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I am a parent to an 8 year old boy that just received a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism, high functioning. I am excited bit scared. Can you give me any advice on how to explain this to him?

I answered a similar ask a while ago, so I’m going to use that. It’s more specifically about autism, but you can adapt the same principals to apply to any neurodivergence.

“You know how people’s bodies come in many colours and shapes and sizes? People can have bodies that look all kinds of different ways, and there are also many different kinds of brains. You have an autistic brain. That means that you are autistic.

“Most people are not autistic, which means you are different than most people. But different doesn’t mean bad. It just means different! Being autistic means that you have a hard time with [applicable things], and you [do applicable things] differently than other people do. Being autistic also helps you be good at [applicable things].

“Autistic people might need different kinds of help than other people do. Autistic people sometimes communicate in different ways than other people. Sometimes autistic people move and act differently than most people too, and that is all okay! Autistic and not autistic, all kinds of brains are beautiful and important.

“Do you have any questions?”

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I live in Bradenton, where Snooty the manatee lived, and recently died. Having grown up with him being a center of the community its hitting hard, however I'd really like to offer staff at the museum he resided in condolences but don't know how to go about it. How would you offer support in a tragic time as this?

I would honestly send a card or an email and ask it passed on to his keepers. You can also comment on Facebook.

My feeling on it is this: animal deaths are incredibly hard, and his caretakers still have to do their jobs. I know that it would be really hard for me to continue working if every other person is pulling me aside when in the public area to express condolences - and you have to imagine people are definitely doing that.

So rather than add to that emotional stress, send something to the department that they can read in their own time. Almost every office I’ve been in - zoos, aquariums, vets - saves the things people send them, whether they’re thank you cards or apologies or just a nice note. I think, given that and the amount of stress the staff probably already experience, that a card or a doodle would be really touching.

People who’ve dealt with animal deaths at your facility, please feel free to chime in.

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rachell do you have any tips for writing about a character with depression? i've kinda searched some things online but you capture the realism of it so well and i want to learn how to do that too in my writing ahhh

honestly it’s kind of hard to describe unless you have really experienced it yourself you know? but i think the MAIN thing to remember is that depression just doesn’t ‘go away’ that easily. a lot of people romanticize the shit out of it where they’ll make it be some amazing thing, when really it’s awful. Also i’ve noticed a lot of people make it to where the character meets the love interest and their depression is cured. it doesn’t really work like that. 

I’m going to write a few things about depression from my experiences. Depression makes you really tired. ALL the time. It doesn’t matter how much you sleep, you’ll always be tired. Once I slept for 16 hours and woke up for two hours and then took another nap. It happens a lot. You don’t really want to get out of bed and it’s a struggle to do so. Taking showers is hard. Eating is hard sometimes. You have to remind yourself to eat a lot. Sometimes I’ve gone the entire day and at nine pm my stomach rumbles and i go “oh my god i forgot to eat”. There’s good days that dont seem quite as bad of course, but there is usually an underlying emotion of sadness, and there’s not really a particular reason why. You don’t really want to DO anything and people call you lazy but really it’s because you’re wallowing in your own self pity. I also know a lot of people with depression who befriend other people with depression and they all wallow in self pity together. Like, my friends are all depressed and we go to each others houses and watch sad movies, joke about wishing to die, and don’t talk for three hours. It’s nice to have people to understand what you’re going through.

I guess that’s all i have for now? i hope this has helped give you some insight! let me know if you have anymore questions

okay so the help I need with RE-NIGHTMARE is:

- the plot? what’s the plot? I don’t even know myself honestly
- storyline: I know the order of things and such, but I have no idea how to put them together 
- how do I make it more realistic?
- how do I make it not look rushed? Filling the scenes with interesting stuff is a pretty hard thing for me
- creativity. where the heckiti did you go

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Honestly What the Fuck

In TATBILB, Lara Jean and her family are Korean-American. KOREAN. AMERICAN. But in the movie, they aren’t. None of the actresses for the family are even partially Korean. I’m less upset about interchanging Asians for the movie (which is another discussion in itself) and more upset about the people (of color!!?) who are defending this. They’re saying that “at least it’s a minority” and “it’s a step in the right direction.” I’m sorry, what about pushing the “all Asians are interchangeable” trope screams “right direction” to you???

The books and Lara Jean’s characterization rely a lot on her being half-Korean and to defend the erasure of that is just flat out wrong. Do you know how much the average American knows about Korean culture? Gangnam Style and maybe BTS if they watched the Billboard Awards this year, but that’s it. This film was a good chance to show young viewers a bit about Korean culture that can’t be learned through kpop or watching Korean-made TV shows. THAT would have been a “step in the right direction.”

Some people are also saying that the nationality of the actresses doesn’t matter because we say nothing when a white or black actor isn’t from the right country. But what these people fail to realize is that if an English actor plays a French character, there are still loads of Western movies that show French culture. With a Vietnamese actor playing a Korean character, where is the other side of that? Where are the Western movies that show Korean culture??? 

I’m not Asian or Asian American so I obviously can’t speak for them in regards to the casting of TATBILB, however, I can speak as a PoC, I can still tell right from wrong and this entire casting of the Song family is WRONG. 

