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monsta x and:

monsta x + loving kihyun

Q: What feeling do you get when you look at Kihyun?

Changkyun: Warmth x, x

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mimi i just wanna let u know that u are absolutely loved and i check your blog literally twice every hour bc i never want to miss anything and you are just the absolute BEST at doing SO MUCH for the ARMY and keeping us updated (honestly, how lost would i be in this fandom without you!), not to mention you are an absolute darling and so kind to everyone! i hope people arent giving you a hard time bc you deserve all the love and kindness from us, and if they are, let us know who and i will fight !


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Thank you, I love y'all more than Jin loves his face ❤️❤️❤️ maybe even more than that ^^ yes totally more ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thanks to AU Smart Pass we know now that our next set in the Japanese Version is going to be a Lawyer-themed set !!

That’s right, those faces come from serious men that are about to get into their jobs as defenders of the law, are you guys excited ??  Do you like their cute little ties ??  How many of you are going to reference the Drama CDs, I wonder.png

We’ll be receiving a brand new event, plus a new set of Strategy Stages, this upcoming Friday 24th so better be ready for it !!

random things with haz

lots of you kids requested harrison stuff, so before i write one shots and series and stuff, here’s a head cannon to give you (and me) a few ideas of what haz  would be like in a relationship and stuff

*this is what i’m talking about. do you not see how cute and like fluffy his cheeks look when he smiles? he’s such a soft little boy you guys*

  • a lot of people think haz would be really dominate and super kinky -even in public and stuff
  • harrison is definitely a super shy dude until you get to be reeeaaally comfortable around each other

- i’m not saying that he’s totally submissive all the time, but he’s just a soft, cuddly boy

  • i feel like he’s big on pet names, too ( much like tom )
  • but totally different ones than tom’s, you know

- things like babe - but in a really thick accent so you can’t really tell if e’s calling you ‘babe’ or ‘div’

- he’d also call you sweetcheeks, like idk where i get that logic i just have a feeling he likes to call people sweetcheeks. whether it be jokingly or totally dead on serious about how sweet your butt cheeks look

  • he really really likes to cuddle
  • like a lot
  • but you have to be on his lap, he has to be the bigger spoon, and his arms have to be wrapped around you
  • snuggling is where he’s like this weird mix of sub! and dom! because he loves it when you play with his hair and treat him like a baby, but he has to know that’s he the bigger person in a cuddle session, ya know

  • he really likes it when you call him “hazzy” that he really only responds to it 

 “harrison, come here!” you would shout from the top/bottom of the stairs and he’d be afraid to come down because he thinks you only call him harrison when he’s in trouble 

“harrison-” you’d start, but he’d cut you off. “-that’s not my name.”

  • he’s really shy, like i’ve said before, so he doesn’t talk really loud
  • and he’ll mumble funny things that he notices to you and just maybe press a small kiss close your ear/temple area
  • and even though he’s not very big on pda, he still likes to be touching you

- it’s the kind of like the ‘oh shit where’s my phone’ paranoia that everyone goes through, you have to be able to feel it on you, or like holding it in your pocket or else you think you’ve lost it

  • that’s how he is with you

- he holds your hand all the time

- and sometimes when he’s not even holding your hand, or a bit too shy to hold your hand in front of all these people, he’ll just brush his fingertips on your palm and play with your fingers

  • i don’t really think he has an opinion on date nights or nights spent in, he just loves both of them so much because they both mean he gets to spend time with you
  • BUT, he does love seeing you get all dressed up and spend a lot of time on your outfit and makeup and hair and stuff

“lovely,” he’d say simply as he looks you up and down with his signature     soft harrison smile™ while he takes your hand and twirls you around a bit so he can see all of you

  • but he also loves seeing you not give a shit of what you look like

- you could be wearing a stained t-shirt with holes around the seams and sweatpants you haven’t washed in like forever, but he’d still admire you because… i mean, who couldn’t?

