do you know why this is a good picture of me


I have to do this. I am going to give my opinion about the last trailer.

Because Level-5, Akihiro Hino and this franchise are killing me with hype.

PD: This is going to be a really long post xD


I have to admit that I expected this. But it has surprised me anyway. AND KIDOU LOOKS SO GOOD, OH MY GOD.

 And he has his cape, I’m SO happy.

 But I hope Haruna will be in Ares too.




And, please, the next picture is too much for everyone, you have been warned.



 I love it so much.


Oh my God Sakuma.



Seriously, they all look like models.


Atsuya why are you so cute. And why is Someoka so angry.



 Because then we have this.


YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS, BECAUSE I LOVE FEMALE PLAYERS. Mostly because there aren’t much of them on Inazuma… But I wonder which is her position.

Then we have the new Hiroto. Or, well, the real Hiroto.

 OKAY, at first sigh I didn’t like him. But he’s growing on me and I know we are going to get a lot of amazing scenes between he and the old Hiroto or the now known as Kiyama Tatsuya.

AND THERE HE IS. LOOKING SO FUCKING HOT. (Sorry for the words, but… OH MY GOD.)

First Fudou, now Hiroto (Tatsuya). Akihiro Hino wants to kill me.

And, of course, the new Aliea Gakuen.

I kind of like the new uniform, they look great. And the sponsor is “Alien” I LOVE THAT.


I wanted to see him, but it’s okay. For the moment >.>

 And the next thing is the one that most of us expected.

GOENJI IS BACK TOO AND HE IS ON KIRKWOOD (Sorry again, I don’t know the name in japanese) AGAIN. And he looks hot too xD

And the three brothers (I don’t remember their names, sorry) are back, too. But they were SO FUNNY.

Now, this guy looks like a mix between Toramaru and Tenma. And the sponsor of his team is is “Panda” xD

But THE THING with this team is THIS…


Then we have Haizaki and Yuuma “fighting”. The animation looks really incredible, I repeat that the matches are going to be AWESOME. 

And it looks like Yuuma has his problems too and I’m very curious about it because he is one of my favourites at this moment from Ares.


THE RAIMON MANAGER AND HIM KNOW EACH OTHER. And this is a little lame but… I kind of ship them. She seems to care about him or knows something and she looks worried. Yes, for me, they make a cute couple (now is when they’re siblings or something like that xD) But first, I have to know the context and the story. Ares, come to us soon PLEASE.

And the other guy is the goalkeeper. Cool, and I don’t know why but i love his design. And the manager is really pretty and beutiful too^^


And the new Raimon will have problems with Kira Star.  

Kidou epic and fabulous as always.

And, Asuto Inamori, the new main character, will be the one who never gives up. I love him and I think that he deserves MORE LOVE. He is like a ball of sunshine just like Tenma and Endou (Literally, he is in fron of the sun xD)

THE OPENING IS SO CATCHY AND AMAZING. IT IS GOING TO BECOME ONE OF MY FAVOURITES FOR SURE. And they give us more pictures of the characters and teams.

This is my favourite. And now we know that there are two main managers.

 And that’s all of it.

