast reflexes honestly you’ll be shook
    • You know those scenes in movies or whatever where someone will knock a glass off the counter and the person will catch it and put it back on without even looking up from what they’re doing? That’s Nya
    • Cole: nice work nya! *Goes to pat her on the back*
      Nya: *twists his arm and jumps on him* WHY WERE YOU TRYING TO TOUCH ME
    • don’t sneak up on her you’ll die
  • Everyone is like how do you have so much money?? And she’s like “it’s called self control”
    • She actually gets a part time job at a restaurant and she is boss and gets hella tips but she gives it up when things get busy with the team
  • She totally knew Lloyd was gonna end up being the green ninja, she was just waiting for Kai to exit his emo phase before she told everyone
    • Which is why she’s the one that went up to Lloyd with the weapons to test her theory
    • Nya: I taught Lloyd everything he knows
      Lloyd: when I was a kid you locked me in the cupboard one time so you could go be samurai-x you taught me nothing
    • No but for real her and Lloyd are bros cause she had to look after him so much
    • She was like ew why do I have to look after him but then as time went on she was like oh no he’s a sad bean?? With no love in his life?? *in a Tarzan’s mum voice* well, I’m going to be his mother now
    • She gets super proud of him all the time she’s like heck yeah that’s my son
    • Was probably like “if you don’t tell anyone I’m samurai-x you can hide in my mech when I sneak out and I’ll buy you a ‘pick n mix’ tub of sweets” and he’s like HECK YEAH
  • She just wants to have sleepovers and gossip and wear face masks so her skin stays flawless but she has no girls in her life :// and when she tells cole he’s like um I volunteer as tribute
    • So they have sleepovers every Friday where they can just chill and talk
    • “The only thing stopping me from killing you cole is the fact that I will have no one to hang with until 4am on sleepover and chill day”
  • Is often on the receiving end of the boys pranks but she takes it as a challenge to improve her ninja skills
    • The only thing she will NOT put up with is them touching her food or interrupting her when she sleeps just. don’t do it.
  • She has no memory of her family and yes she loves Kai, but she really wants a proper family? So when she meets the guys she’s really happy that she can have people to call family even if they are losers sometimes
    • But hey what else are brother’s for, right?
    • Hates seeing them sad cause she’s like you guys don’t deserve to be sad, so she’ll do whatever she can to cheer them up
  • “Nya do you like girls or boys” “I like bikes”
  • The guys are torn between “mess with our girl and we will 5 v 1 kick your ASS” and “lmao it’s not us you need to worry about she will wreck u”
  • You know those scenes in movies where they’ll go up to someone and go “give me all your weapons” and they pull weapons from every conceivable place and then just smile, and the person goes “I said all of them" and they’re just like fine and hand over their last secret weapon that’s hidden like behind their ear or something stupid? That’s Nya
  • Ok please don’t condemn her to hell or me but one time she did reenact the parting of the red sea like Moses did in the Bible
    • Look if you could control water you would do the same I’m sure
  • She asks jay to play one of his video games with him cause she’s bored and he’s like “bless don’t worry I’ll go easy on you ;))” and she’s like “haha ok” but jay is a fool. Jay forgets that Nya has Kai as a brother so of course she is going to have been playing video games her whole life. get wrekt jay.
  • “Would you like me to shave your legs for you”
  • Don’t get me wrong she’s not straight laced (ha), she makes loads of jokes at the boys expense and she’s all for it if they wanna include her in a prank on one of the others
  • She’s a mastermind
    • She has so many blueprints of vehicles she hasn’t and will probably never make because she doesn’t have the money
    • and also she needs another brain as genius as her
    • Zane is smart but he’s always like “there’s a 0.00076% chance of that working” and she’s like that’s high enough for me let’s do it
    • But Zane is a COWARD and won’t do it
  • *While doing her eyeliner* “I’m going to make my wings so big I can fly away from my problems”
  • She is anywhere and everywhere, she will just show up out of nowhere it’s spooky
    • She hears all you can hide nothing from her
  • Her hair is cut so straight it could slice someone and she said she did it herself the way Mulan did
    • Did she or didn’t she I guess we will never know
    • “Long hair obstructs my vision and I want to see the terror in my enemies’ eyes as they see me running towards them”

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

Anon Asked: Please make more Emerald Mercury Jet Lapis content. I’m living

@spiritwaker95 Asked: SO…. would it be possible to see some Mars/Lapis interactions? Or even some Mama Em reacting to learning her baby likes Ruby’s son?