  • holy fuck, harrison osterfield in bed… 

let’s just take a deep breath before all this smut comes out 

  • ok so i know i said that he wouldn’t be really kinky in public, but at home… whoo, someone better watch this boy’s hands because they’re gonna be all over you

- imagine casually sitting on his couch, tom and harry close by on another couch, and you’re all just watching a movie ( who doesn’t fantasize about movie nights with the boys tbh ) you would be sitting in-between haz’s legs with a really thick blanket covering you. his arms would be wrapped around your sides and he’d rest his hands on your stomach. but then he’d slowly let his fingers go further down to your bellow button and even further down than that. and you knew what he was getting at because this is something he’d do all the time. literally all the time. he would just slip into the waist band of your panties, even when you were on your period, because he could just rest his hand on the inside of your thigh ( he’s mature and the thought of periods most likely doesn’t freak him out

he would feel you squirm as his cold fingertips slid down your slit and played circles around your clit. he’d keep saying “hold still, babe,” really low in your ear, almost like a growl but softer. and he’d literally finger you right then and there, but really secretively because he knows tom and harry will give him crap forever if they ever found out. moans would be so hard to hold in because damn, have you seen how long and thicc his fingers are, it’s like they were made to be inside of you.

-maybe i’ll elaborate on how he is in bed in a separate thing bc there is so much to get through and i don’t have the time or energy-

sorry, this sucked :( midway through writing it, i just had a crash and now i’m like really tired because i drank a lot of tea with lots of sugar and so i have no energy now haha

Ethan notices you’re upset

- when you guys go out to a movie, he asks if you’re comfortable where you’re sitting

- he surprises you at work and brings you a flower and snacks

- when him and Gray fly to New York, he sends you cute little texts throughout the day about how much he loves you

- he takes you out for weekly date night and brings you somewhere you’ve always wanted to go

- he asks you what you wanna do on a lazy Saturday afternoon

- he cuddles you extra close in bed and rubs your back soothingly until you fall asleep

- he lets you do his makeup even though he hates it, he does it because he knows you enjoy it

- he brings you breakfast in bed one rainy morning, because he knows you don’t like to get up when it’s rainy

- he brings you into the bathtub and sits with you in front of him, enjoying the warmth of the bath and the intimacy of sitting there together

- he gives you his favorite sweatshirt to wear around the house

- he massages your back after work and plays with your hair

- he watches your favorite tv shows with you, even though they do not appeal to him in the slightest but he does it for you

- he surprises you with little gifts like stuffed animals and chocolates

- he lets you be the big spoon because he knows sometimes you need to hold him instead sometimes

- he cleans the house after the mess him and Gray made after filming a video so you don’t have to

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Do you know any good shy!Derek fics. Those literally just make my heart melt

Enjoy 🤗🙊

Flowerwolf & Beacon Roots

Summary: Derek tries not to show his surprise, curiously hopeful, but still suspicious of Laura’s involvement. “Oh. How do you know my coffee order then?”

He grins. “The cute baristo knows your order, dude. All I had to do was ask for Grumpy Flower Guy’s usual.”

Derek huffs. “I’m not grumpy.”

“He says grumpily,” Stiles smirks, winking.

The sound of his own laughter surprises Derek, so yeah, okay, maybe Stiles has a point.

“Laura said that you weren’t really into dating,” Stiles goes on, “but that uh, you uh, well you know.” Stiles’ cheeks flush a very pretty ruddy pink under the scatter of beauty marks that Derek aches to taste. Stiles turns away, towards the cooler of roses, muttering to himself under his breath, which of course Derek can hear perfectly well. “Great freakin’ advice, Lydia, ‘just bring up sex and tell him you’re cool with having a one night stand,’ okay, sure, that worked fucking beautifully.”

“Okay.” The word is out of his mouth before Derek can even think about the consequences of saying it, something unusual for him. He wants Stiles however he can get him, it seems.

“Okay?” Stiles eyes are wide when he spins back to look at him.

“Yeah, okay. Let’s have sex.”

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You Had Me Since

Summary: “Would it help if I blew you?” “What?” Derek sputters. There is no way he heard that right. No way would Stiles Stilinski be asking him if he wanted a-

“Blow job.”


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Only You

Summary: Derek does his best to get out of the party, but despite his best efforts Erica somehow manages to convince him anyway. (The fact she mentions that Stiles Stilinski is going to be there, probably in tight jeans, is irrelevant.) Derek finds himself roped into a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ at a party and is dared to kiss Stiles.

