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This blog is so cute! I would like to see MC + RFA members as S/Os and their morning routine. PS. Seven and MC would totally argue who has worst but better bedhead hair

Hi! I thought this sounded cute, and I like the idea about the bedhead contest, so I hope you like it :D


-You almost always wake up before him in the morning

-and he somehow manages to always completely wrap himself around you

-so you have to untangle yourself from him every morning without waking him up

-half the time you just lie there until he wakes up so you don’t have to deal with the struggle also because he’s so cute when he sleeps

-once he’s up tho, Yoosung is surprisingly a morning person

-that is when he doesn’t stay up until 3 in the morning playing LoloL

-on weekdays he makes you coffee 

-he always wants to drive you to work, but you don’t let him 

-you’d probably both die if he drove you

-luckily, you’re close enough to his school that he can walk

-but on your days off you always go with him

-on weekends Yoosung always makes you breakfast before you wake up

-or he trys to, but he almost always sleeps in to late

-after breakfast you pretty much play games all morning

-he used to let you win, but soon you’re good enough to beat him anyway

-and you two always end up wasting half the day playing video games


-she’s always up way to early and makes you wake up too

-except you never get up right away

-even though Jaehee comes in every 5 minutes to see if you’re awake yet

-you’re always to tired to bring yourself to get up

-you usually end up waking up about 5 minutes before you have to leave

-Jaehee always has everything prepared though, because you do this EVERY MORNING

-breakfast is already on the table, your bag is packed, sometimes she’ll even lay out your outfit

-after a big rush to get ready, you two head to work together

-on weekends you don’t have to work, so Jaehee lets you sleep in

-when you wake up she’ll just be sitting at the table, coffee in hand

-she has your coffee laid out, which is somehow always still hot like how does she do that

-you two just kind of sit there and talk for a while

-you’re like an old married couple


-neither of you are morning people, so you both sleep in every day

-Zen doesn’t usually have to get up early, so it’s not a problem for him

-for you, though, its a BIG problem

-half the time you’re late for work, and the rest of the time you just barely make it

-Zen usually walks out of your bedroom, dreary-eyed, right as you’re walking out

-but he never lets you leave without a goodbye kiss

-on the days he doesn’t wake up in time, you have to wake him up to kiss him goodbye

-otherwise he gets upset

-one time you forgot and he drove to your work to meet you!

-”Don’t think you can get away from me that easily”

-”Zen, you’re still wearing pajamas!”

-sometimes on the weekend he forgets you don’t have to work

-and he makes you kiss him goodbye anyway

-you swear he doesn’t actually forget, and he’s probably blackmailing you

-sometimes he’ll make you breakfast, but he usually makes you do it

-he feels bad about it though, so he always makes sure to compliment you on it

-for the rest of the morning you help Zen practice his lines

-and he ends up getting WAY to into it

-sometimes he’ll try to play all the characters at once

-it’s pretty entertaining, so you just sit back and watch


-most days you wake up because Elizabeth III is meowing more like screaming for her breakfast

-Jumin, of course, hears this and gets up right away

-”Elizabeth, you want your breakfast don’t you! Here I’ll go make it”

-he makes her kitty pancakes shaped like little fishes pretty sure he got that idea from you

-after she’s eaten, he remembers you

-”Oh MC, did you want pancakes?” and he smiles at you like he didn’t just make his cat breakfast without thinking of you

-but you’re used to it so you just let it slide

-although sometimes you get him back by giving him really elaborate requests

-”You know, I’d really like it if you made my face on the pancakes with a white chocolate drizzle”

-you’re just joking, but he usually does it anyways 

-you feel bad though so you help him make it

-on weekdays you drive to work together

-on weekends you usually end up playing with Elizabeth III

-”Jumin can we do something other than entertain Elizabeth?”

-”But what could be better than this?” seriously Jumin?


-you always wake up to seven subconsciously bear-hugging you

-he full on wraps himself around you during the night

-instead of attempting to get up without waking him though

-you just kick him awake

-”Seven get up, you’re on top of me!”

-”Hey! That hurt!” he says as he dramatically rolls out of bed onto the floor

-so basically you both get up at the same time

-you always make breakfast, but seven only eats things with honey buddha chips

-one time you told him there were honey buddha chips in his pancakes when there weren’t any

-you just wanted to see if he’d notice

-and he definitely did

-while you eat breakfast you have a contest on who has worse/better bedhead

-”What is that! Mockery I tell you! You could go to a ball with that fanciful hairdo!” he’ll gloat

-”What Tom foolery are your words! Why, your hair looks utterly marvelous! A disgrace to messy hair everywhere!”

