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Just so you guys know, there is no ‘if’! They do eventually adopt a lil girl (she was about 7 when she joined the family), and here she is! Her name is Eric/Erica but they love to call her Sunny <3 

Also extra doodle: Garrett is still a nerd

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there is a youtuber called swagkage and he made a video awhile ago on why people hate sakura so much (you should watch it!) , he's not very bias and explains well and although i LOVE sakura i think its healthy to point out character criticism because every good character has flaws.

Okay Anon, I’m about to go on a little rant here, because I refrained from talking about this topic before, but now I’ve been given an excuse. I saw the video you’re referring to shortly after he released it, and it was in fact that very video that made me remember why I was always so sceptical to try out new Naruto reviewers on YouTube in the first place.

He prefaced the discussion by saying how he apparently didn’t hate her, and that the video wasn’t meant to attack or defend her, and yet he spent the majority of the video attacking her and talking about her in a very hateful manner. You can very easily explain why you think a character may be hated without using language such as calling her ”pretty worthless”, which he did just a little over a minute into the video. He didn’t say how “some people” thought that she was pretty worthless, he actually said that she is pretty worthless. Now, in a video where you said that you don’t hate her, how it’s not meant to attack her, and how you’ll try and look at things objectively, how can the very first thing you say about her be that she’s pretty worthless? That is not looking at it objectively.

He then went on to completely misunderstand her “Now it’s your turn to watch my back” quote by insinuating that she wanted to walk in front of Naruto and Sasuke, as in catching up with them skill and power wise, and then he actually mocks her for it by saying how “she was never at any point even close to being half of the shinobi they were”. That entire criticism is null and void when you realise that quote was never about catching up with them skill wise in the first place, she simply wanted to stand alongside them in the battlefield and be the one to protect them for a change. But this guy’s unbiased right? This guy’s indifferent to Sakura right? Of course he is…

He then went on to throw shade at her “negligible” accomplishments relative to the amount of screen/panel time that she received in comparison to the support characters. And just from this, I can not only tell that he has a very limited definition of what can be considered an “accomplishment”, but I can also tell that on this point, he again doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If he were to make a list of the “accomplishments” of each of the other members of the Konoha 11, and compare them with Sakura’s, he’d see what an ignorant comment that was.

He then throws more shade at her by saying how apparently the sound ninja in the Forest of Death made Sakura look “pathetic”, and would then have to be saved by Sasuke who took care of them with no effort, despite the fact that Sasuke was awakening with a Curse Seal activated, despite the fact that these sound ninjas took out Lee, who beat a normal Sasuke with minimal effort at the time - he went on to mock Sakura for having to be saved against those guys? You see, if this was an impartial video, like he said it was going to be, he could have at the very least given Sakura the credit she deserved for trying her hardest to protect her friends who were knocked out. Did he do any of that? No. 

And if all of that wasn’t bad enough, he then went on to say how her “worthlessness” was truly put into perspective during the Sasuke Retrieval arc, and you know what his reason was? The ridiculous justification he gave can basically be summarised as “because she didn’t get to go on the mission, whereas the others did and they got to shine”. How can you be so short sighted as to actually bash a character because they weren’t able to participate?

I’ll put things into perspective for you Anon. I’ll reiterate that at the very beginning of the video, he said:

  • That he didn’t hate Sakura
  • That he was indifferent to her
  • That the video wasn’t meant to attack her
  • And that he’d look at things objectively.

And yet, the following juvenile nonsense where he paints Sakura as nothing but a stuttering fangirl, is what he put as the friggin’ description to the video. You know, the thing that tells you what the entire video is going to be about, a video which apparently wasn’t supposed to attack her:

And he wants to lie and make himself seem impartial, when as I said and have proved above, he spends the majority of the video doing the complete opposite - he used hateful terms, he definitely wasn’t being indifferent to her, the video attacked her at every opportunity, and he wasn’t looking at things objectively at all. I gave an example of how he could have, but not once did he ever in that video try and look at things from multiple angles. That’s how you look at things objectively, something which is a foreign concept to this person.

All of the above didn’t even cover half of the things he said about Sakura, and I could have easily gone on and on debunking each one of his points and giving him a lesson on “impartiality”, but honestly it’s not worth it. I really wanted to though, because the levels of stupidity and hypocrisy only increases as the video goes on. Case in point - he calls her “stupid and selfish” at the 10:10 mark because she apparently tried to take on Madara, the Juubi and Obito by herself “to satisfy her own ego”, despite the fact that she never tried to take on the Juubi or Obito, and she wanted to act as a distraction against Madara so that Naruto and Sasuke would be able to catch him off guard - Sakura had no intention of taking him on by herself. And he’s meant to be objective? Sure. You’re right that it’s healthy to highlight character criticisms Anon, but you’re wrong about this person; he is not unbiased, at least not with regards to Sakura.

Trading T-Shirts

After an unexpected one night stand, Betty isn’t really sure how to return a certain person’s shirt.

Based on @bettybettycooper‘s post about her predicament. She agreed that it was like something out of a college au and I just couldn’t help myself once the idea stuck!

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If Betty could have described the sensation emanating from the inside of her skull at that moment it would’ve been somewhere between a dull throb and an uncomfortably persistent humming. It wasn’t what she would consider a full blown hangover but she could already tell, even with only the light filtering through her closed eyelids, that opening her eyes was not going to be a perfectly pleasant experience.

She groaned quietly, burrowing further into the warmth of the sheets surrounding her. Luckily, Betty had never been a particularly heavy drinker; she was well aware of her limits and was loathe to exceed them. Wanting to remain in control of your facets at all times came with the territory when you had been dealing with anxiety for your entire life, and this was merely an extension of those well-practiced habits for Betty. Unfortunately, that also meant that when someone – Veronica, her brain supplied haughtily – managed to sneak a few extra unsavoury cocktails past your normally impenetrable barriers you definitely felt it.  

Betty was already planning a few choice words for her roommate when she got back from her early class later.

It was just as she was mustering up the courage to swing her legs out from beneath the cosy comforter and finally greet the day that two things happened simultaneously. Firstly, her final ditch attempt at soaking up some of the softness from her pillow by burying her nose in the down alerted her senses to the fact that the citrus and sandalwood scent she could smell wasn’t the usual lavender of her sleep-easy fabric softener. And secondly, something moved next to her.

