do you know how hard it is to find a stupid house with a stupid red door

Request: Storm

Request: Can you write one where the reader breaks down to Bobby because she is pregnant with Dean’s baby. Thank you :)

Word Count: 1,069


The rain has been coming down in buckets all night, and the wind whips at the sides of the house in such a way that every now and again, the foundations shake so severely that Bobby nearly ends up waiting out the storm in the panic room.

When he sees the flash of light outside the window followed by a rumble, he isn’t paying enough attention to think of it as anything but another facet of the storm. What he does pay attention to, however, is the frantic, loud knocking that reverberates well beyond the door.

The knocking doesn’t stop until he answers, pulling the door open to be bet with a harsh gust of wind.

“Y/N?” You’re soaked and dishevelled, and he isn’t sure which has smeared your makeup more – the rain, or the tears you’re trying and failing to hold back.

“Can- can I come in?” It’s a stupid question, but it’s the only thing your fuzzy, addled brain can come up with. Bobby doesn’t speak, but he nods, ushering you into the warmth of the house where you grew up and forcing the door closed against the wind.

“What the hell are you doing out in this?” Driving in this weather would be dangerous enough without you being in a complete state. You don’t reply, though, shivering in the hallway and wiping at your face in frustration. It scares him – you’re the closest thing he has to family: he’d raised you since you were six months old and your parents had been killed, leaving no-one to keep an eye on their demon-blood infected child. He’d taken you in, and found that he’d quickly become all too fond of you.

“Y/N, seriously. Where are Sam and Dean?” It must be something to do with them, because it elicits a sob from you, “I don’t want to play twenty questions with you.” He steps forward, resting his hands on your shoulders and pressing an affectionate kiss to your forehead, “Give yourself some time, alright? Go get a shower, get changed. Everything’s fine. Nothing is going to hurt you while you’re here. I’ll make you a hot chocolate while you’re gone, just how you like it. How does that sound?”

To his eternal relief, that manages to get a nod and a weak smile from you, and he pulls you in for a gentle hug before letting you go. He doesn’t look away from you until you’re safely up the stairs, and then sighs to himself – he’s never seen you like this. But you need him, and he’ll be damned if you’re not going to have him to go to.


It’s nearly half an hour before he hears you coming down the stairs, but there’s nothing wrong with that – especially when he sees how much better you’re looking. Sure, your eyes are still red-rimmed and you’re still shaking with the effort it takes not to cry, but at least your clothes are warm and dry and your lips are no longer bluish with the cold.

You shuffle into the room and take a seat, swallowing hard before looking up at Bobby. He sets the hot chocolate – piled high with cream, chocolate shavings, and marshmallows – in front of you, and then takes the seat next to yours. The storm outside still batters the windows, but the kitchen is warm, and with the pair of you bathed in warm light, it’s almost cosy.

“Talk to me.” Bobby prompts softly, reaching over and resting his hand over the top of yours. He sees the way you flinch at the gesture, and for a moment he thinks the worst, “Is it Dean? Has he hurt you?” He hadn’t been overly happy when you’d begun dating the eldest Winchester two and a half years ago, but you’d been happy, and Dean had given him a heartfelt promise that his intentions were pure – but Bobby had promised in return that the moment Dean so much as breathed the wrong way at you, he’d find himself without the means to do so again.

“Y/N, sweetheart, I need you to talk to me if you want to fix this.”

“I can’t fix it.” You speak properly for the first time since you stepped into the house, “It’s broken. Very broken.”

“Still with the ambiguous, sweetheart.”

It takes you a few moments to muster up the courage to come out with it, but eventually, you do.

“I’m pregnant.”

Silence, apart from the sounds of the storm outside, fills the room. For a long moment, he can’t find it in himself to speak – and then…

“Do not drink that.” He wraps his spare hand around the mug and slides it away from you, reminded suddenly of the copious amount of whiskey he just dropped into that, “Is it… it’s Dean’s?”

You scoff, “That’s the problem, isn’t it? Of course it is.” Sorrow and bitterness taint your tone in equal measure, and Bobby winces.

“Have you told him?” He tries, and you nod again.

“Yeah. That’s what the second problem is.” You sigh, pulling your hand away from his in order to run your hands over your face, skilfully masking a sob – but not enough. Bobby knows you inside and out, and picks up on it instantly.

“He reacted badly?”

“If saying I’d ruined everything and needed to get the hell out of his sight is reacting badly, then I’d say so, yeah.” You spit, but your voice breaks and before you know it, your head is on his shoulder and you’re sobbing openly into him, everything coming out. He holds onto you tightly, a silent promise that he’ll never let you go; that you always have him.


It’s nearly three hours later, by the time he’s managed to calm you down and get you asleep. You’re still asleep on the sofa when his phone rings. He answers, begrudgingly, when he realises who it is.


“Bobby? Have you heard from Y/N? She’s gone and we’ve been trying to track her all night, but we haven’t found anything.” He rattles off, his voice frantic and shaking.

“Why? What happened?” Bobby asks, watching you sleeping form.

“We got in a fight. I said something stupid. God, Bobby, I’ll never forgive myself if she doesn’t…” He cuts himself off, and swallows hard, “Have you heard from her?”

He pauses, “Nope. Nothing. I’ll let you know if I do.”

“Thanks, Bobby.”

Christine and Chloe eventually convince Michael to tell Jeremy how he feels
Michael decides to do it over text since he doesn’t think he could handle doing it in person

Michael: Hey Jeremy can we talk? 
Jeremy: sure whats up
Michael: This is gonna be hard for me to say but
Jeremy: hey its ok take your time
Michel: I have a huge crush on you and I’ve had it for a few years now.  Sorry.
Jeremy: shit im sorry michael but I dont feel the same im sorry
Michael: Oh right yeah sorry dude didn’t mean to make this awkward haha
Jeremy: you ok
Michael: I’m sure I’ll be fine 

Michael’s crying at this point 
Both Chloe and Christine had convinced him to tell Jeremy because they thought he felt the same
But obviously, they were wrong
Of course they were
Why would anyone like Michael
He was annoying
A loser 
A stoner
And to top it all off now he didn’t even have a best friend 

When Michael tells her, Chloe is all ready to fight Jeremy but Michael tells her to let it go
Over time the group splits
With Michael, Brooke, Chloe, Jenna and Christine in one grou[
And Jeremy, Rich and Jake in the other
Over time the two sides of the group lose most contact
Though Chloe and Jake still talk from time to time 

In his second year of college, Jeremy works out that he is definitely bi after a few nights at a club 
In his last year of college, Jeremy realises that he was actually in love with Michael 
But it’s too late to do anything about that 

Chloe invites both sides of the group to her and Brooke’s wedding  
Everyone shows
Except Jeremy
Michael tries not to let it get to him
But it does
He’s just so angry that Jeremy allowed all of this to become so awkward between them
They were meant to be a team
Player 1 and Player 2
Who cares if it’s platonic or romantic?
He just wants his best friend back

Rich and Jake’s wedding? No Jeremy 

When Brooke has her first kid? No Jeremy 

When Jenna gets promoted to head of her newspaper? No Jeremy 

When Michael is half asleep on his sofa with a glass of wine in his hand after looking after Christine Lohst all day? Of course that’s when he shows up 

Ugh they’re gonna start to shout soon
Oh hell yeah I’ll open it soon
It sucks Chlo left me here alone
Here in this toddler’s battle zone
I feel a headache coming up
Is Chloe ever giving up?
Splash splash splash splash
Throw some water in my face
Now I’m in a better place I open up the door and - 

“Wait why are you surprised? This is my house”
“Christine said it was he- oh shit”
“Christine said what?”
“You’re a terrible liar Jeremy”
“But she didn’t say ANYTHING”
Michael raises an eyebrow
“Ok fine well she may have told me that this was her new apartment and so I was stopping in to visit her like I usually do”
“…you usually visit Christine?”
“So are you two…”
“NO NO NO she’s not my type”
“Why are you still here Jeremy? Christine’s not here.  Unless you wanted lil Christine in which case she’s sleeping in the guest room”
“Right yeah sorry.  I’m bothering you aren’-”
“You’re no-”
“I’ll jus-”
“You don’t ha-”
“Uh what?”
“Would you like to come in for a drink?”
“Oh I…”
“You don’t have to Jeremy, it was just an idea”
“No it’s ok I’ll come in”

Michael finds another wine glass
“Red ok?”
“Red’s perfect thanks”

“So Jeremy how’s everything? What are you doing now?" 
“Oh I’m a games developer”
“You don’t look particularly excited about that? That was like your dream job”
“Oh well normally people get really bored when I talk about work”
“Jeremy you’re talking to the guy who was tempted to play apocalypse of the damned with his adopted niece this morning”
Jeremy looks at up that
“Apocalypse of the damned huh? We never did finish it did we?”
“Never too late to continue”
Both of them look at each other and then there’s a quick scramble to the living room

“I don’t know how well it’s gonna work cos I obviously haven’t played it in years" 
“Dude the console doesn’t have a speck of dust don’t lie to me you probably played this yesterday”
“Shut up Mr Games Developer”
The loading screen comes up and it’s just like high school again
Just the two of them
Michael presses start an-
Lil Christine comes in
“Uh hey Chrissie”
“Uncle Michael why didn’t you tell me Uncle Jeremy was gonna be here”
“I didn’t know myself”
“Mom’s gonna be so happy”
Both men look at each other
Michael speaks first
“Uh why?”
“Because mom is always talking about how you two should have been together and now you are!”

Jeremy and Michael both go bright red and neither of them speaks
Michael manages to get some words out  
“Nah Chrissie it’s fine.  Why don’t you back to bed and I’ll come in and see you in a moment”
“But I want to talk to Unc-”
“Christine Lohst - bed now”

"I’m sorry about her”
“She’s not the one who’s apparently been telling her three year old that we should be together”
“Chloe has very strong feelings about what happened in high school”
“So do I”
Michael stares at him, saying nothing
 "I shouldn’t have let your feelings get in the way of our friendship and I’m so sorry that I did.  It was stupid and I hate myself for it"
“Wait shit no don’t say that.  I’m just as much to blame as you are.  It’s not like I really tried to keep our friendship together.  I thought it’d be easier to just let it fall apart.”
“So we’re both sorry and stupid and wish we could be friends again?”
“Then I’m glad to be your new old friend Michael Mell”
“And I’m glad to be yours Jeremy Heere”
“I should probably tell you something though”
“In my last year of college I worked something out - I was an idiot in high school.”
“We already said this”
“For another reason.  I was an idiot because I didn’t realise I was head over heels for you" 
“I’m sorry Michael.  It took me so long to figure it out and I just rejected you in high school even though I felt the same”
“What about now?”
“Do you feel the same now?”
Jeremy takes in Michael
His scruffy hair, his glasses that need to be pushed up, the oversized hoodie he still hasn’t gotten rid of and looks into his eyes
“Well, what about you Michael? Do you still like me?”
Michael doesn’t even hesitate

I have to tell you something - Jeff Atkins

Request: If you are comfortable with this can you do an imagine where Bryce rapes the reader and Jeff (her boyfriend) wasn’t there to save her and he beats himself up for it? 💙If not I understand

A/N: Before you start reading this I would like to say please don’t be too hard on me, I tried to put all my emotions into this and tried to give you a story as good as possible. I really cried writing this. Sorry if it’s not what you expected or wanted but I couldn’t do better. 

Word count: 1468

All you wanted was to take a nap because you couldn’t walk straight anymore. Just a nap. But now you were sitting in the corner of the dark room where you became someone else, you became a victim. You were numb, you couldn’t even cry. You knew you were drunk but you experienced every single second of it. You started to question yourself. Did you say no enough? Did you send some wrong signals? But you couldn’t find an answer, this was not your fault. You didn’t deserve this. Why did you drink so much, otherwise you could have fought back. You were staring at the bed. The sheets were wrinkled because of the movements he made on you. You felt disgusted and dirty with the thought that there was still something left of him on you. You missed Jeff, all you wanted right now was for him to take you in his arms and let you cry as long as you needed without asking questions.

