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Blackjack (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jungkook

Rating: R (trauma, mafia!AU)

Warning: physical / verbal abuse, familial abuse, PTSD

Word Count: 5,356

Summary: Bangtan is one of the most vicious mafias on the west coast. Only six members are known by name though, with a mysterious seventh member dubbed only as ‘the shadow.’ When you become indebted to the worst of the worst – how, exactly can you find a way out?

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Vanish I

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Steve Harrington x Reader

Request:  i was wondering if you could do an imagine where instead of barb being taken, its the reader? so while the whole town mourns, steve, nancy and jonathan all try and find her?

Barb is still…gone…in this because I am 100% horrible. 

I don’t know how many parts this is going to be, but I hope you enjoy!

Steve sat in the interrogation room at the Hawkins Police Department. His eyes were directed at the metal table, unblinking. A heavy frown was set on his face and tears lined his eyes. His heart was pounding and his stomach felt like it was about to hit the floor. The heavy door to the room opened and shut with a click. 

Sheriff Hopper stood at the door, watching Steve Harrington with his brows scrunched together. He set his coffee on the table and took a seat. A notebook and pen was sat neatly on the table in front of him.

“I need you to tell me exactly what happened last night, Steve. Every. Single. Detail.” Hopper tapped the pen against the notebook, waiting for the teenager before him to start speaking.

“It-“ Steve’s voice shook. He cleared his throat and started again, looking up at Hopper. “It was a normal Friday night for us. I picked her up from her house at around six, then we went to my place,” Hopper nodded, writing it down.

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Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak.

Previous chapters: Chapter one. Chapter two. Chapter three. Chapter four. Chapter fiveChapter six.

Chapter seven.

It is two days to Christmas. Richie lies and Eddie doesn’t know why. Richie disappears and Eddie doesn’t know where to—and Eddie would call but Richie’s only got Eddie’s phone number, not the other way around. It has been days without word from Richie, and all Eddie can do is hope he is okay. Passing by the big brown house is enough, Eddie supposes; when he is walking down the street he stares up toward the second story window, the one from which music erupts. And Eddie just knows. Richie plays bass from his bedroom in the big brown house. He wants to separate himself, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to talk to Eddie, or hang out.

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Castaway {ACOTAR/Chapter 14}

Word Count: 2,523

Summary:  A modern-day University AU, from the A Court of Thorns and Roses universe. All characters belong to Sarah J. Maas. The idea for this fanfic hailed from prompts sent in by Anonymous, and @queen-archeron. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: We’ve got six more chapters left! I hope you enjoy this one, and as always, I would love to know what you think. :)

PS: I don’t know why tags aren’t working, y’all. I promise I have tagged all who have asked! If you aren’t getting notifications….I’ve tried everything!

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Cassian caught Nesta just before she could slump to the ground.

He ignored the fact that his bag, and now his few groceries, were covered in Mother knows what, and fished his credit card out of his pocket with his other hand, as he held Nesta tightly against his body with the other.

“Sir!” A young sales associate ran up the aisle, where the couple was kneeling on the floor. “Are you okay? Is she okay? Can I help? Is she okay?”

“She’s okay,” Cassian said, calmly, all his anger having faded into oblivion the moment Nesta began to hurl up her guts. “I’ve got her.”

The boy nodded, slowly backing away. “Okay. Have a…..good night.”

“Wait,” Cassian stopped him, handing him his card. “Mind ringing me up?”

After letting the boy know what was in his bag so he wouldn’t have to dig through horrendous amounts of disgust, he was on his way, and ten minutes later, with his bag around his wrist and Nesta cradled in both of his arms, he was out on the starlit streets of Velaris.

His apartment was less than a block away, but his leg was hurting like hell. It was healing, sure, but the amount of pressure he was putting on it had him cringing.

“You don’t have to carry me,” Nesta said, her eyes drooping. She was exhausted. She must not have kept anything down for a day. Maybe even two.

There was no bite in her voice, though.

And there was none in Cassian’s either as he replied, “I’ve got you.”

She didn’t fight anymore.

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Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Content/Warnings: fluff

Words: 912

A/N: This was a request from anon for 2. One of your eyes is the same color as your soulmate’s. Enjoy, and have a good Thanksgiving!

“Y/N!” Your coworker, Brittany, squealed as you walked in to start your shift. “You are never, ever, ever going to believe what happened yesterday!”

Knowing Brittany, she probably got some attractive guy’s number, but you didn’t say that out loud. Maybe she would calm down once she met her soulmate. Instead, you decided on the safest course of action when it came to a response. “What?” Keep it short, and sometimes she keeps the excited shrieking to a minimum. Sometimes.

“Well, I’m working my shift, right, just business as usual,” She was saying, and you absent-mindedly wondered if your boss put you and her on the same shift because he disliked you. “And guess who walks in? Just guess!”

“Captain America,” You intoned, pulling a rag over a recently vacated table.

“Captain Ameri- wait, how’d you know?” She asked, looking extremely confused. “You weren’t working yesterday!”

You didn’t have the energy to explain to her you were being sarcastic. “Lucky guess.”

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Coffee and Laptops Don’t Mix - (College AU)

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Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Requested: Nope

Summary: You spill something on your laptop so you go to the floors resident computer whiz

GIF Not Mine


You know that point in writing your essay where you regret leaving it to the last minute? Well that’s what you are currently doing. You were getting ready to pull an all nighter when you spilt your coffee all over your laptop. “Crap!” You cursed to yourself. You grabbed the nearest thing, which was one of your t-shirts, not caring what it was and started dabbing the laptop to clean most of the coffee up. Not daring to turn it on you picked up the somewhat dry laptop and exited your room heading to room 210 on your floor. It’s a known fact on your floor that if you ever have any problems with your laptop or phone whoever resides in room 210 is who you go to.

Emerging from your room you got a few knowing looks from other people on your floor as they knew what time it is and that was essay due date. When you got to the room you knocked on the door feverishly. The door opened revealing a well put together guy, the complete opposite to you. His hair was styled perfectly and he was wearing clean clothes whereas your hair was a mess put up lazily and you were wearing an old top that has food stains on from your last all nighter. After getting over your initial shock of who answered the door you pushed past him into his room and looked around for the infamous computer whiz on your floor. “Can I help you?” Steve asked confused. He was still standing at the door looking down the hallway to see if he missed something.

“I spilt coffee on my laptop while I was writing my essay and it is due in… 4 hours!” You said all in one breath, panicking when you saw what time it was.

“Here let me take a look at it.” He offered closing the door behind him and coming over to take a look at the laptop.

“Wait, you’re the infamous computer whiz?” You asked, shocked as he wasn’t who you were expecting. “You are not what I was expecting.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot.” Steve laughed inspecting the damage done to your laptop.

“I mean you look like some football god.” You said before it clicked that you recognised him. “Oh, my god you’re THE Steve Harrington!”

“Well, I just prefer Steve but yeah.” He shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Sorry, it’s just that- why aren’t you at some fraternity house?” You asked.

“Believe it or not, not every footballer is in a fraternity.”

“God, I am so sorry. I’m just assuming everything today. You must think I suck and a mess. I mean look at me, I look like a mess where as you? You look perfect, like really perfect. I-” You rambled on but stopped when you heard laughter coming from Steve again. “What?”

“You’re cute when you ramble.” He sent you smile causing you to blush. “And trust me, if I wasn’t going out tonight I would be a mess too.”

“I’ve totally ruined your night. I’m just gonna go and let you go wherever it is you are going.” You apologised for interrupting and went to grab your laptop back but before you could Steve held it out of your reach.

“It’s fine. Honestly, I would rather help you with this then go to some fraternity party.” You bobbed your head not knowing how to respond to that and finally looked around his room taking in your surroundings. On one side of the room it had band posters up and was pretty basic. The other side was covered with photos and sports stars, you assumed that side was Steve’s roommates. “The bad news is I have to wait for it to dry before I can see how bad the damage is which will take a couple of days.”

You groaned when he told you how long it’ll take. Your essay was due in four hours and the only thing you can use has been rendered useless. “Great.” You muttered under your breath. “Thank you anyway. I’m gonna go then.” You started heading to the door but was stopped by Steve.

“Wait, if you want you could borrow my laptop and I could help you with it.” He suggested, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“But what about the party?” You gestured towards one of the fraternity houses not too far from your dorm who’s music you could now hear.

“Like I said, I’d rather stay here and help you.”

“Okay.” You smiled at him which he returned. You awkwardly stood in the middle of the room as Steve cleaned up a little and finding his laptop before he settled on to his bed. He looked up seeing you standing there and patted the side of his bed next to him telling you to sit there. You obliged and made your way to his bed, sitting crossed legged as you began working on your essay together.

It’s been a few days since your laptop incident and since you handed in your essay. The essay you didn’t think would get done and it probably wouldn’t have without Steve’s help. You got the grade back and was over the moon at it. When class was dismissed you immediately made a beeline go room 210 to thank Steve again. You knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. The door opened revealing a tired looking Steve who looked liked he just woken up. It was the complete opposite from the last time you were stood like this. You wrapped your arms around him as soon as the door opened. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” You thanked him over and over again.

“For what?” Steve asked, confused at your greeting. You unwrapped your arms from him and showed him your paper.

“Look. I passed!” You grinned at him. “All thanks to you.”

“I hardly did anything. You did all of the work.” Steve said modestly.

“Well, thank you anyway.”


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A/N: This is the first time I’ve written an AU so it probably sucks 😂 This is also the start of a mini-series (idk what to call it) but there will be a number of college AU’s coming out over the next few weeks so I hope you enjoy them 💕


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BTS reacts to Y/N’s parents not approving of them bc they are not of the same race- but you two are determined to stay together

Jin: Jin knew that your parents would act like they did, because you had warned him multiple times, causing him to agree with you on not meeting them. However, he knew he would have to face them eventually. When it was announced that the two of you had to meet them and it was compulsory, he immediately started learning important phrases in your language so he’d be able to communicate with your parents himself, as well as impressing you. After the argument, Jin comforted you, assuring you that he’d get your parents to see the light., because either way he wanted to be with you. He’d visit them once a week to ask, bringing foods from their culture, until they eventually gave in.

