do you hear the angel sings


A V E N G E R S 


        ~ Lonely Hearts and Sad Bars: A bartender’s observations of the Avengers. 

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Wise Fools Series:  When Hydra hires an agent of SHIELD to bring down an none other than the Captain himself, chaos ensues.

~ Fool Me Once ~ Shame On You ~ Fool Me Twice  ~ Shame On Me

~ One Last Dance (drabble):  Walking away from the venue, his jaw clenched, he knows he should’ve asked her for one last dance.

~ Fall with Steve (headcanons)

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

        ~ Love (drabble): Never had the words ‘I love you’ been shared between the two, but perhaps, it wasn’t necessary.

        ~ StardustKnight! Bucky X Castle Maid! Reader AU; A maid loves a lord. A lord loves a maid. Surely, a union between the two will never come to be. 

        ~ All the Things Left Unsaid: He loved her. A woman of hope, ambition, of joy. There’d been so much that he’d wanted to say to her and so much that he hadn’t.

        ~ Safe (drabble): Another nightmare, another hopeless day. He feels helpless, broken. Will he ever be safe?

        ~ Mercy: Everyone has secrets. The only question that differs is who shows mercy when those secrets tear at crumbling walls built to contain them?

        ~ The Girl in the Flower Dress (drabble): There’s this girl. There’s this guy. The guy’s in love with the girl but he’s too big of an idiot to even talk to her.

        ~ Answers (drabble): Some questions don’t need to be asked. 

        ~ Their Story: Moulin Rouge AU; What happens when an oh-so-talented, charmingly bohemian, tragically impoverished protege falls in love with a courtesan?

       ~ Storm (drabble): Storms do, after all, leave clear skies to marvel at.

       ~ Roses: Is it possible to win a girl’s heart in a day? 

       ~ First Kiss (drabble) (ask)

       ~ Little Tricks: Unseelie Fae AU; They say love is beautiful and yet - after love, no one is what they were before. It’s what happens to all things beautiful.

        ~ A Change of Routine: Bucky finds what he’s looking for without even knowing it’s what he needs.

        ~ Mishaps: When Bucky receives a message from a barista, he figures it’d be rude not to respond. 

        ~ By Chance: Bucky falls in love with a stranger.

        ~ Adopting a dog with Bucky (headcanons)

        ~ Teach Me Happy (series): In which someone who fixes hearts and someone who breaks hearts fall in love. 

she touches you like you’re fragile, and if you break, you won’t be able to put yourself together again

Tony Stark (Ironman)

       ~ Almost (drabble): Almost is the saddest word in the entire vernacular. It’s just there but no quite. So close to something that could be. But sometimes, almost can be happy. 

       ~ Home (drabble): Sometimes, home isn’t a place. It’s a person. 

T’Challa Udaku (Black Panther)

        ~ Snowfall: She’s never seen snow before. She’d do anything to see it.


X - M E N

Logan Howlett (Wolverine) 

         ~ Helpless (drabble): He’s been through a lot. He’ll never change. 

         ~ Worst Timing (drabble): Logan finds the worst time to tell you that he loves you.

         ~ Card Towers (drabble): It’s almost funny how easy it is to destroy hope.


D A R E D E V I L 

Matthew Murdock (Daredevil)

         ~ The Fall Of An Angel: He loved to hear her sing, but he never knew the reason behind her heartbreaking tunes.

Frank Castle (The Punisher)

         ~ Remember (poetic drabble??): Frank’s recollection of his memories.


R E A L  P E R S O N 

Sebastian Stan

       ~ Forbidden: Unseelie Fae! Sebastian Stan X Reader AU; A human has entered the realm of the fairies, a land forbidden. What good can come of it?

Flawed Words Series (Sebastian X OC): tba

      ~ Part I 

Chris Evans

      ~ Midnight: Does love mean that you’re meant to be?


Smut masterlist


Aaron Tveit performing at Wolf Trap on 1/21/17 - All Broadway Tunes!

1. Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’ - Oklahoma
2. Daybreak - Floyd Collins
3. The Streets of Dublin - Man of No Importance
4. Fight The Dragons - Big Fish
5. Love I Hear - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
6. Proud Lady - The Baker’s Wife
7. Disney Medley (1) - When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio) // Belle (Beginning) (Beauty and the Beast) // I’ve Got No Strings (Pinocchio) // Cruella De'Ville (101 Dalmatians) // Belle (Ending) (Beauty and the Beast)
8. Disney Medley (2) - Proud of Your Boy (Aladdin) // Go The Distance (Hercules) // Out There (The Hunchback of Norte Dame)
9. Les Mis Medley - Bring Him Home // I Dreamed a Dream // Do You Hear the People Sing (Sing-A-Long)
10. Sondheim Medley - Good Thing Going // Finishing The Hat
11. Sandy - Grease
12. Marry Me a Little - Company
13. At The Fountain - Sweet Smell of Success
14. It All Fades Away - Bridges of Madison County

(Thanks for the setlist @lovable22)

I snuck this from the front row so theres a few moments I realized he wasn’t on screen haha but very few (only twice?) enjoy!

The Thing About Love

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Characters: Kim Taehyung. ft bestfriend!Jeon Jungkook. 
Type: College AU.
Genre: Fluff and a smidgen of angst.
Word count: 7.1k

The thing about love is that you’ll never know when it’ll hit you right in the face until it does and you’re tumbling into a downward spiral of mishaps –and in the process, embarrass yourself to the point of social disgrace– still, even then you’ll wonder what the fuck just happened?

“Hey, you okay over there?”

The first thing you should have noticed is the person calling for your concern but you’re too busy being in pain from the akin-to bitch slap that landed smack dab on your face and the throbbing of your butt from the fall which also happen to be caused by the bitch slap. You wince at the stinging sensation when your index finger brushes your nose and realize it’s bleeding –most definitely broken too.

“Let me see.” Along with the voice comes a callous hand pulling yours out of your face then god, you don’t think a bitch slap could kill but no other explanation could make sense because you’re looking at an angel –a damn good looking one at that.

