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There's something I've been wondering, why spend so much time on animation when really nothing comes out of it? Maybe you do it as a job, but you know how Youtube revenue works, fucking 50 bucks from one Glitchtale episode. And don't start with the "I love it" everyone's saying, animating for 18 hours a day for 4 months and getting only about 50 bucks from it just ain't worth it.

luckily even tho my animations are age restricted for some reason, I make more than 50 bucks. Speepdaints and gaming videos also help for my total monthly revenue.

Tho even if I got 50 bucks, the amount of people loving my work/what I do and my experience from each episode is more than enough payment to me as an artist. And that’s something money can’t give you


*sneezes* hey thanks for the requests i appreciate it <3 these were fun to do

under the cut is just me responding to some of them, don’t mind me -3-

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Dear fellow middle class white people... Do Something, please.

If you are not disgusted by racism,
You are part of the problem.
If you are willing to ignore racism because it does not affect your life,
you are part of the problem.
If you are upset by someone saying the words “fuck”, when they nearly got hit by a car, a car that killed a woman, and injured others,
but you’re not as upset by these monsters spouting hate and wishes to cleanse this country of minorities. Some of which are your friends and maybe family.

I am disgusted,
I am terrified,
and I am angry.

Angry at the good for nothing, air wasting Nazis sure, but more so at the people just sitting in their comfy homes, saying this has been happening for ages…
That shouldn’t matter, that shouldn’t even come to mind, at least be slightly upset?? This is not a hard decision to make?
They want
to commit

If every human being was actually upset by these scum bags
we wouldn’t be having this problem
which is why,
you are the problem
no matter how much of a good person you think you are.

If you don’t want to save this planet, or help under privileged people, and just make sure you and your family are okay.

But please do something, anything about this.
Even something small. Like not letting people around you spout hate just because it’s “Freedom of speech”.
If it turns out your friends are white suppremists…DONT BE FRIENDS WITH THEM ANYMORE.
If someone is being hurt in anyway because of their race, sexuality or gender.
Do something about it, use this white, middle class (also male, if you are) privilege we are given.

Innocent people are fed up being hurt and killed. You know as any sane human would be. Just because of the way they were born, they are being killed by cars and bullets and beatings. And because they are actually standing up to evil. Evil being white “people” (they’re not people) who think that their ancestors were great, when really they were rapists and mass murderers. Black slaves and other minorities built this country, on top of land that wasn’t ours, we don’t deserve it.

I don’t believe in God, but most of you probably do.
If all you’re doing, at the very least is “Praying About it”…
You don’t deserve a place in your ideal heavenly Paradise.

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Hi! I heard in writing, irony is a good thing. Any suggestions on how can I add irony to a young girl?

Dramatic Irony

Since this is a fiction blog, I’m going to assume that you’re referring to dramatic irony (which is quite a bit different than just simple irony). If you’re not referring to dramatic irony, feel free to send in a follow-up and I’ll try to address your question again. 

So what is dramatic irony? Well, it’s a writing technique where the readers know something about your plot that the characters don’t know themselves. There are some really complex ways of doing this, but the most basic way to use this is to write scenes featuring both your protagonist and your antagonist (both sides of your conflict).

It’s natural to write the protagonist’s journey, but by also writing the antagonist, what you end up doing is letting your readers in on what the scheme is, or what the antagonist is really after and what methods they’ll use to get it. Readers get to see inside the malicious plans of the antagonist, so that they know what’s about to befall the protagonist, when the protagonist is completely clueless as to what’s coming. 

You might be wondering, why on earth would I want to tell my readers what my antagonist is planning? Dramatic irony does have its pluses. You wind up creating a different kind of suspense, where a reader knows the general event that will occur, but they read on to see how it will occur. They read on to see if the protagonist is able to get themselves out of the situation, and they read on in anticipation of what will surely be an epic, exciting scene (or scenes, in some cases). 

If you don’t have a strict antagonist/protagonist dynamic, you can still use dramatic irony to create suspense with any kind of conflict, even between two protagonists. Put simply, you might have two characters that are fighting, and one character plans a grand gesture to make up for it. The suspense comes as you await the reaction of the other character. 

