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Please bombard me with Pining Sherlock fics. I need some.

You asked for it, you got it Nonny! This is literally my favourite trope in the entirety of existence. I have a tonne of fics, and I’m still sorting all of my bookmarks, so I probably still have more to add. I had SO MANY TO PUT ON THIS LIST, that I had to remove links to the authors, because Tumblr kept deleting all my links. So yes, over 150 fics here below, all from mostly Sherlock’s POV (@holmesthesociopath, this should help with your ask as well until I finish the list of Sherlock POV fics for you)!

Because I’ve been working on this list for over 6 months, please advise me of any broken links and I will do my best to find them again for you!

Get ready to have your face ripped off 🙃

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Saw Great Comet yesterday (7-30-17), and I just wanted to share some of my experience with you guys! I was sitting in the rear mezz, which I highly recommend!

*I'mma skip over a lot of the main details just because they’ve already been covered, but I’ll try to include things that were particular to this show/not often talked about.


• There’s a little vignette right before the show starts where Andrey is leaving for war, and it begins with Natasha screaming the most heartbreaking no you’ve ever heard in ur life.
• When Oak came out, there was thunderous applause. Like, it went on for at least a full minute. I was so happy.
• Also, hearing that first accordion note reduced me to tears bc I’m sensitive™.


• So lemme talk about Oak’s voice real quick. Someone noted that it’s this perfect blend between Groban’s smoothness and Malloy’s roughness, and I have to wholeheartedly agree. It’s absolutely beautiful. He’s a beautiful Pierre.
• Also, he plays Pierre with a lot of melancholy. It’s almost as though he’s always on the verge of tears.
• “He’s charming; he has no sex.” While the ladies are skipping around him, Hélène is conducting them, and it’s hilarious.
• “I pity you. I pity me. I pity you.” — Oak sings these lines so gutturally. His agony echoes off the very walls of the Imperial.
• “Pierre” received a long applause as well.


• The moment she belts her first lines, you know exactly what kind of personality Marya D. has, and that’s a tribute to her actress. Srsly.
• During the song, Marya will sometimes act maternally to Sonya, but the moment Natasha comes back into sight, she’ll roughly push Sonya away, and it’s hilarious.
• Natasha’s humming is absolutely heartbreaking. It’s one of the many moments in the musical when you realize how young she is.

“The Private and Intimate Life of the House”

• There were understudies for both Mary and Bolkonsky/Andrey, Courtney Bassett and Ken Clark respectively. They were wonderful. Ken’s performance especially stood out to me.
• “People enjoy me, though…” Before he sang these lines, he held eye contact with a person across from him for, like, five seconds, and it was incredibly funny. (Same goes for him patting his wig and powder flying into the air.)
• The audience interaction in this one is A+. Mary’s suitor and Bolkonsky’s cheap French thing draw huge laughs from the crowd.
• “They are there upon his head.” I’ve seen a few posts where people lament that the audience laughs at this line, but I truly think it’s supposed to be laughed at. Mary is kind of coy when she says it, like she’s laughing at it herself. After that, though, her mood dips, slowly sinking into this utterly palpable reproach.
• The audience was completely silent.
• While she’s singing her final lines, Bolkonsky is slowly making his way back to his chair, and your heart shatters as you watch. He’s clutching his back and using the railing for support. When he finally collapses in his chair, he kinda puts his head in his hands.

“Natasha and the Bolkonskys”

• Towards the beginning of the song, Natasha and Mary hoist chairs over their heads and join a table of people on stage. It’s hilarious. They really milk the awkwardness of the moment.
• “Constrained and strained” is so frickin’ good. When Courtney and Denée sing it, it’s really low and creepy.
• “Says the mean, old man in his underthings” drew huge laughs, especially bc of Bolkonsky’s hand movements. He kept gesturing towards his entire body.

“No One Else”

• Honest to God, I could write essays on how perfect Denée Benton and her performance of this song is. She emotes so beautifully. Her voice, her movements, her facial expressions all come together to create Natasha, a young, lost girl who wants nothing more than to see Andrey again.
• I cried (obviously).
• The blue light is absolutely gorgeous in this song. (The blue light is meant to be the moon.)
• At one point, Andrey shows up, and snow begins to lightly fall on him. He reads one of Natasha’s letters, brings it to his lips tenderly before walking away, and just behind him, almost able to reach him, is Natasha, her face the perfect picture of despair.
Denée Benton.
• The applause after this song was long and well-deserved.

“The Opera”

• Just for the record, songs like this one, “The Duel”, and “The Abduction"—where all of the cast members are out—are absolutely electric. The energy is incredible.
• “The opera, the opera…” Marya D. belts these lines so loudly, lololol.
• On one side, you can spot Heath Saunders as one of the opera goers, and lemme just tell you guys, that long, black coat suits him.
• “Hélène and Dolokhov arm-in-arm…” They aren’t so much arm-in-arm as they are passionately making out on stage. Omg. I love them.
• “Noooo, I’m enjoying myself this evening.” Pierre pumps his fist and smiles this absolutely giddy smile.
• When Marya sees that Natasha is talking to Hèlène, she runs up and pushes Nat behind her.
• To indicate that the “curtain rises,” some of the light bulbs retract. It’s a cool effect.
• I know the literal opera part of the song sounds incredibly weird on the recording, but in person, it’s more hilarious than you’d think. The actors are doing ridiculous things and making animalistic noises, lol.
• When it’s over, the spotlight turns to Natasha and Sonya. Sonya’s asleep, lolololololol.
• Right before Anatole comes in and around the time Natasha begins to “pass into a state of intoxication”, she hallucinates Andrey being injured during the war. The two circle each other around Pierre’s salon, simply gazing into each other’s eyes, and it’s intense.
• Anatole’s entrance is frickin’ ridiculous and amazing all at once.
• You know those measured beats at the beginning of his introduction? During each of those, he sharply turns his head in a new direction, ostensibly to show off his head.
• Also, his walk is literally a swagger.
• Either in this scene or during “Natasha and Anatole”, he caught a lady unaware and kissed her on the cheek. She jumped so badly, lolololol.

“Natasha and Anatole”

• During the intro of the song, Anatole checks himself out in a mirror before posing himself perfectly for the moment Natasha turns around to see him.
• Also, let’s talk about Lucas Steele for a hot minute. He is Anatole Kuragin, from his almost exotic voice to the way he walks. Out of the cast, I’d say that Steele is the one who plays the crowd the best.
• Throughout this number, Anatole and Natasha play the roles of pursuer and the pursued. Natasha tries so hard not to be wrapped under his spell. :(
• When he takes the flower off her head, Natasha makes a perfect :O face. I love Denée Benton.
• “And kiss me on the neck.” He does manage to get this kiss, and it’s really rough-looking.
• “How do you like Moscow?” Lolololololololol.
• For the most part, the two are roving around the stage (mostly bc Natasha is running away from Anatole), but at the end, they sit down next to each other, and it’s played as a really significant moment.

“The Duel”

• “The Duel” is epic live. Holy freakin’ crap.
• The moment Dolokhov, Pierre, and Anatole clink their glasses together, the strobe lights come on and the real party begins. There’s intensely sexual dancing, half-naked people, and glow sticks everywhere.
• Y'all, I saw Marya D., in a skin tight, black costume no less, whip several people with a riding crop with my own two eyes.
• Also, in the very back of the rear mezz, there was, like, a threesome going on.
• The energy during this song was absolutely nuts.
• Sonya’s party outfit is so cute. It’s an almost innocent looking dress, and she’s wearing bright sunglasses.
• The ensemble echoing back “corpulence” is really frickin’ funny.
• Nick Choksi really highlights the psychopathic part of Dolokhov, especially in the “Here’s to the health of married women” sequence. His movements are jubilant but also shark-like. He and Hélène make out for a loooooong time.

“Dust and Ashes”

• Oak’s “Dust and Ashes” is an absolute privilege to hear, and if you have the chance, I would go and listen to it while you can. His voice could have shaken the entire foundation of the theater.
• While he’s singing, the entire cast lines up in the rear mezz to provide backup vocals, and it’s incredibly poignant. (Also, tho, Lucas Steele stood in front of me, and I died.)
• “Don’t let me die while I’m like this…” During these lines, Oak starts crying, and it guts you.
• There was a two minute applause for “Dust and Ashes”, and I was on the verge of crying just bc he was getting such a huge applause.
• Oak is perfect, okay?

“Sunday Morning” / “Charming”

• “Everyone sees a man!” Ingrid delivers this line so well. It got a huge laugh.
• AHHHHHHHHH, now here’s a symbolic moment for you. When Natasha says that she can see a shape in the darkness as she’s looking into the mirror, Pierre is standing up right behind her. Pierre is her future.
• (The moment Nat leaves, he sits back down.)
• Amber Gray can slay me, tbh. “Charming” is everything I could have ever asked for.
• When she walks in, the lights are bright behind her, and her hood is over her head, effectively masking her identity. It’s a really neat moment.
• The lights dim when she takes off her hood.
• Natasha is in her undergarments throughout the song until Hélène gives her her cloak. (Btw, Natasha looks gr8 in said cloak.)
• At some point, Natasha starts mimicking Hélène’s movements, and it’s adorable but also a really nice character touch. Same goes for Hélène snatching Andrey’s necklace off of Nat’s neck and exchanging it for her own pearls.

“The Ball”

• This number was enchanting. I had a hard time focusing on the main stage bc the dancers in the rear mezz. were so mesmerizing in their movements.
• Also, tho, the ensemble dancers mimicked what Anatole and Natasha were dancing at times.
• When Natasha tries to run away from Anatole, he pursues her up the steps and forces their first kisses. She’s surprised at first, but gives into it with abandon a few seconds later. The kiss lasts a very long time.
• At the end of “The Ball”, Natasha and Anatole run through the doors together and then turn to face the audience. They’re holding hands. The lights are bright behind them.


• “Letters” is such a frickin’ jam, y'all.
• When it starts, the cast members spill out of the double doors singing.
• At the beginning of “Letters”, just as Pierre is addressing Andrey, Andrey appears at the top of the stairs. Pierre faces him.
• “I see nothing but the candles in the mirror.” For one of the very few times in the play, Natasha and Pierre face each other.
• The geometric symmetry in the choreography is really wonderful all around. For instance, at one point, Mary, Natasha, and Pierre are all positioned in a triangle, taking turns facing one another.
• Anatole’s love letter was an absolute showstopper. People were whistling, clapping, and screaming when he started holding those really long notes. Holy crap @ Lucas Steele!!!!!

“Sonya and Natasha” / “Sonya Alone”

• “Sonya and Natasha” is intense. I was on the edge of my seat for their fighting.
• “I’m soooooooooooooo happy, and sooooooooooo frightened.” Kill it, Denée!!!! (When she’s singing about her happiness, her arms are extended widely, and when she’s singing about being frightened, she withdraws into herself.)
• “I have no will. My life is his.” During these lines, Natasha is wrapped around an increasingly agonized Sonya.
• “Sonya Alone” is one of the most powerful numbers in the show, and you really don’t recognize it until you see it live.
• The theater is almost completely dark with the exception of a spotlight on Sonya. Throughout the entirety of the song, Natasha is ambling about, tightly clutching Anatole’s letter.
• Sonya never takes her eyes off of Natasha, and your heart can’t help but ache for both of them.
• Ingrid Michaelson is truly a wonderful Sonya—maybe not as sure as Brittain but she definitely doesn’t lack heart.
• On the first “I will protect your name and your heart”, Natasha stumbles on a stair, staggered by the weight of her friend’s words. Then, she walks to the opposite side of the stage, only to be completely stopped by Sonya’s, “I know you’ve forgotten me.”
• For the rest of the song, Natasha is still, her head inclined towards Sonya.

