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Parental Advice (Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Teasing


Request: HiEEEE! I came across your blog and fell in love with very many of your stories! (one of them being feeling loved again and wheres nat and what is kindness). I had a request that somehow came to my insane fangirl over star trek and avengers and doctor who. I was wondering if you could do a request on it’s everyday life kinda for Tony and his 13, 14 year-old daughter. Tony goes on with his life as an Avenger and all and it’s getting harder on him with all the past memories of the 1st Avengers movie, almost loosing you in Iron Man 3, and the danger you get in during Age of Ultron(takes place before Civil War). Meanwhile, you’re struggling with your social life and it’s slowly dropping your grades bit by bit. You have had friends before, but you can’t keep one friend or group for longer than a month or two because they somehow drift off into the popular group of girls. So you become pretty lonely and your favorite place is the tower with the avengers (let’s pretend everyone lives in the tower, I like the tower better than the compound). And a lot of your social troubles is because you’re more mature than everyone else, and you get along with the team the best more than anyone you’ve ever known. Finally, one morning, you and Tony are both up early(like, 4 am) and you talk to each other about your troubles. Whooh! Sorry it was lengthy! Hopefully, there’s no pressure if your inbox full of requests.

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Tony loved you with all his heart. You were his world. His baby. If something happened to you he wouldn’t know if he could holding himself from killing the person who caused you harm. This kind of started after the Battle of New York and when fighting Ultron. Being his daughter, during New York, Loki nearly killed you in front of him in the tower, where you were hiding, and before the twins joined their sides, they targeted you, and seeing you crying and shaking, and being unable to help you from your mental distraught pained him. The twins might have sided with them in the end, but Tony kept you separate from Wanda until you were comfortable.

If someone harmed you, he’d hurt them ten times worse.

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anonymous asked:

He used his brilliant mind, his superpower, >> to kill people. Tony is the biggest villain of the MCU. He is the Donald Trump of the MCU!!

You come into my inbox, you disrespect my man Tony Stark… and I could be angry with you but, to be honest, your message made me very happy. Guys! The day has come! I got an anon message telling me that Tony Stark is a villain and I am now officially a member of the Tony Stark Defense Squad! So, even though it may be wiser to ignore this message, I decided to celebrate by actually answering it.

“He used his brilliant mind, his superpower, >> to kill people.”
You quoted my post here but you changed the ending. The result is quite ridiculous, if I may say. (For those who don’t want to read the post I linked, we’re talking about Ultron here). Look, English is not my mother tongue so forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that the grammatical construction “to do something” implies an intention behind the action. If I go to the shop to buy an apple, I go there in order to buy an apple, with the intention of doing so. I’m sorry, are you a native English speaker? If you’re not, that could be an excuse, but you can’t possibly think that Tony’s intention there was to kill people.
What was Tony’s intention when he decided to create Ultron? (I’m not going to say “when he created Ultron” because it would be a blatant Bruce Banner erasure and also Ultron kind of created himself, the AI was already in the stone and all. And we can’t forget about Wanda. Let’s not discuss it here). It’s very clear in the movie. He did that to protect the Earth and everybody on it. Wanda played with his mind and we could see his fears: his friends dead and the Earth invaded. He did what he did to prevent that from happening. He did it to protect people, not to kill them, anon, you can’t possibly fight me on that, you just can’t.

“Tony is the … villain of the MCU.”
Now the second part of your message. It’s not less ridiculous, but far more often believed in than the first. It’s really weird that some people think Tony is a villain. Let’s check what the word “villain” means, shall we?
villain - (in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot (source)
Now, I agree that Tony’s actions and motives are important to the plot but I’m afraid you missed the “evil” part of the definition.
Tony has made some mistakes, yes. But is a mistake an “evil action”? Isn’t an intention to harm necessary for an action to be considered truly evil? I think that the “evil action” and “evil motives” are connected. Creating Ultron was a mistake but it was not an evil action, for it was done with a pure motive. You can point out Tony’s mistakes all you want (he’d gladly do that himself), but you cannot question his motives. All this man does, he does to protect others.