Betty’s eyes flew open, all thoughts of her early onset headache vanishing immediately. There was someone in her room, and not only that but that someone was in her bed. At least, she thought so until she noticed the pillowcase beneath her head was navy blue instead of white with purple daisies. What the–

The someone shuffled again, letting out a soft hum that got lost to the sound of cotton on cotton rustling about the air, then everything was silent once again. Betty held her breath, not daring to contribute anything to making a noise while she gingerly turned over in the bed – clearly, not her bed, she’d come to determine – and peered over to her left, lower lip drawn anxiously between her teeth.

She was met with a smooth expanse of olive toned skin, leading up to a mess of dark waves that Betty had resurfacing memories of; more specifically, she was starting to remember what it felt like to run her hands through it while another pair of hands explored the length of her thighs…

Her eyes clenched shut as she swallowed thickly, embarrassment running through her body, and leaving a white hot trail in its wake that made it all the way down to the tips of her toes. She didn’t do this kind of thing! Oh god, what would her mother think? Not that she had any immediate plans for telling her mom of such events, but still, she couldn’t help but think it. A few weeks in and she was already a college cliché. Betty Cooper did not have one night stands with random strangers when she’d had too much to drink. In fact, it was one of the reasons why she didn’t have too much to drink. There was no way in hell she was going to be able to navigate her way out of this situation gracefully, already resigned to the fact that she was going to make an utter fool of herself in front of her ‘hook up’.

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PLEASE write that fic where Scully hands Mulder her pantyhose when she has a date with a coworker. I need more!!!!!

Agent Brewer from Human Resources is a nice enough man. Roguish but polite and if watercooler talk is to be believed, very well endowed with a talented mouth to boot. He’s perfect for a one night stand and Scully doesn’t feel the least bit guilty for standing him up. She’s got a territorial Spooky sulking around with a half hard cock instead.

Mulder tries to act apathetic as she confirms her dinner reservation over the phone but she catches the minuet clench of his jaw when she says “my date and I”. Scully grins. When invited, his jealousy was arousing, sexy, even.

“Thank you,” Scully says to the lady on the phone and ends the call. Mulder looks up from his report and, to his credit, keeps his face neutral but chews the eraser of his pencil, a simple nuance that means he’s nervous. He may be the Oxford-trained psychologist and legend of the VCU but she knows his tells. The man has never once beaten her at a game of poker.

“Tosca?” he asks. “That’s pricey for a first date. Is he paying?”

Scully mmhms and leans back in her chair, arms crossing under her chest to show off her cleavage. She splurged on lingerie last payday, simple lace but effective against a visual creature like Mulder. “Jason is a gentleman,” she says and tugs at the collar of her blouse, purposely revealing a silky black strap.

His tongue flicks out to wet his lips. Another tell. “It sounds like he just wants to get in your pants.”

“Is that such a bad thing? I have a sex drive, Mulder. One that can’t be satisfied with porn.” It can, however, be satisfied with a vibrator and the fantasy of Mulder bending her over the desk but tonight, Scully wants the real deal.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Scully.”

“And why’s that?”

“Stranger danger.” He takes the pencil from his mouth and rolls it between his fingers. “You never know who might have a possessed tattoo.”

She stands up and moves to his side of the desk. Interrogation 101—make your suspect uncomfortable. “No other reason?” She asks, hand sliding up his forearm. “Nothing of a…more personal nature? Conflict of interest, maybe?”

“Purely professional.”

“That’s a shame. Your possessiveness is only a turn-on when you intend to put it to good use.”

Mulder bristles. “Possessive? I am not possessive for thinking you deserve more than a booty call.”

“And what do you think I deserve, mister with the evil government lackey for an ex wife?” If he can bring up Jerse, then Diana is fair game. All’s fair in love and war, right?

“Someone who sees you as more than a pair of tits. Someone who finds your scientific babbling interesting.”

Scully snorts at that. Such a kissass. It’s a skill undoubtedly learned from his socialite upbringing. “Someone who thinks my autopsy scrubs are sexy? And my skepticism?”

“Those are arguably your best qualities.”

She steps out of her flats. Wine and cheese didn’t work last time so a more direct approach is needed. She slips a hand up her skirt—the tight grey one Mulder always checks out her ass in—and pulls her pantyhose to her knees. There’s no need to take it slow. They’ve had seven years of foreplay.

“Does this person get hard at the thought of me wearing new lingerie that I bought with him in mind?”

Fight or flight is kicking in and he’s visibly shaking from the adrenaline. Scully wonders if she’s gone too far, that he’s going to bolt past her but he surprises her by reaching out and taking her hand. “He’d be a fool not to.”

There’s an undeniable heady, lusty feel in the air now and it only grows heavier when Scully kicks off her pantyhose. She holds its for a moment, feeling the damp crotch before dropping it in Mulder’s lap.

“Then he needs to grow a pair and finally take what’s his.”

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I miss "The times people presumed Chloe & Beca were a couple". Could you please write a part 3? They're great haha

Haha YES! Gosh I’d forgotten all about these and I absolutely loved writing them :) so here’s another one for you!

[pt.1 - ‘Lectures’ & pt.2 - ‘Ice cream’ can be found here]

The times people presumed Chloe & Beca were a couple.. - Money


It was only on a very rare occasion that Beca would ever be out and about with both her boyfriend Jesse, and one of her best friends Fat Amy. Yet here she was, queuing inside the movie theatre, ready to see yet another dumb sci-fi movie picked by her boyfriend (”Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be amazing though Beca! Said to be the best movie of 2014. Trust me, you’ll love it!”).

Beca’s only consolation was the popcorn that was served in huge portions and was always warm. Delicious. Plus Jesse always paid. Bonus. So there the three of them stood, patiently waiting their turn to be served at the snack kiosk.

Jesse reeled off their usual order (”Two large sweet popcorns and an extra large coke to share”) but just as he reached into his back pocket he froze, furrowing his brow. Beca, who was already somewhat moody to be spending a Friday evening partaking in her least favourite activity, rolled her eyes, “What are you doing, idiot? Just give the guy the money and lets go!”

