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Can you do a Jeff x Reader smut maybe where he like fingers or teases the reader in public or something? ( your blog is amazing btw)

ooooh frisky Jeff 😏 btw this can either be set before Hannah kills herself, or you can be like me and pretend she never did such a thing and CLANNAH is real and everything is fine and dandy ~

598 words, Jeff Atkins/fem!reader

Jeff and you sat in a booth at Rosie’s diner, right across from Clay and Hannah. As cringey as you and Clay thought it was, Jeff had talked Hannah into getting Clay to agree to a double date. Jeff had to do a lot of convincing with you, though, as someone who preferred to be private with their relationship. The fact that it was Clay and Hannah was bearable, knowing that they were decent and good people. 

It all seemed innocent to start with, joking around with each other, teasing the other couple about how embarrassing their partner is, ordering milkshakes and fries. It was innocent, until you felt a strong, cold hand creeping along your upper thigh, eventually diving under the fabric of your skirt. The coolness of the hand made you squirm and twitch, hopefully not noticeably. Even after you got used to it being there, it still felt weird. Sideways glancing Jeff, who was talking to Clay about whatever he was being tutored in, he pretended like he was doing nothing. Out of the blue, or at least seeming so to everyone else, you laughed and blushed when you picked up on where the hand was getting at. The digits picked at the elastic of your underwear that rested between your thighs, eventually getting underneath that, too. Jeff was touching incredibly sensitive areas now, making you dive for your napkin and bring it to your face, pretending to have to wipe your mouth of food. 

“You okay, doll?” you nearly hit him with your napkin, he was so calm while saying that, though he was stroking around the edges of your vag, making you let out small hums and moans into your napkin. Why did he have to do this here? On a fucking double date too. 

God dammit, Jeff Atkins.

“Mmm-hmm, just got some stuff on my face, that’s all.” the three of them bought it, at least Clay and Hannah did. Daring to put the napkin down next to your plastic basket of fries, you started eating them and sipping your drink, as to not moan into the way he was nearly inside of you with his fingers. First one, now trying two. Hiding pleasureful noises as appreciation for good diner food, everyone let your weird behaviour slide. 

Jeff stopped after a good time messing around underneath your skirt, teasing around the insides of your thighs before he pulled out completely, excusing himself to go to the bathroom. You took the opportunity of Clay and Hannah being preoccupied with each other to fix your underwear and skirt positioning, and to try and unflustered your appearance as best you could. By the time Jeff got back, Clay said that he had some work to catch up on, and Hannah was exhausted. After hugging Jeff - and you - goodbye, they left the diner, turning back only to wink at you, giving you a thumbs up each before running happily to the car. 

You. Were. Mortified. 

“Jeff fucking Atkins, you obvious asshole!” you smacked him lightly on the shoulder, not actually that mad. All he did was laugh and tell you that your face was the dead give away. He and you argued playfully until you shut him up mid sentence with a heated kiss, right on the lips, which he returned in surrender. You held him by the wrists and brought them cheekily to where they’d started their escapade of teasing earlier on, your eyes being your words as they begged him to do it again, giving up on wanting privacy in the relationship, 


#just stop here #we all know why Betty hates this word #but she hated it even more when Archie used it as an “excuse” not to be with her #and Jughead do the same thing #even worse #Archie told her he’s not good enough for her and the way he said it doesn’t feel wrong #like he actually thinks she’s perfect girl and it’s amazing but still he doesn’t feel like he deserve her #and there’s Jughead who says it like something really wrong with her because of this and the way she is #like he despises her #nobody is really truly perfect but even if so what #what’s wrong with that? #also “you’re a cheerleader, for God’s Sakes” #that’s like the only thing that Betty really doing for herself and she’s enyoing it back off #and he’s mad that she doesn’t know what he want but he’s labeling her with “perfect girl next door” wtf #you really cross the line in this episode

