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Lab Partners

Summary: Peter is bad at keeping secrets from his new physics partner. (Gif credit goes to @peterparkrers)

Walking into the first day of second semester physics class, you sat down in an empty seat next to a boy with wavy, reddish hair. He wore a plaid button-up shirt beneath a blue sweater, dark gray khakis, and worn in New Balance sneakers. His foot tapped anxiously on the ground as he looked at you. 

“Hi, I’m Peter,” he said, offering his hand. “Peter Parker.” 

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gotham season 4 episode 5 sentence starters.

  • ‘ that’s above my pay grade, pal.’
  • ‘ i am stuck between a rock and a hard place.’
  • ‘ what am i supposed to do?’
  • ‘ i AM doing my job!’
  • ‘ no sleep? again?’
  • ‘ you are joking, aren’t you?’
  • ‘ don’t say it’s not my fault.’
  • ‘ and you blame me?’
  • ‘ you’re still not ready.’
  • ‘ how- i’m sorry… WHAT happened to you?!’
  • ‘ okay, let me get this straight. you don’t remember WHO you are, or how you got here?’
  • ‘ you don’t know who YOU are? well that makes two of us!’
  • ‘ i’m sorry. i don’t know you. best of luck though.’
  • ‘ i came to see if you had lunch plans tomorrow.’
  • ‘ perhaps you overestimate the pleasure of your company.’
  • ‘ just because you know you’re capable of doing something, doesn’t mean it has to happen again.’
  • ‘ you may think you have everything, but there is one thing you don’t have.’
  • ‘ then allow me to tell you what will happen if you DON’T kill me.’
  • ‘ i will kill everyone you love.’
  • ‘ i have NEVER had an issue with you.’
  • ‘ wow, you don’t get much sun.’
  • ‘ those guys that attacked us didn’t even have five bucks between ‘em.’
  • ‘ you and i… we’re the very best of friends.’
  • ‘ then something happened to you, and i just didn’t recognize you.’
  • ‘ come on, you people have pills for everything!’
  • ‘ i’m attempting to be civil, but i can’t help you.’
  • ‘ i just can’t, alright?’
  • ‘ i used to be smart… brilliant… and now that’s gone.’
  • ‘ well, i am feeling a bit peckish.’
  • ‘ i don’t want to get your hopes up, but there is something.’
  • ‘ that’s perfect! where is this?’
  • ‘ a fake gun? seriously?!’
  • ‘ wait! wait, wait, wait… i just need to know. do these work?’
  • ‘ no, dummy. and i’m calling the police.’
  • ‘ this is just another manipulation.’
  • ‘ i don’t know what i saw in there.’
  • ‘ now you’re just rubbing it in.’
  • ‘ so, why did you call me here?’
  • ‘ every moment of my life is agony.’
  • ‘ oh, not this again. come ON! god… i’ve told you; i’m better off on my own, and you are too. so let go! LET GO!’
  • ‘ oh boy… i can’t breathe….’
  • ‘ i assure you, we are not friends.’
  • ‘ where am i?’
  • ‘ let them go! they have nothing to do with this.’
  • ‘ it means that you are the only one who can end my suffering.’
  • ‘ you want me to kill you.’
  • ‘ well, thanks for the snack. it’s been an emotional day.’
  • ‘ what about everything you promised me?’
  • ‘ do as i ask, and i’ll give you a gift beyond imagining.’
  • ‘ i can assure you, i’m not here to poison you.’
  • ‘ enough! do you think i would really believe this was all some coincidence?’
  • ‘ you’re buttering me up. but for what?’
  • ‘ this may be hard for you to understand.’
  • ‘ only you can kill me.’
  • ‘ is it so hard to believe that someone would want to do something nice for you?’
  • ‘ oh, you want to help? try leaving.’
  • ‘ it’s okay. i won’t judge.’
  • ‘ easy. i ain’t gonna hurt you.’
  • ‘ how long have you worked here?’
  • ‘ deal with this, will you?’
  • ‘ what are you talking about?’
  • ‘ ugh, that dream was horrible.’
  • ‘ you’re serious?’
  • ‘ yes, i’m bloody serious!’
  • ‘ that’s absolutely it. unless you wanna check my undercrackers.’
  • ‘ rest in peace, whoever the hell you are.’
  • ‘ taking a life, no matter how justified, will lead you down a darker path than you could ever possibly imagine.’
  • ‘ i could take a pill, or a vitamin. i’ll even consider a natural remedy.’
  • ‘ i will NOT be condescended to by an idiot in a lab-coat!’
  • ‘ you’re not even a doctor!’
  • ‘ i can’t even rob a pharmacy.’
  • ‘ okay, relax, just… tell me your symptoms.’
  • ‘ i just, uh, bust the bad guys.’
  • ‘ so, who’s the vegetable?’
AMAs with Namjoon

