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i think it's fine to find larry similarities in the video but steve asked 'what do you guys think of the video' and every reply is 'LARRRY' like why not appreciate the hard work louis and steve and their teams put into the video instead of just replying with larry?

that always pisses me off to no end and i don’t know how many times it needs to be said but *picks up megaphone*


there is time and a place and spamming everything you see on twitter or youtube or instagram with ‘larry’ IS OBNOXIOUS FUCKING STOP IT

Making YouTube your fulltime job

Okay, yes I totally just googled that picture, but that’s not the point lol.

So, everyone should know by now you can basically get a job as a full time YouTube which is great and all but the question is….how? How do the famous YouTubers do it sooo fast? Do they bribe people to advertise their channel or something? These and so many more questions go through my head as I’m struggling to top off my own channel. At first, it was the partnership thing with YouTube but once you get on there’s no guarantee that you’ll become famous just like them. Now let me back up. I’m not saying I want a bigger following for the money or the fame or the partnership. Matter of fact, I’m already partnered for my 2,580 subbies and I’m quite happy that I even came that far. The point is, I want to grow to have that interaction. You know, have people give there different opinions about your videos and give you the criticism that you need to get better at what you do. Right now, I have about a few people that actually keep track of what I do and I’m wondering…HOW DO THEY DO IT? And also, how were they balancing out their regular jobs with YouTube? Because I find it so hard especially owning a dog and having noisy neighbors to record and edit a decent video. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe…just maybe they’re consistent but they’re also probably either buying advertisements, collabing/got connections, or buying views and/or subscribers till it looks pleasing to the eye. What do you think? Repost this if you think the same.  

Calling all antis, and anti-MAP’s, anti Pro-contacts, Shi* all of tumblr

You don’t like me and thats fine, i don’t like a lot of you either. But some do share something with me and I with them. A lets protect kids from harm mentality. Their is this Youtuber called Omnipolitics16. He is a pro-contact, pro-child & adult sex Pedophile who believes that if children are taught enough about sex then they can consent. Myself and a few of my anti-contact/non-offending MAP peers have written long responses about the effects and harm of CSA and how he is just completely wrong. Yet he rebuttals with answers filled with the benefits of adult on child sex. Along with how CSA victims are brainwashed and that in “most cases sexual interactions with children bring them pleasure”. 

Im calling to you guys to blacklist him hard and if you can do your thing. Get them scratched off of youtube. His influence is dangerous. What if a child stumbles upon his videos and thinks its okay to have “consensual” sex with an adult. We all know its rape. I know you don’t like us MAPs (to the antis) but some of us really despise Pro-contacts and that guy is dangerous to children. I don’t want a young MAP finding him and thinking this same mentality. I fear for the safety of children. I fear for the future teen MAPs. Please help and get that guy and his horrible influence out of youtube. I know its just one speck of dust cleaned off of the shelf. But its one speck down. Don’t do it for me, or even for the future MAPs. Do it for the sake of children. Please 

I told him i was happy Offenders were put in jail and that law and society looked down hard upon them and he said that 

He said that about kids being able to feel sexual pleasure even though we are clearly talking about rape here. 

he said a “A child can indeed consent to sex” and i couldn’t stop crying for hours. 

the he talked about how kids play Doctor??? because kids being them is related to raping them?? 

Guys please 

Thats his channel. I don’t want him near children, sadly i don’t know how to prevent that as to him being so stubborn about his pro-contact views. And yes he shows his face. Get him off of youtube please! Please! Do your thing! Spam him! Report him! Spread the word! please! He is spreading information that can result in more possible outcomes and i cant have a child be hurt by him or by his beliefs or by others influenced by him. 

Drag him


                               HOW TO BLEND EYESHADOW LIKE A PRO!

Keep seeing girls with flawless eye makeup and envying them? It’s really not as hard as it looks! All you need is the right type of products and the right technique. 

I’ve seen many, many blending 101 videos, but I find this tutorial by cflowermakeup to be particularly good! Very descriptive, and explains why you do certain things during application. Educational AF.