  • Fat Amy: How long have you been sleeping with Chloe?
  • Beca: That's disgusting and wrong. I don't even get- why would- I- I've never had sex, with anyone anywhere. It's none of your- you have, the nerve, the audacity- Chloe is my boss, technically, and she is terrible face-wise and how- how do I know, frankly, that you're not sleeping with her? Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off. Hmm? Check and mate. This is an outrage. Who do I call?!
  • Older Cisco: Oh, so, hey, I’ve got this doohickey that stopped you, a speedster, from jumping back to the past. It can also disrupt and manipulate other metas’ powers. No big. Just threw it together. Bet younger me could figure it out in no time. Just push this button right here.
  • Older Barry: I've got this thing that locked Savitar, a speedster, in the Speed Force. Except I don't know how it works. And the person who built it took four years to do so. And you have no idea who she is or where to find her. And she may not know what you're talking about. And you've got exactly a month to save the love of your life, a thing that I couldn't manage.
  • Younger Barry: Oooo, ooo, I'll take Option B back home with me.
  • Me: . . . oh my god.

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Zen and Jumin having a little sister who is depressed and have anxiety but hides it behind her smiles, jokes and corny puns. I'm sorry if this disturbs you, I'm just really having a bad life. You don't have to do this if you're uncomfortable with it. Thank you.

Sorry, this is so late, anon. I hope you are feeling better now nonetheless, but in case you still need this to cheer you up then here you go!

– Admin Void


  • She’s the only family member that he can still tolerate, tbh
  • He calls and visits frequently. Though he wants her to come with him, knowing fully well how toxic the home environment is, his financial state isn’t stable enough yet and there’s also legalities involved. 
  • He was probably the one who fought tooth and nail with his mom to get her properly treated and diagnosed when she just brushed it off as “a teenage phase”
  • He sneaks her out of school on days she doesn’t feel well enough to be in school bc Mom wouldn’t let her stay at home

“Y/N?” You turns over to your window sill, cheeks blotchy and eyes red from crying. School stress, exams, strained friendships, endless days of unexplainable loneliness and fatique plagued your teen life. It feels so small in comparison to all the problem of the world, yet why do you feel so suffocated?

“How are you doing, little bird?” Zen falters a bit when he notices your tears, but he doesn’t comment on it. You wonder how he has managed to pick up on your sour mood when you have been nothing but jokes and memes that afternoon. ‘Brother senses tingling’ probs. “Wanna come with me? we can buy some junk food, or something nice. I dunno. Up to you.” He winks and you smile, sluggishly crawling out of bed. You two eat shit food and fishbread, joking until you could smile again without feeling guilty for having fun. 

You come to school the next morning to find your favourite teacher explaining that Zen has contacted them regarding the hard time you are having. After some negotiation with your other teachers, you have gotten extra time on some assignments and offers for extra tutoring if you need it.


  • When she was first diagnosed, he took the time to research everything so he’d get an idea of what she’s going through.
  • He comes to personally pick her up after her sessions because he knows it’s often the time she’s most vulnerable. Also, he gets to give her psychiatrists/therapists The Glare to make sure they’re still on their A-game.
  • He doesn’t understand memes but he sends the “:)” emoticon whenever she sends him a rare pepe.
  • If her anxiety makes it hard to go to school, she’d have personal tutors and Jumin probs frequently check in on her if he isn’t too busy. Chairman Han be like “I think she should be outside interacting with people” and Jumin is just like “she’s interacting with me and Elizabeth aren’t we people”

The company’s New Year party is getting a bit too loud and you regret agreeing to come along. Your stylist, friends and brother had assured you that you look great, but every glance your way sent a wave of panic through you. Have you sat on something and stained your designer dress? Did you smear your lipstick across your face and is unknowingly walking around, looking like a clown? Are you slouching too much? Talking too little? Walking too awkwardly??

Your older brother stands on a podium, giving a casual speech with a glass of champagne in hand and you wonder— how? How could he do it like that? Look like that? Be the face of the company at such a young age, while you cling desperately to anything, anything, floundering and grasping for some sort of footing in life? He suddenly catches your eye and smiles at you. “I’d also like to thank my little sister for coming tonight,” he adds and you look down, smiling timidly. Despite everything, the hidden words ring between the both of you. “Let’s toast to the new year, everyone.”

