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[1/?] luke close ups

A transparent Merrill for Merrill Positivity Week! 

I originally designed this to be a sticker, which you can purchase on my Redbubble :> 

All I really want to do is to fall into
The emptiness that is
The space in-between us

WOMEN: You’re not dressing in a way that Grant finds sexy! In fact, he thinks you look frumpy! What are you all doing, getting dressed in the morning without checking with Grant?


So I Unexpectedly Ended Up Hanging Out w/ the Old ENFP the Other Day And

ENFP: INTP!!!!!!!!

INTP: (Oh, awesome.)

ENFP: You missed my party! The aunt that was really into MBTI I always told you about was there!

INTP: Oh, that’s too bad.

ENFP: *Dirty joke*


ENFP: *Another dirty joke*




ENFP: Did you miss me? 

INTP: Well, I wouldn’t say I… missed you, but–

ENFP: Yeah.

ENFP: You missed me.

ENFP: Sooooooo?

INTP: What?

ENFP: How was your DATE?!

INTP: How the fuck do you know?!

ENFP: You’re just lucky I’m not giving you my Icy Stare.

INTP: You don’t have an Icy Stare.

ENFP: Yes, I do!!

INTP: Okay, fine. Show it to me.

ENFP: Well, I can’t just do it.

INTP: If you really had a handle on it, you’d be able to do it on command.

ENFP: Okay, well I’ve got to work up to it!!

INTP: For someone who claims to give Icy Stares, you’re getting pretty heated about this.

ENFP: Maybe I have a Heated Stare instead.

INTP: What does that even mean?

ENFP: Sexual.




ENFP: I had this dream that I rode up to somewhere on this motorcycle.

INTP: Uh-huh.

ENFP: And I, like, got off of it, took my helmet off,

INTP: Yeah.

ENFP: And shook my hair out.

INTP: And what do you think that means?

ENFP: Well, I think maybe it might have something to do with…

ENFP: Wanting to try new things?

INTP: Do you want to try new things?

ENFP: Yes!

INTP: What about ride a motorcycle and shake your hair out of a helmet.

ENFP: Sure!

ENFP: What about you?

ENFP: What was your last dream?

INTP: The other night I had a dream I was chasing a really fast turtle.

ENFP: Hahaha, what??

INTP: And it had a really long neck.

ENFP: And what do you think that means?

INTP: Well, I thought a lot about turtles that day, so it was probably just a continuation of those thoughts.

ENFP: ⋋ō_ō`

INTP: Pretty sure it jumped over, like, a ten foot barbed wire fence, too.

ENFP: Oh my god!

INTP: It was a pretty badass turtle.


Happy 4th of July to all my American followers and visitors!

Octavia moved forward and Alistair took the lead, eyes glowing white with energy and his whole aura seemed to glimmer in the darkness.

Holy shit. Octavia blinked, cleared her throat, and smirked.

“Going all Templar on us, Alistair?”

“Ha!” The Warden shook his head. “Better to be safe than sorry, as some would say.” He looked over his shoulder, she could feel his energy gathering, almost like a mage. “Why? Do you… like it?”

An experimental painting of Alistair from one of my favourite fics “Find the Grey Warden” written by the amazing eternalshiva

I just love the idea of him glowing in the darkness :D


I’m coming home

Release me, my love [xx]