-this usually continues for a while, but Seven somehow always wins

-what you do after that honestly depends on Seven’s mood

-you can never pick something, so you let him decide how to spend the morning

-besides, it’s hilarious what he’ll come up with sometimes

-One time around halloween, he made you reenact the skeleton war like what even seven

-honestly, every day is an adventure in itself

Hey, I hope you liked it! Sorry it took me so long to upload, but I had writers block and you know how that goes :( If you don’t know how that goes, trust me it isn’t fun, but anyway it’s up so just enjoy!:D


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I know this is late but if you're gonna do that fic with the 3 mil special gifs about an argument you guys had blah blah blah the backstory of the argument should be that theres been these rumors about you cheating and maybe going back to your exsince you have been hanging around with him more then cal and he got really jealous maybe it could somehow be the backstory of why you did the q&a with idubbbz idk this sounds somewhat confusing lol

Okay! I understand what you were going for :) I think it will be too difficult to relate it back to the idubbbz fic that I had posted. However, I am going to try to use a similar plot; so, thank you for the idea! Be sure to let me know what you guys think! I am sorry this is coming out way later than I intended! This is based off of the gif set by @starlirious LINK

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Fighting & Resolution (3 Mill Gif Sets)

It started out as a simple disagreement, but turned into a full argument. You had been visiting your family for the last two weeks, among visiting other people while home. Calvin was unable to go, having to post several rants at the last minute. Hence, you were by yourself. 

Trying to make the most of your time at home, you decided to collaborate with one of your exes on a video for his channel. Your ex and Calvin had some beef before the two of you got together, and it only escalated once the two of you started going out. Having a pretty solid relationship with Calvin made you believe that he would have no issue with you making the video with your ex. That’s where you were wrong. 

As busy as you were, and knowing how busy Calvin was, you forgot to tell him that you were making the video. Trying to make time to talk with each other was difficult enough in different time zones. Adding your mixed schedules into the equation certainly didn’t help. 

You trusted your ex to edit the video, which was a complete mistake. He had cut out all of the bits where you two disagreed and every mention of Calvin was deleted. He instead pieced together every clip of you laughing at a joke he told, agreeing on topics, and even some bits where he got a little too comfortable with you. Not to mention, he decided to use an old picture of the two of you kissing as the thumbnail with the title of, “Stealing Y/N Back?!” He even made shady comments towards Calvin at the end of the video. It essentially seemed like the two of you were going to get back together and completely blindside Calvin. 

Before you can even call Calvin to say how pissed off you were at the video your ex posted, you receive a text from him. “Y/N, what the hell is that video? Did you seriously make a fucking collab with him?” you read to yourself. Texting back you say, “Calvin, I can explain. Yes, I made a collab with him. I didn’t expect him to edit so much stuff out. Does it really matter that much?” 

You were annoyed, but didn’t want it to escalate into something ridiculous. Receiving a text back from him, you read it, “Yes! You know that I can’t stand him, why would I be okay with you making a video with your ex? Especially the one I have the most beef with? Not to mention I log on and see a picture of the person I’m fucking dating kissing their ex!” 

You were starting to get a little annoyed with how this conversation was going. Here you were trying to resolve the situation, and the one person you thought would be on your side is also against you. Now frustrated, you message him back saying, “I don’t know what the big deal is? That was an old picture from before we started dating. How was I supposed to know he was going to edit the video that way? And besides that, why do I need to ask you if I can collab with someone or not?” You get a quick reply back from him saying, “Oh my god, I’m sorry I thought you would at least think about how this would make me feel and look. Glad to know I leave you alone for a week and you go and pull something like this. Thanks for taking me into consideration, babe.” 

You can almost feel the sarcasm radiating from your phone. Now pissed at the situation, the last thing you want to do is talk with him. Messaging him back for the last time you say, “Fuck you, Calvin. If you honestly think I meant for the video to turn out that way, don’t even bother talking with me.” Looking at your phone a few minutes later, you notice a series of messages from Calvin, including a couple calls that you sent to voicemail. The string of messages being: “Ffs, Y/N. Are you being serious?”, “Oh so now you don’t want to respond.”, “Y/N, pick up the phone.” 

Letting each message pass, you decide it’s probably better to just let the situation go for now. But you weren’t about to let this topic off easily. To be honest, you were infuriated he was mad at you for a video you had no editing control over. 

The day before the video was posted, the two of you had skyped until early in the morning. Being as busy as you both were, you both made it a point to schedule another Skype session a week later. Sitting in your room working on something, now a week later and after your argument, you didn’t know if he would even call. 

Suddenly, a notification of an incoming call from Calvin pops up. You reluctantly accept his call and sit with him facing your screen. You refuse to look at him, instead focusing on something you were reading. He watches you intently, getting a bit irritated that you refuse to look his way or glance towards him even once. 

Removing his hand from his face, he says, “Alright, this is fucking stupid. You and I both know that this argument shouldn’t have even happened.” With a bit more passion, he says, “I just don’t know how you expected me to react to seeing you kissing someone else; not to mention a video that was made to look like you were going to leave me for some asshole like him.” 

You sigh and look to him on your screen, giving him your attention at last. “Just the thought of you giving him your time,” He says making a disgusted face, shaking his head at the memory of the video. “Should I have acted the way I did? No, probably not. I was just pissed that he was able to be with you and make you laugh and I couldn’t be there.” 

