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Sam I have an important Chicago question: just north of the DuSable bridge there is a statue of what looks like Abe Lincoln excitedly taking a man in a knitted sweater on a first date. I only saw it from a bus, so didn't get either a photo or an explanation. Can you explain this phenomenon? Are Abe and Sweater Man happy???


You have triggered the rage within me, so now you will ALL be treated to an outside-the-readmore screed about SEWARD GODDAMN JOHNSON. 

I don’t normally attack artists because a) it scares my friends who are artists (I love you all, you are beautiful, don’t be afraid) and b) honestly most artists don’t deserve the level of vitriol I’m about to employ. I want you all to remember that the seething hatred I feel for Seward Johnson is driven in large part by class consciousness. 

But not entirely. So let’s begin. 

First what you have to know is that Seward Johnson is a “sculptor”. If you google “seward johnson sculpture” you’ll get an idea of his work, most of which is terrible. I feel okay calling his work terrible because he is also the scion of the family that founded SC Johnson Johnson & Johnson (my bad), so he has all the money he needs and could step back, do his art for funsies, and let people with actual talent or two original thoughts in their heads exhibit their art, but he doesn’t, he forces his terrible art on all of us. 

The reason I harbor such animosity towards Seward Johnson is that he has been exhibiting on Pioneer Plaza (that area north of the DuSable Bridge) for almost a decade now, and when I worked in the north loop I had to walk past his art every day. It was bad enough when the sculpture was American Gothic, rendered without talent or meaning into three dimensions and provided with luggage. 

How very fucking dare you, you talentless hack

These things are sculpted out of what amounts basically to styrofoam painted in rubberized/weatherized paint, so they are fragile, and tourists were constantly climbing on Farmer’s shoes and falling into them when they found out it wasn’t the cheap but supple fiberglass you would expect of a tacky monstrosity more suited to a roadside motel than the business district of a major metropolitan city. (I would imagine this is why Abraham Lincoln And The Mayonnaise Sandwich has a little fence around it.) 

But American Gothic Motel Attraction was mostly just annoying because it was meaningless, derivative, and CONSTANTLY covered in gawkers getting in everyone’s way. 

Additionally, Seward Johnson’s sculptures on the Plaza are very popular photo spots for tourists, who carry lots of cash and are constantly distracted, which means beginning with The Assault On American Gothic it became a very popular spot for pickpockets. Which means members of our staff, who had nothing to do with this mess, got pickpocketed as collateral damage about once a week during the exhibition of…. 

Forever Marilyn.


This is a very famous image of Marilyn Monroe which is horrifying for the following reasons that Seward Johnson appears not to have understood nor cared about:

a) The day this was shot, on an open set with people leering at her all day, her husband, professional athlete and dirtbag Joe DiMaggio, found out about the filming. Rather than comfort his wife, who had been through some shit already that day, he became angry she’d been showing her panties in public and beat her so badly the neighbors called the police on him. Joe DiMaggio also go fuck yourself. 

b) IT’S IN A MOVIE INFAMOUSLY SET IN NEW YORK. To quote a local newspaper, “Did Chicago lose a bet?”

c) Yes, you can look up and see her panties. While this is juvenile, it’s not nearly as juvenile as the literally thousand of photographs I angrily photobombed of some douchebro from Fuckville Middle America in a backwards baseball cap standing between her legs with his face tilted upwards and his tongue out. 

Oh and btw before it was unveiled it looked like this: 

For literal days, before it was installed, she had a bag over her head. (For more on this, though the pictures are now missing, you can read my reaction post here.)

In any just world, there would be a trap door between her legs and everyone who tried to do the upskirt shot would fall into a pit where they would be forced to give five dollars to women’s shelters before they were allowed to leave. THAT would have been interesting art. 

Sidebar, both as contrast and because I love it: Marilyn left a few years ago and was briefly replaced by a refreshing and beautiful piece called The Watch, by Hebru Brantley. The Watch was playful and interesting and didn’t have a single upskirt. Hebru Brantley is a wonderful artist in his own right, but he was also a welcome breath of fresh air after Johnson’s mediocre tribute to sexual assault. 

The Watch was a temporary installation, however, and eventually along came Abraham Lincoln Approves Of White Men

It is an unfortunate coincidence that Confused Closeted Republican there is wearing khakis and a white shirt, the new uniform of the alt right, and it’s also coincidence that this is facing Trump Tower, but it’s not exactly helping Seward Johnson’s cause that he chose the blandest outfit possible for Paean To Confused White Bread. The sculpture is meant to be Lincoln, the darling of Illinois, welcoming a visitor to our fair city, but it sure does look like fresh meat is about to get a free trip to Boys Town with the Sixteenth President of the United States. 

This is what I mean when I say Seward Johnson lacks not only skill but also understanding: he clearly didn’t know that Lincoln’s sexuality is under enough debate to have its own wikipedia page, and he either didn’t know or didn’t care that Marilyn Monroe was nearly killed by her husband for shooting that scene. All he cares about is image and he’s bad at reproducing image. That is not a well-executed rendering of how human beings are, and dynamically speaking it’s boring. If he were good at visuals or if he had something meaningful to say I would be less angry, but he is mediocre at best and the statements his sculptures make are banal pap if they make any at all. 

But he is rich, and I guess either he likes Chicago or he’s got blackmail on Sam Zell, owner of Pioneer Plaza, so he gets to spatter his hideous, meaningless masturbation in my city. And lest you think Seward Johnson got here on his own merits, Forever Marilyn, now on tour from coast to coast, is owned by The Sculpture Foundation, which is heavily subsidized by Seward Johnson. He basically founded a nonprofit to ensure his work gets toured around and publicized and to ensure that if no museum wants it, it has a place to go to die (Palm Springs, CA). 

In short, I hope Abe and Sweater Man are happy, because at least then something good has come out of Seward Johnson’s astounding mediocrity. That said, if you are passing his latest work, spit on it for me. As performance art.

Video Bootleg Guide

This is everything you need to know about The Release of new Video Boots, both before and after you get them, and information about how it all goes down for those who are confused about it, thus making them get very upset when a new one comes out and they can’t get it. A little understanding goes a long way.

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here’s a thing, though. as far as more neutral criticism/commentary

i think peter’s relationship with tony/the avengers will always be (or at least currently is) muddied by a couple of things: 1) mcu’s general aversion to genuine emotion that doesn’t lead directly to jokes, constantly, but that’s not the main topic of this particular rant, 2) the fact that, considering the wider mcu, it’s very hard to place the portrayal of this relationship in terms of whether or not it does/should adhere to the usual superhero genre conventions

see, peter’s arc follows the very typical pattern of “teen has Big Dreams, gets powers, helps out locally before being invited to be an actual avenger” (see for instance kamala khan). there’s that dose of “the Adults aren’t listening! i have to do this on my own!” (see: young avengers). their age and general inexperience and the highly questionable nature of the mere possibility that they may be allowed to fight in wars when they’re objectively not even old enough to fully understand what they’re consenting to… those are all things that make you go “mmmmmyeah lol we don’t talk about that” when you’re reading a standard teen superhero comic

homecoming (aside from mcu’s everpresent tonal problem when it comes to developing genuine relationships between people) does well in that context. it wasn’t made for the critical adult so much as it was made for the twelve year old in their spider-man costume dreaming that tony stark would find them one day and pull them into this world of superheroes. it takes peter’s side and perspective (as it should). when all the bells and whistles in his suit become inconvenient as he’s trying to catch bad guys, i daresay a casual audience member is more prone to get frustrated at tony stark for having included the bells and whistles than they are to remember that peter’s only having that problem because he hacked into the suit and broke all the ground rules tony laid out for him exactly because he knew peter would be overwhelmed. when peter’s begging tony if he can please keep that suit, it makes you sad that tony takes it away and then peter goes back home to cry about how he lost “the stark internship” because he thought that “if he tried really hard then tony would let him have something more but then he screwed up” (not an exact quote but he does express that sentiment to aunt may). like. it’s really heartbreaking

and yes, i think the movie does mostly a good job balancing out the two perspectives on that conflict, tony and peter’s. you see peter neglecting school and friends and missing decathlon and missing quizzes and ditching detention and lying to aunt may and all of that while he has that suit, but then tony takes it away and gives him The Lecture about how he shouldn’t have that suit if he was going to be nothing without it, and that’s when peter goes back to his life, spends more time with ned, picks up his grades, invites liz to homecoming – and when the moment comes and he has to make the choice between standing by and doing the right, heroic thing, he goes out and fights regardless and it’s tony’s words that he remembers when he’s extremely overwhelmed

then you have a guy like happy hogan, right. and in the context of a typical Teen Hero story, happy is That Guy. he’s That adult who’s simultaneously aggravating and comedic in his total incompetence. there’s always That Guy in those stories that take the super-teen’s perspective! That Guy who doesn’t listen to the kids for whatever petty reason and now the kids can’t reach iron man so I GUESS the city will have to be saved by a fifteen-year-old in his spider-themed pajamas and his best friend who’s sitting in the computer lab at high school during the homecoming dance. happy embodies that straight-forward plot necessity that’s a Typical Superhero Thing. i’m actually entirely convinced there has to be a whole TV tropes entry for that specific role

and like that’s fine! TONAL BULLSHIT ASIDE (honestly you don’t even know how much i hated the whole thing where happy was interrupted while he thanked and apologized to peter), you get the (attempted) moment trying to show that happy is a good guy after all and he cares for peter and he’s nervous about his own job and, assuming that sort of moment to be successful (which it kind of isn’t because again why does the mcu have to turn everything into a joke) then what you’re left with is the idea that both tony and peter (and pepper if you extend this all the way back to im3), for all of their smarts and independence and grievances, simply have too much heart to resent happy for his many and numerous slips. that’s important closure if you don’t want the audience to hate or question the emotional weight of a character that was brought in specifically as an annoying comedic inconvenience

THE THING IS, THOUGH: peter parker wasn’t introduced in this movie. peter was introduced in a movie that, according to the russos and m&m themselves, intended to question the foundation of basic superhero conventions. they poke at all those “lol we don’t talk about that” Superhero things, like collateral damage and loss of civilian life and whether or not superheroes “invite” threats and the international consequences of what definitely looks like military interventionism if you take away the Superhero goggles. peter’s presence in the avengers in this context (which will most likely be part of the context of the next avengers movies) is highly highly highly questionable, ESPECIALLY in light of homecoming, which emphasizes peter’s vulnerabilities as a teenager. i know there are attempted in-universe explanations for tony’s decision to bring peter into cap 3, but none of them make real sense and none of them will ever be realistically acceptable. simply because there’s a brutal – a BRUTAL – clash in genre expectations happening there. you physically can’t watch that peter recruitment scene in cap 3, plus literally everything that has to do with his presence in that airport battle, without saying “you know what? this is a Superhero Movie ™” (unless of course you’re willing to swear off and harshly judge everyone, and i do mean everyone on BOTH sides, who was involved in the airport fight in any capacity)

(and sidebar: i do think there’s a greatness, in a meta level, that tony served as a kind of a gateway and channel to Classic Superhero Nonsense in cap 3 – i’m reminded of the commentary where the russos said that the music playing during tony’s suit up sequence in the helicopter was intentionally composed to sound like the most Superhero ™ track in the whole movie – and that makes me emotional specifically because tony *is* so attached to the general Superhero Ideal – he *is* the only avenger who was shown signing kid’s iron man toys and keeping iron man drawings and artwork, he came up with the “earth’s mightiest heroes” catch phrase (and “friendly neighborhood spider man” too for that matter), he gave the team a building after fighting alongside them once, he literally could not help but reveal he was iron man, etc. the russos said in the cap 3 commentary that in an ensemble movie, it was important for them to bring in a little of the spark of every franchise and make it part of each character, and all technical shit aside, i think it’s cute and heartwarming that tony’s character was able to bring in that strand of uncomplicated, child-friendly superhero stuff – tony stark is, after all, the single avenger who had a legitimate kid sidekick in his own movie and that’s fantastic imo)