With all your power you got up and started to stumble down, your shoes in your hands. Without getting noticed you walked out the door and went straight home where you showered for 2 hours and scrubbed your body multiple times. But the feeling of dirt didn’t go away.


It’s been two weeks since the party. You were still numbed and not ready to go to school. All day you lay on your bed staring at the ceiling, replaying what happened that night over and over again. As much as you wanted to tell your parents or tell Jeff, you couldn’t. They would look at you differently. You kept faking a headache but you were sure your parents knew something more was going on. Jeff past by a couple times, he brought ice cream to make you feel better but you weren’t hungry. All you did was cry in his arms when he came. He was really concerned about you so after the first two times you cried your eyes out without saying 5 words he started to come daily, just to be there for you. He also texted you every morning letting you know he loved you and he would always be there for you. You weren’t able to talk so when he came over he always talked about what happened at school to keep you updated. You knew he tried to take your mind of whatever you were going through not knowing he dropped the name of the person who made you like this, your rapist,  a couple times. Jeff was a really good guy, he always took care of you and he didn’t push you or ran away when you were at your lowest. But you were scared for his reaction. You were scared he wouldn’t believe you and leave you or something like that.


Another week went by and Jeff was cuddling with you on your bed. This was the first time since he started to visit daily that you weren’t crying. You decided a couple days ago you were going to tell Jeff what happened and since you were so calm right now you thought this would be a good time.

“Jeff..” you said whit a shivering voice. Jeff shook up because it had been 3 weeks since you let a word out. He knew that something was coming, what he didn’t know is how wrecked he was going to be after.

“Yes baby, what’s up?”

“I have to tell you something..” and with that you replayed the scene once again but this time out loud what made it even harder.

“.. and that’s why I’ve been like this.”

Jeff’s eyes started to fill with tears while he takes you in his arms and holds you thight.

“I’m so sorry y/n, I should have been there for you. I should have protected you.” Jeff said while tears were streaming down his face. You could see he was blaming himself for all this.

“No no no Jeff this is not your fault, the only one to blame is Bryce himself.” This was the first time you called him by his name, not ‘him’ or ‘somebody’.

Jeff looked up. “Bryce?”

You felt a lump in your throat. You regretted telling this already. You saw Jeff clenching his fist. He stood up and started to pace up and down your room.

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” Jeff asked

You just looked at him with your red puffy eyes. Your shoulders hanging to the floor.  You regretted telling him already. Jeff always wanted to protect you no matter what and in his mind he failed the moment he left the party before you.

*Jeff’s POV

I failed, y/n is the one person I care about the most and I let her down. How could I be so stupid to leave her at the party while I saw she was drunk. I should’ve stayed I should have taken her home. How could I be so stupid. I’ll never forgive myself for this. Y/N is the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. The only thing I can do to make this right is never let her down again. I just can’t let her down another time.

*3 weeks later  ( back y/n pov)

Since you told Jeff you started to feel better again. Jeff took you to your secret spot and talked with you for hours about how much you were worth and how beautiful you were. He did everything to make you feel happy again. You even smiled again sometimes. The first time you smiled again Jeff almost started to cry. He saw the old you was slowly coming back and he couldn’t help but get emotional about is. What on planet earth made you deserve someone like Jeff you asked yourself multiple times. You never thought someone could love you so much, you never thought you could be loved like that.

It was a Friday evening and Jeff went to a party to celebrate their win with the baseball team. He asked you 10 times if it was okay but you wouldn’t want to make Jeff a prisoner so you said he had to go. The only thing  you asked him was to stay calm around Bryce, again. You asked him every day, you knew it was hard for him but the last thing you wanted was for the school to starts rumours or to find out about what happened. Every day when Jeff came to your house he asked you again why he should stay calm. All he wanted was to punch Bryce but he held it inside, just for you.

You were watching a movie when suddenly your phone rang. It was an unknown number.

“y/n? it’s Justin I got your number from Jess, you have to come and pick up Jeff right now, he drank too much and went crazy on Bryce. Come please? Bryce already went home so I think he’s calm but just come please.”

“What? Now? Where is it?”

“At Mont’s place.”

You put on some pants and ran to your car. Even tho you wouldn’t want to face Bryce, you had to make sure Jeff was safe. You arrived at Montgomery’s place and ran to the backyard immediately. You saw you boyfriend hanging in a chair. His fists were bleeding. You walked up to him a kneeled down in front of him.


“y/n? You’re here? Why?”

“Justin called me I had to pick you up, he said you went crazy on Bryce?”

“He deserved it, I really tried to stay calm babe really but he came up to me and started to make some sick jokes about how fit you were. I couldn’t help it anymore. Please don’t be mad I just..”

“I’m not mad Jeff, I just want you to be safe. Let’s talk about it tomorrow I think you you could use some sleep” You said while standing up and giving Jeff a shoulder to lean on.

While stumbling to the car Jeff suddenly says:

“We’ll get through this y/n, I promise.” And for the first time you believed his words. With Jeff by your side you really believed you had a chance to get through this.

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading xxx

Him or me?

Hey angels!

I changed a few things, hope you like it anyway! Also this is a bit longer than the others. I really hope you like this one. xx

Also, please note that my mother tongue isn’t English so there might be some mistakes. Feel free to correct me if I made mistakes!

Requested by Anon: reggie x reader x archie where reader is a jock and plays basketball and soccer and volleyball and both archie and reggie like her but she’s friends with betty so she chooses reggie and this makes archie really upset but he soon realizes you are meant to be with reggie. sorry, not enough reggie find out there!

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Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader x Archie Andrews

Words: 1,745

There always was a rivalry between Archie and Reggie but it never bothered me as much as it does now. A few weeks ago it started to get worse for some reason. Of course, I did ask Archie why but he never gave a proper answer to you. I even tried to talk to Reggie about it but he as well didn’t bother to answer the question.

As I’m walking to my locker to get ready to walk home I see the two boys verbally fight. Annoyed I roll my eyes and walk up to them. “I don’t know what’s gotten your pants in a twist but it has to end now. Do you realize how tiring it is when you two are constantly fighting? So how about both of you just start to learn how to get along instead?” My voice sounds harsher than it meant to be.

The boys drop their heads and mumble ‘sorry’. “What were you fighting about anyways? And this time it’d be great if I get an actual answer” I say. This time I sound a lot nicer. Archie and Reggie look at each other silently asking if they should tell the truth. “C'mon guys. Spit it out”

“I, um, we, um” Reggie stutters. He blushes while he scratches his neck in embarrassment. Adorable, I think as my heart skips a beat. “I have feelings for you” the dark-haired boy confesses quietly. My mouth opens ready to say something but nothing comes out. I look at Archie still trying to process the sudden confession.

My childhood friend clenches his jaw. His brown eyes are filled with anger. “Not so long ago he didn’t even know you exist and now he is all over you, wanting to be near you and touch you. And as I know you, you won’t even realize that he’s playing you? Don’t you see that you’re probably just a little game to him? Don’t you see that he doesn’t care about you? Don’t you see that he will one day hurt you? Don’t you see that I am so much better for you than he is?” Archie spats.

I admit, his words hurt. He never talked to me like that. For a very short moment my eyes find Reggie’s. “Don’t you dare talking to me like that. Like I’m some sort of a stupid girl, like I’m a child. I am perfectly capable of choosing the people I hang with. I don’t need you or anybody else to tell me who I can spend my time with. And for your record, right now the only person who’s hurting me is you, Andrews” My voice waves and my eyes begin to water.

“Maybe it’s best if you would choose then. Him or me?” Archie says. “Are you seriously asking me to choose?” I ask in disbelief. “Do you think the same as him?” My eyes wander to Reggie, who’s standing uncomfortably next to Archie. “I think he’s right, Y/N” he admits. “You two are unbelievable” I point at them and turn around, ready to leave school since I don’t want to be near them at the moment. Luckily not many people were in the hallway so barely someone saw the discussion we just had.

Absentmindedly I walk into Pop’s since the atmosphere of the diner always calms me down. My eyes look around, searching for a familiar face. As I find one I make my way to the booth. “Can I sit?” I ask the blond girl. “Of course” Betty smiles.

“You seem upset. What happened?” Her blue eyes staring into mine. Concern filling them. I sigh and grab her milkshake, taking a sip from it. “Reggie and Archie. They both somehow like me and now I have to choose. But how should I do it, Bets? Either way one of them will get hurt and I lose one of them” I sigh again, not knowing what I should do.

“Do you have feelings for both?” she asks curiously. “No. Just for Reggie” I mumble looking at my hands. “But I can’t lose Archie. I can’t just throw our friendship away” My eyes begin to burn but I try my hardest not to let tears fill them. Betty takes my hand and looks me softly in the eyes. “Listen to your heart. Archie has to understand that you can’t force yourself to have feelings for him. I know it’s hard to break your best friend’s heart but you have to think about yourself first this time, okay?” I nod, whispering a 'thank you’.

We talk about anything other than my issue until Kevin and Veronica turn up. After a while I let my mind wander, not listening to the conversation anymore.

I think about the stupid situation with Archie and Reggie. Trying to figure out how I will handle it I think about the first time Reggie actually talked to me. I remember how surprised I was when he asked me to hang out with him. I wanted to turn him down since I didn’t like how he treats Jughead. But when I looked into his eyes I couldn’t say 'no’. His eyes were full of hope and I decided to give it a shot. He had the biggest and cutest smile on his face after I agreed to hang out.

A couple of days later we hang out more often. He made me laugh so many times. We got close and slowly but surely I started to catch feelings for him. I tried to push them away but Archie noticed that I acted different. He got so mad when he found out that Reggie and I met up a couple of times. I thought he has accepted that by now but apparently he didn’t.

I’ve tried to make up my mind for three days now and the fact that Archie didn’t want to leave me alone didn’t help. I still don’t know how I’m going to break it to Archie that I like Reggie and not him. But one day I have to do it so I decided to go to his house and just say it. As I breath nervously in I press the bell. Lucky as I am, Archie opens the door. “Y/N, hey” he says surprised. “Hey, um, can I come in?” I ask, playing with my hands. “Yeah, of course” he lets me in and I follow him up to his room.

“Listen, I-” I begin but get interrupted by Archie. “Before you tell me what you want to, let me speak first. I’m sorry for what I said the other day. I was just so angry and jealous and I didn’t mean anything I said. I know this is no excuse but I really am sorry” he says feeling guilty. “I admit your words really hurt me but I forgive you, Arch” I smiled slightly. A sigh of relief leaves his mouth.

“So, what I’ll tell you now won’t be easy and I’m sorry if I hurt you. I really like Reggie and I wish I could have feelings for you so I don’t have to hurt you by telling this but I can’t change the way my heart feels, Archie” I say sadly. “I always knew you like him. I was just so selfish to accept it and wanted you for my own” he whispers, sounding heartbroken. His eyes are glued on the floor. “I’m really sorry” Tears start to form in my eyes. My heart aches seeing my friend like this. It aches even more knowing that I am the reason for his pain.

“Does he make you happy?” he asks quietly. His brown eyes finally looking up, right into mine. “The happiest I’ve been in a long time” I say. A smile that I can’t fight forms in my face as I think about all the times Reggie made me laugh. Archie swallows, my answer clearly hurting him. “I’m sorry” I apologize again. My heart still feeling heavy. “It’s alright” For a few minutes none of us say a word. The silence is thick and kind of awkward.

“Do you think it will ever be the same as it was before?” the red-headed boy asks, hope filling his voice. “Hopefully. I don’t want to lose you. You’re my best friend. What would I do without you?” I say, putting my head on his shoulder. “Your life would be so boring” he laughs lightly. “You’re probably right” I giggle. “How did Reggie react?” Archie asks, looking into my eyes.