 Thank you if you’ve read all of that ^^

“did you love her” he asked him
he nodded yeah more than anything
“so why did you keep leaving her?”
do you know what its like to be at war with your own mind?
to know you love someone but not being enough for them.
to know how good they are but being so scared to hurt them and hurt myself.
i was scared.
scared to feel so much for someone.
i never planned on loving her i just wanted to fuck.
it was the way she’d never get mad at me she’d just let me lash out all my anger with her there and she was never scared of me.
it was the way she was always so smiley even when you saw the pain in her eyes.
it was the way i could want to spend forever with her but fear losing her to anything.
i tried to not love her.
but everyday i loved her more and more.
now i cant face her. when i look at her pictures my heart man it stops for a second.
i tried to make her hate me i was so mean.
yet she never stopped being there.
sometimes i knew i was hurting her but i still said it knowing she’d forgive me and i hate myself for hurting her.
shes the first person ive been myself with
she knows me more than i know myself
she knew when i was sad
when i needed something
she knew me man.
now i tried making her hate me i picked at her flaws i brought her low. maybe i was overwhelmed that someone could be that perfect that i wanted to make her a little more like me a complete mess. but you see she never thought i was a mess. i could look my worst and she always looked beautiful fuck, she’d never care. she’d run her hands in my hair and touch my nose, have you seen its so big yet she loved it like it was a masterpiece.
what im trying to say i keep leaving because im scared, scared to hurt her, to fuck up or maybe even to feel this much for anyone.
i love her and i dont want to be 25 and regret this.
♡ valentine’s day starters, fluff edition
{ the angst edition is here! }
  • “you are so cheesy.”
  • “i didn’t know you were a romantic.”
  • “oh my god. i can’t believe you did this.”
  • “wait, let me get a picture!”
  • “you are absolutely ridiculous.”
  • “i have the perfect day planned out.”
  • “i made it myself.”
  • “i made it myself, which explains why it’s a little burnt.”
  • “i tried making it myself, but i figured food poisoning doesn’t make for a very good valentine’s day present.”
  • “has anyone ever told you that you have a funny idea of romantic?”
  • “where are we going to put a bear that big?”
  • “did i just hear a bark?”
  • “when you said you were planning something big, i didn’t expect it to be this big…”
  • “i told you you didn’t have to do anything!”
  • “this might be the happiest day of my life.”
  • “how did you know my favorite chocolate flavor?”
  • “help me find a vase for these flowers?”
  • “this holiday seems like the best opportunity to ask you out.”
  • “i know a place that sells hot chocolate with heart-shaped froth.”
  • “i want to make you this happy for the rest of your life.”
  • “is today a good day to say i think i love you?”
  • “i think i’m in love with you.”
  • “i love you.”
  • “i love you so much. you know that, right?”
  • “…that’s for me?”
  • “…are those flowers?”
  • “…i didn’t get you anything, though.”
  • “you didn’t have to.”
  • “you alone are enough.”

Something good happened today so I thought I’d share this with all of you soooo…. STORY TIME on how I calmed down a crying 4-year old girl by showing her Viktuuri pictures ahem

So today I was at church and I helped my friend with her Sunday School. Her students are all children, so we all know that they aren’t the easiest to handle. They were so noisy; They kept running around the classroom and even getting into fights.

So this one 4-year old girl was suddenly crying, she had a fight with another girl. She was screaming and all, so I tried to calm her down by carrying her and I kept telling her,

“KZ, please stop crying. Do you wanna play?” 

But she didn’t answer me. She kept crying for a while but thankfully she has toned down her screaming a little, until I remembered that I have my tablet with me. So I told her, while still carrying her,

“Do you wanna play something here? Oh, but wait.. I don’t have games on my tablet. Do you wanna look at the photos instead?” 

She still ignored me. I opened my gallery anyways. She slowly looked at my tablet, so I said,

“KZ, do you wanna see cartoon characters? But I don’t have photos of cartoon characters, only anime, hehe.”

I have a lot of separate folders for different anime and of course my favorite ships (lol) but what caught my attention is that she tapped on my Yuri!!! on Ice folder first. She stopped crying, I was surprised.

I showed her a “family photo” fanart that I found here.

“This is Viktor, this is Makkachin and this is Yuuri.” I said.

I tried to quiz her for fun and for her to not cry again. So I was like,

Okay, I’m going to ask you KZ, who is this?” (me pointing at Viktor)

“Viktor!” we both smiled.

Very good! Now who is this?” (me pointing at Makkachin)

“Dog!” I laughed.

Yes, I know it’s a dog, but it has a name! Ma..kka..chin. Say it again, please?”

“Mikkachin.” she confidently said while I was smiling so big.

No no, KZ. It’s Makkachin. What’s the dog’s name again?”