Let’s take a look at the definition of the word “hero” now.
hero - a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities (source)
If you’ve seen any of the movies you’ll have to agree that Tony has courage and, in fact, lots of it. There are more proofs of that than I am in the mood to count right now. Just to name a few situations… escaping from that Afghanistan cave, saving civilians from terrorists while being a civilian without any training himself, stopping a crazy guy with electric whips without a suit, chatting with Loki, fighting aliens, flying a nuke into a portal, going to kill a terrorist with homemade weapons, being part of the Avengers who fight aliens and crazy robots on a daily basis… like okay I’m going to stop now but I hope you can see that Tony is no coward. A coward would never become Iron Man. Gosh, a coward would have built the Jericho Missile for the terrorists and died in that cave to begin with. Well, at least you wouldn’t be calling him a villain now.

But Tony’s courage is even deeper than doing those brave deeds. It’s about falling and rising. It’s about getting out of that cave and changing his whole life for the better. It’s about realising the harm caused by his weapons and shutting down the weapons division. It’s about being betrayed by people who were close to him but still choosing to trust others. It’s about being told he’s not fit to be a hero but being a hero nonetheless, every day. It’s about creating Ultron (yes, that) because he refused to stand back and let everyone die. It’s about not curling in a ball and crying out of the agony of remorse when Ultron went crazy, even though it would’ve been so much easier than doing everything in his power to clean up that mess. It’s about going on, every day, even though he blames himself for everything bad that happens. It’s about trying to make up for it, for all his mistakes, and for the mistakes of others.

On to the next part of the definition. I’ve already mentioned some “outstanding achievements” of his, like putting the nuke in that portal (which saved the Manhattan and finished the fight) but let’s add saving of the president and having his part in creating Vision to the list. Well, it’s not the whole list, obviously. But the point is proven, so let’s move on.

Now, noble qualities. Let’s take the list from this site. There are so many of them that I’m going to be very brief on each, but if you watched the movies, you’re going to know what I mean.

*sacrifice – taking the nuke through the wormhole
*determination – he! gotta! save!
*loyalty – coming back to the Avengers while not being on active duty when things got rough, wanting to arrest others instead of letting killing squads deal with them (yes, I’d call it loyalty, he could have just sit and watch you know?)
*courage – already discussed
*dedication – have you ever seen a more dedicated guy, like, have you seen him at work
*bravery – may I remind you about the nuke and aliens and stuff
*perseverance – get the image of him dragging his disabled suit in a forest through the snow
*focused – he literally doesn’t sleep when he has a goal he wants to achieve
*conviction – he believes in what he does, he wants to continue doing it
*selfless – fighting for others while risking one’s life is hardly egoistic, I think it’s quite the opposite
*gallantry – the definition on that site tells me it’s about fighting the danger “with high and cheerful spirit” and well, if it isn’t Tony Stark
*fortitude – does refusing to make a Jericho for the terrorists count? yes
I’m sorry but at the end of the list of qualities on that site was this: “Heroes are not born, they are made. Anyone of us can acquire these heroic qualities and can be a hero” and well if it isn’t Tony Stark.
Wouldn’t you agree that the word “hero” fits Tony far more accurately than the one you used to describe him? Surprise, surprise! Tony is actually a hero! Who would’ve thought, right?

But! You didn’t only call him a villain, did you. You said “the biggest villain of the MCU”. One, Tony is not a villain. Two, there are many villains in the MCU, why must you insist that a hero is a villain if you have plenty of them already. Three, all of the villains did bad things, why do you think that Tony, a hero, is worse than them? Four, have you heard of Thanos? Wait for Infinity War and then tell me Tony is the biggest villain of the MCU, please. Not that Tony couldn’t be the biggest villain. I mean, if he only wanted to, he could. Thanos would look pathetic next to him. The thing is, Tony is a good man with pure intentions. Luckily for everyone.

