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Cheshire~Part 1

A/N:  Gif’s not mine. This was supposed to be a one-shot but it got kinda long so I had to split it up lol

Summary: You, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter come up with a nickname for you, the fifth marauder

Word Count: 938

Pairing: Young!Remus Lupin x reader

Warnings: Swearing (there’s always swearing)

Other Parts: Part 2-Part 3-Part 4

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It was the summer before 6th year. The marauders had finally finished becoming animagi. James could now turn into a stag, Sirius a dog, Peter a rat and me a cat. We had decided that we needed nicknames for our new animal forms. After coming up with Padfoot, Prongs and Wormtail, we were trying to decided on one for me. I was small with (Y/H/C) hair and when I was in my cat form, my normal (Y/E/C) eyes were magnified.

         As we sat and thought, we realised that we had nothing. I was a cat, wasn’t a cat supposed to be one of the easier animals to come up with a nickname for? After a while, we had come up with “Moony” for Remus, but still nothing for me. I shifted into my cat form and crawled up onto James’ lap. He began to pet me as he continued to talk about my nickname. Sirius, being Sirius, was quick to suggest “Pussy” which I dismissed just as fast with a hiss. “Whiskers” was also suggested but Remus claimed that it wasn’t special enough for me.

        “I give up. There’s nothing! Why is this so hard?” said Peter from the floor. The others murmured in defeat. I got up and shifted back into my human body.

         “Wait! I’ve got an idea.” said Remus suddenly, “We could try using some names that already exist. Like from books and other stories. Does anyone know any famous cats?”

         The boys looked at each other. Still no one had any ideas. What good, well known stories, starred a cat? Or even had a cat in them that was worth remembering? Cats weren’t funny, they couldn’t talk. That made me start thinking about a talking cat. What would a talking cat sound like? If it could talk, could it have facial expressions too? That would be weird. A cat that could frown, smile-…a cat that could smile? The cheshire cat. One of my favourite stories of all time had a smiling cat in it. No, not just one of my favourite stories, one of my favourite characters of all time was a smiling cat and I completely forgot.

“OH, OH I’ve got it!!!” I exclaimed, jumping up from my spot on the ground. Everyone stared at me, waiting for my suggestion.

          “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this when Remus suggested cats from stories! Now I feel like a fucking idiot, I mean I should at least be able to remember one of my favourite characters!”

         “Y/N, what’s the name?!” Sirius yelled.

      “Well if you guys like it as a nickname, then we can use it, but if not it’s fine. I just thought of it because he’s one of my favourite-”

      “Give us the bloody name!” James interrupted.

      “Alright fine, no need to get so fucking angry. The Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. He’s one of my favourite characters.”

     They thought about it for a few seconds before all agreeing that Cheshire was actually a good idea for a nickname. It quickly became Chesh for short. By September 1st, our nicknames had not only caught on but were almost the only thing we called each other.

     “Hurry up Moony! We’re gonna miss the fucking train!” I yelled, running up to Remus’ bedroom. All of the marauders had stayed at his house the night before so we could all those to the station together.

     “Stop being so dramatic, we’ve got an hour and half before it leaves” he replied when I arrived at his door frame.

     “What are you even doing?”


     “You haven’t packed yet?!”

     “‘Course I have, i’m just packing a few more books.”

      “You have seven. That’s enough!”

      “Oh really? How many are you bringing?”


      “Exactly.” I groaned a went downstairs to wait with the others.

      “What’s he doing?” Sirius asked when I appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

       “He’s packing more books.” I answered. All three boys groaned at that.

       “I swear to Merlin, you two are the same person.” James said, “I’m surprised you’re not dating.”

      When he said this, my cheeks went pink. Really, my cheeks went pink at anything but I still didn’t want them to see, so I turned around. Unfortunately for me, turning around was basically the same thing as saying “I’m embarrassed because you just suggested that Remus and I should date and I secretly I really like his.”

    “Oh my godric.” I heard James say.

    “What?” Asked Peter.

   “Chesh likes Moony!” He exclaimed.

     My eyes widened and I could feel my cheeks burn bright red. “Say it louder, I don’t think he heard you!” I said in a hushed voice while shooting daggers with my eyes at James.