His face is shadowed by the halo bathing his beautiful sun kissed skin but from this distance –oh boy, from this distance– you can very well tell what emotion flashes across that attractive face.

“I think your nose is broken, might not wanna touch that.” He grimaces at the damage and swiftly pulls you up to your feet, strong –but not too buff– arm around your waist and your own arm around his broad shoulder.

You think he said something about going to the nurse’s office and some other thing you can’t be bothered to listen to because you’re too busy being in awe of his long lashes, soft, deep brown strands and just the perfect shade of tan.

Then he calls your name –he knows your name.

“Huh? What?” You snap out, blinking, dazed.

“I’m sorry I broke your nose with a football.”

So Kim Taehyung broke your nose with a football, that is what the fuck happened.

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me: Natasha Pierre and the great comet of 1812 is a revolutionary show, and it’s truly like no other production that has graced Broadway. The set and the physical layout is remarkable, every audience member can feel immersed in the story around them. It’s so much different than watching a musical happen on a big stage, from an audience. The characters even interact with the people in the stage seating in certain parts of the show. That really highlights the true intention and meaning of live theatre- to make the audience feel. To evoke emotion in them, some way; To connect with them. this show achieves that perfectly only partly due to how it’s set up. 2nd, it takes Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace and modernizes it in a way that doesn’t take away from the story or the beauty of the time period. This show uses electro-pop, synthetic sounds and it also showcases amazing voices and beautiful orchestrations. To mix two totally opposite music genres and make it work is such a hard thing to pull off, something no Broadway show has done, but they did it amazingly!! Also, Josh Groban and Denee Benton have the voices of angels. Really, everybody we hear sing in this musical has such a UNIQUE, beautiful and distinct voice. You wouldn’t get Gelsey Bell’s voice confused with Britain Ashford’s. You wouldn’t confuse Lucas Steele’s voice with Nick Choksi’s. They’re all so talented, unique, and like nothing you’ve heard before. That’s pretty special. Did I mention that the ensemble consists of people dancing, acting, singing, and PLAYING INSTRUMENTS?? Seriously, the ensemble members, just as talented and hardworking as the principals, play their own instruments while doing a very vocally demanding and physically demanding show (all those stairs, all those dance numbers..) Incredible. Also something about this show that’s different from many others is it’s diversity. Set in 19th century Russia, 2 remarkable african American stars (Denee Benton and Okieriete Onaodowan) play the title characters Natasha and Pierre. These characters relate in no way to stereotypes/ harmful stigmas around black people, which is so refreshing and SO MUCH BETTER than seeing POC just represented as thugs or bad/ nasty people. Natasha’s relationships throughout the show are all interracial, and still, none of these things bear stereotyping or any acknowledgement to the political side of things. There’s plenty of friendships, relationships, and families in this show that don’t have a barrier of race/ ethnicity, and I’m so glad to see that. The show also has some casual LGBT inclusion. ensemble members are paired with those of the same gender to dance with. The costumes in the ensemble anyways don’t follow strict rules of gender. Helene Bezukhov and Marya Dmitrievna canonically make out. The casualness of LGBT and POC representation makes it so much better, because it points out the fact that that’s the way that people are. Normalize it. Straight+ cis+ white isn’t the “default” or the “normal.” Anyways, there’s so much more I could talk about. between the music, the overall nature of the show, and the underlying themes it’s really just remarkable and I-

Taxi driver: We’re here

BTS reaction to having a smol and cute S/O

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Jin would love the height difference thing. Especially in the mornings when you would have to reach up to fix his shirt and he would bend down and kiss you.

“The things you do to my heart.”

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Yoongi doesn’t care about your appearance too much, but he can’t help that his heart skips a beat when he sees you wearing one of his jackets and the sleeves are too long for you.

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Two words: boyfriend sweaters. He would watch you claim all his sweaters as yours, but it’s okay because he always melts when he sees you wearing them. Also: suggestive jokes.

“Yah! Can I have at least one? IT’S COLD BABE.”

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Hobi would be so whipped. He likes to hold your smaller hands in his and kisses every finger. Your cute laugh melts his heart every time.

“When I’m on tour I love to look at pictures of you and remember how lucky I am.”

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Every time he looks at you he can hear a choir of angels sing.


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(bonus points if your hands are smaller than his)


All the backhugs an forehead kisses. He will also do the thing where he blows on your neck while he hugs you to tease you.


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He would sometimes pick you up and carry you around or put you on the kitchen counter. He would love how manly you make him feel.

“Ahhhhhh, I love to help you sweetness.”

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Vimes listened as the refrain died away.
‘That’s a nice song,’ said young Sam, and Vimes remembered that he was hearing it for the first time.
‘It’s an old soldiers’ song,’ he said.
‘Really, sarge? But it’s about angels.’
Yes, thought Vimes, and it’s amazing what bits those angels cause to rise up as the song progresses. It’s a real soldiers’ song: sentimental, with dirty bits.
‘As I recall, they used to sing it after battles,’ he said. ‘I’ve seen old men cry when they sing it,’ he added.
‘Why? It sounds cheerful.’
They were remembering who they were not singing it with, thought Vimes. You’ll learn. I know you will.

Favorite Sound

Ok, so, I literally swung it with this one, but it was fun to write! And it made my frien laugh, so I’m guessing it’s worth a shot! 

This is based on this pic, made by @vp-dot-png for their klance writing contest

Nothing much to say, except hope you like it! 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the art. 

The water was yellow.

“I’m calling it, that’s actual pee.” Lance deadpans and his eyes widen in surprise when the person next to him erupts in laughter.

Keith leans forward, eyes tightly closed as giggles and snorts leave his mouth, barely allowing him to catch his breath. The Red Paladin holds his stomach in a weak attempt to control himself, but it’s no use, because more giggles shake him entirely and he’s barely fast enough to catch the jacket over his shoulder from falling to the ground.

“Oh, oh, man, dude,” Keith chokes out, slapping Lance’s shoulder playfully, “You can not just say things like that about an alien’s fountain.”