“Makkachin.” I was like, yes, finally!

Okay so who is this? (me pointing at Yuuri)

“Boy!” she laughed again. I was enjoying this moment.

No, his name is Yuuri. Again, who is he?” (I pointed at Yuuri again)


Haha no, it’s Yuuri, not Yuure.”

“Yuuri!” then she pointed at him.

I was happy that I cheered for her. Then she went to look for another picture. This time, another fanart with the one where Viktor and Yuuri were kissing.

I was quite nervous. All I could think about was,

Crap. What if she says something like, “Ew.”? What if she cries again after seeing this? What will her reactions be?

To my surprise, she never reacted like that. In fact, she was smiling again. So then she looked at me and asked,

Are they married?” I smiled, but internal me was fangirling of course.

Well, no they aren’t, but why do you think that?”

“Because they kiss and hug. (Points at Viktor) Look, Viktor (points at Yuuri) and Yuuri, kiss.”

Right? They love each other so much.” I smiled again.

I want them to get married.”

“Me too.” 

I never expected that kind of response. I was just smiling all the time. I thought to myself, “This kid sure is something, huh.” 

Now that she has completely calmed down, I put her down so she can walk around and play with her friends again. 

I laughed because she kept screaming “Viktor! Yuuri! Mikkachin! Kiss!” while running around the classroom.

Side note: I was standing the whole time because KZ didn’t want to be put down because if I did, she would cry again so basically I was standing while carrying a child for about 15 minutes ouch

This moment was just too glorious for me to not share it IM CRYING U GUYS I AM SO HAPPY

  • steve: you wrote about me
  • bucky: I don't know what you're talking about
  • steve: you pulled me out of the river
  • bucky: idk why I did that
  • steve: you nearly killed tony because he hurt me. you actually roared like an angry pigeon or something
  • bucky: I don't like him
  • steve: you tried to pull me behind the shield when I was covering you with it
  • bucky: I didn't mean to do that
  • steve: you remembered my shoes and the hotdogs but not that girls name
  • bucky: I have memory problems that's all
  • steve: you left our dates because I ran off, didn't even apologize
  • bucky: your date would've wondered where you went, I found you for her
  • steve: you lied and told me you only knew me because of the smithsonian because you wanted to protect me, to make me go
  • bucky: blame the brochure
  • steve: you made me share an apartment with you
  • bucky: I needed someone to do the dishes
  • steve: you kept my picture
  • bucky: memory problems remember?
  • steve: you didn't like it when I kissed sharon, I can tell your fake smile from your real one
  • bucky: you were wasting valuable time
  • steve: you put yourself back into cryo so I'd stop being reckless and not become a criminal just to keep you
  • bucky: I was tired
  • steve: you made a vow, told me you'd be with me until death
  • bucky: idk why I did that
  • steve: you interrupted my moment with peggy because you were jealous
  • bucky: you deserved applause and attention for your bravery
  • steve: you fell from the train because you were protecting me
  • bucky: wasn't my smartest move
  • steve: you gave me heart eyes at the bar in '43
  • bucky: I was drunk
  • steve: we shared money and everything else like...a couple
  • bucky: it was convenient
  • steve: you're in love with me
  • bucky: yes
  • steve: what
  • bucky: what

So yesterday one person asked me if I could provide a picture of the location in the background of my previous rant and I thought that’s a very good idea. So here it is the recent picture of the building I took this morning and the anime one for you guys to compare.

I have to take it from across the street because for the same angle means I have to stand in the streets, and I still want to continue watching my baby. You notice the bowling pin is gone due to the bowling alley going busted awhile back. So there you have it my new Phichit post.












Also you know what I just realized? In the first episode he was pulling a travelling bag along which might means he just got back to Thailand from Detroit. And he’s walking to the right of the screen whICH IS TOWARDS MY HOUSE (or maybe to the bus stop right off screen but I want to keep it positive).



“Carl... you DO know what a ballet tutu looks like, right?”