I also like that the products she’s using here aren’t $100,000,000! Realistic for the masses! I don’t know about you - but I have bills to pay! 

Give it a go today, and let me know how you got on!

Have an eye makeup video/post you’d like featured on here? Drop me a message!

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You Just Left Me To Die! (Pt. 1)

Paring: Jason Todd x reader

GIF Credit: ?? Be sure to tell me if it’s your’s

Warnings: Graphic description of death, swearing. (The rest will be much more intense and graphic than this one) 

Rating: Mature

“He’s…he’s dead,” Bruce said. You couldn’t believe it. You feel your legs shake and you sit down at the kitchen table, your hands covering your face. You all were there, Dick sitting on the counter, his hands tight around a glass of whiskey. Tim was leaning next to the refrigerator, his eyes cast down. Alfred was slowly patching up a gunshot wound on Bruce’s shoulder. You had been confined to house arrest since Jason’s disappearance, since your fighting had become reckless and brutal. Tears were rolling down your face, hot and fast, your shoulders shaking. He couldn’t be dead, not your Jason. The love of your life was…no he wasn’t gone. A hand grips your shoulder, “I’m sorry y/n.”  Bruce didn’t know, how could he know how much Jason meant to you. 

“Where was he?” It wasn’t Bruce that answered, it was Tim.

“An abandoned wing of Arkham.” You looked up at the replacement, anger boiling up inside you. Not anger at him or Bruce, anger at yourself for not doing more. You could have found him, you know you could have. But no. You thought that they could find him, or Dick, or Barbra, but they never did. That’s when you should have gone to look for him. It had been over a year, you could have gone and found him. It was your fault, all your fault. 

“Where is his body?” you ask. Bruce looks at Tim and Dick, both of whom have hard expression on their faces. 

“There is none,” Dick replies. 

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How I study for IB Psychology

Hey guys! So this video is a bit different than my usual ones because I’m actually going through how I study for IB Psychology with a voice over explaining everything in detail. So hopefully this helps you out a bit, because I know how hard the course is and I wished someone had told me this kind of stuff when I first started out. (side note: my mother tongue was never english and even though I speak it fluently, I do find myself slipping up a few times so please don’t judge me for mispronouncing things etc.) 

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You have a channel :o how did I not know this :oo ~Red

I do!! She’s not anything too special bc with my schedule for school it’s hard to put out content a lot! But if ya would like to check it out it’s “bailey honey” :-)) if you look through my YouTube tag you’ll find a video/link!

I’m 19, and 19 seems to be a very pivotal age, especially for Alexander Hamilton. So I’m curious, if you could go back in time and tell your 19-year-old self something, what would that be?

This may be the best question I’ve ever gotten… I started writing In the Heights when I was 19 years old. And a couple of things were happening at the same time. One, I really should have broken up with my high school girlfriend, and I hadn’t. She went to study abroad, and the long-distance thing was really hard, and I had all this time and angst and I didn’t know what to do with it. So I started writing In the Heights to fill the time–

Lin-Manuel Miranda answers a young fan’s question at the New York Film Festival premiere of Hamilton’s America
10/1/16 (x)

The fan’s full story of that night, including how he met Lin at the afterparty, is here, where you can also find a low quality video of the answer that includes Lin’s funny asides to college friend and Hamilton’s America director Alex Horwitz

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How do you get more confident in speaking? I know Spanish pretty well when it comes to writing, but I seem to forget a lot when I'm speaking it.


It is very common to read and write better than speaking and listening, and that is because of the way we study. I’ve read that when we are learning, our brain starts to make patterns to solve problems, the more we solve the same problem, the faster and easier we do it. 

So, I’m guessing you’ve been learning Spanish by reading and doing writing exercises. So the same thing you have to do for speaking and listening. 