“Crap. I forgot to tell him” My eyes widen in shock. I quickly take my phone and send him a text to tell him that he should meet me at my house in 20 minutes. “I gotta go. Hope it’s not too late though” I laugh nervously. “Bye” I say as I walk out of his room. “Go get him, girl” he yells.

My heart clenches as I realize Reggie wasn’t at my house. Sighing I look around, searching for the tall boy. A smile forms on my face when I see him walking up to me. “Hey” I greet him shyly. “Hey” he says back, a nervous smile on his face. “Want to go inside?” I ask, already unlocking the door. He nods and follows me inside the house. We enter the living room and sit down on the couch.

Neither of us say a word, not knowing what to say. “You know, if you want to reject me just say it” he mumbles. Surprised I look at him. I’ve never seen him like this. He is more timid than usual. “Reggie, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Didn’t you notice that I really like you?” I softly say and smile at him. “What about Archie?” he asks. “Don’t worry about him. He will be alright”

“You have no idea how happy I am right now” A huge smile on his face. There he is. The confident Reggie, I think happily. “Now we can go on a proper date” he grins, taking my hand in his bigger one. “It better be the best date I ever had” I joke, winking at him. “It will the best on this entire planet” he laughs, kissing my temple. My heart flutters at this cute gesture and if it’s even possible my smile gets even bigger. I made definitively the right choice to listen to my heart. 

2AM - part 4 (A Minseok Series)

Your phone was ringing by the time you made it inside the cab. Minseok must have left the awkwardness of the restaurant by now and the on and off buzzing inside your purse punctuated the humming you felt inside your chest – you saw his name flashing boldly across the screen of your cell phone.

After the first three calls went ignored he was texting and the taxi was pulling up outside of your home just as you turned off the buzzing and left the phone to deal with ignoring the man you hated to have the misfortune of falling in love with.

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Game Night

A/N: I’m honestly in love with the thought of Sans finding out your tickle kink, so I decided to write a fic on it. This is SFW, just a fun playful idea. I’m going to lean towards this being more romatic so, 

I got the inspiration for this fic from this so i decided to mix it up and change the scenario into a different one, but that fic is super cute and you should go read it!!

Warnings(?): Language, tickling, kind of long actually.


You were making your way to Sans and Papyrus’ house after work. You had planned a fun game night with the skeleton brothers along with Alphys and Undyne. It was a new Friday night ritual you had created with your closest friends and so far, had been the highlight of your day off.

With Monopoly in your hand, you rapped your knuckles on the door twice.

Sans greeted you with his usual grin, but tonight there was something sort of...feral about it. You knew Sans always had a smile on his face and sometimes it was wider than usual (normally from him thinking about a new joke to lay on you) but it sent a slight chill down your spine nonetheless.

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She Cheated

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Carl Gallagher smut (with his best friend that I created named Karina)

Got this idea when I re-watched Mandy telling Lip she loved him while simultaneously breaking my fucking heart.

my first attempt at smut so sorry if it sucks, send in requests!


Carl angrily watched Dominique as she kissed another guy, a heartbroken look on his face. He was beyond pissed that she was cheating on him, but he was even angrier knowing that he’d take her back if she apologized. What were his options other than being alone again? Telling Karina his feelings and being rejected by her as well? Yeah fucking right.  And honestly, did she have to do it out in the open like that? On the front steps of the party that she clearly fucking forgot she had invited him to. He wanted to make a scene but instead he stood up straight and started walking a few blocks toward his own home, stopping at the house next door to his, in between The Gallaghers and Vee and Kev. He knocked on the door loudly until his best friend appeared in the doorway, looking as though she had just made it home herself. She was in torn leggings and a little white top, covered by his own sweater and jean jacket, the new sneakers he’d bought her on her feet. The difference between her and Dominique was that when he bought her things, she cherished the fuck out of them, not having much herself. But he ignored her outfit and his eyes focused instead on her neck, a few fresh hickeys running down her glowing brown skin and disappearing into her top. “You wanna come to a party,” Carl asked, a little more pissed off when he saw the marks that he wasn’t responsible for. But that was a selfish thought for him to have, as she wasn’t his girl. “I thought you were going with Dom,” she answered and the light airy way her voice sounded made him smirk. “Are you high?” he asked, laughing when she nodded with a lazy smile.

“I wanna go with you.” He continued, not wanting to tell her about what he saw and make her feel like he was going to her as a second choice, not when the reality was that she was and always would be his first choice, she was the only person who didn’t make him feel like shit 24 hours of the day. Karina smiled and exited her house, shutting the door behind her and tucking her key under her mat, following him back down the way he came, letting him lead her up the front steps, where he had caught Dominique cheating, and into the party where he instantly found himself lighting up as well. He had originally intended to find Dominique and put her in a situation where she was forced to watch him with his best friend but couldn’t say a word without snitching on herself, but he was distracted by his best friend making him laugh. Actually his whole plan was thrown off when she started making shitty jokes, having him in a fit of laughter and just like always he couldn’t figure out why the fuck he hadn’t asked her out when he had the chance. Fiona swore up and down that Karina liked him, and had liked him since they were kids melting action figures together, but he couldn’t believe her. She had been far too happy when he mentioned the idea of liking Dominique, to have feelings like that for him, but he couldn’t tell if that came from wanting him to be happy by ignoring her own feelings or if she actually had none for him at all.

He wanted to keep his little secret from her but he couldn’t anymore when Dominique cut into their conversation to greet Carl, reminding him of what he was there for, making him get a little handsy with his best friend; but Karina still saw how he cringed away from her when Dominique explained that she was at the party with a ‘friend’. “The fuck did she do?” Karina asked when Dom had walked away after not receiving a good response from her boyfriend, and Carl looked back down at his friend, pulling her outside and ignoring her complaints of just having gotten there. “She’s cheating on me,” Carl admitted, making her stop and look at him. She nodded her head and put out her blunt before attempting to march back into the party and beat Dom’s ass but stopped when Carl grabbed her arm and pulled her back. She couldn’t believe that he still loved her enough to protect her from a much deserved beatdown. Karina ripped her arm from Carl’s grasp and took off down the street angrily, Carl following after her. “Where the fuck are you going?” “Home, Carl! If you don’t give a fuck about your feelings then why should I?” she screamed back, crossing the street and making her way down their own, passing her own house and walking into his where she could get her hands onto alcohol that wasn’t under lock and key as it was at her own house. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Carl screamed back after a few minutes of silent confusion, catching his front door when she tried to slam it shut in his face, startling Lip and Ian who were speaking in the kitchen. Lip raised an eyebrow when Karina entered the kitchen and pushed past him to pull a beer out of the fridge. “Don’t worry I’ll move,” he said sarcastically sharing a look with Ian before turning back to the girl, watching her chug a beer before tossing the empty bottle in the trash and reaching for another one. “I didn’t ask for her to cheat on me, Karina” Carl screamed some more, ignoring his brothers and tearing the girl’s second beer from her hand when she paused her drinking to let out an exasperated laugh at how he was completely missing the fucking point. “Yeah you fucking did Carl. And you’re asking for her to do it again by enabling her by pretending it didn’t happen. What was your plan huh? To bring me with you and fucking, like, seduce me in front of her? Huh? Make her jealous, let her see that getting pussy isn’t a problem for you so if she wants to lock it down than she has to ditch the side dick?” Karina yelled back. Ian would have laughed at how he and Lip were trapped in their fight but he chose to stay quiet. “I didn’t do that” Carl yelled defensively. “You think I didn’t notice how loud you were laughing at what I said or how we only stood where we were in plain sight of her? I’m HIGH Carl, not fucking stupid,” Karina hissed, tapping her temple roughly, locking her hazy eyes with his own red ones, seething that she was being used, a few curse words slipping out in Spanish like they only did when she was beyond angry. The Gallagher brothers had never seen her so pissed off; and they had watched her completely destroy and set fire to the car belonging to an ex of her mothers who actually thought he could get away with groping her one night while her mother was at work. Carl didn’t reply for a moment and instead flashed his brothers a ‘can you get the fuck out?’ look, but sighed when they made no motion to move. “Can we talk upstairs?” he asked angrily, yelling a ‘just fucking go Nina!’ when she went to disagree, her nickname slipping out, and turning to follow her when he heard Lip clear his throat with a smirk. “You need a couple condoms?” he asked, hoping to ease the tension with a hate sex joke. Carl’s eyebrows furrowed but he nodded and Lip looked to Ian who hesitantly reached into his wallet and handed Carl 2 condoms, that he snatched before running up the stairs to his room, where the radio was then turned on, blasting loud music. Lip and Ian stood in confusion. “Is this their first time?” “I don’t know..” Ian answered, not as involved in the teen’s potential love life as he had been when they were younger. Lip nodded and the brothers made eye contact and laughed lightly before holding out their drinks. “To Carl and Karina”

Carl pushed the door of his room open to find Karina sitting on Ian’s bed, a pissed off expression on her face. He turned on his stereo and faced it toward the door so that no one would hear their conversation. “I’m not using you Karina,” he announced, getting annoyed with how she kept brushing off his admissions. “You don’t get it do you Carl. You’re the one getting used.” “Yeah I’m not fucking stupid Karina, I caught her didn’t I?” “Not just now that she’s cheating Carl. She let you buy her shit that she didn’t need, and she wouldn’t let you around her friends or go near your family, and she wouldn’t touch your body till you cut off the tip of your dick, and she wouldn’t let you see me because we’re ‘too close’. She’s been embarrassed of you from the start and she didn’t like you, baby, she liked how you made her feel; like she was special. But she’s not special. She’s fucking trash at best and she doesn’t deserve you. She doesn’t know you, Carl. She doesn’t know how hard it is in this house and how much you’ve been through and if she does it sure doesn’t seem like it the way she writes off your feelings. You’re better than her; and you’re clearly not aware of this fact if you can get over her cheating and get back with her without a fucking problem.” Karina yelled angrily, standing up to grab his head in her hands forcing him to look into her eyes and take in her seriousness. He tilted his head back slightly when she let go and looked just above her head when he took in her words. No one had ever said something like that to him. He was so used to hearing how he wasn’t good enough. Hell his teachers at school called him a mistake right to his fucking face on the daily, growing up. When he didn’t answer right away, he expected her to walk out, but Karina still made no move to leave. “I’m not leaving the room and pretending I didn’t say that to you Carl. Not when all I did was tell you the fucking truth. The only way I’m leaving your sight is if you show me you understand what I’m saying. Besides, you don’t want me to leave, because if I do I’m deadass walking back to that party to bash that bitch’s head in with the ‘killing bat’.” Carl laughed at the seriousness in her voice and ran his fingers through his hair, trying to get his emotions under wraps again.

“I don’t know how to tell you how I feel,” Carl told her, but before he could shut down on her, Karina made a decision for them both, deciding that their relationship was worth the risk if it meant that he could be genuinely happy for once. “Then why don’t you show me,” She said. The music was loud, and he was so focused on her lips that he didn’t know if he read the words off of them or if he had heard them but either way he answered her by pushing her hard against the desk next to Ian’s bed and pressing his lips harshly against hers; against the only person who wasn’t forced to be in his life by being a product of Frank or his mother, and who stayed with him despite this. He pushed his jacket and sweater off of her shoulders so that she was sitting in front of him in that little white top before connecting their lips again, running his tongue lightly against her bottom lip and moaning when she bit his lip in return, pulling her head back an inch and dragging it with her before releasing it. Her head was fucking spinning as he continued to kiss her, his tongue playing with hers for a second before he grabbed her long dark hair and bunched it up in his hand, pulling it to the side so that she’d tilt her head and expose her neck to him. “Who did this?” he asked, sounding annoyed as his lips lightly ran against her still sensitive hickeys. “Estelle Sampson,” Karina admitted, making him stop. “That sounds like a chick name.” “It is.” Karina laughed at Carl’s expression as he lifted her slightly and dropped her onto the desk, stepping closer and pressing his hard on against her crotch, making her stop and stare at him.