But while dramatic irony has its pluses, it also has its minuses. When you have a character that doesn’t know something that a reader does know, you create distance between the reader and the character. Stories told from the first person are often done that way to create intimacy between reader and character, so that the reader feels as though they are experiencing the story with the protagonist. Once dramatic irony occurs, that close bond is broken. That’s not a bad thing necessarily; you just end up with a different kind of reader/character relationship. 

So whether or not you use dramatic irony depends on what you’re going for in regards to your story. Do you want that close bond between your reader and your character, where they’re experiencing the journey together? Or do you want to create some suspense by supplying info to the reader before it occurs in the story?

Dramatic irony works well with super complex plots, and less well with first person narrators, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it for intricate plots, and likewise, you don’t have to avoid it when using first person narrators. You can experiment with whichever technique intrigues you the most. 

Anon, in regards to specific suggestions for your character, apply dramatic irony based on your plot and the other characters involved in that plot. 

I hope that makes sense! Feel free to send in a follow-up if I didn’t answer your question when our box opens up on Friday. 


if my url, icon, and general demeanor don’t make it obvious, i think i can safely say that i’ve turned into a star wars blog: i have an actual muscle memory now which makes me tag posts as “star wars”

i have definitely been tagging all my non sw posts that way and having to go back and fix it akjdflhgd

Free Tarot Readings~

I’ve recently gotten two amazing tarot decks, and I’d like to start doing some readings for practice! So if you guys have any questions, please feel free to send me an ask! They’ll be one card readings, by the way.


  • No questions about Death.
  • If I’m uncomfortable with answering something, I’m not going to.
  • I’m not a doctor, so I can’t guarantee anything about health.
  • Please only submit 1 question instead of a bunch, if you have another one later, you can send one again.
  • I prefer off of Anon. If you’d like me to keep the reading private, write that in the message. ( if you really need help, feel free to PM me and I can give you a more detailed reading depending on the situation! ♡ )
  • I will not communicate with any spirits I do not know through my cards.

~ Eris

You know how they could’ve handled Connie having bad eyesight? By not getting rid of it at all. (Basically an episode idea / rewrite thing)

Cause seriously fuck them for getting rid of a characters disability like that.

The episode starts off with Connie finding out about Steven’s sword training and wanting to do it, pretty similar to Sworn To The Sword.

Pearl says okay and starts to train her. The problem comes in with her glasses falling off because of all the action and she can’t see anything.

This happens a few times and she ends up getting frustrated and going on a rant to Steven about how she won’t be able to stop and pick up her glasses in a real fight.

She goes home for the day and Steven goes to his room to watch tv / play a video game. While doing that, he comes across a character who is blind, but is still a fighter. They have honed their other senses to make up for their lack of vision.

He gets excited at this and the next days tells Connie about it. She’s nervous about it at first, but agrees to at least try.

Maybe she gets it right pretty quick or she has to get help from someone else to teach her (Garnet maybe?) but at the end she becomes a good fighter using her other senses, and she still has bad eyesight.

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Shindou for the Who Did It First? Please and thank you!

Shindou You

Who asked who out first?

He asked you. He’d been practicing his smooth approach in the mirror for a few days, wanting to get it just right. The practice did help him as he didn’t stumble over his words, though he heard some of his friends mutter about the cocky look on his face. His genuine smile was something that easily captured the attention of your heart, so you couldn’t help but say yes.

Who initiated the first kiss?

He did. You could tell he was antsy about something, and figured it might have to do with making a certain romantic move. You decide based on how much you know him, it’d be better to let him make the first move on his own time; you don’t have to wait for long because soon he loses his patience entirely and swoops in to give you a quick smooch.

Who said I love you first?

He said it loudly, and boldly, and it was definitely not an opinion but a fact. For him to actually say something like he loved you meant a huge deal for your relationship, because he had been so wary about being involved before but now you could tell his heart was completely in it. 

Who would have the others picture as their phone background?

Shindou lies and says you’re not his background because he’s not that type of emotional gushmaster like other boyfriends, but he does have an album of pictures of the two of you together, and also individual ones he screenshotted from any social media you’ve sent him.