But Jesse had begun feeling in his jacket pockets, his expression dropping, “Shit! I forgot my wallet!”

“Ha-ha very funny…” Beca said in an un-amused tone, but the young man continued to panic.

“I-I’m serious Beca! I left my wallet at home!”

“Wha-? How did you get the tickets if you forgot your wallet?” Fat Amy asked, clearly just as confused as Beca, who now had her arms crossed over her stomach impatiently.

“I picked them up this afternoon and just put them in my pocket!” Jesse said with a sigh, and motioned to Beca, “You’re gonna have to pay, babe.”

Beca grimaced at the nickname that he still insisted on calling her, despite her protests, but right now she was caught up in how annoyed she was with him. 

Great, so not only was she forced to come here, she now also had to pay for their snacks?! Beca rolled her eyes, sighed heavily, and pulled her phone out of her jeans pocket. She had no money on her, but she kept her cards in her phone case. Except, as Beca rifled through them, she couldn’t see her bank card.

“Ugh great. I don’t have my bank card on me.” she said, turning her back on the cashier on purpose. She saw Jesse furrowing his brow as he looked down at her collection of cards.

“What do you mean you don’t have your bank card on you?” He asked.

“I dunno, Chloe had it last night and must’ve forgotten to give it back to me.” Beca said with a shrug while she put the cards back in her phone case.

“What was Chloe doing with your bank card??” Jesse asked, his tone noticeably lower. More brooding. But before Beca could respond, Fat Amy interjected.

“They’re always borrowing each others bank cards.”

“They are?” Jesse asked in surprise, looking to Beca who didn’t really think it was such a big deal, “So Chloe knows your passcode?”

“Well yeah, how else is she going to use it?” Beca said with a furrowed brow and a small grin, wondering why Jesse was acting so weird. 

“Because…well I don’t even know your passcode! And I’m your boyfriend!” 

“Chill out dude, it’s just money.” Beca said, become somewhat defensive.

“Yeah but Beca it’s your money! Not Chloe’s! Why is she spending your money?”

“I spend her money all the time, it’s only fair she’s allowed to spend mine too!” Beca protested, and the couple hadn’t noticed the awkward glances from the people around them, Fat Amy included.

“Beca, friends don’t use other friends’ bank cards, only married couples do!” Jesse tried to reason, and while Beca could think of so many ways to answer, Fat Amy unfortunately got there first.

“Well they do kinda act like wives around each other in The Bellas house…” the Australian said before looking guiltily at the couple who turned to her. Jesse looked confused. Beca looked annoyed.

“What does that mean?” Jesse asked as he turned back to Beca. But in all honesty, she had no idea. Sure the Bellas had joked on many an occasion that Beca and Chloe spent a lot of time together. That they shared everything. That they bickered but in an odd affectionate sort of way. Just like they would if they were married. Chloe had even called Beca her ‘wife’ jokingly one day, and Beca had actually found it quite funny. But she never thought of it as an issue until she caught her boyfriend’s eyes.

“It doesn’t mean anything Jesse! You know what The Bellas are like!” she said defensively, but her boyfriend scoffed.

“Beca, you and Chloe are essentially sharing a bank account!” 

“No we’re not!”

Yes you are!”

“We have a bank account each, so no we’re not!” Beca yelled.

“You have two bank accounts between you that you both use! You’re in more of a relationship with her then you are with me!!” Jesse yelled finally, and suddenly their expressions dropped as they realised the lobby they were stood in had gone quiet. The couple cleared their throats. 

“Uhh…” Fat Amy began with a long high-pitched drawl, “Why don’t I pay for these and you two…take a seat in the theatre maybe…?” she suggested, stepping between them holding a $20 note and handing it to the cashier, who seemed to have turned pale due to the intensity of the quarrelling couple.

“You’re ridiculous.” Beca muttered under her breath to her boyfriend as they walked side-by-side into the movie theatre.

“Yeah well at least I’m not in denial about my feelings for my best friend.” he retorted in a grumpy tone and that was the last straw. Beca turned on the spot and made her way back out of the theatre, “Hey, where are you going?” Jesse called after her, but she didn’t turn to look at him, instead responding in a loud, angry, sarcastic voice:

“Home to my wife!”

And Beca stormed past Fat Amy who had a bucket of popcorn in each arm. The Australian turned back to Jesse who was rolling his eyes and she shrugged before making her way into the movie theatre and taking the seat next to the Trebles captain.

There is this older woman who comes into my store and always likes to hug us. Like last week I was putting out some back stock and she comes up and ask if she can hug me. So we hug and then she goes on to tell me how much she appreciates me and what I do because our job isn’t easy. It’s so easy to forget there are people out there who actually appreciate you and don’t see you as some lazy employee with an effortless job. We all know that is definitely not the case. These jobs can be very demanding and stressful. It’s nice to be noticed. Then another lady came by a minute later and knocked an entire first level of product behind the other ones without care :)

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You know, I love that scene with Jon and Gilly in ADWD. I never expected him to be so pragmatic or ruthless, but I love that development. I'm excited to see how TWoW pans out for him...

Oh gosh I love it. Even before that scene though, Jon drops a subtle hint to Mel and Stannis that Mance’s kid doesn’t have king’s blood and that he won’t become a king just because Mance dies. They appear to buy it. 

Then we have the scene with Gilly, who offers to take both kids with her and he’s like NOPE NOT GONNA HAPPEN. As she’s crying Jon thinks YOUR TEARS WON’T WORK ON ME. 

Gilly is pleading, says that a mother can’t leave her son, that her and Sam saved him from the cold and he’s like oh really? Well fire is way worse. LETS HAVE A DEMONSTRATION SHALL WE. And then he forces her to HOLD HER HAND OVER THE CANDLE UNTIL IT BURNS HER. 

He’s like fire is an awful way to die, and then he lays on the guilt: if you don’t take the other kid you’re condemning him to a cruel painful death. 

He says he’ll make sure Gilly’s kid is well cared for and that he’ll learn to read - and you get the feeling he’s only saying this to appease her and Sam? 