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The Predictability of I Told You So’s

Summary:“Erica,” he calls, patiently waiting until she deigns to turn his way. “It’s the fifth time in two weeks. I didn’t order this. You know it. I know it. Hot Angry Hale knows it, and I’d really like to get to work without any significant maiming so could you please, give me my order.”

Erica pouts, “You’re no fun, Stilinski.”

“You know what I am though? Hungry-“

“For dick?” Erica grins lewdly, cocking her head.

Something crashes loudly behind them and they both turn to see Derek staring mournfully at the glass of orange juice he just broke, the tips of his ears red. He looks like he’s regretting all of his life decisions.

Erica starts cackling.

Read Here!


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a disclaimer

pedophilia is wrong. lolita & american beauty are indeed horror stories. however, there is nothing wrong with dressing like lo or any other nymphet. if you are underage and enjoy old school things, that is okay! you do not have to be judged for that. i completely support anyone who has a desire to indulge into nymphet fashion because it is, in fact, very cute. i do not support pedophilia, nor will i ever. what humbert does to lolita is very real and happens far too often. do not come onto my blog claiming this nonsense about how i need to understand the horrors of nymphets. i know what’s right and what’s wrong. i do not need people telling me my opinion. thank you, stay sweet and safe!

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Okay! What snaps would Dacre put on his story of you??!


  • omg if you follow ansel elgort on instagram then u know what i mean but if u do not here’s the thing
    • he’s always taking videos of his gf violetta literally just existing and it’s the purest thing, and i feel like that’s SUCH A DACRE MOVE
      • making lunch? its on snapchat
      • taking a walk to the store to buy a soda? it’s on snapchat
      • u r tying ur shoes? it’s on snapchat
        • and he’s always grinning or saying how cute u r
        • probably zooms in on your ass when you turn around sometimes


Sehun: As your Best Friend

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  • That friend that always looks amazing, half the school wants to be friends with them
  • Half are intimidated but his Resting Bitch Face™
  • You’re one of the few that know the dork beneath it all
  • Seriously, tho this tall bean is the softest but also the sassiest friend in the world
  • Is he laughing or what is that sound? who knows, you don’t
  • You gotta constantly struggle between wanting to smack him and wanting to feed him sweet foods
  • Wait how did you end up spending so much at the shop? Oh right Sehun’s killer pout made an appearance
  • Be strong in the face of the cute
  • He’s also your closest confidant and biggest supporter when you’re not doing so great
  • Sehun will sit and listen to you talk for as long as you want about your shitty boss that you can’t afford to piss off
  • And then he’ll go off and rip that man to shreds verbally so you can be petty together
  • Constant text messages and why does he always send so many selfies??
  • Wait he didn’t send those he took them with your phone
  • Oh well, looks like you have a ‘Sehun’ folder in your phone now
  • Bff Selfies
  • Sehun made a collage but he’s keeping it a secret
  • He texts you about the dumbest stuff
  • Like “my socks make my ankles look big”
  • And “Vivi just pooped and made me think of you”
  • “Aren’t my new sunglasses cool? they cost more than my car”
  • Half a dozen text messages all at once, you learned to not keep your phone on ring
  • Hanging out at coffee shops, the shopping district, the park
  • Always shows up at your house unannounced and suddenly you’re cooking food for two
  • Sehun’s gonna help you pick out the best outfit for your next job interview
  • And calls you right after so he can congratulate you rub it in your face cuz he knew it was gonna go perfectly, i told you so
  • He’s gotta be subtle with his love and support so he doesn’t spoil you
  • But Sehun really loves you a lot and he says it a lot too so that plan isn’t going so well


If they say “Awww look, she’s so cute, she’s not that scary”, wELL KEEP GROWLING AND APPROACH THEM IN AN INTIMIDATING WAY. They’ll probably get some insecure of what they said, and there’s when you can jump at them, pretending that you’re going to hurt them, and if they’re actually scared, well, you have organs uwu.

And make proud your bf >:3cc

I know it wasn’t serious that “help her” but i actually enjoyed doing this, lol.