    “Sarcasm! More proof that you two are basically the same person!” said Sirius.

   “Hey Moony! Guess wh-”James began, but I cut him off by grabbing the collar of his shirt.

   “Prongs if you don’t shut the fuck up I will tell your precious Lily flower about how you sing and dance when we leave you alone in the dorm!”

   “I don’t do that!”

   “Oh please! Do you think we don’t hear you? Next time wait more than three seconds to start.”

   “Okay, I sing. How do you know I dance?”

    “Through the magic of sight!” I yelled. At that moment Remus came down the stairs.

   “What’s all the yelling about?” He asked. We all looked at him, then I looked at James.

   “Nothing. Just blackmailing Prongs is all. C’mon let’s go.” Then I grabbed the handle of my trunk and walked out the door.


Words cannot describe how much I love Stephen Sondheim’s Company.
I thought of writing a little essay or explanation for today’s Bobby celebration for Appreciation Week, but I’m simply not able to find the right words that could describe even HALF the feelings I have when I hear Raúl Esparza singing Being Alive.

You guys know I put my heart and soul into each and every of my drawings and so I just leave my Bobby artwork here, to show you how I deal with emotions. I try to turn them into something nice to look at.

I am happy this fandom likes Bobby just as much as I do and we should do our best to keep Raúl’s theatre work alive.
I’m happy to have found so many wonderful friends here and “that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? That’s what it’s really about, really aboooooout!”

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hello!! I hope i'm not bothering you but i'm kind of new to the fandom and to the ship samifer. I was wondering if you could redirect me to a few samifer fanfics you've read that are good, and possibly a few good samifer bloggers?? hope it's not too much to ask, I would hate to bother you!!! x

You aren’t bothering me, no worries. I used to read a lot of fanfic back in the time, but I’ve gotten lazy and only read if my friends tag me into their stuff. But I do know a few people that you could go a-runnin’ to if you’re looking for some amazing stuff to read.


@heavnofhell and @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell have been my favorite samifer authors for so long and have written lots of amazing pieces of fic that you should check out, either on their blog or AO3 accounts. [heavnofhell | Mrs_SimonTam_PHD] I’ve only been reading their stuff so far, so I apologize in advance if I’m missing some awesome samifer authors.

[I just remembered, but @anactorya‘s fic called North Star is definitely something I recommend reading! And I Won’t Be the Same by @skatinggays because I cried reading that fic and it’s what got me back into samifer right before Lucifer came back into s11.]

If you’re okay with reading NSFW stuff, Lucibae’s fics have gotten me stuck into a world of fantasies and made me discover kinks that I never thought I’d get into. There’s nothin’ wrong with reading a little naughty stuff, yeah? But when reading something nsfw, I’m mostly always aiming for stories where my two favorite characters correctly pleasure each other physically and she covers everything so beautifully in her writing. [ Read: Ballet in the Streets, Stripper in the Sheets | Gotta Have Faith ]

If you’re more into “safe for work” and very in-character writing, you should head over to Heavnofhell’s stories. They put so much passion into their work and it’s always flawlessly poetic. They’re very accurate when it comes to writing the interaction between certain characters, it’s like you can almost hear the actors speak inside your head when you read their fics. For how much time they spent working on their fics, I think they deserve a hell of a lot more attention than they do now. Go give them some love! [ Read: Makeshift Wings | Why The Caged Bird Sings ]











There are so many more but these are just the ones I follow. I don’t think the samifer fandom gets enough credit for all the work they create and I think one day i’ll just do an even bigger post than this one.

  • Me: *likes Sabrina*
  • Me: Man Sabrina has a beautiful voice
  • Me: Sabrinas really pretty
  • Me: why can't we appreciate one girl without ignoring the other? They do not come in a package. You can like one and not even hear of the other. This fandom needs to stick to the show and stay out of the actors lives.

Imagine dating your brother’s best friend

Characters: Reader, Single! Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, mentions of family

Pairings: Reader x Jensen

Warnings: All Fluff and SMUT

Word Count: 3,100

Summary: Jared Padalecki is your big brother. When you are graduating high school, Jared lands a job acting for a new show called supernatural. By the middle of your freshman year of college, Jared drags you along to an award show he must attend. He really wants you to meet this guy that he has been working with, Jensen. The two of you hit it off and the rest is history.