“Sweetie, I saw your parents today…”


“They said it’s okay, as long as I stop bringing them food because they have too much.”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Yoongi: You had pointed out to him on several occasions that your family was somewhat racist, but he didn’t listen and decided it would be fine. How wrong he was. Yoongi showed up and your family was clearly upset, their noses crinkled. True, he couldn’t speak their language, but had memorized a few phrases if necessary and could see from their expressions that they weren’t happy. Your parents took you out of the room and a shouting match was heard. Yoongi sighed at this and was about ready to go join them if he had to, but you stopped him. You rushed into him and hid your face in his chest in tears. Angry and frustrated, he got you to translate a message from him to them, knowing he’d be with you even if they didn’t allow it.

“Don’t worry, princess, I don’t care what they think.”

Originally posted by alyssa1413

Namjoon: He’d do his best to get on your parents good side. Luckily he already spoke some of your language, so when he met them, he managed to follow conversations, but just barely. If he didn’t know something, he’d just ask you to translate for him. He made sure that you promised to be honest on what your parents said, so when they expressed their disagreement, he simply nodded, telling them it was okay, then suggesting you both leave. He planned to come back eventually after you had done a little more sweet talking for him on how his race didn’t mean he was any different from you.

“I know you will be able to convince them.”

Originally posted by ksjknj

Hoseok: Despite his sunshine personality, he was pretty disappointed in your parents backwards opinions on different races. That didn’t stop him from trying to convince them though. To be honest, every one of the members would learn phrases to be able to speak to your parents and express their discontentment. However, when he caught a few rude and upsetting phrases, he nearly had to hold back tears. Waiting for you parents to leave, he tried his best not to breakdown. You started to hug him and comfort him, but he shook his head and pushed you away.

“Don’t worry about me, I will convince them and I refuse to give you up, sunshine.”

Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

Jimin: Like Hoseok, he’d be pretty upset by it, but wouldn’t cry. He’d meet your parents and be as polite as possible, doing his best to keep up with conversations and even singing for them in their native language to show how he respected their culture. Despite this, he managed to pick up on your parents hating on his singing, saying it had ruined the song and he had to bite his lip, hiding how upset he was by the comment. You came to comfort him and he shook his head, saying he’d be alright. After that, he kept coming back to your parent’s house, each time with a new phrase that he had learnt to express how much he loved you and that he respected your parent’s thoughts but wanted to be with you. He eventually managed to convince them.

“I convinced them, Y/N.” You ran up and took him into a hug, thanking him a thousand times.

Originally posted by itschiminie

Taehyung: To be honest, he’d also be upset as well as frustrated, but as a true actor, he’d mask his emotions and do his best to talk to your parents respectfully, ignoring any of their harsh comments. That’s not to say he wouldn’t talk behind their backs with you though,  annoyed at how stubborn they were. Yet, he didn’t give up. Taehyung did everything he could to try and convince your parents, even if it was difficult.

“I’m not giving up on them, so don’t worry.”

Originally posted by fairybcby

Jungkook: Like the others, he’d be quite disappointed and feel hurt by how they based who should date their child on something like that. You would bite your lip every time they said something bad about him and he’d have to force a smile. That wouldn’t stop him though. He’d be determined to win them over, hoping that showing his devotion to you would show how serious he was.

“Sorry, they said a lot against you… Maybe we should give up…?”

“No way, I can convince them.”

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In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s a fluffy fic about the inner circle (feat. elriel specifically haha) Enjoy!!🍁❤️

Tagging: @the-bookish-soul @eternally-reading

Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser

Elain loved Thanksgiving.

It was an excuse for her to invite all of her friends over and decorate the whole townhouse. She had twenty recipes lined up on the counter and her hands were covered in flour as she made some fresh bread. There was only an hour left before everyone started to arrive, and she could feel sweat starting to form on her forehead—from stress or how quickly she was working, she didn’t know.

The oven started to beep, and Elain gasped, dropping the dough in her hands to look around for a towel. She was going to make the kitchen look like a winter wonderland with all the flour.

“Az!” She called, keeping her hands up in front of her to avoid making anymore of a mess. The smell of sugar cookies filled the air, and she was about to call his name again when she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist from behind.

“I leave for fifteen minutes, and come back to this?” He murmured, pressing a kiss to her neck. “You’re very neat aren’t you?”

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Part 5

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Thorin Oakenshield imagines/drabbles masterlist

Complete works masterlist

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader/Reader x OC

Warnings: None for this part. Unless cute fluff counts as a warning. 

Follow Forever tag list: @patanghill17 @queenmariatheresia @fullvoidmoon @justmasblack @thepoet1975 @nelswp @igotanaddixon @houseofrahl @deepestfirefun @sesshomaru-lover @heilith @hannibatchsmuse @epicallychrissy @buckyoakenshieldxo @junebuguniverse @thoughtsnadventure @ealasaid @fandomgalcentral @amagifu @thatgirlunderarock @disneymarina @thorins-magnificent-ass @mortomary @xxbyimm @mama-tole-me-not-2-come @thophil2941btw @nowiloveandwilllove @fromthedeskoftheraven @tinkertailor1212 @everyjourneylove @ladyharlequinreaper1992 @trumoo-foryou @littlespacesam @justinkyloscase @boyfriendsarebetterinbooks @dracsgirl @calicoskatts @aidanturnersass @enkelin @raindancer2004 @pandepirateprincess @tea2go @coco3cookies @shikin83 @fallinginlovewiththewolfboy @aninomori @theincaprincess @kstar770 @lady-jessica-9 @whohobbs @fentah @uknwwhttheysayboutthecrzy1s @inkededucatednnerdy @imagines-for-multiple-fandoms @jumpingmanatee @leah-halliwell92 @straybreeze @maybetomorrowgirl @miss-lumiere @vaneaustation @mynameisnoneya1991 @jgs22 @ethekitchenator @jelly-leaf2 @sweeticedtea @red608 @cd1242 @pixiedurango @letalisinsania @witchiiwoman @freya-asatru @darknessfaerieofmoonlight @thegreyberet @kinailavellan @puknow @littlebird54

Thorin Oakenshield tag list: @niteowlnest @evyiione @lady-kaaesien @findingmyselfalone @adina2003deea @me-shipper-trash

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Who Are You? - Part 2

The story continues! This one is a little longer than the previous chapter. I decided to name the first person character. Hope that doesn’t throw any of you out of the story. Would love feedback/criticism.  

Warnings: girl is in the hospital because she was drugged, some swearing.

Click here to read Part 1.

I was sitting in the waiting room 7 hours later. I had rushed Gen to the Emergency Room, knowing that she would be mad when she woke up, but I knew how important it was to go get medical help before it was too late. The staff had been taking care of her since we arrived. They told me 2 hours ago that she was doing well, but they also said that they were going to pump her stomach.

I anxiously picked at the skin around my thumbnail. It had begun bleeding about 3 hours in, and I was just making it worse. I couldn’t help how anxious I felt. I had hated hospitals since I was a kid and had seen my grandmother slip away in one. She had been my rock and the only real family member I had ever had. My mother was still around, but she was either at work or off somewhere drinking herself into a stupor. I had been fending for myself since my grandmother Esther left me.

I hated the smell of this place more than anything - mint Tic Tacs and sadness was the best description. I glanced around at the sparse décor. The drab colors and uncomfortable chairs didn’t add to my comfort.

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Storm Before The Calm

Smoke And Fire Part 2

Summary: Noelle Harrington is done with Billy’s bullshit.

Author’s Note: This would of been posted sooner but I hated what I originally wrote so I scrapped it and rewrote it! I listened to Halsey(Sorry, Bad At Love, Colors), TSwift(The Red album), the Wicked soundtrack and Aly and Aj(Potential Breakup Song, Take Me) while writing this. Thanks for the positive response from part one! Part 3 will come after the weekend when I get a day off from work! I am taking requests if you want to shoot me a message! 


[Part 1] [part 3]

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Time of Arrival // Steve Harrington

Summary: It was a huge shock when you traveled from the summer of 1981 to summer of 2008. With the help of your nephews, who are now older than you, you adapt to the new life. The next four eyes you integrate in the hunting before four years later you’re sent back with Sam and Dean to kill a monster to 1984.

Characters: Steve Harrington x Winchester!Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Will Byers, Castiel (mentioned), Nancy Wheeler (mentioned), and Jonathan Byers (mentioned)

Words: 2963

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Stranger Things or the characters involved. I only own the Reader’s backstory and plot. I also do not own images or gifs that may appear in this either.

Warnings: Swearing, monster decapitation, death, mention of Barb, fluff, and angst

Author: Caitsy

A/N: I’ve changed the years that Samuel and Deanna Campbell died, when Henry Winchester MAY have died. I changed where the Winchesters initially lived before moving to Lawrence.

Master List

Prompt List


Originally posted by harryandthecambridges

As a Winchester you were accustomed to a lot of weird situations including an angel you had deemed the nicest one you had run into during your almost twenty years. Being sent back in time to Hawkins, Indiana was bittersweet given that you actually originally travelled from the early 80s to the mid 2000s just after your brother died.

In 1981 when you were sixteen years old and living in Hawkins with your parents, brother and his wife you ran into trouble. First off John and you had a ten year age difference which should have given you a hint that you were half siblings. John’s father Henry was killed in the future as Azazel leaving John to think he was abandoned and then your mother remarried in 1963 when she got pregnant.

You grew up knowing about the supernatural when you stumbled into your brother’s father-in-law exorcising a demon and his wife decapitating a vampire. He took you under his wing to teach you the ways of being a hunter that Mary didn’t want to be a part of. You spent two consecutive summers staying with them using the surrogate father excuse with your mom. Your Dad was a piece of shit when it came to parenting.

The summer of 1981 you had plans to meet Nancy Wheeler at her place for her small sweet sixteen that her parents had invited you to. You never made it to the party, you remember hearing wings flapping before it went white and you woke up in the back of the impala with Dean and Sam upfront. Of course nobody stopped looking for you until they found Samuel Campbell’s dead body and the urgency shifted to finding the murderer.

