do you hear the ponies sing



Lots of guest ponies! None of the ponies pictured (other than ones already introduced) are mine and belong to their respective owners.

They were chosen through a surprise call for OCs on my Modblog! We have fun there. It’s fun. Modblog.

Part two of three! To be concluded on Friday!


I really loved this Hearth’s Warming tail episode especially Luna’s part in the story. They really made her part really interesting and beautiful at the same time and i just really wanted to show that in this piece. I also loved hearing Luna sing again! Well any who I hope you guys enjoy my drawing n_n

I do not own My little Pony friendship is Magic !
MLP: FIM Belongs to Hasbro and was created by Lauren Faust
However, I do own this Drawing Please do NOT copy or Steal This is copyrighted to ©Racine Burciago or formally known as ©shimmyCocoPuffssX1