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The Grass is Greener Outside

Castiel was sitting under a tree in the forest behind the bunker. He liked to spend his time outside whenever he could. He would take books from the library and read them from beginning to end without moving from his spot. Only when the sky grew too dark to see the words and his stomach started rumbling did he stand up, brush off the dirt, and go back inside. 

He found Dean and Sam in the kitchen. Sam looked up from his computer screen and nodded. Dean spoke to him from his place in front of the stove. He turned and smiled wide. 

“Have a seat, Cas,” he said. “Dinner’s almost done.“ 

"It smells appealing." 

"Thanks, man." 

But when the plate was set in front of him, he barely touched it. The brothers tried to hide the way they watched him. He pushed the food, rearranged it. Sometimes he brought a forkful halfway to his mouth and set it back down. Dean scowled down at his own plate. He ate faster, purposefully, like he could teach Cas by example how to eat like a normal human. 

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