Lance snickers, nudging Keith with his shoulder. “Oh, come on, lighten up, Mullet. The planet is saved and for once, Allura allowed us to explore the city! Aren’t you glad you decided to stick with me instead of Hunk and Pidge’s robotic garden? Or Shiro and Allura’s meeting with the Queen?”

“Or Coran’s storytelling with a bunch of old guys.” Keith adds with a smirk, making Lance to shake his head.

“Exactly, so, I’m your saviour.”

“Psh, sure, okay,” Keith shakes his head in amusement, pushing his head back once again with a small bobby pin, “Just make sure that none of the locals are near whenever you plan to drop another judgemental comment about their water color.”

Lance gasps in mocking offense, hand pressed against his chest. “How dare you, Keith? I gave you my jacket.”

Keith grins and pulls Lance’s jacket tighter around him. “Real comfy, no wonder you are always using it.”

“You are taking advantage of how much of a gentleman I am, which rude.” Lance whines, puffing his cheeks in fake annoyance, making Keith to roll his eyes playfully.

“Whatever you say, Sir Lancelot, Knight of the Gentle Acts.”

Lance would take the bait, he really would, but he can’t, not when Keith’s eyes shine with playfulness and mischievousness, arching an daring eyebrow at him. Not when Keith’s cheeks are colored in a soft pink color and his hair is pushed back, allowing Lance to see his dark blue eyes clearly.

There’s something hypnotizing about Keith under the three moons of the planet they are currently on. Maybe is the fact that Keith’s wearing his jacket? Nah, can’t be, even though it looks like it was made for him and it makes Lance’s heart flutter.

Maybe it was the trees? The big tall trees filled with small flowers that resemble to the roses back on Earth, except these ones were covered in a pale red color mixed with green.

Lance doesn’t know, and it’s not like he wants to figure it out. He’s just glad that whatever is there around them stays, because it’s been so long since he has seen Keith so carefree, so at ease.

He doesn’t want it to end.

“Hey, Lance?” Keith’s calling shakes him out of this thoughts and then Lance’s looking straight into his eyes, his heart doing a sharp flip at the fondness they hold. “Honestly, thank you for…well, this. I’m having a great time.”

Lance swallows and nods, mouth suddenly dry.

“No problem, man,” he breathes out, a small smile making its way to his face. Keith mirrors his smile before his eyes go back to the fountain in front of them, scanning every corner of it in awe, walking around it calmly, leaving Lance behind in the spot.

Okay, McClain,’ Lance starts, shifting on his feet restlessly, ‘This is your chance, the time has come. Just like you saw in that romantic movie with Leah: just lean forward, and link your hand with his slowly and gently. Let the angels sing their chorus behind, you do the rest.’

Taking a deep breath, the brunet closes his eyes and steadies his own breathing. It’s now or never, the setting is perfect for a confession and the night is in his favour. He can do this. He has to do this.

Lance nods to himself and then takes a step forward.

“Where are you going?”

Lance squeaks and loses his footing as soon as the voice behind him speaks, their warm breath tickling Lance’s ear. The brunet is only able to hear Keith’s shout of his name before he’s falling back and water is dripping from the top of his head.

Lance blinks in surprise, confusion taking over his features as he wonders how the heck Keith circled the entire fountain in a few ticks before he looks up at meets Keith’s wide eyes.

One, two, maybe three ticks later and the best sound in the universe makes itself present.

“Oh, oh my god, dude, you just fell on a fountain full of pee,” Keith cackles, hand hovering over his mouth in a weak attempt to hide his laughter but his entire body goes against him and he can’t even hold himself straight, “Lance, oh my god, why.”

Why, Keith asks.

Because of that smile, Lance answers in his mind, eyes soft and gentle as he stares at the figure of Keith shaking with laughter.

Lance is totally fine to get soaked with alien pee if it means he gets to hear Keith’s carefree happiness.

He’s so entranced with Keith’s happy display that he doesn’t notice when Keith stops abruptly and stares at him in confusion.

“Lance,” he calls, confusion turning into amusement, eyes narrowed in suspicion, “Is there something you might wanna tell me?”

Lance blinks, looking bemused at the question and Keith shakes his head in disbelief.

“So, turns out it wasn’t actual pee.” He says amusedly, hand pressed against his cheek as he waits for Lance to make the connection.

Lance frowns and looks down to see the water.


Ok, so, pink pee.

“Why is the pee pink now?” Lance mumbles quietly but it’s loud enough for Keith to hear, making him to snort.

“Because it’s not pee, you idiot,” Keith might have say that as an insult, but his voice was teasing and kind, “It’s an ancient water that allows you to see the reflection of your own feelings.”

Keith points towards a small plate on the right side of the fountain, rusty but its clear golden letters narrating a small legend about the fountain and its purposes.

Lance can feel his own cheeks getting warmer and then he notices Keith sitting on the edge of the fountain, leaning slightly down towards Lance.

“So…” Keith trails off, biting his lower lip nervously as he stares down at Lance.

Lance opens his mouth and closes it repeatedly, words failing him right when he needs them, but then he sighs, frustrated with himself.

He looks around him, searching for a way to communicate better, before he snaps his fingers and cups his hands, dipping them in the water before holding them up towards Keith.

Keith blinks at the cupped pink water held by Lance’s hands.

“I like you.” Lance whispers softly, offering a small shy smile.

He watches as Keith’s face lights up and suddenly, Lance’s fears fade away as soon as Keith’s hands appear just below his own.

Lance stares in awe as the once pink water turn into a deep shade of red as soon as Keith’s hand touches his own.

Keith knows there is no point of voicing his thoughts, but he still does, because Lance was brave enough to do it, and he owes him the same treatment.

“I like you too,” he whispers softly, smiling dopily at the brunet, who smiles back at him with equal motion.

Anywhere, anytime I would do anything for you Anything for you Yesterday got away Melodies stuck inside your head A song in every breath

Sing me to sleep now Sing me to sleep Won’t you sing me to sleep now? Sing me to sleep

Remember me now, time cannot erase I can hear your whispers in my mind I’ve become what you cannot embrace Our memory will be my lullaby


Someone stop me before I strike again.