“Preparations” / “Balaga”

• When Pierre greets Anatole at the beginning of this number, it’s almost as though he’s caught Anatole out. Anatole had been trying to sneak past unnoticed.
• Anatole shaves in front of a mirror during “Preparations”, lol. At one point, he turns to the crowd with shaving cream still on his face.
• Dolokhov sings his arguments at Anatole very fiercely during this song, even more so than he does in the recording.
• I looooooooooooove “Balaga”. It’s such a wild performance. Paul Pinto moves with such agility and manic energy. The ensemble hands out the egg shakers during this one.

“The Abduction”

• Anatole singing “WHOOOOA” while swinging his green jacket cleared my skin, watered my crops, and cured my depression.
• The whole theater is absolutely alive with commotion. There’s a dance off between a guy in the rear mezz and a guy on stage that’s frickin’ amazing.
• People are doing backflips.
• Natasha smashes a painting on Balaga’s head.
• Marya and Hélène are making out.
• Pierre is doing a cute jig.
• It’s beautiful, beautiful chaos.
• When Pierre screams his “WHOA” part, everyone collapses on the floor, absolutely exhausted, and then, then, the most wonderful thing happens.
• Pierre giggles.
• “Hee-hee-hee.”
• God, I love Oak.
• “Wait, wait. First we have to sit down.” Anatole made room for himself next to a girl, which was hecking funny, but what was even funnier was that the girl leaned her head on Anatole’s shoulder. The whole theater dissolved in laughter. Anatole held the quiet for a comedically long period before getting up, and when he did, he kissed the girl on the cheek. It was really cute.
• When Marya entered at the end of the song, surrounded by this harsh, red light, there were audible gasps in the audience. People weren’t expecting her, lol.

“In My House”

• She acted her butt out through this entire song. I’m serious.
• Her voice is dangerously quiet until, “YOU LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU. YOU LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU.”
• The tension in the room was palpable.
• Also, all of the yelling you hear on the recording? It’s so much more intense live. It’s fierce enough to make you flinch.
• “Don’t touch me!” At one point when Natasha screamed this, she physically pushed Marya away, and Marya wasn’t angry so much as she was stunned.
• “Natasha’s whole body shook with noiseless, convulsive sobs.” She was literally bent over, grasping the railing like she couldn’t breathe.
• “And she threw herself down on the sofa.” Natasha stands erect with her arms crossed and her head buried in them. The spotlights focus on her, and that’s when Marya softens.
• You can see the fight leave Grace McLean’s body. Her voice is incredibly tender.

“A Call to Pierre” / “Find Anatole”

• Her face is absolutely devastated as she’s talking to Pierre. Like, I still have chills thinking about it.
• Also, Pierre is waking up from a nap at the beginning of this number, lol.
• “I have been… studying.” He glances quickly at the place he had been napping.
• The sheer power in Oak’s voice really comes out in these next songs. Anger and fear simmers behind the way he sings. A+++
• At the beginning of “Find Anatole”, he truly sounds out of breath. His body is fully bent over for a couple of seconds.
• “He can’t be married!” The absolute horror in Denée’s voice nearly slaughters you, tbh.
• When Pierre discovers Anatole and Hélène and gets mad, they start to run away.
• Pierre is livid when he finds Anatole and Hélène. I mean, livid.

“Pierre and Anatole” / “Natasha Very Ill”

• Pierre nearly throttling Anatole is a sight™.
• “Amuse yourself with women like my wife!” The spotlight shines on Hélène as she stands up and bristles indignantly. What an amazing character touch.
• During that long pause before Pierre apologizes to Anatole, Natasha walks right between the two and drinks the arsenic. A few moments later, it begins taking effect, and she starts screaming. It’s a terrible, convincing sound. She runs off stage. Marya and Sonya follow her.
• There was a pause between “Pierre and Anatole” and “Natasha Very Ill” while we all wildly applauded that C#. Holy crap @ Lucas Steele!!!!!!!!!!!!
• “Natasha Very Ill” is sad. Everyone is devastated, especially Sonya and Marya.

“Pierre and Andrey”

• Ken Clark is an amazing Andrey. He has a v. human approach to the prince.
• When Pierre and Andrey are trading insults, there’s a lot of affection between them. It’s really as though the two haven’t seen each other in quite awhile.
• Andrey’s somewhat tender tone continues until he asks Pierre to confirm whether the rumors he had heard were true, and when Pierre replies in the affirmative, that is the very moment when Andrey assumes his colder exterior.
• It frickin’ breaks your heart.
• #PoorAndrey
• “If you wish to be my friend, never speak of that again.” During “If you wish to be my friend,” Andrey’s voice breaks seemingly on the edge of tears, and then it hardens at the end as he jabs a finger in Pierre’s chest. The moment he does so, though, he immediately looks horrified. Did I really just threaten my friend?
• “Well, goodbye” is soft.
• #PoorAndrey
• CRAP. I FORGOT THE WORST PART OF THIS SONG. Behind Andrey and Pierre, Natasha and Sonya are standing in a darkened corner. Whenever Andrey refers to Natasha, she flinches and buries herself into Sonya.
• :(

“Pierre and Natasha” / “The Great Comet of 1812”

• “Pierre and Natasha” broke me.
• At the beginning of the song, Natasha slowly makes her way down the staircase, entirely dependent on the railing to get down. It tears at your heart. You can’t help but remember how lovely and vibrant she had been at the beginning of the play.
• The nightgown she’s in makes her look so small, and with her braided hair, she looks just like a little girl.
• Oak emotes his lyrics so tenderly, so gently in this one. His voice is always on the verge of breaking.
• “She began to cry…” Yeah, no. She sobbed, and you sobbed with her. Her whole body was shaking. She had to hold on to the rail.
• An interesting tidbit: Hélène is sitting right behind Natasha, and she has her head in her hands like she’s reacting to the sadness of this scene, too.
• “All over…” At this point, Natasha is walking back up the staircase, and the theater is absolutely silent. You could have heard a pin drop. Oak says the written line to her back.
• I’ll never forget the way Oak delivered it, and I will never want to either.
• His voice simply broke on “if I were free”.
• Pierre turns away from her, and then she turns towards him, slowly making her way back to him.
• During her last lines, Natasha touches his cheek, and it is sincerely one of the most beautiful moments of this very beautiful play.
• “The Great Comet of 1812” was moving, too.
• The theater very much looked like a beautiful night sky. The comet prop was stunning, too.
• Pierre sat down at the end of the song and gazed reverentially up at the comet.

This play was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, and I recommend it with all of my heart and soul. Please, please support it if you can.

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Um...I've been stanning B.A.P for point 5 seconds, and I have like no idea who anyone is, I have to many other groups in my head...mind helping me out?

Member wise SURE, btw you made a good choice stanning B.A.P they are lovely people ANYWAYS 


Bang Yongguk 

Originally posted by daehyunny

Leader - Rapper - oldest - awkward dad - Tigger enthusiast 
Yongguk writes and produces like all of B.A.Ps music, people who don’t follow B.A.P usually find him intimidating but he’s actually so incredibly soft and sweet and shy. He’s an introvert at heart that is scared of going over 30 MPH on his bike. Is a soft man but writes the darkest music, Has a small dog he must protect! Biggest Sleepy/Untouchable fanboy probably. 
-How to tell him apart is music is his deep ass cave voice
-How to tell him apart from the group he’s usually the quiet shy one who awkwardly smiles and laughs at everything in the back. 

Kim Himchan

Originally posted by stanbap

Visual - Vocal - Gorgeous - Aesthetic mom - Bunny teeth ;;; 
Himchan is loud and adorable and needs to be protected. A Soft adorable man who cares about his fans sososososos much, Visual king, like he’s so pretty in pictures but irl??? fucking f l a w l e s s. Wine mom, his instagram is just the most beautiful thing you’d see ever. his vocals are sosososo neat ;; 
-How to tell him apart in music: voice is a lot more horse than the other members, in their heavier songs his voice SHINES but usually his voice is a lot deeper than the others in the vocal line 
-How to tell him apart in group He’s usually fighting with Daehyun, or loving up and being really soft with Jongup, “Dance Machine~” and just honestly usually loud all the time. :D 

Jung Daehyun

Originally posted by daehdream

Main Vocal - Face of group - Baby advocate - Adorable - Professional bias wrecker - Back tattoo that everyone fucking craves to see help. 
Daehyun is honestly the cutest human alive???? lives and breathes for B.A.P, spoils the fandom/his stans with content. Vlive king, inhales when he laughs, gushy lovey greasy boy. His instagram is selfies galore, deletes everything honestly. B.A.Ps biggest fan, Yongguks hype man, honestly a blessing (he’s my ult bias I’m sorry)
- How to tell him apart in music: high notes that make you actually want to cry????
- How to tell him apart from group: L O U D, singing in the background of any video, Hearts everywhere, Picking on Jongup or fighting with Himchan or gushing over Youngjae. 

Yoo Youngjae

Originally posted by zellestial

Lead/main vocal - apple cheeks - King of aegyo - Original snake
Youngjae is the sassy fuck we need in this world, the most extra when around Daehyun or Zelo, Super greasy with fans, Inventor of chokers, COLLAR BONES!!!!!!!!!!, honestly he is so soft and cute, quiet on SNS usually so when we get IG posts from him the fandom collectively cries. Constantly throwing shade at everyone, B.A.Ps appointed MC for everything. Also a loud son. Just such a precious boy. 
-How to tell him apart in music: amazing vocals usually a bit more nasally, On stage he squints his left eye, like alll the time every song no matter what it’s a blessing. 
- How to tell apart from group: fluffy hair no matter what, throwing shade at Daehyun, probably standing next to Zelo and looks extra small. He is actually small tho protect. 

Moon Jongup 

Originally posted by 55kumamons

Vocal - Main dancer - Snake 2.0 - Choreographs B.A.P dances - Shake shake and Chocolate Milk advocate 
Jongup is the quiet awkward one that makes everyone cry. Actual angel, Has not one bad bone in his body, is actually high key rude asf and throws the hardest shade at everyone, no one is safe from his smartass shit. Literally a fucking meme. “Look at this precious boy” you’ll say, “He’s so adorable and soft” wrong, He has the rudest stage presence. His solo songs are dirty and we love it. Likes Anime and Manga and being naked and dong coptering around the dorm before showering, I’d say “Protect Jongup” but Himchan has that covered. Everyones favorite son. When he laughs everyone stops breathing for a while. 
-How to tell him apart in music: I actually get him mixed up with Youngjae often I’m so sorry, but he has some amazing vocals during his verses, stage wise is completely different. ALSO HAS SOME BAD ASS POSE TO FUCK US UP WITH AND DOES LOTS OF BACK FLIPS.
- How to tell him apart from the group: Awkward, does weird fucking shit sometimes that make us go ?????, looks and acts like an angel, Probably being teased by Himchan. 