“He is the Donald Trump of the MCU!!”
Now this is something that bothers me a lot, and it’s not because of the reason you probably think. Just.. it’s clearly stated on my blog that I’m from Poland. Why do you come into my inbox and compare a character to the president of the USA that I have near to no interest in? Why would you assume I think he’s the biggest villain of our universe? It’s just… no? Why would you do this?
I do know some things about Donald Trump though, mostly from tumblr. I know that some of the things that people have against him are his attitude towards immigrants and the way he handles healthcare. Well, as far as I can tell, Tony has nothing against immigrants. Take one example: he has nothing against Wanda Maximoff. More than that, he’s trying to protect her from being deported. The girl is not a US citizen and she doesn’t have a visa. Not very Trump-y of Tony, right? As for the Trumpcare, I don’t know how it works. I guess that people have lower taxes but have to pay for their healthcare?? Tony has numerous foundations and funds everything always, so jot that down. I might be wrong about this whole Trump thing but, like I said, I don’t know that much about it. Maybe next time think before you send someone who’s not from the USA a message comparing someone to Donald Trump. As I see it: connections to Donald Trump? None. Oh yeah, he’s a white rich male but I had no idea that makes you a villain.

So that’s that. What you said in your message turned out to be untrue. Surprised? Did you think it wouldn’t? No but honestly, did you?

Did you expect me to agree with you? Did you expect me to be persuaded by your zero (0) arguments? Really, what was your purpose here?

I have no idea what you wanted to achieve with that message, but I’ll tell you what you did achieve. You got a long post about why Tony is not a villain and why he is a hero. You got a post which explains to you why you’re wrong. Anon, do you realise that? I’m talking to all the anti-Tony anons here. You are just giving us all an excuse to produce long detailed posts about how amazing Tony is. You are just giving us an excuse to write something other Tony fans, not you, will enjoy. Do you realise how unwise that move of yours is? You’re not going to persuade us into thinking that Tony is a bad guy. If anything, it’s you who’s going to be persuaded. If that’s the case, if you want to be persuaded, sure, send anti-Tony asks. We’ll all gladly explain to you why you’re wrong. Because we enjoy that. So, thank you, for giving us the opportunity. But you might want to think twice before sending an anti-Tony message again. This Isn’t Working.

And the last thing: Tony is not written as a villain. He is not supposed to be a villain. If you accept that, you’re going to enjoy the movies more, trust me.

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

Ah yes, the ship that must not be named. Or that I like to call err0ri because it’s like an error in the matrix or idk. I’m not directly answering the ask because I don’t want it to show up in the search and have any brats in my inbox lol.
Alright, sit down, my child because this turned out so long, holy shit X”D

Tbh this ship never made any sense to me, and I was baffled when I joined the fandom and found out that it’s the biggest/most popular ship in the fandom. Like wtf the wrong with y’all?? First of all there is the obvious age gap. Why you gotta turn Levi into a pedo? He just doesn’t strike me as the guy that would fall for a teenager. He might care for them as a father figure and superior because he’s empathetic. But romance? Never. “But it’s only fiction!!!!!!!!!!!” Have you seen how teenager boys act nowadays? How can you look at someone as immature as Eren and think he would be able to take care of a man in his 30s irl? You wouldn’t. And idk what should be so different in the snk verse. Eren is immature and egoistic and definitely not, NOT. AT. ALL. suited to take care of someone like Levi who went through so much shit, grew up underground and lost so many people that were dear to him. They are on totally different levels. But there is more to it than just the age gap. There is a total lack of chemistry. I just don’t see it! But the worst is that the whole ship is built on an act of violence. How can abuse be the base for a ship? When I joined the fandom in 2013 it was totally a thing in err0ri fanart that Levi would beat Eren up before anything romantic or sexual happened. It looked like violence was a foreplay for them and that’s simply disgusting. Abuse was heavily romanticized and played down in this fandom. But it was just a trick to get Eren into the Scouting Legion right? Also it was the plan of Erwin, the evil guy that stands in the way of this ~dream ship~. Let’s just ignore how Levi did not only beat Eren a second but also a third time. The second time was just Levi’s way of bonding with his new squad, right? Lmao this was such a fucked up “meta” post that I read. For the third time they couldn’t even make any excuses. They just simply ignore it. Like basically everything else that happens in canon. This ship is so damn ooc. It’s like they are two completely different characters that just coincidentally look exactly like Eren and Levi. This fandom is an expert in mischaracterizing characters and I’m also talking about third parties, like every other character that could come in the way of the ship is a potential danger, an abuser and rapist. Maybe it’s because most shippers are very young and just see Eren as a self insert. Maybe they haven’t written many fics and that’s why they can’t get the characterization right. Who knows, maybe I would’ve fallen for this ship too when I was 15. (Though I was always into height differences, so who knows?) However, there are also enough people that are not teenagers or even around Levi’s age that ship him with Eren. I honestly can’t come up with any logical reason why you would ship these two. I don’t understand it and I honestly don’t want to. The only reason I can somewhat understand is “they are my favorite and second favorite character so I just want to see them together and fuck canon, I make up my own canon/AU”. Or if someone ships them for the ~aesthetics~. I don’t see these aesthetics, but tastes are different.