Type: Imagine and Fluff

Notes: Same set up as the Yoongi one just with what Namjoon would do. Super cute just an imagine to suit all your needs. Ya’ll know I love my babe Namjoon so I hope you guys like this one. I’m hoping to get the rest of these done tomorrow even though it’s a school night. I should be doing my essay but, fuck it.

Yoongi - Jimin -  Taehyung - Jungkook - Jin - Hoseok

“You ready to go?” You call out from the hotel room. You walk out of the bathroom where the men and women styling Namjoon begin to pack their supplies and move on to the next member.

He turns around looking up to you from his chair.. He smiles at you and looks you up and down, eyeing the tight-fitting outfit. He stands up and hurries to wrap his arms around you, “You look beautiful, babe.”

You stand there kissing in the now empty room. You smile and place your hand on his cheek and put your foreheads together. You laugh, “You ready to lead your group into the AMAs?”

He kisses your forehead, ”Of course, and I’m ready to take this beautiful woman I’m holding with me.”

You laugh and poke his dimple before leaning back in for a kiss. You smile as he picks you up and sits you on the bed with you in his lap. You laugh and push him off sighing, “Namjoon… We have to leave now.”

He lets out a groan before getting back up. You stand up and grab his arm pulling him towards the door. He gives you a bit of a struggle before letting you take him out the hotel room. He turns you around when you shut the door, ”Tonight?”

“Tonight,” you say knowing what was going to go down after the AMAs.

Getting there you were surrounded by security, paparazzi, and fans. You smile when you hear the fans shouting Namjoon’s name, you wanting to shout with them. You were proud of how hard your man had worked. He holds you as you all walk to the red carpet. “You excited?”

He looks at you and smiles and nods. You can tell he is and you smile. You hear the fans calling out to all of them, some even waving to you. You smile at them, how they all were so happy to see the boys.

You smile as you walk with Namjoon’s arms wrapped around you. Before you know it pictures and videos are being taken and interviewers are asking to interview the group. You give Namjoon a knowing look and mouth a good luck before kissing him and following a bodyguard away from the camera and standing near the boys watching the interview. You watch the boys answer the questions the interviewer throws at them and smile thinking of how far they’ve come. You smile when you hear Namjoon speak in English and help the boys with their own.

“So have you guys brought anyone here today?” The interviewer says.

Namjoon turns towards the boys and hurries to translate. You hope that he won’t say anything about you. But of course, Namjoon hurries to answer the question, the usual patient man frantic to show the people who you are. “(Y/N)!”

He ushers you over to the group and you sigh. As soon as you get close enough for him to touch he hurries to kiss your head and wrap you back into his arms. You blush at his gesture.

“Namjoon…” You say sighing as he smiles and proudly takes you to the interviewer.

He speaks to the interviewer saying, “This is the love of my life, (Y/N).”

You smile and greet the interviewer. Namjoon goes on with the interview but now keeps you by his side making sure to not let you go. You laugh as he keeps his hands tightly on you waist as the interviewer wraps up with a finishing question and good luck. He kisses your cheek as he takes you towards the building where the awards were taking place. “Oh god,” you say blushing at the incident.

“God you are so beautiful,” he says into your ear from behind you, “I mean you were just standing there. Yet you still looked so damn beautiful!”

You smile and blush, he kisses your neck letting out a laugh. You walk into the building and he makes sure to get you to your seat. You smile when he sits close to you and rubs your leg.

