do you know how long that is


i will put my whole upper body in the trash to fish out a fork that fell in and you’re just gonna wad up a $400,000 dollar ring in a paper towel and chuck it

How many nights has Oswald been sleeping on that couch waiting for Edward to return home. How long do you think it took for him to start drinking himself into a stupor as it was the only way he could silence the thoughts in his head, to silence his anxiety and never ending worry.

How many times do you think Oswald has woken with a start, asking if Ed has returned home, only to find himself alone. Oswald continued sleeping on that lounge despite being haunted by his deceased father. He stayed there. He waited. He waits.

(gif courtesy of @edwardnvgmas)

Not a fuck customers or management or whatever. This is a “How to be a fucking decent human being” story featuring me. A bit of background: I have sever food allergies and am still in the process of getting tests done over a month long period to see how much shit I’m allergic to. Anyway I went grocery shopping and stopped at the coffee shop inside the store. You know the kind, there’s a little booth for the baristas to do their work in with a small sitting area next to it. While there I bought a croissant that was being advertised as a new product, it had hazelnuts and chocolate on/in it and I sounded delicious! Three bites in I’m having trouble standing upright from being dizzy/shortness of breath and I’m coughing a lot. I know that I’m starting to have a bad reaction to whatever is in the pastry and I dealt with it without having to go the hospital. Here’s where I’m a fucking decent human being: I DONT FUCKING YELL AT THE BARISTA FOR MY OWN MISTAKE! That’s right, it was my mistake and I dealt with it like a fucking adult. Even though I asked him what else might be in my pastry I could have also asked to see a nutritional guide and/or checked online. I also could have just jot gotten the fucking thing and would have been fine. I work retail, I’ve been a barista, I know what it’s like for people to scream at you for something that you couldn’t control or didn’t have enough information about (especially when you weren’t required to have certain information).
TL;DR: I acted like a good person and didn’t scream at my barista for something that was my fault. If only the rest of the world would do the same.

oh my goodness ok. i was honestly gonna wait until i got to 3k followers to do this but idk i’m just so happy and so just idk…grateful that you guys exist and are so lovely. i know the rp community has its downsides and it’s bad qualities but from what i have seen from my followers the good far outweighs the bad and i am just so appreciative of all of you guys and how sweet you have been and how patient you’ve been with my flakiness on this account with all the hiatuses and losing muse and shit. it’s honestly because of you guys that i am even still here at all. like you guys are the best and i just cannot say it enough. thank you so so so so much.  i am going to try not to leave people out but obviously i cannot tag every single one of my mutuals otherwise this post would get insanely long. just know that i love you all, even if i don’t tag you. ( it’s not personal i promise )

THE REAL MVP’S ;;  y’all have been with me since the beginning or you’re just my bros from irl and i love you

@spookyprofiler @tcnebrism @holydooley @citysaviour @citystarlet @anarchiisms @antagxnized @earnedstripes @agenths @hooyahs @averagearcher @legacyappetite @dolorcsa / @harvalle @bloodslain @depthdweller @earthsideal @wovenintoreality @madehiswar @amademonster @minikent + many more tbh

and a collective list of people i love that i happen to be mutuals with which still sometimes surprises my dweeb ass

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So... I watched yoi, then ended upon youtube binging on figure skating videos. Do you have advice on how to start following this amazing sport? Like, when are the first competitions coming up? Is there anything really important I should know (like, in a figure skating sub culture)?

Your timing couldn’t be more perfect! I have been thinking about doing an intro for new figure skating fans for a while… I know a ton of posts like this exist already, but one more doesn’t hurt, right?

Let’s do this! *rolls up sleeves*

(By the way, if any other skating fans spot any mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them.)

“Watching IRL Faceplants!!! on ICE” 101 for Yuri on Ice fans! (And any other newbies)

Originally posted by yoichiidesu

First of all, I advise you to follow the wonderful, sent-by-the-gods blog @soyouwanttowatchfs . As the name suggests, they share information on watching and following competitive figure skating, introductions to skating rules, schedules, streaming info, etc. I’m going to reference them a lot here!

The team is also super helpful and answer questions, though make sure that what you’re asking about isn’t already explained in their guides or FAQ. Right now, it’s smack in the middle of the competitive season and they tend to get a metric ton of asks.