Suddenly the situation felt way more real to them both, but the sight of her messy hair and kiss swollen lips was all Carl needed to lean forward and pull her into a much slower kiss than what he had ever shared with Dom. But in his defense, he had never had feeling like this for her. It was different with Karina, years’ worth of emotions and sexual tension being communicated through this simple kiss that he didn’t want to break until he absolutely had to. But when they did break apart he just busied himself with kissing and sucking on her neck, paying extra attention to the already sensitive marks on her skin, loving how she gasped at the feeling. And while he did this he rested his hands on her thighs, squeezing and rubbing as he pushed his hands up and down them before running them up her hips and waist, finally connecting them with her top that he pulled up over her head before pulling off his own. He had expected to have to wrestle her bra off next but bit his lip when instead he saw her bare chest. He looked up at her quickly for approval before he bit at her collar bones and worked his way down, until she leaned back on her hands, pushing her chest out to him. He took this as a ‘hurry up’ and cupped one of her breasts in his hand, using his other hand to tightly hold her waist for support as he licked a stripe over her sensitive nipple before biting it lightly, making her moan. He sucked the brown nub and ran his tongue around it in circles, pushing down on her hips when she attempted to move them against his for some friction. “What do you want me to do?” he asked smirking, expecting her not to answer, as Dominique usually did. Normally she’d ignore his statements and just lay back like a pillow queen, not giving anything back, only receiving, which is okay sometimes, but not every single time. Actually he had expected Karina to be the same way. Growing up, talking to boys who weren’t a part of the Gallagher family was unnecessarily hard for her, but that clearly wasn’t the case now that they were older and she was far more experienced than she had been willing to tell him. “I want you to take your pants off,” she stated, biting her lip. He tried not to look nervous as he complied and removed his pants and shoes. She knew that he had gotten circumcised but he had never admitted to her that despite this, Dominique still refused to suck his dick, and only fucked him because she was sick of being a virgin. But the look on her face told him that she knew of his dilemma. “I heard Dom in the locker room, she said she didn’t suck your dick but you were so desperate that you fucked her anyway,” Karina said as she pushed off the desk and slipped onto her knees in front of him. Carl clenched his fist in annoyance that Dominique would carelessly share their private shit with anyone she came in contact with. “You want me to?” she asked, looking up at him through her lashes, and she gathered that his answer would be a yes when he ran his hand over her jaw and slipped it into her hair. He then nodded and sucked in a breath when she pulled down his boxers and licked the underside of his length, keeping eye contact. He watched himself disappear inside of her wet mouth and tightened his hold on her hair when she started to suck while she pulled him out until just the tip was in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head, moaning slightly to let him feel the vibrations. “Fucking shit,” he moaned at the feeling, thrusting into her by accident but almost cumming on site when he saw that she didn’t gag. Using this information to her advantage, Karina raised a hand and pressed it over Carl’s that was in her hair and used it to motion him to guide her head how he wanted it, before reconnecting it to his dick, pumping in the opposite direction that she was sucking and using her other hand to lightly massage his balls. He bit his lip hard as he tugged and pushed on her head setting the rhythm he liked, trying his best to make the feeling last before he couldn’t anymore. He looked down at her as she removed her hand from his dick and pushed him as far into her mouth as she could, swallowing against the head making him grunt and cum, moaning in appreciation as she continued sucking on him while he was so sensitive. When she pulled away he caught his breath and helped her stand. “For the record, I would have done that while you were uncircumcised,” she laughed.

Carl lazily smiled, a little more relaxed now as he pushed her back onto the desk, busying himself with pulling off her shoes before yanking off her leggings and panties. He didn’t miss how her breathing got heavier and how for a second she didn’t look as confident as she usually did. So he leaned in to kiss her again as he let his hand rest against her pussy, his thumb pushing past her lips to circle around her clit, feeling how wet she already was. Her moan this time was more of a whimper at the contact and he knew that he was going to enjoy every noise that left her lips. After all, no one in his grade had as much experience going down on girls as he did. A fact that Karina refuse to let him forget. He pulled away from her so that he could look down and watch himself spread her open and slip a finger into her warmth, loving how she shut her eyes and bit her lip tight. He pushed his finger in and out slowly as he continued to let his thumb rest on her clit, rubbing it back and forth hard with the motion of his hand as he fingered her, only stopping to push in a second finger, licking his bottom lip when he felt how tight she was. He smirked when she whimpered as he pulled his fingers out completely, raising them to his mouth and sucking them clean, before he grabbed her thighs hard to pull her closer to the edge of the desk for him, getting on his knees in front of her. Though just as he was about to rub his tongue against her throbbing heat, she covered herself with her hands. “Wait stop..” “Do you really want me to stop?” Carl asked as he leaned back and ran his hand through his hair, trying to look past how good her body looked and focus on her expression. She shook her head in response and took a deep breath. “Then move your fucking hands,” he demanded, and as soon as she did he settled between her legs, sucking lightly on her lips before spreading them apart with his fingers and licking at her wetness, sucking on her clit and flicking his tongue against it, removing a hand to rest it on her thigh and pull it away from his head and press her hard onto the desk so she couldn’t squirm. The sounds of her moans where making him hard again, but he ignored it as he slipped his fingers back into her, not pausing his assault on her clit until he got up to reattach his lips to her nipple as he sped up his thrusting fingers, resting a hand behind her on the desk so that he could lean over her and give her nowhere to go but against him. She groaned loudly and tilted her head back when she felt him inside of her, stroking her gspot and he rested his hand flat against her, his palm against her clit rubbing hard and fast as he fingered her harder, his fingers moving up and down against her gspot until she could barely make any noise and turned into a shuttering mess, her hips shaking as she started to cum squeezing around his fingers and making him curse at the feeling of that and the wetness leaving her.

Carl kissed her neck again as he waited a few minutes for her to catch her breath before nodding his head in the direction of his bed which she headed to while he grabbed his previously discarded jeans and pulled one of the condoms Ian had given him out of his pocket, neither noticing how the music had stopped. Carl pushed her up the ladder connected to his bed and climbed up after her, pushing her down onto her knees, watching her press the palm of one hand against his mattress and the other against the surface of his wall; the small posters taped too them sticking to her sweaty hands. He bit his lip as he lined up his hips with hers and pushed himself into her slowly, a chill working its way down his spine from the feeling of her tightness along with the sound of her grunting lowly at the feeling of being so full that it was slightly uncomfortable. She pushed against the wall and he groaned as she pushed back onto him, taking a little more of him and finally he squeezed on her ass tightly, pulling her cheeks apart in order to watch himself push into her all the way.

She breathed heavily as he pulled out half way and snapped his hips back against her. He filled her up so good but she was so lost in the feeling that she couldn’t form the words to tell him. Carl removed his hands from her ass and used one to hold her hip and the other to reach up and bunch up her hair into a ponytail, making her take her hand off the wall and rest both elbows on the mattress, arching her back, her ass pushing up higher making him moan loudly and move his hips harder, feeling his bed start to rock and hit the wall. But he didn’t worry; this had been his brother’s bed and if it could survive Lip and Karen, then it could survive anything. When he grew a bit tired he pulled out and sat onto his heels instead of kneeling behind her, and he had expected her to flip onto her back and let him continue doing the work the way Dominique always had, but he clenched her hips tightly in surprise when she pushed herself up slightly. She sat on his lap, back against his chest and he leaned back a bit, propping himself up on his hands and watching her movements with lidded eyes. “Oh shit,” he muttered when he felt himself fill her up again and saw her put her hands down on the mattress again, lifting her hips up and slamming them down again slowly, her back still arched perfectly. She did it so effortlessly that he wanted to cum on sight but instead he put his hand on her ass again and guided her to a faster rhythm, that made him throw his head back and stare up at the ceiling to get a hold of himself. “You’re doing so good baby, just hold on a little longer,” she said with a gasp that turned him on even more. How could this be his best friend, being so sexy without even trying when she had always been so fucking awkward around the opposite sex whenever he was around. “Why are you so good at this?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows, pushing his hips up to meet hers harshly at the frustrating thought of her with other guys when all she had to do was snap her fingers and she’d have him; but he was distracted from his anger when he heard her whimper at his movements, pushing him to do it again and again hearing her get louder each time until he stopped abruptly and held her in place, not letting her move.

He then flipped her over and crawled over her so that he could see the faces he’d been missing all this time. He looked down at her as he grabbed her legs and pushed them against her chest, pushing into her again. She bit her lip to hold back a moan, in fear that her faces would look stupid, but felt her heart flutter when he reached out and held her chin, pulling her lip from between her teeth with his thumb so that she’d let out her noises for him, letting a moan out himself. But as they held eye contact something in the atmosphere changed and he found himself slowing his hips, but still pushing in just as hard, making her toes curl and her back arch, and he released her legs and let them wrap around his waist before he fell onto his elbows and hovered directly over her, their chests touching. She stared into his eyes as she reached behind him and scratched down his back. All they could hear now was they’re heavy breathing and the sound of skin slapping skin and being so close to him was starting to make her throb inside in the most incredible way. Karina felt her eyes tear up as she felt her orgasm build, knowing that as soon as they’re intimacy was over, they’d have to go back to their lives; he’d have to go back to his girl who unfortunately wasn’t her. Carl noticed the tears and rested his forehead against hers thinking they were a reaction to the intensity of the situation but pausing when he barely heard her whisper. “I love you. Fuck, I love you,” she whimpered as her back arched and she gasped as her orgasm hit, and he pushed into her hard helping her ride it out as he stared down at her in shock at her admission and how good it made him feel. “Shit, I love you to,” he answered, the bed slamming against the wall again as he thrusted faster and harder, kissing her with everything he had, her fingers pulling on his hair until he groaned and came, slowly pulling out and removing his condom and holding it over the bed, letting it fall and hearing it hit the plastic bag inside his trash can. Then he rolled onto his back and laid next to her, both their chests rising and falling quickly, both a little sweaty, both in bliss now that years of sexual tension had been relieved.

“I’m sorry,” Karina said aloud as she stared at the ceiling, tearing up again now that she realized what she had done. Carl’s eyes hardened as he turned his head to look at her, “Sorry that you love me?” “No, sorry that I told you.” He looked confused and reached out to thumb away what was left of a tear that slipped out of her eye and onto his pillow. “You didn’t have to say it back to make me feel better.” “Fuck you Karina. I don’t say shit I don’t mean just to spare people’s feelings. Who the fuck do you think I am.” “Do you mean it when you say it to Dominique?” Carl swallowed and he knew she was right, either he was lying to her or he was lying to his girlfriend. “I’ve never lied to you in our lives. I mean yeah, just being in your vicinity gives me a boner but that’s not the only reason we just fucked and I didn’t tell you I loved you just to get you to do it again. I said it cuz I meant it.” He answered. “Then what about Dom?” “I’ll talk to her tomorrow,” he replied as he turned onto his side and wrapped his arm around her naked waist, pulling her close to his body and kissing her lips a few times. “To tell her I fucked her boyfriend?” Karina laughed humorously, clearly in distress that now she would have to deal with them getting back together and Dom keeping her away from her best friend once again despite having cheated first, and Carl shook his head. “No to tell her I can’t see her anymore.” Then he rested his head on her chest kissing her collarbones and getting comfortable, closing his eyes and enjoying how her fingers naturally ran through his wavy hair, her nails scratching his scalp lightly. “Can I take you on a date tomorrow?” he asked and smiled when he felt her chest stop moving for a second before continuing, her skin getting warm, meaning she was blushing. She was truly one of a kind. He had done a few things to her in the last few hours that would have made any girl blush but asking her out was what did it. “I know a diner where I get free pie,” he added with a smirk as she giggled.


