do you know what they do to horses that can't be tamed

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why do you like the "come on Maya, we can't start the revolution without you!" line? It never struck me as particularly shippy

It’s a moment where he gently encourages her to do something she doesn’t wanna do. And she listens. That’s a big part of why I think they’re good for each other. She listens to him partly because he somehow knows how to appeal to her in a way others do not. Not to dehumanize Maya or anything, but a guy who is good with horses (etc) is probably well-suited for “taming” the wild side of Maya, as well as for coaxing her to do things she’s afraid of or “meh” about.

Plus, I just like the idea of Maya being necessary for the “revolution,” which IMO is perhaps a bit of meta about the show eventually breaking away from BMW-analog assumptions about what was “supposed” to happen on GMW.