There is also an affiliated blog, @soyouwanttolearnfs , for those looking to start skating yourselves — competitively or just for fun and exercise!

I’m not going to cover basic skating rules because YOI already does that, but if you’re curious about more details, there are always the handy intro guides linked above. I’m going to quickly talk about the other skating disciplines, the competitive season, how to watch competitions and how to dip your feet into the fandom. Also look out for the skaters in the funny gifs: they’re worth following closely!

Game Mode: Single-Player or Co-op?

There are four main competitive disciplines in figure skating:

  • Men’s singles: covered extensively in the anime.
  • Ladies’ singles: yes, ladies’, not women’s. Antiquated gender norms, I guess.
  • Pairs: two skaters (per ISU rules, specifically a man and a woman. Antiquated couple norms, I guess) performing together. Includes jumps in unison, lifts, throws, death spirals, and other elements that give me mini cardiac arrests.
  • Ice Dance: like pairs, but obligatorily dancing to the beat of the music and not the melody/words. Also does not include jumps, throws and death spirals (for which my heart is thankful).

There is also the always-forgotten synchronized skating. Think synchronized swimming, but the water is frozen and people wear knife-shoes. It’s not an Olympic discipline, but there are major ISU competitions for it.

*Awkward segue* …the much talked-about ISU is the International Skating Union, by the way. They make much of the rules. Expect to see a lot of people cursing them!

Originally posted by hanyuedits

(Right to left: Shoma Uno and Yuzuru Hanyu admiring the plastic Marseille GPF medals. If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of the superhuman cryptid Nathan Chen.)

The McFreaking Competitive Season

Figure skating seasons take place around the northern hemisphere winter months (for obvious reasons), roughly from August to April. In terms of major competitions, the typical season looks like this (courtesy of this post​):

  • Oct/Nov: the YOI-famous Grand Prix series (GP series), consisting of Skate America, Skate Canada, Rostelecom Cup, Trophée de France, Cup of China, and the NHK Trophy. They are invitational.
  • Early Dec: the Grand Prix Final (GPF), which caps off the GP series (and the first half of the season) by pitting the top 6 skaters/pairs of each discipline against each other.
  • Late Dec/Jan: the national championships (Nats) of each country, which is one of the top factors that determines which skaters will represent the country in international competitions. The ones that get the most attention are Japan, Russia, US and Canada.
  • Late Jan: the European Championships (Euros), consisting unsurprisingly of European skaters (including Russians).
  • Feb: the Four Continents Championships (4CC), consisting of skaters from, well, the remaining four continents.
  • March/early April: the World Championship (Worlds). Pretty self-explanatory. Also marks the end of the season.

Now, despite YOI making such a big deal of the GPF, it’s only the third most prestigious competition. The second is Worlds, and once every four years, the Winter Olympic Games take place and a general bloodbath ensues.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a country that actually gets some low temperatures (unlike me *ugly sobbing*), search around to see if there are local skaters and competitions you can follow. If you’re lucky, they might appear on local/national TV, and if you’re extra extra lucky, you could nab tickets to watch them in person!

So, when I say you arrived just in time, I mean that nationals have just ended, the European Championships are about to begin (25-29 Jan) (click for schedule + streaming info) and 4CC is on the horizon! We’ll be having a lot of fun over the next few weeks!

[Information on how to actually watch this nightmare and engage with the skating fam fandom below the cut]

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prompt: Fox!Hux, Hound!Kylo, what if not only Hux is a fox but Kylo is a spoiled dog in a good home. Hux eats his food, steals his toys and sleeps in his dog house? They are both shapeshifters they just don't know that about each other

(Credit where it’s due! @epiccuppycakes was instrumental in this drabble, and @heyitsemeraldorbs for all the fox stealing dog toy cuteness!)