Things to know: I have been working on this story for weeks. I hope you guys like it. Not sure it’s my best work. 

The large oak doors stared at you ominously. You couldn’t believe this was finally happening. Jensen Ackles was on the other side of that door. That was all you needed to know to walk through it. 

You had met Jensen Ackles almost ten years ago. You remembered it like it was yesterday. Your brother Jared had landed a role on a new show called Supernatural. The show was a big hit, and he was having the time of his life. It was a nice change of pace for him after his stint on Gilmore Girls.

In January of 2006, Jared had to attend an award show. He begged you to accompany him, partially because he wanted you to meet his new best friend. This guy that he worked with that was quickly becoming like a brother to him. You were 19, in college, and excited at the idea of getting to go to an award show. You happily accepted Jared’s invitation and joined him at the Critic’s Choice Awards.

From the moment you laid eyes on Jensen, you could tell something was different about him. The way he smiled at you, his green eyes sparkling, when he first met you made your heart jump up to your throat. Sure, he was almost nine years older than you, but that didn’t stop you from developing a crush on him right then. The three of you spent the evening laughing and joking together. You got a taste of Hollywood life, though you were thankful that Jared was the one in the acting business. You would stick to your music, it was what you really loved. Jensen had been sure to make you feel included the entire night. You had even caught him staring at you a couple times throughout the event.

At the end of the night, he invited you to the set to watch he and Jared film an upcoming episode. You had made sure that J was comfortable with you being on set. “Jared, you sure you want me there?” you had asked skeptically when Jensen invited to the set the week following the awards ceremony.

“Of course, Y/N! I would love to have you there. You can see just how much hard work your big brother puts in,”  he had smiled and draped his arm lazily over your shoulder.

Jensen smiled widely. “Perfect. I can’t wait for you to see what a complete doofus your brother is on set,” he said with a laugh.

You smiled. “I’ve lived with him for 19 years. Trust me, I bet you haven’t seen anything yet.” The two of you looked at Jared and he rolled his eyes at you. This sent you both into a fit of laughter, and so the night went on like that. It had been a night that changed your life forever. If you had only known the wonderful things that would come from that night.

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The trailerrrrrrr is out baes! I’m just gonna talk about my favorite spots

Look, right on ChiHaya !! *SCREAMS* and MaeIso too! dammit boys why are you not in traditional whyyy so modern. i wanna see you in yukata. Beautiful girl right there, Rinka.

Fandom: Sensei OTP!!!
Staffs: Got you


shota Gakushuu HIHIHI

and of course….

KaruNagi standing beside each other. *SCREAMING MY HEAD OUT* Karma, why so good looking in black. NAGISAAAAAAAAAAAA bae as always~~ I’m not expecting for karmagisa in the trailer ‘cause idk. I’m not just expecting. and idk. I feel like S2 will not have karmagisa moments as much as in S1 (like they’d be focusing on NagiKae or something) I DONT KNOW. WHY AM I FEELING THIS KIND OF FOREBODING. UGH why do you always give me these tragic feels karmagisa no fair

and thankfully we’ll get to see the test of courage animated! and no human korosensei in the trailer :(


My Twist and Shout wish

Hi there! I really need the SPN Fandom to do this. I don’t know if someone already did this, but if they did, I’m not aware of it. I’ve been struggling with this, if I should or shouldn’t do it, because, well, it is probably going to hurt right in the feels if it becomes true.

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now, since I read the greatest Destiel FanFic: Twist and Shout (it breaks your heart but it is worth it. I have so many mixed feelings about it). A big point in Twist and Shout is that Cas loves Elvis (you’ll probably cry every time you hear after that) and it has the whole thing where Dean sings it to him the “can’t help falling in love” song to him.

One thing that I cannot get out of my mind is that Jensen sings in some of the conventions and his voice is just too sweet to hear, anyways, it would mean the world to me, and I think for many other fans too, if we got Jensen to sing it (or maybe some other Elvis song).