Who proposes?

He does. He always has a plan, and seems to get you to do exactly what he wants without complaint or a hint of suspicion. He has everything planned down to the last detail, even the things that could go wrong, just in case. You’re surprised at how romantic the moment is even though he acts like he’s ‘not that type of boyfriend’ but it makes you happy to see him putting effort into starting your future together.

Who does the dishes?

There is nothing he hates more than doing meticulous chores. He’ll do them, especially if you bother him enough about it, but he does whine the entire time and try to bargain with you so that you’ll do them from that point on.

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning?

You are. Shindou has a hard time waking up in the morning, which he tells you is because he values his beauty sleep. If he wakes up too early he finds himself falling asleep in class in the afternoons, but if it’s an off day, then he’ll be found snoozing away on his couch by lunch time.

Who gets to pick the movie type on movie nights?

Shindou always swears that he has the best taste in movies, but often they’re romantic ones with some thriller undertones; they always have a twist that no one sees coming. He likes to wrap an arm around your shoulder and ask if you know what’s going to happen, the twinkle in his eyes telling you that you’re most likely wrong, and that you’ll never guess the ending.

Who lavishes the other one in gifts?

He loves the way your eyes light up when he gives you a gift, so he tends to shower you in little, thoughtful ones. He always surprises you with how well he knows your likes and dislikes.

Who worries more about the other?

Shindou just seems to have a tendency to irritate people, which would cause you to worry about him maintaining friendships and also getting his ass kicked by rival schools for being pretentious. He always tells you there’s nothing to worry about because he’s confident in his skills, but that only makes you worry more.

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How about Hercules x reader with 3, please?

3. things you said too quietly

Hercules wasn’t the type to speak up much. Even with you, he kept his mouth shut often. He was loud, of course, but saying things that meant the world to him? Never. You asked about his opinion with the food he wanted? Nope, he always took what you offered. His opinion on the current political rivalries? Never even opened his mouth about it. 

But once, you heard him say something quietly. And it was completely by accident. You were folding the clothes, earbuds in with no music playing. He walked past you, and stood there. You pretend not to see him, when he whispered the words.

“What did I do to deserve you? I love you, you know,” He whispered, a smile playing on his lips. You dropped the pants you were smoothing out, and turned around to face him.

He looked away, rubbing the back of his head, “Oh, you heard that?” He let out a small breath. Nervousness rolled off of him. He never said those words. You knew how he felt, but he never actually said it. It never rolled off his tongue so easily.

You walked over, wrapping your arms around his torso. You pressed your lips into his neck, smiling against it.

“I love you too.”

Okay but I just thought of something as I was re-reading these descriptions.

So, we know that Zane doesn’t like to be called a robot (despite him being just that) and instead likes to be referred to as a human.

I might be thinking way too deeply into this but…do you think that Lego is using Zane as a way of representing transgender people? Using him as a way of teaching kids about acceptance?

Can we just like, discuss this?? Please???

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The head cannon for Sirius meeting your family was perfect, what about him proposing or telling him you were pregnant?

i already wrote a drabble where the reader told sirius she was pregnant, so i’ll just do the headcanon of him proposing! :) 

  • okay, we all know sirius is a dramatic little shit, but he would rather the proposal to mean something to the two of you than it be incredibly extravagant
  • you’re not a super outdoorsy person, but you do love hiking
  • especially when the hike involves a waterfall
  • you and sirius absolutely love the adrenaline rush you get from jumping into the icy rapids and hiking had become a frequent thing for you guys to do
  • so, of course, sirius planned out a hike to a secluded waterfall and there, he would propose
  • but things don’t always go as planned

  • there’s a huge storm the next day and the conditions are way too dangerous to hike to a waterfall
  • so instead, you guys are both stuck in the cabin you rented for a day
  • and sirius mopes around at first, but he decides a rainstorm isn’t going to deter him from proposing to his girl
  • the whole day is filled with him doing things for you
  • bringing you breakfast in bed, giving you a massage, setting up a nice bubble bath…
  • and at the end of the day, for some strange reason, sirius decides he’s going to propose with a cake
  • … when he’s never baked in his fucking life