Carl The Animator: “Uh, sure. They’re frilly… sometimes conical, sometimes kinda stiff and straight… usually pink… made of a very ethereal fabric… slope out at the base….”

Ted The Animator: “…then why the heck do you draw them like pink car tires?”

Carl The Animator: “I do not.”

Ted The Animator: “You totally do.”

Carl The Animator: “Do not.”

Ted The Animator: “The pattern on the outside even looks like tire treads.”

Carl The Animator: “Does not.”

Ted The Animator: “I bet they’re good for keeping traction on icy roads.”

Carl The Animator: “Oh, shaddup.”

Ted The Animator: “The tutus raise so many questions. Like, why does Phantasma have a ghost tutu? How does that work? Where exactly does one purchase a spirit-realm tutu?”

Carl The Animator: “Man, you take cartoon tutus way too seriously.”

Ted The Animator: “…way too-too seriously, you mean?”

Carl The Animator: *sigh*

Breaking Bad sentence starters

❝ Fuck you! And your eyebrows! ❞
❝ No one’s looking for you. ❞
❝ Honestly, I never expected you to amount to much, but _____? I didn’t picture that. ❞
❝ I do not like it when you don’t talk to me. The worst thing you can do is shut me out. ❞
❝ After we finish cleaning up this mess, we will go our separate ways. ❞
❝ Right now, what I need is for you to climb down out of my ass. Can you do that? ❞
❝ I don’t know what you think you’re doing here, but trust me, this line of work doesn’t suit you. ❞
❝ I don’t want him/her to die at all! That’s the whole point of this! So either help, or leave! ❞
❝ I don’t imagine I’ll be here very long. ❞
❝ Where did that come from? And why was it so damn good? ❞
❝ Are we just gonna grow a magic beanstalk? ❞
❝ We tried to poison you. We tried to poison you because you are an insane, degenerate piece of filth and you deserve to die. ❞
❝ I don’t even know what to say to you. I don’t even know where to begin. ❞
❝ What happened to you? Really, what happened? Because this isn’t you. ❞
❝ I have spent my whole life scared. Frightened of things that could happen; might happen; might not happen. But I came to realize it’s that fear is the worst of it, that’s the real enemy. ❞
❝ This only works if they’re scared of you. ❞
❝ Is this just a genetic thing with you? Is it congenital? Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby? ❞
❝ You go marching out there, and within an hour, you’ll be dead. ❞
❝ I wanted to say that — I’m not exactly sure who that was yesterday, but it wasn’t me. ❞
❝ You either run from things, or you face them. ❞
❝ We have discussed everything we need to discuss. I thought I made myself very clear. ❞
❝ I can’t be the bad guy. ❞
❝ What’s wrong with spicing things up a little bit? ❞
❝ You know, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have someone watching your back. ❞
❝ Facing death changes a person. It has to, don’t you think? ❞
❝ A man provides. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man. ❞
❝ This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed! ❞
❝ I’m not turning down the money, I’m turning down you! ❞
❝ Ever since I met you, everything I’ve ever cared about is gone. Ruined, turned to shit, dead.. I have never been more alone, I have nothing! No one! ❞
❝ So that’s your — flysaber? ❞
❝ Aww, that was so sweet, I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit. ❞
❝ My advice? Never make the same mistake twice. ❞
❝ If you need assurance, I assure you I can kill you from way over here, if it make you feel any better. ❞
❝ If I can’t kill you, you’ll sure as shit wish you were dead. ❞
❝ You aren’t going to kill that dude in there. You know how I know? ‘cause you went to the trouble of putting a blindfold on him. ❞
❝ How did everything get so screwed up? ❞
❝ I am not in danger. I am the danger. A man opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks! ❞
❝ I like to think I see things in people. ❞
❝ You’ve signed my death warrant. And now you want advice? ❞
❝ I will kill your wife/husband. I will kill your son/daughter. I will kill your infant son/daughter. ❞
❝ I alone should suffer the consequences of my choices. No one else. ❞

I’ve seen this picture going around on tumblr and twitter and I want to pick up and shake the person who made it.