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|The Boy & The Wolf|

|Warning: Contains sexual content|

Wolves were Liam’s favorite animals since he was 5 years old. Maybe because he thought that they were huge dogs that he can play with. That fact simply amused his parents. Liam was hypnotized by their delightful fur, he soon found out that he couldn’t stop staring at photos of wolves. At the time, his dream was to have a wolf has a pet. Yeah, now that he was thinking about it, he felt pretty stupid. But hey, the teen couldn’t blame himself, he was a child at the time.

But that dream wasn’t impossible.

When he was 5 years old, Liam had a wolf as a best friend. He just found it in the wood, happily playing with his tail, trying to catch it with his teeth. Liam froze, his heart nearly stopping while he was watching the stunning canine. Then the wolf stopped playing and slowly turned around, sniffing the air. Little Liam took a step back, hoping to do go back home quietly. He whimpered when he stepped on a branch, the sound indicating where he was. The wolf raised his ears and started growling lightly in Liam’s direction.

Liam could feel the familiar burn of tears at the corner of his eyes. He closed his eyes, currently frozen in fear. His heartbeat was going crazy inside his chest and he was starting to shiver in terror.

His parents told him that wolves where dangerous, he actually never thought that he would encounter one while playing outside his house. But once again his curiosity got the most of him and followed his guts.

He jolted when he felt a muzzle under his fingers, softly caressing him. He slowly open his eyes and gasped at the wolf that was shuffling between his legs, asking to be pat.

It looked into Liam’s eyes, sitting on the ground and tilted his head slightly.

In a trance, Liam sat down on the ground and slowly raised his hand in the wolf’s direction, asking for permission to pet him. The canine sniffed his fingers then started walking slowly towards the boy. Liam looked into the wolf’s eyes. They were so magnificent, he forgot to breathe. His blue orbs couldn’t help but stare at them. The wolf’s eyes were a deep green and became yellow- almost gold- in the center. Its eyes looked like emeralds, he couldn’t stop staring. When his fingers came in contact with soft fur, Liam let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Little Liam giggled when the wolf purred under his hand. The canine rubbed his furry head under Liam’s arm, leaning besides him in a happy sigh. He giggled once more, realizing that the wolf wanted to be his friend. Even as a kid, he felt an attraction to the wolf. It was like a magnet. He was incredibly hypnotized by his beautiful grey and brown fur, his emerald eyes and the lively twinkle in his pupils that looked almost human. The next day, Liam woke up and saw a strange pattern on his arm. It was subtle, but he could see it. It was a moon. Since the strange tattoo appeared on his arm, he felt something inside him.

They grew inseparable over the years. They played with each other, walked together in the forest and cuddled when the cold weather came. They were best friends.

Then one day out of the blue, his parents announced him they have to move out. He would be away from his best friend.

That broke him inside.

When he went in the forest, the wolf wasn’t there waiting for him.

Liam’s heart nearly stopped when he felt that familiar tingle in his chest as he was leaving Beacon Hills High School. He let his gaze wander around him, his heart beating rapidly. He could feel his arm pulsing. It’s been so long since he felt that overwhelming sensation in his whole body.

It turned out that his guts told him to go in the forest behind his house. Perfectly creepy, Liam thought.

At each step he took, he felt his heart beating faster. His body was pulsating with need along with his tattoo on his arm.

Liam stopped walking. He felt something staring at his back. He slowly turned around. His gaze landed on a familiar figure.

His friend.

His huge friend. That wolf was fucking huge. He instantly recognized that grey and brown fur and these beautiful emerald eyes.

Liam walked towards the canine. He dropped to his knees and extended his arms. The wolf ran towards him, jumping happily on Liam. Liam putted his arms around the wolf, his eyes watering.

“I missed you.” Liam murmured after a while.

The wolf licked his cheeks in response.

He smiled when he saw the same tattoo on one of the wolf’s back leg.

“So we’re connected for real, huh?” Liam said in a smile. The canine shook his tail, looking at him. The wolf pulled back, walking slowly away from him. Liam raised his eyebrows in surprise. The wolf sat down, staring into Liam’s eyes.

“You want to show me something?” He asked to the wolf. His friend nodded, shaking his tail.

Then the impossible happened. He shifted. Liam watched in awe his wolf friend turn into a human. He wouldn’t lie, the boy in front of him was quite handsome. Liam hid his face with his hands when he realized the other boy was naked.

“What the fuck?” Liam said, his face reddening.

“That’s the first you say to me?” The boy replied, amused.

“Dude, you’re literally a wolf that shifted into a human. I think everyone would have that reaction.” Liam said, rolling his eyes.

“You have a point.” The boy said, shrugging in response.

Liam peaked through his fingers and closed his eyes when he saw that he was still naked.

“Put some clothes on!”

“Huh, I can’t. I left them in my truck.” The boy answered.

“You’re an idiot.” Liam said in annoyance.

“Huh, you’re the one that followed me in the woods.” The boy replied in a chuckle. Liam ignored the backflip his heart made at the sound.

Liam gulped.

“So you’re?” Liam asked.

“I’m what?”

“What are you exactly ?”

“I’m a chimera.” The boy answered.

“What the fuck is that?”

“I’m part werewolf and part werecoyote.”

“I don’t believe you. These things don’t exist.”

“Then how can you explain that I can turn into a wolf?” The boy asked with a smirk.

“Touché.” Liam said in a sigh.

“What’s your name?” The boy said, breaking the silence.

“Liam. What’s yours?” Liam asked in return.


“Theo.” Liam repeated, the name rolling on his tongue like honey.

Theo walked to him, stepping in his personal space. He softly cupped his cheek with his palm, sighing in contentment. He caressed Liam’s skin with his thumb when he saw that Liam didn’t pushed him away.

“I was waiting for you. For so long.” He whispered softly, his breath ghosting on Liam’s flushed face.

“Me too.” Liam replied, closing his eyes. Their tattoos were pulsating together, like a heartbeat.

“I feel so drawn to you.” Liam breathed.

“We’re drawn to each other since that day.” Theo replied with a smile.

Liam nodded, taking Theo’s free hand in his.

“At the time, I never understood what that tattoo meant.” Liam whispered, glancing at Theo’s lips.

“Now I know for sure.” Theo gasped at Liam, his eyes twinkling in the moonlight.

“Yeah?” Theo said against Liam’s lips.

Liam nodded.

Theo brought their lips together, sighing against Liam’s mouth. Liam responded immediately, his lips moving along Theo’s.

Liam leaned on his bed with Theo on top of him, burying his fingers in Theo’s hair and slightly pulling at it. The other boy moaned in response. Liam kissed him, exploring Theo’s mouth with his tongue. The younger boy let his hands wander on Theo’s body, shivering with want. They started grinding against each other, a few groans and moans getting out of their mouths.

Theo looked into Liam’s eyes, panting slightly against him.

The chimera tugged on the human’s shirt, asking him to take it off. Liam happily complied. Theo unbuckled the other boy’s belt, throwing it across the room. The older boy unbuttoned Liam’s jeans, taking them off. He tore Liam’s boxers off, licking his lips in anticipation. Liam moaned when he felt his pulsating cock being released from his boxers.

“I’ve been waiting so long to finally see you again.” Liam whispered in Theo’s ear. Theo kissed him for a brief moment, then leaned down to lick the sweat off his abs. He moaned, arching his back at the sensation. When Theo’s lips came in contact with Liam’s cock, he leaned his head back on his pillow, shouting in pleasure. He tightly gripped the sheets with his hands, moaning loudly when Theo took him in his mouth. And damn, Theo had a creative tongue. While Theo was sucking him off, Liam was shamelessly letting whimpers, moans, shouts and groans coming out of his mouth. He was seeing stars. The younger boy bucked his hips, thrusting inside Theo’s mouth in pleasure. The chimera bobbed his head up and down, sending shivers down Liam’s spine.

In a shout, Liam came and Theo swallowed everything he could. He licked the tip of Liam’s dick, cleaning his cum and then licked his lips looking straight up at Liam while doing so. Liam gulped in response, looking at him. His eyes were blown with lust. Theo climbed on Liam’s body, pulling his lips into a heated kiss. Their hands explored every surface of each other’s body, sweat glistening between them. Theo bit Liam’s bottom lip, earning a groan from the other boy. The chimera licked Liam’s lips, his body melting against him.

“I need you.” Liam panted in the older boy’s mouth. Theo pulled the sweaty locks away from Liam’s forehead, leaving little kisses across his face.

Liam gripped Theo’s wrist and stared intensely into his eyes.

“Theo, please.”

I want you.

Theo traveled down Liam’s body, rubbing a little against him. The older boy spread Liam’s legs, caressing one thigh with his hand. Liam was nearly whimpering in impatience.

Liam widened his eyes in surprise as he felt Theo’s tongue penetrating his hole. As his tongue darted in and out, Liam wasn’t even controlling what was coming out of his mouth, Theo turned him into a puddle only with his tongue. His brain was swimming in pleasure. When he felt the absence of the chimera’s tongue inside him, he almost cried. Theo raised his head between Liam’s legs.

“Lube?” He simply asked.

“Bottom drawer” He replied between pants.

Theo stood up and searched for the bottle of lube. When he found it, he opened the cap and smeared the lubricant on his cock. Liam watched him, a moan coming out of his mouth.

Theo crawled on top of him, bringing their lips together in a messy kiss. They were shamelessly biting, licking, sucking and nibbling at each other. Liam never this aroused in his life.

“Oh my god.” Liam mumbled when Theo broke the kiss. Liam panting against his mouth, his body shivering with need and his mind swimming in ecstasy.

“I need you to relax, okay?” Theo softly said, looking into Liam’s gorgeous blue eyes.

He slowly nodded in response. His left hand was holding Liam’s hip and he used his right hand to line up his cock to Liam’s entrance. Theo looked into Liam’s eyes who finally nodded, his lips slightly parted. Theo pushed inside, groaning at the warmth enveloping him. Liam let out a whimper. Theo was so thick. It hurt, but it was totally worth it. Theo stopped pushing inside him and cupped Liam’s cheek.

“Are you okay?” Theo asked softly, pecking Liam’s lips.

Liam nodded.

“I just need… time.” Liam replied, closing his eyes.

Theo kissed his forehead in response. The younger boy breathed in. The sensation of being filled with Theo’s cock was actually pretty arousing. He moaned at the thought. Opening his eyes, Liam stared into Theo’s stunning eyes.