Then he’s all, YOU WILL DO WHAT I TELL YOU, or else when Mance’s kid is burned, YOUR KID WILL DIE TOO. Threatening the mother AND the kid now, Jon? Holy fuck that’s cruel. He utterly destroys her and you can see it in Sam’s chapters.

Ironically he didn’t need to do all of this anyway this because Mel implies they’re just using the boy as a hostage. Mel “burns children for king’s blood” is his brain child so that he can be one step ahead in the game. But it’s not completely irrational because Mel is cray cray and she does eventually burn Shireen.

Oh and switching the kids is also why he sends Maester Aemon, a 100 year old blind elderly man to the Citadel, who Jon knows will probably die at sea before he gets there. 

And…he does.






Themes= 😊 ,🌟 (I’m going to say that this is a Fluff one-shot simply because I don’t know what else it is. 

Summary: Is it possible to be your muses muse?
Characters= Sehun X Dresa (Written in third person)

A/N: So this was a birthday request by a special reader who has been reading my work for as long as I can remember I hope you had an awesome day and I hope you enjoyed the one-shot. Thanks for always supporting me :)

Dresa was really quiet and timid; most of the time she sat in the corner and stared. Drinking in every single detail that her surroundings held. She was curious to say the least but she understood that curiousity wasn’t always what people admired so she decided keeping herself to herself was best. She sat in the corner of her art class staring at the subject that she was painting.

Oh Sehun.

The man was stunning but above all else he was art. His jaw was perfectly sculpted and his eyes perfectly carved, besides the warm fuzzy feeling she felt when walking past him in the hallways she believed that he was truly a master piece; all emotions aside. His height was spectacular and his slender fingers always seemed to move with such diligence and precision. She watched as he stared at the bouquet of flowers in front of him, slowly stroking his brush up and down on his canvas. She had seen his works around the school and he was a great artist. So good in fact that the school had sponsored him to be their official ‘piece decorator’ word around school was that his final piece was to be hung in the school plaza. The plaza was arguably the face of the establishment and so it had to be top notch.
Dresa’s eyes seldom wandered from his face as she slowly moved her brush around the canvas, occasionally dipping it into the acrylic to mix the perfect colours for his skin shade. Soft music was playing in the back, the teacher encouraging a relaxing environment. ‘Relaxation is when art is at its finest.’ Is what he always used to say before turning on the radio.
She cocked her head to the side; intrigued by the way Sehun dipped his brush into the paint. He was trying a new technique that she had never seen him use before.

“Yo that girl…She’s been staring at you for hours now.” His friend Junmyeon whispered as he elbowed him lightly. He himself was an art expert but simply not as good as Oh Sehun.

“Hmm?” Sehun raised his brow as he paused moving his brush against the canvas and turned his head in her direction.
Dresa’s heart thumped as he turned to look at her. She quickly whipped her head down at her painting of his side profile. Was she staring too hard? Did he notice? It was daunting to say the least but in a positive way in which she hadn’t the words to describe. He continued to look at her though she was no longer looking at him, and then slowly turned to look back at the bouquet of flowers on the table ahead of him.

“She’s always staring.” Junmyeon whispered again as he put his brush down to look at Sehun’s work.

“Really? I’ve never noticed…” Sehun lied looking towards his right at his friend.

“Yeah she does. They call here lady mystére.” Junmyeon chuckled under his breath as he picked up his brush again. “Ah…. Oh Sehun, when will I ever be a better artist than you?”

“Lady Mystére? Why?”

Junmyeon shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “I don’t know? But she’s weird…”

“Hmm? I wouldn’t say weird…maybe just quiet.” Sehun mumbled as he began to paint again.

“Ten hours is up! Brushes down”

Dresa looked up at her teacher; he was a short man with the roundest, reddest cheeks that she had ever had the pleasure of witnessing. His cheeks shook as he continued to speak.

“I’m a creative man so I have a creative mind.” He smiled as he stood at the front of the class with a red crayon in his hand. “So let’s share art pieces shall we?! With positive criticism comes positive change does it not?”

Dresa’s eye’s opened wide in panic as she stared down at her finished portrait piece of Oh Sehun. How could she share this? How could she let him see this? They’d never had to share art pieces before, she never had to share the dozens of other Sehun pieces that she’d painted, she bit her lip nervously thinking of what to do. But her hands were tied.

“Kim Junmyeon how about we start with this beautiful piece that I can see ahead of me.”

Junmyeon nodded as the rest of the class began to reorganise themselves in positions so that were easy to see his art piece. He cleared his throat as he began to describe his work.
“Well this piece is called ‘sombre et lumineux’. It’s where the dark meets the light. I wanted to represent human emotion, when an individual meets happiness, but I wanted to show rapid transition in emotion; hence the use of sharp and solid colours, not a lot of mixing.” He bowed his head as a chorus of claps sounded throughout the room.

“Mr Oh? Would you like to go next?” Your teacher raised a brow at him.

“Nah!” Junmyeon slapped Sehun’s back making the taller man jerk forward. “Save the best ‘til last, hmm?”
Sehun gave a shy small smile as he dipped his head down towards his chest.

“Fine. How about you?” Her teacher asked.
Dresa noticed that his finger was pointing directly at her and now the whole class turned to look at her. Including Oh Sehun. Her heart began to pound against her chest as felt slightly dizzy. She shook her head. It wasn’t the positive criticism she was scared of receiving but it was the fact that she’d look like an obsessive creep for painting Sehun.

“Come on, I’m sure it’s not that bad…we all have to show our pieces anyway why don’t you just get it out of the way?” Junmyeon smiled as he walked over to her.

“Stop.” She stuck her hand out so that her flattened palm collided with his chest. She heard a few gasps from around the room. Sehun stared at her and raised his brow at her in astonishment as she stared at her staring at Junmyeon. He had never heard the girl speak before. Her voice was quiet yet assertive. “I’m ashamed of my piece and I’m not ready to show mine.” She pushed Junmyeon back; he lingered stunned by her voice and then went back to sit in his seat.

“Okay… Maybe you’d care to show it after the break. There are no exceptions to this new rule.” The Teacher frowned as he turned his attention to the other students.

One by one everyone showcased their pieces including Sehun. Who had appeared to call his work ‘bouquet’ for a creative man, he didn’t seem to have an original creative ideas.