Zelo (Choi Junhong)

Originally posted by ab1004

Rapper - main dancer - Maknae - Tallest small - Choreographs BAP dances - Will skateboard over your dead body while salt bae-ing - 3am Vlive king - Only member with a stage name and we don’t know why (and neither does he)
Zelo is everyones favorite son, “Dont’ call him a child>:(>:(>:(”, Lowkey greasy, Buff as fuck, TEASE ON STAGE, Meme off stage, Instagram lives are his aesthetic, has a small dog he loves more then himself. Has an instagram for his small dog. Yongguks biggest fan, Was literally raised by B.A.P into the most respectful son ever. One of the fastest rappers in South Korea, not as loud but is HELLA EXTRA, illegally drinks in America bless. 
-How to tell him apart in music - Rapper who doesn’t have a cave voice, On stage is probably spinning at high speeds or humping the stage, or doing a air gutar move, really any of those
- How to tell him apart from group : T A L L A S F U C K, a massive goof ball, He does this face a lot that when you see it you just go “Damnit Zelo”. Usually with Youngjae and they are loud together. bless

Their newest MV really has them shine the most in each of their positions, plus the visuals are beautiful so like yeah. ENJOY B.A.P MY FRIEND YOU’RE IN FOR A HELL OF A TIME

Date Headcanons- Gentlemen


  • He most likely hasn’t been on a date since before his cybernization. So when he suddenly has to plan a date for you, he’s gonna pull out all his old notes
    • He may have to tweak these notes a bit since they include sexual teasing throughout the date and end with an invitation back to his place
    • He’ll cross out those bits and try to replace them with more gentlemanly things
  • There are a few potential places he might take you–the arcade, the aquarium, the mall, his place (whoops forgot to cross that off his old list)
    • But at some point, he’ll take you for some ramen. Assuming he can’t eat in his new body, he may have a bit of wistful aura about him, but he’ll just be happy if you enjoy his favorite food.
  • No matter where he takes you, he’s going to buy you something to remember the date by (so make sure to make little remarks of things you might want him to get ^.-)
  • Overall, his dates are the classic shoujo high school boyfriend date. He takes to dates like a fish to the ocean.


  • If Jesse gets to plan the date, he’s going to have some ideas in mind
  • And ideal spot for him would be one of the campy shooting galleries where all those cut-out animals pop out. It’s a good chance for him to show off to his date and get real close to them as he shows them how to aim properly
  • Do you like horsies? McCree’s ridden a few in his life, and he’d love a day where he can teach you to ride western style. The two of you could go on a nice trail ride~
  • Every date with him will end with him offering to buy you two drinks. It’s kind of a cowboy courtesy
    • If you want to impress him, here, try out-drinking him! But be careful because that can be very difficult


  • Date? When was the last time this man went on a date? He hardly ever had time for that back in his Overwatch days, and he hardly has time now that he’s a deadly assassin. Besides, Death doesn’t do dates…
  • But not even this guy can deny wanting to spend more time with his significant other, and whether he wants to admit it or not, that’s called a “date”
  • He’d say something along the lines of “So…you wanna go…kill some stuff?”
    • Lol yes dates for him are just missions where you two work together. He’s not very creative.
    • Maybe once you two start getting closer, he’ll ask to hang out with you a bit after the mission. Do some weapon maintenance back in his quarters, do some talking, take off his mask…
  • But if you really want a more formal courtship with him, you’ll have to try suggesting some more acceptable dates. Even just taking him to the practice shooting range and swapping combat techniques!
    • Once he gets used to spending time with you without murdering other people, you can move on to sharing meals together
  • He’ll want your undivided attention on these dates. Don’t look at other guys, and he better not catch any guys looking at you.

Soldier: 76

  • Jack also hasn’t been on the date scene in a while, but he’s more accustomed to being a charming young man than Gabe is. He had to do a bit of posing as the Strike Commander, and I’m positive he had a few admirers.
  • So I’d like to think he knows the basics of a classic, old fashioned date: dress nice, maybe bring some flowers, give some complements, take them out for dinner. That sort of thing
  • Even though he knows the basics, good luck getting him to following them now. 76 will be caught up in the fact that he’s too old to be dating or that he’s got no time for courtship now that he’s a vigilante.
  • But if somehow you’ve got him arranging to take you out for a night on the town, good on you!
    • He’ll be much more awkward than he used to be, blushing, stumbling over his words, rubbing his neck
    • He’s just very nervous that he’s so old yet out on a date of all things!
    • Nevertheless, he’ll try to be the gentlest, sweetest date he can be. Though there may be some places he can’t go or he may be recognized…
  • After your night out, he’ll insist on walking you home so that you’re safe, and give you a quick kiss before saying goodbye


  • Uuuuuhh…..What? A date? What’s he supposed to do for one of those?
  • You can bet that the first time you ask for a date with Hanzo, it’ll be his first date ever.
  • Now don’t get me wrong, he had a lot of admirers growing up who asked him out, but he shot them all down simply because he didn’t think the heir of his clan should be going around and wasting his time with girls
    • But now he’s kind of regretting turning those dates down because now he has no idea what to do…
    • He tries to remember what Genji used to do for his dates, but he quickly remembers how short-lived Genji’s relationships were, and quickly dismisses that idea
  • Hanzo’s probably written down a list of ideas, all of which he’s crossed out. Oh dear, this is really stressing him out
    • In the end, he’ll decide to take you out for tea in a nice, zen garden (even better if the cherry blossoms are in bloom!). At first, things will be very stiff and awkward, but just try to get him to talk a bit, and the ice will quickly break


  • Ooh! Shopping! If you know Junkrat’s definition of shopping is, though…
    • Blowing up a mall and stealing everything in the process, starting with the milk tea shop!
    • He just wants to show his partner his favorite things in life: explosions, mayhem, and boba!
  • But he gets it if his s/o isn’t into really loud explosions and arson…I guess he could steal some milk tea prior to the date and bring it over to your place. He’ll bring over some (stolen) action movies, too.
    • Don’t be surprised if he tries to start a tickle fight
  • The first few dates he plans might involve Roadhog, and you may have to teach him that your later dates don’t need a third wheel. Roadie is a good third wheel, though– very quiet and unobtrusive.
  • Do you like drag racing? Motorcycles? He’d love to try that with you sometime!
  • Once you start going on more frequent dates, you’ll suddenly notice that they’re not always dates…but heists…
    • “Jamison.” Roadhog grunts, “Why did you bring your date?”
    • “Wot? Why not? Kill two birds with one stone: bonding time and crime! Y’know, mate?”


  • He’s already dating his turrets and his wife.


  • This old man would be so excited to be going on a date at his age. He always assumed those days were over for him, but he looks so happy and bashful now that he’s out with his s/o~
  • He’s the kind of guy who will be happy with anything that his partner wants to do. As his date talks, he’ll sit there happily, taking every word they speak
  • A total hand-holder, he’ll want your little hand in his as often as possible
  • He’s a bit like Soldier in that he prefers more old fashioned dates
    • Take you out for dinner, maybe see a play/movie before
    • If you really want to impress him, suggest an old fashioned movie like “M” or “Treasures of the Sierra Madre.”
  • When he drops you off at home for the night, he’s going to be a little hesitant to give you a good night kiss…he’s still a little hung-up on being too old to do this again…I mean does he kiss them or not? What if they pull back?
    • So you may need to stand on your tippy-toes and give him a peck yourself~


  • Unlike Junkrat, he’d be more understanding of what a date is. He won’t take you on any arson missions or heists…unless you want to of course!
  • He’ll take you to the arcade and show you how good he as the crane game and win all the Pachimarus!
    • He never loses because he just smashes the glass…sorry. So, he’s still going to commit a bit of felony on your dates.
  • If you want to avoid crime with him, do the same as Junkrat, invite him over and watch some action movies!
    • He’ll want you to sit on his lap. Bonus points if you make a big bowl of popcorn for him!
  • During your first few dates, Mako will keep the mask on. But eventually he’ll start lifting it up just enough to eat that popcorn you made for him.
    • Then one day, out of nowhere, he’ll just take off his mask and set it on the coffee table without any warning. It’s ok if you need to stare for a bit.


  • A fun date for Lucio would be some good old fashioned clubbing! He’ll try to pick a night when he isn’t the DJ so that he can be dancing in the crowd with you!
  • If clubbing isn’t really your thing, he’s ok with that. He’ll take you to an album store (yes, they have those in 2077) and browse the stacks with you, swapping music tastes
    • Then you can take the albums you guys bought (and by that I mean he paid for them) back to his place or your place and listen to them. He might even share some of his works in progress songs
    • Who knows, your music taste may just inspire his next song~


  • I doubt this monk has ever been on a date in his life. Maybe he’s a little nervous, but more confused than anything else…
    • So the point is to show the one you’re infatuated with a good time? But what if he doesn’t know everything about them? How will he know any specific things that they dislike?
    • He’ll definitely ask Genji for help
  • In the end, the two will devise a lovely date consisting of a nice nature walk ending with a peaceful picnic
    • You may find that dates with Zen can go from nice and talkative to quiet and enjoying each other’s presence. He’s the type that can just sit there and take in the calmness and serenity of the situation
    • He might even teach you some meditation while you’re out!
Another Set of Eyes (Lafayette x Reader)


Premise: When everyone realized there was probably a little more than just friendship between you and Lafayette

A/N: This has been an idea of mine to write for the longest time, I just had no idea who to write it for, so when I got the request for Laf fluff (from this super sweet anon omg ily) I put the two together and I got this!! I really like it! I hope that you guys too!! It’s a little bit longer than normal but its a slow burn so what can you expect really. I love y’all to pieces <3333



Unsurprisingly, Angelica saw it first. She was always the most observant of your friend group. She caught on at one of the girls nights that you, Peggy, Eliza, Maria, and herself shared. The five of you were all slumped around Eliza and Maria’s shared dorm snacking on junk food and listening to Peggy’s eclectic playlist. It was quiet, but it was comfortable. You and Eliza were having a contest to see who could catch more jelly beans in their mouth while Maria was lending Peggy an outfit for an upcoming date. Angelica was on her laptop googling a movie that she could put on that you all could watch but didn’t have to pay too much attention to. She also happened to be sitting on your phone. She was scrolling down a list of films when she felt a shocking vibration coming from underneath her. She shifted her weight and pulled the offending technology out from under her. She glanced at the screen only to realize that it wasn’t her phone, but yours. You’re lockscreen (a picture of all of your friend group together in awkward poses) was faded behind a text message from “Gilly Willy Billy” reading, “so why are you having a girls night without me??? I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME”.

“Y/N? Laf texted you,” she said and read the text out, attempting to hide her laughter at Lafayette’s drama queen tendencies.

“He’s such a dork,” you giggled and grabbed the phone from Angelica, allowing conversation to fall back to normal. Angelica, however, didn’t miss the sparkling of your eyes when she said his name, nor the small smile you had when you responded to the text. Maybe there’s something more to that story, she thought.


James and Thomas realized at the same time. They figured it out while at Alex’s 19th birthday dinner, which was being hosted by the Schuylers. You and Laf had chosen seats directly next to each other, though that was not out of the ordinary. They didn’t think much of it until it was declared that it was the time to give Alex his birthday presents. Alex was quite humble about it, refusing to take them at first until Angelica gave him one of her looks. This came as a little bit of a shock to Jefferson, who had gotten him a bobblehead figurine of his least favorite founding father, John Adams. However, the bigger shock came when Lafayette handed Alex a box and announced that it was from both him and Y/N. The two of you sharing a soft smile when he returned to his seat

Thomas turned to James and whispered to him, “Since when are they together?”

James responded with a shake of his head and a cough before stating, “I don’t think they are, but I think they wish they were.”

Thomas raised his eyebrow, but neither of them mentioned it again that night. However, both were a little more aware of the pair from that point on.