The problem is, I don’t know how they pick the songs that he sings, and I would probably be able to ask them to do it, in some panel, but there are no SPN conventions around here. Therefore, I come here, to the SPN Fandom, to ask for your help, so that maybe this could become true. If someone knows how the songs are picked or if you could ask this to them for me, even that I won’t be able to see it by myself, I’m sure there will be plenty of videos of it online after.

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What do you like most about Mr Bradley :)??

Babe I could write you a 5 page essay of all the things I love about Brad and I don’t think that would still be enough! I actually thought of making this like a challenge thing last year but I’m lazy af lol anyway I’ll narrow it down to the 5 things so it won’t take up too much space! (GIFs are not mine!)

Originally posted by m-oonlightbae

1. His passion for music - there is nothing I love more than a person who is so passionate about something he loves and works hard for it. His drive to create music that not only would embody him as an artist but the fans would also love is really admirable. He strives for excellence, he makes sure that he gives 100% during their tour so that the fans get to experience an amazing show and get their money’s worth.

Originally posted by gangofyouth

2. His voice - okay we all know he’s ridiculously good looking and hot and attractive but honestly it was his voice that struck me. It’s so uniquely beautiful and it gives the band a distinct sound. I love how his voice gets all soft and tender when speaking then absolutely blows you away when he starts hitting those notes like where the fuck did that come from??? (i.e the note change in the 2nd verse of another world live) I love how his singing abilities (together with the band of course) allow them to cover any song from any genre and absolutely nail it.

Originally posted by trifxcta

3. His love for their fans - i mean have you seen him with fans??? He’s just a sweet cuddly little bear and he genuinely looks so happy whenever he meets fans. You’d think for someone who’s been doing this for a few years now would eventually get tired of it but nope, not this one and not even the other boys. He always tries to have a lil conversation when he meets fans and dude have you seen the M&G pics? He would def do anything you wanted to (except maybe you know, kissing and stuff lol lets not push it too far) and so will the rest of the boys and it’s so cute!!! Also can we talk about the look on his face whenever he hears the crowd sing back the songs to him??? The look of awe and happiness on his face is priceless I want to see that for the rest of my life!

Originally posted by bradleyy

4. His dorky and sweet personality - it is a known fact in this fandom that they are all idiots (yes including James) and Brad is the biggest one of them but that’s why I love him so much. He’s like a 6 year old kid trapped in a 20 year old’s body and he loves to have fun and making everyone laugh with his antics. And remember all his epic tweets? Just goes to show how special this weird kid is lol like who watches panda videos until 4 am?? But on a serious note, he is known to be really sweet and a proper gentleman especially around their fans, the press and even their crew. I’ve read an article where the interviewer was surprised on how proper Brad is bc he was prob expecting a rockstar snubbish vibe from him when he is genuinely just a huge teddy bear lol

Originally posted by thevampscrew

5. His love for his bandmates - we all know this band has the most serious case of bromance rn and I almost always see brad hugging someone or just showing love to the other 3. And idk if you’ve watched it but in the IFAG bundle dvd, they showed what happened backstage when Con was injured in HongKong and Brad was there asking him if he’s fine and he said it was scary not having them there and he hugged Con twice AND CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING BC HE CARES FOR HIM SO MUCH :((( and he gave him a piggyback and is almost always the one pushing Con’s wheelchair and I think I’m getting carried away bc I love bronnor so much but yes he cares deeply for everyone in this band and I think we all know that by now :)

Thanks for asking bby x

Decorating with Timmy (Day 1)

Prompt: “Decorating for Christmas with Tim?”

Requested by: @ayagoeskhablawi and @ms-fandoms

- Tim would 100% be one of those guys who thinks decorating on the 1st of December is too early.

- that’s why he’s not sure how to react when he gets back from the manor one day and you’re hanging baubles on a 6ft Christmas tree

-“… babe?”

- You couldn’t hear him over the blasting Christmas tunes coming from your speaker

- He would have to literally come over and physically tap you before you realised he was home

- You would sing your hello to him

-“so (y/n) whatcha doing?”

- “it’s December 1st? I’m decorating.”