I’m going to pretend like you guys are whats making me do this and not me just wanting to draw these angsty, terrible wonderful beans and their parents together.

As mentioned before, Jet Black is an aspiring cook and if he ends up forgetting something for a dish, he’s likely to spiral into an angry fit of rage. PS: His apron say’s “Stay the FUCK out of my Kitchen”. 

No one censors in the Sustrai-Black home. Not even the babes.

Lapis is an interesting little girl who knows she’s better than about 99% of the human race. That 1% is for her Faunus crush. She isn’t better than him…and maybe not her parents. Her Mom is the shit. But seriously, who else would be perfect for Mars? Uh, no one. No one at all.

Jet’s favorite drink everyone: Black Lemonade with mint. Activated Charcoal and food dye for all~

If you haven’t picked up on Jet being emo deep and brooding and a TOUCH dramatic, then I have failed you.

Mercury and Emerald are so proud of their kids and back them up every chance they get. They may have had horrible childhoods and…well..their lives just all around kind of sucked, but they can at least be loving and supportive to their kids.

Ya know. In their own way.

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Whatre you expecting/hoping for s4? And where do you think keith with?

My expectations are so low they couldn’t possibly let me down. But then again I have been wrong before.

What I want:

  • Allura’s powers, strength, and magical abilities to be addressed. You can’t just say she has shape-shifting powers, use it one episode and then never say a damn thing about it.
  • I would like some nice klance moments, just small instances of trust to develop their relationship further.
  • I would like my Shiro back. Because that…thing is not my man and how dare they think that second hand man would pass as Shiro. Insulting really.
  • Allura to be allowed time to grieve.
  • More of my boys and daughter.
  • Some Pidge and Lance quality sibling time.

Keith’s gonna pull a Shiro and be outta this bitch

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(Sorry again for pokiness, anon- busy, busy week.)

18: kisses because i missed you and you really shouldn’t stay away so long

When he walks into the cantina Nine’s sitting at the bar, nursing her second glass of whiskey, and when he slips behind her barstool to wrap his arms around her waist she looks back over her shoulder with one eyebrow raised.

“Hello, stranger,” she drawls. “Do I know you?”

“Very funny.”

“You look awfully familiar. Like this SIS agent I met years ago on a joint op.” As she says it she relaxes into him; his huff of mock indignation tickles the back of her neck. “He hasn’t called me in almost three weeks, though, so I assume he must have been eaten by a sarlacc or-”

Theron mutters under his breath. “You know I was on comm blackout, or I would have-”

She keeps talking over him as Lana, beside her, starts to snicker into her wineglass. “-or drove his speeder off a cliff or something equally dramatic-”

“That happened one time. And that was not my fault.”

“-but really, the resemblance is remarkable,” she finishes, swiveling in her chair until she’s half-facing him in the circle of his arms, perfectly straightfaced over the rim of her glass as she takes a sip and sets it down. “I was quite fond of him, you know, and at the moment I’m feeling rather lonely. So I suppose you’ll do.”

Theron blinks for a moment- he’s tired, she can tell, both from the long op and from travel lag, his circadian rhythms entirely out of sorts- before he catches on and sighs melodramatically at her. “I made it back two days early and everything. I thought it’d be a nice surprise.”

“Do I like surprises?” She taps one finger against the tip of his nose.

“You-” he scrunches up his face at her touch- “do not. But-”

“I missed you.” She leans in until his mouth brushes hers; Theron tastes of caf and adrenal stims and hasn’t shaved in a week, at least, the scruff on his chin rough against her face. “Comm silence notwithstanding, don’t stay away so long next time.”

“Is that an order?”

She nods, pretending sternness, sitting up straighter. “Definitely. Five day maximum, I think, effective retroactively. Exceptions to be negotiated on an individual basis.”

“And I was gone thirteen- definitely in trouble, then. Tell me there’s not a form,” he mock-grumbles, grinning. “I hate forms.”