“Move.” Liam said in a breath.

The boy nodded, pushing further inside him. Liam closed his eyes and thrown his head back in a moan. Theo pulled out and slowly pushed inside once again, making Liam moan louder. This slow pace was a torture. He was taking everything in, savoring him. Liam was shamelessly moaning against Theo, who was slowly and delicately thrusting inside him with a groan. Liam was scratching Theo’s back with his nails at every thrust.

“Faster. Harder.” Liam moaned, panting against Theo’s mouth.

Then with his hands on the younger boy’s hips, Theo pulled Liam up against his chest. Liam crashed their lips together, moaning in his mouth at the change of Theo’s angle. The chimera started fucking inside him, the boy meeting his thrusts halfway. When Theo found his sweet spot, Liam shouted in pleasure in Theo’s ear. Liam fucked himself on Theo’s dick, sitting on his lap. Theo watched as Liam pleasured himself on his dick, his cock pulsating at the gorgeous sight. Theo gripped the boy’s hair and yanked their mouths together, melting inside his mouth. They explored each other’s mouth, their tongues dancing together.

They found their perfect rhythm, their bodies slamming against each other’s.

“Bite me. Make me yours, Theo.” Liam whispered into his ear.

Theo widened his eyes at him. Does he understand what that meant?

“Since I’m a kid, I knew that I was connected to you. Our marks are infinite proof of that.” Liam said, kissing Theo’s neck.

“Do you know what that means?” Theo softly asked as he stopped thrusting inside him. Liam whined at the lost.

“I’ve got a pretty good idea of what it means.”

“So do it. Do it.” Liam purred in his ear.

“You know that you won’t be…?” Theo started, but his lover stopped him.

“I won’t be human anymore. Yeah, I figured.” Liam said, interrupting him.

“I want it, Theo. Do it.” Liam said, staring into Theo’s eyes.

Theo closed his eyes and reopened them, his eyes glowing a deep shade of red.

Liam gasped at him in awe. The boy cupped Theo’s cheek in a happy sigh.

“God, you’re so breathtaking.” The teen said, amazed by his lover’s red eyes.

Theo opened his mouth, letting his growing fangs be seen by Liam.

“Do it.” Liam repeated, burying his face in Theo’s neck.

The chimera licked Liam’s neck before biting him. The teen thought that it would hurt, but it didn’t. He only felt pure pleasure burning through his veins. He moaned in Theo’s neck in pleasure.

Theo slowly started fucking into him again, Liam eagerly responding to him. They both drove each other to the edge, Theo came inside Liam while shouting his name. They stayed in their embrace, holding each other tight and they shared another kiss.

“Oh my god. You just fucked my brains out.” Liam said, panting against Theo’s shoulder.

“You were not so bad yourself.” Theo replied with a smirk.

In response, Liam squeezed his ass around Theo’s cock, earning one of the most sexiest groans from Theo.

Liam chuckled, pecking the chimera’s lips.

“I will take that as a compliment, cause you’re stuck with me now.” Liam said, pointing at the bite on his shoulder.

Theo smirked, admiring his work.

“You’re mine now.” Theo said in a deep voice. Liam shivered at his tone.

“Yours, forever and always.”

|The End|


Halfdan x Reader

@sconniebelle so this was my dream and it’s also my first Halfdan fic.

Halfdan stopped. He could hear whimpering and cooing. Also a hushed whisper repeated over and over. But that wasn’t the thing that struck him about, he understood every hushed word.

“Are you coming?” Harald called and Halfdan hushed him. Stepping closer to one of the walls he saw a small door, cut into the panels of the ceiling. Peaking through he could see a shape, moving slightly but not looking at him.

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SMFDR Monster Headcanons

less kinky but still sad (also i love @xheavensghost they’re sweet and i love them and helped me come up with a few of these)


he’s sickly and fragile because he refuses to… ‘eat’

  • he doesn’t like who he was meant to be 
  • doesn’t like that his life means nothing but “fuck, impregnate, kill.”

so he just,,, doesn’t feed? it’s really damaging

  • of course, sometimes he has to, it takes over and he can’t stop it
  • but you, Thomas, and Aaron try not to let those days happen

sometimes they do though, and he tries so hard, you can see it

  • usually Thomas volunteers, just in case James wants it rough or something - he can take it - but if he’s not there, it’s either you or Aaron who has to deal
  •  it’s not too bad, he’s still in there somewhere, it just tires you out for days

he refuses to talk about the days when he would seduce women in the way that he did; get them drunk off their ass, too tipsy to even walk, and then take what he wanted

  • he asked for consent beforehand, of course, but still hates himself for it all
  • he’s disgusted by himself - sometimes he even cries over it
  • and James does not cry

He’s very gentle in everything he does to show people that he’s not the demon he could be

  • He’s bigger than everyone no matter where you go and gets called out for it a lot
  • he can’t enter a gym without getting called ‘steriod man’ or something of that nature so your garage is full of workout supplies

Doesn’t mention his mom much - but he didn’t know his dad

  • His mother was a succubus; met his father at a bar, took him home, and accidentally got pregnant
  • she always hated him because he wasn’t what she wanted him to be
  • he wasn’t a monster; she was, simple as that


The way he shifts is dependent on how he feels

  • small animal? he’s scared or nervous; smol emotion
  • big animal? he’s proud or tired; big mood

he doesn’t like doing it though, he likes being himself

  • it’s actually really cute though because sometimes you just walk downstairs to find a German shepherd on the couch, and you call his name, and immediately he’s there, back on two legs

you never see him change back though - it’s a power that comes with being a shapeshifter - nothing will ever catch him changing unless he’s trapped

  • anyone looking at him will blink, a car will pass, something happens near them or something obstructs their vision to the point where one minute he’s a cat or something, the next, he’s a human, and nobody saw it happen
  • camera’s blur
  • video recorders black out for a moment

But, if he’s trapped… It’s a different story

He used to work as an undercover agent for the government, a bit like James Bond but with fewer explosions

  • his division reveled in having a monster like him on the team, they could Sirius Black the whole operation and go extra-incognito as a dog walker or have a mouse infiltrate places for intel
  • sometimes they got caught but most of the time it helped to have a ‘stray cat’ on standby in case things went wrong

but one time he was with the agent that got captured in some small part of a foreign country

  • he changed back unwillingly - they put a shock collar on him to ‘keep the dog at bay - it might be attack-trained’ and was forced back into his main form
  • they kept him in this remote facility for months, ran tests, tortured him
  • did everything they could to figure out how the United States got its hands on a “joke like this” and tried to re-create his DNA

He only escaped after a doctor turned his back for a moment, and he mauled him as a lion

  • He still has nightmares about it, but it was his only way out of that hellhole
  • Thomas, you, and James all agree that it was fair
  • he’s not a bad person for it and never will be

Once he got away he got caught in a drug ring and basically became their pet

  • protection for use, at the time, he thought it was a fair trade
  • everyone back home thought he was dead like the agent he was with when he got caught

he had nowhere to go

  • he caught opposing drug lords, murderers, found the hide-outs of rival gangs, scoped out bombs, entered rival gangs as someone his master’s had killed
  • they turned him into a murderer; killing for sport, using him

he fucking hates himself for it all 

  • never bring any of it up
  • he’ll talk about it if he wants to

Eventually, the whole place got busted and he was set free, brought back to America, welcomed as a hero

  • he never could go back to undercover work after that but he still had the scars across the backs of his shoulder blades from the tests and shit 
  • he won’t go near needles but has to get like a million shots a year for things animals have (heartworm, rabies, etc) and human vaccinations (flu, prostate cancer, etc)

He has a lot of nightmares, has a lot of scars

  • Protect this smol boi, he’s fragile and small and just wants love

he also hides his powers in public, either he goes out as an animal or doesn’t change

  • unless he’s with you guys, he trusts you and Thomas and James to protect him if anyone comes to try and hurt him

Prince of Hell!Thomas:

A lot of people owe him… “favors

  • it’s kind of sick through - the first time you ask “What kind of favors?” he responds “Who do you want dead?”
  • he’ll do it though
  • for you, he’d do anything

He protects you vvv well

  • if someone on the street whistles at you, he always opens the side of his jacket for you to snuggle into just because he wants you close, just in case
  • you never leave his side at bars, breweries, alleys - anywhere with either drunk people, high people, or sketchy people 

he didn’t like James at first

in fact, he tried to split you guys up

  • “I know what… people like him are like.” He growled, pulling you away from the broader man
  • You narrowed your eyes at him, pushing his hands off you as he glanced back at James, who was waiting patiently by the doors to the restaurant.
  • People like him? What is that supposed to mean?!”
  • “I use the term ‘people’ loosely.”
  • “You know what, maybe this was a mistake. I thought you, could handle a simple dinner, but you know… maybe I was wrong. You can go home, Thomas. We don’t need you here.”
  • You started walking away but stopped dead in your tracks when a red force overtook your vision, halting your movement. You turned slowly, facing Thomas, who had his arm outstretched towards you, a heartbroken look on his face.
  • “Please, (Y/N). Stay away from him.”
  • You sighed. “Come with me. I’ll show you he’s a good guy - please, Tommy?!”
  • The man sighed, lowering his hand and running it over his tired face. “If… If he even looks at you wrong-”
  • “If he looks at me wrong, I have you to protect me.” You smiled, taking his hand in yours.
  • Thomas gave a tired smile. “Damn right you do.”

doesn’t like Hercules and sometimes distrusts James - his own boyfriend - when they do certain things

  • He’s met people like that in the underworld and get’s very unnerved when he sees traits of them in his friends

really quite soft when you get down to it

  • he likes to cuddle
  • plays with your hair
  • normal boyfriend stuff

but then someone challenges him, and he just loses his cool

  • he made you switch dentists because yours was male and he couldn’t stand the idea of another man near your mouth, alone, in a room

Has a lot of powers that he uses to protect you guys

  • He can move shit with his mind
  • set things on fire if needed
  • can overpower an entire room

lived in the underworld for so long that sometimes he forgets Earth culture

  • “What the fuck is a ‘Hufflepuff’.“
  • “It’s from a book series.”
  • “Carving pumpkins is so… trivial”
  • “We live in suburbia - it’s either this or our house getting egged - shut up and stab the squash.”
  • “I don’t understand this. I was on Earth for this time period this isn’t how it goes.”
  • “Honey, Downton Abbey isn’t real.”