ANYWAY what i’m saying is there’s an inevitable clash in genre expectations going on between peter and the avengers because as of cap 3, avengers stuff seems to be tearing at genre conventions while peter’s story sort of needs at least one of those conventions, in a BIG way, in order to stand on its own as something that’s actually enjoyable and not 7392739 levels of disturbing. if you take away the Superhero Goggles while watching homecoming then that’s…. yikes….. especially on the happy hogan front, imo, since tony is shown to be keeping track of peter, while happy, the assigned mediator, does a pretty crappy job at getting back to peter and answering distress calls. but even like in general, the idea of tony wanting to recruit peter to the avengers because he was able to fight a murderer wearing giant wings while wearing his spider pajamas is…. so insane and irresponsible. and if you dissect that it’s probably going to kill a lot of what’s enjoyable in the premise of a casual and lighthearted coming-of-age teen-hero story, which is what homecoming is

(oh and make no mistake – as i mentioned before, the mcu’s aversion to displaying emotional genuineness without making fun of itself DOES take something away from the build up and power of tony and peter’s interactions, imo, every single one of them that’s not the ferry argument – and personally i feel like that in turn hurts the general idea of peter as someone with ties with the avengers)

all of that being said, i did genuinely enjoy the movie (and context plays a big part here – it IS pretty damn enjoyable to see anything at all that has to do with the development of tony and peter’s relationship after a full year of post-cap 3 fandom bullshit) but ha BOY expect The Discourse. it’s going to happen. it’s absolutely going to happen because it’s entirely too easy (if not… almost inevitable?) to question the general premise of “adults providing means and tools for teen heroes” when you’ve got the wider post-cap 3 mcu universe practically begging you to by putting in check the very nature of and outlook on the typical self-governed superhero team

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I'm an artist and I love your line work and coloring. Someone might have already asked this but what brushes do you use and what are your settings? Thanks so much keep drawing dude!!!

agh sorry for answering so late i forgot how i draw

oof the quality is nasty but its readable..

so if u didnt know, i use medibang paint to draw (basically the same as firealpaca but with a black background instead of grey)

Medibang is a bit shit in terms of really customising brushes but hey i’m poor and cant afford shit like SAI and photoshop so i suffer and make do with what’s available. 

aight so most of my brushes i use are ones that i downloaded from the cloud so if you click the little cloud thingy on the sidebar then it’ll take u to more brushes which is where i got mine.

i basically have a couple ways of drawing depending how i feel - for those little pun comics i used a soft brush for lines (either the “thick brush sumi” or the “acrylic”) and for shading i used the “pen” and “fluffy watercolour”. But for other stuff where i want cleaner lines i use the custom pen shown in the pic. 

Acrylic is one i mostly use for lining bigger things if i want crisp lines but still kind of keeping a slightly sketchy style. 

Watercolour is a good brush for painting when u wanna blend the colours together easily (you can adjust how well they blend in the brush setting).

i have Correction set to 2 - for those who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a function designed to control how much fluidity you have when drawing lines. If you have it on a higher setting then it’ll restrict you more so the lines turn out a lot smoother (it’s a useful function but if you try to draw too fast it just makes it seem like it’s lagging loads so i dont use it). When on a lower setting you get more control which is better for sketching. 

thats like all i can think of but if u need any more tips hmu

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could you do jerejean for that ship post pls?

u BET i can


who is more likely to hurt the other?

ouch ok honestly this is a cop out but they both work extremely hard not to hurt each other and their only slip ups are in ignorance & fear

jeremy claps a hand on jean’s shoulder because he forgets he forgets and there’s nothing he can do but step back and learn how to soothe with his voice when he’s ALWAYS soothed with hands and arms and kisses pressed into hair

jean flinches and flinches and says things he never wanted to mean and jeremy knows but it hurts

who is emotionally stronger?

Listen there are only so many winters ur emotions can weather before they can’t come back from it and jean’s tolerance for hurt of any kind is kind of dead grass for a while. He’s a broken bone that had to be re-broken to set u know, meanwhile jeremy’s never been broken or sprained or bruised and he can take it instead

who is physically stronger?

They’re both like super high class athletes but I think Jean has been pushed so hard for so long that he definitely has something to show for it?? Jeremy is a lil more soft and compact and jean is cut and could probably carry jeremy on his shoulders

who is more likely to break a bone? 

mean and bad next

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

Jeremy becomes an absolute champion at this like he has all these rituals that are as opposite to riko as he can get (I wrote a lil about it in my first jerejean fic), he opens the curtains so jean can remember where he is, and he surrounds him w warm things, leaves positive voicemails in between classes on Jean’s bad days and sometimes he stays home to be w him. he like. gets it.

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

Jeremy apologizes during the argument like jean has a complaint about the trojans and jeremy’s like “that’s dumb wait sorry I love you sorry wait ur right the trojans should change their team colours to something more flattering to your skin tone”

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

Jean treats Jeremy’s because Jean never gets hurt again ever in his life am i right kids

who is in constant need of comfort? 

:((( jean :( :( the first year out of the nest is bad. He screams himself hoarse sometimes and cries constantly sometimes and flinches at ticking clocks and avoids stairwells and basements. Jeremy doesn’t know how to help someone who was born in hell and just broke through the surface. He offers his hand and it takes about 13 months but Jean takes it

who gets more jealous? 

Jean gets so jealous because jeremy is radiant and woos anyONE (hi.. kevin day…. feels more for jeremy than he does for exy) and he feels so undeserving sometimes but he’s also pretty frank after a while like he’ll be like ‘jer im watching u & we are exclusive” and escort him from the scene

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

jean isn’t like neil, he doesn’t run away when he panics, he just freezes. It gives Jeremy time to talk him down (a benefit andrew WISHES he had). also Jeremy doesn’t know anywhere else he’d rather be. No one leaves anyone.

who will propose? 

jeremy DEFINITELY and it’s like 10 years down the line but he buys a ring like 1 year in because he knows 2 things: 1. He’s in love with Jean 2. Jean can only breathe with a little space 

sidebar their wedding is gold and blue can anyone say day vs night

who has the most difficult parents?


who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

Jeremy x100 he’s sooo clingy and he realizes pretty early on that jean’s hands can be touched w pretty much no problem so he’s always grabbing and swinging and stroking his thumb over the irregularities in Jean’s fingers

who comes up for the other all the time? 

at any given time jeremy is trying to figure out how to work jean into the conversation

who hogs the blankets? 

I feel like jeremy naturally starfishes but he makes a concerted effort to see Jean bundled, so he wakes up w the covers bunched around his chest and he throws them all over jean and tucks them around his neck and kisses his shoulder for good measure

who gets more sad? 


who is better at cheering the other up? 

Kinda already covered this but Jeremy is a machine designed for comfort he is the personification of blowing bubbles

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

ok jeremy makes THE stupidest jokes and Jean usually glares but if it’s dire a bitch might elbow 

who is more streetwise?

jean knows a lot about survival and he CAN fight back but he often won’t. (he eventually learns to apply his skills when his trojans are being threatened) bless Jeremy he knows exy and teamwork and minor family problems and that’s it

who is more wise?

they’re both sharp, but jean has a little of that multilingual world-weary thing going on, so I think he just narrowly wins out. Jeremy is very good at english and he’s got the people smarts so they balance rlly well

who’s the shyest? 

jean poor thing he’s intensely quiet (but scathing…. fuck) and he’ll take about oh 1 billion years to let you in, but when he does he has a lot to fucking say most of it savage

who boasts about the other more? 

jeremy is always like “oh jean? STAR of the edgar allen ravens?? yeah he dropped that dead weight and now he’s the best exy player ever and i love him and i get to kiss his pretty mouth”

who sits on who’s lap?

I don’t think jean would want to be pinned down and i think he’d be too embarrassed to sit on jeremy’s lap in PUBLIC but secretly I think he’d like the way jeremy holds his hips and doesn’t stop grinning the whole time

Alright. Long, pro-Spuffy post.

Here we go.

Things to know before we start: I am pro-Spuffy, anti-Bangel. That being said, I do not hate Angel. At all. Or Buffy, even though I get a little heated about her in the post below. I didn’t watch Angel or read the comics. I read the synopses of both and watched the Spike scenes of S5 of Angel (because I love Spike). I am not forgiving Spike for attempting to rape Buffy. So, when we get there, remember I said that. I’m probably gonna be really thorough because I’m really obsessed with this show right now as I just finished it a week ago. Finally, I don’t like comparing Spike and Angel. Whether it’s with a soul or without. However, it’s sort of necessary to explain why I love Spike for Buffy. So, that’s why I’m gonna say again: I don’t hate Angel. But I need to compare the two because, basically, that’s what Buffy has had to do to make her choice. Soooo let’s get into it.

Basically I’m gonna break this down into three-ish Spikes. I won’t, like, stick to it very well, but it’ll be a basic outline. So: Pre-Buffy love, Post-Buffy love, Post-Soul. I’m gonna talk about Human!Spike as well and by the seasons. But let’s start with the Angel/Spike comparison to get it out of the way.

So, many people have said this before but, Spike fell in love with Buffy before the soul. This is important. We’ll come back to that. But let’s get something straight: Angel and Angelus are the same person. Okay, if you lot don’t wanna separate Soulless!Spike and Ensouled!Spike and want to say things like “How can Buffy love him after he attempted to rape her?!”, then we’re not gonna separate Angel and Angelus. Know what that means? Oh, yeah, you do.

It means that Soulless!Angel was, by and large, worse than Soulless!Spike. And not just because of what we saw in present day Buffy. Because of the flashbacks as well. William was once, even without a soul, a sentimental sweetheart. Yes, he still drank people, bad Spike. But it wasn’t until he had been broken and beaten down that he became “William the Bloody.” I mean, look at Angelus and Drusilla. Poor William was crushed when he caught them together. We saw that in S2 of Buffy when Angel was soulless, as well. On the other hand, Angelus didn’t give any shits about anything he did, who he did it to, or what it meant. For Spike, it was power that drove him. For Angelus, it was evil. Angel even said so in Angel. So, back to the before the soul love we were talking about. Spike was capable of it, even sought it out. Angelus could have been capable of it, who knows, but he didn’t want it. He wanted ruin. And, I know we’re all tired of hearing it, but it’s an important point that Angel had 100 years to grow into the soul and where he ended up when we met him in 1997 was basically where Spike was after 1 year with a soul. So. 

Now, that doesn’t mean I wish Angel ill, at all. The whole “Angelus was cursed, him having a soul doesn’t count” argument doesn’t work except to backup what I just said: he didn’t want to be good, until he was forced to be. But he did become good. He tried and he felt the guilt and he atoned and at the end of the day, Angel is one hell of a guy. 

But he’s not the one for Buffy. Here’s why:

When Spike fell for Buffy, he did not do a 180 all of a sudden. Obviously. He was still bad (as much as he could be with the chip) and he was still a douche. The reason that many of us still loved Spike at this point is because that’s Spike. Spike is crass and brutal and a sarcastic little shit. We wouldn’t want it any other way. But he changed. For her and because of her. And that story is so, so powerful. Shall we take a tour?

So, in “School Hard,” Spike comes to Sunnydale. He’s young, free, and in love. He’s also out to bag a third slayer. Who could blame him? He is a vamp, that’s what they do right? Throughout S2 of Buffy we see Spike go through an arc, from a cocky, entitled vampire to a broken, embarrassed, and hurt one. 

Sidebar: I love how, at any given point during Buffy or Angel, you can just tell that Spike is the “baby” vampire between him and Angel. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just a really great relationship that they have, Angel treating him like an annoying brother and Spike lashing out at him while still feeling inferior.

Back on track. So, he teams up with Buffy. Our first glimpse at a mutually beneficial relationship for the two. Here we get a solidified notion of what Spike+Humanity would look like. The next time we see that is S3 of Buffy, “Lover’s Walk.” Such a great episode for Spike. It shows how much love can drive him crazy but also fill the empty space in him where his soul should be. And it establishes Spike as an extremely intelligent creature, not just the mindless animal we thought him to be before (I’m talking about the “you’ll never be friends” speech, here). 

S4. So Spike’s in Sunnydale looking for invincibility (lol, that lasted a long time, huh?). And then the chip happens. Oh, the chip. This is so important to his arc and, eventually, his and Buffy’s. So, as much as I would like to believe otherwise, Spike wouldn’t have reached for goodness or fallen for Buffy like he did without the chip. In my opinion, he still could’ve “fallen for her,” but it would’ve been much more of a “I want to get in your pants” deal than a “I want you to love me back” deal.