12x23 Coda

Dean stares at the wisp of darkness in his fingers. So soft, he thinks. So fragile.

“What is that?”

Sam’s soft voice pierces Dean’s thoughts. “I–it’s–it was–Cas gave it to me.” Dean hesitates, then opens his hand to show Sam.

Dean doesn’t look up at Sam’s inhalation. “After that day in the barn, we…talked. I asked about his wings…and he showed me. Even worn and frayed, his wings were so…”

Dean drifts for a time. “I wish you could have seen him that first time, Sammy. He was a giant. All sparks and lightning. And I…” Dean laughs, a half-mad sort of laugh. “I stabbed him in the chest. His eyes were so blue, like fallen stars. I stabbed him…”

Neither brother can take his eyes from the small black feather lying across Dean’s palm. So insubstantial; even among its fellows, how could it have held such greatness aloft?

“I asked, and he showed me. I couldn’t help myself, I stroked his feathers like he was a fucking bird or something.  He was so still, and then he…he smiled. I’ve never seen him smile like that, Sam. I don’t think anyone touches an angel’s wings. When I stopped he reached back…so many of his feathers were already gone, but he plucked this one anyway…” He gestures at the angel’s gift. He can’t see it anymore, there are too many tears. He doesn’t remember how to blink them away.

“Did you ever see his wings, Sam? Before they were bur–” He stops, choking on the word. Sam wants to remind Dean they saw the wings together once, but realizes Dean won’t hear him anyway. “They were perfect, Sammy. And when I touched them I could hear them singing. Singing. Angels don’t sing, but their wings do. And the music…”

Dean closes his eyes. “Until yesterday, this feather sang to me, Sam. But it’s quiet now. Everything is quiet.”

He looks at the pattern burned into the ground.

“Everything is quiet.”

How Much He Loves You


Hi! I was hoping I could have an imagine where Peter is now working with the whole Avengers team and they don’t know he has a girlfriend until Aunt May tells them when Peter ends up skipping a movie night with all of them? And of course this leads to agony and the team spying for “research and scientific” purposes. Thank you!! PS: (if you could also make the reader super nerdy and can sing that would be amazing)

Word Count: 2031

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Thank you so much for you continued support! 

Today is yours and Peter’s 1 year anniversary. You told Peter that celebrating monthly anniversaries would be weird, since it’s such a short amount of time. So, this is the first anniversary you will be celebrating together. Although, Aunt Mary insisted that you two got a fancy dinner on your ½ year anniversary. It just didn’t feel special enough. Until today. It’s been a whole year since the two of you were in that awkward, just friends but could be more if we wanted to stage.

Peter sent you a text an hour ago to meet him at his apartment at 8 pm, being sure to dress nice. That freaked you out a little. You didn’t want to overdress, but you didn’t want to underdress. So you made sure to dress in a simple black dress that ended at your knees. You paired it with nude heels and a nude purse. You look good. It’s perfectly in the middle of very fancy and not fancy enough.

You take a deep breath before knocking on Peter’s apartment door. You only live 2 stories up from his apartment so it wasn’t a long walk.

Aunt May opens the door and gasps. “Oh, (Y/N)! You look so good!” She gushes over you, giving you a great big hug.

“Thanks Aunt May!” You tell her, your words muffled since your face is squished into her.

You hear a gentle cough from behind Aunt May and she finally releases you. “Peter! Gosh, you look so dashing!” She tells him.

You peak around May and your heart stops. Peter looks amazing in a black suit, making you question your outfit choice slightly. Blood rushes to your cheeks as Peter’s mouth drops open, his eyes slowly go up and down your figure.

Aunt May makes an obvious excuse and leaves the room, leaving the two of you alone.

“Y-you look… breathtaking…” Peter tells you, sounding like he is very much out of breath himself.

You blush harder, if that was even possible and shuffle your feet. “Thank you, Peter. You look amazing yourself.”

He takes a few steps towards you, smiling. He gives you a quick kiss. Even after a year, he still has the power to take your breath away. The phone rings, but you hardly notice. Usually you’re able to make out what Aunt May is saying, but you’re too focused on Peter.

“Happy one year, babe.” He whispers, almost like he’s afraid to break the spell that’s fallen over the two of you.

You pull a small gift bag from behind you back, “Happy one year.”

Inside the bag is a signed poster from his favorite Star Wars movie. While most of the actors have passed away, Mark Hamill is still very much alive. Somehow you got his signature.

Peter gives you a look as he takes the bag. “I’m supposed to be giving the first gift.” He grumbles as he slowly takes out the poster. When he spots the handwritten signature, his eyes light up. “M-Mark Hamill???” He whispers, his excitement showing everywhere on his face. You nod, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear.

He gives you another kiss, almost jumping from his happiness. “I can’t… how did you… this is amazing!” He says, unable to finish his sentences as a grin threatens to split his face.

You shrug, smiling. “I’m just that amazing babe.” You tell him, happy to have made the love of your life so happy.

Peter pulls out a small velvet box from his pocket. “Your gift.” He tells you, looking away as a blush appears on his face again.

You gasp as you open the top of the small black box, a beautiful ring inside with your birthstone. “How?” You ask, breathlessly. You don’t know what you meant by the question. How did he know your birthstone? How could he afford such a thing? How did he know your ring size? How is he so perfect?

He shrugs, shoving his hands in his pockets. “I knew your birthday and I asked your parents for your ring size. It’s a promise ring. I promise to love you as long as I have love in my body to give.” He tells you staring deeply into your eyes. A few tears spring to your eyes as he puts the ring on.

“Why are you crying? If you don’t like it, I can return it!” He tells you, worry clouding his beautiful brown eyes.

You laugh, “No… I got you a stupid poster and you got me a promise ring.” You tell him, regretting your purchase.

Peter shakes his head, grabbing your cheeks. “No, I love it babe. I love you.” He kisses you again before offering his arm. You grab it and the two of you go to dinner.