You end up leaving early at Jumin’s insistence after you briefly commented that you are feeling a bit jittery and light-headed. “Get an early rest,” he tells you after escorting you out to the car. “Hug Elizabeth for me. I’ll be home late.” Later on, when you are safely tucked in bed with a happy feline in your arm, you find a text from Jumin. “You looked great tonight. I’m proud of you.” Attached with a picture:

Some of the people say: ‘I will marry a woman who is not religious, perhaps Allah will guide her by my hands.’ And we say: ‘We are not entrusted with what will happen in the future. As for the future, we do not know about it. It may be that you marry her while desiring that Allah will guide her by your hands, however, it may be that she changes your state to what she is upon!                  

 — Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen [Sharh al-Mumti’, Kitaab an-Nikaah (p. 14)]

to my followers

I decided to close the anonymous asks tonight and take my time away from anon hate for a while. The last nights messages that I got, were out of hand. Some harassed me saying that I should have lived in the war era so I can be more thoughtful over this. Well, I am not willing to sit here get these messages from people that don’t know me. But bc there are many more nice people here that also sent me kind asks, I won’t deactivate. Instead I will just distant myself from anonymous asks for the time being. 

I’m sorry to all my followers that want to keep their identity hidden, but also talk to me. I just need some time before I can open the anonymous asks again. 

Remember that you can always come to me off anon too, and by putting a [p] in your asks, I can always answer to you in private. Also, my chat box is open to everyone. I don’t bite like the anon haters, I promise to be nice to everyone.

Thank you for your understanding and I’m sorry for all this mess you had to see.

I’m gonna stoke the flames of the blood feud between the WestAllen fans and the FlashFrost/SnowBarry fans. How? By saying that Barry and Iris’s onscreen chemistry has, for over 2 years now, felt incredibly forced to me. As a writer, I can’t stand the way they write Iris, let alone her being the fucking plot device for the season. That’s how you know a character is just there because “comics said so” in these types of shows: they turn the main love interest from the comics into a plot device to keep shit moving.

Meanwhile, Caitlin is getting the short end of the writing stick this season, and I think it’s fucking garbage. Caitlin has been hit with the stupid stick this season: she didn’t go to her friends, who have powers, for advice on how to deal with her own. Because she didn’t do that, she started developing a weird form of Alternate Personality Disorder due to the stress of having powers she doesn’t want, and the PTSD of the whole Zoom thing, as well as watching her evil counterpart die after learning what she could become, and she couldn’t get help, like therapy. Nobody would sit down and try and talk her through the whole ordeal, and it’s dumb. Especially since similar shit happened to Cisco in Season 2… it’s just bad writing.

I like FlashFrost: they have great onscreen chemistry, there’s parallels in scenes, and they just have a better on screen dynamic, since the writers clearly don’t know what the hell they are doing with Iris. 

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Not to sound dumb but how do we know captain swan canonically banged?

The pancake scene. Emma was only wearing a robe and had very messy hair (meaning she didn’t shower) and Killian was half dressed. Yeah it was morning but you don’t sleep in a robe and I don’t think Emma just casually sleeps naked. It just really screamed morning after, especially given the fact they recently got engaged and reunited. It was framed as a happy couple who really…. enjoy each other and also they were literally going to bang on that table if snow hadn’t walked in lmao and their first time wouldn’t have been on a table in the kitchen.

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ALL captains having a tall GF who is the captain of the girls basketball team. They over hear some of their GF’s teammates (mostly star struck first years) saying how they thought GF-chan could kick the guy’s butts at a game of one on one, that she’s a better captain ect. Before the guys can say or do anything their GF, who didn’t even know the guys were present, walks up to her teammates and says “If you have time to trash talk, you have time to practice. Now get going." Their reactions?

Hyuuga: Laughter follows after her teammates as they practically scurry away. Hyuuga comes over to his girlfriend’s side, making light jokes about how she was too harsh. The both of them knew that, if the roles had been reversed, he would have been just as brutal with his team.

Kasamatsu: Stunned into an awed silence, Kasamatsu stares after his girlfriend for a bit before snapping himself out of it. He’s always admired her no-nonsense attitude when it came to her team, so this incident has him thinking he’s pretty sure he’s in love with her. Though, he won’t tell her that anytime soon.