Carl pulled Karina into the diner with a loud laugh, pulling Fiona and Ian’s attention away from their argument about his tardiness. “They’re on a date,” Fiona exclaimed in excitement as she watched her younger brother guide his best friend into a booth before sitting across from her. “Yeah they fucked last night.” Ian replied casually also openly staring at the young couple. Fiona dropped the glass in her hand, onto the floor, grabbing Ian by his collar and pulling him down to crouch behind the counter with her before the teens could turn to see the commotion and catch them. “They did what?!” she hissed and Ian found himself laughing at the look on her face. “Yeah they had the music playing loud but it stopped and they didn’t bother to turn it back on; sounded like they put a whole in the wall.” Fiona squeezed the bridge of her nose tightly and began to pick up the glass shards when she found herself dropping them again when she was startled by someone crouching behind her, butting into the conversation. “So you guys gonna come take our order or what?” Carl asked, jumping slightly when he heard Fiona yelp and saw her drop the glass onto the floor. Ian laughed at the sight and the three siblings slowly stood up and saw Karina sitting at the booth waving at them. “Carl I thought you were with Dominique?” Fiona asked, disappointed at the thought of him cheating but excited by his new potential girlfriend being his best friend that their family truly loved. “Yeah I broke up with her this morning. Turns out you weren’t completely full of shit when you told me that Karina liked me. So you were right this time but don’t get used to it. I don’t feel like it’s something that’ll happen again.” Carl replied as he started to walk back around the counter making Fiona smile proudly at him, “Oh and she won’t give me a slice of her cherry pie till I get her a slice of apple, so… get on that.” “And just like that he’s back. Go sit down.” Fiona stated, her smile slipping off of her face, hitting Ian’s laughing face with a rag.

Tyler Seguin #11

Requested by Anon:  I was wondering if I could have a Tyler Seguin imagine where Y/N and him get into a fight and its there first fight and Y/N leaves and he doesn’t know and he gets scared and when he finds her he’s like crying and is all fluffy. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense

*Hiii! I hope you like this one. Enjoy!! ALSO IT’S THE BIRTHDAY OF THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. <3*

Word count: 1, 085

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The scene from this morning played on your head like a bad DVD on repeat. You can’t remember everything but you can hear the yelling, you can hear the accusatory tone of your voice and you can hear the frustrated tone of his. Somehow, at the back of your mind, you wish that the saying is true: massive fights lead to massive makeup sex or whatever because if this is how your first fight with Tyler Seguin went, you’re in for a good ride.

Someone grabbed your hand and pulled it out of your mouth. You looked up to see your best friend holding a mug of hot chocolate. She placed it on the table in front of you before staring at you again, “stop biting your nails, it’s a bad habit.”

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17: I Have Questions: Question 1

A little piece inspired by the song ‘ I Have Questions’ by Camila Cabello. 
Feedback is amazing, so feel free to let me know how you’re feeling about this!
Part 2 and 3 to come.

‘Number one; tell me who you think you are. You’ve got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart.’

It had been building up for a while, little fights just piling up in the back of your mind and pulling from your focus frequently.

Last Saturday it had been about money, and about how you felt that you were not ever allowed to pay for anything that involved the two of you. 

“It’s not fair on you, though! A relationship is a two way street and you’re not letting me have anything in it!” You exclaimed over the island in the kitchen of your flat.

“It doesn’t bother me!” His arms were flailing as he moved them to help emphasise what he was saying.

“But it bothers me!” You put your hands on the granite counter, “You’ve got all the damn power in this and it isn’t fair!” You were thankful that it was a Saturday and weekend that Nora had decided to spend at her family house in the countryside. This wasn’t something you wanted her to hear.

“This is stupid,” and he shook his head. “Why can’t I pay for things?”

“You can, Harry, but not everything. I’m feeling like I’m obligated to do something for you but you won’t let me. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.”

 “This is stupid, I’m not arguing about this.” And with that, he turned on his heel, waved as he does when he sees strangers staring at him. You stood there in shock that he had just walked out on you, and you heard the door shut behind him


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hamsterritos  asked:

my kink is evan getting flustered over pizza boi connor murphy w a ponytail and a heartbreaking smile please nd thank

same, dude, same

It all starts in the spring of his junior year.

Evan’s puttering around the kitchen, laptop opened on the counter, checking the cabinets and the refrigerator for what must be the third time in the hopes that food will magically appear and he’ll be able to avoid ordering anything. Sadly, the only thing resembling sustenance is a package of freeze burned fish sticks and eating those would be a one-way ticket to Dr. Sherman’s office. Or the emergency room.

Preferably the emergency room.

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dear evan hansen
evan hansen/jared kleinman
1755 words


suicide attempt mention
panic attack (really just one sentence that goes “evan has a panic attack.”)
post-canon, canon compliant


they tip each other and pour it all out / they talk about the forty-foot oak tree

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Missing Parts - 20.

Part 21
Missing Parts Masterlist

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In the next morning you woke up feeling exhausted, with the lack of sleep clearly visible under your eyes. As usually, your friends already left the Gryffindor Tower by the time you get up from the bed, so after a quick refreshing shower you followed them down to the Great Hall. One short glance at Harry’s face told he’s furious again, so you sat next to Hermione, not even trying to test his patience now.

Spending half of your night with thinking, you decided two things in the end. One: you’ll try your best and stay yourself; you wont be bitter, neither sorrowful. And two: you’ll talk to Harry again. But that part was more problematic, since finding the proper moment, when he doesn’t look like he could bite your head off in any moment, seemed nearly impossible.

“You look seriously tired.” – Ron said with furrowed eyebrows as Hemione handed the schedule to you.

Dropping the parchment to the table, you raised an eyebrow at him before poured some coffee into your mug. “Thanks Ron, every girl loves to hear this.” – But your cheerful tone disappeared as you started to examine which classes you have to attend to today. “Double potions! I’m so not prepared for Snape.”

“Have you ever…?” – Hermione asked with a tiny smile.

You shrugged. “No. But I haven’t slept much last night, so twice as much struggle…”

Harry squirmed on his chair and opened his mouth to say something, but closed quickly, turning his gaze back at his plate.

After an extremely boring History of Magic, you went down to the dimly lit dungeon, choosing a table at the back of the classroom. As every teacher, Snape started the lesson with speaking about the O.W.L.-s too, happily highlighting that most of you definitely won’t be in his class in the next year.

“What a loss.” – you said sarcastically, a little bit louder than you wanted. Ron snorted whilst Hermione threw a stern look at you.

Snape took a slow, deep breath, stopping his gaze at you. “But we have still another year to go before that blissful moment of farewell.”

“I can’t wait that moment.” – It was like a reflex, leaning closer to Harry and whispering into his ear; and finally he smiled.

The Potion Master leisurely walked closer, but as anger filled his eyes, his voice remained calm. “As I see some of you still haven’t learnt to keep their mouth shut, Miss Black. Maybe a detention will help you to remember how you should behave in my class. Today, five o’clok.”

You opened your mouth to answer, but Hermione kicked you in the ankle, so only a low groan escaped your throat.

“Are you enjoying this?” – she asked strictly when you left the classroom, walking up to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Harry silently walked between you, staring off into the distance.

“Honestly?” – you chuckled. “Yes. Annoying Snape worth every minutes of detention.”

Hermione huffed. “But you cannot do this! This year is very important, and he will made it harder for you! You should…”

“Can’t you just stop arguing?” – Harry cut her off suddenly, his voice loud. – “It’s enough to hear you and Ron fighting with each other. You really all trying to drive me crazy?”

Ron and Hermione taken aback, but exchanged a worried, almost regretting glance. Looking at Harry with raised eyebrows, you said calmly, “I’m really close to hex you.” He turned his head to you, fuming, but then his face softened, and smiled, though it was hardly noticeable.

The tiny hope you can talk to him later faded with the first class with Umbridge. You’ve seen Harry angry several times – especially in the last few weeks – but this was beyond everything; he was madly furious, he was shaking as he bellowed at the teacher, and you thought he could kill her with his eyes, but then she sent him out to your Head of House. You couldn’t blame him for standing up against Umbridge, but you really did worry about him.

During lunch, you considered to speak with him, but after he yelled at both Ron and Hermione for some small reason, you decided it’s better to keep your distance. The rest of your day has passed quickly, and you saw he started to calm down, but when you left the common room together later as both of you had detention, you haven’t spoke a single word with each other.

Snape kept you on detention longer than usual; it was late night, the corridors were empty, quiet, and almost completey dark when you left the chilly dungeon. Walking up to the dormitory, you found as everybody were already sleeping, but after you fetched some parchment, ink, and quill, you went back down to the common room. After what happened today, you definitely wanted to write to your parents about what kind of a teacher you have. Spending so many hours at the dungeon, you were still cold, so crawling up on a couch next to the fireplace, you threw a fuzzy, read blanket over yourself.

Half an hour has passed, but there were only just a few sentences scribbled down; your tired, sleep-deprived brain was too dull to make coherent sentences. You tore up the parchment and throw it into the fire when the portrait hole’s door swunged open and Harry stepped in, looking at least as exhausted as you. He took off his robes and loosened his tie and collar before collapsed on the couch in front of you. There was silence, but you felt his eyes on you. After minutes what seemed like an eternity, you heard his low voice. “What did you have to do?”

“Cleaning. Snape said I probably get used to it anyway… Very witty.” – you rolled your eyes and straightened up. – “You?”

He hesitated, staring into the fire. “Just lines.”

“I thought she’d give something more… horrible.” – you raised your eyebrows in surprise; Umbridge seemed a terrible woman, it was hard to believe she just made him to write.

Harry remained silent, and you had the feeling he’d get up and leave you in any minute, so you jumped up and sat down next to him with the blanket still over your shoulders. “Listen, I know you said we should stay away from each other,…” – you started calmly, fearing he’ll be angry again, but he cut you off.

“Yeah, it was stupid.”

Since you were prepared for every kind of reaction except this, you were taken aback, staring at him speechless. “I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m sorry. I really am.”

“Harry, you know I’m not mad at you. I’m just trying to help.” – you smiled at him kindly.

“Really? Earlier today you wanted to hex me.” – he laughed, and the sweet sound made your heart melted, finally seeing him like this.

“Well, you know I’d do it without hesitation.” – you said with a mischievous smile, and he just nodded, still grinning, so you continued almost timidly. You didn’t want to spoil his mood. – “So… will you talk to me now?”

“I don’t know what to say.” – he started with a weak, desperate voice. – “I’m just so angry, and I cannot even tell exactly why.”

After everything that happened to him you weren’t surprised at all that he’s angry without any special reason. But as much as you worried about him and wanted to help him, you had no idea how; you were only sure that you want to be there for him, even when he feels he doesn’t need anybody.

“I want you to know…” – you started, taking his palm between your hands, but stopping as he hissed. – “What is it?”

He let out a small sigh. “It wasn’t just lines.” – And he show the back of his hand to you, which was all deep red and irritated. He told about Umbridge’s quill and what he had to write for hours, which made you so furious, you felt as your whole head burned with anger.

“That old, stupid hag! I can’t believe it!” – you shouted, jumping up from the couch, but Harry take your hands, pulling you back down next to himself.

“You wake up the whole tower.”

“I don’t care.” – you said, but turned your voice down. Thoughts were spinning around in your head, you remained silent for a few minutes, staring at the wall. “There’s no point to tell to Dumbledore, is there? She’s working for Fudge. We don’t stand a chance.”

He just nodded slowly with a nearly defeated expression on his face. Loss of words, you leaned on his chest and he embraced your shoulder immediately, stroking your arm up and down. “Why are you so bloody cold?”

“I just spent six hours in Snape’s sanctuary.” – you muttered in a sniffy tone, eyes closed. – “You could warm me up, you know.”

The only reason you said that so easily because you meant it as a joke, but he probably didn’t take it as he stood up, picking the blanket up from the floor that you dropped earlier. – “Give me some space, then?” – And he lied next to you, pulling you on his chest with his arms around your waist and shoulder and the blanket over you.  It was just so nice, calming yet exciting, listening his heartbeat, which was at least as fast as yours. You were glad he didn’t see your face because there was a huge smile on you that couldn’t disappear.

His bodyheat and the closeness warmed you up soon, but his fingertips running through your locks sent shivers down on your spine. “Still cold?”

“No, I’m okay now.” – you said, taking his hand out from your hair and intertwining your fingers with his. – “Can we just stay here?”