Now, most of us get so scared to speak with a native speaker at the beginning, so here’s a good exercise you can do before jumping to real conversations: shadowing

How to do shadowing:

  1. Find a podcast, audio or video where you can also see the transcript.
  2. Read the transcript and make sure you understand everything. 
  3. Listen to the audio once, reading the transcript. 
  4. Now listen to the audio and read the transcript out loud. As soon as you hear a word, repeat it. This might be complicated at the beginning, so don’t worry if you miss some words, or a whole phrase!
  5. Keep doing this, listen and read out loud. 
  6. After few exercises, now you can repeat what you hear, without looking at the transcript!
  7. Keep practicing! (:

I have to warn you: this might be a very hard exercise at the beginning. But the more you practice, the easier will be, since your brain will reinforce the same sounds, the same words together, the same accent, over and over again. 

It’s a little hard to find audios with transcript for free, but here are some:

If you have your own text and you would like to know how it sounds, here you can ask users to read it for you and record themselves. You can ask them to read it slowly or normal speed. 


Another way you can practice listening and speaking, and is more fun, it’s definitely: singing. I highly recommend Luis Miguel songs, his songs are slow, the lyrics are beautiful and he pronounces words very clearly. 


Listening comprehension is very important. Sometimes we can speak, but we have a hard time trying to know what the other person is saying. Here are some webpages where you can do some exercises. 

For more listening materials: here
You can also check, I remember I signed up some months ago and didn’t continue, but now it’s getting better and has interesting exercises. 


Real conversation! 

I understand many of us get very scared to talk to a native speaker, we start doubting about our pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening skills, slangs, etc, etc. But the only way you can overcome this fear is doing it. 

My previous suggestions were for you to practice on your own. So you don’t have the fear of someone else listening to you, and you can exercise your listening and speaking skills at your own pace. 

But having real conversations will definitely help you build your own vocabulary, speak more naturally, and you can have feedback in real time. You will also realize that all your fears are not that bad as you thought. 

My favorite webpage to practice real conversations is:

You can schedule classes with community tutors or professional teachers that will help you improve your speaking skills. You can also find language partners that are interested in your language and making language exchange. 

I also like Italki, because unlike other pal web pages where people want mostly to flirt, Italki has more serious learners that really want to improve in their target language. And don’t worry about embarrassment, people understand you might mispronounce some words, or forget how to say the easiest phrases, that’s ok, and that’s normal. Usually people are very kind, friendly and willing to help. (:

I hope this helps. If anyone has more suggestions feel free to comment. Have a nice day! (:

Spencer Reid X Reader: Too Late

Summary: The reader is kidnapped by an unsub, the team can’t find her for a long time, but when they do, the damage has already been done.

Warnings: violence, gore, death, kidnapping, beatings, language, mentions of rape

Word Count:1475

Tag List: @prob8850​, @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester​, @lucifer-in-leather

Please tell me if you would like to be added or subtracted from my tag list!

Request: Hey :) can you do something dramatically that turns out good with Spencer x reader like she was kidnapped and after a long time she finally was found by them and something that doesn’t end happy like she dies and he totally breaks under that?

Requested by Anonymous

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(Y/n) walked into her garage, and got into her car. She started the engine, when she looked up, she saw a masked figure in her mirror. Before she could scream, a cloth was put over her nose and mouth. Within a few seconds, her eyes closed, and her body went limp.

At the office, it seemed like any other day. That was until, the team got a case. Hotch called everyone into the conference room. Garcia started the briefing. All the victims had (s/t) skin, (e/c) eyes, (h/l) (h/c) hair. and had all been around (age). Each victim had been kidnapped in their homes, either in the late night, or the very early morning. As Garcia was finishing up, Spencer sat up in his seat.

“Where’s (Y/n)?”

The whole team looked at Spencer, then around the room.

“Maybe she’s running late?”

“(Y/n) has never been late before. She either arrives early, or right on time”

“I’ll all her”

Spencer pulled out his phone, he punched in her number. It rang, before going to voicemail. He put down his phone, looking at it in confusion. (Y/n) always answered her phone. Spencer looked at Garcia,

“Can we track her phone?”

“Yeah, I’ll get on it”

Garcia hurried off to her ‘lair’, with Spencer in pursuit. Garcia pulled up a map, and started the trace program. She pulled up the coordinates.