“For you?” One more kiss, lingering, before she slips off the seat to stand up beside him. He steals a sip from her discarded glass and then catches her by one wrist, starting to draw her away from the bar; she lets herself be led toward the door. “I might be persuaded to skip the paperwork.”

“I can be pretty persuasive.”

I just wanna make a post about this bc I’ve been going through the tag and it’s been bothering me:


I’m not saying they’re not allowed to be interested in you because I know of many teachers who have had fleeting (or lasting) crushes on students, but they were all very professional about it and did not let it show. In general, (and my tc said this recently), the teacher holds a position of power over you and any expression of lust/love/like toward a student is highly unprofessional and an abuse of the power and trust the teacher has over you.

not to mention, your tcs likely aren’t oblivious to your crush and they may just be playing into it for whatever selfish reasons, or perhaps, they think it will make you be a better student. Believe me, this has happened to me before in college.

If you think your TC has developed feelings and he or she is forthright about it, my advice would be to distance yourself. I know that may seem counterproductive, but it will protect you both, because if your tc is unprofessional enough to be outright with their feelings for you, it’s more likely they’ll be unprofessional about other things. At the end of my junior year of high school, I stopped talking to my tc all together & I had a class with him my senior year where we developed the same closeness but there were more boundaries, & then after I graduated I only talked to him once in a while for 4 years because I was trying to get on with my life and not be stuck in TC hell forever, but it turned out that I just needed a little more life (and love) experience to realize that this person was right for me.

All I’m saying is be careful. I know you wanna think that your tc has your best interests in mind but they may not. People are selfish.

AND DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU ARE 18! If you graduate when you’re 17, then wait to tell them about your feelings. Your feelings are not more important than your tc’s livelihood.

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Hey! I'm really loving your sl posts, specifically Natalya's, and was wondering if you could tell more about how she is as an adult and what she's grown to be? She seems really tough and badass, I absolutely love it

omggg ;-;;;; thank youuu.

sDKfjsd.. as of right now i’m still doing character development on her and SL is helping me with that. at the same time i’m having lots of fun just doing whatever. ideally i’d want her SL experiences to be canon because i feel like i can get more of an accuracy over there. originally she’s to be an assassin but i’m still working out all the kinks and specifics cause i change my mind with her a lot.

i don’t want to say too much but as i go along i’ll add in more facts about her an even post character sheets if anyone cares to read about that stuff. 

but i’m really happy you guys like her and aren’t too annoyed with me posting my SL things here.. i know that’s not what you signed up for when following me so it means a lot that you’re still sticking around even if i haven’t been posting as much ts3 stuff lately.

i think the worst customer i ever got was a pregnant woman who wanted a pb chocolate banana smoothie and once i gave it to her said it tasted too much like pb and banana so she asked if i could put more chocolate in it when i was alone with a line out the door…. i do that for her and she says she still isn’t liking it so i say would you like a refund and she’s like no i just want a new smoothie and i’m asking her well what kind would you like and she said the same kind but better? i’m like okay i don’t know what to do for you anymore at this point and she cusses me out and says i can’t believe you would treat a pregnant woman like this….? leaves and calls the shop a few minutes later asking for my name 😂 shows up the next day to complain to the owner and tries to get me fired, people have too much time on their hands

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Dad (can I call you dad?) My mom wants to send me to therapy again but I'm so scared because I feel like it made me so much less trusting but she thinks I need it. Last time it didn't go well and I got worse anxiety and it didn't help at all. I don't know what I should do.

I’m going to go ahead and assume talking your fears over with your mom is out of the question?
Dear, I hate, hate, hate to say it, but every day we have to face things that we dread and we hate with a passion. No matter what we do, there will always be stuff like this that gets our anxiety going or makes us lose trust or respect, but we have to deal with it, unfortunately.

Something that I suggest is, if you are able, compromising. Maybe say that you will go to therapy (i assume for anxiety?) so long as you are completely in charge. You pick the therapist, and you can decide if it is working. I think if you can research and choose for yourself, you’ll feel a lot better about who you’re going to. And, most importantly, know that no matter what happens, you can always, always, always come tell me what’s bothering you. I may not be the best advice-giver, but I will always be here to listen.

