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Title: Home Is Where Ever I’m With You
Author: klaineficrex
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: G
Length: 1500

Prompt: loosely based on “I’m a flight attendant and you’re accidentally hitting the call button every 5 minutes so you’re lucky you’re so cute au”

            Kurt Hummel was not one to get nervous about airplanes.  Kurt flew between New York and Ohio plenty of times during his college years and beyond, but this time was different.  Kurt sat in the airport terminal, bouncing his barely one-year-old son on his knee and waited for the early-boarding announcement for their first flight together.  The new father took a deep breath, If you’re calm, the baby will be too, Kurt repeated in his head, recalling the many books he read about this situation.

            “Early boarding for flight 206 from New York to Columbus is now available.  Those with small children or those who needed extra time to get settled in please make your way to the jetway.”  With his child in one arm and his carry-on diaper bag and boarding pass in another, Kurt walked down the long jetway and boarded the plane.  He made eye contact with the cooing flight attendants and finally found his row.  He looked between Elijah and his diaper bag, contemplating different ways he could go about putting his bag in the overhead compartment without dropping his child.  How the hell do parents do this?  Kurt supposed this was why they gave parents with small children extra time to board.

            “Need a hand?” came a voice from beside Kurt.  Smooth, tan skin grabbed the bag off of Kurt’s shoulder and hoisted it above their heads.  Kurt’s eyes made a journey down from the reaching hand to the shoulder it connected to and up to a pair of kind honey eyes.

            “Thank you,” Kurt breathed out as he readjusted Elijah who was slipping down his hip.

            “Just doing my job, sir,” the man replied, gesturing to his clothes.  Kurt broke eye contact to take in the flight attendant uniform he wore.  By the time Kurt got to his shoes, he already missed looking into this man’s eyes so returned his gaze to them.  

            Kurt extended a hand, “Kurt.”  The other man shook it and then gestured to his nameplate.

            “Blaine,” he responded and then turned his attention to Kurt’s son, “and who is this?” Blaine said excitedly.

            Elijah responded by attempting to grab Blaine’s nose.

            “This would be my son, Elijah.”

            “Well, Elijah, I hope you and your daddy have an easy flight!” and with that, Blaine returned to his post at the back of plane, presumably to organize in-flight snacks or something.

            Just as Kurt collapsed into his aisle seat, more passengers started filing into the plane. Kurt stood Elijah up on his knees and held his hands as people filed past.  Kurt smiled at his son, “Are you excited to see Grandpa?” Elijah giggled in response. “Of course you are…he’s going to gawk over how big you’ve gotten…and threaten to eat you up because of how cute you are!”  Kurt pretended to eat his son’s nose, causing Elijah to burst out into laughter. 

            A few rows back, Blaine paused midway through putting an old woman’s bag up to smile at Kurt and his son.  Finally, an elbow to his ribs from his coworker jarred his thoughts.

            “C’mon, Anderson, put the heart eyes away or else we’ll never take off.”  Blaine blushed and finished what he was doing.

            Takeoff wasn’t as bad as all the books said it was going to be.  Kurt gave Elijah a bottle that seemed to pop his ears just fine.  The people in the seats around him looked at the father and son in awe when not a peep was heard.  The flight was estimated to be just less than two hours.  They could do this.

            After spending some time at cruising altitude, Blaine walked past Kurt to attend to some business a few rows in front of him.   So what if Kurt’s eyes lingered longer than necessary on Blaine’s uniformed body?  Underneath all the parenting and work stress, Kurt was getting slightly desperate.  Elijah made Kurt incredibly happy, but there was still something missing.  Ever since Elijah was born, really ever since Kurt’s Vogue career took off, Kurt really didn’t have room in his thoughts for a boyfriend, but suddenly Blaine was occupying a significant part of his thoughts.  In fact, Blaine was currently taking so much mental space he failed to notice Elijah reaching up to press the call button until it was too late.  A soft ding told Kurt what he needed to know.

            “Did you need something?” Blaine approached Kurt and asked with an innocent curiosity.

            “N-no,” Kurt blushed, “Elijah pushed the button by accident.  Sorry.”

            “Did you need something?” Blaine redirected the question to Elijah.

            Elijah responded by reaching out to grab Blaine’s nose again.  Blaine laughed and walked back to the rear of the plane. 

            Kurt bit his lip and formulated a plan; anything to get to talk to Blaine again.  He turned around in his seat and saw Blaine in the back of the plane conversing with a coworker, smiling.  Kurt shook his head and turned back around.  What had gotten into him?  What was it about Blaine that had him so fixated?  After letting out a long sigh, the elderly woman next to him gave Kurt a knowing look.   She cocked her head to the back of the plane as if to say “Just go for it.”  Kurt inhaled and realized he really had nothing to lose.  Before he could convince himself otherwise, Kurt stood up, balanced Elijah on his hip, and made his way to the back of the plane.

            “Hey would you mind…?” Kurt started as he approached Blaine, “You know, while I…” Kurt jerked his head toward the restroom and then looked at Elijah.

