do you hear this music

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.

i never want that free skate world record broken except by yuuri himself to that same music, do you hear me???? do you know how emotionally significant it is that he holds a world record choreographed to a piece of music that was meant to represent his entire skating career, telling the story of all the love in his life, choreographed by the love of his life, skated to tell his own story do you know how meaningful that is do you kn

 Bear McCreary’s unintentional crossover. 

Probably the only Black Sails/Outlander crossover we’re likely to get lol but loved getting to hear that wee piece of music, knowing it was written before it was intended/destined to be Outlander’s iconic theme.


Fai does his job and properly voices the plot details so that Syaoran (and I) can catch up - but also goes through the effort of pointing out that Kurogane figured it out before him and refused to be the one to say it. 


But what I’m really interested in is that they actually specify exactly which bits of the race Tomoyo fixed. 

Ie, she fixed the preliminary, but I have to guess not all of the preliminary. Tomoyo was very fixed on the combustion particles that were used in the race, so I’m going to stick with my assumption that THAT was Kyle, and that Tomoyo organised the wind thing. Maybe? I could be completely wrong about that. She could just be really committed to acting surprised even during private moments where only her guards can see her. I GUESS WE’LL SEE.

But, more importantly, Tomoyo fixed the first 2 checkpoints of the main race but nothing beyond that. SO, the dragon tube and the exploding badge machine were hers, but not the deadly geyser that almost killed Sakura. 

Not that it’s terrible surprising that she didn’t do the last one, of course. 


But I’m curious, because the first checkpoint almost eliminated Sakura from the race in itself. Did Tomoyo just believe in Sakura’s abilities? Was it not supposed to malfunction THAT badly? 


And of course, a liveblog wouldn’t be complete without one of my earlier observations being rendered completely redundant by something that happened less than two pages into the next chapter. 


Do you hear USA sing ?
Singing the song of angry women ?
It is the music of gun control
which will not be the same again !
When the respect and the rights
of LGBT and abortion
will vanish into void just as Immigrants population ~

Will you defend POC ?
Will you be strong and stay aware ?
Beyond the cruelty
And the loss of Obamacare ?

Then join in the fight
That is the anti-trump taaaaag !

shh do you hear that?

It’s the sound of my music taste being better than yours

You Shook Me All Night Long.

Hellooo, can maybe you do one that start with a lap dance hearing some sexy old music songs and end up with Y/N and Daryl having a hardcore sex in the chair ? Idk don’t judge me is just he is so sexy and I can’t deny ittt. Thank you in advance ❤😊

I hope you like it! 💕

While searching for things for the Saviours, you found an old cassette player. It was tucked inside a drawer in the house you were scavenging, and next to it there were several cassettes, you grabbed them and started reading the tags on them.

They went from Guns n Roses, through Aerosmith, to AC/DC and a couple of untagged mixtapes. You tucked them inside your backpack, it all seemed like something interesting enough for the Saviours.

When you got back to Alexandria, it was late and the sun was already down, so you headed back to your house instead of dropping at the pantry what you had found.

You entered your house and climbed the stairs wearily, it had been a long day and you were tired, all you wanted to do was to relax.

As you opened the door, you noticed Daryl was laying on the bed, he had kicked his boots off and he had his hands under his head.

“Comfortable?”, you chuckled and he slightly lifted his head to look at you.

“Mhm”, he hummed gutturally as an answer.

You sighed and took your shoes off, they had been hurting your feet from all the miles you had walked, so opened your backpack to grab the lotion you had found, but instead, the first thing you saw was the cassette player. You deserved a moment of rest, so you took the cassettes and the player out to listen to some music.

You placed the cassette player on the top of the cabinet and put a random cassette inside it, the one you chose didn’t have a tag like the others, so you figured it was a mixtape.

As the tape started rolling and the music began to play, Daryl lifted himself up on his elbows.

“What’s that?”, he asked you.

“Found it today, it’s for the Saviours when they come”, you told him with a glint of sadness, you were already liking having music in the house.

Daryl laid back on the bed and subconsciously started marking the pace of the song with his foot.

“Do you think we can…”, you arched an eyebrow and smirked down at him. “Give it some use before I give it to them?”

“What kind of use?”

You didn’t answer, instead you ran out of the room and came back a minute later with a chair that you took from the dining room. You settled it in the middle of the room, next to the bed, and patted the seat so Daryl would sit there.

“What are you doing?”, he asked.

“Just sit”, you chuckled and he got up from the bed. He sat on the chair with his brows tied in a frown, he wasn’t sure what you were doing.

You pressed a button for the next song to play, you weren’t convinced about that one either so you changed to the next one, until you heard a soft guitar playing through the speakers.

It was You Shook Me All Night Long, by AC/DC. “Accurate”, you thought.