(And yes you can call me dad, you’re not the only one that does!)

Las Canarias

nyssara || explicit || smut & fluff || 1171 || more fics

summary: Sara had to go into hiding for her own safety, but that doesn’t stop Nyssa from finding her. She misses her beloved and knows her to well to leave it be. 
a/n: So dear lovely anon where ever you are. You asked me if I could do something with Nyssara and make it smutty. I took forever and I’m sorry for that! I’m still not super confident in my abilities to write Sara or Nyssa, but I hope you like it! 


Spanish rays warmed her skin. Her pale complexion had become a few shades darker in her time in the sun. The freckles that peppered her skin were more prominent than usual. Sara sat on a rock overlooking the sea. Part of her wanted to say that she felt peaceful, but it would have been a lie. She couldn’t feel peace knowing she was on the run, people were looking for her, very dangerous people at that. Sara could take care of herself, of course, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be found.

Movement behind her caught her attention.

“If you could move to another area,” she said in a rough Spanish, not wanting to fight or argue some random tourist or local.

“Beloved you are rusty,” Nyssa’s voice washed over her.

The sensual tone the wrapped around her like a warm blanket on the coldest winter’s day. She hadn’t heard it in months since she’d run. Sara didn’t dare turn around out of fear that it was her mind playing tricks on her. She’d been in the sun too long and the heat was going to her head.

“Habibti,” Nyssa spoke again.

She closed her eyes tight and breathed deeply through her nose, “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Do you not trust that I can travel without being followed?” she asked, stepping closer.

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((i mostly tagged people that i thought might like it if you don’t wanna be tagged in any possible future nyssara things just lemme know))

im oversharing but also whatever

i spoke to my psych and she was like “well i really really do want you to go to public hospital and i think that’s a good idea” and i was like “good” and then she says “but you’d have to go to an emergency department if its public” and i was like “well no fucker is going to believe i’m falling apart at the emergency department given that no one else around me can see that and also they would want me as an inpatient for 3 or more weeks and i can’t take that time off work with no warning seeing as how my manager is out to get me” and she was like “just go to a private facility :)”

lady, i work in a private hospital do you know how much that junk costs

thats why i said “Public”

plus also i have no support network to help me with a hospital admission, the closest would be my brother and his gf but their definition of “unstable” mental health wise is very narrow, and if I told my dad or my mum they’d refuse to help me or use it against me

so i mean i guess I’m just going to smoke and drink my way through this month


Meanwhile, back at the house…

Prelude: Well, King, this isn’t unfamiliar territory for you – immunity again! How are you feeling?

King: Not too bad. A little concerned that immunity is the only thing keeping me in the game, but I’m going to stay positive and just do my best.

Prelude: That’s all you can do! So are you saying you still aren’t feeling like you’re getting close to Nocturne?

King: I think we’re having some hard time finding some common interests. The gym is my life, and she likes staying home and gaming. She’s really awesome to talk to, and I hope we can find some more common ground, but I’m a little afraid some of the other contestants are more compatible with her!

Prelude: A valid concern – we stated with quite a few gym rats, so I’m sure you’re not the only one with those worries. I hope that’s not keeping you from enjoying yourself!

King: I’m definitely enjoying myself! Even if I don’t make it all the way to the end, I’ll definitely be going home with plenty of new friends.

Prelude: Well, you’re safe for another couple of days, so the best of luck to you for the rest of the competition – King Baxter, everybody!

Imagine Sam and Dean finding your diary..

“Dude, no.” Sam started to smile as he stared at the book. 

“Dude, yes.” Dean grinned. 

“Dean..” Sam started, “Put it away. Y/N is gonna flip if she finds out that we found her diary.” Still, he continued to smile. 

“Just one page, Sammy.” 


“Oh, look. It says…” Dean looked up amazed. “How can she like you? Why not me?”


Just as you walked in. “What are you—Is that my diary!?” 

“You keep a diary.” Dean laughed. “But quick questions, why do you not like me? Why is Sam ‘so sexy’? Why do you like him? I’m clearly the better looking one!”

“Oh my gosh.” You snatched the diary back, blushing hard. “I hate you so much.”

“You like me?” Sam inquired starting at you. 