You and Namjoon are having fun dancing and talking about the performances of the new stars you were hearing. He makes you laugh when he lip syncs to the songs you both know and acting like he’s serenading you. You were happy to spend time with the boys and get to be here with your man. You were mostly excited for everyone’s reactions to their performance. You met stars for the first time and had conversations with some very happy fans.

Namjoon turns to you and rubs your thigh to get your attention. You look at him confused at his nervousness, “It’s time to go.”

“Good luck, you’ll be amazing. Now go show them who Kim Namjoon is,” you smile and give him a long kiss. He smiles and runs backstage.

You sit nervous waiting for the host to announce when the boys were coming out. It feels like only a short time when the host appears and announces BTS will be out shortly. You hear the fans cheering and you can’t help but let out a scream as well. It takes only a few minutes before the Chainsmokers come out and you know what’s about to happen. You sit on the edge of your seat as they talk about the group and you hear the fans screaming as they say, “Please welcome, BTS!”

You don’t take another second before jumping up and cheering as loud as possible. You watch as the boys perform, catching Namjoon’s eye multiple times. Every time he looks toward you he smirks and you cheer louder. The camera men take a shot of you cheering and singing along to the song as you mouth an ‘I love you’ to Namjoon. He smiles and gives his all to his lines and dance moves. Everytime you hear him you scream louder, yelling his name. Before you know it, it feels as though the performance ended too quickly. You turn around to see the people standing and cheering for BTS. You watch the boys as they humbly thank the audience and Namjoon mouths an I love you to you. You smile up to him and shed a tear when you look around and see the people cheering them on. You know, they made it.

It only takes a few minutes for them to come back to their seats where people who see them cheer them on and congratulate them. You smile, standing up you jump into Namjoon’s arms letting out a squeal. He looks at you and teases, “Are you proud of me?”

You laugh, “Of course.”

“Then let’s go.”

“What about the after party?”

“You’re the after party,” he says and you laugh at his eagerness. It was going to be a fun night.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I just wanted to make two announcements today. The first is a reminder that the interview deadline has been extended until tomorrow November 22nd. We reassigned characters whose partners were either reopened or dropped, so be sure to check the main for those updates! If your partner hasn’t been active or hasn’t responded to you yet, please send us a message so we know what’s going on/whose not being proactive about their interviews. You won’t be penalized if your partner is inactive or not following through, as long as you give us a heads up. 

The second announcement is to let everyone know that starting today we will be doing Appreciation Week! Every year during the week of Thanksgiving, we have our members participate in Appreciation Week to spread the love and give thanks to those who are important in your characters lives. We also encourage OOC appreciation during this week, showing some love to your fellow role players! Most of you have been here for awhile and have participated in at least one Appreciation Week, but for those who haven’t - it’s simple. There’s no rules or limits to what you can post. It can be a letter, a regular ole post, a list of things your character loves about another, a poem, etc. All posts are to be tagged sssappreciation and we suggest tagging the character or role player in the post so they don’t miss it! This Appreciation Week will run from today, November 21st through next Tuesday, November 28th! Have fun with it and spread as much love and kindness as possible!!

If anyone has any comments, questions, concerns, etc, please send us a message off Anon and we’ll be more than happy to help! 

Sooooo hi! I’m Caitlin and I meant to post this last night but after the movie we just stood around in the parking lot and talked until one. Moving on I’m a mess of a being with magical hair and knack for making props from dollar store finds. I have work in two hours-ish and it’s going to be a hella long shift so I’m going to post this answer a few starters and messages then get ready. I have tomorrow off and then Thanksgiving on Thursday(I have it off but I’m going to go help my magic friend in the morning with things then stuff my face in the afternoon). I don’t know what else to say other than a corny joke. So here it is. Do you know any good jokes on dairy? Because I have one, but I’m afraid people will find it too cheesy. That’s my way of transitioning into introducing my boy. byyyyeeeee 

➰ ( TARON EGERTON, CISMALE, HE/HIS ) *✧.:°░。 —- is that CHRISTIAN SKYFORTH ?! you know them, right? they are the TWENTY-FIVE year old WEREWOLF !! they’re known for being RESOURCEFUL & PROTECTIVE - but i’d be careful if i were you because they’re also RECKLESS & OPINIONATED. i heard they volunteered to be paired with SOPHIE COOKSON FC/SEYCHELLE GABRIEL FC/ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI FC. 