He and Laf are only friends because they understand what it’s like to be kicked out of your own home

  • Thomas doesn’t talk about it much, only mentions there are “Certain people who wouldn’t want me back.”
  • Protect this boy he’s cute and soft and just wants to visit home
The team captain

Nathan stood proudly in the centre of his team as the pictures were taken for the local newspaper. As team captain of the local rugby side, Nathan had helped lead the well-trained, muscly lads to a solid victory in the league. They cheered loudly as they held up the cup. The team had never done as well as this before and it all came down to the camaraderie at the club. The lads got on well together and training three times a week was a great social event, not a chore.

At twenty-five, Nathan had never looked better. He trained hard each night at the gym. He was tall at 6’7 and had always had a frame that was built for packing on lots of muscle. He was naturally good looking, with dark hair and the perfect amount of stubble. Rugby was his life, which meant training his body was also the most important thing to him. The other guys looked up to him, not just because of his height, but because of his natural appeal, smoothness with the ladies and not least because he could drink them all under the table on a night out. Nathan was also openly bisexual and would slap the guys on their ass and tell them how great they were looking, which all the guys secretly loved. In no time at all, Nathan became the alpha male of the pack, leading the guys on the field as well as on their weekend pub crawls.

One week at training, a new guy turned up. Nathan recognised him from around town but had never spoken to him before. His name was Luke and looked to be a couple of years younger than Nathan. He was just shy of 6 foot and had a lightly toned, slim body, probably about 150lbs. He was a pretty looking lad, not really the type that rugby usually attracted around here. The other guys were very friendly and inviting, but Nathan stood back and watched him as he trained. The guy was hopeless and could barely catch the ball. So hopeless in fact, that Nathan decided it wasn’t even worth making the effort to speak to him. The lad wouldn’t be back to train next week.

‘What did you think of the new guy?’ asked Jay, one of the flankers of the team.

‘Shit, wasn’t he?!’ laughed Nathan, not wanting to dwell too much on the failed newbie.

‘Ha, too right he was. But no, the lads I were noticing, he’s only here for one thing…’ continued Jay.

‘Oh yeah?’ asked Nathan.

‘He was just checking you out the whole time. Honestly, I’m not kidding. Every time you turned around he was just looking as your ass. He must have heard you chatting about going out with guys at the pub and come to try his luck tonight,’ sniggered Jay. ‘I think you’re in there mate,’ laughed Jay, elbowing Nathan in the ribs before walking off.

Nathan looked across at Luke who was getting a lecture about good ball-passing from Bill, one of the older know-it-alls of the club. The lad wasn’t Nathan’s type at all; pretty little face and scrawny little ass, no thank you. Nathan liked his men like himself, big, manly and rugged. In any case, Nathan decided to spend a little longer getting changed in the changing rooms afterwards to see if Luke really was checking him out. He got dressed slowly, spending as much time as he could in just his boxers, trying to catch a glimpse of Luke checking him out. Sure enough, Luke took the bait and glanced over any time he thought Nathan wasn’t looking.

It turned out the lure of Nathan was enough to draw Luke back each and every week. And so, each week, the guys would collectively snigger behind Luke’s back and try to wind up Nathan that Luke was in love with him. Nathan almost wished that Luke would just fuck off and go and find someone else to stalk. But then he also enjoyed having someone to appreciate his hot body in the changing rooms. In the end, Nathan decided to embrace it.

‘He’s checking you out again,’ laughed Bill from the sidelines.

‘Of course he is!’ smiled Nathan. ‘Have you seen this hot ass I’ve got?’ he grinned, pulling his shorts and underwear down for a split second for Bill, who threw his hands up in front of his face in mock disgust. Nathan loved provoking a reaction. ‘Shall I go and flirt with him?’ asked Nathan, feeling mischievous. ‘Give him some of the classic Nathan charm?’

‘Yeah, maybe then he’ll be able to focus on catching the fucking ball’ scoffed Bill.

Nathan waited for the perfect moment and then walked over to Luke, who was trying his best to pretend that he hadn’t noticed Nathan walking towards him.

‘Hey man’ said Nathan, reaching out and placing a hand on Luke’s slim shoulder before giving him a manly slap on the back. ‘Nice to see you back again, we’re always looking for dedicated players.’ Just as Nathan expected, Luke flushed red at being touched by him. Nathan towered over Luke both in height and size; at a guess, Nathan presumed there was probably at least 110lbs between them. ‘I’m Nathan, team captain. And you are?’ he asked, pretending not to know and reaching out his hand.

‘I’m Luke’ he said, unable to match the firmness of Nathan’s handshake.

‘That’s a nice name’ smiled Nathan, with a slight flirtatious smile. ‘I’ll be checking you out to see how you’re playing tonight, see what we can do with you.’ Nathan loved being suggestive. He always did this with the guys, but they were all straight, whereas Luke was looking more red and coy by the second. Nathan started to jog going backwards, away from Luke, flashing him a wink and finishing by saying ‘I’ll be watching you.’

The crowds all around were watching the interaction. They patted Nathan on the back and thought it a great laugh that someone on the team had a crush. Nathan was sure to stir it up by emphasising that the reason was because he was far sexier than anyone else in the club. How could Luke not fall desperately in love with him? The guys loved the banter. Nathan would stand around for ages in his underwear in the changing rooms whilst Luke was there. The guys all knew what he was doing and would laugh along. Nathan also tried his best to flirt with Luke when he was half dressed. He just loved winding up the poor lad.

Luke started to come along to the rugby nights out, making friends with a couple of the quieter lads. Nathan didn’t really talk much to him on these occasions. On a night out he wanted to spend time with his boys and chat up girls with them.

Bill was the team’s prop; a position that required the largest and heaviest guy in the team to play. However, during the last game, Bill had hurt his back and wouldn’t be back before the end of the season. Being the largest and strongest on the team, Nathan knew would have to step up and play prop, a position he absolutely hated. He moaned endlessly about it to the guys and was texting Bill as often as he could to find out when he would be back.

Nathan had grown bored of flirting with Luke by now. He couldn’t believe that he had hung around for as long as he had. Luke had yet to be chosen for the team during any real match. The team didn’t need skinny little runts like him who could barely catch the ball. What they needed were bigger, heavier blokes who could step in to play prop instead of Nathan.

‘I’m going to get Nathan to beef up and be our prop next season’ announced Nathan to the lads, after Luke had packed up his stuff and left that evening.

‘Fuck off Nath – he weighs about 150lbs, he’d never make a prop.’

‘Yeah, I’m going to train him up to get big for us’ explained Nathan with a cocky smile.

‘Pretty boy? I don’t think so. He’d never do that’ scoffed Ralf.

‘He will if I asked him’ laughed Nathan, standing up straight and flexing his biceps. The guys in the changing room all laughed. ‘No, seriously though, he’s not too short and with a good amount of muscle and fat on him, he’d be alright in prop’ nodded Nathan. ‘You guys would have to help though. Any time you see him, just make sure he’s stuffing a pie down his face or something!’ he laughed, as did the other guys.

‘Ha, it’s not going to work…’ said Ralf, shaking his head.

‘You just sit back and watch’ said Nathan, slapping Ralf on the back. ‘I know how to get Luke on side.’

The next night was a typical Saturday with a trip out to the pub with the lads. Luke came along but was short a couple of his usual friends which gave Nathan the perfect opportunity to get him alone in a corner and have a chat.

‘Hey, Luke, how you doing?’ he asked, not really expecting a response as he flopped down next to him as if he was drunker than he was; allowing him to sit far closer to Luke than would usually have been comfortable. ‘You’re doing ok at training mate. Really decent stuff from you. You should be proud’ said Nathan, convincingly telling the lie.

Luke flushed red with the complement and also from having the hot hunk sitting so close next to him. ‘Thanks, I didn’t know you were watching.’

‘Of course I’m watching you’ smiled Nathan flirtatiously. ‘But you know what I like most about you Luke? Your dedication. You haven’t missed a single training session in the last three months. You’re way more dedicated than some of these losers.’ He threw his thumb out behind him to point to all of the lads getting drunk at the bar. ‘None of them are as dedicated as you and me. I mean, I have to play prop, and I absolutely hate it. Can’t stand it! I’ve asked and asked these guys to bulk up and get a bit heavier to play in that position and none of them will. I’ve told them I’d go with them every night to the gym and help them get buff like me and they just won’t. No, what we need is more lads like you…’ nodded Nathan, lifting his bottle to take a sip. He’d sowed the seed.

‘I could train with you’ said an enthusiastic Luke.

‘Nah, what I need is a prop. I need someone who would pack on a lot of weight. You know, fat to start with and then build it up with muscle. You wouldn’t be interested in that’ dismissed Nathan, taking a final sip of beer and motioning as if he was getting up ready to leave.

‘No, no. I could do that. If that’s what you – if that’s what the team needs. I’m dedicated to the team.’

‘Are you serious?’ asked Nathan, pretending to be shocked by Luke’s generosity. ‘Because that would be amazing. I could show you how to get proper big like me. And let me tell you, it’s all in the eating.’

‘I’m up for that’ smiled Luke, pleased to have enthused Nathan. ‘Sign me up!’

‘You are the best Luke!’ grinned Nathan, hugging Luke and pulling him in to his broad chest. ‘Fuck it, come on mate. I’m hungry, we can start now.’ He pulled Luke up by his wrist and led him out of the bar, not even telling the other lads where they were going. Luke followed blindly, overjoyed to be walking alongside Nathan.

‘Where are we going?’ he asked a couple of minutes later.

‘To start your training’ said Nathan pointing at a fast food place a short distance away.

‘Five bacon burgers’ announced Nathan to the staff at the counter when he got there. ‘All for this guy’ he said, patting Luke on the back like he was the most masculine man he had ever met.

‘Five?’ stuttered Luke, hardly believing what he had got himself in to.

‘Yeah man. This is training!’ said Nathan, holding Luke by his shoulder. ‘I told you man, it’s all in the eating.’

