do you have to have such great music taste harry

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yo u want headcannons??? hit me up w/ some mike n eddie friendship bc that shit KILLS ME 💖💖💖💖

kasplon + platonic hcs (modern au)♥
-they would’ve met because they sat next to each other in english
-eddie knew mike as “the one smart kid who always raised his hand”
-one day eddie forgot to do his reading analysis questions for chapter three of “the great gatsby” so he asked mike to let him copy off of him
-“mike please i’ll buy you lunch tomorrow” “ugh fine kaspbrak, but change up the wording so she doesn’t get suspicious”
-the next day eddie bought mike lunch and they ended up sitting next to each other
-and a beautiful friendship blossomed
-they ended up having a similar taste in music and bonded over harry styles’ solo album
-they exchanged snapchats and ended up having the longest streak
-mike would only respond to eddie with close ups of his face
-eddie thought that mike’s last name was “hancock” so he always referred to him as that
-“eddie if you keep calling me that i’m gonna kick your short ass to mars”
-eddie spent fall break at mike’s house and they binged watched “friends” together
-they’re always hyping each other up !!
-i know “damn daniel” is a dead meme but IT’S ACTUALLY EDDIE AND MIKE OKAY
-“damn mike, back at it again with the overalls”
-“eddie kaspbrak, serving looks, as always !!”
-i need a friendship like this wtf