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anonymous asked:

Basically tomorrow is parent's day which means my mom's gonna talk with my teachers which i asked to call me Charly since I'm nonbinary and now I'm kinda forced to come out to her by tomorrow and I'm incredibly scared and don't really know what to do

Hi there, anon. I’m really sorry you’re in such a situation right now. Answering fast because it’s probably time sensitive, sorry to the other people in our inbox right now.

If you have any of your teacher’s email accounts, I would email them right now asking them not to call you Charly in front of your mother. If your school uses google classroom or any online classroom tools their emails might be shown there. If you only have a couple teachers’ emails, you can email the ones you trust most to support you to tell your other teachers (list them in the email) not to call you Charly tomorrow.  If you have none, the email of your school counselor will almost certainly be on your school website.  Counselors are  typically not bad at these kinds of things, but if your teachers/school is transphobic, don’t ask them to do it because you don’t want to out yourself as nonbinary to your mom, ask them to do  it because you don’t like your name but your mom will be mad if she finds out you don’t like it and you don’t want to hurt her feelings. Emphasize that it’s very important to you and that she really adores your name.

Or, you could tell your mom that you don’t like your name very much, so when the teachers asked what you go by, you said Charly. You don’t have to make it a big deal or come out unless you really want to. It’s going to be okay.  Just in case she asks if you’re trans, I would make a list of things to say when coming out, so that you can get all that you need her to know out. Make a list of terms and define them, put them in terms she can understand,  and emphasize that you’re still the same person, just that you prefer a new name or pronouns to match what you feel is true for you. 

I hope that this helps anon! Good luck, and don’t forget to breathe!

- mod Kathy

Fleur Delacour


do you know what I’m seeing? // panic! at the disco

ARE YOU STILL SCREAMING ABOUT THOR: RAGNAROK? BECAUSE I’M STILL SCREAMING ABOUT IT. I need so much slice-of-life on the ship fic, I need so much kissing-and-more resolution to the hug scene, I need so much speculation on what happens when they get to where they’re going, I need so much about the various friendships forming, I need so much fic about a whole bunch of people crammed into a relatively small ship for months and the hilarious and awful things that happen because of it. AND FANDOM IS DEFINITELY ON A ROLL WITH IT, THERE’S MORE GREAT STUFF.  (Part one is here!)