So, the chip neuters William the Bloody. And so he has to integrate himself into the Scoobies as much as he can, not only to get money, but also to kill…demons that is. Mini-sidebar: I love how Spike goes from “I guess I’ll have to kill demons instead” to “I know it’s wrong to kill people, so I’ll kill demons so I still get to kill” to “It’s wrong to kill, but demons are bad, so I will do it to protect the world.” Amazing.

I know, I know. This isn’t a Spike post! Get on with the Spuffy! Sorry, I just love him so much.

Here we are, S5. Spike realizes he loves Buffy. Here’s my take: S5 was Spike’s “unhealthy” phase (for the most part) and S6 was Buffy’s (until the attempted rape, obviously). S7 was peace, but we’ll get there. Okay, so Spike is obsessed with Buffy, right? Not in a cute way. In a I-steal-your-underwear-and-pictures-of-you-from-your-house-and-also-sometimes-also-stalk-outside-the-house-and-I-also-made-a-sex-robot-of-you way. I’d almost go so far as to say he reached actual stalker level what with the chaining her up in his crypt thing. But he didn’t, like, kill Riley or try to hurt her (and he wouldn’t of, either, regardless of the chip because he doesn’t hurt Buffy), so I’ll refrain from calling him a full blown stalker. 

Okay, so from here on in, I’m gonna say something frequently that a lot of you won’t like: I was pissed off at Buffy and Buffy’s treatment of Spike to the point that I can’t go back and watch the full Spuffy scenes that involve her being “revolted” or rejecting him because it just pisses me off so much. 

In S5, Spike’s love for Buffy was incredibly immature. You know when you get into your first relationship and everything is be all, end all? Like, everything they do makes you squee and you have to be around them all the time, but if you have a fight you just get so beyond pissed and sad that your life is falling apart? Yeah, that was Spike. Buffy obviously wasn’t his first, but I do firmly believe that he didn’t hold this type of love for anyone before. His love with Drusilla, for one, was mutual and they were on the same side. I think loving someone that was so opposite him really messed Spike up. He didn’t know how to love her. Not until the soul. 

Okay, Buffy dies. That part where Spike cries??? Jesus Christ, ow. I thought I was dying. S6 now. Spike watched out for Dawn. Just like he said he would. If you don’t think that’s intensely powerful, who are you? He easily could’ve said “Nah, I’m just gonna go back to being alone” and left all of that behind. He didn’t know she was going to come back. But he loved her so much that he erased everything he had been for 100+ years to do the one thing she’d ever asked of him. Not to impress her, but because he knew it was the right thing. Because she treated him like a man.

When. He. Saw. Her. Alive. Again. Oh. My. God. Broke my heart. He counted the days. He was so gentle with her. He let her talk about whatever she wanted, he let her use him, let her do anything and everything just so she’d feel better.

The first real kiss: “Once More, With Feeling.” Oh, yeah. We’re gonna talk about the musical. A lot. Rest in Peace is such a heart breaking song. Because, honestly, Spike is 100% right. He shouldn’t have to suffer because he can’t have Buffy. Confiding in him is one thing, but what Buffy started to do was take advantage of him. That line in the song “You know/you got a willing slave”, explains it perfectly. Walk Through the Fire is a brilliant song, for one. But it also shows how much Spike wishes he could hate her, how he 100% knows that he’ll never do anything but love her, how he’ll follow her to the end of the world, and also how much he understands what it is that she’s going through, like no one else can. Something to Sing About, that little bit at the end that Spike sings to Buffy is so beautiful. All he wants is for her to live. And to want to live, to want to try. Where Do We Go from Here? is a group sing, yes, but for Spike and Buffy it’s sort of like a red herring combined with a really ironic ending (the kiss). It explains why Buffy hadn’t reached out to Spike before then, but also why it failed at the end of S6. It’s all about walking “alone in fear.” Buffy never allowed herself to be loved or to love.

That was too much on the musical, sorry. This is a long ass post. We rage on!

Important Sidebar: Spike never, even in S5-6, expressed his love for Buffy just to get in her pants. Never. He always wanted her to love him back. As fucked up and destructive as the two ended up being, the love Spike had for her was as genuine as it could’ve been at the time. Remember, he didn’t use her, she used him.

So, here’s the thing that pisses me off from this point forward: they kiss, Buffy brushes it off; they have sex, Buffy waves it away, and yet Buffy keeps coming back. Look, I don’t totally blame Buffy. Obviously. I mean, she got pulled out of heaven and then had to dig herself out of her grave. She has her own issues. I respect that. And she didn’t just take it out on Spike. She abused Giles and neglected Willow and whole bunch else. But the bottom line is: by the last third of S6, she knew what she was doing and she was totally clear headed about it. She knew what she was doing before, but she couldn’t stop herself. She needed it, so she could feel. But right around the time Riley showed up and she went to Spike’s and said “Tell me you love me, tell me you want me”, I knew she knew she was tearing into Spike and she didn’t give a damn. From there, the blame falls on Spike.

She breaks it off with him because she doesn’t want to keep using him (further backing up the fact that she knew what she was doing). And Spike loses it. 

Here’s the thing: Rape is not okay, never, ever, but that wasn’t Spike. And I’m not talking about “not Spike” in a soul/no soul way. Spike is Spike, before or after the soul. And besides, people rape other people all the time, and they’ve got souls in them, right? This has nothing to do with the soul. I believe the episode title for the attempted rape episode is “Seeing Red.” That’s what it was. It was Spike in the sense of his body, personality, memories, etc., but that was not Spike’s mind. As I said before, he lost his mind. That’s not an excuse, but you can clearly tell that Spike knew instantly that he’d done something terrible, unforgivable. He was broken and hurt and an empty shell of pain. And the fact that he left Sunnydale to get his soul back, not only for Buffy, but to be a better man testifies that the bathroom scene was simply not him. He wouldn’t of done it as a human, he wouldn’t of done is at William the Bloody, he wouldn’t of done it when he was with Dru, it was a blind, senseless act that he’ll regret until the day he’s dust. That’s not me forgiving him, that’s me saying that all of us do despicable things and if we never reformed or help others reform, we’d have one hell of a miserable world.

Okay, S7. Spike was being controlled/tortured by the First, yes, but I do think that his new soul had something to do with his crazed state. Not as much as the First did, but some. And I say that because, remember Angel? Remember how sad and dilapidated he was because he was wracked with guilt? That’s what happened with Spike. It was just amplified because of the First.

Buffy is wary of him, and that’s good. She should be. But I think she also recognizes immediately, at least on some level, that Spike has changed (more than the obvious I-live-in-the-school-basement thing). When Spike is lucid, she has every right to be nervous like she was in the first chunk of episodes. 

But by the end of S7, the fact that their relationship grows to the point of trust and love demonstrates just how much Spike changed and how good of a man he is.

So, I wanna talk more in depth about the pre-post soul thing. Here’s what I believe: part of the change Spike went through was due to the soul (the guilt he felt forced him to see everything in a different light than before, for example), but part of it was done on his own. Meaning, after the attempted rape, Spike would’ve taken steps to improve who he was anyway. The soul was one of those steps, and it helped him to “recover” fully, but he would’ve had some degree of growth regardless.

So, here we are, with my favorite version of Spike. I know some people don’t like “love’s bitch” Spike or “mushy-gushy” Spike, but I love it. Not because I’m gushy. Jesus, I’m so far from gushy. I love it because Spike went through a huge arc. We met him as William the Bloody, learned about Willy and his past, and what we’re left with at the end of the series is just purely Spike. He’s still sarcastic and a fighter, like William the Bloody, but his humanity and compassion shines through, like Willy. Spike is the perfect, final product of an epic journey of discovery. 

Sorry, back to Spuffy.

Buffy learns to trust Spike again. Because she recognizes that the “bad” things he did (in S7) weren’t his fault, because she recognizes that he’s changed. One of my favorite things to talk about with Spike in S7 is his total backseat attitude when it comes to Buffy. He doesn’t try to get back with her, he tries to be conscious of how/if he’s touching her, he doesn’t make sexual comments/suggestions, he doesn’t confess his love over and over or beg her to forgive him or feel sorry for him. He’s totally and completely letting her have the control. That’s the real reason she trusts him again. Because he’s pure. He doesn’t need to say he loves her over and over or convince her he’s changed because it shows. Even when he doesn’t intend it to, his light shines through and draws Buffy to him once again.

Finally, I want to talk about the last three episodes of the series. The Spuffy moments, that is. At the point of “Touched”, Buffy trusts Spike again. This is one of the few times in the season Spike voices his feelings without filter, and it isn’t for selfish reasons like it sometimes had been in the past. It was to give Buffy confidence and worth. Because he loves her enough to that for her. The speech he gave is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s totally selfless. And when she asks him to stay with her, he’s prepared to sleep in a chair to make her comfortable; but then she asks him to hold her and, no hesitation, he goes to her. The fundamental difference between this Spike and the Spike in S6 is this Spike thought of Buffy first. He heard that she needed him and he went to her. I’d wager that he didn’t want to let himself think “this is the best night of my life” because he didn’t want it to be about him, he wanted to focus on her, be there for her.

And that brings us to “End of Days.” God, the dialogue between the two of them in the last three episodes is just amazing, yeah? The talk they had in the kitchen was so beautiful. Same thing, Spike didn’t want to make that night about him but he admitted that it was the best night of his life, and Buffy glowed. This is the first time, in my opinion, that Buffy got that fuzzy feeling in her belly because of Spike. Before, anything close to “I love you” from Spike made Buffy react like “Please don’t say that, I don’t want this to be serious, that’s too much to think about.” This conversation is the first time Spike says something like “I love you” and Buffy thinks “Oh my God, this amazing man thinks watching me sleep and holding me was the best night of his life.” 

Okay, “Chosen.” I’m gonna cry. Pull it together! The basement scene. Buffy left Angel for Spike. She said she was “baking,” but, at least for the night, she was done baking and Spike got the cookies… Okay, ew. Sorry. Moving on. Spike being jealous of Angel in the way he was jealous of Angel was so sad and beautiful and sweet. It wan’t angry or even bitter. He wasn’t cursing Angel or thinking “great, he’s taking my woman again.” He was hoping, praying to anything and everything that he wouldn’t lose this girl. Not the one he really, truly loved. Not the one that brought out the better side of him, the one that he’d forgotten. Not Buffy. 

And Buffy calling Spike a champion, kill me. It’s too beautiful for my heart to handle. And did you see how Spike glowed? He just felt so special, sort of like that moment in the previous episode with Buffy, you know, the “Oh my God, this amazing man” thing? Yeah, that. That’s how Spike felt. Seen, cared for, important, warm, hers. 

Buffy caressing Spike’s face, and then Spike holding Buffy again just topped off the episode for me. Beautiful.

Okay. Now the hard part. 

“I love you.”

“No, you don’t. But thanks for sayin’ it.”

Spike!!! But she does love you!!! And you didn’t believe it!!! She loved you as soon as your hands clasped. As soon as she looked into your eyes and saw everything she had, what she stood to lose. As soon as she saw you looking back at her. God that scene will forever make me want to die while singing the songs of heaven. 

Buffy’s last word in the series being “Spike” is perfect. Fuck you if you don’t think so. Sorry, I’m not usually mean, but he deserved it. He’s a beautiful, lovely man. A good man.

I wish they’d had just one more season. Because the mature love they shared in that very last moment was just blooming and it deserved one more season. Alas. We get it in the comics, though. And we get some Spuffy dialogue from Spike in Angel. I just can never get enough of the two of them. They’re the most beautiful, heart breaking, transcendent love story I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. And I’m a hardcore Destiel shipper. It’s hard to get me to pull away from that. That’s how amazing Spike and Buffy’s love story is. 