“Let’s take an hour break. We’ll begin evaluation later on.” The teacher dismissed the class. Dresa let out a shaky sigh as she left the room; she was so close to being caught. She walked down the corridors and sat in her favourite location. The dark room. Room 110. She was sure by now that everyone was aware that she stayed in this room. She was also aware of her nick name. “Lady Mystére.” But keeping herself to herself wasn’t a bad thing. She stayed in the dark room for a reason. Number one, it gave her peace and quiet and number two she was working on a project. She slowly took out the sandwich from her bag which she had prepared at home. Tuna and cucumber. Munching slowly she thought about the near miss she had just had. She slid her hand into the front of her bag to retrieve her phone.

“Oh crap.” She hissed, she must have left it behind. She quickly dropped her bag and stood up so that she could go back to the room in which she just left. Her body moved swiftly between people down the corridor, they were all staring at her as though she were a mythical creature but she was used to it. Quickly she opened the door of the art room and her heart began to pound as she looked ahead of her.

Oh Sehun.

He was alone in the class room, sitting at her stool his eyes fixated on her painting.
His eyes fixated on himself.
His gaze lifted slowly to meet hers when he realised he was no longer the only one in the room. It was silent for a few seconds and Dresa was breathing heavily, her palms were sweaty and she felt a sense of dread and embarrassment overcome her.

“I wanted to see what you were so ashamed of…” He said softly as he looked back at the painting. “But everything is…perfect. My nose, and eyes…wow. You’re better than me honestly.” He rose from the stool and walked slowly towards her. He then pulled two stools from the nearest table and positioned them between himself and her. Sitting down on one he stared at her shocked form as she was clutching her dress in her hands. “Sit? I don’t bite.” He smiled softly but his eyes remained quizzical. “I’m honoured.” He pointed over his shoulder at the painting keeping his eyes on her as she lowered herself to the stool.
Dresa was shaking now, he was speaking to her. Now he knew that she existed she was now a living breathing entity that crossed paths with him and that made her feel anxious.
“You don’t speak very much do you?” He said quietly as though not to frighten her. Her eyes were still wide as she stared at him. “Why did you paint me?” He asked staring intently at her.

She shrugged her shoulders, knowing all too well why she did.

He stared at her a little longer; the dimensions of her face were perfect. She was weird-looking, in the most celestial way possible. He noticed that she didn’t blink very often and she was extremely still. His eyes widened as a thought popped into his mind. He cleared his throat as he leaned in a little closer making her lean backwards.

“I have a weird proposal. Would you meet me tomorrow?” His eyes rested on hers as he awaited her answer.

“Why?” Was all she said and his eyes opened wide at the sound of her voice, he swallowed hard as he was caught off guard. He found that he nervously began to play with his fingers.

“I want to paint you.”

She stood outside of Sehun’s house. It was big and tasteful, shrubs and bushes rich in the colour green lined the pathway to the brown brick house in the centre, it seemed as though the house had three floors. Why she had agreed to it she didn’t really know but she felt oddly compelled her muse had requested to paint her, she was about to experience being Sehun’s protégé. The man of her dreams wanted to paint her; she would have to be a fool to pass up that offer. What he would do with it she didn’t know, but she didn’t care much either. She pressed the bell and knocked just to be double sure. She wore a simple black dress; deep down she wished she wore something more appealing but she didn’t have the confidence to be sexy; so she remained looking like the ‘mysterious girl that hangs out in the dark room.’
The door opened slowly revealing Sehun standing tall beside the door.

“You came.” His eyes widened as the scanned her body as though checking she was free of weapons, it was dark and cold outside and he felt the wind sweep around his ankles. “Please, come inside.” He stepped aside and let her in, shutting the door behind her.
Dresa looked around, the house seemed basic and it was very heart warming, most of the décor that surrounded the place was made of mahogany. “Come.” He led the way, as they walked up two flights of stairs and ended up on the third floor, he continued to walk all the way to the furthest door pushing it open as the hinges creaked. “I really need to oil that up.” He mumbled to himself as he stood aside and let her in. An overwhelming smell of paint filled her senses almost knocking her back. She could she palettes tubs and tubes of paint littering the floor, and old paint stained calico fabric protecting the floor boards, he had already set up two stools in the middle of the room and Dresa couldn’t help but realise how close in proximity they were to each other, she could already feel him staring into her soul. “You can take a seat.” He stretched his arm out towards one of the stools as he closed the door lightly behind them.
Dresa stared up around the walls in awe as she slowly made her way towards the stool. There were numerous paintings all signed and dated. A range of different colours and emotions pouring from them. There were 20 at least.

He took two big steps forward and sat on the stool in front of Dresa; picking up his palette and brush.

“I didn’t ask…which was so rude of me. What’s your name?” He looked at her directly in the eyes. He wasn’t smiling this time as it looked as though he was trying to figure it out. “I’m sure it’s something other than Lady Mystére?”
She raised a brow in astonishment, he had heard of her? She felt her arms becoming sweaty as he eyes began to scan her face. He frowned and shook his head. Her heart thumped against her chest. What did she do? Did he realise that he no longer wanted to paint her? Wasn’t she good enough to hang on his wall of masterpieces? “No this won’t do.” He muttered to himself as he stood up placing the items in his hand down. She watched him walk over to the side as he brought back a wet-wipe. “Could you remove your makeup? I want to capture your raw beauty.” He cocked his head to the side as he handed the wipe down to her. Dresa let out a shaky breath as she hesitantly took the wipe from his hand. She swallowed hard as she set about wiping the little makeup she had on, off of her face. “I’m sorry…That was insensitive of me. I just really want to capture beauty in it’s deepest dimension you know. All things natural.” He reached his hand and traced his thumb over her plump lip as he squinted ever so slightly, he then lightly grabbed her jaw with his hand as he turned her head slowly to the side; inspecting her side profile. “Truly ethereal.” He whispered as he pulled her face back to where it was. He swallowed. “Crap. I’m so sorry. I just get really passionate. I haven’t made you uncomfortable have I?”
She shook her head slowly, her heart threatening to burst out of her ribcage at the lingering sensation of Sehun’s thumb on her lips. He had grazed her so carefully and accurately. He picked the items back up from the stool and sat down again. “I still don’t know your name or would you rather I didn’t know?”
She shook her head lightly as he stared at her intensely. He smiled at her as he raised a brow. “I guess you are mysterious, hmm?”