How long had it been since Ren had taken his human form? Far longer than he’d expected. Interacting with humans was hard when they sense you’re a human who’s a little odd, but interacting with humans as a sad, needy dog was another story entirely. A family immediately took him in (he’d strategically waited on the porch of a well-to-do home while it was raining outside, shivering miserably) and before long, he decided there was no need at all to go back to any other sort of life at all. He was spoiled rotten here, given all the treats and toys he could imagine, and a huge yard to run around in. These people are insane, he’d thought, delighted, when they installed a doghouse in the backyard with its own heated blankets, nearly the size of shed. In return, he was well-behaved, and the people he lived with marveled at him, how he never seemed to chew on the furniture or track in mud. Sometimes he forgot what it was like to be human himself.

Then the fox showed up. 

The first time, a Saturday afternoon, the couple pointed it out. “Honey, look,” the husband told his wife. “Look! A fox is out there.”

“Oh my goodness,” the wide answered, peering over her husband’s shoulder, moving slow so the fox wouldn’t get spooked. “He’s playing with the dog toys.”

Every one of Ren’s hairs stood on end as he watched too–this little fox grabbing toys out of his doghouse and tossing them in the air, scattering them all over the yard, making a huge mess. Who did this creature think he was? Ren couldn’t help but let out a low growl, deep in his throat. 

“Don’t worry, the fox is just playing, boy,” the husband said. “Calm down.”

“If he steals one, we’ll get you a new one,” the wife added, and they laughed.

But it was the principle of the thing, Ren thought, fuming. Some intruder just waltzes into the yard and it’s perfectly fine just because he’s cute? Ren draped himself across the sofa, unhappy. When they let him out later that day, he gathered up all the scattered toys and meticulously returned them, one by one, to the little basket in his doghouse. Where they belonged.

Sunday, the couple always went to visit the wife’s mother in the next state over, so Ren was left to the yard with his good organic food and warm blanket and all those toys. Ren was napping in a patch of sunshine when a crunching noise made his ears prick up.

The fox was back, and eating out of his bowl.

Ren leapt to his feet, and wasted no time chasing off the intruder, but the fox was faster and easily wriggled under the fence, where he sat patiently, almost smiling, as Ren hollered and barked like a hellhound. When he’d finally accepted that there was nothing more he could do, he trotted back to the sunny spot for another nap, still listening intently for any further infringements on his food dish. None. He settled back to sleep.

But the fox was quiet and stealthy, and returned without him knowing, this time to make himself comfortable on Ren’s heated blanket. Ren let out a warning bark and the fox merely opened one eye, regarded him with nothing more than irritation, and then went back to sleep. Ren grabbed the fox by the scruff of its neck in his jaws and tossed him out of the doghouse. The fox shivered, fluffing out his tail, then busied himself with throwing one of Ren’s tennis balls across the yard, dancing and hopping.

It was maddening. No matter what Ren did, he couldn’t keep the fox away from his stuff, his toys, from the trash, from his food, from the blanket. The couple took videos and put them on YouTube and thought it was delightful. They even left out food specially for it! 

Ren had just about given up when something frightening happened.

Two men came into the yard while he was napping, talking to each other. “No, they’re always gone on Sundays,” one of them was saying. “We’ll get a lot for the dog.”

The other one was trying to get a muzzle on Ren, who was barking furiously, showing teeth, trying to bite, but in these rich neighborhoods, the other neighbors were so far apart and the yard so secluded that there was no guarantee anyone else knew what was going on. The only hope Ren had was to change back into his human form, but the men were armed, and he was worried that in their fear and shock they might still hurt him–and what if someone else saw–?

“Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

The men jolted as another stranger, a red-haired man, ran out from the other side of the yard, wearing black pants and a white shirt. “That’s my dog you’re trying to take–I’ve already called the police–”

The men abandoned their attempt, fleeing. Both the red-haired man and Ren were breathing hard, frightened. The smell of him was so familiar, though, he smelled like–

Ren’s eyes went wide.

“I’m sorry,” the man who had been a fox said. “You must think I’m–very strange. A strange creature. But I couldn’t let them take you. They would have hurt you, I’m sure. I–I won’t bother you anymore.”


It was the fox’s turn to jolt when Ren took his own human form. “I didn’t know you were one, too,” he told the fox. “I thought you were…” He laughed, embarassed. “A nuisance. But you saved me.”

The fox smiled. “I am a nuisance. But. You’re welcome.”