“She’s at her house”

“There’s no way she is at her house, and she didn’t answer her phone”

“Maybe try again? We shouldn’t panic, she can take care of herself”

Spencer nodded, and called once again. He got the same result.

“Maybe she forgot her phone?”

“No, (Y/n) is attached to the thing, she takes it everywhere”

“Should we go check on her? I mean she’s late for work, she isn’t answering her phone, and is nobody going to say anything about all the victims looking just like her?”

“I mean it wouldn’t hurt, and if we’re wrong, and she is fine, then we’ll just go on and find this unsub”

“I’ll go, and I’ll update you guys when I get there”

Spencer quickly left the building, and headed for his car. Once inside, he sped out of the parking lot, and towards (Y/n)’s house. He knew something was wrong before he even put the car into park. (Y/n)’s garage door was wide open, and her car was running. When he got out of his car, and walked up the driveway, he noticed that the driver door of the car is wide open. Spencer pulled out his phone and called (Y/n)’s phone. He stayed quiet, and before long, he heard a ringing sound. He looked in the car, and saw (Y/n)’s phone on the floor in the passenger seat. He walked to the door, and knocked. He waited for a moment, with no reply. He turned the knob, and walked into the house.

“(Y/n)? You in here?”

He still heard no reply. He searched through the house, to find that there was no one there. He pulled out his phone, and called Hotch.

“Hey Hotch, (Y/n) isn’t here. Her car is still at the house, as well as her phone. When I pulled up her garage door was open, her car was running, and the driver door was open. I went  inside the house, and there’s nobody there, and there was nothing missing inside.”

“Reid, let’s not jump to any conclusions, but she may have been taken by the unsub. She does fit the profile, and-”

“Please don’t say that”

“Reid, I’m not saying that is what happened here, but it is a possibility, so until we can rule it out, we will consider it a possibility”

“Okay, I’ll head back to the office, and we can start working on the case”

The two hung up, and Spencer made his way to his car. He started the engine, and drove back to the office. When he made it back to his desk, he noticed that there were no people around. He looked around the room, before noticing that the team was in the conference room. He made his way up to the room, and opened the door. Everyone looked toward Spencer with sorrow in their eyes,

“What’s happened?”

“It’s (Y/n)-”

“What happened?”

“She… She’s been abducted by the unsub”

“What? No… No”

“The unsub sent us a video… We decided to wait until you got here before playing it”

Spencer just stood in shock, his best friend, whom also happens to be his girlfriend had been abducted by a very deadly unsub, who is now taunting them by sending a video. Spencer’s attention was directed toward the screen, where he saw (Y/n) tied to a chair. She was looking around the room, and visibly flinched when she saw something off screen. Spencer’s knuckles were white with how tight he was clenching them. There was a loud snap heard, before (Y/n)’s head whipped to the side. A loud laugh was heard, then the camera was moved and aimed at (Y/n)’s face, where a large gash was now on her cheek. (Y/n)’s eyes were filled with anger, and fear. She spit toward the person holding the camera, causing them to move back, and throw a punch to her cheek. A dark chuckle was heard, before a knife came into view, a low voice was heard,

“This little one has spirit, let’s see how long it will take for me to make her scream”

With that, the knife was lowered to (Y/n)’s thigh, and slowly cut down toward her knee. A small whimper was heard, and her eyes were closed in pain. Another cut was made on her other thigh. The low voice was heard again,

“I suggest you come and find her, she may be a fighter, but I’ll break her. Sweetheart, why don’t you call for help from your boyfriend back at the B.A.U?”

(Y/n) kept her mouth shut, and received more cuts, this time to her forearms. She hissed in pain. Her eyes widened, when she felt the knife on her neck. Her breath hitched, and shuddered.

“Call for help”

“S-Spencer please help me”

“Good girl, now let’s give him a little show”

The knife slid down toward the top of (Y/n)’s shirt, and in one fluid motion, was cut from top to bottom.

“You have a beautiful body girly”

Spencer had seen enough,

“Turn it off”

“Spence, we understand how hard this is for you, but this video could help us find her”

“Please turn it off, I can’t watch him do this to her.”