- He would complain about it being too early for the next 20 minutes

- eventually he would come around to the idea, but he wouldn’t admit it to you so he had to find a way to work it into the conversation

-“(y/n) don’t you think that bauble would look better there? wait.. no… oh just let me do it”

- and then he would be in full on decorating mode

- You would go to the bathroom for two minutes and come back to see Tim hanging up hand made paper snowflakes that you didn’t own before your venture to the bathroom

- once all the decorations are up the both of you would sit on the sofa and just admire the lights on the tree

- Tim would kiss your temple and tell you how much he loves you and you reply telling him that you love him too

- basically it’s the best December 1st Tim had ever had

I hope this is okay! This is day 1 of 24 days of batfamily (I also posted another set of Jason headcanons below) and I’m so excited for you to read the rest of the headcanons and imagines! Feedback would be greatly appreciated :)) Lots of love xxx

ok but,,,, headcanon that lance unironically loves shitty early 2000s pop and it’s like half of his ipod and sends keith random lyrics from it bc he knows keith hates it and everytime keith gets a random message from lance, he just knows it’s to mess with him

but when lance starts to like him he starts sending him stuff like “HEY HEY YOU YOU I WANNA BE YOUR BOYFRIEND” and “THERE’S NO OTHER SO WHEN’S IT GONNA SINK IN” and keith is very confused like “???? that’s not how that song goes????”


Les Mis fandom, I am mad as hell.

I am mad as hell because tonight, September 16th, Donald Trump walked out onstage to “Do You Hear The People Sing?” in front of this backdrop:


A closer look:

I’m gonna pass over all the obvious reasons why it’s unacceptable for Trump to be co-opting this imagery and music, and cut right to the chase:  Universal Pictures needs to sue the ass off the Trump campaign for unauthorized use of this poorly-Photoshopped image.  I don’t know which recording of the music he used, but Cameron Mackintosh’s lawyers should get on this as well (joining the many, many other artists who have taken or threatened legal action against the Trump campaign for using their material). 

If I were Aaron Tveit and saw my picture being used in this way, I would be pretty upset right now.

Let America’s draconian copyright laws do some good for once.  Sue his ass off, and donate the winnings to Planned Parenthood, BLM and refugee charities.

A call to arms to the whole JAR Media fandom

see this boi?

see the crippling depression in his eyes?


we wanna help James reclaim his rightful place as the fave of the fandom

how do you ask?

It’s simple… we meme the James

@APTennyo on twitter, send your dankest memes minions, make me proud! ♥

or you can spam the jar media tag, whatever suits you

#makejamesgreatagain #morrijames

together we can

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what brings me joy… probably draw, observe things in general, hear things carefully, see, sense and hear a movie, think, make sad stories because that’s the only thing I can write lmao, remember with senses, sing, listen to kids because they are so connected with something we lost, read (the fandom stories because you are so talented, people) spend time with my dogs!! (or any dog, I love dogs) do things with my best friend, being alone together. Simple things, simple things give me a lot of joy.

Thanks Sue, what about you?   