The burgers were served and the boys sat down in a quiet corner for Luke to eat whilst Nathan discussed team tactics with him. By the third burger, Luke was starting to slow. Nathan moved across from his seat to sit next to him, pretending to check out a hot girl who had just walked in. ‘Come on man, you can do this. You want to do this for the team right?’ encouraged Nathan. ‘Just get them down.’

Luke slowly ate the final two burgers, each mouthful seemed like a real effort. At the end of it, his tight shirt was visibly strained. Nathan jumped up and got Luke a large shake to wash it down with. ‘Well done buddy. There’s your reward; I call this the Nathan-special!’

‘Thanks’ muttered Luke, trying not to seem ungrateful.

‘When you’re big like me, you’ll be able to eat at least twice that amount in one go’ lied Nathan, flexing his muscly arm in Luke’s face.

After that, the boys went back to join the rugby lads and Nathan spent his evening ensuring that Luke was kept bloated on beers, whilst he told all of the guys how effortlessly Luke had fallen for the ploy. At the end of the night all of the boys went back for food before going home. Luke looked incredibly bloated still and not in the least bit hungry.

‘Come on then prop!’ shouted the lads, pushing Luke to the front. ‘You order first.’

Luke looked across at Nathan, who nodded for him to order like the guys had asked.

‘I’ll just have – a – couple of bacon burgers please.’

The boys cheered behind him and patted him on the back, before pushing in front of him to make their own order.

The next day, Nathan was sure to text Luke to keep up the momentum. Nathan truly hated being prop and wanted out as soon as possible. Putting muscle on Luke was going to take months and even years to achieve, but adding fat to bulk him up could be done much faster. Plenty of teams managed by placing the town’s fat boy in prop. What Nathan had in mind was a zero cardio, high weights regime. Something where Luke could build muscle slowly, without burning off too many of the extra calories along the way. He was going to grow a fat belly on him long before he developed the muscle he thought he was training for. Nathan put him on a strict calorie target each day and showed him tips on how to up his calories for fat gains; constantly reminding him that any training like this started with fat gains. The poor boy swallowed it all so easily.

Nathan made sure to wear his tightest shorts and even went shirtless in the small club gym most days, since they usually had it to themselves. As expected, Luke never missed a session and always proudly announced to Nathan that he had already met his calorie target that day.

‘You’re doing great man!’ cheered Nathan, holding his shoulder and looking down at his body. ‘You’re starting to look like a proper rugby player.’ It was more than a little bit of a lie. Luke was only looking a bit softer so far. His toned chest looked a little less toned and his six pack had only just melted away with the first few lbs of fat starting to stick to his body.

‘Thanks’ blushed Luke, standing with his shirt off in front of Nathan.

The other guys in the club thought it was hilarious watching Nathan do his thing with Luke and made sure to praise Luke for his new build just as Nathan had asked. Nathan spent most of their daily gym sessions having Luke watch him lift big weights, enjoying having an audience to admire his ability to lift heavier and heavier weights.

Within a couple of months, Luke had the start of a little belly forming in his lower abdomen. If Nathan didn’t know better, he would easily have assumed that Luke hadn’t been to training in months, he looked so soft and sluggish. But for Nathan, it was all so slow. With his own large frame, he had always found it so easy to gain weight and muscle when he wanted. He found he needed more patience than he thought to wait for Luke to fatten up enough to take his place as prop.

‘Come on Luke, it’s Friday. Time for the weekly weigh in. I’ll go first,’ suggested Nathan, stepping on the scales at the club. ‘265lbs. Yes! All those bench presses are working’ he shouted, kissing his biceps as he stepped off the scale. ‘You’re turn’ he ordered, patting Luke on his ass to step up.

Luke stepped on and waited for the numbers to settle. He had been gaining a steady amount over the last couple of months but today was a new high. ’180lbs. Good, you’ve got through your first 30lbs. You’re getting heavier at least. You’re not the lightest on the team anymore’ he said, more to console himself at how long this process was taking. ‘How are you getting on with your protein shakes?’

‘Yeah, I’m having what you told me to have’ nodded Luke, hoping for some praise at how well he was doing. Just Like Nathan had asked.

‘Your calorie goal is still 4500 right?’

‘Yeah, but I usually get way over that’ boasted Luke, again hoping for praise from Nathan.

‘Well maybe we should aim for 6000 then? We could also do a couple of 10,000 calorie days at the weekend as well.’ Nathan knew this would result in fat only being added to Luke, but he didn’t care. He needed Luke bigger and fast. ‘I’ll be there to help you of course’ smiled Nathan, knowing that was the best way to get Luke on side. ‘You and me can hit a couple of buffet places - hard!’ he grinned, slapping Luke on the back. ‘Oh, and maybe we should aim for higher calorie goals on club training days’ rambled on Nathan as he thought more about it, heading off into the changing rooms.

‘Fucking hell. It’s working isn’t it?’ laughed Sam, one of the younger men at training, as Luke chugged along at the back during the warm up.

Nathan laughed. He enjoyed it when someone noticed the effects of his hard work with Luke. ‘Yeah! He’s putting on a good amount of weight.’

‘It’s all fat by the looks of it though. Look at the ass he’s getting on him!’ pointed Sam.

Nathan looked across and saw for himself. Luke’s ass was indeed looking bulbous. His shorts were not fitting like they used to. They clung to his larger thighs, refusing to go any higher, resulting in the top of his underwear being on full display as his ass stretched the fabric. As Luke jogged along, Nathan could see his ass cheeks starting to bounce along with its new softness and heft. The sight excited Nathan in a way he hadn’t expected. He wanted to hear more of what Sam thought. ‘You really think it’s showing then?

‘Whatever you’re doing Nathan, it’s definitely working. Although I think you need to do more cardio with him. He’s not keeping up with the rest of the lads doing that jogging is he?’ laughed Sam.

‘I want to get him to 240lbs before we start trying him out in his new position. So there’s another 60lbs at least to go on him,’ grinned Nathan, hoping for a big reaction from Sam.

‘Shit. If that’s all going to be fat as well, he’s going to be a proper tubby bastard.’

‘Yeah, it’s going to be all fat. He’s hopeless at weight training at the moment. He needs some weight on him first,’ lied Nathan, realising that he was never really intending to do proper weight training with Luke anymore. He was starting to enjoy having the fat lump around to admire his heavy weight lifting and larger muscles.

Luke was huffing and puffing from the effort of jogging. Nathan hated wasting precious calories on Luke’s jogging during training. Luke soon stopped just in front of him, red in the face and breathing heavily.

‘I hate jogging as well,’ nodded Nathan. ‘Big lads like us aren’t built for jogging are we?’

Luke suddenly grinned. He seemed to appreciate being thought of as one of the big men. ‘Yeah, you’re right’ he huffed. ‘It’s not something I enjoy.’

‘I’d just sit out of the cardio training if I were you. You only need to be here for the contact based training. That’s what me and the other big lads come for.’

‘Yeah, thanks man. I think I’ll do that’ huffed Luke, walking over to the bench and plopping himself down to take a swig of his water.

Bill, the regular prop for the team had decided to officially retire. His bad back was too temperamental now he was in his 40s and it wasn’t work the risk of not being able to work. Nathan was officially stuck as prop until Luke was fat enough. There was no Plan B.

Luke broke 200lbs within the next month with the new heavy eating regime; love handles starting to spill over the waistband of the even larger shorts Luke had had to buy himself. Nathan was enjoying watching the fattening process more than he ever imagined. Each lb of fat was a small victory and he looked at Luke’s ass as something to grow large enough to take the severe fucking he was going to give it, once it had been fattened to his standards.

‘Looking great Luke! Damn, I wish I could gain like you can!’ lied Nathan. ‘The guys are so jealous at the club’. A small pat on the fat boy’s ass at this point was all he needed to feel great about himself.

It wasn’t until a few months later, when Luke broke 230lbs that Nathan could happily say that Luke had a properly fat belly on him now. It protruded well beyond his rib cage and dominated his entire appearance. It was just before the Christmas break and Luke knew it was only going to get fatter from there.

‘Right, we have our biggest game coming up in March’. Luke knew exactly who Nathan was referring to. ‘We haven’t beaten them in ten years. I want you to play prop for the first time with them.’

Luke inhaled at the prospect of such responsibility.

‘I want you to eat like you’ve never eaten before. No more rugby training until the end of February. We can’t afford to lose the calories. You hear me?’ asked Nathan. Luke nodded. ‘We just have to get you ready…’ he continued.

After Christmas Luke stopped coming to training as Nathan had asked. Nathan made an excuse about him having a muscle injury that was accepted fairly easily. A lot of the guys were less keen on playing in January, so it was no real issue. However, a couple of weeks after the Christmas break, a new guy arrived at the club. His name was Lee and he was built like an absolute tank. Huge, wide shoulders and a heavy thick, muscular frame. He was the epitome of a prop in anyone’s eyes; only a little shorter than Nathan, with almost as much muscle, on a slightly fatter body. He was perfect! He trained well and showed some decent skills straight away and, more importantly, the other lads loved him. By the end of the session he was already signed up to play the following weekend. Nathan’s days of playing prop were over; and so were Luke’s rugby dreams; over before they even started.

Nathan’s attraction to Luke was growing with each and every lb he gained. Luke was training hard to gain the extra weight he needed for the big game in eight weeks’ time. Nathan felt no need to tell him he’d already been replaced. If anything, Nathan enjoyed that fact even more.

After the eight weeks were over, Luke stepped on the scales. Nathan could already tell it was going to be a big number. His whole belly had started to look softer than ever lately. Whole rolls of fat seemed to surround his gut and his moobs looked juicier and plumper; not to mention the fact that his ass looked wide enough to start wedging him in a few slimmer doorframes. The scales showed that Luke was now 265lbs.

‘Perfect!’ marvelled Nathan, slapping Luke on his wide ass and keeping his hand there just a little too long. ‘Just wait until the lads see you at training on Tuesday!’ he grinned, feeling hard at the thought of what they would say seeing this obese pig trying to get in to the team.

The following week, Luke arrived for training. The guys were all shocked to see his fat belly and ass, waddling about on the field.

‘Fuck me!’ shouted Jay! ‘Is that Luke?’

‘Yep’ smiled Nathan proudly.

‘Even his double chin has a double chin’ Jay joked.