Much to your surprise, the two of you don’t walk out of the apartment building. He guides you up, past your floor and up to the roof. When you finally reach the top, you see a blanket laid out, candles lit and a picnic basket overflowing with goodies.

You raise your hand to your mouth, unable to make a sound. Peter walks you over, your feet moving on their own accord. He scratches the back of his neck, nervous about the lack of your freaking out. He figured he’d get at least a ‘oh wow Peter’ out of you. “Do you like it?” He asks, pointing to the simple, yet gorgeous, set up.

You nod, tears once again filling your eyes. “It’s so beautiful Peter. How did I get such an amazing boyfriend?”

He laughs, sitting down, patting the space next to him. You sit down, barely any space between the two of you. He begins to unpack the food and you help. The conversation between the two of you flows freely, your cheeks start to hurt from laughing too hard and you can’t help but feel so much love for him. Every now and then you hum something, a tune that you picked up during the week or a song that’s suck in your head. Peter loves it when you sing, but you don’t do it often. Even though he swears your voice is like an angel.

Every so often, you swear you hear a noise on the roof, like you’re not the only one up there. You’re in mid laugh when you hear a whisper. You know for sure that you’re not the only ones up there. You learn over to Peter, trying to look like you’re just leaning on him for support.

“We’re not the only ones up here, are you spider sensing anything?” You whisper to him, a smile plastered on your face when he looks down at you. Concern fills his eyes and you slowly pull him to you, kissing him softly. He kisses you back, but you can tell that he’s not concentrating on the kiss, rather he’s trying to concentrate on figuring out who is up on the roof with you.

Suddenly a loud voice breaks the two of you apart. “Hey, hey, hey! That’s enough kissing!” You glance up to see Tony Stark standing above you. Peter jumps up, blush very apparent on his face and ears.

“W-we were just… k-kissing, Mr. Stark.” He tells the Tony Stark, unable to look at either of you.

Tony Stark stares you down and you match his gaze. While you may be inspired by him, you’re not about to let an old guy scare you from kissing your boyfriend. You slowly get up from the ground, acting unbothered by the celebrity crashing your date.

“I was just kissing my boyfriend, Mr. Tony Stark. Why do you seem to have a problem with that?” You ask him, cocking an eyebrow at him. Peter makes a soft noise, trying to get you to lay off Tony. You shake your head at him.

Tony crosses his arms as two more people come out of hiding. Steve Rodgers and Wanda Maximoff. Your heart drops. There are three celebrities here. If they hadn’t just crashed your 1 year anniversary, you’d be fangirling. These people inspire you to the core. You’re in love with the entire Avengers team and what they do for the world. Peter knows how nerdy you are about them, but he failed to mention his relationship with them.

“I don’t have a problem with the two of you kissing, I have a problem with the fact that Peter failed to mention a relationship. I hope for his sake that the two of you have been dating for a short period.” Tony gives Peter a pointed look, glaring slightly.

“Why would he need to tell you about his personal life? It’s not like he’s a part of the Avengers. He said no.” You tell him, confusion overtaking your attitude.

Tony’s own attitude falls slightly, not meeting your eyes as he stares at Peter. Peter glances at the ground, his shoe making circles in the dirt.

Things begin to click in your mind. Peter may have said ‘no’, but changed his answer at some point. Without telling you.

“We just wanted to know why Peter ditched our movie night, so we called Aunt May. She was kind enough to tell us the truth about Peter’s love life.” Steve tells you before letting out a low whistle as he checks out the set up. “1 year, huh? A long time.”

You nod, deciding to play it cool. Peter can keep whatever secrets he wants to keep. He told you he was Spider-man 3 months into the relationship. But this is something different. The whole Avengers team are risking their lives each and every mission. How didn’t you notice this before? How didn’t you see him on T.V or something?

Wanda smiles at you. “Congratulations, we apologize for interrupting the date. We just wanted to meet the girl Peter loves.”

You blush at that, taking a deep breath before making up your mind. Peter will hear your opinion on him keeping secrets, but you’re not going to get angry at him. You’ll be a little hurt, but not angry. He has the privilege to keep secrets and he probably has a good reason.

“Well, it’s certainly an honor to meet you three as well. I have to say, you all inspire me to be better and to get involved when I see something awful going down.” You tell them, Tony still staring at Peter as if he’s having a mental conversation with him. Peter’s eyes widen at your statement, snapping up to meet yours.

Before Peter can comment about you getting involved, Steve speaks up. “While we appreciate your commitment to make the world a better place, we wouldn’t want to see anyone get hurt. The best thing you can do is run and get help when you see something… awful.” He tells you, using your wording.

You smile, looking over to Peter, “Wow, he really is like a father.”

Peter laughs at your joke and even Tony cracks a smile.

After about 15 minutes of more polite conversation, the three are finally on their way. You wave as they jump off the side of the building, momentarily forgetting their superhuman abilities. Peter slowly begins to clean up the picnic.

“I’m sorry they ruined our night…” Peter mumbles to you, not meeting your eyes.

You laugh, “Peter. I’m not mad about that. Why would I be? I got to meet 3 of my heroes today. It was a good day.”

Peter sighs and grabs your hands, forcing you to put down what you were about to stuff into the basket. “I’m sorry… for keeping that fact that I’m in the Avengers a secret…”

You sigh and get in a more comfortable sitting position. “Peter, I’m hurt that you didn’t tell me. But I’m sure that you have a good reason. You’re an amazing boyfriend and if you want to keep secrets, that’s okay. All I request that you come back to me at night.” You whisper.

Peter nods, smiling. “You’re the best.” He pulls you into a sweet and gentle kiss, a kiss that tells you how much he loves you.

The two of you spend the rest of the night cuddled together on his couch, watching nerdy scifi movies and talking about his experience with the Avengers.