Hercules noticed later that night. The dinner party had quickly turned into a dance party and practically everyone was dancing along to assorted music streaming from John’s phone into Alex’s bluetooth speaker. He and Angelica were poorly dancing along to some weird combination of electronic and indie music, when Angelica’s eyes narrowed and she leaned closer to Herc.

“What do you make of Laf and Y/N?” she asked, still bopping her head out of time with the beat.

Herc was a little confused by the question but still answered, “What do you mean? They’ve been best friends since high school, before the majority of us even met, but you know all this. Why are you asking?”

“Look at them,” she said, eyes still squinting as she nodded her head over his shoulder. When he turned around he was met with the sight of you and Lafayette sitting of the couch, with you half asleep and your head on his shoulder, and Lafayette’s arm wrapped protectively around you. It was a position you both had been in more than once, so that was practically nothing, but the look on Lafayette’s face as he looked down at you, curled into his side, that was what caught Hercules attention.

“Huh,” was his oh so elegant reply. “He hasn’t said anything and neither has she but you never know.” He and the eldest Schuyler parted with a shrug and he went over to the two of you, and asked at a low enough volume for you not to notice, “Dude, does she need a ride home?”

Lafayette shook his head and murmured, “No, mon ami, but thank you. I’m actually about to bring her home now. If you could tell Alex we say happy birthday that would be great.”

Herc nodded and said goodbye. Maybe Lafayette’s arm still wrapped tightly around your waist was just to keep you stable in your sleepy state, but he highly doubted it.


Alex was next to notice, but the first to say anything to one of you. He and Lafayette were studying for a test in their Advanced French class together (not that either of them needed to).

Alex asked Laf a question regarding verb conjugation in day to day speaking, to which he responded, “I don’t know, mon ami. I just speak it, how do native English speakers know when to use there, their, or they’re? They just do!” Laf waved his hand at the smaller boy, as if dismissing him, though he chuckled slightly.

“Well my bad, Mr. Born-In-France, I just thought I’d ask!” Alex retorted with a laugh. Laf’s phone pinged with a notification, catching both of their attentions.

Lafayette picked up the phone and smiled at the screen. Mumbling to Alex while replying, “Y/N thinks it’s sad that we have to study for a French test despite being fluent.”

Alex looked at Lafayette and noticed a dreamy look in his eyes as he texted back and forth with you. And since Alex was notorious for not being able to shut his mouth, he said, “Woah, lover boy, I can practically see the hearts coming out of your eyes. Since when do like Y/N?”

The question was innocent enough but, since it was the first time anyone had ever said anything about it before, Lafayette was caught completely off-guard. His phone slipped out of his hands and he stumbled over his words a for a few seconds before getting out a simple, “Shut up” before returning to his textbook.

Alex assured him that his secret was safe, and glanced over when he heard Laf’s phone ping again, only to catch a glimpse of what looked like a heart emoji next to your name. That boy’s in deep, was his only thought, before returning to his study guide.


John took a while to realize it, but when it hit him, it him hard. It was about 10 in the morning when John heard his roommate’s door open. He was about to call out to Lafayette that he was out of milk, only when he looked up, he found you where he expected Laf to be. You were rubbing your eyes as you walked towards the miniature kitchen in their suite style dorm. John also noticed that you weren’t exactly wearing the type of pyjamas he was used to seeing you in. Instead of the usual sweatpants and hoodie you wore to late night movie parties, you were drowning in Laf’s favorite tee-shirt and a pair of his roommate’s boxer shorts. (How John knew that they were Laf’s is a story for another time.)

John was not known for being very tactful in the mornings, so when you were finally close enough to him for him to make the sly joke, he jumped at the opportunity. “Looks like someone got a taste of our Laffy Taffy last night.” He threw a wink at you and began pouring you a cup of his signature coffee, which your entire group of friends lived by.

“Oh shut up Laurens,” you grumbled, a blush tinting your cheeks as you pulled the mug out of his hands and up to your lips. You took a small sip and sighed, “You know it’s not like that.”

In retrospect, John’s not sure what it was that first tipped him off, your blush, your dejected tone, or a combination of the two. He was completely convinced, however, when Lafayette finally made it out to the kitchen and kissed that top of your forehead, both of you looked at the other as if it was the last time you would see them. John gave a small nod (mostly to himself) and made his way out of the kitchen and back to his room, leaving the lovebirds in the kitchen together.


Maria and Eliza were next to figure it out, but they were the first ones you told. It was a Friday night and the three of you were in your shared dorm with Angelica, who was out with Peggy on a double date. You were all sitting around and talking, as usual, but tonight you were more distracted than normal. You were clicking open your phone every few minutes, as if you were waiting for an important call.

“Y/N, whose call are you waiting for?” Maria asked, a joking tone in her voice.

You groaned and rolled onto your stomach, letting out a big sigh. “Can I tell you guys something without you guys freaking out?” You asked rubbing your left temple.

The two girls looked at each other curiously then turned to you, nodding.

“There’s this guy…” You started, only to be cut off.

“Oh! Is he cute? Do we know him? Is it serious?” Eliza rattled off before Maria’s hand fell onto her shoulder, calming the adorable ball of energy that is Eliza Schuyler.

“He’s amazing. Yes, you do know him. And no. Nothing’s ever going to happen so it won’t ever be serious,” you answered off, the volume of your voice getting softer and softer. “It’s… Lafayette.”

“Woah,” was the only answer you got from both of the girls sitting across from you.

“Yeah,” you responded, shoving your head into the pillow in front of you. “I know it’s stupid. Falling for your best friend always sucks and it never works out like it does in the movies and he’s never going to feel the same way, and I’m going to lose him if he finds out, and–”

Maria cut you off with her soothing voice, “Y/N, calm down. It’s going to be fine just calm down and talk to him about it. It’s Laf! You’ve known him forever. Nothing bad is going to happen.”

“No. I-I can’t. He’s already got someone else,” you mumbled into the pillow.

“Aw sweetheart, I’m sure it’s not that serious,” Eliza said rubbing your back in an attempt to calm you down.

“It’s their third date tonight. And his general rule of thumb is that if it makes it to a third date, then you know what goes down.” You said, looking back up at them.

They shook their heads and attempted to console you. When Maria asked how long you’d felt this way and you responded, “Too long” they knew that if you couldn’t give them an actual estimate that you were probably in way over your head.


Peggy found out in the most ridiculous way possible. She wandered into a Subway one day for a quick lunch in between lectures when she noticed a familiar tall Frenchman with his signature ponytail sitting in a corner of the “healthy’ fast food joint. She quickly ordered her sub and made her way over to the table where her friend was sitting by himself.

“Yo, Gilbert,” she said as she slid into the seat across from him. He looked up at her like a deer in headlights before shaking himself out of his mind and responding normally. The conversation was light between the two until Peggy remembered something that wasn’t exactly fitting into the picture.

“Wait a second. Y/N said you had a lunch date with your new girlfriend right about now. Did she ditch you at a Subway?” she asked, raising her eyebrows in amusement. Laf’s face suddenly contorted into a mixture of guilt, sadness and sheepishness. “What?” she prodded, hoping for an interesting answer.

“Don’t laugh,” he mumbled, his voice low. She nodded for him to continue. “Well, I told John that I liked Y/N and he said that the easiest way to do it without telling her outright would be to make her jealous, but I couldn’t find anyone who I actually enjoyed spending time with enough to pretend to date so I’ve been going on dates… with myself.”

It took a minute to register the information, but once she got it all, Peggy couldn’t help but laugh. The idea was stupid enough and his execution of it was absolutely absurd. “You know, Frenchie? You probably would’ve have better luck just telling her in the first place. Maybe she would’ve been interested, but now she probably just thinks you’re interested in anyone except her.” She didn’t mean to tear down her friend but he was going about this in the stupidest way possible. “My advice,” she continued, “for the love of god, talk to her. I don’t know what she feels about this, but if you keep it up any longer, you could lose her trust and friendship, and I’m sure you don’t want that.” Peggy collected her trash and stood to leave. “I leave you with that, but keep in mind, I still want everything to work out for you guys. See you, French Fry.” She gave him a hug and headed out to her next lecture.


Burr was that last to see it, but boy was he the luckiest. Aaron was always a part of their friend group, but he also tended to go unnoticed outside of it. So, it was no shock at all when he went to the nearest coffee shop for the third time that week (He liked coffee. Sue him.) and went completely unnoticed by Lafayette, sitting two tables down. Aaron was fine with this, as he had a project due in a couple of days that he wanted to work on. He did however happen to be able to hear what was going on down by Lafayette with proved to be quite interesting in the long-run.

Burr noticed you come into the shop, skip the long line at the counter, and take a seat across from Lafayette. His super hearing kicked at that point because a.) he’s a little nosy and b.) you and Laf were speaking softer than usual.

“Hey,” you said, slipping of your jacket and running a hand through your hair. Lafayette returned the greeting and you began informing one another about the past few days. Burr was slightly confused as to why you hadn’t been with each other all that time as you two were practically inseparable. He tuned out the conversation until you said something that caught his ear. “So, um, how’s your girlfriend?” you asked. Aaron could hear something in your tone, that sounded almost pained as you asked that question.

Lafayette replied guiltily, “About that… I need to talk to you.” That sounded ominous, Burr thought. You had signified for him to continue, and Laf took a large breath before speaking at a speed that reminded Aaron of Alexander. “Y/N, she’s not real. She never was. It was something stupid I did because I suck at telling people how I feel and John told me that this one thing would work and it, how you say, backfired and I really don’t want to mess this up. I’m so sorry Y/N.” Burr thought that Lafayette’s speech sounded almost like a confession of love, except it was missing one thing: the actual confession.

“You…You made up a girlfriend to what? To get space from me? Laf, if you just said you wanted space I would have given you space. I know I can be a little too much at times but you didn’t need to make up some fake girlfriend to get away from me. We’re supposed to be best friends were supposed to be able to talk about this stuff,” you kept your voice steady until you got to “best friends” and Aaron winced at the break.

“No, wait, Y/N, that’s not what I meant!” Lafayette cried out,reaching across the table to grab your hand. You had pulled it away though when your fingers made contact.

“Then what did you mean, Lafayette?” you asked, “Because I’ve spent weeks trying to be happy about you being with some other girl, who apparently doesn’t even exist, and I just want to know if it’s worth even being upset over this because goddamn it Laf. I’ve been stuck on you since freshman year and I can’t just go my entire life pretending like I have a chance with you when I don’t. I’m sick of pretending. So tell me right here and now, what the hell is going on with us because we haven’t been the same us in weeks and I need to know where we stand.”

“Y/N, just let me finish, and I promise it’ll all make sense,” Lafayette pleaded, reaching from your hand again, and this time succeeding. “I told John that I liked this girl. She’s amazing and beautiful and smart and I thought she’d never go for a guy like me, so I asked for his help. He told me that I should just tell her, but I was too scared so he told me to try and make her jealous. Go on a few dates and see how she reacted. But the thing is, I’ve been in love with this girl for the longest time and,”

“Laf,” you choked out and Burr could hear that you were about to cry.

