do you know how hard this scene is to colour

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how do you manage to put characters with vastly different standard palettes into scenes together but keep everything harmonious? if that makes sense? I have a hard time with colour whenever i actually try to properly utilize it and putting multiple characters into one scene is incredibly frustrating because their palettes don’t always work together. :c

I don’t actually know if I’ve effectively answered your question with these, but I tried! This post from a long time ago might also be relevant.

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Description is freakishly hard to do and every writer has a different opinion on how to do it. Here’s mine:

Focus on the essentials/most important bits. 

Is the colour of her mug more important than her tired eyes, her disheveled hair? Probably not, unless it is a really plot-conscious mug. 

To be honest, sometimes it can be really hard to pin down the essentials of a scene. Therefore, it’s  helpful to ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish at any given time. Slow? Quick? Dramatic? Creepy? What’s the goal? 

What would your character notice first?

In essence, what’s their “sense hierarchy”. For that you need to know your characters very well. It’s good to be aware of your own perception and use it as a reference point. Why do I notice the disorganized mess of that desk first? and so on. 

You need to climb into the heads of your characters and try to perceive the world through their senses. It’s hard to do, for sure, but it’s also highly rewarding to get into the zone. 

Use more than one or two senses. 

The most commonly used sense is the visual one and that’s perfectly fine. But what about smell, sound, taste, touch? 

As a rule of thumb, I’d like to use at least two senses and maybe squeeze in a third impression wherever possible. More than that tends to drag on too long for my liking. Though sometimes it can be appropriate to go into very great detail. 

It’s also worth keeping in mind how smell tends to trigger memories more strongly than other senses but that varies from person to person. Certain music, for example, tends to throw me right back to the age of five. 

I’m sure every writer has quirks like these but for me touch tends to be most fun to describe. People relay a lot more information that way than they might realize. 

In truth, it’s a topic you can discuss pretty much forever but those are the things that stick out to me the most while reading. 


Why exactly do you hate Sally Donovan?

So I see waayyyy too many people in the Sherlock fandom going on about how much they hate Sally Donovan. Reason? “Because she doesn’t like Sherlock.” I’m not even kidding, that’s the reason (with exact same phrasing) almost everyone cites for hating Sally.

Let’s do a little role play now, shall we?

You are a single and independent woman of colour who is working in an important job, in a generally male-dominated workplace, and you are not only passionate about your work, you have also most certainly worked hard to get where you are. One fine day, when you’re investigating a crime scene, I swoop in. I am a white male civilian, possibly a drug addict, who has emerged out of nowhere. I not only barge in on your crime scene, but I do your job for you without being asked and proceed to let you know just how stupid and useless I think you and your colleagues are and just how fun and entertaining I find this whole crime thing.

This continues on a regular basis, and one fine day I announce to a street full of your colleagues and total strangers that you are a home-wrecking whore who is seeing your colleague behind his wife’s back (and doing a lot more than just seeing, too). I also take every opportunity I can to express just how ridiculous I find the aforementioned man you are seeing, and also take advantage of your boss’ patient and accommodating nature to disrespect and bully him just because I am helping him with his work. You have a lot of respect for your boss and you regularly see him being put down and patronised by me because I am smarter than he is.

This is all you have seen of me and this is all you know about me. Now tell me, exactly how much do you like me?