‘That’s nothing’ gloated Nathan. ‘Wait until you see the fatty try to run!’ The lads were all taking off for their warm-up jog. Luke had plonked himself down on the bench as he always did at this point, just as Nathan had always told him to do. ‘And you Luke’ shouted Nathan. ‘Don’t be so fucking lazy! Get running!’

Luke looked surprised and jumped up immediately, looking at Nathan for some sort of clarification of what he wanted.

‘Come on fatty, get running!’ said Nathan with mock exasperation, throwing his arms out wide and bulging his eyes as if Luke were the dumbest person alive for not being able to follow a simple instruction. Luke immediately starting setting off after the boys who were jogging. Jay and Nathan stood at the side, arms folded, laughing and pointing as they saw Luke’s chubby ass and soft moobs bouncing away with each step forward.

‘Does he even know we don’t need a prop anymore?’ asked Jay, calming down from his laughing fit.

‘Not yet’ replied Nathan, stifling his laugh, ‘I’m going to tell him tonight. It was just too damn funny not to invite him along to training anyway.’

‘Come on Luke!’ cheered Jay. ‘I’ve got a bacon burger here for you if you get to the end!’ he joked, setting the pair of them off again laughing. Luke flushed even more red as he huffed and puffed his fat ass along the field.

The pair of them continued for pretty much the entire session, finding ways to amuse themselves by making fun of Luke’s new obesity.

‘That’s the most exercise you’ve had in months isn’t it Luke?’ grinned Nathan standing proudly in front of all the other guys. ‘Not that we could tell, could we lads? he laughed, setting everyone else off.

After training, Nathan pulled Luke to one side and ordered him to stay behind in the changing room so they could have a chat about his terrible performance tonight. Luke then waited patiently as Nathan chatted away to the boys as they were getting changed, until eventually it was only the pair of them left.

‘Why were you making fun of me tonight?’ asked Luke timidly.

‘Are you saying you didn’t deserve it?’ asked Nathan.

‘Well…’ started Luke, unsure how to answer.

‘Listen Nath, the new guy, Lee, is going to be our prop from now on. I don’t think we have a place for you on the team anymore’, said Nathan, matter-of-factly.

‘But, I’m one of the biggest lads on this team now’ said Luke confused.

‘Nah, not really’ said Nathan, pulling off his shirt to reveal his 270lbs muscle body. ‘You’re just the fattest.’

‘Uh, well, I guess…’ mumbled Luke. Not sure where Nathan was going with this.

Nathan went to his bag and pulled out a pair of underwear, throwing them at Luke. ‘Here, I picked these out for you’ he said in a mocking tone. Luke unravelled them, confused at their massive size. They must have been at least 6XL. ‘These are fat boy underpants. For fat boys.’ Nathan stared hard at him, waiting for a response that never came.

Nathan moved across to stand over him as he sat on the bench in the changing room. He towered over the poor lad, his groin almost level with his head. ‘You’re just a fat boy, aren’t you?’ said Nathan, deadly serious, pulling Luke’s head into his groin. Luke didn’t know where to put his hands to stop himself being pushed into Nathan. Instead, he rested his head there, inhaling the musk of the sweaty jock’s shorts, relaxing and… getting hornier with each inhalation. ‘I said, you’re just a fat boy, aren’t you Luke?’ shouted Nathan aggressively.

Luke breathed in several times before he allowed his hands up to cup around the big jock’s muscly ass. ‘Yes, I’m just a fat boy’ he breathed as he began to kiss at the area where he could feel Nathan’s cock swelling up.

‘You’re a lardass.’

‘I’m a lardass’ repeated Luke obediently, inhaling deeply now into Nathan’s shorts.

‘You’re going to eat your way into those underpants for me, aren’t you?’

‘Yes’ agreed Luke ‘I’ll do whatever you want.’

‘Of course you will’ said Nathan, pulling out his cock and feeding it to Luke. ‘You’ve wanted this cock for a long time, haven’t you?’

Luke nodded.

‘You’re not coming to training any more. You’re just going to train yourself to get into those underpants for me aren’t you?’

Luke nodded, sucking away on Nathan like he was desperately trying to impress him with his skills. ‘Be careful what you wish for’ laughed Nathan, pulling Luke up and taking off his shorts, before leading him into the showers. He pushed Luke into the wall with his back facing Nathan, spreading out his legs wide. ‘I’ve got a much better position for you than prop’ he laughed, soaping up Luke’s chubby, round ass. He gently teased his cock into Luke’s ass, gaining his stride before fucking him harder than even he thought was possible. Months of pent of sexual tension bursting out in a flurry of energy. Luke moaned quietly before Nathan, took Luke’s cock into his hand and started to massage it in the soapy waters. Nathan could feel the fat boy was going to come any second. ‘This is what disgusting fat boys deserve isn’t it? teased Nathan into Luke’s ear.

‘Yes. I deserve it’ he groaned lustfully.

‘You can just imagine what you’ll deserve when I’ve made you even fatter…’

‘Oh, please…’ groaned Luke. ‘Make me fatter then…’

Nathan felt Luke come all over his hands, making him come all in inside of him as well.

He pulled out and slapped Luke on his fat ass before Luke turned around to look at him.

‘Come on porker, get dressed. We’ve got your new training to go to.’

Guardian Angel (1/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 3.297

Summary: Life had always had a way of putting Bucky on one rollercoaster after the other, and when Bucky finds himself being a guardian angel, he realizes Hydra might have been a piece of cake in comparison. 

Warning(s): language, all fun!

A/N: *insert gif of Mushu going “I liiiiive”* Hellloooo my lovelies. So I’m back from the dead, and this time I brought a multichapter fic with me! Apologies if the first chapter isn’t all that, but I promise this is a fun one, fluff all the way! I hope you enjoy, as always feedback is greatly appreciated and once again, you have no idea just how much I love you all! <3 

Bucky Barnes had never in his life imagined he’d reach being a century old. Not looking a day over thirty while in reality being a hundred, well that wasn’t exactly what he had imagined either. But most of his life had turned out far different than he had imagined. He hadn't’ imagined falling off a moving train, then be kidnapped by Hydra, wiped of everything he knew and used as a weapon for their agendas. But there was a saying that went along the lines with “Life is never what you want it to be.” And Bucky’s life? Well, his life had a tendency to always throw him out for a loop whenever he felt like he had it all figured out.

An example of this was when he had finally accepted he was just a weapon, Steve showed up, when he had finally hidden in Bucharest, he was framed for a bombing of the UN headquarters. When that had been said and done, and he had finally found peace in Wakanda, a war had broken loose from a different galaxy to ours. So life had its way of disturbing Bucky’s peace of heart.  

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Joker Imagine - Sugar Daddy

@mistajsqueen said:

can you do a joker x reader where the reader becomes homeless because she can’t afford rent and can’t get a job or anything like that and the Joker finds her and takes her in and takes care of her and gives her everything she needs and wants and during this whole thing they fall in love

Warnings: None? He’s just gonna become your sugar daddy, so prepare yourselves I guess :)

Originally posted by begavet

Your P.O.V.

Gotham’s dark and criminal streets weren’t the safest ones to live in. But I had absolutely no choice but to live here. My ex co-workers had done me nasty which made my boss fire me. I couldn’t get a job in time so I lost my apartment. You know what they say, you know who your real friends are if they’re with you through thick and thin. I guess I had none since they all cut me out as I became homeless.

I was determined to survive tho. Luckily, I knew self-defence and I was pretty tough. During the few hard weeks I had gotten to know people, the good and the bad. I knew pretty much who I could trust and who I should avoid, I got myself a backpack with a bottle I always filled with water, a dirty blanket, some cash and even a knife. I kept the knife in my hoodie tho, because I could need it at any time.

Today was just another casual, rainy and cold day. Gotham was busy as people walked through without even noticing me. Well, it was a good thing they didn’t. I was sitting on someone’s balcony, looking down at the people.I needed more cash so I could buy food. My eyes scanned an alley beside a club. A teenage boy in way too fancy clothes just sat there, looking at his phone. Perfect.

I jumped down smoothly, landing on my feet without getting hurt.Then I looked around me, searching for cars and police. My route was clear so I got on the other side of the way. The boy hadn’t noticed me at all. He had long,dark eyelashes, tan skin and his jacket looked as expensive as the rent of my old apartment, which was way too high for a jobless person.

Just as I tried to snatch his wallet, someone bumped into me. I messed up my steps but I caught my balance just in time. My heart jumped to my throat as a fist was coming straight towards me. ‘’Hey!’’ I screamed and dodged by lowered my head. Then I leaped against the tall man in front of me. I was taken by surprise and the adrenaline rush didn’t allow me to focus on details.

I kicked his chest and then I took a few steps back. The person was wearing a black mask with two holes in it for eyes. Quickly, I ran towards him and secretly grabbed my knife. He attempted to grab my waist and I let him. As his strong arms held me, I dug my sharp knife deep in his back. It felt disgusting as the sharp blade pierced his flesh and blood oozed out of the wound. His arms tensed but he didn’t hold me anymore.

I pulled my knife out and then ran away from him, worried the police would come. What the fuck just happened? Who was that? I had no idea why they attacked me and it was creeping me out. As I looked back, I noticed he was chasing me. Running would be useless unless I could climb up. I look to my right and I saw the entrance to the club. Without any hesitation, I ran inside although it was too early for it to be packed.

I entered the building that smelled like alcohol and cigarettes. My heart was jumping in my throat and my body could barely stand still thanks to the boost of adrenaline. I saw a very fancy bar, a shiny dancefloor, some purple and gold booths that were empty now. A green haired man caught my attention. He was staring at me with a red smile that sent shivers down my core.

It was the Joker!

Before my brains could process the fact I was staring at Gotham’s most wanted, someone pushed me from my behind. I was sent harshly towards one of the tables but my mind worked quickly and I used it for my good. As I hit the table, I turned around so I was on my back. The man I had stabbed ran towards me and I got just enough time to kick his chest. His wound had made him weaker but it seemed like he wanted revenge for it.

He stumbled back a little bit. I got off the table and literally jumped at him, wrapping my legs around his neck and I squeezed all the air out of him. His hands touched my legs and he tried to claw me through my jeans. It didn’t really work out. 