Imayoshi: He alerts her to his presence with a chuckle, striding up to her side as he stares after the first years she’d just told to scurry off. A few teasing words about just how harsh she treated her teammates escapes Imayoshi’s lips, but the both of them know he probably would’ve done the same.

Otsubo: Coming up to her side, Otsubo greets her with the usual smile and a quick peck before any of her team can see. He wonders to himself if she’d been too harsh on her first years and she can practically see the worry for her teammates on his face.

Okamura: From the moment they had started their relationship, Okamura thought his girlfriend was the coolest person in existence. This occurrence only solidified that thought as he watched from a distance how she commanded her team like a true — in his opinion — benevolent leader.

Akashi: Appreciative that she wouldn’t partake in her teammates’ silly trash talk, Akashi leaves his girlfriend and her team well enough alone. He doesn’t need to oversee her practice to know she’s working her team just as hard as he worked his. A match between them would be a great one if it ever happened.

Hanamiya: There’s a teasing in his tone when he calls out to her, asking if she’d only treated her first years that way because she knew they were wrong. Hanamiya is quick to jokingly challenge her, boasting big words about how he already knew he’d come out as the winner.

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Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)


does me not ever fucking a dude make me any “more gay” than the girl who has because she was terrified of not being “normal” or the girl who was raped by a guy in high school?

does me not dickin a dude down make me “gold?!” SOOO what’s a silver star? Like…only making out with a guy? And bronze is like…giving head? Since being GOLD clearly means
your NUMBER 1! GO YOU! You MVP of the gay games, you!
So does that make you like….a chairman in the “Board of Butches and Babes?!” Do you get to like..sit in first class of the PUSSY PLANE ?!




You sound stupid. Gold Star lesbians that refer to themselves as “Gold Star Lesbians” thinking it earns them bragging rights…

Take a seat. Actually take several.

#1. Quit sayin that shit at age 14-16. You’re a Gold Star Lesbian because you just came out and you having sex with 3 girls in your whole life and not 1 boy….doesn’t make you special. Sorry

#2. Quit sayin that shit like ever at all because I don’t see straight dudes walkin around like “yeah bro..I’m a gold star hetero. Nope. Never fucked another guy! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I deserve a golden star of accomplishment that doesn’t exist!”


Preference #31-You Get Hate (Harry)

Warning: mean people

Why is Harry even dating @Y/T/N? She’s such a loser.

I don’t know why @Y/T/N thinks she’s good enough for @HarryStyles.

@Y/T/N is such a loser. 

@Y/T/N should let Harry find someone who actually deserves him! 

Why is @HarryStyles dating @Y/T/N? It’s obvious she’s just an attention seeker!

You sighed, closing out your twitter app and putting down your phone. You expected hate from people, since you were dating Harry, but didn’t know it would be this bad.

“I’m going out for a bit, Harry,” You said, stepping into the kitchen.

“Okay, love,” Harry replied, looking up from what he was doing, his hands stilling when he caught sight of the look on your face. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine, Harry,” You murmured. You walked out of your house, before getting into your car and starting it. You drove until you arrived at the local mall, where you had planned to shop for Harry’s birthday present. You wandered through the stores, thinking about what you would get him.

“Are you….are you (Y/N)?” Someone asked. You turned around, and saw two teenage girls behind you.

“I am,” You replied. “Is there something you need?”

“We were just wondering why you’re dating Harry. What makes you think that you’re good enough for him?” The one on the right, inquired.

“It’s obvious you’re a gold digger,” The other one said.

“You don’t even know me. Quite frankly, my relationship with Harry is none of your business,” You snapped. “Goodbye.”

You walked out of the mall, their words hounding your every step. You drove back home, and went upstairs, not wanting Harry to see how upset you are.

“Love?” Harry quietly said, stepping into your room. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Harry,” You whispered, not meeting his eyes. He took a seat next to you, reaching over and taking your hand in his.

“What happened?” Harry inquired.

“I’m just….I’m so tired of the hate, Harry. I’m tired of being told that I’m not good enough for you, and that I’m only interested in your money.” You quietly said, leaning your head against his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, love. I wish that I knew how to make them stop,” Harry murmured, putting his arm around you.