“You should at least take a reward, for saving me,” Ren said. “Any of the toys you want, or–”

The fox did not want a toy, however. He leaned in and stole a kiss instead before transforming back and bounding off a few steps, then rolling onto his back playfully. Ren touched his lips, still reeling from everything that had just happened to him, before changing back as well. He wondered when the fox would choose to return. 

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Hey, do you know some phanfics with a great Tyler in it? I really love it when Tyler appears in phanfics, so I thought I'd ask you :) Thanks ♥

A Map Of My Heart And Mind (ao3) Dan and Phil get drunk and wake up married in Vegas, the day after Dan’s 25th birthday. Dan thinks they could just get it annulled but Dan knows what marriage means to Phil, how important it is, and he wonders if they can just fake it for a year so it’s not a total waste and then divorce. Of course, a year is a long time to pretend to be married and things can always change…

A Stranger I Know Well (ao3) - Phil has a secret boyfriend, and everyone wants to know.

Bet My Life (Against You) - (Slightly sexual drunk) Dan makes a bet that Phil will never like him/kiss him no matter what he does. I leave you to let the hilarity and chaos ensue. Bonus: if you include hot jealous Phil.

Our Little Secret (ao3) - Tyler Oakley stays over at Dan and Phil’s flat for the night and hears them having sex when they thought he was sleeping.

Try searching “Tyler” on the catalogue, and looking through the /tagged/oy (other youtubers) tag as well. These were a few I found on the first page of the “tyler” search :)

- Eliza

  • I feel a scratchiness in my throat, and that little feeling you get in your sinuses when you know a cold is coming on. It has not hit fully yet, and though I do not feel 100% crappy, I certainly do not feel 100% me. I am hoping I can fight this bitch off.
  • You’ve followed me long enough, you know I will reblog memes here and there in relation to politics/current events. I am trying to think back to when Bush decided to invade Iraq, and how upset most were (understandably so) and compare it to how things are playing out now. I don’t think social media was as prevalent then as it is now, because it just seems so much more magnified today. I see many posting the “Hey, just because I don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean I am going to hate you.” I get that to an extent, but there is the other side to it that others have put for more eloquently than I ever could, and lately I feel my tolerance is running thin. Some have decided to step away from it all, and I cannot blame them for such either. I don’t think less of anyone for that, because this whole thing can be quite overwhelming.
  • I’d much rather be on the couch right now watching South Park reruns than be here, but unfortunately this is probably going to be a 10 hour day.
  • Okay cool, Episode VIII title is out, now how about a motherfucking trailer?
  • I need a new belt. This one is too big now.
  • You know what? I don’t think I’ve ever had a Chaco Taco. Like ever.
  • SDCC, how about a registration date already? My badge buying finger is ready.

Peace be upon you.

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Can I ask for a poly! hamilsquad x reader headcanons about the reader being sick and them being taken care of and also vice versa? Thank you and I'm so sorry for bothering you. Also Happy Belated New Year!

boss’ memo : hAPPY REALLY BELATED NEW YEAR !!! and do not worry ! you are not a bother <3