Hours later and Sehun was just finishing up the piece. “You’re an amazing subject…an absolute pleasure to paint.” Dresa watched as his lips lightly smacked against each other as he spoke, making a Kaleidoscope of butterfly’s swarm in her stomach. He lightly placed his palette and brush down as he turned to look between her and the painting. The canvas was huge and it was overwhelming for Dresa to see her face on such a large scale; accurately impersonated. “So do you like it?” He asked her. She gave a curt nod. “Wow a woman of little words, hmm?”
She looked down at her hands as she began to fidget with her fingers.
“I’ve seen you around Lady Mystére.” Sehun said quietly as though he were telling her a secret. “You keep yourself to yourself, I’ve noticed. I’ve noticed you staring at me too, though I never imagine that I was your muse. Maybe I intrigue you as much as you intrigue me?” Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open as she listened to him speak. She intrigued him? But how?

He hissed as he stomped his foot roughly on the ground.
“Shit. I got your lips wrong.” He squinted at his painting in frustration; the lips were pretty much dry now as that was where he had decided to start. He stroked it lightly with his fingers and for a crazy split second Dresa felt as though she could also feel the sensation of his touch on her own lips. “This…this isn’t as…attractive.” He looked at her real lips. But he didn’t lift his gaze; he reached for her lips again gliding his thumb against them. “Yours are so much more plump…” He whispered to her. “Your lips are truly…beautiful. I’ve not captured them well enough.” He leaned forward in his stool and stared at her lips. She could feel his hot breath on her face as she held her gaze. She stood up from her stool so as to leave, but he lightly pushed her back down again, before he covered her mouth with his own. He slowly moved his lips against hers and she felt a burst of passion and wave of heat rip through her body.
His breath tasted like peppermint and his lips were soft against hers. She pushed away softly, her body felt limp but she found the strength to stand regardless.

“I’ll go now.” Was all she whispered
His eyes widened as he looked at her walk towards the door, her speech always shocked him. He forgot she had a voice.

“Thank you Lady Mystere. You were a pleasure to paint. See you next week.”

There was a hum and buzz in the corridor leading towards the school plaza; she struggled to make her way through the crowd as she felt eyes staring at her. ‘There she is’ ‘Look it’s her.’ She heard people whisper as she snaked her way closer to the plaza. What was going on she thought to herself?

“….Yeah it’s Sehun’s new piece, I’m shocked he’d do that.” She heard a female say as she walked past her and finally squeezed her way into the plaza. She looked up at the brick wall towards where everyone was facing. Her mouth hung open as she looked up at the painting above her and the placard directly below it.

“Lady Mystére.”

“You’re my final piece. I wanted to share your raw beauty, plus you seem to be the staple of this school maybe you’ll even go down in history. Do you like it?” She heard a familiar voice say from beside her. She looked up to see Oh Sehun smiling up at his painting. “I’m sorry about last night… I… I was overwhelmed by how Elysian you come across.” He stressed. “I don’t think I have ever been intrigued by a woman quite so much, besides your touch of mystery only intrigues me further. Also I was meant to ask…would you let me keep the painting you made of me? It’s breathtaking. I promise I’m not vain, but your artistry is… on another level I’d love for you to teach me a few techniques one day.” He chuckled as her eyes widened. Her muse wanted to be her protégé in a sense. She nodded in response as she opened her mouth to speak.


“Hmm?” Sehun raised his brow as he focused his attention on her form.

“My name is Andresa. And yes you can have the painting.”

He smiled at her.
“Wow… your name is lovely… I have one more proposal.”

She looked up at him as she waited for him to speak.

“Will you let me paint you again?”

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harmonizer0327  asked:

How do you forget somoene that you love really hard but she's just a Friend and you know she love you but not the way that you love her !! (Sorry it's my english is bad i'm french)

Hey, well sometimes you’ll fall for people you can’t be with and I know it sucks. And all advice I can give you is just to be patient and try and move on. If they don’t want you, then they don’t. It’s doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you at all, just that sometimes you’ll fall for people who will never feel the same way.

So try and move in and focus on others. There will come along others that will love you and who will want to be with you. So just be patient!
Try to not be hung up on that one person and just be open for others you know?

Hopefully that helped a little

- R

Voice in the Suit of Wands

Soulmate AU where you don’t know who your soulmate is until you hear them speak.


Rated T for language.


“Ugh…”   Lucy groaned into her folded arms while Mirajane and Cana, who had fast become her friends in the wake of the past few months, respectively patted her head and stared at her exasperatedly. 

“Lucy, this is your fourth time this month that you’ve been here…  You know you can’t push these kinds of things.”  Mira told her gently and Lucy felt her throat clench.  

“You need to get a grip, girl.  We can only do so much.”  Cana sighed and Lucy eyed her scornfully from behind her hair that had fallen over her face.  Cana’s gaze softened a bit and she continued.  “Besides, Mira is right, you really can’t rush this process.  We can only help a little, this is a natural thing.”

“I know, but…”  Lucy groaned again and sighed in defeat.  There she was, in all her hopeless romantic glory, at the ‘Soul’s Destiny’ soulmate locater.  How lame is that?

Soulmates were of prevalence in the world that Lucy lived in.  Lucy spent most of her adult life watching her friends find their soulmates while she was left cheering them lamely on and biting her tongue to keep herself from cursing the ground that her soulmate stood on.  She was twenty three and already decided that she was, in fact, going to die alone.

The only way to know if you have found your soulmate was to hear them speak; it was a different reaction for each pair, so Lucy didn’t entirely know what to expect.  She talked to a lot of people because of this, she was a natural chatter box in the right setting, but still she sat there, alone, in the agency once more. 

She knew that Cana and Mira were just being polite, but she pestered them an awful lot.  The three had become close friends, it was actually one of Lucy’s other friends, Erza, who had introduced her to the duo that ran the agency. Since she had an in, Lucy took full advantage of it and ended up really clicking with the two older girls.