“If you let me to play with your hair.”

You giggled and let go of his hand which quickly find the way back, lost in your hair at the back of your head, and you stayed like this, falling asleep in each others’ arms.

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Fixing Blue

This is a second part to my story Seeing Red (found |x| for ao3 and |x| on my blog)

Healing must be one of the hardest things for the human race to endure through. Some are able to push through to the end easily, others struggle to make it all the way to the finish. And a handful, well, sometimes that healing process takes too much and pushes out the light before they even come close to the exit of the tunnel. Although everyone wishes that healing was an instant occurrence, it just isn’t and god knows if it ever will be. Even an ancient alien civilization far more advanced in technology than humanity wasn’t even able to perfect the seemingly impossible task. 

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When Saeyoung Isn't Home (Saeran/MC)

It had been four days since Saeyoung Choi left his house. It wasn’t easy. To say goodbye to the love of his life, who he might or might not be seeing ever again. He still remembered her tearful face when she let him go.

How? How could he forget it?

And then there was him. A guy who looked almost exactly like him, only that he didn’t wear glasses and he had mint green eyes. Unlike her, nothing changed on his face. He just stared at him, saying nothing like he always did.

“I’ll be gone for only a week. Please take care of her for me.”


“Thank you so much. I know I can count on you. Well then, I guess I should be going now…”

Having a job where you had to devote yourself to your country was never easy.


The rain was falling. She sighed. The house was as quiet as graveyard if she didn’t count the rough sound of raindrops hitting the ground outside. There were only him and her, staying together inside a house like they had been forced to do that.

Saeyoung had the ability to turn a graveyard into a nightclub in no time. Sadly, he wasn’t there.

Saeran was sitting on the sofa with his legs meeting his chest as he played the gaming device his brother had given him a couple of weeks ago. His face never changed. Whether he had lost or won, nobody could really tell.

“Do you want something to eat?”



It was always like that. A one-way conversation. She asked him something, he replied with one word, she responded, and their conversation ended. Living alone or together with him made no difference.

She went on with what she was doing–cooking something for herself. Everything went smoothly until she was chopping some onions… and suddenly the house blacked out.


He said nothing. Maybe he had gotten used to it. The darkness. Maybe it was one thing he fancied so much.

“S-Saeran… I… I think I just cut my finger a bit… if you don’t mind, would you help me find some light?”

Still nothing. It was almost completely black. She stared at the sofa where he had been sitting, trying to track him. He had put his device on the sofa as she could see the bright light off its screen.

But where was he? Did he walk away? Did he leave her alone?


She felt a presence besides her. Quickly, she turned her head to her right. There was a flick, and a lighter was turned on. Behind that small source of light, there was his face. Still emotionless as usual, but in the dark surrounded by light.

She couldn’t help but to stare at him. They had never gotten this close before. And she couldn’t help but to notice just how beautiful those mint green eyes were. She didn’t feel like blinking. She kept staring at those eyes, slowly losing her awareness.


Only then was she taken aback. “Oh… I’m… I’m sorry.”

It was his turn to stare at her. A few seconds passed, which felt like an eternity to her.

“You’re strange.”

She had no idea what to say to that. It seemed like her brain had stopped working. After that he turned and started walking. She followed him in instant, didn’t want to be left alone in the dark. He sat back on the sofa while still holding his lighter. She stood besides him.

“Can I… sit with you?”


That meant yes. He had his own dictionary.

She sat on the sofa and they both fell into silence. Silence in darkness. She would appreciate it if someone wanted to make a horror movie out of that situation. It wasn’t a surprise to see him like that but she couldn’t stand the awkwardness.

How she wished the blackout never happened.

She glanced at him. He stared straight to the front. To the blackness. What was he thinking inside of that red head? And to see his face up close from the side… it was even better. She made herself a mental note on how precise the point of the tip of his nose was, how sharp his jawline, how defined his whole face…

“What is it?”

He glared at her. His eyebrows furrowed a little bit. Even so, she couldn’t stop staring. In fact, a stronger force inside of her was able to drive her to do something she had never imagined in a million years.

She kissed him on his lips.

The kiss lasted for five seconds, before she pulled away. It was obvious from the look on his face that he did not expect it at all. His eyes widened and his cheeks flushed.

“W-what are you doing? Are you an imbecile? Do you want me to burn this whole house down?”

“I-I… I… uh… I’m…”

The lights went back on. He did not waste any second. He turned off his lighter, took his gaming device, stood up from his seat, and walked away into his room.


He tossed and turned. No matter how hard he tried to sleep, he couldn’t. The thing that had happened to his lips… it bothered him like a bug in his favorite software. He didn’t like it. But he wasn’t sure which part of it that he disliked.

The fact that it happened to him, or the fact that it bothered him.

“Stupid girl. Why did she do that?”

He tossed and turned again. He could do that all night long if necessary. But he just wanted to sleep.

“I can’t sleep because of that stupid girl. I should talk to her and give her a lesson.”


When he tried to open her door, it was unlocked. That was another proof of her stupidity. She was sleeping. And he didn’t like it. How could she ruin his sleep and got away with it? He wouldn’t let her. She had to pay for what she had done to him.

He was about to yell at her to wake her up when he heard her sobbing. At first, he wasn’t so sure, but when he stood right in front of her, it was confirmed. She was indeed sobbing.

“Sae… Saeyoung…”

She must have been dreaming. He sighed. Even while sleeping, she was still stupid.

“Wake up.”

He shook her body by her shoulder. It didn’t take long for her to open her eyes and see him. She wiped her tears and sat up on her bed.

“Saeran? What are you doing here?” Her voice cracked.

“Why did you cry in your sleep?” He asked her instead of answering.

“Oh… that,” she attempted to breathe properly, “I don’t know. I’m not sure. I… I think I dreamed of Saeyoung. I thought he was going to leave me forever. I’m so afraid. I guess I just miss him a little bit too much…”

He folded his arms and looked away. “I know how that feels.”


“Never mind.”

She rubbed her eyes. “What are you doing in my room? You should be sleeping.”

“That idiot just doesn’t know how to respect people, does he?” Once again, he did not answer her question.

She sighed. “I won’t put it that way but… yeah he doesn’t.”

He didn’t know what kind of spirit that took control over his body, but something about her swollen and red eyes made him want to sit beside her. They fell into silence for the second time that day.

They spent almost a minute sitting side by side while busy thinking about something in their own heads. It was like being alone together. And then, all of a sudden, they stared at each other. In the silence, they were talking. Talking with their eyes, where everything in their hearts had been written.

Their hearts, their feelings, their thoughts… they were reading as well as conversing with each other without saying a word. Then it happened again. It just happened. Just like that. Naturally. Without force. Without hesitation.

She kissed his lips. But not just once. Twice, thrice, four times, five times, six times… and it went longer, deeper, more intense and passionate. The clueless boy did nothing. He let her do whatever she wanted. Even when she put her lips on his neck and when her hands began grabbing his clothes.


He stared at the wall. He couldn’t sleep. It turned out that his theory was wrong. Talking to her didn’t send him to sleep, it created even more bugs in his brain’s program. He felt her tiny finger tracing his tattoo on his bare right arm.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked.

He could feel her breath tickling his earlobe. It sent shivers down his spine. “Do I really need to answer that…?”

Her voice was deep, and rough. Just like the thing that they had done with each other. He hadn’t done processing her voice inside his head, but he already felt another thing. Her tiny pair of lips sucking his neck, planting sweet and lovely kisses on it.

“Saeran… don’t leave.”

Her hands found their way around his waist. And he could feel her bare skin pressing against his. Her head resting on his shoulder. She hugged him from behind, holding him tight, keeping him close, not letting go. Body to body. Skin to skin. Something so absurd, yet it happened to him.

“Don’t ever leave me…”

His eyes felt heavy. His vision became blurry. It was like someone had injected a poison into him. He was familiar with this feeling. When you felt so light, so weightless, and you just wanted to close your eyes, leave the world behind, and enter your own world.

A drug. An ecstasy. A paradise.

It was faint, but he could hear himself whispering.

“I won’t…”


Three days later, Saeyoung was back safe and sound. She ran into him, jumped as she hugged him. They turned around, swirling like an ice cream on top of its cone. She cried her tears of joy while hugging him. He couldn’t see her face, or the person she was staring at behind his back.

Those mint green eyes again.


“Saeran, thank you so much. You really did take good care of her.”

The younger twin stared at the older one. “No need to thank me. It’s nothing.”

He stood up and was about to walk away when Saeyoung grabbed his wrist. “No, Saeran. Thank you. I really mean it.”

Saeran turned his head and they stared at each other once again. This time it was much longer than the first. “You’re being weird.”

The older twin let go of his brother’s wrist and then the latter just walked away.


“Hey Saeran! Do you know why twins are more special than regular siblings?”

“No, Saeyoung. Why is that?”

“It’s because their souls are connected. Just like us. Our souls are connected!”

“I still don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“Saeran, our souls are connected in such way that I can look into your eyes and know everything you’re hiding behind them.”

The End

P.S: My first ever fan fiction here after all this time! So, how is it? Tell me what you think about it on the comment section! I’ll look forward to it! 😃
{Mafia AU Reaction} When EXO are in the mafia and you’re their wife but you try and run away

Hey! I love your writing! I was wondering if you could kinda do like an EXO mafia!AU you’re in an arranged marriage where you try to run away but end up getting caught by him???

Note: I almost just died writing this, but it’s okay I somehow survived, though I have acquired a shot of Mafia!EXO feels, thanks anon ;) teehee~ I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you will all enjoy it and especially the anon who requested it. Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

In the mafia, Chanyeol deals with drugs, or does simple missions because he isn’t suited to the hard jobs. Chanyeol grows attachments easily, and that can sometimes interfere with his work, so he’s never given the emotionally difficult jobs. Kris’ tough, but he’s not a heartless bastard - and Chanyeol is grateful for that. His emotional side is what drew you to Chanyeol in the first place, you thought you could change him, bring him back and have a nice normal life together. But those were your vulnerable days, and now, married, you realise how stupid you’d been. Running away seemed like the only plausible thing to do, for your own good, but running away from Chanyeol and his gang members was never going to be so simple.

Chanyeol: “Why did you try to run away?”

{y/n}: “Can’t you see what this is doing to me? I can’t live like this!”

Chanyeol: “One more chance… Please… I can change, I promise.”

Do Kyungsoo

Originally posted by jonginssoo

You want to run away from Do Kyungsoo? Yeah, you’re delusional. You signed that marriage contract, there’s no way you’re getting away from this man. Kyungsoo, professionally known as D.O., is not lighthearted, he’s ruthless, a cold killer, so a simple runaway isn’t going to phase him at all. As soon as he caught you, he simply smiled, in this spine shivering way and pulled you in with one arm wrapped around your waist, his other hand occupying a knife that he placed next to your neck, grazing lightly against the skin teasingly.

Kyungsoo: “Thought you’d run, did you? Well Jagi, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re stuck, I’m your fate now.”

{y/n}: “You’re crazy.”

Kyungsoo: “Crazy in love with you, my dear. And it won’t be long until you feel the same way about me. But for now, I think I owe you a punishment.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by ohsexyguys

Baekhyun is a part of the EXO gang, but his job isn’t as mainstream as the others. Instead, he’s more of a male prostitute, and sells his body for money and secrets. If EXO needs to get information on another gang or the government, Baekhyun will pull his skills on any man or woman and has their every thought rolling off their tongues within seconds. But he has a heart, and when he finds out he’s marrying you, it throws him off guard a lot. It doesn’t feel right continuing in the job he i doing, but he only does something about it when he finds out that you’ve run away.

Baekhyun: “I’m sorry {y/n}, I know it’s hard on you.”

{y/n}: “I can’t be with a man that sleeps with other people.”