Originally posted by alexanderlafayette

  • alex refuses to be taken care of until he feels it’s affecting how he works ! if he knows (and he’s surprisingly good and strict with himself at knowing) that if what he’s going to end up writing won’t be Top Quality–or, at the very least, the best he can make it–then he won’t write. he’s never sick for long, ‘cause he knows what to do !! he takes his medicine, sleeps, eats, drinks water–honestly, it’s odd how put together he becomes once he gets sick !! 
    • (a lot of it is because he spent a lot of time leaning to care for sick people. or, perhaps–a sick person,,)
    • if he’s with you, alex will be v hesitant on letting you take care of him because he doesn’t want you to get sick !!! he may even isolate himself because he doesn’t want anyone else to catch his sickness,,,
    • he’s always a little sick–but if it’s Bad, then he takes action :O and don’t worry, he has a fine definition of what “bad” entails for himself–he’s got it all down pat !
  • hercules seldom gets sick, Ever, and when he does, he usually relies on home-made remedies,,, he likes to be cared for !! he can be a bit clingy when he’s sick, and you can expect him to wrap his arms around your waist while you try to care for him,, he just wants cuddles, really !! he’s v quiet when he gets sick, and seems a little out of it,, he’s not grumpy, per say, but he’s vv drowsy ! and as such, may be a bit more irritable,, when he does talk, it’s usually just a word or two that summarizes his point !
    • you can tell he’s sick because he feels cold to the touch !!
    • he, um, might faint ?? make sure he stays in bed ! he’s not going to want to, since he’s an active person,, he goes for jogs (it’s likely that’s how he got sick in the first place) make sure he stays in bed to recover ! he’s never out for long, ‘cause he’s got a strong immune system !!
  • lafayette can be pretty cranky about being taken care of !! he switches between wanting you to care for him and wanting you to let him work on stuff,,, though, he usually settles on trying to care for himself ! he doesn’t really want to take medicine, and usually wants to just sleep! he’s the type to ask you to cuddle with him, similar to herc,,, he usually gets grumpy because he has a certain way he wants to be perceived by everyone else and when he’s no longer seen that way, he gets embarrassed. (basically : he does not think he is cute when he is sick. this makes him unhappy.) he gets sick when the weather changes,,,
    • (he still looks cute. it’s fine)
    • he kind of wants smooches, and whether you listen to his whining about this or not.,, it’s up to you.,,, will the kisses be worth getting sick ?? deal or no deal
      • (don’t ask him if they’re worth you getting sick because he will take that as a challenge to make them worth getting sick)
  • john is sick maybe once a year. he screams if you come at him with grape flavored medicine,, he’s sick for a really long time whenever he is, and he’s miserable. he’s v sappy when he’s sick, and he’s probably already wrapping his arms around your waist and mumbling your name and also mumbling that he adores you.. he adores you so much,,,,,
  • in order of how often they get sick (least to greatest), we have :
    • hercules
    • john
    • lafayette
    • alex
  • when it comes to taking care of you, alex panics !!! he can’t really take care of you, to be honest, because he immediately flies into a Panic Attack the moment someone close to him falls ill,, if he as much as sees you going through a coughing fit, he’s gotta leave ! he will do his best to support from afar, but will keep the interactions to a minimum !! it’s not your fault, don’t worry !
  • herc is v comforting !! he’s a sweetheart for taking care of you, really… he makes soup, brings you tea, sits at your bedside, will hold your hair back if you need him to–really, he’s tryin’ to make you feel as comfortable as you can ! if you want him to, he will cuddle with you !! he’s willing to do anything in order to help you feel better !! he loves you vv much !
  • lafayette will make sure you take your medicine (hilarious, as he hates taking it himself). he might kiss you after you take it, as an incentive,, he’ll go out and buy you cough drops or tissues as you need ‘em,, though, he won’t be too touchy, as he doesn’t want to get too sick !! cuddling ? no. kisses? heck yeah! it’s odd, and he’ll end up sick because of you, probably !
  • john’s doing his best to keep you comfy, and will probably end up just napping next to you, and waking up if you need anything,, he will do store runs for you, if you want him too, and is always big on hugging if you need emotional support,,, he’s v strict and will not hesitate to drag you to bed if he sees you up, though !!

((alright so I got the idea from this post))

just imagine: 

  • for some reason or another, keith turns into a baby
  • everyone is freaking out
  • shiro is like “shit I haven’t held one of these in so long am I doing it right?”
  • pidge is like “I don’t like fetuses get it away”
  • allura and coran are scared because human babies are so fragile they don’t wan to hurt baby keith
  • but then there’s lance
  • “back up guys” *cool hair move* “I got this” *proceeds to cuddle with baby keith and talk to him in the baby voice*
  • baby keith loves this
  • everyone is like “lance how are you doing this”
  • and hunk responds “do guys do know he has about three baby siblings and ten baby cousins, right?”
  • “one, hunk. I have one baby sister and five baby cousins.”

idk man I just really want to see baby keith and lance being the only one who knows/is willing to take care of him

also just imagine the spell wearing off and baby keith is suddenly full sized and being cradled in lance’s arms


Benjamin: “Morning mum, how are you doing?”

Dawn: “Not great. I’ve been up for hours. I phoned the lab where Finley and Ava work, and they confirmed what Elizabeth suspected, that they flew off yesterday to rescue a colleague from an alien planet and then study the planet for a number of years themselves. They don’t know exactly how long it will take to fly there and back and how long they plan to investigate the planet for. So looks like Penny and Wilf will be here a while.” 