“Trust me on this one, you’ve just got to give it some time.  If you keep thinking about it, it’s going to consume your brain, and that’s not healthy.”  Mira fretted and Lucy lifted her head up to meet their gaze.

“I know, I know, but it’s so hard seeing everyone so happy.  I mean, you have Laxus!  And Cana has Bacchus no matter the fact that their relationship is fueled by alcohol.”

“Hey!  It’s fueled by the love of alcohol.”  Cana intervened and Mira gave her a patronizing glance.  “And the love we have for each other.”

“Either way, I think that it’s just not going to happen.”  Lucy threw her hands up, “Whoever my soulmate is can choke on it.”  Lucy glared at the mahogany desk the two girls were sitting behind.

“You don’t mean that…”  Mira soothed her and Lucy felt like throwing herself on the ground and having an adult fit.

“You’re only twenty three, Lucy, chill.”  Cana pointed out and Lucy felt panic rise in her chest.

Only?!  That’s practically thirty and then I’ll be expected to have kids!  But if I don’t have my soulmate by then, I won’t be able to have kids unless I adopt or have artificial insemination!  And if I don’t do any of that, I’m bound to die an old hag!  I am screwed.”

“Geez, are all writers this dramatic?”  Cana scoffed and Mira looked as though she were biting back a laugh of her own.

“Lucy, Lucy, calm down.  You are not going to die an old hag, you’re way too pretty to be a hag anyways, but that’s not the point.”  Mira patted Lucy’s hands and Lucy tried to steady her breathing.  “Why doesn’t Cana read your cards once more?”

“Aw hell…”  Cana groaned and Lucy started to feel terrible.

“N-no, it’s fine.  I’m just going to go home now.”  Lucy sighed and smiled at the girls.  “You two are great, thanks.”

“Wait!  Let me do one more reading…”  Cana shrugged and pulled out her tarot cards.  There was some magic behind what Mira and Cana did to help people find their soulmates.  Cana had a natural gift for tarot card readings, but she strictly stuck with being a matchmaker.  She didn’t do readings outside of that, like telling people the goods and the bads about their lives.  She didn’t want people to blame her for anything terrible that happened to them, and she also didn’t like seeing something terrible in the cards for someone.  Mira used a special lacrima orb that helped her catch glimpses of what people’s soulmates may look like.  Sometimes it was the color of their eyes or hair, what gender they were, and even what they smelled like, but it was never what their voices sounded like.

“Huh, that’s weird.”  Cana muttered as she flipped over her cards.  It startled Lucy’s thoughts and she quickly flicked her gaze over to the brunette.

“What is it?”  Lucy asked eagerly and Cana frowned down at her cards.

“Well,”  She began, fixing the cards so they were perfectly lined up with one another, “You’ve conjured the ‘Suit of Wands’.”  

“And that means..?”

“It represents the element of fire.  The Suit of Wands tarot is associated with primal energy, much like fire, spirituality, inspiration, that’s good for your writing, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition, and expansion.  The wands can represent the times in your life when things just seem to fit together perfectly, almost uncannily.”  Cana stared down at her cards in wonder, she always looked so full of mystery when she did a reading.  “I think this is an extremely fantastic reading, Lucy.  It’s hard to get the full Suit of Wands to come up in a reading.  I think this is very good.”  

“R-really?”  Lucy’s heart fluttered and Cana broke into a broad smile, nodding. “That’s great!”

“That sounds wonderful, Lucy!  Thank you Cana.”  Mira clasped her hands over her chest and then stood up, disappearing in their back room through the tapestry that hung in the doorway.  “I’d like to take a look in my orb one more time to see if anything ties with Cana’s reading.”  She called and Lucy smiled softly; this was why she came to the girls, they were an amazing team.

Mira hastily returned, biting her bottom lip, her brow creased.  “Well, I did get something.”  Mira started and Lucy found herself leaning in in anticipation.  “I get the feeling that there is a strong relation between your soulmate and one or two people that you know in your life…  But that’s all that I really was able to see.”  Lucy pondered the thought for a moment, she’d need more time to think that part of it over.

“That’s great, thank you both!”  Lucy hugged the girls tightly before setting out to leave.

“Don’t come back here anytime soon!”  Cana waved and Lucy giggled.

“I hope I won’t have to!”

“We’ll see you next weekend, right?”  Mira questioned and Lucy nodded not forgetting the plans that they had made with everyone.

“Of course!”

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Snowed under by your love - Chapter 4.

Okay so this one came by pretty quickly to me but am not sure if the next one will come out at the same pace. Thank you all for all the love and encouragement you’ve been showering me with. It’s the reason why I keep writing. 

My jonsa soul sister @kitten1618x who is my alpha and beta is truly meticulous and thorough in her editing and I am not happy with my writing until she is. So thank you very much, Love!!

Special mention to @becky217 for the prompt response and feedback. @fedonciadale @accuritefish @littledove @mommyandherblog @icequeen28 @hopepeaceandblackgirlmagic @geekprincess26 @lanamv96 @vervainqueen7 @annarosym @treehillraven23-blog @iqqsgonnabeokay @broadwaysprincess @trinuviel @justbrie @castalya @jami-elite @sestamibi-baby @cute-poison20102014 @hyojung12 @sweatysnow @vale110391 @tamica76 @longlivetheyoungwolf @teddyduchess @riahchan @bethnoel @amnex @twilight-sparx @nina2406 @nat111love @eternallyvain @tayanassayag @ronarch2671 @yol101 @unimportantpoetry @myownblueworld @graceverse @m-s-21 @vitvill98 @sansajons @poprox012-blog @devonmorgan1 @redwolf1283 @strangebirds1202 @ralphy246 @littlebird-whitewolf Thank you all for the replies, comments, likes and reblogs..

