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Work (Dan X Reader)

This is a very short fluff I know I’m sorry, you’ll get a proper fanfic tomorrow😊
It was Sunday, which means that you can’t sleep in today because of all of the work you put last minute to do. The thought of leaving your warm bed made you grunt.
You cuddled up very closely to your boyfriend. “Good morning, beautiful” Dan said in a raspy voice, kissing your forehead.
“Morning” you said back and smiled. “What time is it?”
“It’s 1 pm. We slept in” Dan said and smiled.
You widened your eyes and jumped out of the bed. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Dan asked, with worry in his tone.
“I have shitload work to do today, so I don’t exist for today.”
“What a coincidence, I have a lot of work to do, as well” Dan smirked. The two of you working together never works out, because you either end up having sex or ordering food and procrastinating your work.
“I don’t know, Danny…”
“Oh come on. I promise I’ll behave” he smirked once again causing you to laugh at his moves.
“Fine” you obeyed and walked to the nerd room. Dan went into the kitchen to make you guys some breakfast.

*** (skipping work cause its boring af)

You have spent the last 3 hours going through a lot of papers, while Dan was editing his video he filmed with Phil. “Done” he said taking his headphones off.
“Good for you” you said not taking your eyes of the paper in front of you. He took his phone and turned ‘Nancy Mulligan’ by Ed Sheeran and started singing. “I asked her father, but her daddy said no. You can’t marry my daughter” he sang. “ Come on it’s your favorite song.”
“Work” you said simply. He got up from his chair and walked behind yours, or should you say, Phil’s.
“Dan, what are you doing?” You asked while he turned your chair, you now facing him. He kissed you and picked you up bridal style. “Dan, I have work.”
“Y/n baby you’ve been working for hours, you need rest.”
“And how are you gonna help me there?” You teased. By now the two of you got into your shared bedroom. He placed you onto the bed and layed next to you, pulling you into his chest.
“We’re gonna cuddle, and you can’t escape” he said playing with your hair in the process.
“Okay, I’m not complaining. But if I do get fired, it’s your fault” you laughed.
“No one’s gonna fire that pretty face of yours, baby girl” Dan said, making your pretty face turn red.

So I’ve seen a couple of IR fans (read: MANY) complain about the ending of bleach regarding their ship, ichigo’s profession as a doctor, why the fact that Ichigo and Rukia not meeting each other for over ten years is a terrible thing, etc.
I’m writing this to address two topics: Ichigo’s profession and the Ichigo and Rukia not meeting each other issue.
1. The profession problem
Argument: “Why did Kubo make Ichigo give up his duties as a shinigami?!”
Answer: Who said Ichigo ever gave up being one?
We are only shown scenes from one day in the Kurosaki household. What’s to say Ichigo didn’t take a day off from his duties to watch Chad’s match?
Ichigo’s a substitute shinigami. Unlike Rukia and the other shinigami, he’s pretty much alive and so, has to stay in the world of the living. Which means that he has to also come up with a cover story to make sure the public doesn’t get suspicious. Easiest option: run his father’s emergency clinic when he’s not killing hollows (and also earn more money to contribute to the family income).
2. The lack of communication
Argument: “Why the hell did Kubo not have Ichigo and Rukia contact each other over ten years?!”
Ichigo defeating Ywach didn’t mean that soul society was going to take care of itself and go back to normal overnight. We readers have seen the devastation and losses soul society has faced. This could be a reason why Rukia and the others were unable to meet up with Ichigo and company for that long. Plus obviously they’d need new recruits, so that too would have limited their free time.
And anyway, remember when Rukia comments on Ichika running off? Not once does Ichigo give any indication that he’s never heard about Ichika’s existence (in fact, he’s the one who brings it up). The same goes for Rukia about Kazui. (And neither of the couples act as though they’re heading about the others’ marriage for the first time). This implies that they have at least been talking to each other one way or the other as they haven’t been able to meet up.
(Actually, I went through chapter 686 again. The thing is, all they say is that Ichigo and Rukia haven’t seen each other in a while. So who knows? Maybe the gap might not have been 10 years. Perhaps 3-5 years? (Edit: yeah, for all we know it could even have been a time skip of 6 months as well) Someone correct me if I’m wrong)
So here’s my take on how 686 might have gone! What do you think?