  • you come out of the bath, clad in nothing but a robe, and walk into the kitchen
  • it looks like a disaster struck
  • “did the storm make it’s way into the cabin?”
  • you spot sirius in the midst of it all, covered in flour, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly
  • “i…i tried to make you a cake, but…”
  • you laugh, wiping the flour off his face with your thumb
  • “i appreciate the effort…now let’s get this cleaned up”
  • after using scourgify to clean up the mess, you go to put the bowls and flour away when you spot a little black box…
  • “sirius? what’s this?”
  • he clears his throat, wetting his bottom lip
  • “this isn’t exactly how i planned for it to happen but…”
  • sirius grabs the box and gets down on one knee as you smother a gasp with both your hands
  • he looks up at you, his face and hair still covered in flour and icing, but you thought he has never looked more perfect
  • “today is not at all what i had in mind, but life’s an unpredictable mess” he shakes his head slightly, flour falling out as you both laugh “and i’d be honored to be by your side, and have you by mine, to go through this mess together”
  • by now the tears are freely falling down your cheeks as you look at the man you love most in complete happiness
  • “y/n…will you marry me?”
  • you nod, speechless
  • when he puts the ring on you, both yours and his hands are trembling slightly, in shock and joy as your futures together were sealed
  • standing up, sirius envelopes you in a warm hug, kissing you despite the flour all over his clothing and face
  • sirius never thought it would happen this way, but he’s glad it did
  • because life is messy, but you’re going to get through it. together. 

AWWWWWWWW :) i :) want :) sirius :) black :) to :) propose :) to :) me :)

join sirius wednesday! (send in headcanons, opinions, songs that remind you of him, etc.)
Nanbaka Ch. 57 Translations

ooh, what’s this? two nanbaka chapters in as many days? why, it’s almost like I’m gearing up for something…

Just the usual disclaimer, but I have no typesetting or cleaning skills at all (I’m learning though!), and I’m doing this purely for practice and to have fun, so I’m sorry in advance for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy!

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i was working on an in their phone edit when you posted this and now i feel bad because i was planning to do something similar but i dont want it to look like i stole the idea from you :( would you be okay if i did an in their phone edit for shadowhunters characters? it would be different than yours i just dont want to be stealing your idea you know

oh my god don’t worry about it at all ! Post it, i can’t wait to see your edit! :)

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Do you know something about Alessandro Moreschi? In general, what kind of music do you prefer?

Not interested in music stuff, in general. ^^º I once tried or twice but nothing stimulated my brain.

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Yo it's super late here and this is a stupid question but if the Hamilton cast was animals,,, what kind of animal do you think the main cast would be?? I think Laf would be a very elegant poodle

i don’t know shit about breeds but alex is a small angry dog that barks a lot for no fucking reason

for some reason, my brain is telling me that john would be a koala?? maybe its because its way too late for me to be up thinking about which animals fit hamilton characters the best but laurens…… is a koala. fight me.

herc would be something big and friendly, like a panda (are pandas friendly? they look friendly. and chill. and also very nurturing. i like to imagine herc as very nurturing he’s the mum friends)

angelica would be one of the big cats, like a leopard or a cheetah or panther, because she’s beautiful and graceful and strong 

aaron is totally a deer, i have never been more sure of anything in my life 

in conclusion, i shouldnt be allowed to answer asks when i’m this tired, goodnight yall 