Not just because it’s entirely factually wrong (CD Project Red had more people on its Witcher 3 dev team than Bioware’s Andromeda team) but also there’s this implicit assumption that a Polish developer studio making good realistic styled graphics is somehow unexpected, just because they’re Polish.

I don’t know why people would compare a party-based RPG (with a character creator) with the Witcher franchise (with its set protagonist) in the first place, but please leave your creepy xenophobic crap at the door if you do.

Please note: I’m not attempting to shield Bioware from criticism here, the game looks like crap to me and I’ve never been much of a Mass Effect fan anyway.

Can’t We Make it Up to You?

Anonymous asked: Can you please do a threesome smut with Jimin x reader x V? Also can the story line be you are working on a group project at your house ?? Pleaseeee 💜

Warnings: SMUT, just some nasty threesome smut, language you know the drill

Note: THIS IS REALLY LONG FOR ME,  ,95 line, ouch (why do i picture 95 line like the twins from ouran….so mischievous.. ) this was so fun tho THIS IS A LOT OF SMUT OKAY

Originally posted by hana-mori-posts

“Guys, can you listen for like five seconds? We really need to finish this, I don’t want to be stuck procrastinating and doing it the night before its due, I actually want it to be good.”

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Mako accidentally catches Asami in a trap
  • Asami: Mako! What the hell? Let me down! It's me!
  • Mako: How do I know you're not a triad in disguise?
  • Asami: You think my girlfriend's insane
  • Mako: So does everyone!
  • Asami: Your middle name is Imawatsu
  • Mako: Not good enough
  • Asami: You have a picture of Prince Wu under your pillow
  • Mako: Fine *lets her down*

EbumI Masaru from the anime ALL OUT. I actually find the show pretty charming, I remember reading a comment saying that the show was trash, but I disagree. The show isn’t perfect but it isn’t awful, plus it is another sports anime  that has some similar plots like every other sports anime, such as: Yuri on Ice!, Free! (<3), Haikyuu!, DAYS, Prince of Tennis (well that show was really good.) I don’t know why I am rambling on!! ENJOY THE PICTURE. :D

I am also doing 7 dollar lineart/sketch drawings similar to the one I did for Ebumi, so if you are interested you can let me know :D

Also I have a little reference I used of him here.

“They say I have a sweet ass, nice tits, a real pretty dress. They say I’m their future wife, or I’d look good with their dick in my mouth. They try (and probably succeed at times) to take pictures down my shirt. They ask if they can get my number, they ask where I live, why I’m not smiling, why my boyfriend lets me walk around by myself. Then they ask why I’m such a bitch, if my pussy is made of ice. They say that they never do this, as though I’ve somehow driven them to inappropriate behavior and deserve it. They say they’re just having fun, trying to pay me a compliment. Pretty frequently they get mean, slipping into a loud tourettes-like chant of bitch-whore-cunt-slut.

Before you try to tell me that it’s because I take my clothes off for a living, let me tell you that this started way before I was 18. Let me tell you that every single woman I know has at least one truly terrifying story of street harassment and a whole bunch of other stories that are merely insulting or annoying. Let me remind you that in a room of pornography fans, who have actually seen me with a dick in my mouth and who can buy a replica of my vagina in a can or box, I am treated with far more respect than I am walking down the street.”

—Stoya, pornographic actress

Tumblr gothic

-“There have been no updates. The site has always been like this.” The new staff post says. You agree, but something feels off.

-“These posts are gonna look weird when the format changes back,” you say, though you do not know why. Later, you receive an email. Your account has been deleted.

-You cry for the xkit guy to save you. “You know what you did to the xkit guy!” They scream. You stare at your bloody hands. You know what you did to the xkit guy.

-There’s another meme. You chuckle as the same picture of a glass shard in a toilet bowl shows up on your dash. You don’t get it. You reblog it anyway.