If you’ve made it this far, good for you. I just needed to say it, all my thoughts. I love them so much, they mean so much to me. Spuffy forever. Always. 

frases/status wpp em inglês
  • good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere
  • memories destroy us
  • maybe we’re from the same star
  • whatever happens, you’re my light
  • we may not have it all together, but together we have it all
  • but darling, this is not wonderland
  • can we act like we never broke each others heart?
  • trusting people is like touching fire
  • everyone seems normal until you get to know them
  • you need a little bit of insanity to do great things
  • we’re just lost souls, aren’t we?
  • I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up
  • because alcohol tastes better than tears
  • the rebel in me will never die
  • let’s get drunk together so I can kiss you and then blame it on the vodka
  • I miss the taste of you
  • you are obsessed with finding someone to love you because you can’t love yourself
  • I cared too much and that destroyed me
  • a part of me was lost in you
  • there’s a devil in your smile
  • sometimes to stay alive you got to kill your mind
  • we all have darkness inside of us, and some of us are better at hiding it than others
  • fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do
  • if this is reality i am not interested
  • just two kids, stupid and fearless
  • we were just a bounch of trouble kids who wanted a feel of what real life felt like.
  • she wanted to be a poet, but deep down she was a poem
  • all we need is love
  • we are just kids in love
  • I don’t care how complicated this gets, I still want you
  • we blame society, but we are society
  • you ruined my favorite song
  • you can find love in the same place you lost it
  • destroy what destroys you
  • I feel bad for people who never go crazy
  • black is not sad, black is poetic
  • it hurts because it mattered
  • cool kids never sleep
  • i’m a teenager, my music will tell you a lot more about me than my mouth ever could
  • i broke my rules for you
  • i’m all yours, i’ve got no control
  • I just want my past to be a blur.
  • collect moments, not things
  • sometimes we need fantasy to survive reality
  • cause all that you are is all that i’ll ever need
  • your voice was the calm after the storm
  • there are so many types of art but you are my favorite
  • I just wanna be yours
  • you never know the last time you’ll see a place. or a person.
  • we all go a little mad sometimes
  • love is a dangerous game
  • don’t break my heart, you live there
  • lost in a world that doesn’t exist
  • first, learn how to make yourself happy
S7, E4:

Damn. God damn HBO.

I haven’t been writing these because I feel like everything is all a bit more straightforward these days, and people don’t need recaps because everyone is an ~expert~. I got close last week because it was such a badass episode, but this one. I. AM. Shook. 

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Awww! Ill be sure to buy you a coffee or two when I get my paycheck tomorrow <3 love to request hcs for what happens when Class 1A + the teachers go to the county fair! (who wins all the carnival games, goes on the scariest rides, huge ice cream cones, wheel, who sits with who on tunnel of love, funnel cakes, fried food!! AHH!!) I hope you have fun with this one!! You don't need to feel like you have to do everyone just whoever you want!! feel free to add kiddos from class B or Shinsou,mei!

Admin Speaks: I’ve sorta kept it quiet but I do have a ko-fi account! Tell me if the link in my sidebar works… I just kinda put it there and hoped! But if you do have the time to go over there and buy me a coffee it would be greatly appreciated! I’m starting college in two weeks and want to avoid having to get a job so I have more time for this.

Oh! And I’m going to skip the tunnel of love because I don’t really have any ships besides Jirou and Momo…. So I can avoid a shipping war and conflict 😅

County Fair!! Yeehaw

All Might/Toshinori

  • Since he was the Symbol of Peace there is a lot of mercy with his face on it, and he’s a little unnerved by it. It sorta freaks him out, but it is flattering that people love him so much. But seriously, who would let their kid wear a mask of his face??
  • Isn’t into rides so he’ll stroll around with Aizawa and look at exhibits to pass some time. If people recognize him as All Might he’ll smile and then they’ll let him go about this day. Not many people want a picture with him when he isn’t beefed up

Erasurehead/Aizawa Shouta

  • This poor man just wants to go home. But does he really care? No. He’ll fall asleep somewhere and people will think he’s an attraction, “The Man Who Can Sleep Through Anything”
  • If he is awake then he’ll just walk around the exhibits and waste time, it’s not his favorite place to be, but he isn’t going to protest and not go

Present Mic/Hizashi Yamada

  • Is usually at the karaoke part where everyone is singing. Usually Aizawa has to tell him to tone it down because his quirk makes him the loudest by a long shot… But even when he isn’t singing along hella loudly he’s dragging Aizawa to try all the weird deep fried things at the carnival
  • Super bad at carnival games. Doesn’t matter what it is, tossing a ring, throwing a ball, slamming a hammer down, bad. Bad at all of them. Most people call him a hazard now and he’s banned from most of the carnival games… But he still has a kickass time!!

Yuga Aoyama

  • Will spend most of his time in the House of Mirrors because there are so many of him! And who could possibly not be loving this, more of his beauty to look at for everyone!
  • Things fair food is too greasy and will ruin his complexion but if offered he will totally dig into s funnel cake….Just don’t tell anyone. And how did he manage to not get any mess anywhere?! Funnel cake is messy for everyone!

Mina Ashido

  • Isn’t very good at any of the games but will play them with others to see who can do better! She’s there to have a good time and no one is going to stop her! She’ll pet all the animals in the petting zoo, she’ll look at every tasty treat, and ride every ride!
  • Really loves the rides that spin, any ride that spins is her favorite. She likes getting off of them and stumbling around for a minute while laughing with her friends, it makes the fair all the more fun

Tsuyu Asui

  • Loves the giant ice cream cones that the fair has because her tongue is long enough to eat nearly the whole thing in a single lick. But usually ice cream in gone in a second so the obnoxious amount they give you at the fair is actually kinda refreshing for her
  • Won’t play the games on her own but if someone wants to play one with her she won’t object and have fun. She would probably spend most of her time with Uraraka and doing things she wanted to do because Uraraka is way more excited about it all

Tenya Iida

  • Super stressed about everyone going off on their own and insists everyone has a buddy. Will be on high alert for any one doing anything stupid so he can rush over waving his hands and telling them that they are representing UA and should act on their best behavior!
  • Once Izuku and Uraraka get him to calm down he will try all the food they insist on trying and will try his hand all some games if they want him to try. He doesn’t really know how to chill so the other two have to drag him around to have fun. And he does! Eventually he’ll get on the Ferris wheel with the other two and they’ll end the night looking over all the pretty lights

Ochaco Uraraka

  • She’s there to have a good time! She didn’t get to go to a whole lot of these when she was younger so she’s making up for lost time! Dragging Iida and Izuku around to each of the food stall to try everything and take a lot of pictures!
  • She is all for the crazy rides! She wants the full carnival experience people! So she’ll make the boys go on the spinning dragons and the not super safe roller coasters… But she’s having fun so no one is going to stop her!

Mashirao Ojiro

  • He is more concerned about people bumping into his tail than anything else! But once this poor child gets over it be’s all about the exhibits. They aren’t super exciting but he likes looking at all of the things that people have made and put their time into. It keeps him motivated to keep bettering himself
  • He doesn’t like a whole tone of the greasy foods and isn’t too interested in the rides or games, but he likes hanging out with everybody and it makes him happy that everyone can hang out and act like normal kids every now and then

Denki Kaminari

  • All for everything! He is there to have a good time and try everything! He’ll eat all the food, try all the games and lose every time. But he’ll have a good time! He’ll bounce between friend groups and who he hangs out with because he wants to make sure everyone else is also having as much fun as he is
  • Will get a giant ice cream cone and have to share some it with someone because he’s already eaten so much fried foods that he might burst. Will probably give the rest to Sato because he can pack away sugar like nobodies business!

Ejiro Kirishima

  • He always has a good time! But now it’s have a good time AND get to run around a fair! He is on every ride, biting into every food, and trying to play every game. The only game he is actually good at is where you throw the dart to pop the balloon. No one believed him until he won the biggest prize from that game and beamed brightly at everyone, “Told you I was the best!”
  • Could eat fried food all day! He’s going to try it all but he gets into an eating contest with Bakugou to see who can eat the hottest pepper and not cry or break into a sweat…. He hardcore lost that game, better luck next time Kiri

Koji Kouda

  • He is quiet and shy so usually you’ll find him in the petting zoo cuddled with a bunch of ducklings and whatever other baby animals are there, people sometimes mistake him of a fair worker and ask him questions about the animals and he gets very flustered
  • He isn’t very good at carnival games and is not one for rides so he’ll just wander around the food stalls with Sato usually and take a bite of a couple things here and there. He doesn’t have a super sugar sweet tooth like Sato so he usually just carries around the things Sato buys when his hands get too full

Rikido Sato

  • If he’s at a carnival you better believe he’s at the game where you slam the hammer down and ring the bell. He likes to flex and show off a little sometimes and that’s when he can because he wins that game easily
  • Food stalls are where you’ll usually find him though. He likes trying all of the weird festival food and bringing back many sweets to have in his dorm, there are just so many and so little time! So for weeks on end after the festival if anyone is craving cotton candy they know just where to go!

Mezo Shouji

  • Pro at the game where you throw the ball and knock down the bottles. Wins literally every time he plays. But he’ll only ever play if someone asks him to help them win something. He doesn’t need the prize, so if it’s up to him he’ll leave it for somebody else to win
  • Carnival food is a hit or miss for him. It’s either really good or sorta bland. If he has the option to stay in his dorm instead of going he would rather stay in his dorm. But if everyone wants to go he won’t complain and have a good time

Kyoka Jiro

  • Is at the karaoke tent with Present Mic, just not singing nearly as loud. She jams there for the majority of the night until she meets up with Momo to have a good time at the carnival games! She isn’t super good at any of the games, but Momo is a beast! How did she even learn to play all of these games?!
  • She’ll try a few carnival foods but nothing too greasy. She isn’t a super fan of any of the super greasy foods because it’ll make it harder to sing correctly. Or so her dad has told her, he might have just been trying to keep all the greasy food to himself all those years…

Hanata Sero

  • He likes the rides and the exhibits but that food is something he will NOT be putting in his body! He likes his healthy food and the grease from the food makes his tape less sticky! So keep it away from him!
  • Likes to pretend he’s really good at carnival games but anyone who has watched him try them knows he is awful! There is no explanation as to HOW he is so awful but he is, keep him away from the dart throwing game!

Fumikage Tokoyami

  • Is not too fond of how many people are present, but the lights from the festival keep Dark Shadow well behaved for the most part…. Until the candied apple stall appears and he’s over there in a second!
  • Likes the Ferris wheel because its quiet and he isn’t overwhelmed with people. He also likes to be in high places and see all of the lights spread out below him. It’s peaceful, and that’s what he likes the most

Shoto Todoroki

  • Never got to go to festivals as a child so this is all new to him. He thinks all the food stalls are sort of funny, why would they all line up together instead of spreading out throughout the festival? But stops overthinking things when Izuku, Uraraka, and Iida come up to him and ask if he wants to spend time with them.
  • He’ll indulge in a couple festival foods, he loves food. But only go on a couple of rides. He likes the Ferris wheel, everything looks really pretty from so high in the air. And it’s actually kinda quiet up there, a perfect place for a nap….

Toru Hagakure

  • Runs around with Mina and has a great time! She used to come to these festivals all the time as a child and when she was in middle school! So getting to go again is really fun, especially since it’s with her friends!
  • Can eat for days! She gets all of the fried foods, downs an entire ice cream and continues to slurp up slushes until it’s time to leave! She doesn’t even throw up when she goes on skinny rides! No one knows how the heck she does it!

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Thinks it stupid to go to a carnival, yells about it nearly all day, but actually has fun when he gets there. Not that he’ll ever tell anyone that. But he WILL tell everyone that he beat Kirishima in a spicy food contest. Sorry Kiri, you’ll never live that one down
  • Goes on all the scary rides to prove to everyone he is a badass. Then later thinks that probably wasn’t super smart but oh fucking well! Then he’ll head to the food stalls. He isn’t a super fan of all the greasy food because he likes to make food himself. But he isn’t going to pass up the chance to beat the shit out of anyone who challenges him to an eating contest!

Izuku Midoriya

  • WILL BUY ALL OF THE ALL MIGHT MERCH!! Do not test him! He needs to expand his collection and this is the perfect time to do it, give him all the festival exclusives! But his fanboying will be cut short by Uraraka saying she wants to go ride rides, and he won’t complain, he likes spending time with her and likes the rides…. Sorta…..Okay he’s a big chicken! But he’ll go on things if others ask him to… He’ll just be really quiet in line and scream during the ride!
  • Festival food is one of his favorite things because he can’t have it year round, it is only at festivals! So he’ll get some snacks and get some to save for later to share with everybody

Minoru Mineta

  • Spends most of his time trying to pick up on girls but eventually gets punted across the festival when he tries to look up some girls skirt
  • Is NOT good at festival games because half of the time he can’t even see over the counter to give the person his money and that doesn’t make him look super attractive so he gives up and eventually goes home

Momo Yaoyorozu

  • As stated before, a literal BEAST at carnival games! Every single one of them! When asked how she got so good she’ll go into the scientific explanation and everyone just kinda blanks and waits for her to finish until they ask her to play another one and win again!
  • The fun house is one of the easiest things to her. There has to be a set way to get through it all so she just thinks about it logically unlike many of her classmates that end up running into walls. Everyone is sorta confused if she is actually having fun or not but they see her smiling as she figures out the tricks to the fun house and they know she’s having a good time

Histoshi Shinso

  • Carnivals aren’t his favorite because they’re too bright and loud. So he’ll most likely end up wit Tokoyami at the Ferris wheel because people will leave them alone if they can’t reach them
  • Won’t go out of his way to play any games but the one where you throw the ring to land on the bottles always gets him. He wants to be good at it, he just isn’t/ He can’t control inanimate objects, they don’t talk!

