do you knowwwww how long i have been waiting for her hair to be like this

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I didn't understand very well if the requests are open just for Christmas themed hcs or not, so I'm sorry if this is wrong, but can you write a headcanon/scenario/imagine for RFA finding out MC cannot bear children? Thank you!

Can you tell by the way they worded this I took forever to answer it 
I did a lot of research for this because I wanted actual conditions, not just vague reasons. So all these scenarios are real conditions! Which also means this took a while and there’s not a whole lot of incurable reasons omg
This is taking place after everyone’s good ending so spoilers, hence why it’s all under the cut
I’m realizing the lead up to a lot of them were too similar so that’s why Seven’s has a bit of an odd cut. Also, there probably is their actual cannon thoughts about kids, but I’m writing this from my own personal perspective. Hope you enjoy regardless!
~Mod L

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