do you know how many pictures i now have saved

#RespectTylerJoseph rant

I’m so fucking mad right now. People in the clique need to learn the meaning of respect. 

The hastag #RespectTylerJoseph is trending on twitter because when Tyler was crowdsurfing, the fans instead of holding him and helping him, stole his mask, ripped his t-shirt and stole his shoes. He was asking Josh to help him, but Josh couldn’t do anything. He asked the fans to stop, but they kept going. Josh though, was really worried and you can watch the video here. (x)

After security helped him, he ended the show earlier and a girl who was there said that he hesitated when he said “we’re twenty one pilots and so are you”, he fucking hesitated. (x)

A picture of him after  crowdsurfing

look at him, he’s so disappointed.

I just don’t understand really. I’m mad because he deeply cares about us, and sad because now he thinks that we don’t. Some people withouth twenty one pilots would have been dead right now, they saved so many lives and that’s how you show them your support and love? By harassing them?

He’s the reason i’m still alive and I don’t know what i would do if he started hating us. I really don’t.

I really hope he doesn’t start hating us and that he doesn’t go to any BBC show anymore, you guys don’t deserve it. It’s not the first time that something similar happens and i really hope it’s the last.

I’m really angry right now, I hope he knows that we love him,