When the drums caught on to the beat, you turned around and walked towards Daryl, the look of confusion in his eyes made you laugh.

“What are you doing?”, he asked for the second time that night.

“Just shut up”, you told him and slammed your right foot on the seat of the chair, between his legs. Daryl jumped slightly in surprise.

You grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it slowly over your torso, taking your time so he could see your body. Daryl watched how you took off your top and his eyes were set on your breasts.

When the shirt had come off entirely, you threw it across the room. You unbuttoned your jeans and started to pull them down, swaying your hips at the pace of the music as you did. Daryl’s eyes trailed down your body, from your nude torso to your thighs.

You put your foot on the floor to let your jeans fall down to your ankles, then you kicked them off and all you were wearing was lingerie.

Daryl wasn’t speaking anymore, he was only staring at every inch of bare skin he could see, wishing you would just take off the rest of clothing you had left.

You turned around and bent over, swaying your butt over his lap, Daryl placed a hand on your thigh as you did and softly pulled you closer until you were grinding on his crotch.

You felt him getting harder under your butt, his pants tightening on his member as you danced on top of him. You got off of him and walked over to the cassette player to turn the volume up. It was your favourite part of the song, the chorus was finally there and the beat was turning you on.

You sat on his lap, face to face, with your thighs over his and your arms crossing over his shoulders. You started grinding yourself on his lap, moving to the beat of the chorus and feeling his dick through the fabric of your panties.

One of his hands cupped your butt and softly spanked you. It only turned you on even more, so you kept on grinding and dancing on him. You pulled your hair tie off and your hair fell on waves over your face and shoulders, Daryl licked his lips and pushed your hair to your back, exposing your breasts again. He took them inside his hands and gently squeezed them, making you moan.

You stood up from his lap and turned back around, you started dancing to the sound of the music, giving him the perfect view to your butt. He grabbed you by your hips and pulled you back to him, you kept dancing and bouncing your ass on his crotch.

Daryl couldn’t wait any longer, he was so hard and he needed to be inside you. His hand started roaming from your hips to your thigh and to your crotch, grasping you tightly and pulling the fabric of your underwear.

You stopped moving for a moment and leaned your back against his chest so he could take off your panties, when the lace hit the floor, you pulled your hair to the front so Daryl could unclasp your bra, he did and your breasts bounced as Daryl bucked his hips up to feel you closer, but you kept teasing him.

You got off his lap and kneeled in front of him, unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down with your teeth. Daryl was shuddering in that chair and his hands were shaking, unable to hold back his burning desire. His pants were on his ankles, and before taking his boxers off, you teased him, running your tongue down his throbbing member over the fabric.

Daryl couldn’t take it anymore, so he grabbed your arms and pulled you up to the chair again, his face slammed against your chest and your slit on his cock. He let go of your arms and grabbed your butt tightly, settling you right where he wanted you and slightly moving you back and forth.

You wanted him too, the lap dance had been something just to tease him, so now that you were both ready, you pulled his boxers down and hopped on his cock. Daryl grunted at your sudden movement but he liked how rough you had been. He held your waist between his hands and moved you up and down, going deeper each time you went down.

The loud music didn’t let the sound of your moans be heard out of the room, which was a good thing because you shared a house with Rick and Carl, and you didn’t want the kid to be traumatised for life.

You grabbed a handful of Daryl’s hair and pulled it back harshly, your face dropped to his neck and you drew small, wet circles on his skin with your tongue. He answered with a groan. You pressed your open mouth against his neck and sucked, which made him moan even louder, and you left a hickey on him.

Daryl spanked you again and you arched your back, pushing your ass out so he would do it again. His hand crashed on your butt harder this time, which left a red mark on your skin, but you liked it.

“(Y/N)”, he called your name, but you couldn’t quite tell what he was saying because his moans covered his words. “That feels fucking good.”

He mimicked your actions and pulled your hair, your head fell back and it slightly hurt your neck, Daryl grazed your throat with his nose and kept going down until his lips hit your chest.
He started fiddling tenderly with your skin, but suddenly his teeth sank in your breast and you screamed in pleasure. He was sucking on your skin, painting a bruise like the one you had left on his neck.

He gazed up and saw that your eyes were closed and your lips slightly parted as raw groans escaped your lips, your hands were holding on to his leather vest as he kept holding you by the waist tightly and rocking you back and forth, faster and harder each second.

Daryl’s hands were so deep into your waist that you knew he would leave small bruises where his fingers were sinking in, but you didn’t care, the feeling of his cock inside you was worth it.

“Daryl”, you whispered between breaths. Your eyes were closed but you could feel his stare on you. “I’m… gonna-”

Daryl knew exactly what you were about to say, so he pulled out of you and pushed you off of him. You fell to the floor, yet you kept your eyes closed, it’s like your mind had been flying through time and space and you were just now returning to Earth.