This film is being produced by Awesomeness so I’m assuming it’ll end up streaming on Netflix or Youtube rather than being put in theaters or be put straight to DVD. I’m not going to say boycott the movie because I don’t support film boycotting and this is still a romance movie led by a woman of color. But don’t keep quiet about this because we can’t let the “interchangeable Asian” crap continue.

So because I have been constantly pushed by @mega-aulover to post a sneak peek, even going so far as to tag me in a post I will now be posting a tiny, Tiny snippet of my ms2sl story that I’ve finally finished. Just gotta edit. The banner was made by the always incredible @akai-echo . Who has left me speechless with her amazing work. I cannot believe the things she can come up with. It came out better than I even thought. “Oh please teach me your ways sensei!” 

Peeta gulped, “I do, I love you and it didn’t take very long. I don’t how or even when maybe I’ve loved you since I met you. All I know is that I do. It’s not hard to love you and if you think I don’t know you enough, you’re wrong. You’re smart, resourceful, extremely loyal, the kindest woman I’ve ever known and one of the fiercest one too. You are everything to me and I know I’m not alone in this. Please tell me I’m not alone in this.”

 “You can’t be in love with me, it’s insane,” Katniss said looking to the ground as though attempting to decide her fate. 

Transition Uncertainty

Coming out and transitioning can be hard. It can be hard knowing what you want and how you feel when there are so many other things in your life pulling you in every direction. I want to tell you today that it’s okay to not be a hundred percent sure of every step of your transition. That’s normal. Most of us have felt that at one time or another (whether that be about transitioning or other aspects of our life). So why do we expect it to be any different when it comes to our gender and decisions we make on it?

Please remember to stay strong, listen to yourself, and always do what’s best for you!

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Can you do a prompt where Bellamy comes back to earth and Clark and him don't know how to act around each other anymore. Idk it could be like they had too much to say before he left or something like that. Thank you!! (You don't have to do it if you don't want to)

Nonny, let me just tell you this was a lot harder than i expected which is why this say in my drafts this entire time. I love canonverse but DAMN writing their reunion is hard because it seems like no matter what idea I come up with, i can’t do it justice.

Anyways, here is my final project. I hope it lives up to your expectations. Thanks so much for the prompt! It challenged me and excited me. Enjoy!


how a resurrection really feels’


It’s not the kind of reunion that could have been part of an epic story. It’s not the kind of reunion to bring tears to your eyes when you hear of it or make your heart beat in anticipation. It’s one with  urgent whispers and aggressive shoving. No explanation, no hello. No time to even fully comprehend that Clarke Griffin is not dead. It’s hardly even a reunion at all.

“We have to go!” are the first words she says to them, no less than five minutes after the door to the drop ship opens. They hadn’t even fully taken off their space suits or really sucked in a breath of fresh air before she is before them, all blonde hair and fire. Six years later and everything is still the same but so very different.

“How?” Raven manages to choke out one word of the thousands they all wish to say One question out of so many that must go unasked because there is something, something truly terrifying, that makes everything else take a backseat.

Clarke slows down for one second, one brief pause, to place a hand on her old friend’s shoulder, “I’ll explain everything, just trust me.”

Trust me. They really don’t know her anymore, do they? The person they knew died six years ago. Bellamy grieved for her. He missed her. He moved on just like she would have wanted and now she stands in front of him, different yet still unmistakably Clarke. It’s because of that they follow her without further questions. Echo takes his hand to give him a reassuring squeeze, like she knows his entire being is on the cusp of insanity in this moment. She’s not wrong. He gives her what he hopes is a smile (though probably more of a grimace) in thanks. Being in space for so long with her, well, they’ve come to understand one another. She can read him like a book. All of them can.

She makes no indication of stopping or turning to give an explanation. She drags them through the trees, so much greener and fuller than he could have imagined. He can’t be sure how long they were running, long enough for him to be exhausted by the time they reach a small cave behind a trickling waterfall. It’s seems eerily familiar, like many parts of Earth.  He’s much too tired to admire the view. Being in space, well, there isn’t a lot of room to stay in shape. He did what he could, but running isn’t exactly viable on a small space station.

The rest of his people seem to be on the same page, falling onto flat stones and the cave floor to catch their breath. Clarke stands in the doorway, glancing behind her like she’s expecting someone to pop out at any moment. No one speaks at first, they just look at each other wide eyed and try to catch their bearings.

“You want to tell me why the hell we’re running five minutes into being back?” Murphy is the first one to speak, his voice holding the typical sarcastic lilt come to be expected from him. Though, Bellamy can admit, this time it’s fairly warranted.

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My caregiver has CP and lately he's been very harsh to himself. Is there anything I can do to help him feel better? Sometimes I feel completely useless

Reminding him how much you care and just being there for him is sometimes all you can do in these situations.
I know on days I feel low I have to remind myself that it’s okay. This is the body I’ve been given, and it’s not my fault.
Some days with CP are really hard, but other days are not as bad.