Klance sing
  • So everyone knows that Lance can sing and everyone enjoys him doing so from time to time. But there is another Paladin that can sing.
  • Lance: Keith, Keith , Keith, Keith.
  • Keith: No Lance I've already told you I won't sing now leave me alone.
  • This argument had been going on for awhile now and the other Paladins were getting sick of it.
  • Shiro: Keith just sing with Lance once, that's all. Then you never have to again.
  • Keith feels betrayed by their leader but does as his told.
  • Keith: Fine, you better pick a good song.
  • Lance grabs his green guitar looking thing.
  • Lance: Don't you worry I've had this planned for a long time.
  • Lance starts playing his guitar.
  • Lance: Do you hear me, I'm talking to you.
  • Lance continues with a smirk whilst Keith face is slightly red.
  • Keith: Boy I hear you in my dreams.
  • Everyone stops what they're doing when they here Keith's angelic voice.
  • Lance and Keith: lucky I'm in love with my best, lucky to have been where I have been.
  • The two continue to sing Lucky together looking deep into each other's eyes.
  • As the song comes to an end both boys are very close to each other almost leaning in.
  • Pidge: Ha gaaaaay
  • The two look away from each other and walk their seperate ways. Though they defiantly sing together more often
Fake Chats #212
  • Namjoon: listen, do you hear that?
  • Hoseok: I hear it.
  • Taehyung: wow, it's like an angel's voice!
  • Jimin: let's sneak a little closer.
  • Jungkook: the sun really makes him look like an angel.
  • Yoongi: his voice is so nice.
  • Seokjin: *continues singing*
  • BTS: *in awe*
  • Mingyu grew up as the youngest son of a family of three. So kid had fun growing up. 
  • He had so much freedom being the youngest because he was never supposed to take the throne or the stress that came with it. 
  • of course he put this freedom to good use.
  • Since he could talk he would never be in the castle, always roaming around the city with a bodyguard. 
  • As he got older, he’d go on further and further expeditions, going to towns and cities in the kingdom and exploring but also learning from the people there. 
  • He was like 10 but no one can deny the prince.
  • The chefs were 90% sure that letting the young prince this close to an open flame was a TERRIBLE idea but he just looked so excited…. and his bodyguards are scary……
  • When he was 12, he was sent away to a boarding school.
  • and it was one of those, celebrities and royalty from small countries type of gig like it was HELLA prestigious 
  • and he easily climbed to the top of his class
  • Mingyu was blessed with a natural ability to be good at everything. He wasn’t the best, but he could do it all. 
  • and that’s where you came in. 
  • you really didn’t see what all the hype was around mingyu but you didn’t really care. 
  • his following of girls was a little annoying but no one bothered you so you didn’t care. 
  • the problem came when he started being good at things that did pertain to you. 

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boyfriend; jihoon

a/n: requested by @kittychloe16 // gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner and stan jeojang boi


  • y’all expect a super cute confession
  • with his aegyo and stuff
  • he’d randomly come up to you one day and confess to you with his jeojang thing
  • jihoon would sit next to you, hold your hand
  • and confess
  • “_____ , please be my girl/boyfriend”
  • the members; the staff and you would be shook since yall didn’t expect it
  • everyone would be like ‘what just happened?”
  • “wait, did jeojang just confess to ______??”
  • “i knew jihoon liked _____ but this happened so fast”
  • “guys, shut up. i wanna hear what _____’s answer is to the confession”
  • “yeah, what is it?? yes or no?”
  • “IT IS A YES”
  • jihoon would be from all red to jumping up and down
  • he had the feeling of being the luckiest guy on the world and also the feeling that this relationship would last forever

this gif is so cute im screaming


  • dates with jihoon would be so cute
  • all his attention would be on you, he wouldn’t even use his phone when he’s with you
  • only when the two of you take pictures 
  • “honey, you would look cute if you pose with that pororo statue”
  • “but, you will as well.”
  • jihoon would eventually ask someone to take a picture of the two of you and voila
  • the next second you’d see that picture as his lock & home screen 
  • “jihoon? how?”
  • “secret, let’s go, shall we?”
  • i can already see him bringing you to the spa
  • the two of you would have a really nice time there duh
  • of course there will be some giggles there and there
  • “jihoon, look someone is smiling at us!”
  • jihoon would look for it and realize that; someone’s butt was showing
  • “baby!! i thought you were for real.”
  • “haha, no.”
  • i can also see him helping you with folding the sheep head towel for your head 
  • “thank you, babe.”
  • “everything for my honey.”
  • ofc you would help with folding his
  • you and jihoon would be visiting the food shop every 10 minutes
  • and the lady that works there would be very happy 
  • “wow! you two must eat a lot! i’ll give you two a discount.”
  • “thank you very much and we do.”
  • “you two are such a beautiful and cute couple”
  • the day would always end with him falling asleep on your shoulder while on the way to his dorm 

park 2


  • his kisses would be really sneaky
  • like the moment you turned around, he’d dissapear
  • “jihoon! where did you go?”
  • while searching for him, you would feel both of his arms around you 
  • as he kisses the back of your neck
  • “i’m here.”
  • he’d turn you around and keep kissing you
  • from your forehead to your nose, to your cheeks and lastly your lips
  • “i love you.”
  • “i love you too.”
  • when it comes to kissing you in public
  • he’d become all shy kind of like hyunbin (???)
  • but kind of the other way
  • jihoon would take your hand and kiss it, when no one’s looking
  • sometimes jaehwan would see and he’d be disgusted
  • “who kisses hands nowadays?? 
  • “well, if you have a person that you love very very much. you’d want to kiss their everything.”
  • “sure.”
  • when jihoon his friends ask him to kiss you, he’d do that
  • even though he’s embarrassed
  • jihoon would brush off that feeling and give you a quick peck


  • y’all
  • this cute boi loves hugging you 
  • but he’d listen to you if you don’t want a hug
  • “you don’t want a hug, today? okay.”
  • he’d eventually ask next day for a hug
  • i can also see him acting cute around you
  • just to get permission to hug you
  • expect jihoon to be smiling at you all day
  • he’d even call you nicknames, he never called you
  • “fruitie tootie, you look like an angel today”
  • “i mean, you’re already an angel but today you’re more an angel angel.”
  • “okay, jihoon.”
  • “gummy bear, my all.”
  • you’d be walking back home from school / work
  • you would suddenly hear him singing the cuppycake song
  • “_____, listen up. you’re my honey bunch sugar plum”
  • “no jihoon. stop. what do you want??”
  • “i wanna hug you.”
  • you’d open your arms wide open
  • and this guy would run to you and hug you
  • for 50000 hours

missing each other:

  • he would miss you a lot like most boyfriends
  • but jihoon would show it in a special way 
  • for example, wanna one would be on world tour (let me cry for a sec)
  • he’d point out stuffed toys, ‘cute’ food and etc.
  • and tell the members that it reminds him of you
  • “that stuffed bee reminds me of _____” 
  • “the mochi looks like ____”
  • “i’m gonna buy this for _____, what do you think guanlin?”
  • “it’s really cool. s/he will really like it.”
  • even on interviews he’d be pretty chill and everything
  • fans would even question him; “do you even miss __?”
  • in the end of the day, he always does
  • jihoon makes sure to check if you’re doing fine
  • after his tour and seeing you after all those months
  • expect him to burst in tears
  • jihoon would cry non-stop because he missed you
  • he missed your scent, your touch, literally everything


  • mornings with jihoon
  • while sleeping next to him, it wont feel as if he’s next to you
  • sometimes, you get scared because jihoon is there
  • and you forgot about it, so you accidentally kicked him off the bed
  • “ow! that hurt!”
  • “oh my god! i thought you were someone else.”
  • “it’s okay, honey.”
  • even though you kicked him, like really hard
  • he’d lie down next to you
  • and fall asleep again
  • it’s so ugh bc he be looking like a cute bear
  • you would try taking a picture but his hand would stop you and jihoon would take your phone away
  • so he could cuddle with you
  • “baby, why?”
  • “you don’t need to take a picture of me, i’ll always be there with you anyways.”
  • “you’re too cute.”
  • it’d be quiet for a while and you’d suddenly feel your boyfriend attacking you with kisses

BTS Having a Chubby Girlfriend (2/7)

Part 2 of the series! I’m glad you guys are enjoying it!

Genre: fluff and smut

Rating: 18+ please and thank you!

Jimin Having a Chubby Girlfriend

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-Jimin is one of my biases so I’m so ready for this

-I’ve thought about this a lot

-Because he’s so soft but sexy at the same time??? And he knows it???

-He hurts my heart so much but also makes me warm.

-Okay here we go ladies

-Mochi cuddles watching tv

-you’d wear his sweaters, and T-shirts, which he’d buy oversized just for you

-Pretends to like Disney because you do, but secretly dislikes them

-but he loves how you tear up when the princesses find their parents

-Let’s you watch his demon aeygo and the excuse me video when you’re feeling sad

-Because he knows it makes you laugh

-especially because when hes not trying to be cute, he’s adorable but when he’s purposefully doing it it’s so scary

-and you love teaching him bits of English because he gets so excited and silly

-which makes you laugh a lot

-In fact it was when you were laughing that he first realized he loved you

-The way your cheeks rounded even more, turning your eyes into soft crescents

-And he whispered it, so you could barely hear

-in that soft musical voice of his

-with his blonde hair falling on his forehead like a goddamn angel

-But you heard it, and it made your heart glow

-Late night dance and singing, in the kitchen when you both make food

-he tried to teach you to dance once, but it just ended in dance studio sex

-he likes to come up behind you to guide your hips softly side to side, and slow dance while the pasta boils

-He often whips out his phone while you sing a BTS song

-He films you randomly and refuses to delete them because he thinks their cute and also to show the boys how cute you are and use them as blackmail later on

-Buys you so much jewelry to match his

-Delicate silver rings that he surprises you with, kissing your fingers after he puts them on

-You try to pull away, because your scared he’ll notice your rounded palms and short fingers

-But he stops you, brushing his lips along your life and love lines

-Smiling into your wrists and twisting his fingers around yours

- he loves your hands, and how soft they are.

-he thinks they are so expressive, when your excited, or happy, or silly, or angry

-he scoops you up into his arms, and nuzzles you until you smile again.

- forehead kisses ohmygod you know he’s all about that shit.

- and he loves when you kiss his nose back

-and does that adorable little nose crinkle (you know that nose crinkle)

-Soft neck kisses

-Here comes the sexy stuff…

-Really gentle in bed

-Slow and teases you

-Fucks for the love of it not for the end goal of coming

-He fucks like he dances

- all hips, and flow

- those soft and plush lips running all over your curves

- tongue slipping over your skin

- tasting you, loving your flavor, your sweat and more

-Sensual and for your pleasure
Makes sure you know he thinks you so so sexy

-V vocal, gasping and moaning

-He likes to leave you marked up, but only in places that can be covered up

-He thinks it’s so hot thinking about those marks when he’s at practice or hanging out with the boys

-Inner thighs are his favorite, because the soft skin is so delicate, and allows the purple marks to blossom like roses

-Likes to be on top so he can feel like he’s in control

-Grinds on you hard, his hand in your hair, you hands pressed against his abs

-He growls when you scratch him, and presses into you much slower and harder

-He likes to watch himself disappear inside of you, and then watching you react as he changes pace or depth

-He likes eye contact as well

-DNA mv kind of eye contact


-Makes you come like six times, until your completely fucked out and your knees are shakey