I gotta admit that in the beginning I was just unfazed by this ship and felt just indifferent. I didn’t mind if it showed up on my dash, I scrolled past it and sometimes even took a second to appreciate the art itself even if I didn’t like what it portrayed. But the more time passed the more I’ve learned how nasty the shippers are. Istg the shippers made me hate this ship with a burning passion. Now if any err0ri shows up on my dash, I get physically sick. I totally wish I could go back to indifference instead of feeling like puking, but I can’t. I’ve seen too much shit. And I’m totally aware that there are normal shippers, and that other ships have black sheeps in their flock too. But there are just so many err0ri shippers that can’t stay in their damn line. They have to take art of other ships and turn change Levi’s partner into Eren. They have to leave nasty comments under eru/ri art like “I think you meant to draw Eren as Levi’s husband instead of Erwin” or that the artist drew a rape scene under a simple nsfw drawing. And don’t get me started on the shit that goes on in the eru/ri tag on AO3. Why do so many writers have to tag their err0ri fics as eru/ri? Istg no matter when I check the tag, there are always 20-25% err0ri fics. I’m so fucking tired of this shit. I don’t want to see it! NO ONE goes into the eru/ri tag to see this endgame err0ri crap. Especially not if all of them turn Erwin into a monster. Aren’t they tired of reading their own same shit over and over again? Can’t they come up with anything new? Why does it always have to be Erwin who is the bad ex and Eren the knight on a white horse who rescues Levi? Levi is no fucking damsel in distress. He would never let Erwin abuse him and he’s definitely not unable to defend himself. He doesn’t need a third person to get him out of there, especially not someone as unsuited as Eren lol. But I‘m repeating myself and already talked enough about mischaracterization. I just wish they would take a random OC instead or just stop to tag their fics as eru/ri if it’s just a past relationship and not the endgame. And NO, eruri/ren is NOT the solution. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If I already hate err0ri, I definitely don’t want to drag Erwin into this shit as well. Leave him out of it. I know multishippers exist. I don’t understand how you can ship both of them when eru/ri is basically perfect while err0ri is the bad kind of trash, but ok. But I’ve never got along with those kind of multishippers. I talked to some in the past but it never ended well. So I prefer to avoid any people that are shipping err0ri tbh. Oh and one last thing… why do so many of them are such apologists? Whenever they are confronted with the “pedo argument” (yes, I’m aware that pedophilia is the wrong term and it should be actually hebephilia/ephebophilia but most people use pedophilia as a synonym for a minor/adult relationship), they get so defensive and aggressive and try to find stupid excuses why this ship is not problematic. Suddenly Eren is so mature because he’s in the military and that automatically makes him an adult. But once he has to face punishment for insubordination he’s a sweet child that doesn’t know any better. That’s so fucking pathetic and hypocritical. Just admit that you like a problematic ship and that’s it. It’s not that hard isn’t it?