This is great advice!

I shall use these notes for my next hunt! Hopefully it will be successful and I can finally taxidermy my first body and say; I HUNTED THAT. ALL BY MYSELF!! (at last!)


“Hey, Chase… did you get in okay?”

Kat had left the door unlocked for her nightly visitor. For the past few weeks – while her dad worked late in the city, finishing up the semester at the university – Chase had been leaving his house, claiming to be hanging out with friends, and sneaking over to Kat’s house. At first, it was just to keep her company while she was alone all night. The two of them had always been friends, but lately… lately, it had become something more.

“I always do. You look cute in pink, Kit Kat.”

Kat blushed. “And you know how I feel about you in blue…”

Chase smirked, enjoying their banter a little too much. “I sure do.”

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Aaaaaaa it's so hard just to pick a few questions!! You guys are just too cute! But if all of them are too much... 1-4, then? :Dc

Aaaaaa, thank you~!! You’re very nice!
..You know what? I like you. You’re nice. I’m gonna do all of them, just for you. (Minus the ones I’ve already done.)

1. How did you two meet?

- I’ve written a whole thing on how they’ve met in canon! In my modern AU, they met on a train. Hinata tried to make small talk but Mana fell asleep the moment he sat down. So he literally waited for hours for her to wake up just so he could talk to her.

2. Was it love at first sight, or did it take awhile for you to warm up to each other?

- I think Mana died and went to heaven when she first saw Hinata. It was practically instantaneous. It took a while for Hinata to even realize she was crushing on him, because he’s a lovable idiot, and for him to like her back.

3. What do the people around you think of your relationship?

It was like watching a soap opera. Will they? Won’t they? And then when they finally got together everybody in the army had a collective “it’s about damn time” moment.

4. Do you have pet names for each other?

- Mana has at least a million nicknames for him, but he only has a few for her.

5. Have you given your ship a name?

- Yeah, it’s Himana!

6. Who is the more dominant one in the relationship?

- Dominant how? Like sexually? Uhhh… I guess it depends on the situation?

8. What do you two find to be the most attractive about one another?

- Mana @ Hinata: Have you SEEN him? He’s adorable!
Hinata @ Mana: Have you SEEN her? She’s adorable!

9. What do you two do to get each other “in the mood”?

- In the mood for what? To train? Hinata’s always in that mood.

10. What was your worst fight?

- I think it was when Mana told him that she has to leave at the end of the war. But that wasn’t much of a fight, it was just…depressing.

11. Best gifts you two have exchanged?

- Ehhh…honestly neither of them are the best with gifts. As in, they don’t go very extravagant. So the best gifts they’ve gotten each other are flowers and cool swords.

12. Do you want/have kids?

- Yeah! They have three sons. Mana is the only girl in the house. Even their cat is a boy.

13. Have you ever broken up?

- I mean…I saved over my first Fates file so I could marry Takumi, but then I really missed Hinata so I saved over the Takumi file to remarry Hinata. I dunno if that counts though.

14. Scariest moment together?

- Conquest. Just…in general. Not cool.

15. Happiest moment together?

- I think I’ve talked about this before, but in the modern AU Mana confessed to him while he was asleep, and it was probably the best moment of her life. I love that trope so much.

16. Are you or will you ever get married?

- Been married almost 2 years fam~

17. Ideal way to spend time with one another?

- Since getting married, Hinata tries to train with Mana as much as possible.

18. Who has the higher sex drive?

- I dunno. Mana I guess?

19. What areas do the two of you like to be kissed on?

- Hinata loves neck kisses. 👍

20. What are the biggest relationship flaws the two of you have?

- Sometimes they hurt themselves trying to protect each other. Plus Mana can be super secretive about her emotions and her reasons for doing certain things.

23. Who is the most affectionate?

- They’re both really really affectionate.

24. If the two of you are apart for a long time, who takes it the hardest?

- Definitely Mana. She feels lost when he’s not around for five minutes.

25. Who said “I love you” first?

- Mana did! Finally, am I right?

26. What was your first kiss like?

- It was probably the most romantic thing Hinata has ever done.

