do you like it

i wanna talk about that one story from ed where he said that harry got him that giant lego set and they spent all night putting it together like imagining the two of them just sitting around reading the instructions and putting this giant lego together is too adorable my heart can’t take it

  • alec: did you sit in a pile of sugar?
  • magnus: ? ? ?
  • alec: 'cause you have a pretty sweet ass.
  • magnus: :) :) :)

Okay so Japanese chi has these quests which are quizzes. Basically they give you a question with three options and each option corresponds to a portal. You enter the portal that corresponds to the right answer you find the boss. You enter the wrong portal a giant Darkside one shots you. 

The main reason I bring this up is…it’s weird getting these wrong. Like they’re in Japanese so I have to guess (cause more effort than it’s worth to translate) but I know if they were in English I would ace every one. 

if the Concierge was about to show it to us as one of the rooms, and this episode has CANON written right there in the title, then The Case of the Time Juno Steel Rescued Every Single Orphan In Hyperion City is undeniably something that happened, in canon continuity.

But seriously, is there any bigger Malec shipper than Ruelle?

I mean, you got Fear on Fire, which is essentially what Malec’s whole relationship is about.

Where Do We Go From Here is the best way of describing Malec post wedding kiss. 

I Get To Love You “cough cough” Magnus ‘When it’s too heavy to carry, remember this moment with me.’ Alec ‘Whatever may come; your heart I will choose.’ “cough cough”

Is there any better song to look at early Malec trying to figure what this is than Storm?  I am caught off-guard by you? Sound familiar.

And of course. The one. The only. War. Of. Hearts




                 OR OF GOBLINS OR SHOES?

                                                                        INNOCENSRCSE     &      LITTLCLCTTE    

 ❝- some say she is  kindness  itself.  in her smile, the INNOCENCE of  SPRINGTIME.❞  

Part 6!

(Oh. So I was able to do part 6 today… umm.. surprise!!..?)

lmao, poor Pekoms… he seriously can’t catch a break man. first, he gets shot in the back. then he’s left to drown in shark-infested waters. and now, he’s being tied to a boulder…

well, at least Aladdin was kind enough to treat his wounds and leave him a few rice balls and something to drink.

For now though, once I get access to my computer, I’m gonna make some kind of Ducktales blog to put up all my duckie art on. Rusty loooooooved Ducktales too, and it’d be a great way to… idk, honor him or feel connected to him, something like that.

me: yeah i love every rogue one member! cassian andor, chirrut imwe, baze malbus, bodhi rook, k2so and *looks at smudged writing on hand* gin earsore

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)

Explaining a man that you don’t have to give them your time, that you don’t have to let things slide, that you’re under no obligation to let their awful comments pass… makes you a rude and intolerant radical, apparently.