Baekhyun: “Then I’ll change, please don’t leave me. This can really work between us, I promise.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

Sehun was most likely the most pissed off out of all the members when he found out that he was arranged to be married with you. It had been your families that had decided on it. Little did you or his family know about his underground life as a mafia worker. When you found out, you were sworn to secrecy, with not only Sehun on your back, but also his boss, Kim Junmyeon too. When you were officially Sehun’s wife, you realised how hard this life was going to be. You didn’t know what Sehun did when he went ‘off to work’ and a part of you really didn’t want to know. But your mind did wander, did he kill others? Is he dead? Is he having sex with another women? It would explain him coming home so late and stumbling into bed around 4am after not seeing you for hours. This built up over time, until you finally decided to run away - to make a new life, but getting away from this wasn’t as simple as you anticipated.

Sehun: *Pins you up against the wall* “And where did you think you were going?”

{y/n}: “The store, we ran out of-”

Sehun: “You had a suitcase! You’re not getting away from me, {y/n}. This is your life now, if you run away, there’s nothing I can do to help you. Junmyeon will track you down and kill you, you know too much.”

{y/n}: “Maybe it’s better than living like this!”

Sehun: *Hides his hurt - but too stubborn to show it* “Whatever {y/n}, do whatever you want, I’ll let Junmyeon kill you for all I care!” *wouldn’t actually, he’d probably sacrifice himself for you tbh*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by archive-gif-source

If you’ve ever thought running away from Zhang Yixing, then you’ve got another thing coming. You signed that marriage contract, and now you’re his, and he likes to remind you of that a hell of a lot. His job in the mafia is the ‘sweetheart scam.’ he acts innocent, but like hell is he. He gets all the pretty little details from people with the eyes of a puppy until he doesn’t need him, and that’s when his true devilish eyes show. Seeing Yixing is like seeing red, he’s a demon with the face of an angel. A fallen angel. That’s what he is.

Yixing: “But sweetheart, why are all your clothes laid out on the bed, are you going somewhere?” *somehow his sweet tone is more terrifying than if he was angry*

{y/n}: “I- I was just… sorting through them, I need to throw some away.”

Yixing: “Oh good, for a moment there, I thought you were planning on running. But you’re not that stupid, are you? {y/n}, because you know you can never run away jagi, you’re all mine.” *Hugs you from behind, smirking into your hair this lil’ shit wrecks everyone oml*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Since Jongdae is the master of kidnapping, there isn’t much chance of you getting very far however hard you try. He knew you’d escaped the second he came home after a job one evening. He knew you’d been acting more withdrawn than usual, and he saw your change of personality - but he never thought you’d actually try and runaway. With the help of his mastermind friend, Minseok, he managed to trakc you down before shooting off into the night to bring you back.

{y/n}: “I can’t believe you kidnapped me! Let me go!”

Jongdae: “The door is just over there… if you can get to it, that is.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by yumikasai

Minseok is a man of many talents. Mainly, he’s the computer man, he can hack any code, and can sweet talk anyone he needs information from, he’s the master of cyber stalking. But his talents don’t stop there, he doesn’t make a bad field man either, and he certainly never lacks in the seduction category. He was more than likely the most shocked when he found out about his arranged marriage. Minseok isn’t stupid, he knows it would be dangerous for both of you in this relationship, but on the other hand, what does he want more - his job? Or his dream life where he can settle down with a beautiful partner like yourself?

Minseok: *Finally finds you after looking for two days straight without rest.* “Bloody hell {y/n}, do you know how worried I was?!”

{y/n}: “Oh I’m sure you were in shambles while you fucked that other girl.”

Minseok: “You know all of that is for my job…”

{y/n}: “If you don’t stop then all of this will go in my history and I’ll move on!”

Minseok: “I’m not going to let you, not that easily.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by kim-jongmin

Tao is the main assassin for the mafia alongside Kyungsoo. He’s lethal and powerful. He’s not just strong with his body, but he’s also a martial artist. He might not be as good at shooting a gun long range like Kyungsoo, but he has the combat, and getting anywhere near this man will have you six feet under within seconds. When he found out that you had run away from him, he wasn’t happy, and set straight out to look for you without really thinking too much about a strategy. When he finally found you in a hotel room not too far from where you and he live, he pushed you up against the wall, holding you tightly to show his control.

Tao: “You made a bad decision today {y/n}, and now you’re going to pay.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by baekintime

Kris is the leader of the mafia, but everyone knows that Suho runs the show. He’s good to look at, posh suits and expensive cars, but don’t be deluded by his false sense of security, this man could do a lot of damage. One of the other members heard you packing up some clothes one night and told Suho, so you didn’t even get the chance to escape. You went upstairs, ready to grab your bag when you saw your arranged husband waiting or you, sitting on the bed with an expectant smirk riding on his face.

Suho: “Going somewhere, jagi?”

{y/n}: “N-no, why would I do that?”

Suho: “See that’s what I thought… you’d be stupid to run babe, especially when everyone knows you’re mine, and no one messes with me.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Luhan has the job of sweet talking and seducing people for information, like Yixing. But unlike Yixing, Luhan makes attachments a lot easier, and can be swayed by his feelings very quickly. This is why you are his downfall. He married you because he was forced to, but now, he can feel himself falling for you, and there’s nothing worse than falling in love in an industry that prohibits it. But Luhan is hopeful, and holds his heart over his head. He doesn’t tell anyone when you ran away, just snuck out and looked for you himself, when he finally found you, a wash of emotions ran through him, all he wanted was you, and nothing was more important to him than that.

Luhan: “I’m sorry jagi, I’m so sorry. I know you deserve better than me, but please give me another chance. I can change, I’ll pull out of his fucking shit job and we’ll settle. We can buy a house and a dog. Our biggest worries will be what colour to paint the bathroom and what school our children will be going to attend… please… I need you.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by blondejongin

Kai is the man that goes to retrieve things that are owed to the boss. Mostly money, but every now and again he does need to get his hands dirty. He’s good at his job, and not a lot scares him anymore. He doesn’t like anyone treading in his territory, part of the reason why he doesn’t get along with Kyungsoo or Tao, he likes to do work alone, and hates nothing more than to find his work already done. When he found out that you were planning on running away from him, he wasn’t happy, and was waiting for you around the corner as you stepped outside of the house.

{y/n}: “Oh Kai… I was just…. Just looking for you, yeah, just looking for you.”

Kai: *Knows you’re lying* “You have ten seconds to get inside the house before I punish you where you stand.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by chan-baek-yeol

The leader of EXO mafia doesn’t like it when things don’t run smoothly, and he also doesn’t like it when people defy or betray him, so when he finds out that you’ve run away, he sets his whole team out to go and find you, and they weren’t allowed to rest until you had been found. But of course, his men are smart, ad strong, and it didn’t take them very long at all to find you. Between Minseok’s tracking and Jongdae’s kidnapping and Kyungsoo’s long range shots and Tao’s excellent strength, you were next to powerless against these eleven mafia professionals. When you were finally flung into Kris’ office, alone and weeping on your knees before him, he smiled, because he knew you were all his again.

Miles between what we say and what we mean

MP100 Valentines Week
Day 4; Aquarium

pairing: terumob

Story tag


Teruki isn’t stupid. Far from it, actually.

He prides himself on a quick wit and a sharp analytical mind, always planning two steps ahead no matter who he’s with and where they are, and his psychic abilities wouldn’t be anywhere near their current level without an obscene amount of study. He knows a little bit about every subject, give or take, and what he finds he doesn’t know he’s quick to learn.

And so he knows, on a fundamental level, that wanting something and having it are two very different creatures.

As much as he might want Shigeo, Teruki is aware that he can’t have him.

For the most part, he’s comfortable with that.

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Midnight Coffee

Jasmine Cephas Jones x Fem!Reader
Words: 1760

well hello there. surprised to see me writing again? so am i honestly.

i got a keyboard the other day and all i’ve been doing is playing it and crying when the pedal misbehaves (the keyboard ends up sustaining by itself and the pedal stops the sustain which is the wrong way around)

but anyway. i’ve had a bit of writers block and i’ve had a lot going on in my life. i’m horrible at all of my subjects, i feel pretty isolated at school and on here and i kinda just gave up for a little while.

tonight, i just started writing. this was going to be an anthony x reader or a daveed x reader but i never have written a jasmine x reader. i suppose this could be day 6 of the hamwriters challenge (that i never did finish oops)

i’ll finish my speech now because i really wanna watch this episode of legion and then maybe (probably not) get some sleep. i hope you all enjoy this!

requests are open or if you wanna chat or something, you can message me. I love you all

ps. i really love dan stevens wow what a man 


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It was late one Sunday night when you first met Jasmine.

You were sitting in your tiny apartment with its paper thin walls and it’s horrible acoustics as you tried to finish a song. You knew the song needed to be finished by midnight at the latest for it to be counted towards your grade, but you also knew that your current writer’s block may have been the worst ever.

The task was simple and one you had completed many times before, but when you sat down at your keyboard, you felt nothing. There wasn’t a melody in your head besides “Careless Whisper”, the song your ex had played a cover of in class today.

He had dedicated it to you, which made you roll your eyes once again. He really hadn’t clicked on to the fact that you weren’t interested in him, nor any other guy on the planet. Alas, your parents seemed to have a hatred for people in the LGBTQ+ community that you just couldn’t explain. You weren’t sure what it was, but whenever they saw a same sex couple in public, they would turn their noses.

You knew you weren’t coming out anytime soon. You still hadn’t found the right person, so what was the point anyway?

You sighed when you realised your mind had drifted again, turning your attention back to the blank page on your music stand. It looked like someone had taken a scan of your brain and printed it out onto paper… you had nothing, the page had nothing, it was a match made in heaven.

A three minute song couldn’t be that hard to write, right? You usually smashed out five minute songs in about an hour when you didn’t need to. But now that there was criteria, that people were judging you… you simply didn’t know what to do.

About another hour passed of changing the direction of your stare from the tree outside your window and back to the sheet music when you decided you had finally had enough. “For fuck’s sake! I’m never getting this done!” You exclaimed, picking up your music stand and throwing it at the wall out of frustration.

A cloud of dirt filled the air as the music stand went through the wall you shared with your neighbour. You gasped, staring at the hole in shock. You hadn’t thrown it that hard, had you? Maybe you had… how the hell were you supposed to cover this up? Or pay for the damage you had caused?

You pulled the music stand out of the wall, glancing through the wall at the nicely decorated apartment. You had never met your neighbours, but from the loud rap music you often heard some nights, you had assumed they were thugs.

The door in the apartment swung open to reveal a young girl with short hair. You gasped, looking around anxiously before bolting and sitting down at your keyboard. You acted natural, biting down hard on your lip as the girl stepped forward and inspected the wall.

“Still haven’t gotten that song done?”

Your eyes widened. You looked up from where you were pretending to play, a red blush coating your cheeks. “U-Uh what?” You replied, resting your elbow on one of the keys and jumping when a low note was played. You fell backwards off the chair, groaning and closing your eyes in embarrassment.

The girl in the opposite apartment giggled. “Is your door open? I’ve heard the other originals you’ve written and I think I could help create something similar. Your assignment’s due tomorrow, right?” She asked.

You looked at her in confusion, having no words for the extraordinary girl. You had never seen anyone like her before… she was beautiful, kind and she didn’t seem angry about the wall. In fact, she hadn’t even mentioned it yet. That had to be something good, right?

Letting out a long sigh, you laid on the floor and watched as the girl disappeared, your head snapping to your door as she walked into your apartment.

“I’m Jasmine by the way, and you might want to consider locking your door. There are some weird people around here,” she stated, holding out her finely manicured hand and helping you up from where you laid on the ground.

“(Y/N). I’m (Y/N),” you said, sitting back down on your chair. “Now, would you mind telling me how you know so much about my assignment? And so much about me?”

Jasmine’s eyes widened. She blushed slightly, pulling a seat over to the piano and sitting next to you. “Well, my ex-boyfriend / best friend is always off in the studio making music. I’m home a lot, and I’m often curious when I hear you playing. Well, I’ve always been curious. You always play sad songs, even if they’re not your originals. I was wondering what kind of person was waiting behind the wall,” She started, playing with the hem of her sleeve as she continued on.