            “Oh! Of course!” Blaine said brightly.

            “Thank you so much,” Kurt replied, relief apparent on his face as he handed Elijah to Blaine.  Once he was sure Elijah was fine with Blaine holding him, Kurt ducked into the bathroom.  Of course he didn’t really need to use the restroom, but desperate times called for desperate measures.  Kurt pressed his ear against the door and listened to Blaine talk to Elijah.  Kurt heard Elijah’s dancing laughter and smiled to himself.  He mentally checked “Good with kids” off his list.  After waiting a few more seconds, Kurt flushed the toilet and then examined his face in the dimly lit mirror.   He looked like most single fathers of infant children; tired, happy, and in desperate need of a good shave.  With a final fluff to his hair, Kurt exited the bathroom.

            Blaine hesitantly handed Kurt’s son back to him.

            “Thanks,” Kurt said, “it’s moments like these that remind me that being a single dad isn’t exactly easy.”  Kurt couldn’t tell if Blaine’s head snapped up at the word “single” or if it was just his imagination.  A look of sheepishness crossed Blaine’s face.

            “My mom was a single parent too, and I can’t say my brother and I made it easy for her to raise us.”

            “Was your mom just as tired as I was waiting for prince charming to come along?” Kurt said with a laugh. This time, Kurt was sure Blaine’s head perked up at the word “prince.”

            “Something like that,” Blaine said.

            An awkward silence was interrupted with a pilot’s announcement.

            “Ladies and gentlemen of flight 206, as we approach Columbus I ask that all passengers please take their seats and return their tray tables to their upright and locked positions and prepare for landing.”

            “That’s my cue,” Kurt said with a wink as he turned to walk to his seat.

            Landing was less smooth for Elijah than take off.  The change in pressure was too much and it took the whole time of taxing to the gate for Kurt to calm him down.  Kurt waited for most of the passengers to exit the plane before he did.  Once the tidal wave of eager passengers left, Kurt stood up and stretched.  Before he even thought of it, Blaine was right behind him, taking down his bag and putting it on Kurt’s shoulder.

            “Thank you,” Kurt said, “for everything.”

            Blaine looked sheepish again.

            “I’d say I was just doing my job, but we both know that isn’t entirely true.”

            Kurt blushed and felt like he was back in high school again.   By then, almost all of the passengers had left the plane and the crew was starting to do their routine check.  The two men didn’t have much time.

            “Wouldyougotodinnerwithme,” Blaine blurted.  Kurt smiled bashfully.

            “I would love that,” Kurt responded.

            Blaine took a blank luggage tag from his back pocket and scrawled his number on it.

            “Call me,” Blaine said softly as he handed the tag to Kurt, “I’ll be in Columbus for the next four days.”

            Kurt smiled, “I think I can squeeze you in somewhere.”

            Kurt saw his dad before his dad saw him and a flood of excitement flowed through him.

             “Do you see Grandpa, Elijah?” Kurt said softly to his son.  Finally, Burt spotted them.

            “Ay! You made it!  Look at my grandson!” Kurt handed Elijah to him. “You got so big.  I could just eat you right up! Omnomnomonom.”

            “So how was the flight?  Everything went smoothly?”

            “Yeah, couldn’t have gone better!” Kurt fished for something in his pocket while saying, “Hey, you wouldn’t mind watching Elijah one night while I’m here would you? I think I have a date.”

            “You mean would I mind spending a whole night with my grandson who lives hundreds of miles away?  I’d be honored.”

            Kurt smiled at the luggage tag inscribed with 10 digits and a heart.

Fic: Happy Accidents

anon prompted:  Blaine is a paramedic who is called out for a gay bashing. He finds and saves Kurt (16-19years old) who is in very bad condition. After Kurt is in the hospital, Blaine makes sure that his family gets in to see him and feels very protective of Kurt, since he’s also been bashed. Blaine gets attached and they meet once Kurt wakes up or after he’s healed.

Sweet holy hell, this got long. PG-13, 2500+ words, more fluff than anything else. Also, Blaine’s 25 and Kurt’s 19, just fyi.

Blaine was having a hard time controlling his emotions that night.

First they’d gotten the call that a young man was unconscious and bleeding in a Brooklyn alley, probably the victim of a hate crime, and Blaine’s blood had run cold. Memories of his own attack in Ohio nine years earlier had rushed back to him - the cold hard asphalt against his face, the searing pain of his broken arm - but he couldn’t allow them any space in his brain. He had to be focused and ready to treat this man’s injuries, as that was kind of the whole point of his job as a paramedic.

Then he’d almost had to scrape his jaw off the ambulance floor when they arrived at the scene, because under the blood and bruises, this man was stunningly attractive - just Blaine’s type, if he was being honest. He was a sucker for long legs, smooth skin, and great hair, especially when the guy possessing those traits looked relatively near Blaine’s age, maybe a few years younger.

Not the time, Anderson! he chastised himself as he strapped the man’s shoulders to the backboard and affixed a neck brace, his partner Sarah taking care of the man’s lower half.

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