“Harry,” You whispered, biting your lower lip. “Would it stop if we broke up?”

“You want to break up?” Harry quietly asked, tears in his eyes.

“No. But I want to be able to go to the store without being accosted by teenagers and told that I’m a gold digger,” You murmured.

“Let me think of a way to make it better, love,” Harry whispered. “Please.”

“Okay, Harry. I think….I think I’ll deactivate my Twitter, for a while,” You replied.

“Whatever you need to do, love,” Harry replied. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” You murmured, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Written by Angel xx

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Top 5 jily hcs? :)


  1. everyone in the whole school ships them even the teachers
  2. just as lily realises her feelings for james in sixth year he starts going out with someone else and shes like REPRESS REPRESS REPRESS
  3. as soon as they get together sirius runs into the great hall and announces it. remus and peter flip over all the tables. everyone starts screaming. mcgonagall is crying
  4. at some point over the summer between sixth and seventh year james literally. apparates to cokeworth and climbs in thru what he thinks is lily’s bedroom window at ten in the morning and petunia starts screaming and threatening to call the cops and pointing her hairdryer at him and she calls for lily who literally walks past the bedroom door and sees james sprawled on a heap in the corner with petunia’s hairdryer pointed at him and petunia’s like ‘do you know this guy’ and he’s like ‘evans!!! its me!!” and lily takes one look at him and shes like ‘ive never seen him before in my life’ and leaves him to fend for himself
  5. the distinction between “potter” and “james”

ask me my top five anything

Sebastian Aho #2.2 - Romance

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A/N - part two wooo! if you haven’t read girl problems you can find it here, but to be honest it is not imperative that you read that first

for the anon request: can you do a girl problems part 2?


“I’m telling that story at your wedding you know.” your friend commented casually referring to the night you met Seb, from her position on the couch in your flat.

“Who said anything about marriage?” you called from your bathroom where you were getting ready.

“Come on. You can’t pull that one over on me chica. It’s common knowledge that you two are going to get married one of these days. It’s only a matter of time.”

She did have a point. Two years ago today you were studying for your final exams and ran out to the grocery store in the dead of night when you happened to run into Sebastian Aho. And by run you literally meant bowled him over in the middle of the feminine hygiene products aisle. After that night, Seb learned how to live with girls, you learned that you have never loved a human being more than that awkward Finn and you had been dsting ever since. Now you were getting all gussied up for your fancy anniversary dinner before moving into an apartment together tomorrow. You swiped on your favourite red lipstick and smoothed down your black, open-back dress. You checked your reflection in the mirror and smiled.

“So… what do you think?” you asked your friend as you stepped out and around boxes so that she could see you.

“Smokin’ (Y/N).” she grinned and took another sip of her rosé, “I’d be surprised if you two even made it to the restaurant.”

Your cheeks flushed and you laughed while retreating to your room and grabbing your go-to black pumps. You heard a knock at the door and you went to open it while putting your earrings in.

“Oh no need to get up.” you teased your friend who didn’t make any indication that she was going to move from her spot watching reality TV and drinking wine on your your couch. She stuck her tongue out at you and you opened the door revealing a suit-clad Sebastian Aho obviously hiding something behind his back.

“Sepe,  you have a key to my place ____. Why didn’t you just walk in?” you grinned and kissed him quickly.

“Because then it wouldn’t be as dramatic when I did this,” he pulled his arm from behind his back and revealing the large bouquet of your favourite hydrangeas with a flourish.

“Aw, I love them!” you kissed him once more and took the flowers from him. You quickly found a cup to put them in because you knew that you didn’t have a vase and grabbed your purse off of the counter.

“Are we going back to your place after?” you asked and Sebastian nodded, “OK, I’ll see you tomorrow Meg for a fun day of moving”

She gave you a thumbs up, not moving her gaze from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode. You laughed and grabbed Sebastian’s hand as you walked out.


“Seb, what’s wrong? You’ve been fidgeting all night.” you asked once you had both finished your meal.

“… What?” he snapped out of whatever reverie he had been in pretty much since your plates got put in front of you. “Oh, I’m sorry ____, just zoned out for a second there.”