“Shh, let me finish. So I made up a girl that I was going on dates with, but the more fake dates I went on, the more she drifted away from me. I was in way too far over my head, as they say. I was convinced that somehow, my scheme would work. Then people started calling my bluff. Peggy, and John, and Hercules all told me how stupid I was being and that I needed to just tell her how I felt and so,”

“Laf, please stop,” you said. When Aaron looked up, you were crying. “I can’t listen to this. I told you–”

“Trust me, oui? I am almost done.” Laf responded as his grip around your hand visibly tightened. “So I tried my best to keep this girl in my life, but she was still distant, so I invited her out for coffee, I got her her favorite drink,” at that moment he pulled out a cup of your favorite coffee drink and handed it to you. “And I told her a long-winded story about me being an idiot in hopes that she’d see how much nonsense I would go through to be with her. And as I sat in front of her and handed her my heart on a plate… I-I just hope that she’ll take care of it. Because I love her more than anything else in the world and she’s the only person I trust with it.” Now that was a love confession.

“Sh-She’s me?” you asked, stunned.

“She’s always been you, mon amour,” Lafayette sighed and looked down at his hands.

“You’re a dork,” you stated matter of factly, wiping the tears off your cheeks.

“Pardon?” he said, his eyes shooting up to meet yours with fear shining in them.

“I love you too you stupid French Fry. Now shut up and kiss me before I start to cry again.” You stood and held your arms out to him, as he stood up and made his way around the table to you.

At that moment, Burr looked away because as happy as he was for you, watching you two make out in the middle of a coffee shop was not exactly his cup of tea. Or…er…coffee.


-you’re a human who stumbles into this neighborhood of just a bunch of witches/wizards/magicky peoples

-as you play through the different witches teach you their magic types

-tarot witch teaches you how to read cards, queue in cute reading options including lovers cards, and something about fate, if you choose this route then you start collecting cards on your dates that represent how well they went
      - the reading on the final date is like destiny for them to be together
      - that entire story line would be called “signs point to yes” or something 
-the cooking witch who you totally try to bake a love cake for and he’s just like honey no. this is how its done.
       - owns either a bakery or no kidding a five star restaurant/ is a cook somewhere really cool
-Green witch who’s a florist, teaches you flower meanings, if you do really well on some of the dates, will send you different flowers, last date you arrange a bouquet for them <3
-chakra witch massage therapist. really cheesy scenes. just imagine it. “you look like you’ve had a bad day, I can fix that if you’d like. you hold a lot of tension in your vishuddha.” meditating while holding hands “you balance me.”
-Potions witch owns a bar, really chill. offers you different drinks for different moods.  teaches you some ultimate mixing techniques, you go on an errand to get some obscure ingredients and then give her them and shes just head over heels “i was totally joking oh my gosh how did you find this!??” 
-Inscriptions Witch three words: MAGICAL LOVE LETTERS. also librarian or an editor or an AUTHOR
    -A POET
-Lunar Witch moonlit walks through the central parks. “excuse me are you insinuating that i dance naked in moonlight?”
     “would it be awkward if i said yes??”
      “I mean, you wouldn’t be wrong.”
-Necromancer COLLECTS DEAD THINGS. finds like roadkill and has a whole bunch of undead cats and trash cats running around her apartment. really doesnt like seeing anything die. total sweetheart, spends all her money on food for animals shes resurrected.
-Psychic KNOWS YOU’RE GONNA TALK TO THEM BEFORE YOU DO. You get to try to be unexpected when you ask them out and they just think youre the cutest the more you try.and then you catch them off guard and its super super super sweet cause they freak out and start blushing from head to toe
     -shows up at your door with your favorite snacks when you have a bad day
        -or to pick you up for lunch when you finally decide to ask them out
-Pyro Witch  who owns WAY too many candles, and somehow has them all lit, all the time and hasnt burned anything down in a while. SUPER WARM. ALL THE TIME= great cuddles on a date that gets unexpectedly cold and no one has a sweater and shes just like ive goT THIS.
      -serious tobacco aficionado, 3edgy5me smokes like shes on fire
      -ORANGE HAIR. that lights on fire when shes mad, smokes when shes embarrassed, sizzles etc.
-Fauna Witch co-owns an antique store with a, secretly keeps a pet dragon in there who poses as a statues when there are unfriendly guests. the backroom is a portal to a fucKIN ZOO no its actually just her house. she has 300 acres and enough animals to fit there. 
    -takes care of chimaeras and wounded magical animals with some help from white witches and the brothers at the apothecary. 
    -imagine a date to find nessie.
    -literally camping trips to meet big foot because she’s a huge fan of his work.
-Crystal witch GEOLOGIST SWEETHEART. sneaks crystals home from dig sites if she determines theyre not necessary to the find. one time convinced her superiors to let her bring home a dino bone.
     -she keeps it above her mantle,
      -somehow crystals are growing all over her apartment in unexplained places. 
        - *pours milk for tea* “oh dear would you look at that, it’s crystallized again.” “again??? what do you mean again?” “it just sort of happens sometimes.”
-Apothecary Witch BROTHERS  you can literally date either of them.  own an apothecary, they’re twins, they pose as each other and run errands around town and play pranks, constantly blaming it on the other. 
     -totally gonna be a sick treating boi trope.
       -ironic nurse outfit for halloween.
-White Witch actually a neurosurgeon/ medschool student trying to get her doctorate. NEEVER SLEEPS but doesnt need to because shes really good at enchanting health shakes and a balanced diet so she has energy for DAYS. (great friends with the crystal witch and potions witch- they have a coupon club for the reagent stores.)

(i’m prolly gonna try to make this my thesis project.)
((add to this if you like if you have ideas?!?!, I’ll update this later too <3 <3))

My Regular (Fionn Whitehead x Reader)

Requested by @lovingfionn: hiya, love! could you write a fionn imagine where the reader is the regular customer of the coffeshop that fionn works in? they become close friends and she’s the first person that fionn tells about getting casted in dunkirk. i need a really good dose of fionn fluff! thank you!!!

AN: Kinda based on real life but I don’t know enough about Fionn’s job (or Fionn in general) to accurately describe it so just consider this your coffee shop au kinda

Originally posted by fionnaesthetic


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Just For The Money

Anon asked: Could you write something where Kylo and reader end up in some sort or cooking/baking competition together? They could be from rival bakeries, but in the end they still end up together, and maybe collaborate on something?

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Ah, another fic where I get to combine my writing with my other favorite hobby: baking!)

Bakery AU: Kylo Ren x Reader

Plot Summary: You run a simple and sweet bakery, mostly catering to the people who want to stop by for a sweet treat for a good price. Kylo Ren runs a high end cake shop, taking in clients for formal events. The both of you have had a long rivalry, but right now, both your businesses are about to bite the dust. That is until a baking competition arrives in town, so both you and Kylo are desperate to win. There’s a catch, though! It’s a couples-only bake-off!

Originally posted by masterpatterner

Pulling a fresh batch of cookies out of the oven, the smell of chocolate and caramel filled up the small little pastry shop, as you indulged in the sweet sensation tickling your nose before setting them down to cool.

The door to your bakery jingled, as a woman with her daughter entered, yourself smiling alongside the mother as the young girl oogled over the dozens of sweets, running along the cupcakes, to the pies and cookies.

“Hi! Welcome to Tatooine Treats! How can I help you two?” You asked cheerfully, setting your oven mitts to the side as the girl peeked over the counter.

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Answering asks #2

l-der asked:

I think your theory is really close with what actually happen bw TaeJin. I feel something is off too. Jin said he close to V but they did not bond that well to consider as close in that period of time. Can I ask for your fav TaeJin moment? and What kind of bf do you think Tae/Jin is?

Ahhh thank you for your asks sweetie! As I said, I’m gonna answer you with 3 master posts ok!

FIRST PART: “Jin said he close to V but they did not bond that well to consider as close in that period of time." 

I mean these are personal theories based on what I see of their interaction and of course we will never know the entire story so all we can do is connect the dots and fill in the blanks.

Mirroring like people who are into each other do:

Yes Jin said V is the closest and I agree with you, their on screen bromance was far from being the "cutest” for fan service purposes so why did Jin said V was the one he was closest to? I think what Jin said explains a lot about Taejin actually, cause they had real feelings for each other from the start, what they had and shared was not for the fans to see, like it was not part of the job, not to promote a bts bromance. It was private, therefore precious.

This is why I believe taejin is real, Jinnie & VV interaction is completely different from the other pairings in the band. Like all the boys are touchy and promote the skinship and the management knows how to explore that aspect for the fandom, they know how to milk the cuteness of vk*ok and even jinkook. So to measure if something is real just by skinship and the kinda of puppy love all the boys display for each other is just not valid for bts. They legit are all superglued to each other all the time.

So to understand whats real and whats showmance, let’s compare Taejin with the popular Vk*ok. When I watch for instance the Vk*ok vids with “proof” that they are a real couple it’s mostly funny cause it’s all about they acting like puppies and two kids playing. Don’t get me wrong, vk*ok it’s totally cute and I get why their ship is pushed so hard by their management but there is no psychological or theoretical evidence of a real affair other than cuteness.

It only takes a minute to compare V in Vk*ok pix versus V in taejin pics, the difference is OBVIOUS, with Kookie he is a tease, a model, defiant, goofy, showing all his teeth with that pretty boy perfection, its all a perfectly staged performance and k-idol cuteness ship glamour to please the masses. No real romantic relationship needs an over the top kinda peformance like that, real couples don’t behave like they need to share their feelings like they are in an advertising. Its all aesthetics and I’m sure they adore each other but can you see genuine romantic sentiment in Tae’s actions? Me neither…

Posterboys, showmance & staged cuteness overdose:

Now if you see taejin pix, V is sometimes kinda shy, sometimes proud, sometimes even awkward, always seductive and delicate, he poses like if he was posing with his boyfriend. There is softness between them, they usually mirror, nothing is forced, no full teeth fake smiles, there is no idol V being all flamboyant, just 2 boys in candid togetherness and sometimes even a little real life bittersweetness in their eyes. Just look at these pictures and tell me that is not how a normal real couple, like your friends or even you and your bf/gf usually pose!

Soft, connected, candid and private like real couples do:

And when we talk about them, we have to kinda separate their relationship in phases. As I said before, I don’t think they had something going on before 2015. But I do think they were already secretly close, back in the start when Jin said he and V had the same hobbies and loved to watch dramas so they were used to stay together until late, I feel that they were already emotionally bonding. It was about friendship and companionship and not like trying to hook up with each other but when you are so young and kinda alone in an exciting different environment it’s most common to fall in love within your inner circle. So I believe V really got emotionally attached to Jin as a protective figure and that eventually became a platonic love.

One thing that also made me believe V was the one who was first really in love, was the infamous “taejin showered together” video. Jin talks about V asking to shower with him like it was something funny to be shared and you can see how V smiles shyly but his body language (hiding his hands, tight lips, turns away from the public) expresses he didn’t want Jin to share that. I think Jin didn’t see (or pretended not to see) that for V their thing was not just a funny bromance.

So basically they kept taejin a “secret thing just for them” without pushing their bromance like the other bts pairings were pushed probably made both Jin and V protective of this one special thing they had that was not for publicity or for promoting the band. There are many videos and stuff of the boys playing around and taejin is low-key sitting together in the background just lounging or something… It was their thing, and not a fan service job. And trust me when you have a very public life like these boys do, anything private is treasured.

To be honest, I think the vk*ok and namj*n push has always been a planned strategy to hide taejin in plain sight, but thats a conspiracy theory for another ask…

Lots of love.

For @umthatsliam on her birthday (it’s still the 28th here it’s not my fault you’re ahead), have 4K of fake boyfriend Lirry. This is the beginning from that I Used To Be A Baker fic that I never finished. :/ I hope you’ll love it. <3

“Whatever he’s saying, he’s lying!” Liam rushes out, slinging an arm around Harry’s shoulders in what he hopes is a comfortable couply way. He’s a little out of breath, having ran from one end of the dance floor to the other as soon as he spotted Harry talking to Ruth.