Monsta X Reactions: Falling In Love After A Bad Break Up ~Hyungwon~

Hello~~ I felt like doing individual reactions today *cough* Min’s idea *cough* so we’ll start off with one of Kpop’s most recognized meme’s Hyungwon❤❤ ~Admin Rainbow Bitch~ ▪Boy is super focused on work. So when he first meets you he wouldn’t even really be paying attention tbh. But after a few more times of seeing you around you would catch his eye. Something special about you would stand out and make him smile each time you came around. ▪Would be kind of wary of starting a new realtionship. He wants to know that it would last. Something short term wouldn’t seem worth it to him. He wants to know that if he’ll put in the effort to show himself to you that you’ll do the same. ▪Putting himself out there to even ask you would probably be the hardest part for him. He’s used to being put on the spot quite often, but not in a situation with someone he likes. He’d be nervous to even start up a conversation regarding it. ▪The initial dates wouldn’t be really fancy. Because he’s Hyungwon. Even though he’s handsome as hell and could model anything. He’s still a meme. Movie dates and walks spent getting to know you sound most like what he’d be comfortable with at first. ▪He doesn’t seem like one to show much PDA either. He seems like the kind of person to keep the affections to a minimum, and since he’s had a bad break up it’d probably take a little more coaxing to get him to actually hold your hand on a date. ▪When he formally asks you to be his girlfriend/boyfriend it’d be after some convincing of himself. You’d probably feel like finally just as he’s settling into it. He needs to reassure himself that being in a relationship is worth it again. And with you he found that worth. ▪He would literally turn into his meme self when he realized he was falling in love with you, “oh my god, is this really happening…? AGAIN…?” He’d be sort of worried but more trying to gauge if you feel the same. But duh of course you do, he’s your favorite meme. He’s great with babies… like Wonho! ▪When he finally decides to tell you, it’s probably a moment when you’re sitting down doing something that requires focus and he’s watching you. He’s wondering how he found you, someone so different from the last person he was with. Someone who let’s him be him. Who loves him easily and knows just how to make him feel better. It’d be then that he’d just, “Y/N, I love you, pabo.” “How are you gonna confess then call me pabo. Pabo.” *what a beautiful meme- I meant man…*

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Having a little with bulimia means

Knowing what kinds of things trigger your little and watching for them.

Encouraging them to eat but not pushing them to do something they can’t handle.

Reminding them that they’re beautiful and complimenting their body.

Being cautious with the way you word things when you talk about your littles body.

Reassuring them after a big meal and keeping a close eye on them.

Helping them to keep from going on binges that could be detrimental to their health and body image.

Being patient and understanding that sometimes all the compliments and reassurance in the world can’t help, but your little appreciates all the help you give.

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would you please explain why racism=aphobia or vice versa? i literally do not understand At All

First I wanna clarify something: I have not done any sort of research on the subject so I am just speaking of what I know of based on the Greek language and what they have taught us about these terms IN GREEK!

So, homophobia (which also includes biphobia/aphobia etc) here is considered a form of social racism and that is why I said that it’s a FORM of racism and not just racism. Here in Greece we have general terms for things like religious racism (which can also include terrorism/terrorist attacks that we all know of and that lead to a lot of Muslim hate although it was none of their fault) or ethnic racism (which also refers to people that think they are superior because of their ethnic background) and other things that are irrelevant with this.

In conclusion, I don’t want to offend anyone, I am just trying to explain things as I know them and as I have learned them in my country! :)

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Hi I was wondering if I could ask for yoyr advice.I'm 16 and Jewish and Tim is a really big comfort character for me.Mainly because its often been implied he's Jewish and even Dixon said something about it being canon.I was wondering how do you deal with the constant stream of hate applied to him because its making me even more depressed and makes me feel I shouldn't like him.I would block the blogs but all the popular blogs hate him and I know people would unfollow me for liking him.Thanks.

:( i’m sorry tim is a great character and there’s nothing wrong with liking him. people are only hating on him now because it’s the cool thing to do but it’ll blow over soon enough. until then i’d advise maybe unfollowing the people who post hate and if you don’t feel comfortable blocking them you can always blacklist their urls. also i know it’s the hot new thing to post tim hate but i feel like someone would REALLY have to be an asshole to unfollow over you liking him, and if they do that i think you’re better off without them.

here are some cool tim fans to check out 😎💐

“If I have to sit here and listen to you talk about physics for one more minute I swear I’ll do something drastic.”

“Let’s get this Breakfast Club started, shall we?”

“Why do you insist on talking when you know no one here actually cares about what you’re teaching us?”

“Couldn’t I just do a study group online? I hate being around… other people.”

“I signed up for tutoring because it looks good on college applications. I can’t just bail out because you’re a stubborn jerk.”

“How often do you think they come check on us? I’m actually thinking of climbing out this window.”

“We’re not going to become friends from this. I don’t like people.”

(Also, any lines from the Breakfast Club will do.)