You didn’t buy it, “Are you feeling feeling okay? We can just go home and cuddle if you want.”

“No!” he said a little too forcefully making your eyebrows shoot p your forehead, “No, I am all good. Just thinking about plan for tonight.”

“Oh? Does lover boy have a romantic surprise in store?” you giggled and sipped the last of your drink.

He returned your bright smile with one of his own, “ Oh yes. Will knock your socks off.”

“Well you are on the right track already.” you grinned and stuck your foot out from under the table, emphasizing the fact that you weren’t wearing any socks to begin with.

He laughed brightly at you before motioning for the cheque. You and Sepe continued your pleasant band and forth until the bill came. He paid it quickly, leaving a large tip for the waitress, before holding his hand out like a gentleman to help you up from the table. You walked out the restaurant with his hand on your lower back, guiding you through to the exit. As you got outside you went to go call an uber but Seb protested.

“No, now is when I blow you away with my romance.”

“Okay, show me what you got.” you smiled at him. He led you down the street away from the busy city street lights and into the park he took your after your very first date. You took a familiar turn away from the main path and towards the tried-and-true gelato truck that you always seem to find your way back to after dates.

“Hey Laura,” you smiled at the familiar face in the truck

“Hey, (Y/N) and Seb!” she returned your grin when she recognized her ‘favourite couple’, “Long time no see! I guess tonight is a special night?”

“Yeah, well there isn’t much time for date night during the season,” you explain.

“Tonight is 2 year anniversary.” Sebastian supplied.

“Oh, that’s a big one! Usual?” she asked

“That’d be perfect.”

She quickly turned away and grabbed you a medium strawberry and Seb a large chocolate with caramel drizzle. You smiled and let Seb lead you farther into the park. He reached over and grabbed a spoonful from your cup making you protest and swat at him. Finally when you came to the fork in the path, you moved down the right hand side to the one where you usually went to sit by the fountain. Instead Sepe grabbed you hand and tugged you down the path less-travelled without saying a word of explanation.

“What are we doing Sepe?” you asked.

“Romance.” was the only thing he said, a little knowing-smirk tugging at his lips.

You finished your cups of gelato and you noticed briefly that Seb started to fidget almost nervously as you continued on your walk. You were content to walk in near silence, enjoying the sounds of the city at night and the warm presence of Sepe beside you. All of the sudden, Seb nudged you over to turn down a little path that was strung up with white fairy lights in the trees and along the gravel path. He led you down a couple steps and all of the sudden you turned a corner and gasped at what you saw.

There, hidden amongst the trees was a beautiful gazebo lit up with the same fairy lights the path had been. But what really shocked you was the question laid out in strategically placed pebbles on the path.

‘Marry me?’

You turned around and saw Sebastian down on one knee, diamond ring sparkling in the low light.

He opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t get the words out because you had already cried out yes and captured his mouth in a kiss. Sepe sighed out happily and, after slipping the ring on your finger, wrapped you up in a big hug and spun you all around. When he put you down, he didn’t let you go just simply said, “Told you I was romantic” and kissed you once more.


Cute eh? Next up: Jakob Chychrun

So far these are all the soulmate requests I have lined up

This is also the order they are going to published. If you guys have more requests (preferably someone who isn’t already listed I would gladly accept it. Also I want to thank you guys for being so kind and understanding because of my situation. My mom is doing much better.

1. Tony x reader @giantcookiez request Hey! Would you be willing to write a soulmate AU between a shy reader x Tony. Possibly where she has abilities that she hides. She could also work for him or another avenger, whatever you feel like! Thank you so so much!! *smut*

2. Bucky x reader Selfless2/2 Plot: the reader tells Bucky she knows he is her soulmate and want nothing more than to show her soulmate how much she loves him.

3. Thor x reader the god and the bookworm Plot: Thor after failing to find his soulmate in Asgard tony throws thor a party to cheer him up. After the party Thor tells the team that he wants to find his soulmate already and tells them that only his soulmate can lift his hammer. To see if any of them are hid soulmate the team tries to lift the hammer. the bookworm of the team(the reader) is pressured into trying and freaks out when she lifts it up like nothing.