“So you’re not the best thing that’s ever happened to him?” Ruth asks, drinking her champagne in a very pointed way.

Liam snaps his head to Harry, who is staring at the buffet table, apparently enthralled with the pasta salad. He’s blushing a little, and Liam wishes he was that good at pretending. Harry gets the act down pat.

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Tsukista TV Ep 2 Summary Notes

This week’s episode focused on Yamazaki Taiki, who plays Arata, and Jounin Tatsuki, who plays Aoi! I decided to write this up since I was livetweeting it on twitter, so I might as well put it here for future reference lol. It’s just a list of some stuff that happened or was said along with some screencaps, not a full translation of the episode. Feel free to add on to the list or correct me if I got something wrong! I may or may not do a summary for each episode depending on how busy I am, but anyways, enjoy reading!

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Morning Talks

Holy crap aNOTHER FIC????

Well yeah. this part of the Skelefrisk AU (taking place right after the Determination Issues Arc of comics) had a lot of exposition dialog, so to save time and not hurt my poor drawing wrist writing all that in comic bubbles i decided to type it up. Enjoy! 

Characters: Frisk. Papyrus (Mentioned: Sans, Toriel, Gaster, others)

Rating: Gen

Warnings: none 

Word Count: 1172

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Covered in the Colors (MatsuHana)

Read on Ao3

Hiro sees the world as infinite beauty, and he wants to take hold of it, add to it. He always has his sketch pad by his side. He doesn’t believe in much, but he believes in art. No matter what his best friend, Tooru, said love was a fairy tale. Everything changes when he sees a person photographing the sunset.

A picture is worth a million words. Issei knows this, and he sees the world through a lense, always thinking about how his surroundings would look in a photo, what it would say. A boy he sees around the university who’s always hunched over a drawing pad catches his attention. What would his picture say?

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Nothing to Worry About | Byun Baekhyun Scenario

Anonymous said : Hi bambi! You seem super sweet, haha! I was wondering if you could do a long (baekhyun x reader) scenario where he is your boyfriend and the two of you have a sleep over at his house for the weekend, and you both just end up having lots of fun and having deep conversations late at night and stuff? This is kinda fluffy i’m sorry<3 Thank you!

Thank you anon ! I’m in love with these Baekhyun fluff concepts. I kinda made it like a first time sleepover thing because… well you’ll see. (I never know when a scenario is too long or long enough this one is about 940 words, I hope that’s okay)

Genre: Fluff

There’s nothing to worry about, you repeated to yourself, I’ll just go there, sleep, and leave the next day, no big deal. Yet, every time that thought went through your head, you couldn’t help but blush at the fact that you’re actually sleeping over at Baekhyun’s house. Come on, he’s your boyfriend and all and he’s possibly the most gorgeous, best, kind human being that you’ve ever met and that you genuinely thought you couldn’t stand a chance against. What was there to worry about? Absolutely everything.

You wondered if he felt the same way. But nooooo, Baekhyun was out and about in his house, completely ecstatic for the sleepover. This excitement, contrary to your situation, heavily overweighed his nervousness, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. He made sure there wasn’t a speck of dust in his house and that his roommates were certain not to come back home before tomorrow. All in all, this moment had to be perfect.

You were probably half an hour late, rushing through traffic and silently cursing as you almost couldn’t make it to Baek’s house. When you arrived, the cheap makeup on your face didn’t last. You spent a few minutes in your car just trying to take it off but you noticed your boyfriend watching you from his window before you could put on another layer. Sighing at the mess you were, you practically ran to the door. He opened it, rather surprised.

“Are you-” Baekhyun said slowly.

“Don’t…ask…” You breathed.

The two of you stood there, you didn’t dare step inside. At this point, your heart was most likely beating at the speed of light. He laughed at the awkwardness of the situation, reminding himself of how dorky and cute his girlfriend was.

“Jagi, I’m not the freaking president. You can come in.”

“Right, right.”

Well, Baekhyun had sure done a good job at cleaning the place. Especially since he had thirty extra minutes to spare. He offered to show you his room, but you almost went into cardiac arrest so he thought maybe it was better to just not go there yet. Another silence passed until Baek was back to being his quirky self.

“Wanna make cupcakes?”

“Ohmygod, sure.” You abruptly nodded your head, feeling proud at how well the man knew you and your love for cupcakes.

He started throwing random things out of the fridge and pantries : milk, baking soda, salt, egg, freaking meat, pasta?… You tried calling out his name but he was already taking bowls and spoons out of every cabinet in the house. A little louder but he was throwing the whole bag of flour, plastic and all, in a cup.

“Baek!” He turned around, “Do you even know how to make cupcakes? Why are you taking all this stuff out? What are you doing?”

He laughed, as if what he was doing was obviously the right thing and you had absolutely no reason to question it.

“My dear, this is the science… of cooking~” Baekhyun struck a pose and you were on the floor laughing.

You decided to help him : it was the least you could do because he was literally a lost cause. So the two of you spent an hour making the greatest cupcakes you could, rubbing batter on each other’s noses, and the occasional kisses from your boyfriend. On your cheek, on your nose, on your forehead, on your lips, you blushed single every time. Whenever he noticed, he made it his goal to see how red your face would get. Overall, you got a lot of love from this guy.

“What now?” Baek asked once he put the cupcakes in the oven.

“I don’t know babe, I thought this was your house,” You stuck out your tongue.

“If it’s up to me, how about the bedroom now, huh jagi?” He raised an eyebrow.

Once again, you had to be resurrected just to hit him for saying that. He whined jokingly about how much it hurt and how you’d have to kiss it. You rolled your eyes, still kissing his arm because he was so cute.

“I’m not kidding though, I really want to show you my room.” He laughed.

The rest of the evening was spent cuddling, playing around, pillow fighting, and eating cupcakes. When you two finally figured it was time to sleep, you didn’t feel so uncomfortable sleeping with Baekhyun after all. He talked about the future with you as he held you close : your travels, your plans, your wedding… And it just made you so happy because you had never imagined this moment would be so meaningful and beautiful and amazing.

“Hey Baekhyun?”


You chuckled, suddenly turning into a shy turtle.

“I love you~”

And BAM, his expression just completely changed into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. Seriously, he looked as if he wanted to smile more but he just couldn’t because his bones and muscle were putting every ounce of effort into that one smile and you actually wondered if it was painful to smile that much. Baekhyun pinched your cheeks suddenly, taking you by surprise.

“I love you too, my little turtle. Sooo much~” He cooed.

You rolled your eyes and lay on your back, sighing.

“I don’t know why I was so nervous. I mean, I thought this would be all awkward and stuff because you know- I’m kinda very awkward but… it was actually really nice…”

You giggled as you played with the sleeves of your hoodie shyly. Baekhyun laughed. His next phrase literally made you scowl.

“Oh come on, it’s me! There’s nothing to worry about!”

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hamster-hosh  asked:

can you talk about the reasons you love / why i should love block b? i want to stan but i dont know where to start...

you’re not ready for this it’s going to be LONG! If there any misspelling I’m sorry I will fix it later

OT7 Block B: They are mean to each other all. the. time! 

Ukwon had to get bowls broken over this head and as the other members were taking care of him clearly Kyung was laughing so hard he fell over.

Taeil didn’t want to talk to him and was ignoring him so Jaehyo said this

The members starting on Kyung’ and his height

They are over dramatic 

Weird….oh they are so weird I love it!

Why are you touching your booty Zico? It didn’t get any bigger. He sat there too for like 5-7 seconds holding his booty.

What sexy poses from BASTARZ?

Pyo…BBomb…this reminds me of something

Are over sized children that you actually have to chase around 

And through this all (sadly I don’t have a screencap) through them being all pains to each other and being weird they all actively support each other and whatever they do. There was never a chance I felt like Block B was upset with each other over one going solo and other being in a drama ect. They even have said it on broadcast that they all visit or try to show support for each other’s solo events. I think aside from them always making me laugh every time I see them from making jokes or P.o touching Taeil chest I know that they do get along with each other. What I also like is that since I’ve been a fan of theirs slightly before Seven Season fully came to be is the honesty they do try to give us. Them being open about them liking porn. Jiho being open and honest that yes he likes his members. That yes they get along and he always knows what they are doing because he cares about them. BASTARZ MV shoot he was right there staring that the monitor watching them. That in Jackpot dvd he walked in on BBomb’s interview and when BBomb asked him about AEOM his dance crew that has nothing to do with Block B Jiho sat there and told the camera what the crew was about without BBomb having to open his mouth at all. But the point is he does make it clear that they are not outside of work friends. That he has time and time again show he cares about them and he their leader but that they were all thrown in together. He has his own friends that he has picked himself that like the same things as him. That I love that they do try to be honest with us. With this group especially with Zico you’re going to know when he mad, when he doesn’t like something, when the members are getting on his nerves because they are not listening, and all around more about how he feels. Some don’t like it some misunderstand it because they are not use to people being more blunt especially idols that should be always smiling and loving. I’m going to stop here about the group because I’m really just talking a lot about Zico now.

Jaehyo: Is a actual real life prince. Met him twice and nothing but the sweetest down the earth person. Have you ever met someone and they just give you the feeling that they are a good person? Yes that’s him. I actually get emotional talking about him because he really is a good person. Like those I’m so pretty I’m so much better is SUCH a lie. I told that boy he was pretty and he stopped for a second like no one told him this before and the smile that spread across his face was genuine. That he is a awkward member 

He the person that you can call at 4 am and say you need him and he will be there with no complaints. For 3 years he been regularly volunteering at a shelter for dogs. He loves babies too and fishing. You should watch his 2 6 hour long V app broadcasts they are worth it!

Taeil: He comes off as a hardcore kid but he one big softy. He finally becoming comfortable in his body! He loved by all the members but is a trouble maker that likes being mean to his members. Is tatted up which I personally love and has the singing voice of an angel. Has a huge Jeep and a motorcycle. Loves his fish and just like Jaehyo is a huge animal person. Actively take part in things that are against animal abuse. Met all the members and he the one that will greet you like you’re already friends. I’m shorter then him and got all excited and side low highed me. His energy is that you are already friends. Also walks around the dorm naked after his baths. Come on you have to love him!

BBomb: ALL THE DAD JOKES. He also a awkward member. Is one of the naturally funny members when he not trying to be really funny. Love him but when he actually trying to make jokes they fall flat and he the only one laughing. Beautiful skin ohhhh love his coffee milk colored skin! 

Dimples. Him in BASTARZ. Him in Jumping Girl.

Is my favorite dork in Block B 

I love him so much my secret lover that I have a backdoor relationship with. Zikyung comes by and like Why did you have Cherry Blossoms Ending just on? …and why did I just hear the back gate close?

Me: What? What you talking about? I’m sorry I’m eating right now!

P.o: Honestly he my second top bias and I don’t know how he ended up there! I think it’s just how happy he is all the time. 

Jihoon is simple and is just out to have fun and be happy. It makes it really easy to like him. He also changes from baby boy to bae in seconds. 

He been working on music too. Honestly he not at all complex like the other members.

Ukwon: Was my actual first Block B bias and the reason I started to watch Match Up. He really good looking but he more then that but like BBomb and Jaehyo you have to actually be active with him to understand. All the members are like that but trying to get more out of Ukwon you have to be looking. He got second in being the most understanding out of the members that think about other’s feelings over his. Is actually part of the life of the party! He either dancing, singing, or being funny. 