Okay so I’m just feeling really emotional right now thinking about everything I’ve been through with this band, and this fandom. I know directioners get made fun of all the time for being “obsessed” but people just don’t understand. And it’s so fucking hard to explain. I know I’ve never met them, and I don’t know what they’re like away from the cameras and spotlight, and I might never ever know them like that, but what I do know is, the very first time I heard those five boys on the radio singing what makes you beautiful, I felt so connected. It felt so good to just hear them singing those words to me. So I had to look them up, and that’s when they really clicked for me. I watched their video diaries and I had never laughed so hard. They made me grin from ear to ear with their stupid jokes and smiles. I watched them over, and over, and they never got old. Whenever I was sad, I could just think about one direction, and I’d feel so much better. It hurts that I’ve never met them cause they’ve had such a massive impact on my life and I wish I could tell them just how much they really mean to me. As they’ve grown and got more mature, so have I. I’ve been here through all the tours, girlfriends, albums, new hair cuts, drama, new tattoos, interviews, talk shows, twitcams, everything. I’ve watched those young boys who used to goof around on the video diaries wearing onesies, grow into strong, powerful, handsome men, and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s so surreal to feel this close to people you’ve never met before, that you might not ever meet. It’s crazy how after so long, I’m still here, writing about them and loving them even more then when they first started. Those five boys will always mean something special to me. And I’m even including Zayn, because even though he left, he taught me just as much as the rest of them. Zayn taught me that you have to do what’s right for you sometimes, even if it hurts other people. Sometimes, you have to put yourself, and your well being first, and that’s okay. Louis taught me how to laugh at myself, and that you don’t always have to take life so seriously, he taught me how to joke around but how to also be kind, and give, without expecting anything in return. Liam on the other hand taught me how to be serious, and take care of the people close to me. He taught me how to stand up for the people I love, even if I get looked down on for it. He taught me that there’s nothing wrong with being serious and having fun, Liam taught me how to be courageous. Niall taught me how to be confident. I remember when Niall first auditioned for the X-factor, and he just radiated confidence, he taught me how to laugh and be myself, without giving a damn about what anyone else has to say, Niall taught me that my friends are important, and to keep them as close as family, and love them with all you’ve got. Harry taught me how to love myself. He taught me that no matter what sexuality, race, gender, or weight someone is, they’re beautiful and deserve to be loved. He taught be how to be accepting, and that I was worth living, and waking up everyday. Harry taught me how to smile, even when things get rough, but it’s okay to break sometimes, he taught me that not everything has to be for the public, that I can keep stuff to myself sometimes, and lastly, he taught me all about falling in love with myself, before I can fall in love with another person. So I don’t want anyone to ever tell me that one direction has never taught anyone anything, or that they’re just a “"stupid boy band” because through one directions words, songs, actions, and looks, they teach me something knew every damn day, and they helped save my life. No matter how sad I ever am, about anything, thinking of them brings a smile to my face. And yeah, it sucks missing people who you’ve never met so much, but one day, I hope I’ll get to meet them, and if I could tell them a little bit of how much they meant to me, I’d be happy. So fuck all you assholes who think it’s cool to make fun of one direction fans, because if I made fun of the band that saved your life, it wouldn’t be to fucking funny, now would it?

I just had perhaps the best conversation of my life. @sabrinaspeakstoo thank you. For those of you not privy to the conversation we basically parodied les mis for the miraculous fandom. The highlights:













Save You Tonight (2015 Audio Edit)
amanda rae edits / One Direction


I have always loved this song, like you don’t understand how much I listened to this from Up All Night, it’s my jam! I would do anything if I got to hear the boys sing this song one more time live so until that day comes… I’ll settle with this audio edit :)



1. Favourite Original?

2. Favourite cover? 

3. Have you watched the On My Way Home documentary? 

4. Favourite music video?

5. Favourite sing off performance? 

6. Scomiche or Scolex?

7. Favourite Mitch photo? 

8. Favourite Scott photo? 

9. Favourite Kirstie photo? 

10. Favourite Kevin photo? 

11. Favourite Avi photo? 

12. Favourite Superfruit video? 

13. Favourite #KTMofficial blog post? 

14. Favourite KOver? 

15. One pentaholic you want to give a shoutout to? 

16. Favourite small pentaholic blog? 

17. Favourite big pentaholic blog? 

18. Best fanfiction? 

19. Have you ever seen ptx live? 

20. Have you met any of the members? 

21. Are you in any other fandoms?

22. How much do you cry when you hear the word s**n? 

23. Favourite Kevin tweet? 

24. Favourite Avi tweet? 

25. Favourite Kirstie tweet? 

26. Favourite Scott tweet? 

27. Favourite Mitch tweet? 

28. Favourite Pentatonix tweet? 

29. Olaf or Wyatt? 

30. Can you beatbox? 

31. Can you sing? 

32. Favourite friendship habits amongst anyone in the band? 

33. Have you preordered the album? 

34. Have you bought all the other albums? 

35. Do you have any ptx merch?

36. Are you getting the fanjoy box? 

37. Are you a patreon subscriber? 

38. Any funny memories about your friends and ptx? 

39. Any funny memories about your family and ptx?

40. Favourite friend of ptx? 

41. Favourite family  member of ptx? 

42. Which member do you relate to most? 

43. Do you have any ptx notices? 

44. What’s your favorite thing about being in the fandom?