do you have that little faith in me



“I do not regret being who I am, being as open as I’ve been. And I am proud of myself for not apologizing for it. I don’t fit into any of the boxes that so many petty-minded little motherfuckers love to put me in, and I don’t really care.”

Dear fandom

Why do you keep forgetting that Sebastian is a sassy little shit? I mean it’s all precious and sweet, that you keep depicting him as this innocent, ever-friendly, Maker-loving choir boy, but have you also considered these?

Before a fight:
“Maker preserve their stupid, stupid souls.“

When killing and enemy:
“Arrows courtesy of Sebastian Vael!“

After a fight:
“And I just cleaned my armour.”

About to KO:
“Why do they always go for the archers?“

Anders: How can you have so much faith? Does nothing bother you?
Sebastian: You’re bothering me.

Aveline: I’ve seen greater men than you use that excuse.
Sebastian: Noted and ignored, Captain.

Fenris: I can’t decide if it is certainty you have, or blindness.
Sebastian: (Chuckles) At least you can’t decide. 

Isabela: You weren’t? You weren’t going to tell me to comfort the needy and give freely of myself?
Sebastian: From what I hear, you already give yourself quite freely.

To Isabela if she returned to give the stolen book back:
“It’s frightening, isn’t it, to realize you have the potential to be a better person?”

Merrill: I’ve always wondered: how do your Divines choose their names?
Sebastian: They write all the best sacred names on slips of paper and stuff them in a miter.
Sebastian: Then the newly elected Divine picks a name out of the hat.
Merrill: What if she picks a name she doesn’t like? Does she have to keep it?
Sebastian: Of course she does. How do you think we got four Divines named Hortensia?

Sebastian with Hawke in the Legacy DLC:
“I wish my parents could see me now. They always said I had “no sense of the dignity of my station.” A disgrace to the Vael name.”
<Location dependent>
“Now, here I am, tracking down dwarven ruffians…”
“Now, here I am, traipsing around the Deep Roads like a common soldier.”
(If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality)
Hawke: I’m sure they’d be proud of you for defending a friend.
Sebastian: They must be rolling in their graves…
(If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality)
Hawke: If you could bring your family back from the dead, that’s what you’d want? For them to be disappointed in you?
Sebastian: (Laughs) How else would I know it’s really them?
(If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality)
Hawke: They’re dead. Let them go.
Sebastian: They must be rolling in their graves…

During the Tallis DLC when looking for Hawke:
And we are back to front yet again.
Blessed Andraste, guide us. Protect our friends in this dark hour.
Right. Prayer. Useful, useful. Or we could do something.
Guide us by the wisdom of your light… in silence.

During the Tallis DLC Act 3:
So if I put an apple on my head, could you shoot it off?
Sebastian: Considering what you’ve led us into, I don’t think that would be wise. 

Discussion of today and since no one post it I will. X-Men ‘92 #10 and the last issue that Marvel is giving us. Not only being disappointed to see this end but how Marvel treated Storm at the very end. Let me post a scan since this can prove my motivation against Marvel. Also, this is Storm-heavy, because I’m a Storm fan. Sorry to anyone disappointed by that.

Still wonder why I have so little faith in Marvel and complain so much about them trying to screw Storm over, especially when they do stuff like this…..

And here I thought Storm was a top notch fighter. I identify so strongly with Storm, like you would not believe. Allow me to highlight something I’ve said briefly before. They are trying to damage the reputation of storm. It was the basis behind my repeated complaints about Marvel undermining and segregating Storm. Out of so many characters in this issue, Storm is the only one who gets beat down badly. Heh, even Polaris ended up being the bad-ass in this issue. You wanna see the next page after Storm got defeated by Domino?

But that’s not it. Marvel was making Polaris such a really bad-ass while undermining Storm.

So who Marvel undermining who? Unlike Wolverine, Polaris or Cyclops, Storm is at great risk of losing her respect. Marvel has so little respect for her that there’s a good chance Marvel would keep putting Storm at the bottom if necessary just to fuck with Fox. Not that in the Fox universe she’s doing any better since she’s treated so poorly in those films. People see her so lowly that they think Storm is not as popular as people from CV, CBR and even here on Tumblr are declaring. I also hate how the drew Storm throughout all the issues.

I repeat… Lorna’s proportions seem perfect and love how Alti Firmansyah drew her hair. But just one look at Storm, she looks like a played-out old hippie with that wild hair. Storm lookalike a hag, period. What Alti was thinking? I don’t know. And yes, I’m so mad for what Marvel has been doing to Storm.

Marvel is giving Storm an incredibly poorly depicted role whereas Lorna seems to be the bad-ass without getting her ass (or any other asses) kicked, Storm gets her ass kicked so easily by Domino, UGH. This is so evident that Marvel is treating all the X-men like crap and putting Storm in the worst line to be treated poorly. I’m trusting the evidence because evidently we have Extraordinary X-Men where Storm is being written as incompetent. The implication here is obvious. Marvel has respect for Havok, Wolverine, Polaris, Emma Frost, etc, but not for Storm. They care so little about Storm and the X-Men right now. All they do care about are the Inhumans since Fox doesn’t own them.