Did I say he really handsome and can be a visual without trying?

Is a actual tease. He doesn’t really play I Have a Girlfriend anymore but he now will tease you. He will act like he going to hold your hand and then make you chase after his hands before spinning around smiling and walking/dancing away from you! He will keep doing this too getting closer and closer allowing you to almost have him. TEASE! 

Kyung: the light of my life and my favorite nerd

Mention his name and I will automatically start to smile. I actually have a crush on him and been for 3 years now. I have no reason to pretend I don’t to seem cool.

Zico: I mentioned him earlier but he is also really nice and sweet. Is straight forward but has learned to use a filter lately. He really likes music and I really like music and why I biased him. Has a crush on him too but nothing like Kyung. But I like them both in their own ways. Anyways I’m done since I talked about him up there too!

PLEASE BIAS BLOCK B BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPER FUN AND THEY WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY AND LAUGH….as long as you’re okay with fake bullying and them saying each member’s secrets!

MONSTA X’s Interview with Genie

1. After your THE CLAN 2.5 PART 1 LOST album, this is a fast comeback seeing as how it was around a month-long break which isn’t long. Please give your individual statements on the comeback.
SHOWNU: I’m excited thinking about how we’re able to promote and meet fans in such a short amount of time.
WONHO: I thought that we would get tired, but I actually missed it right away. And I got passionate right away. That’s why I’m happy to see you.
MINHYUK: This is actually having comebacks quite often in a short period of time, but every time we do it, it feels new and exciting. 
KIHYUN: It has only been a month? It felt much longer.
HYUNGWON: I’m thankful that we’re able to quickly show a good side of ourselves, and I hope that everyone can watch over us just as well.
JOOHEON: I’m happy that we’re able to meet fans quickly after a short amount of time!
I.M: On my standards, it felt somewhat like a long time.

2. THE CLAN 2.5 PART 2 GUILTY album is _____!
SHOWNU: It’s love.
WONHO: An album where we can show the ambition of our youth.
MINHYUK: I can’t express it in words.
KIHYUN: Umm… It’s a special album where thoughts, worries, anticipation, hope, and just feelings from so many people were combined and compressed with how much we prepared in a short amount of time.
JOOHEON: It’s full!
I.M: A story to continue the previous LOST album.

3. Please tell us an episode that happened while preparing for THE CLAN 2.5 PART 2 GUILTY album!
SHOWNU: Continuing from ‘All In’, we acted while filming the music video, but it was just as awkward as ever.
WONHO: I did hammer work endlessly during the music video, so my hands stung.
MINHYUK: Because the choreography changed often, it was a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit hard.
KIHYUN: During our jacket photoshoot, there was a picture we took while tossing glitter around, but the thing that stayed in my memory was how we were to toss it ourselves and then hold a pose right away. (Just like the feather in ‘All In’…)
HYUNGWON: Since it was the first time showing a fighting performance in a ring when practicing our choreography, it was awkward so it was fun.
JOOHEON: I appear in the music video as various characters, but it was fun to act according to the character. 
I.M: There’s a part where I act in the middle of the choreography, but I feel like I’m going to go insane from how much pressure it gives me.

4. Is there something you’re guilty of that you weren’t able to tell the members?
SHOWNU: Umm… I don’t have… ^^
WONHO: I don’t do anything of guilt towards the members!
MINHYUK: The chocolate milk box we had at home… I drank a lot of the milk in there…
KIHYUN: Ummm… To be honest, I know that I’m really good looking, but I acted as if I didn’t know. I’m sorry… (shrugs)
HYUNGWON: Sleeping in the morning and waking up late. (Although this is a truth all of the members know about…)
JOOHEON: I.M, sorry for sticking cotton swabs in your toes while you were sleeping and waking you up…
I.M: I don’t have anything I’m guilty of towards the members. If there’s something I’m guilty of towards Monbebes, it would be my guilt of stealing Monbebes’ hearts? ㅋㅋ

5. What kind of song is FIGHTER, the title song of THE CLAN 2.5 PART 2 GUILTY?
SHOWNU: A fierce song.
WONHO: A song that says we’ll fight and not give up for her!
MINHYUK: It’s a song with many meaning like the name, it’s strong and we plan to fight in order to protect her, and that we’ll fight.
KIHYUN: It’s a song that withholds a man’s determination of, ‘As long as I have you, I can throw away everything. As long as I have you, I don’t need anything.’
HYUNGWON: A song that’s strong and where we can emphasise MONSTA X’s style on stage!
JOOHEON: I think it’s a song that’s both public-friendly and can shake the hearts of females.
I.M: The choreography is fierce and energetic!

6. Please write an acrostic with ‘Fighter’! (T/N: This is based on Korean syllables of ‘pa-i-teo’, so the pun/witty wordiness will probably get lost in translation.)
SHOWNU: I really want to eat ramyun with scallions sliced in it. Until my stomach explodes.
WONHO: Charmander and Eevee are going to go play at a mineral springs.
MINHYUK: Charmander and Bulbasaur have been Pokémon for the longest time.
KIHYUN: Children of our nation who are growing well, please grow into the highest seniority.
HYUNGWON: ‘Bleak Night’, ‘Eternal Sunshine’, ‘Terminator’.
JOOHEON: We, who have transformed into fighters, let’s make a big hit this time! My brothers!
I.M: Fighting! Strongly like this with our brother nation, Turkey!

7. If you have something that you’re confident in winning over another member in? [Area / Member / Reason]
: Swimming / Everyone / You already know… ^^
WONHO: Body / I.M / Because he really dislikes to exercise 
MINHYUK: Funny pictures / Hyungwon / Because he’s good-looking, it’s impossible to get a funny picture no matter how you take it
KIHYUN: Running / Shownu hyung / Just for some reason… I feel like I could beat him
HYUNGWON: Arm wrestling / Minhyuk / I’ve always been pretty bad at arm wrestling, but I’ve always beat Minhyuk
JOOHEON: Thigh wrestling / Hyungwon / Weakling hyung… ㅋㅋㅋ
I.M: Patience / Kihyunnie hyung / ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. A word to your fans
: We’re able to meet like this sooner than we thought , but as expected for this time too! I ask that you take good care of MONSTA X, and we’ll repay with better sides of ourselves.
WONHO: You missed us, right??
MINHYUK: We will repay with a performance that’s cool and one to be proud of.
KIHYUN: Our Monbebes waited for a long time, right? MONSTA X has come!! Please listen to it a lot!! I hope that you guys will like it!! I really, really cherish and love you!!
HYUNGWON: Since we worked hard in preparations, please watch over us! We will become a MONSTA X that continues to improve gradually!
JOOHEON: Monbebes, we’re always a hit, you know it, right? Heart! I love you heart!!
I.M: We came back fast, right? Let’s grow together~

translated by monstaxtrans ϟ take out with full credit.

BTS: When You Ask Them To Perform Aegyo With You

Anon asked: How would Big bang and BTS react if their gf who is an idol want to perform a cute song on stage with them. One with a lot of aegyo.

Big Bang version HERE!



Rap Monster: *Lets you go on and on about all your plans for the performance, laughing quietly to himself at you because he knows that there’s no way he would ever do that* (She’ll eventually forget that she was asking me to commit rapper-life suicide if I just don’t. say. anything.)

Jin: Jagi. Every time I go out onto that stage, I’m doing what you’re asking me to do right now … No, I know you didn’t ask me to be awkward,(Name), you bully! *Sigh* Look at me, jagi, I’m cute no matter what I do, so all that baby talk, clenched fist, pouting is wildly unnecessary for someone with natural cuteness like myself… So will I do it? Of course I will. 

V: Jagi, do you know who I am? Do you? Look at me jagiya. What part of this *gestures to himself* could ever make you possible think you even have to ask?! Lucky you, I’m already prepared for this. Heres aegyo pose number 1, number 2,….*continues to show you all of his vast knowledge in everything aegyo*

Suga: *when you ask him*

*when you quickly ask someone else*

J-Hope: Oh, you need to find a partner for an aegyo performance? And jagi came straight to me?! Is it because you know I’m the cutest boy in Korea? Is it because I make your heart flutter? Is it because I’m… your hope? *much more interested in the fact that you asked him rather than the subject of your question because there’s no doubt he’ll partner with you*

Jimin: *complete opposite of J-Hope, but must know why you asked* Is it because I’m short? Because I’ve been drinking lots of milk, and sitting as straight as I can, and taking lots of naps, I swear, but nothing is working!! I can be manly! *extreme pouting* …What do you mean I’m doing aegyo right now? I’m manly!!! Jagiiiiiiiii~!

Jungkook: *being difficult just because he wants to* And just what makes you think I want to do something aegyo and cutesy?? Aegyo is for girls anyway. *deeply wounded silence when you bring up his many memorizations and performances of dances by girl groups* (She just went there) *cocks his head* Point taken when do we start?

The one and only - Calum smut

Author’s intro note : Hey dear readers! I cannot believe your reactions to Expert Luke, wow, thank you so much!!! There will be a part two and I am finishing Daddies Muke as well due to popular demand! I love you guys and I hope you will enjoy this smut :)

Calum’s POV

I was fucking upset. I mean it wasn’t like I could be there anytime; our moments together were precious right? Still, Y/N had strictly refused to leave work earlier today. Was it that important? I had already been in London for five days and still couldn’t get enough of her.

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Thor 3: Destruction of Ovaries (Chapter 1)

FANDOM: Tom Hiddleston RPF

CHARACTERS: Tom Hiddleston and Faith (Original Female Character)

SUMMARY: Faith has an impossible mission to fulfill: Go through the whole production of Thor: Ragnarok without letting Tom know she is one of his crazy fangirls. A task of Herculean proportions, because she is the set costumer for this fic.

RATING: Explicit

TYPE: Multichapter (Work in Progress, find other chapters of this fic here)

Find everything I have written here.

Author’s Note:  I know nothing about filming and production, etc. I am making the internet help me, but in case you know more than me and find something weird in my fic, please tell me and I will change it.


Ever look at a video of people meeting Tom Hiddleston and get jealous, entirely certain that the giggling fangirl in the video is the luckiest person alive? Ever wished upon a shooting star (and even tons of regular stars) that you get to meet him too?

Yeah, it’s hardly fun when the stars hear your prayer. It is fucking terrifying as all fuck, because you are supposed to behave like a rational human being and not make your favourite actor cringe with your antics. Which will be all the more difficult if you have to work with the tall drink of sexy everyday.

I am Faith, of Midgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose. I am responsible for dressing up the cast of Thor: Ragnarok. I am new here, because my job used to be sitting back at the office instead of being on set. I made some of the clothes for the extras, and other odds and ends, but never set foot on set. That job was reserved for the more elite people of our group, namely Ben Allard, Jason Airey, and a few others.

Until the very start of the negotiations for Ragnarok.

Apparently, quite a lot of people were unhappy with quite a lot of things, they left, and before I knew it, I was next in the hierarchy to be on set. It was weird. Very wierd. Technically, Alexandra Byrne was the costume designer. I, however, was to be on set, leading the team. Being set costumer for a Marvel project was going to do wonders for my career.

If I didn’t freak out in this meeting.

Alexandra and I had a major task on our hands–Loki, being ruler of Asgard now, was more front and center in the movie. Among other things, we were tasked with creating an entire wardrobe based on an unpolished version of the script. This was one of the first concept meetings, just to get things started and pick one another’s brain. The actual costume display meetings with the rest of the crew would be later. Alexandra had already chatted with the director, Kenneth Branagh. I had a couple of ideas to pitch to Alexandra, but we had only met for a couple of minutes here and there, and I wanted to try and pitch them here. Besides that, we were taking Tom’s new measurements today.