“As you know, the walls are pretty thin. I’m sure you’ve heard Anthony and I arguing over stupid things before… but whenever their was silence on my side of the wall, there was always yelling or conversations on yours. It made me feel kinda safe to know there was someone else living here… as you may have noticed, most of the neighbours are totally insane. I hope that answers your question.”

You looked up from the keyboard keys to her, your eyes glancing over her as you tried to find the words to fill the silence. “S-So you’re not mad about the wall?” You asked, freezing as she looked up from her hands. She truly was one of the most beautiful women you had ever seen.

“I was a bit shocked at first, but I like to take everything as an opportunity. I was thinking maybe we could go and get coffee and then get started on some chord progressions and lyrics? I’d love to help you out. You do seem rather stressed,” Jasmine suggested, a small smile appearing on her face.

“Wait, really? You’re not worried at all… I’m afraid I don’t even have the funds to pay for it, and I wish I did because I feel so horrible that I-“

“Hey, don’t worry. Tonight is about getting things done and new opportunities. So what do you say? Do you want to join me on this adventure?” Jasmine interrupted, standing up and holding out her hand.

You smiled and nodded, taking her hand and standing up. The two of you exited your apartment (after you made sure the door was locked) and made your way down the street.

“Is anywhere going to be open? It is quite late… god, I should’ve never left my apartment. I should’ve tried to finish that stupid song,” You said, sighing.

Jasmine smirked as the two of you came to a retro like diner with a flashing open sign above it. “Have I mentioned I like to take chances?” She asked, opening the door and holding it for you as you entered.

The diner looked like something straight of a 50’s movie. You looked around, taking in the plastic, flashing neon lights and the many, many posters of Elvis and Marilyn Munroe. You scoffed slightly, looking at Jasmine. “You sure this is a good idea?”

“We’ve both done a lot of questionable things tonight. This can just add to the list,” She replied, walking up to the counter and ordering a coffee for herself before letting you order one as well.

“What kind of questionable things would you be talking about?” You asked, taking a seat in one of the uncomfortable booths as the two of you waited for your coffees.

“Well, smashing a music stand against the wall was definitely your first questionable decision. What else would go on the list? Letting a stranger into your house, I could be a serial killer for all you know. Or even worse, I could be one of those annoying neighbours that’s always smiling and talkative,” Jasmine stated, shuddering.

“You mean like that old man across the hall? He’s sweet as anything, but I do have to agree. He is a bit annoying sometimes. I guess I’ve just grown to tolerate him,” You said, shrugging and smiling as your drinks were placed down in front of you.

It felt like time stood still as the two of you sat in that diner, chatting and laughing. You never had met anyone quite like her. You were shocked you hadn’t spoken to her before, you could’ve gotten along so well if you had met earlier.

A loud beeping sound coming from your phone interrupted the flow of the conversation and sent you back to reality. As you pulled out your phone to turn off the alarm, you gasped as you saw it was nearly midnight. The song hadn’t even begun… you were majorly screwed.

“Look Jasmine, this has been incredible but I think I have to go. If I don’t get this song in to my professor in the next fifteen minutes, it’ll go ungraded and that’ll bring all my grades down… it’ll pretty much be a disaster and I’ll never forgive myself. This was so lovely though…” You said, quickly standing and getting ready to run home.

Jasmine grabbed your hand before you could go, holding onto it tightly. “I think you worry about the future too much,” she stated, pulling you back into your seat. You raised your eyebrow, slipping your phone back into your pocket.

“You think so?” You asked quietly, your worries about the song disappearing as you looked into her eyes.

“I think that for tonight, you should just stay. Don’t worry about the future, don’t worry about the song! I think we’ve really got something special happening, and I don’t want to let it go yet. So please for tonight… stay?”

The millions of thoughts that flew through your head whenever you were doing anything seemed to stop when she began to talk. You admired the way her smile could light up a room, and how her voice seemed to flow like a never ending melody.

You never did hand in that song. That night and many more were spent in that diner, talking about your worlds and everything in them. You found yourself falling in love with Jasmine more and more every night.

Eventually, you handed in Midnight Coffee to your professor. A song about love, friendship, and an old diner that you couldn’t seem to leave.

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sad that the ask box is closing soon, but glad you're still so dedicated to your work here! c: Can i get separate Kuroo, Oikawa, and Bokuto red string of fate scenario with a smol female friend? thanks smuch! 😙

Anon, I realized after I wrote these that I’m not sure if you wanted them to be lovers in the end or just soulmates as friends? So, if I screwed that up, just let me know and I can rewrite them!

Also, dudes, I looked into this lore before writing these and it’s kind funny! The story and folktale actually originates in China and was adopted into Japanese culture. And the story is that there was a moon god - I don’t remember his name something Lao? - and he would tie red strings onto people’s ankles that were supposed to be together. So, he shared it with this boy and showed him who this kid was supposed to marry, but when the kid saw her, he threw a rock at her and ran away because “GIRLS ARE ICKY!” Then, years later when his family arranged his marriage, it was with this girl who hid her scar with a piecing because some little shit threw a rock at her when they were litter. LOL! He ended up with his soulmate and they lived happily ever after!

(I legit just pictured Tsukishima showing this kid his soulmate and him smirking so hard when the rock was thrown, like, “stupid, punk-ass, you’ll come around.” omg!)

Anyway, enjoy!

Waking up in the morning to find a red thread tied around his pinkie was definitely not how Kuroo had anticipated starting his day. With groggy brows furrowed, his hand reached to pull it off, only slightly perturbed when it stayed in place. Gaining more consciousness, his fingers took hold of one end of the knot, giving it a sharp tug before it escaped from his fingers.

Sitting up, he wondered what kind of elaborate prank she had played on his this time, but when his eyes followed the strand to where it disappeared through his closed door he knew this had nothing to do with any kind of joke. He had heard stories - lore and people just trying to get attention - but this… this was actually real in front of him. Unless he was high, but he hadn’t remembered getting high, so he’d let that possibility drop away.

He wasn’t sure how long he remained staring at it, but it must’ve been longer than he thought because she was walking through the door before he had even pushed himself from the mattress. Gracing her with his confused expression, his eyes took in the amused smile that touched at her lips. “Impressive, you’re actually awake,” she commented, a small laugh joining the words, “now hurry up, Kenma’s waiting.”

It wasn’t until she gestured for him to get up that he noticed it: the little red string tied around her own finger. Not only could he see it trail down to the floor, but it met with the end that was connected with his own. His breath caught in his throat and he was standing to his feet before he could stop himself. Reaching out to take her face in his hands, he leaned to press his mouth delicately to her own, a shiver running through him when she gasped at the contact.

“… What?” she breathed when he finally parted from her.

He smiled, forehead pressing to her own as he chuckled softly, “Sorry it took me so long to see.”

Oikawa had been confused all morning about the new red string that wouldn’t seem to detach from him no matter what he did. And it was starting to put him in a sour mood especially when he came to learn rather rudely from Iwaizumi that he was the only one that could see it. How hard was it to receive an uncomplicated day?

“Geez, stop sulking, will ya?” Iwaizumi grumbled as they took their seats in class, Oikawa’s chin falling to the surface of his desk as he glowered at the front of the room, “it’s fucking depressing.”

With pouting lips Oikawa waited until his friend was turned around before his tongue stuck out in a lame attempt at mocking. A small yell escaped him when a sharp slap was given to the back of his head. Shooting up, hand clasping to his head, he turned his glowering gaze on the new arrival, his expression not easing up in the slightest, especially not when the comment of throwing shade behind others backs passed through her lips.

“As if you’re one to–” he stopped as his eyes zeroed in on her hand that rose to run through her hair as she seated herself down next to him. There on her little finger was tied a string just as was around his own. His gaze shifted to Iwaizumi, confirming that he didn’t have one secured as the two of them did. With furrowed brows he followed the thin strand across the floor until it traveled up along his desk to end at his own finger. “What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“Jesus, Shittykawa, this again?” Iwaizumi sounded, turning around in his seat to watch as Oikawa reached for her hand, fingers tracing up an invisible thread until they met with her pinkie finger. And, he was sure he was going crazy, because both of his best friends seemed to move simultaneously until they were locking lips in a tight embrace. “Holy shit!” he shouted, hand rising to cover his eyes, “can’t you fucking wait until you’re alone!?!”

When Bokuto woke up that morning, he knew exactly what he had to do. He dressed quickly, heart beating rapidly against his chest as he was rushing out of the house, giving his parents a hurried goodbye before following the path that the red string guided him on. This is what he wished for, a sign that he could at least know who they were: his soulmate.

While he hadn’t thought about it initially, he soon began to wonder just how he would have to travel until he reached them. His pace slowed, gaze drifting down to the red strand laid out before him. What if they were miles away? What if they were in a completely different country? Oceans away on the other of the world with no chance of being able to pinpoint them? The thoughts instantly sent a heart sinking into his chest. How could he have been so hopelessly stupid to let himself get all worked up about something that was potentially impossible? Suddenly, he wondered if this string was not a blessing, but a curse he had placed upon himself.

A shuddered breath left him as he forced himself to push forward. Whatever the outcome was, he needed to know where this led, he couldn’t stop now with it before him. One step after the other, he let himself be carried mindlessly through the streets of Tokyo, completely lost to time as it passed.

“Bokuto? What are you doing here? Don’t you have practice today?” the familiar voice caused him to lift his head, eyes continuing to trail along the string until it stopped on the pinkie of the girl he had known for nearly his entire life. She was smiling at him, ice cream in hand, completely oblivious to his reasons for being out in the city despite his commitment to his team. He gaped a moment as his mind pulled at the pieces together, knotted so tightly around the two of them in that moment.

A wide grin instantly spread wide across his face as he closed the distance between them, his heart fluttering widely in his chest. “Yeah,” he whispered, his hand rising to brush against her cheek, “but there was something I had to do first.” He didn’t wait for a response before his mouth was pressing delicately to her own, falling into the touch when it was returned. He had always been with her, it was silly to think that he hadn’t realized sooner, maybe the fate’s thought the same when they led him too her.

Prompt - WinterIron, Vampire!Bucky, Human!Tony

Prompt: ‘’Soo, since you’re taking prompts I was wondering if you’d be willing to write some WinterIron with Vampire!Bucky trying to woo the adorable but completely clueless Human!Tony? (With the added difficulty that vampires do not lie or evade truths when they’re wooing as a sign of respect for their intended?)’’

Sooooo, I doubt that it’s exactly what you wanted, but my brain kind of went away with this version and I just followed, because it was really fun to write.

Hope you like it anyway :)

Tony was drunk. Which, okay, it was probably not very surprising, after all it was pretty well-known that alcohol and him were pretty much best friends.

But he was maybe slightly more drunk than he had thought, because. Because. There was a guy in front of him and- he was wearing a silver cape. And not like, the kinda-fashionable capes that you payed a fortune to wear - and that were ugly as fuck - oh, no, a full-on medieval cape, with mysterious scarlet patterns on it and a freakingly huge collar.

“What the FUCK?!?” Tony exclaimed, maybe - just maybe - slightly louder than was recommended when it was 3AM and you were on a residential street. But fuck, the guy was wearing a cape, and Tony had always felt a bit of compassion for Vernon Dursley.

He could hear the guy mumble something which sounded very much like “shit” and then he turned around and Tony just wanted to emphasize that his initial reaction was probably the most appropriate one.
Because, first, the guy was extremely handsome - tall, muscular, beautiful red mouth, longish hair well-cut: he checked all the cases in Tony’s perfect man profile. But well, the slight problem was, that his skin sparkled and… were his eyes red?
Oh no, Tony was going to die. Either assassinated in a street next to a pile of garbage and a dozen of rats, by the sound of it; or because of alcohol intoxication, because even during his wildest years, he had never ever drank enough to see a creepy guy impersonating Dracula.

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