The Breath Between Regrets by Vera (Vera_DragonMuse), thor/loki & valkyrie & heimdall & hulk & korg, ragnarok spoilers, 9.5k
   The journey to Midgard should take a year and a day. Long enough for many things.
What the Thunder Said by kyrilu, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   Days after the battle, Thor’s skin is still sparking lightning.
the silver forked sky by powerfulsound, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, nsfw, 1.2k
   There is a storm, sparking under Thor’s skin. Attracted to it, a magpie to shiny things, Loki is helpless in Thor’s wake.
Reunion by riventhorn, thor/loki, nsfw, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   After so long apart, Loki can’t help being drawn to Thor.
Privilege to love by will_thewisp, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 2.6k
   He didn’t know why Loki felt the need to fight him on every ground, to hide things that had no business being hidden, but he was determined to meet him on every occasion. To Thor it seemed that Loki fought with himself as much as with Thor.
followed you down by homovikings, thor/loki & heimdall & valkyrie & tony & sif & cast, ragnarok spoilers, 5.3k
   It’s Asgard but it isn’t.
drowning on your shore by psikeval, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   Loki, entirely solid, does not flicker and does not flinch.
In my Arms by wetdandelions, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 1.2k
   “I’m here,” says Loki. Set after the end of Thor: Ragnarok. PWP. SPOILERS.
In the Flesh by hjbender, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, intersex!loki, 6.3k
   Loki stares back, gives the stopper a gentle toss. It sparkles briefly in the air before he catches it again. “There isn’t anything else you’d like to give me? Nothing you’d like to say? Because”—he spreads his arms and smiles invitingly, both hands suddenly empty—“here I am.”
Nowhere Is Home Unless We’re Both In the Same Place by Velocity_Owl87, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   After the dust has settled, Thor realizes the implications of Kingship and Asgard’s future mean for him as the new King of Asgard. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to grapple with the situation alone, at least.
Heroes Run Towards Their Problems by Naiveandoptimistic, thor & loki & valkyrie & hulk & korg & cast, ragnarok spoilers, 1.6k
   Post-Ragnarok. Valkyrie is a drunken hot mess. Loki conceals, Hulk worries, and Thor gives some wisdom.
Not an Illusion by janto321 (FaceofMer), thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   Loki and Thor find comfort in one another
black sheep and mischief by grim_lupine, thor & loki, ragnarok spoilers, 3.2k
   A bird alights on Thor’s shoulder and pecks his cheek twice, hard enough to make him wince. “What are you doing?” it warbles in his ear. “Wondering what my brother is doing up at this hour, little bird,” Thor replies. “Will you go ask him for me?”
Never Doubt That I Love You by ValkyrieShepard, thor/loki & heimdall & valkyrie & hulk & cast, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 10.6k
   After Thor’s proposal, Loki pulls away. As Thor is busy trying to rule his people, Loki finds him again, and the two of them scout a possible planet for their people where Thor tries to get through his brother’s walls. There is much Loki has to work through.
after you, i dont know what i believe in by CallicoKitten, thor/loki & valkyrie & bruce & heimdall & cast, ragnarok spoilers, 9.6k
   aka, the long road to midgard
Crossroads by kyrilu, loki & heimdall, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   As Loki leaves Sakaar with a shipload of former prisoners, Heimdall decides to ‘visit.’
victory runes by spookykingdomstarlight, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 3.3k
   A snake couldn’t change its colors, try as he might, trust his own intentions as he wanted to. At this moment, legs braced on either side of Thor’s lap, he couldn’t imagine doing anything to undermine Thor’s rule, his wants, his needs. But tomorrow was another day and Loki’s whims were mercurial.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Happy 7 years of one direction 

Night had come with calm over the waters. The deck was near empty, the few men on it dozing with arms folded on barrels or having found a spot to kick their feet up onto secured rigging. The moon was a perfect circle amongst the dark, escorted by a scattering of stars. They shone like gems, as precious as they were unattainable.

Yuuri sat on the edge of the crow’s nest, watching the rare stillness of the sea. His wings were hidden, folded away into marked tattoos. No wind whistled. No ships passed. No birds flew.

The quiet ate at him.

Below, the moon caught silver and ignited. Its reflection off Victor’s hair could have blinded. Yuuri tipped forward, watching as the captain strode onto the deck and turned, spinning on the heel of his boot.

In his hands, Victor held a bow and fiddle. He dipped, sweeping an arm graciously across, bowing to an unknown audience. Yuuri’s eyes locked on him. And Victor played. 

Notes skidded on wood, echoed off folded sails, and leapt along the water. Sweet and merry, the kind of music that accompanied flowing drinks and boisterous company. The melody of a lively pirate captain, playing to no one but the moon and the stars.

Yuuri couldn’t look away.

As he fiddled, Victor danced. Steps light, nimble, like when he fenced in practice with his crew, a smile permanent on his face as he easily out-manuveured four men at once. The music skipped along, contagious in delight, like Victor’s laughter when it nestled its way into Yuuri’s chest.

The bow of the ship became his stage as Victor danced and played, the faintest hum of his voice carrying on the notes. The moon cast a spotlight on him, as entranced as Yuuri. Victor’s hair whipped with each dip, each twirl, silver escaping the loose tail which had been tied in velvet ribbon, a few black feathers woven in. Under the light of the moon, amongst the dark of the night, Victor was ethereal. 

When the vibration of the strings faded, Yuuri nearly cried out in objection. But Victor looked straight up, at the crow’s nest where Yuuri sat hidden in midnight shadows. Smiling, the pirate captain held out a hand, palm open and inviting.