4. Wanda x reader Plot: Wanda is your soulmate and you arrived just in time to heal Wanda’s broken heart due to the passing of her twin brother. When dr cho manages to bring pietro back the team warns Wanda not to spend so much time with brother instead of you because that might drive you off and Wanda might spend the rest of life with a broken heart.

5. Steve x reader plot: Once you touch your soulmate you feel an instant connection and you never want to leave your soulmates side. Plot: you’re new to the team and you shake all of there hands. Once you shake Steve’s hand neither one of you want to let go.

6. Bruce x Reader x Tony request: @the-blue-haired-boy Hi! Could I ask a request for a Bruce/Reader/Tony smut fic? I was thinking soulmate au where Bruce and Reader are soulmates and they find out Tony for whatever reason never got a soulmate so Bruce and Reader just kind of adopted him into their relationship? Thank you!

8. Chris Evans x reader request: I know youʻre already doing steve for the soul mate fics, but would you consider chris evans? i read that he has social anxiety and i think itʻd be cute if there was a soul mate fic about that :)

9. Tony x reader request: I know awhile ago you wanted soulmate requests so if it’s not too late for that… I would really love one with tony! Maybe one where their first words are tattooed on your body?

10. Pietro x reader request: Hii can you make a Pietro soulmate au where the reader is this really shy person that’s kind of chubby but she’s a witch and she helps him after he got shot in aou but nobody knew about her or what happened to Pietro, he kind of disappeared then they got together and came back in cw or after that or maybe when Steve broke in to free team cap and they surprised everyone . I hope that makes sense but it would make me soo happy if you did it :)

11. Bruce x reader request: Hii. Can I request bruce banner x reader soulmate au where the reader kind of lose hope on finding her soulmate when she was offered to work with the avengers and then she met bruce but bruce didn’t want a soulmate because of hulk but finally they accept each other and can you please make it smutty in the end. Thankssss and sorry if it’s too long.

12. Wanda x reader request: Could you do a soulmate wanda and reader where she finds out her soulmate is a soldier and captured. The rest I leave to you

13. Wanda x reader request: Hi I was wondering if you could do a Wanda x fem!reader fic where the reader is a Stark and Wanda finds out that they’re soulmates and she rejects them at first because of it but then they made up :) thank you for writing!

Lastly the first thing I’m going to post in a few days is going to be the stucky x reader threesome.

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music-is-life-motherf-ckers  asked:

Do Lydia or Wednesday ever get flustered around the other? Like if Lydia did something cute and caught Wednesday staring, would Wednesday get flustered? Or are they just two creepy and cool girls who don't get flustered?

They’re not very romantically involved people by nature. But Lydia is a much more friendly, open and positive person and thus, more in touch with her emotions. She’ll probably just take in the moment with a smile and let Wednesday know she was staring because she looked “Absolutely Haunting!” Which Wednesday would probably take with a small thank you or a snarky remark that Lyds would like and would cover the almost ‘bubbly’ feeling it’d give her. It’s that way up until and after they start dating as well (Not to say some of Gomez’s suave didn’t pass on)

Dani loses her smile and stares off at nothing for a moment and she suddenly feels the need to explain to this boy why she was so against ‘liking’ a sim…..

The real reason and not the easy and convenient excuse that she often used.

Dani:  “My mom and dad weren’t together when I was born.  They lost their minds a little and I don’t ever want to do that.  I don’t want to be one of those girls who acts like an idiot because they like a guy.”

Ryan:  “Dani, you’re not your parents.  You don’t have to lose your mind or act like a fool because you like somebody.”

Dani:  “Everybody I know, it’s like they go insane.”

Ryan:  “It’s called love and it’s really not all that bad.”

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Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

Daisy: ‘I didn’t totally understand him until I met you, so I guess there was some good in him all along’


This is not Daisy pretending to be FW!Skye and her trying to fool him to do something and this is not FW!Ward who doesnt know whats going on. They are both fully aware here of the situation but Daisy in this moment finally realized that there was GOOD in Ward all this time and not only did she just realize it here and now but she didnt want FW!Ward to leave and sacrifice his life for her and the team without knowing that she sees the good in him. 

This moment is so pure from her teary eyes to his broken heart,