-“If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for queue.” Something screams, and leaps out of your computer. This always happens, at the scheduled times.

-“We’re always willing to listen to our users!” Staff says. It is a lie. Your friend sends them a message and disappears.

-You look in your purse. There are breadsticks there. You do not remember grabbing them.

-It’s Halloween again. It’s been Halloween as long as you can remember. The skeleton that runs past your house at exactly 4:39 PM every day waves at you. You wave back.

Open when you want to hear a TON of goofy pickup lines!


       Maybe I should have used these at the beginning of the year to let you know that I had a crush on you!

1. Roses are red, violets are blue, lava is hot, and so are you!

2. Are you made out of grapes? Because you are as fine as wine!

3. I usually press “X” to pick up weapons… does that work for picking you up too?

4. I want to ride you harder than Mario rides Yoshi(;

5. You’re the Mario to my Princess Peach!

6. Mario is red, Sonic is blue, why don’t you hit select and be my player two?

7. Do you like Nintendo? Because Wii would look good together!

8. I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together!

9. If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber!

10. If you were a flower you’d be a DAMN-delion!

11. Are you my appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach that I should take you out!

12. I don’t need Spiderman, Superman, or Batman, as long as you’ll be My Man!

13. Do you work at Starbucks? Because I like you a latte!

14. Is your dad a drug dealer? Because you’re pretty dope!

15. What kind of grinder are you using? Because you are extra fine!!!

16. I don’t even need a lighter, you’re already on fire!

17. Do you smoke pot? Cause WEED look good together!

18. If you were a booger I’d pick you first!

19. Are you African? Because you’re a-frican’ babe!

20. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

21. Did you fart?? Cause you blew me away!

22. You’re so sweet you put Hershey’s outta business!

23. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

24. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back!

25. Are your parents bakers? Cause they sure made you a cutie pie!

I love you bunches!


okay so weird topic to bring up but i’ve noticed a pattern over the last few years where (not to seem conceited or anything) the most common comments on selfies i post are of people asking why they don’t look that good all the time or something equally silly, and while most of them seem to be in good humor, some are rather concerning, and i just want to remind y’all of a couple of things

  1. no one looks beautiful and put together all the time
    it’s statistically improbable as we are all human and flawed beings who aren’t perfect and quite frankly for every selfie you see there were 20 that didn’t make the cut
    why do you think people don’t post selfies every day? if we all looked Selfie GorgeousTM all the time i would never stop posting pictures of my vain ass
  2. a lot of you are still in high school
    i know you’ll hate me for saying this, but if you’re in high school you’re a child and are probably going through a very awkward phase
    i was incredibly camera shy in high school for a lot of reasons (iphones were still new) but mostly because i didn’t like how i looked and the only reason why i have so many pictures of myself in high school is because my friend carried a camera everywhere

just to really put it in perspective this is a selfie from a set i that i posted recently as a 21 years old

and this is a selfie that my friend and i took during our sophomore year of high school during german class for reasons i won’t go into

anyway my point is that you shouldn’t expect to look like you’re in your 20s when you’re still in high school and that expecting that you’ll look put together all the time is an unreasonable and unfair standard to hold yourselves to

Okay so this took me a long time but I finally finished it! It started out as a doodle I did during schoolwork because I was inspired and excited for @cookies-hetaoni :,D I hope you guys like it!

(Below is a something I wrote that also inspired this picture.  I’m not a very good writer but I’m practicing! :P )