I have to remember that having my disability act up, and being unable to do certain tasks, does not dictate my value.
I can’t expect myself to live up to “able-bodied standards” when those standards are next to impossible for me.
Some things I just need a little help with, and I don’t always have to do things on my own.

I think if you show your caregiver through your actions that he can depend on you too, it would help. He may be typically the one who takes care of you, but you obviously want to be there for him too!
I think this message shows how much you love him, so don’t be afraid to show this to him.

Sometimes with a physical disability it’s hard not to fall into self loathing sometimes, because there is always the “what if?” questions. Yet we can’t stay in that state forever and we have to get back up. I believe in your caregiver to do that. Best of luck my dear anon, and I hope everything gets better for you both. 💕

i have a really hard time understanding people that truly do not like or flat out hate Suzaku like. how do you hate the one character that’s trying to be the good guy? and also like. people seem to hate Suzaku on a surface level? like i see so much “ugh he’s so annoying and naive and doesn’t know how the world works.” okay, fair enough. but if you watch and pay attention to the show, you see how important Suzaku’s ideals are to the overall story, being that he is the antithesis to Lelouch. and Suzaku’s good hearted ideals are also talked about just about every other episode. someone is constantly bringing up the fact that Suzaku doesn’t want people to die, but joined the military, or is Japanese, but is a knight of Britannia. and no one understands why he thinks this way! all of the characters say the same things–he’s an annoying fool who doesn’t know how the world works. the only people that understand what Suzaku is doing and why he’s doing it are Lelouch and Euphie, the only two people that know him well enough to understand. and this is all so important to the overall story of Lelouch and Suzaku, which might be why it’s brought up so often. it’s so important to Suzaku’s development and the overall story and to how he and Lelouch end up where they do at the end of the series.

but you know even if the series were being released right now and we were in the heart of season 1 without knowing how Suzaku would develop or what would happen or how important it would all be, i’d still have a hard time with the people that hate him because like how do you hate a 16 year old boy for wanting to have some peace in the world through peaceful means like even if it is unrealistic how do you hate the only character that’s trying so hard to do good so much

I honestly never thought it would get this bad. Do you know how hard it is to look at your life and know that the root of all your problems is yourself? That your life isn’t even half as bad as it feels but you just can’t get past anything. Everything feels so fucking heavy. People are walking around going on about their lives, building towards the future and all you can do is lay in bed not being able to get up. Your body hurts, your heart hurts, your whole soul hurts and you don’t know why it has to hurt so bad. I’ve been living with depression for as long as I can remember but I never thought it would get this heavy. Crippling. Every day I get so much closer to ending things. I hate myself. I just want it to stop, one way or another, but I’m too weak for any of the alternatives.

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im applying for uni in 2 years and its this very famous medical school and this year only like 120 out of 3800 of those who applied were accepted and this year i earned some b's and i dropped from having 22,5 to 22,2 average points, now im panicking every time i think about it i really want to get in this is my biggest dream and something ive been working for really hard for and now a few bs are going to ruin it ive been procrastinating and been in a sad mood ever since the grades came help

oh my goodness i am so sorry, i know how awful this might feel! but i think the best thing that you could do is to continue striving and doing your best!! please dont let your current grades stress you out way too much and focus on helping yourself improve instead! i really believe that you will be able to do it! good luck and im rooting for youuu! xx

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I just wanted to say that you are helping so many people and I aspire to help people the way you do but it's also hard to help someone when you don't know how to help yourself

I hope I can help the people. At least I try. But I have to admit that I’m having a hard time doing so recently. But it’s only because I’ve been dealing with some sh*t aswell.
I’m sorry if I ever let some of you done..

Lots of love to you 💞

Just your daily reminder, that the boys are doing what they love. They might be doing something on their break, like photo shoots or whatever. But I am willing to bet it’s because they want to. You know how hard it is to take an entire month off when you are used to working/practicing every single day? Yes, we want them to rest, but who are we to say that they haven’t rested? Their whereabouts and what they are doing isn’t any of our business. They let us in on wayyyy more than a lot of groups. They have a comeback in September. They will be with working on that. That is just what BTS does, they work their asses off for us and themselves.

And as much as some of y'all talk shit about big hit, they are a damn good company compared to others.

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How do you know this is BS? Are you still corresponding with him? Also, if Lauren ain't his ex, who is she and why did he tattoo her name on his chest with a key tattoo?

Yes, I’m still in contact with him and I just know. He moved on a looooong time ago and you should all do the same!! Even if it’s not hard to figure out, I know he wouldn’t want me to tell about that person on a public forum, so if you want to know about (t)his tattoo, ask him in private. I’m sure he won’t mind telling it to a pen pal in a letter.

I don’t understand why you are all so interested in who he used to date. I thought the point of writing to him was to support him, to take his mind off his condition, to divert him… but all you are interested in/bringing is drama. Don’t you think he has real problems? Do you all realise this is a young man on death row? 


“Your hands are empty,” you note in a level tone, palms flat against the arms of your throne.

a piece for @callmearcturus‘s jam fic, chamomile, rose water, and other unlikely intoxicants, i tried to do a weird gif thing

companion jake piece probably coming up later, provided this art block doesn’t continue to ruin my life


He gotta give him that air you know