The team looked at Spencer, then turned to Hotch, he nodded, and the video was stopped. Spencer let out a breath that he didn’t even know he was holding.

~Time skip~

It had been one week since (Y/n) had been taken. The unsub had sent a new video every day, and every day (Y/n) had new injuries, and it pained the team to think about how she was feeling. JJ, and Spencer were looking through some files, when Garcia came running into the conference room.

“I found her”

In those three words, Spencer’s heart soared. The team burst into action, grabbing their gear, and hurrying out to the cars. They speed off to the destination that Garcia had sent to their phones. They got out, and made their way into an abandoned warehouse. (Y/n) sat in the middle of the room, unconscious. The unsub was nowhere to be seen. Hotch called an ambulance, while Spencer tried to wake (Y/n). His efforts were unsuccessful. When the ambulance arrived, (Y/n) was put on, and taken to the nearest hospital. The team followed behind, and sat in the waiting room, while the doctors worked on (Y/n). Hours later, a doctor walked out into the waiting room.

“(Y/n) (L/n)?”

The team stood, and walked over to the doctor,

“I’m very sorry, but she didn’t make it.”

Spencer’s heart shattered, a loud sob made it’s way out of his throat, as he dropped to his knees. Hotch took the doctor to the side, while the rest of the team tried to comfort Spencer. But their comforting words fell on deaf ears. Spencer was trapped within himself, a fight, one side telling him that it wasn’t true, and that (Y/n) was still alive, and the other side saying that it was his fault that she was dead. That he hadn’t gotten there fast enough, that he didn’t try hard enough to find her. As the battle went on, Spencer came to the conclusion that (Y/n) was dead, and it was all his fault.

Let’s talk about growth.

I think it’s important that we take a second to talk about growth.

So, look at this terrible picture:

See the guy on the right? That’s me at 16. Let me tell you a little about me at 16. He’s a decent person, but he’s very misguided.

He’s 497 pounds, and has extreme social anxiety. He throws around the R-word and the F-slur as adjectives and descriptors when he’s making fun of people. He regularly wishes violence on people. He literally dedicates hours out of his week to making an online show where all he does is mock people and make fun of different topics.

He puts no effort into his looks because he thinks everyone is going to judge him anyway, so there’s no point. He has no self esteem at all. He’s straightedge and claims that anyone who drinks or smokes is an idiot with a need to dull their sense.

He gets mad because girls don’t seem to like him, but he thinks feminists are “just angry lesbians” and that he’s a nice guy who gets “friend zoned.” He thinks he can’t get a date because women can be “shallow bitches” but if a chubby girl claims to have a crush on him, he’ll reject her.

This is me today, at 22. 

He’s less than half the weight he was six years prior. He never makes jokes about sexual assault and instead treats the subject with the utmost seriousness. He’s learning more about his own sexuality. He identifies as a pacifist, and has recently started doing YouTube videos again, this time dedicated to teaching people to love and care for themselves, and wants to spend his life speaking to and helping others.

He’s learned more about his own style, wearing bright and crazy patterns, getting tattoos and piercings, dyeing his hair, all because he wants to express his personality and love how he looks. He’s found his confidence within himself. He enjoys going out drinking but more importantly, he learned to not judge others based on their recreational behaviors.

He identifies as an intersectional feminist, has learned and apologized for the manipulative behaviors found in the “friend zone mentality,” and practices the ideas that all bodies are beautiful and no one should be shamed for how they look.


That’s a lot of change to happen in five years. Do you know how that happened? I grew as a person.

There’s a problem with the mentality of some people on here who, the second they see something they don’t agree with, turn on and attack people. I know we want to write people off as problematic the second we see that they’ve done something shitty in the past, but we have to offer the benefit of the doubt.

For that entire period of personal growth and change, I was creating content regularly on social media channels. I’ve deleted a lot of things but it wouldn’t be hard to go back and find a video from 2010 where I call a girl a slut or a tweet from 4 years ago where I say something jokingly homophobic. And if you showed that and yelled to burn me at the stake, some people might try and join in.