However, before you could quite understand what just happened, Daryl stood up from the chair and grabbed you by the waist, the spots where he had sank his fingers earlier hurt.

He placed you on the chair, your knees on the warm wood where he had been sitting on and your stomach on the backrest. Daryl climbed on the chair, right behind you and pulled your hips so your butt would be pressed against his dick.

The music kept going, but now it was another song. You couldn’t quite tell which one it was, all you could hear was off-key chords with occasional vocals, it’s like you were numb, yet you could feel how Daryl grasped your hips and pulled you backwards, jamming his dick up your ass. You groaned and grunted, arching your back and leaning to his cock.

Daryl hit your butt again with his hand, in the same spot he had spanked you twice earlier, and it burned, yet you wanted him to keep doing it. His thighs were slamming against yours, the sound of flesh on flesh was even louder than the music.

The last song finished at the same time as both of you did, and you could feel the warm, thick liquid streaming down your thigh. You panted as he pulled out of you and climbed down the chair, yet you stayed up there, with your arms on the backrest and your heart pounding rapidly.

Daryl walked around the chair and found your face when he arrived to the back. He cupped one side of your face and his thumb trailed down softly from your cheek to your chin, then he dropped it.

“Song’s over”, he muttered, his voice was still hoarse and slightly quavering.

You chuckled at what he said, you knew that several songs had played, and now the mixtape was over. You put your feet on the floor and stood up, your knees and legs were still weak, so you sat on the chair.

Daryl walked towards the cassette player and examined it for a moment, running his finger down it and studying the buttons; he hit one of them and the music started to play again.

“Another round?”, he asked, turning around to look at you. You chuckled, scratching the back of your head, then you nodded.

Emmanuel Lewis plays a latchkey kid who can’t get into the Christmas spirit, and Mr. T plays a street Santa who swoops him up and hustles him around town to metaphorically smack the jolly into him. Which was kind of weird, because ‘80s kids were told that there were three things they were supposed to avoid: crack, strangers and insider trading convictions. In fact, Mr. T himself sang-talk-rapped-mumbled a whole song about avoiding strangers.

The most surreal moment? When a prestigious choir starts singing, Emmanuel does this head roll loop thing. It’s almost like he’s a puppet and a puppet master is yanking the string that controls his head. Or he’s a snake and the American Boychoir is his snake charmer.

Two, Mr. T doesn’t know what to do with his hands while the choir sings, so he faux conducts. You know, like we all do when we hear classical music and we’re 4 years old.

Three, and this is the BIG ONE, after telling the story of the birth of Baby Jesus, Mr. T delivers a second speech where he reveals a bizarre obsession.

The 4 Craziest Moments in the History of Christmas Specials

Dating Gabriel Would Include

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  • Constant flirting, teasing and joking. You give the Winchesters hell with all your jokes and pranks together
  • Almost constant contact. His hand on your lower back, pinkies linked, Gabriel holding your hand, his lips on your neck, anything
  • Waking up and as soon as you do hearing loud music and Gabe pressing his lips to yours and maybe your neck. He’s been waiting pretty impatiently for you to wake up. (This may or may not have involved him pissing off the Winchesters while he waited.)
  • Lots of innuendos but also lots of flowers and chocolate and stuff so the Winchesters think he’s a “good boyfriend” and worthy of you
  • Sam and Dean getting annoyed when Gabriel pops in and takes you half way across the world when you’re in the middle of a hunt
  • Them also complaining that he’s annoying and an asshole to which Gabe pops in and takes you away with a salute at them and starts to plot with you how you can get them back
    -”This isn’t going to stop them thinking you’re an asshole.” 
    “And? It’s fun!”

  • Him finding your smile absolutley gorgeous so him doing anything to see all your little smiles. The shy one, the trying not to laugh one, the sexy one, the smirk one, the flirty one, etc. He names them all and pretends to jot them in a little notebook each time he discovers a new one.
  • Him pouting and whining when you deny him kisses during an arguement:
  • Sam and Dean having to carry you away from the hotel when Lucifer comes. Gabriel kisses you one last time before he presses his fingers to your temples and knocks you into a gentle sleep. Lucifer teases Gabriel a little bit but knows it’s a touchy subject.
  • Waking up in the impala and screaming when you realise he’s gone, screaming so much and banging on the windows that they stop the car and Sam goes to sit in the back with you and you just lie in his arms and cry
  • Thinking you hear shards of his voice on the radio and in your music all the time but telling yourself it’s nothing until one day you hear, “Miss me, sugar lips?” on the radio and Dean gives you a look and you know you weren’t the only one to hear it

One day more…

Les Miserables on Broadway will close on September 4, 2016 (x)