27. Who asks to be sent dirty selfies?

- Nah, they don’t ask for it. Besides, it’s much better when it’s a surprise~

28. Who’s more likely to send unsolicited dirty selfies?

- Now that’s what I’m talking about. And probably Mana.

29. What do the two of you wear for couples Halloween costumes?

- Okay but would they not be the perfect knight/princess pair? Or knight/dragon~

31. Who is better at dirty talk? What sorts of things do they say?

- Let’s all just assume Hinata is awful at anything romantic or sexy. Maybe not awful, but…uncomfortable. Mana has to pick up the slack often with a lot of giggles and “you’re so cute”s

32. Is jealousy a problem at all?

- You’d think it would be with Hinata’s track record, but it’s really not. Mana knows she can trust him.

33. What’s your favorite place to have sex?

- The bedroom, like normal people.

34. Who confessed first?

- Reluctantly, Mana.

35. Who is more likely to surprise the other by joining them in the shower?

- I wanna say Hinata, but…eh, yeah, Hinata.

36. Who apologizes the most?

- They both apologize a lot, for different things.

37. Has anyone ever walked in on you two? What happened?

- No, it’s never happened. They don’t do it enough for it to happen.

38. How do you comfort one another during difficult times?

- Hinata is the type who drops everything and rushes to her side immediately, and Mana is really good at listening and talking problems out.

39. How would both of you react to find someone hitting on the other?

- Mana just gives them the death stare. Hinata would literally Fight somebody.

40. A question not on the list?

- Do I love these two with every fiber of my being? Why, yes. Yes I do.

This Dragons in Places contest has me sweating like a man trapped in a Gorilla suit running away from his problems.

Me: draw something light and cute that falls within your artistic competence!

Also me: how about draw a close-up of a muscular shirtless man in a grisly action pose. Pretend that you know what you are doing. 


infodumping about the ocean

more voltron workplace au

no work actually ever gets done

  • shiro: “good morning lance how did you sleep?”
    • lance crying: “i was up until 4am playing mario kart” shiro: “yes i can tell :)” 
  • lance on his first week: “hey keith!” keith: “eat dirt and perish”
    • lance on his eleventh week: “hey keith!” keith: “heyyy is that a new shirt? wow you look good in it. can i get you anything?” 
  • shiro: “keith get me my coffee” keith: “get it yourself”
  • allura: “hunk, you seem very reliable. can you tell me a little bit about everyone in the office?” hunk: “considering i’ve been through everyone’s phones i can tell you more than a little bit. did you know shiro has been on the run from the government for 6 years?”
    • allura: >:0 
  • pidge: “shiro, you know i love you like the brother i never had” shiro: “awww- wait a minute, you have a brother” 
    • pidge: “ok feelings over now shut up and lift me into the vent” 
  • lance: “hunk look at my new crocs! do you like them?” hunk: “wow is that vintage? so cute!”
    • hunk to shiro 12.5 seconds later: “we need to have an intervention for lance” 
  • allura: “how old are you?” pidge: “7″
    • allura: “7 what? 17? 27? 7 small horses?” pidge: “yes” 
  • keith watching lance photocopy papers: “god he’s so cute” hunk scribbling something in a notebook labelled ‘blackmail’: “huh. interesting”
  • coran: “hello everyone! i’m allura’s assistant and business partner!” lance: “that’s a funny accent. are you from france?” 
    • coran: “no i’m from new zealand!!” lance: “oh ok. south france” 
    • coran: “no-” lance: “sheep france” 
  • hunk: “i bought 12 donuts for the office kitchen this morning and by lunchtime they were all gone. do you know anything about that?” 
    • keith with crumbs on his shirt and cinnamon stains on his mouth: “…no” 
  • allura: “coran i really don’t trust any of these idiots. for example, look at that” -pidge fingerpainting by smearing mayonnaise onto a glass window- 
    • allura: “i mean- who even is that” coran: “that’s their IT manager she’s brilliant” 
    • allura: “for god’s sake”
  • allura takes two steps into the office and keith’s desk collapses on top of him 
    • shiro: “why” pidge: “ok so maybe i took out all the screws earlier-” 
    • keith: “i hope my legs are broken” 

“I’ll protect you… no matter what”