Benjamin:“Oh, mum, that’s awful.”

Dawn: “Guess I’ve just got to come to terms with the fact that I’ve lost one of my sons. And I always thought it would be Logan that would do something reckless and stupid like this.” 

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Could u make a post of things ppl suggested? I wasnt able to make it to the march either but i really want to get involved but i just dont know how to start

Absolutely! Here’s a list of the suggestions I got from other people, along with stuff I’ve picked up while researching over the last few days:

Things you can do right now from home:

  • Get registered to vote. Honestly the number one thing if you haven’t done it already. A lot of states allow you to do it online and it takes like two minutes, you can click here right now to get it done.
  • Donate to charities and organizations you think are important, as often as you can. Personally I’m putting whatever money I can towards Planned Parenthood, since it’s going to be taking a lot of hits in the next few years, and the ACLU, which is an organization that defends civil liberties. 
  • Contact your representatives. The number one thing Congresspeople are concerned with is reelection. So, basically, they’re terrified of you not supporting them. Call them! Call them and give them your opinion! They’re supposed to work for you, and they want you to like them! Use that! Get groups of people together and call them! Make a day out of it! Letters are great, too (all of the research I’ve done says they’re way underutilized).You can find the numbers of your senators here, and your House of Representatives rep here. Put them in your contacts for convenience.
  • Download some trusted news apps and turn the notifications on so you get news as it’s happening. I recommend CNN, AP News, and BBC News. Don’t buy attempts to discredit major news sources. Rule of thumb: if two or three major media outlets are talking about the same thing, it happened. 
  • Encourage social media websites to be stricter when enforcing their community policies. The best way to defeat trolls and hate groups on social media is to make sure they actually get punished for breaking the rules. Social media sites almost all have community guidelines involving harassment and harmful language. Email Tumblr, Twitter, what-have-you and ask them to crack down. Be polite, but be persistent.
  • Educate others. I think this one’s really important. There’s a difference between ignorant people and willfully ignorant people. Trolls and Nazis and the like definitely fit into the second category, but most of us fit into the first. No one knows everything. I know for a fact that I’m still ignorant on a lot of issues, but I’m super open to being taught things! So, if someone says something ignorant (especially a minor! ESPECIALLY A MINOR!!!!!), see if you can give them new information. Of course, there’s a difference between someone saying something like “I don’t think [insert issue here] is a real problem” and something like “I think [insert minority here] should be wiped off the face of the earth.” You can’t teach people who say shit like the latter. Please refer to our country’s good ol’ tradition of kicking fascist ass when it comes to interacting with them.
  • Pick your battles. You can’t fight the whole world, and quite frankly it’d be a waste of time to try to. That sounds exhausting. You don’t have to engage with every single slightly negative thing. Take a step back when you need it and come back for the bigger fights.

Things you can do in your community:

  • Go to protests / local activist meet ups. There are tons of different groups (esp in cities) that meet up around the country to discuss issues and march. There are different ways of connecting with groups like this. Online’s a good place to start (a lot of events are organized on Facebook, just be aware that surveillance is a thing). If you live on a campus any race/gender/sexuality club or center should have information. Community centers should also have stuff.
  • Volunteer at local nonprofits. You can help a cause you care about while also coming into contact with more established activists. They can give you tips and point you in the direction of groups that you might want to join.
  • Volunteer for national organizations. Go on websites for organizations like Planned Parenthood and ACLU and sign up to be a volunteer! A lot of them have part-time volunteer slots where you sign up for their mailing lists and then get notified when volunteering opportunities in your area arise.
  • If you’re in college, join a club. There are tons of clubs that deal with things like politics, social issues, and environmental issues at schools. These clubs can provide important resources and can get you started going out there and doing things.
  • Organize stuff at school. High school / college students can make a change in their immediate environments. Pick something that sucks about your school, gather a group of people who agree that this is an issue, and have at it. It’s a lot easier to change a school than a whole country, for sure.


This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, so if anyone has something to add, I’m totally open to suggestions! But I do think this is a good starting point, if you need one, Anon!