Mei Hatsume

  • She is all over the rides, asking the people running them what all the buttons do, exactly how many bolts are in each ride, can she see how the constructed it, is there a manual she could look at, all sorts of questions for each and every ride worker
  • Just wants to know how everything runs so smoothly and how things work, isn’t there for anything else.
File #666

“So let me get this straight, Yoongi: you’re saying that this thing is the reason why your friends were found hanging from the ceiling fan? That this was the thing that nearly killed them?”

Yoongi’s convinced a double suicide attempt is actually a murder, and you’re busy stalking a comatose student’s blog.

request - 666: for continue file #666 from welcome to ; badpasta gone cereal.

horror triggers apply.

5.5k words, horror/thriller, yoongi + reader, college/cop au.

You tug the thick manila folder from the stack of files. File #666, marked as “resolved.” You take it from the storage and back to your cubicle. Ruminate over the case a bit. In a strange, twisted way, it’s funny: for months, members of the department had been making bets and dark-humored jokes about what the six hundredth and sixth case would be. Would it be bizarre? Or something more commonplace?

When case #665 turned out to be the kidnapping of twenty-six schoolchildren and gained international attention, speculations for case #666 grew exponentially. A mass murder. A mysterious outbreak. Or maybe someone would actually manage to summon Satan.

And yet, after all the debates and guesses, case #666 turned out to be a double suicide attempt. It’s uncommon—of course, but it was underwhelming compared to all the expectations it had garnered. You lay the folder on your desk before taking a seat. Two college students. Roommates. Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung. You review their profiles, just to make sure that nothing’s been changed.

Nothing has, as expected.

According to the case file, one of them was a blogger—Jimin, you think—and a link to the blog is hastily scribbled on the bottom corner of the folder:

mochi-min. university . blog . com

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TDB’s Great Glee Rewatch

Okay guys - we’re really going to do this thing, and I’m excited to kick it off soon.  :) 

Season One Schedule: 

  • Sunday May 7th: Welcome Week - I thought it might be fun have everyone send in, or reblog, some get-to-know-you stuff - like how did you enter Glee fandom, what made you stay, some stuff about you.  I know a lot of us know each other already, but this is a way for newer (or less vocal) people to meet others and find new blogs, etc.  

  • May 14: Pilot
  • May 21: Showmance
  • May 28: Acafellas
  • June 4: Preggers
  • June 11: Rhodes Not Taken
  • June 18: Vitamin D
  • June 25: Throwdown
  • July 2: Mash Up
  • July 9: Wheels
  • July 16: Ballad
  • July 23: Hairography
  • July 30: Mattress
  • August 6: Sectionals
  • August 13: Hello
  • August 20: Power of Madonna
  • August 27: Home
  • September 3: Bad Reputation
  • September 10: Laryngitis
  • September 17: Dream On
  • September 24: Theatricality
  • October 1: Funk
  • October 8: Journey to Regionals


Some notes - 

~I’m not going to double up on episodes - the ending date for the rewatch will be sometime in the fall of 2019. 

~Tag for the rewatch: TDB Rewatch, and then individual episodes will be - TDB Rewatch: Acafellas (etc) 

~I’m still planning to do Meta on Mondays, Polls on Tuesdays, Throwback Thursdays, and Music on Fridays

~All my opening posts will be on Sundays - but if you guys want to do a liveblog thing on Saturday nights/afternoons - go for it! I encourage you :) 

~Season 2 will start on October 15, I’ll post the next part of the schedule around that time. 

~I plan on redoing the sidebar. Old things will probably be condensed down to one page.  

This is all still a big work in progress as to how it’s going to work - but I’m on board, and think it’ll be a fun thing.  Thanks for being patient! 


I could use your help with two things

1. If you guys have poll ideas or meta question ideas that you’d like to share (or any additional content) please feel free to drop a line any time, and I’ll include your questions, etc in the corresponding posts.  

2. I plan on doing round up posts that include links to people’s meta and thoughts.  I NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP WITH ROUND UP POSTS.  Seriously guys - this is a two year project, and if I get a handful of people who will help out with this it’ll go a long, long way.  Drop a line if you’re interested in helping out. 

tangled-headphone-cord  asked:

Right, I did not expect my apparently unfortunate word choice to get such a response (you weren't rude, it's just that a lot of it semeed, how do I put it, aimed at the wrong person? I don't actually think animals should like me by default), what I meant by "befriend" was gain and keep an individual animal's trust, without making them depend on you. (though I would argue the idea that befriending animals gets them killed - is that not how all domestic species started out as?)

Hmm, okay, it looks like I left some information out in my response to you re: why it’s a bad idea to befriend animals. Let’s see if I can fill in the gaps. 

For the purpose of what you’re asking, I’m assuming you’re talking about getting to the point with a wild animal that it trusts you and you can interact with it, rather than it trusts you enough that it’ll continue doing whatever it does normally in your presence if you sit quiet and still. 

Getting to the point with a wild animal where it trusts you means you’ve already irrevocably shifted its behavior away from what is natural - and unfortunately, those changes are almost always detrimental, and generally involve some sort change towards dependence on humans (even if not a single human). There’s a difference between an animal being habituated to people, being tame, and being imprinted on people, and the concepts are unidirectional; e.g. you don’t get a tame animal that isn’t habituated to people. When you’re talking about wanting to gain and keep an animal’s trust, you’re talking about something like a very tame wild animal or an imprinted one. (For the sake of this discussion, for folk who are more up on their vocab, I’m using a definition of imprinting that is wider that just filial imprinting like is seen in Lorenz’s studies). Let’s see if I can explain those concepts a little more fully for you. 

In your original ask, you asked about the comparison to dogs - who are generally cool with humans being around but have to learn to trust them individually, and what makes wild animals different. The easy answer there is that domestication has already habituated dogs to people, and to some degree it has ensured they’re all tame. Wild animals have to be much more discriminatory because lots of things out there want to eat or hurt them, and making a mistake could be a fatal scenario - so they’re much more wary of everything new, and they’re more likely to generalize things into pretty wide categories of experience to keep themselves safe. 

To massively oversimplify it, those categories regarding living things are approximately “threat”, “not threat”, “mate”, “offspring” and “prey.” Babies very quickly learn what things are dangerous and what are just other animals that are around - that sets up the “threat” and “not threat” categories - and they learn what other animals in their species are. Once animals are adults, those categories stay pretty much as they were developed, and anything new automatically goes into the “threat” category because an animal has no information about who or what it is and what it eats and if it’s going to hurt them. 

So we’ve got an animal that has never seen a human before, but it has learned - as most wild animals do - that new animals, especially large ones, are probably dangerous. If it happens to run into a human a bunch of times and nothing bad happens, it will start to assume that the presence of humans is not a threat to them. That’s habituation: things moving from “threat” to “not threat”. That doesn’t mean they trust humans, just that they’re not going to immediately become defensive in our presence or try to run away. A habituated animal isn’t super tolerant of human presence - it’s not going to hang around if someone moves around or pays close attention to it. Now, the important part of this is that, for most animals, habituation doesn’t apply to an individual - it applies to the entire category. So habituated animals are less wary of all humans, not just the humans it has encountered so far. 

If suddenly a human starts putting out something reinforcing to the animal (food), suddenly having the human around isn’t not just ‘not bad,’ it actively becomes worth putting up with. That animal is going to hang around more in slightly stressful situations a habituated animal wouldn’t because the benefit of doing so (easy calories) is worth the small amount of risk. Eventually, the animal will become reasonably tolerant of humans and will allow them to move and talk and engage in behaviors involved in putting out food (like bending over or throwing things) that would send any normal animal scampering. That’s when an animal is considered tame - and again, it’s generalized to all humans, not just the dude feeding them. This becomes a huge safety issue, because they’re now conditioned to approach humans and expect food and ignore human behavior that might actually indicate a threat. 

Imprinting is one step further than that: imprinted animals are those who through repeated interaction, often while young, have come to associate humans as conspecifics. They don’t necessarily think that humans are the same species, but they’re the category of living beings that the animal has been primed to consider as appropriate social or sexual partners. This is very rarely, if ever, a reversible process. That animal will never live a normal life because it will be constantly seeking out human interaction instead of that of their own kind. 

Now, once animals are fairly tame, they have the luxury of learning to differentiate between humans. It doesn’t happen very much before then, because habituation requires primarily uneventful experiences to occur. If a single person reacts with violence towards an animal that isn’t fully habituated to people, it’ll likely not ever give humans a chance again - an animal has to be tame enough to be willing to take the risk that maybe this person won’t attack him even if that one did before they’ll stop generalizing. 

So you’re asking about an animal that recognizes you, trusts you, and continues to do so over a prolonged period of time. That requires the animal to be pretty tame, which means a lot of it’s natural behaviors will have already been modified. A tame animal doesn’t bother to forage in wide-ranging patterns because it knows an easy calorie source with low risk is nearby, so it starts spending more time near human settlements, and that puts it at risk of death or injury from cars, pets, poison, etc. Animals really only generally become tame when they’re fed (the other option is when they’re raised to be as babies, which irrevocably changes their behavioral patterns for life) so they’re already going to be used to a diet of human food which is what their bodies are adapted to process.  That creates a type of dependence - when humans cease to feed them, the animals are disinclined to go back to their natural patterns because the ones regarding interacting with humans have been so heavily reinforced. Animals that have found out humans are jackpots are tenacious, and when frustrated and hungry they get pushy, and that’s dangerous. 

Even if you’re not the one doing the feeding or the habituation, a wild animal that is chill enough to trust you has been fed by someone and is still going to have these behavioral changes occur. Wild animals don’t just suddenly bond with humans they meet one day the way our media culture has decided to mythologize. Animals that are that habituated to humans are being influenced somewhere else, out of sight, and with that adjustment comes all the ways they get killed that I listed in my first response to you. 

You said you don’t think animals are obligated to trust you. Okay, cool. But that begs the question, if you’re not something they inherently want to affiliate with, why should they choose to interact with you at all enough to come to trust you? Behavioral change occurs when the environment makes things worth doing or worth avoiding doing in the future. For an animal to interact with you, something about the interaction has to be reinforcing; if it’s not your presence alone, it’s got to something you’re doing to make it worth their time. Of the four types of primary reinforcers that influence behavior (food, water, sex, shelter), the only one you can utilize at all is food. Feeding animals creates dependency. So that’s where you get stuck when you want to have animals trust you: your presence isn’t inherently reinforcing, but you don’t want to provide external reinforcers because of how it influences their lives. Which means there’s no reason for them to want to associate with you, much less trust you.  Basically, what you’re looking for just can’t occur without modifying an animal’s life enough to be detrimental to their long-term health and survival.

(To answer your second question, briefly, domestication is a much more complex process with a lot of criteria animals need to inherently fit before they’re able to be under enough human influence to even start becoming domesticated. People who are trying to domesticate animals also take responsibility for the animals and generally restrict their ability to return to the wild (dogs are an entirely different and more complicated case). I’d suggest searching domestication on the sidebar of the blog - we’ve talked about it at length in the past). 

anonymous asked:

Rank the primarchs, 1-18 (or 19 depending on Alpha Legion) in terms of hot.

Let it be said that:

One, I have not read a lot of lore. So my knowledge of the Primarchs per se are not extensive. Some are lower on the list than others and have less babbling because I don’t know them that well.

Two, I am extremely biased. I’m so biased that I should never be invited to judge a beauty pageant. I like who I like from what I know. Which isn’t a lot. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. I answered a question sent to me. My personal opinion is just that. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Three, of those I do not know as well I just ranked on boinkability. Yes that is a term. I think. I could’ve just made it up.