You bit your lip and took a deep breath. “I mean, Dean already blurted it out so.. I guess there’s no point in denying it..” 

With that came the biggest smile anybody has seen on Sam. 

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My best friend who I have a crush on keeps sending me mixed signals and she's driving me crazy. She flirts with me and calls me her wife in a jokey way. Then she'll say she's 100% straight. She knows I like her and we both addressed it like normal people and nothing's awkward but like idk what to do about it.

I know exactly how hard straight crushes are, bud. Since she says she’s straight, you should talk to her about how when she flirts with you and calls you her wife or whatnot it makes you feel confused and uncomfortable. If she values you as a friend she’ll understand and make efforts to stop. Next step is to remove yourself from your feelings for her. Get out and talk to other LGBTQ youth your age! There are clubs and meetings all over the place, a specific one I know called Out Now has several locations, so it depends where you are. Take up a hobby, talk to people on tumblr, take your mind off your friend who can’t like you the way you like her. Good luck anon!!
-Mod Gaby

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(Trans Tinder Guy) So, little update on the coming out. It kinda blew up because of what my aunt said, and it turned into her constantly ignoring me telling her that my dead name is not my name (and her constantly using it as well as she pronouns when referring to me). She belittled my friends who came to my help and said that my only family were the ones I was related to by blood and then proceeded to say shit like "You're always my favorite" and "I love you".

(Trans Tinder Guy) She also tried to say that I should respect her the way her other transgender friends do and basically let her call me whatever she wanted because it means I’m “understanding”. What hurts is that none of my blood family came to support me (or her, for that matter), but my dad did the subtle thing of liking her original comment. But I’m so happy that I picked the right people to be my friends/family.

Oh wow I’m sorry that happened ://
I’m happy you have some supportive people around you though, do definitely hold onto those people! -Matt

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(1/4) Help ;; I don't know how to open up to my girlfriend about my emotional needs and insecurities because this is my first relationship and it's something I've never done before and I don't know if by doing so I'd be burdening her or making her uncomfortable in some way.

(2/4) Like, I would like to ask her if she could be a bit more affectionate with me since sometimes I’m not sure if she loves me because she doesn’t really express it, at least not in any way that I’ve noticed. But I also get the feeling that she doesn’t generally express that kind of thing openly without being prompted (e.g. everytime I say “I love you” she replies “me too”, but she’s never said “I love you” first). So maybe asking her that would be too much because that’s just the way she is.

(¾) (TMI??)  I’d also like to bring up to her that I find her really attractive and that I’d like to have sex with her, but I don’t know how to go about that either. It’s less important than my other concerns and I could still be with her if she didn’t want that kind of thing, but it is something I’d like to mention just in case she wants it too. I just have no idea how to do it, especially since I’m worried that it might make her feel pressured somehow.             

(4/4) Anyway I’m a mess, I don’t know any other lesbians I can talk to about this and I can’t find any useful information about this kind of thing anywhere. I’ve only found blogs (not on tumblr) where cishet women reassured mediocre cishet men that they’re perfect boyfriends just because they thought about their girlfriends’ feelings once (spoiler: they were no help at all)             

hey anon, have you heard of the different love languages? it’s entirely possible that your gf is expressing love to you, but in different ways than you require to actually feel loved, and so you dont notice the gestures or dont consider them romantic at all. it’s possible the same thing is true in reverse too!

there’s a simple website (created to go along with a book, but just the website is enough) where you can read about the different expressions of love, and even a test you and your gf can take that determines which kind of love you typically give and want to receive

the test is also a good prompt for the conversation you should definitely have with her, and you’ll be able to explain - through the result and your own words both - that you need physical and/or verbal affection to feel secure in a relationship. it’s also entirely possible that if your gf has issues with being open about her feelings, that you might be able to let her know that it’s ok and together you can come up with an alternative that will be most comfortable for the both of you

lastly, and im 100% serious about this, an easy way to ask about sex is to relay a proposition in a personally crafted meme. really. you can even include a disclaimer on it about no pressure, or specify upon her reaction. and hey, if she reciprocates, you might get a meme out of it too. have it ready on your laptop and when she’s sitting next to you, pull it up like “hey i made you a meme”, because who doesnt appreciate that