-And then he’ll tuck you into be letting you rest your head on his chest

-Kissing your temples and cheeks and lips and shoulders

-And you fall asleep to the beat of his heart

-And his fingers running across your scalp

Dating Chen would include

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Kim Jongdae
- The Beagle Line
- You are either the new member or the mother
- Chanyeol and Baekhyun are now your best friends
- S C R E A M I N  G
- You get to hear his screams
- All the time
- Lots of yelling, ur so blessed
- Chen and Xiumin are actually on a date that you are interrupting
- Singing together
- In the car
- At home
- In the shower
- Grocery store
- E v e r y w h e r e
- “Jagiiiiiii”
- “Jagi let me hear you sing”
- “Jongdae please”
- “P L E A S E”
- He loves your voice so much
- You could be terrible but he’s s o s u p p o r t i v e
- You sound like an angel to him
- And he adores your smile so much omg
- He’ll do anything to make you smile bc it makes his heart melt
- This boy will legit embarrass himself just to see you smile
- You’ll never be alone like 98% of the time
- But when you are
- He’s such a tEASE
- But so are you
- You guys play this game of who can hold out the longest
- But it’s your favorite game you already know
- “Jagi can we get a dog”
- “Jongin has a dog”
- “Sehun also has a dog”
- “So like can we get a dog Y/N pLEASE”
- If he doesn’t catch your attention with his koud voice, he’ll just lay on the ground until you notice and give in
- “No it’s fine just leave me here to die”
- The snuggliest
- Honestly he’s the type to lie on top of you and sigh really loud
- For no reason at all
- He’s probably bored
- w i n k
- Tracing hearts on your skin with his fingertips
- Playing with your hair
- And your hands
- Just plain admiring everything about you
- He can’t dance
- At all
-But you get to watch him try
- And it’s so cute
- You guys can have dance parties and dance like complete dorks together aW
- If there’s something wrong, he’ll confront it
- He’s not the type to just let things sit
- “Y/n let’s talk things out p l  e a s e”
- “I’m sORRY”
- He legit will not leave you alone until everything is resolved
- And you just can’t stay mad at him tbh
- So understanding oml
- He just wants you to be happy

anonymous asked:

Hiya mom!!! i ❤️ your writing so so much,,,it is the best™ I was wondering how you think monsta x would react to seeing/hearing you sing a lullaby in your native language while you're doing something super domestic like,,,,folding laundry,,doing the dishes,,,something like that,,,thanks so much for taking time out of your busy college schedule to write for us,,,you are a writing angel sent to us from the writing gods,,,ily mom ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shownu would find it incredibly enjoyable, but he wouldn’t disturb you. He’d try to keep listening as silently as possible but knowing him he’d accidentally bump against something and you’d stop but he’d just give you one of those embarrassed smiles and ask you to please carry on - he really wants to hear more of your voice. 

Wonho would do the sappiest thing, he’d come over to where you were and just prop his elbows up under his chin and watch you do the chore and sing. You’d realize he’s there and you’d jokingly ask him what has him looking so mesmerized for and he’d simply answer with; “You.” 

Kihyun would insist on you teaching him the lyrics, he might stumble over pronunciation and lyrics but you’d end up not finishing what you’re doing because your boyfriend would whine for you to give him this impromptu language lesson. 

Hyungwon would try to not bother you but at the same time he’d end up being like “With your voice, I think I might just fall asleep right here on the floor.” to which you might actually have to stop him from laying on the floor. But also he’d tell you something like “I want to hear you sing more often,,,,,,” 

Minhyuk would get out his phone and record you, he wouldn’t hide his wide and adoring smile and once you catch him you’ll be like what are you up to now and he’ll just save the video, kiss your cheek and be like, “Nothing, just now I have something to watch when you’re not in my bed for the night and I miss youuuuu~” 

Jooheon would completely fall into the melody and would remember it well. Maybe to the point of when you’re finished with what you’re doing you’ll find him working on his own thing, but humming along to your songs tune. He’d be embarrassed, afraid that he might have messed up, but it’d be so cute. 

Changkyun would tease and be like “What are you saying~ C’mon tell me~” and he’d hug you from behind and distract you from your chores and song with little kisses. You’d keep singing and he’d mumble that you shouldn’t hide such a pretty voice from him anymore. 

Jimin as your boyfriend

aaaaaaand anotha one! I’ll link yoongis and hobis wen I’m not on mobile buuut for now,,,,((also sorry if there’s any spelling mistake or soemthing I just write these and I barely check over them 😰😰💗💗💗))

Yoongi  Hobi

•Person who listens to everyone’s problems but doesn’t like to share his problems bec he feels like it’d be a burden to everyone else
•Jimin would never be able to comprehend the extent of your love for him

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bts reaction to you being able to sing

Note: All the gif’s in this reaction are not mine so credits to the rightful owners.

Jin ➸ You would be cleaning and you would start humming to a song that Jin was singing for the past few days, minutes after humming, you would start singing and dancing around. As you’re doing your little dance, Jin would appear behind you, but you’re too busy singing and dancing to notice him. He would quietly laugh to himself before wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on the top of your head. “Wow, Jagi! I didn’t know that you could sing!”

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Yoongi ➸ When Yoongi comes home and hears your voice ringing throughout the house, he would smile to himself and think about how lucky he was to have you. Yoongi sneak up behind you then start rapping along with the song you were singing. You stopped because you got embarrassed but Yoongi would pull into a hug and smile. “Jagiya, we should do a collab~”

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Namjoon ➸ As soon as Namjoon hears your voice echoing throughout the house, he would follow your voice to where ever you were. When he sees you singing your heart out he would grin from ear to ear and wrap his arms around your waist and sing along with you but an octave lower because of his deep voice. “Jagi! I never knew you could sing so well!”

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Hoseok ➸ When he hears you singing softly in the bedroom you two shared he would press his ear against the door and smile. Before you finished singing, Hoseok barges in, grinning. “[Y/N]-ah! That was cool! You should continue singing!”

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Jimin ➸ When this sweet angel hears your voice echoing throughout the house, he would smile and follow your voice, finding you singing in the room you two shared. Jimin would smile to himself and sing along with you. He would snake his arms around your waist and rest his chin on your shoulder with a smile still plastered on his face. “We should totally do a collab Jagi~!!”

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Taehyung ➸ When this boy hears your voice he would smile at how high your voice is. Taehyung would sneak up behind you and sing along with you but with his voice an octave deeper. He would wrap his arms around you and rest his head on top of your head and grin. “Cute voice Jagi~ It matches with my deep one..!” 

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Jungkook ➸ When this baby boy hears your voice, he would squeal to himself before singing along with you. Jungkook would sneak up behind you and wrap his arms around you before singing with you. The two of you would laugh at each other before (seriously) singing to each other. “My Jagiya has a cute, loving, amazing voice~!!”

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