He takes a breath and sighs to collect his thoughts. Continuing from where he left off, he looks to you directly and sincerely says, “Look, you know how much I care about you. I just don’t like you being around someone slimy like him. I’m not mad about you collaborating with him. I’m mad that he took advantage of you and made this video to start something with me. I’m sorry, I was an asshole and I love you. Can you just talk with me already? I miss you and I’m tired of hearing myself talk.” 

You chuckle at his comment and crack a small smile, to which lights up his face and a smile reflects on his face as well. “I love you, too. I’m sorry, as well. I should have talked with you beforehand. I was a bit stupid to think he wouldn’t pull something like that. He’s just bitter I left him for you,” you say laughing a bit. 

Calvin’s smile grows and he smirks saying, “So you wouldn’t mind if I made a roast of him, right? To be honest, I’ve been holding one back because I knew you guys still talked.” You laugh at this and say, “Burn him to the ground preferably. He’s not exactly the smartest, I recorded the entire collab if you want it.” His face returns a shocked expression and he says, “And you didn’t want to send that sooner, why?” You shrug and say, “Would it have really made a difference? Plus, it’s a high key cringe how much I talk about you,” you add, rubbing your neck and looking away in embarrassment.

Letting a comment slip, under his breath he says, “You’re so cute.” A bit more confidently, he says, “I don’t know why I was so worried, you’re completely whipped for me” smirking at his final statement. You scoff and say, “Oh please, don’t get so full of yourself.” 

The two of you chat for a while longer about your week. You only have a couple more days while being at home. As you continue to talk, your eyes start to get heavier and a yawn escapes your mouth. His voice is slowly lulling you to sleep as he talks about something while editing one of his videos. 

Turning back to face you when he doesn’t hear a response to a question he asks, he notices you have fallen asleep on your computer. He smiles to himself and realizes how much he really misses you being there with him, and how much he missed your voice. Sending you a quick goodnight text, he logs off of Skype. This roast was going to send your ex to the grave for causing this argument. 

So this one took me a while to write, lol, and it’s not as long as I thought it was going to be. I tried to coordinate the gifs with the fic, hopefully I didn’t do too terrible of a job. Please let me know what you guys think. I hope you are having a lovely night and morning (I am sorry for such a late upload! kill me, it’s 12:45 am here.) 100 Notes and I’ll skype Calvin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


Since I have fallen for vilfaras aka commanderrockhard wonderful Eruri Dragon AU idea I have produced some crappy things. Levi as a Dragoon/Dragon rider and Erwin as the Dragon himself of course. I’m going to pester Vil until she makes a nice background post or writes a fic I swear to god. I need this in my life.

Sketchy, messy but hell with it. I do feel painfully my lack of scanner.

If I manage to get my hands on one I’ll try to upload it in better quality along with the rest of things….maybe.

Here's What Happened in Adelaide on 17.2.15


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Have you ever thought that sometimes YT is more than making the best quality videos that you can, and more about the people that you know? Not to implicate anything about you, just that as a smaller YouTuber I've seen people grow in subs the more they've gotten chummier with people who are 'bigger' than them. Maybe I'm just jealous because I'm nowhere near as good as networking as some people, so I was curious if you've had any kind of experience or advice on the matter, as you're pretty honest.

Youtube has changed a lot in the past few years. It’s going to get harder and harder for people to get noticed the longer they wait to get started. Of course it helps to know someone who is already established that you can collaborate with, it’s proving to those guys that you are capable though. I pretty rarely collaborate unless it’s with PBG or Brutalmoose, but they’re also my good friends in real life now, and I live with one of them. I would never collaborate with someone who has two videos and is telling me they really want to be “Youtube Famous” or that they really want Youtube to be their job. I ignore messages like that immediately most of the time. I’d have to go to their channel and see that they’ve been doing it for a while, and I want to see a clear and distinct skill progression going on. I was building my channel for nearly a year and a half before Hidden Block started to form, I didn’t collaborate with anyone until about the two-year to two-and a half year mark - and then my biggest collaborations happened at the same time when I had PBG guest on a video and also did a voiceover for Shane on Did You Know Gaming which created a lot of exposure all at once, probably before I was even ready for it to be honest. So, it has to do with a lot of things. It’s not just about knowing people, but they have to know that you mean serious business because they don’t want to waste their time. To get far on Youtube you’re playing the LONG game. You are investing YEARS. Unless you’re the anomaly who gets a big hit and explodes. The best advice I can give is to never stop improving yourself and your content, if people like you and your personality they will subscribe and stick around. Think of Youtube like a snowball, the bigger you get the easier it is to get bigger and keep growing rapidly. You know how long it took me to get my first thousand subs? I think about 6 months. Now I get hundreds on any given day, or even thousands in a single day when I upload a new video or collaborate with someone. That would not be happening if I never invested the time to get to where I was. Youtube is a full-time job, even more than that sometimes. I myself work six days a week (and i’ve been doing that for 3 years with no vacation), granted I don’t work the entire time on my channel, but that’s not the point… the point i’m trying to reach is that even if people collaborate to get views it doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard, Youtube isn’t going to be one of those things where you can just throw some crap up every day and hope to get subscribers and hold people’s attention anymore, unless you’re already insanely established online. It takes a lot of work, time, patience and creativity.