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Hi! Hope you're enjoying your time in the JJBA community so far! I was wondering if I could have some headcanons about how the SDC crew would initiate cuddling with their S/O? (if you don't want to do it feel free to ignore it ^-^)

This is going to be a long post, since yall know I write kinda long/detailed hcs. So simply click the read more to see it! 

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Hey hello! I find your FAP Challenge amazing (the name is A+) but seriously, it was the kind of motivation I needed. Honestly February will be a tough month because of exams but I also think filling a page a day can be therapeutic, don't know how to explain it, but I think it could help me relieve some stress. So I will be joining! Thank you so much T^T I've been following and loving you for a long time and I'm so happy we now have something to do together with other passionate people! 。゚(TヮT)゚。

I’m so happy oh my gosh! I’m absolutely astounded by the positive response that FAP February has received and I’m delighted you want to join me <3 I really really hope it turns out to be a productive and low-stress challenge for anyone who gives it ago and I look forward to soldiering through it with you and everyone else! 

Best of luck with your exams! You can do it! (*¯ ³¯*)♡

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(2) i saw ur post about hatshupsut (idk if i spelled that right i tried from memory) and it said “you ate two days ago” how often do u feed a snake? i assumed you fed a snake once a day like u do other animals. 

(3) there is a snake at my local animal rescue and i named them zipper. Their eye is like a white-ish color. does that mean that they’re blind or is that a natural color depending on the snake?

Hello and welcome to reptiblr! There are tons of great blogs and I hope you have the opportunity to make lots of new friends!

To answer your questions, Hatshepsut (you were very close!) eats once a week or once every two weeks, depending on her activity levels. Right now she’s eating every other week because she’s a very calm and lazy snake who isn’t terribly interested in my attempts to provide her with enrichment and every time I bring her out to exercise she instead tries to hide in my clothes and nap. She’s got some little pudgy snake hips which are cute but are not healthy for her, so I’m trying to get her to move more and eat less. For a baby snake, a meal every 5 days is best but adults can eat every 7-10 days and less active snakes can eat every 14 days.

For Zipper, it sounds like their eye may be damaged or they may be very old. Snakes will usually have a black, very dark red, or pink pupil depending on the amount of melanin that snake possesses. A white pupil is going to be the result of a cataract or scar tissue. It usually doesn’t slow them down much, as snakes operate more by heat, vibration, and smell than they do by sight.
I hope Zipper gets a great home very soon!

Would yall be down for a sims photoshop tutorial?

idk i made this whole damn channel i need shit to do that dont require struggling with low frame rate sims footage lmao

i been editing sims photos for a minute i dont know how long you gotta be doin this shit to call urself an expert but im pretty competent but would that be boring?

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I was scrolling through your blog because I saw the Arno character thing. Are you still doing it? If so, can you do Edward in 2A? If not, just know that I love love love your art style

I don’t know how to express my exciting in English. Thanks for enjoying my paintings! I’m sorry that it took so long to finish this work lol


Aron: “Why do you look mad, Elena?”

Elena: “I’m not mad, just a little tired of seeing my best friend with my other friend making out every time I turn around.”

Aron: “Since when do you care who he dates?”

Elena: “I don’t. I just know him. It won’t be long before he gets bored and is sleeping with someone else. I just don’t want Ruby to be upset when that happens.”

Aron: “I think she knows his reputation, she doesn’t seem to mind. And honestly, you need to get over it. I’m tired of hearing about it. You know how much I dislike you two even being friends. And now you’re all jealous.”

Elena: “I’m sorry. And I’m not jealous. You know I don’t like him that way.”

Aron: “Mmhmm. That’s why we’ve been dating for three months and we’ve never had sex. Nothing even remotely close to it. And I’m starting to suspect it’s because of your so called best friend. Is it? Do I have a reason to be worried?”

Elena: “No. Of course, not. I’m glad we’re together, you know that.”

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Do you know how I could find Amelia Earhart?

ok, babe, listen……….i love you but, if it’s about some big mystery like this, consider, why would i, a broke college student, know this, when literally no one else does, and also why would i keep it to myself. 

she’s dead. it’s been too long, oujia her or some shit, i dont know.