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With the Beatles explained
  • It Won't Be Long: proof that John would be happier if he were dating me (and not dead)
  • All I've Got to Do: 1963, second song on With the Beatles, nonfiction--all Lennon needed to do was whisper in someone's ear.
  • All My Loving: my dad loves this song
  • Don't Bother Me: George keeps saying he'll let me know when she's come home... as if I'm not flirting with him right now...
  • Little Child: I have fond memories of skipping this song (so why do I know all the words)
  • Till There Was You: what people sing when they hear the Beatles for the first time
  • Please Mr. Postman: 1963, seventh song on With the Beatles, fiction--all Lennon needed to do was, "call [her] on the phone, and [she'll] come running home." (citation: "All I've Got to Do", Lennon-McCartney)
  • Roll Over Beethoven: jammin', but inherently flawed because Beethoven was a rocker
  • You Really Got A Hold On Me: what people sing when they hear the Beatles for the second time
  • I Wanna Be Your Man: that's what literally everyone wants
  • Devil in Her Heart: George gets 3 songs on this album and he doesn't get that much love again until Revolver, 5 albums after this one
  • Not A Second Time: finding out Paul had another band after the Beatles
  • Money (That's What I Want): that's what he wants
  • cover art: The Beatles' heads get progressively smaller...

anonymous asked:

Honest Question. LA /SA has a 9 hr time difference. Sam is about to start waking up a 7 am and work 14 hour days. Where in all that is there time to have a meaningful conversation about ANYTHING over the phone?? Look I know people do long distance relationships. I just don't understand how you can sustain one when you have NO time to actually share anything together.

…and why, when during those five visits a year, you do manage a few hours together, you don’t touch? or talk? or smile?  Yeah, it’s tidbits like these, safely collected and stored in the shipper vault,  that I’m referring to when people wonder why I still ship Sam and Cait.  So much goodness over the three plus years.  The shipper amnesia drives me a bit crazy, I gotta admit…”I love Sam and Cait”  “Sam and Cait”  “Cait and Sam”, and then one prom picture and bam!  The anons come rolling in…“They obviously love others”  

Seriously People?   There’s a thick coat of logic lining my tin hat.  You oughta try it.

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Hi! I was wondering if you had any dialogue prompts for prison inmates? Thanks!

Ooh what a good idea! Let me see what I can do, I hope they help:

  • “Why is your hand bleeding?” She stood abruptly, the other jumping at the sudden movement. She blinked down at her hand, watching as gems of red dried over her knuckles. “I-I don’t remember.” She said, not looking up.
  • He looked up, meeting the others eyes warily. “Why are you staring?” The other threatened glaring ferociously. He swear he saw a glimmer of black and red in his eyes. He wasn’t going insane already, was he?
  • She began scratching words and pictures into the walls with her nails. “Stop! Why do you do that? What are those symbols?” She paused, half turning so she could meet the girls eyes. Shaking her head, she turned back to the wall and carried on scraping away. “You wouldn’t know, newbie. Alice is it? I’m not insane… I just know a lot.” Alice blinked rapidly and fell silent and motionless. No one had even spoken her name in her proximity, how was she to know it was Alice?
  • “What did you do then?” He shifted to lean against the wall with his knees pulled to his chest. “I don’t want to talk about it.” he replied shortly. The other gritted his teeth, staring down at his dirty hands. “Well we may as well talk, I’m not getting out any time soon and seeing as you’ve been put in this zone, neither are you.” He grunted through clenched teeth.
  • “You’re making too much noise!” She turned sharply, registering her surroundings and standing to reach the small window and throw something out. “I wasn’t speaking.” She replied, turning towards her and leaning against the wall, slyly. “What did you just do? What did you throw out that window? I don’t want a longer sentence for some stupid prank you want to play!” The other shrugged and turned back to stare out the window.
  • Jumping off the bed, he pulled the notepad from the desk and began to scrawl letters and numbers rapidly across the page. “Am I interrupting?” He looked up to see his cellmate standing expectantly. He looked as if he’d asked a question, but being too engrossed in his notebook, he’d not heard. “Do you want me to say it again?” Suddenly the man was gripping his collar and the notebook had fallen to the ground, his pen spurting blue ink across linoleum. Four guards appeared after what felt like an eternity. He jumped back and didn’t make a move or try to speak.

I hope this is okay and they might help! If you need more in-depth or specific ones, just DM me, good luck! Lots of love from Yasmine xox