Four, you can beg to disagree and call me a heretic. ^_^ You can debate me, dispute with me, all is well. Make your own list. I would love to read about it. Now, let the insanity commence.

Art by @horus-did-nothing-wrong

1. Magnus the Red…have you not seen my blog? And my header? And my sidebar? And my OC? And my 4 chapter fanfic (which should be 5 by now but damn writer’s block) All indicating my love for the Big Red, tragic mess of a sexy nerd. Just his hair alone is worth writing porn about. Have you seen his shirtless model? That butt window? The blanket of a loin cloth that’s probably not even enough to conceal what is hiding behind it? O M G. While he may not have the prettiest face (that honor belongs to Sanguinius, honestly) or the bulkiest of builds (Vulkan I think), it’s the overall package that he comes in makes him, in my uber-biased eyesight the sexiest piece of masculine meat that graced the covers of a BL book. He’s intelligent, confident, and he genuinely cares about his Legion, his brothers and his Father. He’s man enough to admit his mistakes and pay for them. Is he perfect? Goodness no. But he’s perfect for me. @askthecrimsonking

Art by @toranekostudios

2. this even a question? LOOK AT HIM. Look at the beautiful, perfect, angelic boy. That hair. Regardless of what color it came in. Those gorgeous wings. Whatever color they come in (ah, come on BL guys, make up your mind). He’s not only handsome, but he is kind (yeeea forget about the black rage and the red thirst…but maybe I can overlook that). He has a good heart. Yes I’m a sucker for a guy with long hair and a heart. So sue me (okay seriously don’t, but you know what I meant). I can overlook the sausage curls (that’s what straightening irons are for) but who cares about that when you’re jumping his bones (and he’s actively trying to dodge you? Too cute, Sansan). @asksanguinius40k

Art by @pholcidae

3. Roboute Guilliman…This choice climbed up from somewhere down the middle, LOL. Yes he has endeared himself to me the last few months (thanks in no small part to @ultramarineblues and @possiblyhereticalultramarine) . When I first got into w40k I was told he was one dimensional and blander than a post-surgical diet. But I find that not to be the case. To quote @ultramarineblues “So what if he’s vanilla? It can still be good vanilla.” He’s a good man, an honorable man, and all the crazy fluff us fans made gave him a bit more dimension, in my biased, egotistical opinion. Also, I’m a sucker for a blue-eyed blonde (My track record is ridiculous). His looks make him hot. His character makes him even hotter. @askrobouteguilliman40k

Art by @toranekostudios

4. Leman’s the braids. It’s got to be. How many men do you know can wear a braid and a ponytail and still look like he can ravage you both on the field and in the sack? Those fangs! Oooooh but the things I can imagine him doing with it. He’s the kind of man who would take you out on a date (or a one night stand) and you KNOW you are going to have fun in this lifetime and the next. He is that awesome. He looks good whether he’s a ginger, blonde or brunette. Though I like golden-haired Russ the best. I imagine he howls when he gets stimulated. He is literally a sexy beast, the one you want to do all the nasty little things your heart desires. Tie you down and make you…okay Imma stop now before this gets out of hand. @asklemanruss40k

Art by Cecilia Murillo Valdez

5. Corvus Corax…did I ever tell you folks I have a thing for long hair? Yes, yes I do. Especially when it is worn well. And pretty, and smooth and…okay I’m going off track. There’s not a lot I know about Corvus, other than he can turn invisible (OMG THE KINKY POSSIBILITIES…..SHAAADDDDUP) and that he’s a pretty laid back, cool, guy who doesn’t seem to have a beef with anybody. He’s chill, and I bet he wouldn’t mind experimenting, LOL.  @asktheravenlord

Art by @horus-did-nothing-wrong

6. Konrad Curze…Oh you other, sad, tragic mess. I would so jump on you. Because really you’re pretty handsome in a creepy kind of way. Also I’m a fan of Batman. Well that and I really want to give you a hug, put you in a warm, foamy bath and make you some soup even if you probably want to hang me over the clothesline in the most unflattering fashion. But wait…I didn’t do anything wrong! I can do everything right if you let me ;-) @askkonradcurze

7. Lion El Johnson…He’d be higher on this list if he wasn’t such a wet blanket. Seriously Lion! Objectively he’s very handsome (see blonde boy comment up there), but how long can you last until the grumpiness gets to you? I want to have fun, boy! Now smile a little and act like you want a piece of good ass, k? He does kinda look like he would go for a little lite S & M, or a threesome. In secret. In a cave. That’s in a forest somewhere… @asklionjonson

Art by @sisterofsilence

8. Angron…Oh oh Angron. You’ve had it bad, like some of your brothers. Its unfortunate. But even with the Butcher’s nails you are a fairly fine specimen too. The caring part of me wants to take you aside and give you lots of hugs and TLC (that’s Alise’s job of course @sandvichette) but no, you are lovable in a tragic way. I’m sure you look smokin’ in your gladiator garb, however it may look like. I bet you carry it well. Especially when you’re swinging your sword. No, not THAT sword. Get out of my gutter brain…eeeeeep.

Art by @magnifigal

9. Jaghatai Khan...I’m not a big fan of topknots but you carry it fantastic, man. And you look like Jason Momoa. Or Ken Watanabe. Maybe both. Plus, they’re both hot. You’re also smart and witty. Like Khal Drogo and Tyrion Lannister had a lovechild (okay did I just give you a bad visual? Sorry that was not intentional). Plus you ride bikes. HOT! But you also have the attention span of a 3 year old. Who ate a sugar bomb. I have a feeling your encounters maybe wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am-see-you-later-I’m-chasing-after-the-eldar-because-I-hear-they-do-sexy-cray-cray-things. @ask-jaghatai-khan

10. Vulkan…I’m a sucker for a nice guy. I really am. He’s one of them. I bet he’s sweet and likes to cuddle. But he probably takes up the whole bed. But have you seen those abs? And pecs? Is it true you lost your mind? I hope you find it soon. Because an unstable giant is an unstable giant and…yeah that’s scary. Is it true that you like fire? Is that a fan headcanon? I have a fear you will set the bed on fire…hopefully in a good way. @ask-the-lord-of-drakes

Art by @horus-did-nothing-wrong

11. Perturabo...Another nerd. I swear it’s genetic. You’re cute, and you’re very smart and talented and severely underappreciated. I’m just scared of your cybernetic hairdo. I feel like I’m going to get electrocuted if I ran my hands through your hair. Which isn’t stimulating, unless we’re talking about burns. I also hear you’re salty as heck. I even started calling you Salturabo. You’re gonna be bad for my blood pressure. In more ways than one.. @ask-perturabo

12. Rogal’re not low on the list because you’re not eye candy (coz you do look like Soldier76’s hot, older brother), but because I know my dear friend @mrsdorn adores you with all her heart and I feel like a traitor. Also because you were mean to Sigismund. They say you have tight arse cheeks though LOL.

13. Fulgrim…Okay you’re pretty. But you’re also extremely vain. Who the heck wants to boink a guy who’s prettier than them? Okay I would, but still! The man is so full of himself there is room for nothing but Ferrus Manus and his…iron hands, hahahahaha. @fulgrim-the-phoenician

Art by @twopunch

14. Ferrus Manus…If manly man is your type, yes, he is your man! (I used that word too many times) The man is skilled with his hands. Both hands. I bet he can do a lot of amazing things with them. He looks like he likes to dish it rough too. Now I’m wondering if I should put him higher than Fulgrim. He has a short fuse though? Yeah that’s a bit of a de-fizzler. I would run the minute he raises his voice because I have issues with someone who used to yell at me (okay that escalated fast didn’t it?) @askferrusmanus40k

15. Alpharius/Omegron…seriously who can tell which is what? I can’t. My vision is as good as the Crimson King’s without the fancy psyker magic. But secrecy can be fun. You guys might be fun to do RPG blindfolds with. Because. Reasons. The novelty may wear off after a while. A very long while. I still don’t get you. Both of you. Any of you. You’re so confusing. That takes your hotness down a notch. Okay a few notches. @ask-alpharius

Art by @toranekostudios

16. Horus…Heresy. Granted he has his good points, and objectively he may be good looking and charming and is friends with every other person on this list. But…man the heresy. Instant turn off. My beautiful Red Boi tried to save your ass because he cares about you and what the bloody fuck did you do to him, you oversized, heretical man-baby with daddy issues? Why are you not on the bottom of this list? One, because I blame Lorgar just a hair (pun intended) more than you, and two you actually may have a hair (stop with the stupid puns already) of regret because you killed my beautiful angel who loved you too, you piece of Chaos-infused, overrated spoiled brat.

17. Lorgar…Religious zealot. Any lady boner I might have died with those two words. Though I do feel kinda sorry for your background (see Konrad Curze)…I still blame you for the heresy you little shit. Well you’re not tiny so…big shit? That sounds even worse. Either way…ehm no. The only reason you’re not at the bottom of this pile is because of your brotherly love for Angron. And you’re actually good friends with my number one man. Also you’re a scholar and a poet and a nerd. So you have SOME redeeming factors. Maybe.

18. Mortarion…where do I even start? The stench? The grumpiness? The overall salty behavior? Granted he did not have the greatest of backgrounds but COME ON Morty. That betrayal at the Council of Nikaea put the nail in the coffin of any desire I may feel for your smelly carcass. Russ may have razed Prospero but that’s because he got tricked by Horus (and he actually gave Magnus an out…which he didn’t receive but that’s another story). You….you didn’t have to turn on your brother like that. Make him feel like shit. For being HIMSELF. Seriously! You’re number 18 because you messed with my number ONE man.

Sorry not everyone had pics. My internet was being an idiot. I hope you enjoyed my foolishness ^_^


Kara here bringing you a guide that has taken me ages. Its basically a beginners guide to pretty much everything I know how to do coding wise. Because coding is so diverse, obviously there are thousands of different ways to do things, but this is just how I do them.


What’s a Base Code? How do I know which one to pick?
How do I change the credit? How do I make it cute?
What does Margin mean? How is that important?
Fonts, how do they work? How do I change them? Can I put effects on them?
Pagination? What’s that? Why is it doing that?
Adding images, removing them, and renaming them.
Hover 101.
The magic of colors.

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A word on zines, fan collaborations, and cynicism

This has to do with the McHanzo zine that was announced, and might already be in trouble thanks to some rather negative people. I have been thinking about it since yesterday, and some things have been bothering me about the whole thing. These are my two cents, take them how you will.

On the subject of how participants are chosen:

This is going to sound harsh, but the reality of the situation is some people are not going to be chosen. I saw one anon state, “I get that you’re trying to treat everyone equal, but in the end the result is the same: Many artists/ariters will get denied because the judges picked someone else’s work over theirs.” And you know what, that’s true, but probably not for the reasons anon is so worried about.

What that anon, and everyone who submits work to any selection process, needs to know is that art is subjective. Art is subjective, and we all have our biases. It’s *hard* to be objective about something with no measuring stick. I saw earlier someone ask what the “criteria” was for being chosen. That’s not how it works. You don’t say “Okay, the art must have these specific components, must have these bullet points checked off” in order to be chosen. It’s not a standardized test. Art is subjective, and anyone who creates art needs to understand that any given group of people are not going to agree on what is “best” or what is “appropriate” or what is right for a given publication. You’re submitting work for these judges to chose what they think is write for their publication. They are not saying you cannot create work for the fandom, they’re not saying you can’t post it, they’re not saying you don’t have rights to your submissions, they’re not saying you can’t publish it in any other fashion. All they’re saying is they will choose what is the right collection for this particular zine at this particular time.

I’m not involved in the process. I’m one of the people that applied. I don’t expect to be chosen. That’s because I have been submitting my work to things for years, and sometimes you just don’t get chosen. That’s the way of it. I might make what I think is the best piece of art I have ever made, and it was not chosen for a particular publication or show. I don’t go into any selection process EXPECTING to be chosen. That is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Here is an example from real life: I once submitted a collection for consideration to get a scholarship. It was some of the best work I had ever done. I was rejected, and when it was discussed it turns out my rejection was based on the fact that they had already had multiple people submit with similar subjects (in this particular instance it was a landscape collection). It’s not that my art wasn’t good enough; it was that they had too much good thing in that one category. A scholarship went to someone who, at the time, I thought didn’t deserve it, because their work was different enough to be attention grabbing. I learned a lot from that experience, that you can be good enough and still not get what you want, and that it doesn’t make you less.

