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also, sam & shiro friendship feat. CANT STOP WONT STOP NOT SURE HOW TO STOP / I don't know how to make things right. So I'll keep pretending nothing's wrong. (pick one! or both! or neither! your choice!)

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I don’t know how to make things right. So I’ll keep pretending nothing’s wrong. (you know that I’m not good)

It was a rare occasion that Sam saw Shiro’s bare chest and back.

Part of that was opportunity.  It was deeply unusual to find Shiro in any kind of undress these days.  He kept himself habitually covered from neck to toes, only his hand and face showing skin.  Even that wasn’t a perfect cover.  Not only was there the long, painful looking scar that crossed Shiro’s face, something he could never properly hide, but there was also the smaller marks.  Little nicks and pockmarks on his hand, one thin sliver of a cut that edges out past Shiro’s sleeves.  Ones that aren’t obvious, can’t be seen unless you’re looking.

Sam wasn’t always looking, but sometimes he couldn’t help it.

By now, he was mostly used to the face scar, despite the way that it aged Shiro by a solid half a decade.  And Sam knew the scar alone did that - once, in a moment of pained curiosity and insomnia, he’d coaxed one of the castle’s computers into producing something like photoshop, and saw for himself.  Under the scar, he looked how he used to.  Even the white hair and pale skin don’t do so much to age him.

That, Sam could adjust to.  None of them have any choice, least of all Shiro.  It becomes the new normal quickly.

But the boy’s chest and back were different.  Sam never got the chance to, and each time it was a smack to the face.

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Pranking 76 with the rest of the team (whoever you'd like) and having to run away from Mr. Grumpy at mach speed? We all gonna die if he catches us after 🤣


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  • It never occurred to you that Soldier: 76 was capable of doing anything besides eating and fighting. 
  • But your beliefs seemed to have changed when you caught him on the couch in the common area, seemingly snoring behind his tactical visor. 
  • You immediately froze on the spot as you carefully listened for any sudden shift in his breathing or if his hand suddenly flew out onto the arm of the couch
  • Only when you were certain that you were out of range 76′s impeccable hearing did you immediately run out of the hall, mind swirling with potential ideas of what you could to do to the old soldier
  • It was only by sheer luck that you ran into Lucio, D.Va and McCree where the three appeared to be in the middle of an argument
  • Your sudden appearance also seemed to have saved McCree from Hana’s wrath when you told them about 76 and your ideas
  • The shit-eating grin McCree gives you after you finish talking was expected, but you didn’t predict Hana to smirk at the prospect of pranking 76
    • Then again you always remember the old soldier disapproving of Hana joining Overwatch at such a young age and you realize what her intentions were
  • The four of you hatch a plan that would probably land some serious consequences with 76, but at this point no one could actually afford to care about that
  • Hell, McCree goes through the effort of roping Ana and Pharah into it
    • Blame the Amaris for the Febreze gas bomb part of the plan
  • All of you know that Winston and Athena probably have an inkling of an idea of what you guys are doing, but at the same time, you know that they’re probably not going to do anything about it
    • Seeing as how you and Lucio managed to get Athena to display a heavily Photoshopped picture of 76 with a special song that Lucio made specifically for this situation on any screen or speaker whenever he walked into a room, the six of you were sure that both Winston and Athena weren’t going to betray you
  • Hana and McCree duct-tape Soldier’s rifle completely and attach airhorns to his helix rockets while Lucio and Fareeha place sticky notes on every surface in 76′s room
    • They even managed to spell out a message from all six of you on the small pieces of paper
  • Hana and McCree attach so many airhorns to so many things on base, you swear that those two would be grateful to never see another airhorn for the rest of their lives
  • You and Ana are the ones to kickstart the plan with Ana throwing the Febreze bomb into the common area and you playing the airhorn long enough for you to see him wake up with a start as Athena locks the door
  • Throughout the day, all six of you try your best to not burst out laughing when 76 stumbled into a new room filled with a fresh new horror for him
  • One of the best pranks that all of you pulled was when he gathered everyone for a briefing, the conference room was strung up with a complicated pattern of elastics and every time Soldier sat down, an airhorn would honk loudly and startle everyone in the room
    • Except for the guilty six who were smart enough to bring in earplugs
  • The next day, the Amaris were giggling about how frustrated 76 was when he went back to his room after avoiding it the entire day
    • He didn’t shout or punch anything, but he did look like he was ready to murder someone
  • A somewhat close encounter that you, Lucio and Hana had was when 76 walked into the training center as the three of you were training with each other and Lucio’s song along with the Photoshopped picture of 76 blared around the room
    • It took a lot of effort from all three of you to not even burst out laughing
    • You did have to say that the lines that appeared on Soldier’s forehead was both concerning and hilarious at the exact same time
  • Even though you have entertained the thought of 76 figuring out who it was that was behind turning the base into a personalized house of annoyance and frustration (read horrors), he never confronted you about it
  • If you were being honest, you were pretty sure this had happened in the past and he was just too irked by it to even say anything
  • Besides all of the guilty party were Overwatch members. What would make Soldier: 76 of all people think that any of his suspects would give any sort of information up?
    • But if you do get caught, be prepared to sprint out of the base for your life

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Please don't let them purge us

Please, this just can’t be happening. Please just listen.

They took my neighbors four days ago. I don’t know how many others they took already, but they keep coming.

I’m from Furtwood, Alberta. We have at least four hundred people here, but there’s not much else around. If you look on the map, we’re just a few miles North of Pelican Lake and Northeast of the 813. But we’re being purged. I swear to God, we’re being purged. A month ago we were on Google Maps everything, but now we’re just gone. They’ve photoshopped the satellite image. Fucking hell, you can still see the beginning of the roads, but our town is just gone.

There were lights in the sky three weeks ago. Nothing really spectacular, but a lot of people here saw them. It was a formation like an arrow, at least twelve or so, but they were too far to see the shape of the individual ones. They flew by around 9pm and it was dark as hell and it’s freezing here, so there were not many people out, but they were bright and blinking, so some people saw them and told others and at least a hundred people saw them. There was even a discussion on our amateur radio channel, that it might be aliens or military and one of the guys on air said he was sure that he saw one of them going down; that one of the lights broke formation and went down.

We’re all scared. We’re so fucking scared. People don’t dare to admit anymore that they saw them, but before they came I talked to several of my neighbors and they all saw them. My sister called me from the other end of town when they were in the sky, her son had seen them. And now my sister’s family is missing too.

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