Because I am not yet on Ao3 and I’m not sure if you’d like to be tagged, please feel free to to leave a reply or message or ask if you’d like to be tagged. Thank you so much for your patience!!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Sansa let the warm water run down her hair, in the shower.  Today had been the toughest day of her life and, she was physically, mentally and emotionally drained out of every single ounce of energy. Can one really outrun destiny? I guess not, she thought. Karma was a bitch and it did come to bite you in the ass. She’d known when she had made the decision of raising Lyanna alone that if the day ever came that Jon Snow found out about his daughter, both their lives would be irreversibly changed. She had panicked when Jon told her about dragging her to the court about Lyanna. Her mind had painted before her, a thousand scenarios of Lyanna standing in a witness box, Lyanna being interviewed by strangers and so many other scary situations for her little baby that she’d forgotten that Jon COULDN’T BE SURE that Lyanna was his. And she had slipped. She had given him the conformation, he was looking for. She’d told him Lyanna was his daughter, after almost five years of keeping the fact hidden from him. And Jon had reacted exactly like she had expected him to react. In fact, knowing Jon Snow, it could’ve been far worse.

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lyta-zods  asked:


Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

Who asks the other on dates: Benvolio ask at least twice, Rosaline has to scoff first, just for old times sake.
Who is the bigger cuddler:- Rosaline, when she’s sleeping or trying to get to sleep especially. She’ll deny this if you make it public though and Benvolio will just smirk and shake his head because he knows the truth.
Who initiates holding hands more often: Benvolio
Who remembers anniversaries: They both do
Who is more possessive: They both feel very strongly in this regard
Who gets more jealous: Benvolio, openly. Rosaline, not so openly
Who is more protective: Both
Who is more likely to cheat: Neither, loyalty is everything now that they have each other
Who initiates sexy times the most: Rosaline, Benvolio is pleasantly surprised at first
Who dislikes PDA the most: Rosaline
Who kills the spider: Rosaline
Who asks the the other to marry them: Benvolio asked
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Benvolio
Who would bring up possibly having kids: Rosaline
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: They don’t talk about that and what could have been. It’s too painful
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: No couch, but Benvolio has a spot all his on the floor now.
Who tries to make up first after arguments: The stubborn standoff is real in this house but probably Rosaline
Who tells the other they love them more often: Benvolio

This is the first thing I’ve ever written and now you all get to suffer. What the heck is an ending????? @luciferhimshelf here you go bud

She was late again. He could see her running towards the classroom door from the window and prepared for the inevitable crash once she would reach it. There was a telltale thwump and the door burst open to reveal a panicked Marinette Dupain-Cheng. It was clear from her appearance that she had overslept yet again: her pigtails were uneven with bits sticking up on top of her head, her bangs had curled just slightly from the sweat on her forehead, her makeup was rushed, and he was pretty sure her shirt was on backwards. She was the prettiest thing he had ever seen.

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anonymous asked:

your last ask got me thinking. do you think it's possible daenerys literally doesn't know about robb's status as king in the north? what she knows of westeros is from history books and was heavily influenced by viserys. everyone thought d&d were just dumb again, but maybe they were trying to be clever lol.

If she doesn’t know about Robb Stark’s existence, even with Tyrion as her hand (who helped organize the war effort against the North), even with the whole continent being wrapped up in a conflict called “the war of the five kings” for years, you must think she’s a lot more incompetent than I do. I think she was just being herself – an entitled asshole. And that probably was intentional. That’s her personality.

anonymous asked:

So, I'm 18, and my sister is 15. We are in the same sports club, where i'm friends with almost everyone (most are in their mid twenties). She's been spending a lot of time with this 26 year-old guy (I know and trusted him), going out and stuff, but always as friends. What I didn't know is she has a crush on him, and as he's recently been dumped, I was told that being vulnerable and everything, he kissed her. Apparently he regrets it but I'm angry, and weirded out. What should I do ?

Hm. You could find a new sports club for the two of you to attend. That would require you to leave your friends behind though. You could have just her find a new club, but that doesn’t seem fair to her. You could ask him to leave, seeing as how he’s an adult who still made the decision to kiss a teenager.

I would suggest first requesting that he skip showing up to club meetings for a while voluntarily. If he refuses, ask your sister if she’s alright with you telling the club. If she is, then tell them and have them enforce a temporary or permanent ban.

It’s a tough situation and it might not turn out like you’d like. You need to talk it out with your sister, I think. At the very least, ask her not to be alone near him. Do what you can.

-Lou the Lobster


Guess who decided to redesign all of Caramel’s Eeveelutions?


This time, I kept in mind that Caramel absolutely has Delphox genes (she’s a Ralts, Eevee, and Fennekin hybrid - at least in her first stage), and using the way I developed to draw Delphox robes, reworked all of her designs! You can see the old designs here.

Family team meeting for Babygirl today. Was interesting. Frustrating on all sides. Bio mom wants to parent and is trying to do everything she needs to do to get baby back and her frustration at not being able to do it the way she thinks she needs to do it (cryptic enough?) is clear, and understandable in a lot of ways. She has so many services in place. SOOO many. But the chances that she will be able to do the things the department wants her to do to succeed are slim, I think. (She has had other kids removed and knows the system better than I do - was doing a pretty good job of advocating for herself and for additional services). I think often about others on here talking about how its not in their nature to be the type of person they want you to be to get your kids back. It was really sad to watch this woman, who is probably not capable of parenting, trying to navigate the super complicated system and feel like the cards are stacked against her. And, they are. There are lots of people that are not really capable of parenting, at the same level as her, that still have their kids. In some ways its simple circumstances that determines who comes into care and who doesn’t. But once they come into care, the ability to get them back, its just not there. I could be completely wrong, and maybe she will be able to do enough that they give her another chance, we’ll see. But it requires a world-view shift. Steady income and stable housing is not disability and a shelter that allows kids. And that’s a really steep hill to climb. 

I’m really not sure what is going to happen with this case. My guess at this point is it will drag out for a while. It hasn’t event been adjudicated yet - waiting on DNA testing and scheduled for next month. Although at 2 weeks in we were talking voluntary termination. So its really anyone’s guess. 

Also - Babygirl’s blog name is Ellie. 


For the anon who asked for Regina x Harry with the quote “Only need the light when it’s burning low. Only need the sun when it starts to snow. Only know you love him/her when you let him/her go.”

(Gifset requests with my OCs are open!)

(So I could have gone with Harry and Uma being together in the “when you let him go” one but ended up doing more where maybe they got in a fight. Idk, all I know is it was angst and I love my baby Regina to much and she deserves the world 😂)