“If that’s a good enough apology, will you come here and dance with me?”

Yuuri caught his response on the tip of his own tongue. He dropped from the crow’s nest and flew straight into Victor’s open arms. Always.

Visit to the dentist

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Featuring: Sam Holland, Harry Holland and Harrison Osterfield.

Words: 1541

Warning: -

Tags: @imabloodynerd

Request: -

Notes: after Tom’s last update I came up with this and I had to share it with you since I think it was adorable! Hope you like it!

Originally posted by tbholland


It had been almost a year since you and Tom had started dating. Since the very beginning you tried to be together as much as possible but due to your classes at college at your work, it had been impossible for you to go with him while he was filming away. You had managed to fly over New York when he was working on Spiderman a couple of weekends but never more than that.

But everything changed when you finished your degree five months ago. You were officially free of studies and you weren’t ready to start working, so you decided to spend a few months just resting, doing nothing stressful. Your parents weren’t very fond of the idea. It actually took them months to agree and let you. Just in time for you to go with Tom, Harrison and his brothers to Montreal while he was filming Chaos Walking.

Both of you were over the moon. It was almost impossible to believe that you were going to join him for a month, or even more. He would get to see you every day, not through a screen but face to face, he would be able to kiss you every time he came home or every time he finished a scene. He was truly happy, nothing was missing, he had everything he needed with him.

“If I only could have Tessa here, everything would be perfect” he said one night, when he was laying on the couch, with his head on your lap after a long day of filming. You laughed and shook your head, running your hand through his short hair.

“I know it’s a gap almost impossible to fill but I will do my best” you replied sweetly. Tom laughed and took your hand to kiss it.

“You know I’m thrilled that you’re here” he told you, making you smile even more.

“Me too” you said before leaning down to kiss him softly.

He moved a hand to your hair, putting it out of the way and keeping you from moving away. You smiled into the kiss, allowing him to sneak his tongue into your mouth.

“Seriously? We all use that couch!” You pulled away when you heard Sam’s voice coming into the living room.

“Get a room” Tom whined looking at his brother.

You should get a room” the twin replied, making you laugh.

“What do you want?” Tom asked, smiling as he held your hand.

“What time is the dentist tomorrow?” He asked.

Tom whined even more and turned, wrapping his arm around your waist and hiding his face in your stomach. He did hate dentists but he had been having some toothache lately so it was time for him to go.

“11 a.m.” you replied for him, since he didn’t seem like he was going to move.

“I won’t go” Tom mumbled.

“Yes, you are” Sam laughed. Tom shook his head.

“Do you know what won’t happen if you don’t go?” You asked with an eyebrow raised. Tom immediately looked up at you and gasped.

“You wouldn’t…” he mumbled.

“You really want to find it out?” You smirked.

“Gross” Sam mumbled walking out of the living room, leaving you two alone.

“You’re mean” Tom whispered with a pout. You shrugged and leaned back down to kiss him slowly for a few moments before pulling away.

Next day all of you went to the dentist with Tom since he had said he was too scared to go alone. When the doctor saw all of you, he said someone would have to wait outside so you offered first but Tom held onto your tightly. Finally, it had to be Sam the one waiting outside.

“Are you sure you’re 21?” Harry asked as Tom sat on the dentist chair.

“Shut up” he snapped at his brother and looked at you seriously. You smiled warmly and kissed his forehead before walking to stand next to Harrison.

Soon the doctor came in and Tom’s face went pale. As usual, he told him not to worry which you knew wouldn’t work. Not with him at least, he was absolutely terrified. All the time, Tom was looking at you, begging you to come closer but you knew you couldn’t so you just mouthed him to stay calm. It didn’t really work but it was the best you could do.

“So?” Tom asked when the dentist pulled away.

“Is one of the wisdom tooth” he informed. “It’s coming out but not coming up, it will hurt your gum if we don’t remove it”

“Remove?” Tom asked frowning. You bite your lip and looked at Harrison who was trying not to laugh.