But you have to understand that people do grow and change with time. Not all of them, but more than you give credit for. I’m not saying we should allow people to go on being bigoted offensive jerks, but if you see one piece of content that would make you dislike someone, maybe give it more than a single glance before you light your pitchforks and torches.

[TRANS] Falling into Oh My Girl Time - TenAsia ‘10+Star’ October Issue Interview

src: (x), OMG DCInside Gallery

Time goes by really fast. It’s already been a month since the ’Listen To My Word (Aing)’ promotions.

Mimi: It was an honour that we could sing Papaya sunbae’s song again. There are still a lot of people that remember their ‘Listen To My Word’, I was worried about who we would become under that reputation. I think we were able to do it in our own way with Oh My Girl’s own colour, and receive love for it.

Arin gives the fans a heart attack every time with ‘aing’ during ‘Listen To My Word (Aing)’.

Arin: I practiced (laughs). I’m embarrassed to show aegyo. Whenever we perform, to do it different ways I always ask Binnie how I should do it.

Binnie: Arin said it’s hard to do cute faces, so I picked ones that I liked; for that time among lots that she didn’t do, we showed you a few that were worthy.

Jiho: Binnie recommends aegyo to the members that will suit each person, she knows us that well.

Hyojung: Binnie collects bad pictures of the members. She finds and watches our pictures and videos, and tells us what expressions are good, what angles pictures look prettier at.

Binnie: The members’ characteristics are different for each person.The members don’t know what expressions we make while on stage, so I find and watch fancams. That way, I can discover members’ expressions that I had never known before, and that’s really fun.

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I was tagged by @kfuckingreactions to list 5 things that make me happy and to tag 10 people. Let’s do this. 

  1. Music is my favorite thing. Just think, it applies to every single situation. a) you’re pissed off at someone? music. b) trying to ignore that annoying ass bitch in class? music (ft headphones) c) have a crush on someone? music. d) pretending to be in a music video or in a sad scene of a movie? music. 
  2. My friends. Aiight, I know this is going to sound cheesy as shit but I am pretty much a mess without my friends. I find it hard to show my appreciation for people at the best of times, so I hope they know how much they mean to me.
  3. This blog. Okay, okay, I’m still being cheesy but idgaf. This blog has helped me a lot over the past year since I’ve started running it. Writing has helped me to let out a lot of frustrations and come to peace with certain feelings and circumstances so this blog does mean a hell of a lot to me. I have given this blog my heart and soul. (insert shitty exo pun here)
  4. The Internet. Let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for the internet, you wouldn’t be reading this post, and I wouldn’t have been able to written it in the first place. So I am very happy to have the internet. This time last year I hadn’t even heard of K-pop and well, here I am now. 
  5. Jung Hoseok. Yeah, yeah I know, still being cheesy. But my ultimate bias really does make me happy. He is the kind of person that can get me to smile without even knowing it. I hope he realises how much he is well loved by his fans, and I hope he is as happy as he makes me. 
  6. changki

Okay now all that cutesy stuff is over I need to tag some people. @laviette @stitch-xiu-up @iminterstellar @singing-my-last-go0dbye@monstaexeu @the-ice-cream-lord123. (That isn’t 10, but oh well I’m just going to wing it.) I also tag each and everyone of my followers as well. I want to know what makes you all happy! 

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Hello! I've seen and heard about Wicca and witchcraft, but I don't know much about it but it fascinates me. Can you tell me about witchcraft? Not everything, what you can and think is necessary to know (or even begin). Thanks!

i get this question a lot and it’s always hard to answer because it’s so vague.. witchcraft is the manifestation and manipulation of energy in yourself and in the universe in order to get a desired result. advice i usually give to beginners is to find an area that interests you and start there. either that or just start casting simple spells. either way, learn a bit first and then start when you feel ready. annie tarasova and the white witch parlour do a pretty good job at explaining how stuff works so you can watch their videos if you’re interested in that!! hope this helps!


Happy Birthday, Christine Baranski! (May 2nd, 1952)

“If I never do another movie, I will have had the privilege of working on one of the big Hollywood movies with top people, creating a world that can only be described as totally cinematic.”