Let’s say, the judges are presented with 40 people who mainly do busts/waist-high portraits. They’re all wonderful, they’re all well done, but it’s also 40 busts/waist-high portraits. Then over here we have 2 people who drew characters in a fully-fleshed out environment. Someone might not get chosen from the busts/waist-high portrait group simply because there are just too many similar pieces like that, and they want the book to have some variety. Maybe two people are dead-set on writing the same AU, which wouldn’t make sense in a book with such a broad topic. This is just one possible example that might come into play, from things I have seen in the past working with selection processes. Sometimes you can be very very good, but you’re just not what is needed at that moment.

40 slots are open, and if more than 40 people submit, then people are going to get rejected. It’s not a bad thing. Rejection isn’t the end. There will always be another opportunity. We can’t all get every opportunity presented to us.

More importantly for anon, I want them to consider this: You are already doubting whatever choices the judges and the admins for @mchanzine​ are going to make, despite the fact that no decisions have been made. You claim that the only people that will be chosen are those that are “popular.” First, no, that’s not “how it works” all the time. Some people actually do well based on their merits, not how many followers are in their sidebar. Second, how about we actually give them a chance to succeed before setting them up to fail. You can’t accuse someone of favoritism when a contest has not even begun. If push comes to shove and the only people that get chosen are wildly popular, then sure, get angry if you want. But it won’t really matter, because they aren’t the only people that can make zines out there, it’s not the end of the world.

And finally, if you aren’t happy with the people chosen for the final work, think hard about why your opinion on who should and shouldn’t be chosen is so much better than anyone else’s. Their opinions are just as valid as your own. Out of all the people that apply for this zine, if they were each given their way as to who was in and who was out, you wouldn’t get a zine with the same 40 people. You could get hundreds of variations. The difference being, these people are the ones making the zine, not you. That’s all. They’re the ones putting in the work to organize and produce this work. Nothing is stopping you, anons of the world, from doing the same thing.

As for the admins possibly sending a copy to the voice actors, it was just a thought that they put forth to the community. A good number of people said they were not comfortable with it, so they offered you two solutions: either they would make a second edited copy for the VA’s containing only those people who were comfortable with it, or they wouldn’t send one at all. At that point, its up to the artists that are chosen to make the decision. They gave you two reasonable alternatives, one of which is exactly what you asked for. It’s a non-issue from there on out. To continue bringing it up is to beat a dead horse.

To the people that keep trying to attack the project before it is even off the ground, I want you to consider what an opportunity this is for some people out there. This is an open publication that anyone can contribute to, regardless of age. This could be a project that, to the people who get accepted, could add a valuable piece to their portfolio, the chance to say they were in a publication that was circulated, that could lead to help with scholarships, college applications, job applications. A fan zine can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Please don’t try to shut something down for your own petty hateful reasons, and possibly take opportunities from people who need it.

I hope the zine happens, even if I don’t get accepted. These are good things. These are things that can grow a community, if you let it. I look forward to reading it, and seeing artists and writers I may have never encountered otherwise. And I know there will be others, and that it isn’t the end-all-be-all of my endeavors.

Just try. Just try, put yourself out there, and take a risk. You might not make it, but you’ll have made something. Don’t be so cynical that you think everyone is out to stop you before you even begin.

Thank you.

Deep Space Nine RECAP: 6x19

Time to recap another fave of the hivemind! Let’s see what you guys picked for me this time…

[returns] Well gosh dang do you all ever love Benjamin Sisko In A Crisis Of Morality! DRAMA. ETHICS. And, new: INTRIGUE, which also goes by the name GARAK, thank u.

Season 6, Episode 19: ‘In the Pale Moonlight’

Curtain opens on Ben Sisko in his quarters, starting a personal log. I was about to take a sidebar about how amused I am by the whole concept of officers keeping personal logs, because every time one happens I think about how in the earliest days of TOS the writers clearly said to themselves hey, y’know what would be a convenient way to get our characters to monologue about their inner thoughts and feelings? A Starfleet culture of keeping audio diaries. Anyhow that device turns out to be THE ENTIRE FRAMEWORK OF THIS EPISODE, a-lol.

“I need to talk about this,” Ben says, out loud. “I have to justify what’s happened, what I’ve done. At least to myself.” Like, yes you first-person narrator of a Victorian horror story, take us back, make us understand how you will forever be A Changed Man after this Experience. What a classic opening.

[chuckling appreciably]

No one is chuckling in this first flashback scene though. It’s the grim weekly ritual of his crew filing in to check the list of Starfleet officers missing or confirmed dead that Sisko posts on the wall of the wardroom. Ben hates Fridays now.

Evidently the Federation is losing a lot of ships to Jem’Hadar sneak attacks from around the Romulan border. The Romulans had signed that nonaggression treaty with the Dominion a while back, and are apparently planning on turning a blind eye, not getting involved, and generally just sitting back and letting all their enemies destroy each other in their drawn-out war. If the Romulans were to join forces with the Klingons and the Federation, then maybe our guys would stand a chance against the Dominion, but as stands, they’re likely to continue taking these losses, possibly until they lose the whole thing.

Sisko has had it.

Personal Log VO: “That was the moment I made the decision. It was like I had stepped through a door, and locked it behind me. I was going to bring the Romulans into the war.”


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Guide to TV Tropes, Part 2: Navigating the Site

Know what you’re looking for before you go in

Pylon @constablewrites again! Last time, we discussed the various benefits to cultivating an understanding of tropes. TV Tropes is a phenomenal resource for that, but the site can be a bit, well, dangerous. It’s a sprawling web of intriguing titles, fascinating discussions, and in-jokes; it’s no exaggeration to say that I have lost weeks of my life at a time to that site.

(That’s setting aside the other way it’s dangerous: once you start to see these patterns, you see them everywhere and become much harder to surprise as a reader/viewer. Can’t help you with that one. Welcome to Media Studies, kids.)

That said, you don’t have to learn the site inside and out to find it useful. Here are a few tricks that can help you get in and out and back to your writing.

You know how they tell you never to go grocery shopping hungry because you’ll just wander and toss a bunch of stuff in your cart you don’t actually want or need? Same concept applies here. This, beyond anything else, is the golden rule for research, especially on TV Tropes. We’re gonna be referring to this a lot.

Are you writing a film paper and just can’t remember in which movie James Bond has a nice dinner with the bad guy so you can reference it properly? Are you starting to dip a toe in a new genre and want an idea of some of its prominent works? Are you trying to determine if there’s a historical basis for a certain trope? Set a goal before going in, even if that goal is just, “I have an hour to kill and want to read something interesting.”

When researching, you have to continually ask yourself, “This is fascinating, but is it relevant?” If the answer is no, set it aside.

A few site-specific techniques for doing just that:

-> Don’t read the examples. I recently directed an asker to the page on The Masquerade (where there’s a magical world hidden within the mundane one). The description and discussion of the trope is about 850 words. The entire text of the page including examples is 20,000 words. Obviously this represents a very different level of time investment! The first section of a trope page will usually give you a pretty good grasp of the concept and how it relates to other tropes.
If you do need examples, observe the Golden Rule. The examples are organized by medium and collapsed under headers, so only open up the headers relevant to you. For instance, if you want to find a real world example of a trope, just click the Real Life header and leave the rest alone.

-> Set a timer. This is critical for if you’re just poking around, because it is appallingly easy to look up and discover that about eight hours have passed. But even if you’re going in on a mission, still determine how long you’re willing to give yourself on a session and set some sort of reminder to bump you out when it’s done.

-> Be wary of tabbed browsing. I’m not saying I’ve crashed my computer with the combination of TV Tropes and “Open link in new tab”, but I’m not not saying that, either.
Here’s my trick: I open up the site in a separate window, so it’s easier to tell which tabs are TV Tropes and which aren’t. Then, if I still have tabs I haven’t hit by the end of my session (or if my tabs have just spiraled out of control), I’ll go to Bookmarks > Bookmark open pages… (this is for Chrome, other browsers likely have similar functionality). This lets me create a new folder in which I can dump all those tabs, and then I can close that window without fear of losing something potentially important. Along those lines…

-> Use bookmarks. I find bookmark folders extraordinarily robust for organizing information for later reference, especially if I’m juggling a couple of different projects. It’s particularly helpful for all those “fascinating, but not relevant” chestnuts, so you can peruse them at your leisure when you’re not on a mission.

-> Look for definitions. So you’re reading up on a trope that’s relevant to you, and it references some other trope you’re not familiar with and you don’t quite understand the point they’re making without that knowledge. Congratulations, you’ve just rolled out the red carpet to the entrance of the rabbit hole.
If all you need is a quick definition and want to avoid tangent temptation, look for a bubble at the top of the page that says Laconic. This provides a 1-2 sentence description, which may be all you need. If that bubble’s not there, the first paragraph or two usually provide a general overview, so you can read those and bounce back to what you were doing without getting into greater detail.
If you’re brand new to the site, I’d recommend looking over the Tropes of Legend page, which provides brief definitions for many of the most commonly referenced tropes. Otherwise you might find yourself making a whole lot of detours just to be able to finish one sentence in an article!

Assorted other tricks

Individual works usually have their own pages! The level of detail can vary (because wiki), but popular ones usually have a plot synopsis and a listing of tropes used in the work. This can serve as a sort of reverse lookup for trope names; if you don’t know what a trope is called but can think of an example, you can check the page for that movie/show/game/what-have-you and see if you can find the trope listed there. (You can also try the You Know That Show… link in the sidebar to get help from other site users.)

Many pages have a bubble at the top that says PlayingWith. This leads to a page that discusses variations on a trope: the different ways it can be subverted, invoked, deconstructed, reconstructed, and more. Can be very helpful in getting the creative gears going.

Like many other wikis, pages usually belong to various indexes, which are listed at the bottom. Indexes provide a bare-bones listing of related tropes without additional descriptions, so they can be useful for trying to navigate quickly.

Finally, if you create an account on the site, you can utilize the default display options in the sidebar. I’m particularly fond of night vision, especially if you find yourself in the rabbit hole at 3am.


There we have it! Now you can go forth and explore with confidence and pride. If you need further advice/help on using TV Tropes, feel free to drop me an ask on my personal blog. Happy troping!

anonymous asked:

I know how we always say that B is more of the "mother" of the group and that C is more of the "father", she has a more masculine role, but in the sneak peek with her saving O, holy shit girl has NO fucking chill or whatsoever when it comes to her children. She was like "everyone outta my way, i have to save my child", she literally throws everything there was on the table, she's like "Okay, now let's get to business", then she was like "oh my baby are you okay". Holy shit, girl has NO CHILL!

SUPER AGREE. That’s part of why I don’t always love the buckets the audience likes to pigeon hole the characters into (head/heart, mom/dad/, good/bad, right/wrong, etc). Not to get all pretentious but there’s a reason the quote “I am large, I contain multitudes” is basically my favorite of all time: people aren’t one thing and as art reflects life, solid characters aren’t one thing and this show is full of some really, really, REALLY solid characters. 

They’re complicated, they’re more than just one thing, they contain multitudes and by trying to filter them through a single lens, we’re stripping them of the complexity that makes them so great.

Bellamy isn’t the mother, Clarke isn’t the father (also, like, I’m struggling with the gendered implications of mothers vs fathers and feminine vs masculine and I know you used quotes so I’m assuming that’s not where you’re going with it but I can’t not throw that out there) (though I do think it’s really neat, obvs, that the show subverts so much traditionally masculine and feminine characterization through Clarke and Bellamy), Bellamy isn’t just an emotion with no brain, Clarke isn’t just a brain with no emotion. 

I don’t even think it’s accurate to say Bellamy is more emotional and Clarke is smarter and I sort of feel like that’s the unintentional implication of a lot of the “Bellamy’s the [blank] and Clarke’s the [blank]” stuff but that’s a total sidebar and wow this got sort of off track immediately.

ANYWAY the point is, YES. Clarke has a gigantic heart and super squishy center and she’s working so hard to save everyone because of that gigantic heart that it’s sort of calcified her edges and I love, love, LOVE that we got to see some of the squish in the center come out in such a fierce and protective and tender way (SERIOUSLY THE HAIR STROKING KILLED ME). 