“Remove. Take it out” the doctor shrugged taking off his gloves. “It’s a simple process and painless, but it has to be done as soon as possible”

“When can you do it?” You asked.

“What!? I’m not doing it!” Tom exclaimed but no one listened to him.

“This afternoon can be done” the dentist said. You nodded with a smile. “Be here at 5 p.m.” he added walking over his desk.

“Is anyone listening to me?” Tom asked.

“Nope” Harry smirked.

The doctor wrote the appointment down for you and handed you to the paper, saying you could go. You took the paper and put it in your bag before walking over Tom. He looked at you death serious, like you had cheated on him or something worse.

“Don’t look at me like, babe” you smiled taking his hand. “It has to be done” you shrugged pulling him up.

“But…” he mumbled. You stood on your toes and pecked his lip.

“C’mon” you said.

You all said goodbye to the doctor and walked out where Sam was waiting. The moment you all told him what was going on, he looked at Tom and started laughing out loud. Tom looked at him like he wanted to smash his head against the wall so you just squeezed his hand and leaded him towards the exit.

Tom didn’t say much during the ride back home. It was obvious he didn’t like what was going to happen. You tried to cheer him up but he barely looked at you. All he did was wrapping an arm around you and hide his face in your neck, making you smile.

“It will be okay” you whispered in his ear.

“I like my mouth” he whispered back, making you laugh a little.

“I love you” you said after kissing his hair.

Indeed, hours later you all went back to the dentist clinic. He had everything ready for the intervention so all Tom had to do was laying on the chair. He looked at you the whole time, holding your hand, while the doctor put the anaesthesia on him until his eyes closed. Then, the doctor asked you to stay away with the others so you did.

“Poor thing” you told Sam.

“It’s fun” he shrugged wrapping an arm around you. You chuckled and looked at the twin.

“I guess it is” you nodded.

The intervention didn’t take long. When it was finished, the doctor said it would take him a while to wake up due to the shot of anaesthesia Tom had received. Some assistants moved him to a proper bed where he kept on ‘sleeping’. The doctor said he would feel dizzy and disorientated when he woke up and that he couldn’t leave until that feeling went away so you all were left there waiting.

After 30 minutes of boring waiting, Tom started moving so you all looked at him but you were the only one coming closer to hold his hand. He moved his head towards you and opened his eyes. The moment he saw you, he smiled a little and tried to move but immediately was drawn back down by the effect of the anaesthesia. You all chuckled.

Another 15 minutes passed until he woke up again and looked around. Immediately, you handed him the ice the doctor had left and he pressed it against his swollen cheek slowly. He put it away for a moment to sat up little by little, with a hand of yours pressed against his back. He took the ice pack and pressed it against his face again.

“Hello?” he mumbled with groggy voice, making you all laugh.

“You’re a dork” you said. He looked at you and half smiled.

Sam walked over the bed and helped him to put his feet down slowly, so he started getting up. It didn’t really look like a good idea, since he still looked way to dizzy and disorientated. Indeed, two seconds later he started falling to his side. Immediately, you and Sam caught him laughing. While you held him in place, Sam put his feet up on the bed and you helped him laying back down.

“Kiss?” he whispered to you.

You chuckled and leaned down to kiss him slowly. He barely kissed you back but it didn’t matter. The moment you pulled away he fell asleep again. It looked like you were going to be there for a while. With a sigh you looked at the others, just to see Harrison with his phone up, laughing.

“Were you filming?” You asked in shock.

just a bet part iii


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summary: beverly bets richie he can’t get with the new kid, eddie, in under three months. richie disagrees

pairing: richie and eddie

words: 2,097

2 months and 19 days remaining

For the past week, Eddie had been uncharacteristically giddy about going to school every day. There were days he even debating on saying he was sick to get out of going, but recently, something changed. He didn’t want to think Richie was the cause even if in the back of his mind he knew it was. Eddie swung his backpack over one of his shoulders, stopping in the hallway to check his hair in the mirror. He had even started to care about what he looked like. Eddie tried to wear cooler clothes, style his hair in the way he knew Richie liked (he told Eddie about ten times when he first saw it) and even wore cologne.

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