Thanks for your ask, and sorry that this got so long :”D

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Monkey D. Luffy: What is your dream job?

Roronoa Zoro: Are you directionally challenged?

Nami: Have you ever stolen something?

Usopp: Have you ever lied about something for it actually come true?

Sanji: Do you view yourself to be a good cook?

Tony Tony Chopper: Do you have a sweet tooth?

Nico Robin: What was the first book that you can remember reading?

Franky: Have you ever been in a car accident or fallen into the ocean?

Brook: What instruments do you play?  Do you still play them?

Trafalgar Law: How many tattoos do you have?

Eustass KidDo you think that you are handy with electronics?

Jewelry Bonney: Do you enjoy buffets?

Capone Bege: Tell me your weirdest experience with a utensil.

Urouge: If you had wings, where would you fly to?

Killer: Have you ever worn a mask?

Apoo: If you could play instrument, what would it be?

X Drake: If your dad was a pirate, and you were captured by Marines would you serve for them?

Basil Hawkins: Have you ever gotten your fortune read?

Crocodile: What kind of style do you have?

Donquixote Doflamingo: If you were the king of your own empire, what would it be called and what kind of place would it be?

Dracule Mihawk: How good is your vision?

Jinbe: Would you take up Luffy’s offer to be in the crew or act as an ally?

Kuma: Do you view yourself to be a religious person?

Whitebeard: Do you consider your friends to be your family?

Boa Hancock: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Gecko Moria: Are you fan of horror movies?  If not, what was your worst experience.

Buggy: Are you a leader or a follower?

Shanks: How high is your drinking tolerance?

Big Mom: How can much candy can you eat before you think you’re going to get diabetes?

Kaidou: An army of puppies or one big puppy?

Blackbeard: Would you harm a friend just to get ahead in life?

Sengoku: Do you enjoy senbei?

Monkey D. Garp: Would you throw your grandchild in the jungle for training?

Aokiji: Would you throw away all position and power in your job because you don’t agree with the ethics of the organization?

Akainu: What kind of justice do you believe in?

Kizaru: Are you a laid-back person?

Fujitora: If you went blind right now, who was the last person that you saw?

Smoker: Have you ever smoked anything?

Tashigi: Do people ever tell you that you look like someone they know?

Portgas D. Ace: Are you an only child?

Marco: If you could have any devil fruit, what would it be?

Jozu: Do you show your emotions easily?

Vivi: Do you have friends in far away countries?

Kuina: Have you ever fallen down the stairs?

Zeff: If you were stranded on a rock with a bag of gold, a bag of food, and a scrawny hungry child, would you eat your foot?

Kureha: How would you look at 139?

Hirluk: What is your favorite One Piece quote?

Bon Clay: Have you ever done ballet?

Rayleigh: How much of a gambler are you?

Magellan: Are you allergic to anything?

Rob Lucci: Are you trained in any kind of martial arts?

Iceburg: Do you have a nickname for your best friend?

Laboon: Have you ever broken a promise?

Enel: Have you ever gotten hit in the forehead with a rubber band?

Wiper: What bones have you broken?

Coby: Would the you from five years ago be proud of who you are now?

Perona: How may stuffed animals are sitting on your bed or are in your room right now?

Absalom: If you could be invisible, where is the first place you would go?

Shirahoshi: Do you hold grudges?

Caesar Clown: Do you tend to underestimate your projects?

Momonosuke: When was the last time that you had a nightmare?

Kinemon: How tall are you?

Monet: Do you enjoy writing?  Share a snippet?

Vergo: Are you a sloppy eater?

Corazon: What are your feelings on Doflamingo?

Kyros: What if everyone forgot who you were?

Cavendish: Do you have an alter ego?

Bartolomeo: Are you massively obsessed with something?

Sugar: If you could be any age until you die, what would it be?

Trebol: Do you get sick often?

Pica: Do you work out a lot?

Diamante: Are you easily persuaded?

Sabo: Do you care about the well-being of other people before yourself sometimes?

Koala: Have you ever worked at a job you absolutely hated?