‘‘Leave me alone!’‘ I screamed at the stranger who so badly wanted to hurt me. His eyes were turning red as his skin got a shade of purple on it. Suddenly, he fell back on his back. I did a somersault to avoid getting my ankles broken from the fall. As I stood up, a third person joined this moment.

It was the Joker. I watched as he loaded his gun and pulled the trigger like it was nothing, splashing the man’s brains on the club floor. My eyes widened and I gasped, shocked as I saw how easily he killed off the stranger. ‘’You’ve impressed me’’ He spoke to me and I heard the raspiness in his voice.

I glanced at his hand that held the gun. Would he shoot me as well? ‘’Don’t worry, I’m not going to let such a beautiful yet dangerous doll go to waste’’ He laughed as he put his gun into a black holster. I licked my dry lips and then tried to relax. So far, he didn’t seem like a threat to me.

‘‘What’s your name? Why did this scumbag chase you to me?’‘ The Joker tried to make a conversation with me. It had been weeks since I had an actual conversation so I felt a little weirded out. I stood up straight and sighed. ‘‘I’m Y/N. I-I don’t really know. I was going to steal a wallet but he came out of nowhere’’ I admitted my plans for some reasons. Joker gave me a confused look and he walked closer to me, avoiding the pool of blood on the floor.

‘‘Why would you need to steal a wallet, pumpkin?’‘ He asked me curiously, calling me pumpkin either to make me trust him or just because it was his way of communicating. A blush heated up my cheeks and I looked down, almost ashamed of telling the Joker this.

‘‘I’m homeless’‘ I let him know quietly, then wondering why the hell I still was here. According to the other homeless people I knew, who happened to be criminals, I should’ve ran off ages ago. They told me to never do business with this man but as I stood in front of him, I felt intrigued.

‘‘Well I think we could change that’‘ He purred mysteriously, causing me to face the clown prince of crime. My eyes widened and for the first time in forever, I felt hopeful. ‘‘What- how?’‘ I asked him, showing way too much interest. The Joker smiled and I saw his metal grillz. I also noticed that he had a few scars from battles, very crimson lips and beautiful, icy blue eyes. It all fit together in a strange way.

‘‘Well if you’re as skilled as I just saw, we could make a deal. You bring mayhem with me and I will let you stay in my penthouse’‘ He offered me a deal that sounded rather alluring, almost too good to be true. My lips parted and I tried to think but I was too shocked to do that. Even the thought of a warm bed, food, shelter caused my body to tingle from excitement. 

‘‘So, what do you say Y/N. Do we have a deal?’‘ The Joker wanted to know and he reached out his hand for me. It didn’t take too long for me to act. ‘‘We do’‘ I smiled and shook his hand, having no idea what I just put myself into.


It had been six months since Mr.J had offered me the deal of a lifetime that I had accepted. During that time, he had spoiled me in a way I didn’t expect from a man like him. It turned out he liked spoiling me, like a sugar daddy. In the beginning, I had my own room but the tension between us grew and we ended up sharing a bed.

The Joker and I were a power couple in Gotham. Batman probably hated us but we had an amazing time with little tricks here and there. Today I had something special in mind for him, almost like a thank you for everything. As he was somewhere with Frost and everyone, I was alone in the fancy ass penthouse.

I roamed through my old room that worked as a wardrobe and make-up room. I had just taken a long bath and I was only wearing my baby pink bathrobe and my hair was wrapped into a white towel that soaked the water out. I looked around curiously, hoping I could find the perfect clothes for tonight. I really wanted to surprise Mr.J.

I put together something I thought he’d like; a white bra covered in lace, matching panties, some white straps that went around my waist, stay-up stockings with small jewels and they were connected to my panties with white straps, golden heels, a diamond choker and to stay warm, a golden kimono. 

I did my hair and make-up the way I liked it and then I just waited. As I roamed around the penthouse, I began to think. As my fingers touched the home bar, I sighed. If it wasn’t for Mr.J, I’d probably still sit on the streets, freezing off my ass. Perhaps I would’ve died by now. 

My eyes looked outside the huge windows and I saw Gotham. It was dark outside and some stars tried to come through the clouds that hung above the city. From up here, it seemed like a completely normal city. But I knew it by core. It was dark and full of crime. It was beautiful to look at from here. Buildings were full of lights and I saw people walking around in groups.

All the chaos J and I could bring was catastrophic. For new year, we had planned a huge explosion in the sky with confetti and money we’d steal from the bank. It’s not that we were interested in making a charity, all the money we’d give out would cause trouble. Just to wish Batman a happy new year, you know?

My thoughts vanished as I heard the door opening. Quickly, I ran behind the wall so I could surprise J. ‘’Kitten, where are you?’’ J called out for me. I could tell by his voice that he was in a good mood. Footsteps approached me so I held my breath and pressed my back against the cold, living room wall. He walked past me and stopped, obviously noticing the lay out on the glass table, wine and champagne.

I turned on the lights and he turned around to look at me. I smiled confidently and let the kimono fall on the dark grey floor. J’s eyes widened and his lips curved into an ‘o’ as he whistled. ‘’Well, well, well what is this for?’’ He purred and licked his lips hungrily, making me oh so excited for this.

‘‘Welcome home J. I just thought I could thank you for everything’‘ I let him know warmly and walked past him. He looked closely as I bent down to pour of some champagne. I put my ass up in the air teasingly, most definitely on purpose. As I felt his warm hand rubbing my skin, I stood up straight and handed him a glass. ‘‘Be patient, daddy. We’ve got all night’‘ I whispered seducingly and then offered him a sweet smile. He took the glass and smirked before tasting the drink.

I drank as well, loving the bubbly liquid I downed easily. I didn’t want to get drunk tho. ‘’You look desirable, doll. I can’t wait to tear all these clothes off of you’’ J murmured into my ear deeply, almost making me sway. His words did magic to me. ‘’Oh J-’’ I started and put my hand on his chest. He was wearing a silky white button-up but not for long. I began to unbutton his shirt slowly, that too of course on purpose. 

‘‘You haven’t seen everything, just wait until you see the bedroom’‘ I let him know joyfully. Then I bit my lower lip and pulled off his shirt, placing it on the red couch. ‘‘I should leave you alone more often if it means I’ll come home to this’‘ He chuckled and grabbed my wrists, pulling me so close that our bodies touched. He leaned down until our noses touched and I felt an overwhelming desire to kiss his damn lips.

Without hesitation, we shut the distance between us and forgot about the champagne as we melted into a very rough yet hungry kiss.

begin again | chapter one

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It has been three years since Baz last set foot in in his hometown of Watford, with no plans to return. When a frantic phone call from his stepmother brings him back from university unexpectedly, Baz is forced to confront the events of his past, question his plans for the future, and finally resolve what has haunted him ever since he left Watford–and Simon–behind: do people really get second chances?

genre(s): angst+fluff+smut (in later chapters)

chapter length: 3163 words

triggers/warnings: none for this chapter

author’s note: a giant thank you to @cherryonsimon & @rainbowbaz for the beta/britpicking! full acknowledgments will be posted with the last chapter

The Isle of Mage is six kilometres long and six kilometres wide. It’s home to a mere 1,078 citizens who inhabit its three villages–Salisbury, Thistledown, and Watford. The island relies on tourism as its main source of income, and every year people flock here to see the various sights. There’s no shortage of those; everything from the natural tide pools on the rocky beaches to the castle that looms on top of the hill. It’s the type of idyllic place everyone fantasises about living in.

Everyone who isn’t me, of course.

I hate this place. I’d hated it then, and I hate it still. I hate how small everything is, how everyone seeks to know everyone else’s business. I hate the near constant stench of fish that never seems to go away–despite the fact that the fishery shut down close to a decade ago–and I hate all the fucking sheep.

I hate how everyone is content to stay here, to waste their lives in this mediocre village on this mediocre island where no one has ever actually accomplished anything noteworthy. At all. Ever. (If you don’t believe me, check the Wikipedia page.)

The thought of living here forever–of being stuck–had terrified me as a teenager. I’d always known I would leave when I could, that I had no future here. For most of secondary school all I focused on was getting out. I worked hard to stay at the top of my class, and had my eyes set on uni (any one, really, as long as it wasn’t here) as long as I can remember. It had been the perfect plan; I wasn’t attached enough to anyone on the island to miss them. Not enough to stay.

(Except maybe Simon.)

“I’m going to bed,” Daphne says once she turns off the car.

Her voice sounds remarkably different than it had when she rang me in a panic yesterday afternoon to let me know that she was at the hospital with my father, and that he’d had a heart attack. She hadn’t explicitly asked me to come, but the expectation was obvious. So I did. I came back, like I said I wouldn’t, to play the role of the dutiful son, standing by my father’s bedside and consoling my stepmother as she cried.

I nod to show I’ve heard her, but make no move to exit her SUV. I’m not ready to enter the house just yet. (Or at all, really.)

Eventually the lights inside shut off, and I crack my neck before I climb out, slamming the door harder than necessary. The empty space where my car used to sit makes me sadder than it should. I’d only had it for a short time, but it was long enough to grow attached.

The fact that my father sold it is old news—he wouldn’t allow me to take it to school unless I went to Oxford like he’d wanted. Which I didn’t. So I left it and he sold it. (Bastard.)

My gaze flicks to the right and a slow grin spreads across my face, because on the opposite side of the garage is my father’s most prized possession: his forest green Jaguar, kept in perfectly pristine condition, with the top down and the keys still in the ignition. Growing up I’d barely been allowed to look at it, never allowed to ride in it. Definitely never allowed to drive it.

Taking that car would be a spiteful, juvenile thing. Petty. Immature. Unnecessary.

I do it anyway.

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To be loved, Chapter 3

TITLE: To be loved


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine your mother (who you hate because she’s never been a great mother to you.) Brings home her new boyfriend, who so happens to be Loki. You can’t help but be jealous and have a huge crush on him…


To say I was shitting myself about Loki returning that evening was an understatement.

But to my relief, when he returned he acted like nothing had happened at all.

A week went by and there was nothing said. He wasn’t weird around me in any way at all. I was glad, but still confused. Then again, I thought perhaps he was just too embarrassed to speak about it.

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