Plus, now that we’ve seen the whole episode, the mutual hand clutching at the end? I resurrect myself to die again. Clarke and Octavia’s relationship has been pretty rocky to say the least but there’s still a core of mutual caring there and I really want to see them get a chance to work through some of their stuff because when I think about how Octavia was one of Clarke’s first friends on the ground and everything that’s happened between them since then I get really emotional.

so, buzzfeed released this article, entitled: “This Sharpay Theory Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew About “High School Musical"”

as a self proclaimed high school musical expert, i figured it was something i certainly knew already, and i was absolutely right, and the constant insinuation that this is brand new information when it is just a character analysis kinda peeved me off, but i digress. 

the article argues that sharpay deserves better, which i agree with, but also paints her out to be some innocent soul robbed of the world by troy and gabriella, which is super not true. here i lay out everypoint buzzfeed makes, and i explain why those points arent…. really valid…

1. Ryan and Sharpay are extremely talented and trained performers, while the only experience Troy and Gabriella have is singing a fake song at karaoke.

buzzfeed…. pal…. did u hear the song? were there notes and lyrics and all that? that makes it real…. and its a movie? do u understand this is a musical with original music? and gabriella LITERALLY SAID THAT SHE DOES CHURCH CHOIR SECONDS AFTER THE SONG ENDED (tho troy doesnt have any experience, he has talent and this is a SCHOOL PRODUCTION so talent is enough.)

2. When Sharpay tells Gabriella and Troy to sign up to audition for “supporting roles,” that is seen as a bitchy move — but they have NEVER been in a musical before, so that is just a reasonable place to start.

dude, did u hear sharpay’s tone? and gabby and troy didnt say they wanted main roles, sharpay just told them they couldnt have them, which wasnt really the time or way to do that? at all? like i mean dude i agree sharpay and ryan shoulda been minnie and arnold and troy and gabby should have been the two supporting roles, that makes sense, but like…. it was kinda a bad move on sharpays part

3. Sharpay and Ryan turn Kelsi’s super-boring and slow version of “What I’ve Been Looking For” into a LEGIT BOP.

pure song wise, i like sharpay and ryans version a lot better, BUT storywise: kelsi composed the song. kelsi is a junior in high school who composed an entire musical that is being put on by the school and sharpay and ryan waltz in and change the meaning of her music entirely and then are kinda mean to her. it was a better song and performance, but not a very professional or kind move

4. Troy and Gabriella show up LATE to their audition, and Troy only really goes along with it because he wants to get into Gabriella’s pants.

buzzfeed i will literally murder you ok, so it appears that you have approx 0 grasp on troy’s character whatsoever. cool. theyre late to auditions because of their own emotional baggage. i have written about a million essays on this but i’ll keep it short. troy thinks that if he ventures outside of the label hes put on himself his friends and his father will hate him and he doesnt think hes capable of doing anything outside of basketball, and gabriella has terrible stage fright, so they have to work through their own emotional baggage in order to actually get themselves to perform, and even when darbus turns them down they go and HELP OUT KELSI AND PERFORM WITH HER FOR FUN 

5. Sharpay asks Ms. Darbus to change the date of the callbacks because Troy and Gabriella should really get their PRIORITIES in order if they are going to be committed to theater.

ok cool if by that you mean sharpay lies a lot to manipulate darbus into changing the dates because she’s insecure, then sure.

6. They almost burn down the fucking school by overheating chemicals…

or, they actually DIDNT DO THAT because it was planned and they have a very good grasp on how science works and didnt do anything super dangerous

7. And THEN they show up late AGAIN to the final audition, dressed in the wrong clothing. Oh, and Gabriella totally freezes, proving she has no fucking business being the star of a musical.

the… wrong… clothing? there….. isnt a dresscode for high school callbacks that take place at the same time as a basketball game and the scholastic decathlon….. and they didnt expect there to be a huge audience at CALLBACKS….. where it isnt something theyve been rehearsing nonstop for months its a song they spent A FEW DAYS LEARNING

8. But suddenly theater is COOL because the hot JOCK guy is into it, even though people literally made fun of Sharpay for loving theater and making it her life’s true passion.

they… didnt make fun of sharpay for liking theatre, they made fun of her for being arrogant and mean and made fun of TROY for liking theatre… also, hey, buzzfeed? thats the wrong from of the word theatre, since ur talking about the subject instead of the physical place…

9. After Sharpay’s dreams are crushed, she decides to be the bigger person and tells Gabriella to break a leg (and Gabriella doesn’t even know wtf BREAK A LEG means).

this was genuinely a great moment, honestly. and judging by the beginning of hsm2, sharpay and gabriella spent the last few months rehearsing together and growing closer and i want an hsm1.5

10. Troy wins his game, Gabriella wins her “nerd stuff,” and they BOTH get the roles…and Sharpay literally ends up with absolutely nothing.

you can say scholastic decathalon, its ok buzzfeed, and sharpay is an understudy. also, why arent you focussing on ryan at all? he didnt get anything either BUT he didnt do anything wrong. o and sharpay got zekes cookies so who really won

11. So the real message of the first movie is: “If you’re popular and you do everything, you’re gonna be great at it, but if you dedicate your entire life to something you’ll be seen as a villain and now you’re the bad person.”

but she…. was super manipulative and mean? she got gabriella and troy’s friends to turn against them and make them feel worse about something they were already self-conscious about? like i think darbus shouldve casted her as minnie, but you cant ignore everything bad she did and just mindlessly defend all of her actions. shes a super complex character, with a bunch of flaws and a bunch of great traits, which is what makes her so good. the fact she sabotaged troy and gabriella, and kept trying to tell them they couldnt be cast in the production, instead of having a fair callback, THATS what the issue was.

12. Also, Sharpay is supposed to be some kind of terrible person but all she did was theater stuff, while Troy and Gabriella’s supposed friends LITERALLY tried to sabotage their relationship.

and they apologized when they realized it was a serious thing and they actually hurt their friends and decided to actively support them in their dramatic pursuits from then on? and sharpay ORCHESTRATED IT?

13. And (side note) Taylor is kinda low-key anti-feminist because she makes fun of cheerleaders for how they talk and act.

REALLY. taking a sidebar to talk bad about taylor? ok cool. if i never have to read that sentence again itll be too soon. (tho i mean taylor does have notlikemostgirls syndrome super bad, but shes gotta have flaws and from movie 2 onwards shes flawless which is worse)

14. Let’s move on to the second movie. Sharpay is just tryna chill at her family’s resort and work on her talent show that she works really hard on every year.

thnx for the synopsis, bud

15. She gives all of her classmates summer jobs and she’s basically trying to get Troy a free college education.

false, continue.

16. So Troy is like perfectly content to USE Sharpay, and then Gabriella breaks up with him just because he’s focusing on his future.

ok, here we go. troy is in no way using sharpay, she’s using him. shes forcing him away from his friends with the motivation of a scholarship, and keeps trying to put the pressure between him and his friends to make them seem below him, which he doesnt really buy into, but she still makes it so his friends think that hes getting super spoiled and that hes being mean to them, and gabriella leaves because of SHARPAY saying things to her and gabriella saying that sharpay is so focused on winning a game that she doesnt want to play, so then she dumps troy and leaves because of sharpay.

17. Troy bails on Sharpay and then her own BROTHER bails on her because he’s been brainwashed into forcing her out of her own damn show.

oh my god….. thats… not what happened at all? youre just lying at this point? sharpay ditched humuhumunukunukuapua'a, which was her and ryan’s performance, in favor of troy, and forced her brother out of her life and then ryan flirted with chad and got character developement and all that! that was the movie! and troy, after going through emotional turmoil on a golf course, apologized to his friends, and then went to talk to sharpay and said hed still do the show with her. 

18. She wins the star dazzle award, but doesn’t act like a DIVA about it and gives her brother the trophy even though he BACKSTABBED HER.

ryan deserved that award and cite me sources about him backstabbing sharpay because that DID NOT HAPPEN AT ALL

19. And then everyone just parties in her resort and she’s a good sport about it, proving she’s a good person who doesn’t hold grudges.

she is a good sport about it in the end, but she definitely holds grudges.

20. Now, let’s move on to Sharpay in HSM 3. Sharpay has moved on from the events of films 1 and 2. She focuses on her dreams and post-graduation goals and she gets a bunch of crap for it.

um, what crap does she get for it?

21. Troy and Gabriella convince everyone to be in this play even though they don’t want to. And then Gabriella BAILS, which would be fine and all except she JUST broke up with Troy last movie for not hanging out with her.

they convince everyone to be in it and they all have fun and GABRIELLA GETS INTO HARVARD

22. So, Sharpay’s gonna step in, but her assistant Tiara tries to steal the role from her.

yeah, and sharpay didnt deserve that.

23. But Sharpay delivers a FLAWLESS and GODLY performance — and then Troy and Gabriella finally show up to “save the day” after Sharpay did the work and they get all the glory even though they totally ghosted.

sharpay’s performance in the last musical was anything but flawless and godly

24. Then Kelsi gets Sharpay’s scholarship for writing TWO bad shows and Sharpay didn’t get it even though she was in COUNTLESS MUSICALS.

kelsi, a high schooler who COMPOSED TWO ENTIRE SHOWS, ONE OF WHICH WE DON’T EVEN SEE IN THE MOVIE, won a scholarship over someone who was in some productions, the final one, the one the judges were at, being her worsed. surrreee that doesnt make sense. sure. and i mean, i forgive u for not mentioning the fact sharpay forced her brother to ask kelsi to prom for the purpose of getting her a good song because hsm3 did a lotta ooc stuff for the sake of forced heterosexuality.

25. Luckily, Ashley Tisdale KNEW Sharpay deserved better and did Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure where she finally gets the spotlight she deserves.

which put sharpay in a vulnerable spot where she couldnt be the diva anymore and she got her much needed character development and it was a great movie i will defend to my death.

overall, sharpay deserved better, but buzzfeed’s reasoning SUCKS and she isn’t some innocent cinnamon roll too good too pure uwu whatever, shes a complex character and thats why i love her.

Episode recap/review 12.19: "The Future"

THEN: Oh, goody. It’s going to be a mytharc episode.

NOW: Sad, dirty Kelly Kline is being force-fed vitamins by Dagon. Dagon reminds her again that she’s going to die when the Lucifetus is born, and I wonder again why she would have showed her hand like that. She had Kelly right where she wanted her; a willing, compliant, trusting incubator. Why did she throw that away? She nags Kelly into taking a bath, in the saddest bathroom ever, complete with broken mirror. Kelly fills the rusty tub with a garden hose, apologizes to her unborn baby, takes a shard of the broken mirror, and slits her wrist.

Title card!

We have a lovely montage of Sam in the bunker, in full-blown research mode, looking through books and writing arcane markings on the map room table and just looking absolutely fantastic. He’s wearing a black button-up shirt with no apparent t-shirt underneath, and he’s extra scruffy. Not “The Born Again Identity” levels of scruffy, but scruffier than we normally see him, and it’s marvelous. I don’t know if it’s supposed to indicate something wrong, some level of obsession or lack of self care, but daaaaaamn. It’s fantastic.

The future looks fucking awesome, my friends.

Dean shows up, equally dark, also a bit scruffy (thank you baby Jesus) and is impressed by Sam’s work. Since he hasn’t seen any of it, either he’s been away, or Sam did all of this overnight. I’m going with B. He calls Sam “Beautiful Mind,” which I believe last happened when Sam was first having halluciferinations, and I know there’s no reason to assume this episode’s writer is actually aware of that. It’s probably a coincidence. But in a season full of callouts to earlier (better) days, it makes me wonder.

Sam’s been figuring out when the Lucifetus will be born, which doesn’t explain the symbols written all over the table, but that’s okay. We will deal. It does explain why we saw him circling the number 18, because he’s predicted the nephilim is due on May 18, which is coincidentally the day of the season finale.

(Sidebar: I’ve complained before about Entertainment Weekly ignoring SPN when they have roundups of the best shows to watch this week, season premieres, season finales, etc. This week’s EW actually did have a blurb about the SPN season finale. And I couldn’t read it because spoilers. File this under “be careful what you wish for.” Or maybe under “seriously, she’s never satisfied.”)

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