“Hello,” said Tom as he entered the conference room, looking a bit harried. “Sorry I am late. I swear I really did get stuck in traffic.”

“Oh, stop it,” said Alexandra, laughing. “You are barely five minutes late.” She accepted his buss on the cheek.

Tom turned to me. “Faith? Hi, I am Tom.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Hiddleston,” I said, then let out a very undignified squeak as Tom bussed my cheek too. Holy fucking horseshit!

I sat there blinking rapidly like an idiot while Tom sat and exchanged some small talk with Alexandra, then we got down to business.

“Right,” said Alexandra. “You know we are absolutely going with the asymmetrical thing still. The costumes, no matter what setting they are in, need to have an essential tone of nonconformity.”

“Yes,” said Tom, nodding. “I get that. So, are we going with the same colors again? Black, green, gold?”

“Brown leather was good last time around,” I spoke up, insanely glad my voice was not quivering. If my hands were, well, at least they were under the table. “We were thinking of sticking to that.”

“I was also thinking,” said Tom. “What about nightwear? Sleepwear? Or does he sleep naked?” Once the words were out of his mouth, he laughed, embarrassed by his own words. “I mean…”

Stop your stupid blushing and act like a woman grown, you stupid fangirl! Speak up! “Well, I don’t think so.” Alexandra looked at me, wanting me to elaborate. I did. “Well, think about that moment in the last one when Thor visited him in his cell. Loki was devastated, and he looked it. But what did he project to Thor? Perfect hair, perfect poise. That is what he wants people to see.”

“Yes, but no one is going to see him when he is sleeping, Faith,” said Alexandra. “It is a great opportunity to display him without worry and relaxed. What he would like to wear if people weren’t looking.”

“I know,” I replied. “But all I am saying is, he can’t wear a Marvel T-shirt and sweatpants to bed. Because he isn’t relaxed at all. Asgard is not home anymore, not really, because everyone hates him. He said so, when Thor talked about home. He said, “I don’t have it.” He knows it is no longer his. But he still hopes.” Tom’s eyebrow winged up, and I suddenly realised I had said Loki’s dialogue in his voice and tone. I fumbled a bit, then continued. “Besides, his costume is important. Because it is not just an expression of who he is anymore. It is also an expression of who he is supposed to be.”

“Supposed to?” asked Tom.

“I mean, he wants to be that person. The God who doesn’t give a flying–” I caught myself at the last minute. “–damn what the world thinks of him. Screw Odin, screw Thor, I am a god in my own right. This is who I am. So his clothes cannot have a radical change–be red or pink or yellow. Because his clothes, and their stark difference from everyone else’s, tells him he is different from everyone. That he will not be loved, so he has to stop caring. Besides, as long as he is posing to be Odin, he is always going to be alert, always on guard. There are no deep sleeps for him.”

By the end of my impassioned speech, my inner fangirl was yelling at me to just shut the fuck up. So I did. Abruptly.

“You’re right,” said Alexandra. “We can’t give him proper jammies. And no naked sleeping.”

Tom shook his head. “No, he’s not going to be that defenseless. What did Kenneth think?”

“Faith wasn’t there, so the idea was colors you would probably never see him in. But Faith has an interesting point.” Alexandra opened the portfolio we had brought with us. “These are some of the rudimentary designs we are working on. Anything you want to add to the practicality or the wearing side of it? More zips? Extra something? Less something?”

Tom laughed. “Less swamp water in my chest cavity?”

We laughed too. It was hopeless. Then I pitched the second thing I had thought about. “If we can’t show vulnerability in broad costume choices, can we make little changes that hint at loneliness and vulnerability?”

“Like what?” Alexandra’s eyes were sharp.

“Like… I don’t know. Open collars? I remember looking at Adam in the open robe and thinking that he looked lonely and miserable. But then again, that was Adam.” Since I could hear my voice degrading to the really fast and exciting cadence of fangirl-talk, I stopped.

“Who’s Adam?”

Uh-oh. Freak behavior. Stop that! “Um, sorry. I speak like that sometimes. Sorry. Adam is just a character Mr. Hiddleston played. He was in OLLA. Oh, um, Only Lovers Left Alive. Great movie.” I was so flustered, I just wanted to hit myself over the head with a hammer and be done with it.

Tom was looking at me a little more speculatively now. Something I said? I looked away before it became hard to breathe. “So, open collars?”

“Let’s keep it in the mix,” Alexandra agreed. “I am going to give you some of this stuff as homework, Tom.” She cheerfully ignored his put upon groan as I envied her easy camaraderie with him. “Nothing major, just a little outline of what themes are important to show at what points in the script. Make whatever notes you want, and we will discuss it at the next meeting.” Her phone rang, and she whooped. “Fucking finally. Sorry, I have been waiting for this call for centuries. Faith? Could you measure him?”

Without waiting for an answer, Alexandra left me alone with the man I had once thought about very briefly while masturbating. What? I was ridiculously drunk. It was comic con. Yes, that comic con. Admit it, you did too.

Silently, I took out the one of the standard charts everyone in the costume department had. Then I turned to him. “Please take off your shoes, Mr. Hiddleston.”

“Tom,” he corrected silently. “You have a tendency to stop talking abruptly, Faith.”


“Nothing, sorry. Carry on.”

Yeah. Keep calm and carry on. “Your jacket too, please. Stand against the wall for a second?” I marveled at how good he could look trying to get out of his boots. I looked like a hippopotamus on crack if I tried to do it standing.

I took a deep, fortifying breath. Without a word, I walked forward, small sticker in hand. I reached up and stuck it where the top of his head lay against the wall. He moved away, and I measured his height. “Well, you are still six feet two.”

“I am shocked beyond words. I have been drinking my milk too.” When I looked up from where I was making a note on my page, he grinned at me. I couldn’t stop my answering grin.

I walked over to him again, sorely wishing for someone else to write down the measurements I took. I slipped the measuring tape behind him with one hand, catching it with the other to measure his chest. It was a bit like an awkward hug. Tom, however, was being absolutely professional. I liked that.

“Umm…” I wondered how to say this one. “Could you maybe sit for a bit?”

He smiled as he sat, and his amused eyes locked on mine while I took the measurement of his head. With the tape around his head he looked a bit dorky. He looked a bit like he did when he wore his headtorch so proudly–the one that flashes. I debated whether or not to tell him that. I didn’t.

“That’s done,” I muttered, moving on to the neck. And if my eyes stuck to his Adam’s apple a bit, well, it was just proof that I am a woman. Besides, at least I wasn’t staring into his eyes like a loon. Or throwing up with excitement.

“So tell me about you,”he said.

“Tell you what about me?” I countered distractedly as I measured from the top of his arm to his wrist bone down the outside, slightly bending the arm.

“Why you need to measure your words so much.”

I sighed, deciding the truth will shut him up. “Because I talk too much. Usually about things other people have no interest in, or are appalled by the amount of unnecessary knowledge. I am a fangirl, that’s what fangirls do.”

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven,” he said promptly.

“Brevity is the soul of wit,” I countered. “Listen to many, speak to a few. I can quote the Bard too.” We smiled at each other as I motioned for him to stand. “I am not hiding anything, Mr. Hiddleston. I am simply trying very hard to act like an adult, and a professional.” I wrapped the tape around his waist, his arms out to his sides.

“I have gotten fatter, haven’t I?”

I snorted in a very unladylike manner. “Fatter, my ass. You couldn’t if you tried.”

His eyebrow winged up as he took my non-verbal cue to thrust his leg out. “Really?”

“I mean, I am not saying there was no difference between Oakley and Coriolanus, cause there was,” I said as I recorded his outseam measurement. “All I am saying is, it is going to take a very big lifestyle change for you to grow fat.”

“Ah,” he said. Then he smiled again as I fumbled a bit awkwardly over the next bit. Well, at least someone was having fun.

“Inseam,” I said as way of explanation, handing him the starting end of the tape. He held it at his crotch while I knelt in front of him, trying to take an accurate reading at his ankle bone. My head was mere inches from his crotch, a fact I was very aware of. “You have ridiculously long legs, Mr. Hiddleston.”

“You know what? I have heard ‘Tom’ has a lot less syllables.”

“Okay, Tom,” I said, then frowned as I noticed something. “You are holding it wrong.”

Tom looked down at his crotch and back at me. “No I am not.” He looked genuinely perplexed. “Am I?” He looked again.

“Hold it at that seam there,” I pointed to the inseam of his jeans. “You are like an inch away.”

He adjusted. “Okay?”

I nodded, then looked away as I realised I was kneeling before him and staring at his crotch. I hurried through the hip measurement. His hip measurement hadn’t changed at all either. I was a little jealous.

“Um… Tom? Kneel.” Do not grin. Do NOT grin. Be professional.

He laughed first, so I was off the hook for grinning. He sank to his knees, making me wonder how someone that tall could do this so gracefully. I took the waist-to-knee measurement without worries, and he clambered upright again. “How does it feel to make Loki kneel?”

I grinned. “If I had said that to him he would have choked me to death, Loki’s army or no.”

“So you are my fangirl,” he deduced. I stopped my scribbling. His voice sounded a lot less amused and a lot more satisfied now, and I wondered why. He knew he had legions of fans, and I guess I would be super glad to meet my fan too. Mentally shrugging, I took the next series of measurements–nape to floor, nape to waist, and shoulder to shoulder.

This time when the measuring could have become awkward, I didn’t let it. To measure the girth, I passed the tape end one hand to the other between his legs, and held them both ends at the shoulder. Getting on my tippy-toes, I got the reading, then slid the tape beneath his crotch again and back in my hand. I handled it very professionally, and I was proud even if I do say so myself.

“What is that?” Tom suddenly asked, pointing to the measurement sheet I was writing in.

“Sorry?” I looked back at him. “It is the sheet where I write all the measurements, Mr. Hiddleston.”

“Are we back to that again?” he groaned playfully. “I meant the symbols on top of the page.”

I looked. I had jotted down the character name, as was the norm, on top. But without realising, I had used the Elder Futhark. I answered as I knelt to take the thigh measurement. “Loki’s name. In Runic. Sorry.”

“Oh,” he said. Grabbing the sheet off the table, he studied the four symbols. “That’s how to write his name?”

“Yep,” I said, popping the p. Then I took the calf measurement. “I am all done! May I have the page? I need to write the last two down.”

He obediently passed them back.

Alexandra hurried back into the house, still having an animated discussion on the phone. She made a beeline for the chair and said, then yelled, “Fuck you too!” into the phone before slamming it on the table. Both Tom and I winced. “All done?”

“Yeah,” I said as I showed her the sheet. “Just shoe and suit size left.”

I got sprung pretty quick after that. I spent my afternoon roaming around London, enjoying the sunshine and the last few hours of my freedom before pre-production schedules turned hectic. As I window-shopped my way home, I looked back at my meeting with Tom. After physically cringing at my fangirling a little, I realised what Tom had been doing the whole time.

He was trying to put me at ease.

He must have noticed how tense I was, and that was why he made so many jokes and got me comfortable. I felt a surge of gratitude for him, and took pleasure in the fact that I was going to work with such a nice, considerate man.

Fun fact : I am writing the second chapter, and just spent around six minutes looking at a picture of Loki, trying to decide what order his costume goes on.

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