This is why I KNOW, for a fact, that Marvel is trying to undermine and ruin the X-Men franchise (not just Storm). Heh, they already cancelled Fantastic Four and that’s their future plan, to cancel the X-Men as a whole.

This episode had so little actual-johnlock-content and yet so much metafictional-johnlock-content.  Which is giving me a lot of faith.  So, I’ll share that faith:

@toxicsemicolon​ reminded me that TST uses ‘love’ as a code word.  Here’s an excerpt from my meta on codes & decoding Sherlock a few months ago:

“There are codes in BBC Sherlock that have nothing to do with love or lust - for instance, decoding the word “Hound” in THoB - but by and large sentiment is the key to codes in the show.  

They also show us that you can’t trust what you see in the first minute of the episode, as @jenna221b reminds us.  From my meta on ‘putting on a performance’ in the show:

The writers are telling us over and over again, through these metafictional mechanisms, that not all stories and not all interpretations can be trusted. Sherlock is not telling the truth about himself, and the writers are not telling the truth about Sherlock.  But why?

And then they follow THAT up by another faked video, from the kid pretending to be in Tibet to his father.  In case we didn’t get it already.  (And then, in case we really didn’t get it, two completely clips from Mary’s post-mortem video message.)

I’m sure there’s more we’ll pick up when we get to see it again.

But in the meantime: on the surface level, this episode might give cause for despair, but on a metafictional level I’m loving it.  :)

12x08 coda

Now hang the lights on the tree, Dean instructed. Castiel eyed the large fir tree with much suspicion, the recently untangled Christmas lights hanging from both hands. Mary was out running errands, and Dean wanted her to come home surprised by a Christmas wonderland. Although that was seeming more and more unlikely given how much Cas struggled with even the most basic instructions. He had just tried to tentatively dangle the wire from a branch when Dean frantically added, No! Not like that!

Cas scowled. Do you have so little faith in me? You can’t even see the tree!

It had been three weeks, six days and seven hours since the Winchesters were taken, and try as Cas and Mary might, they still could not find them. The one sliver of hope came from the connection Cas had with Dean. He could still hear Dean praying and, thanks to a grace amplification spell that Mary had worked out, could now speak to Dean through the same mode of communication. Just Dean, though. Sam’s prayers remained a one way street, though Dean tried his best to relay information to his brother.

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I Love You,But You Don’t Seem To Care

Request:A imagine with Raphael Santiago where the Reader is Izzys Parabatai and love Raphael. But she saw Izzy with Raphael and is jealous of Izzy. She don’t say anything to the both, but she is sad about the situation. Raphael love the Reader too, and Izzy only talk with him about the Reader. In the end Izzy help the reader and Raphael to came together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Warnings: None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Note:Sorry if it posted it late and hope if you’re going to like it.So if you do let me know.. :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ‘Simon seriously you have to calm down.’ I helped Simon to choose his outfit for the date with Clary..I mean it’s not official yet while Izzy was resolving something with Raphael..’Yeah it’s easy for you to say,i don’t know even if she’s going to say yes..It-’ I came closer  to him and put my hands on his shoulders ‘Simon really,have a little faith,she’s your bestfriend after all.’              ‘Well I’m afraid that’s all she’s going to be to me.’                                                ‘Then it’s going to be easy for you to move on.’  He smiled softly at me..’Maybe you’re right,but I don’t think that I’m able to move on from her.’  i returned the small smile..’Trust me Simon,sooner or later everyone does.’ I moved away from him..’Now excuse me I have to find Izzy.We should probably go.’ I turned around,leaving the room.’Hey Y/N!’ I turned back around ‘Yeah?!’  He smiled again ‘Thank you!’ I returned a smile ‘Anytime!’ I winked at him and left the room.. I searched for Izzy everywhere around the hotel,then when I was near at main entrance of the hotel I saw Izzy and Raphael talking and they were really close to each other,I was thinking about should I activate my rune and hear what they’re talking about or not..But then  I saw Raphael lifting his hand up and touching Izzys cheek,and in that moment I felt the pain in my chest like never before  and something was stronger than me but I needed to hold my tears..’Izzy-’ They both turned towards me ‘Oh sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you.’ I locked my gaze with Raphaels and then I looked away..’But we should get going.’ Izzy just nodded and I passed next to Raphael,I wasn’t angry at her I was angry at myself for not having enough courage telling him how I actually feel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I was lying down on my bed thinking about everything then I heard a slight knock on my bedroom door  ‘Come on in.’ And that’s when I saw Izzy entering and closing the door behind her,coming into my way to sit behind me on the bed and I could feel her hand on my back..’Hey,is everything okay?’ I turned slightly to look at her then I turned away again  ‘I’m fine,why shouldn’t I be?’ But one thing I  couldn’t do was to fool Izzy,she was my parabatai for God sake,she always knew when something was wrong. ‘ No you’re not,you’ve been crying.So what’s up?’ I knew that I couldn’t avoid this so I sit up looking at my hands ‘Is Raphael isn’t it?’ This time I looked at her confused ..’How did you-’ She smiled at me ‘I saw how you look at him every time he’s around and most off all I saw your look today,so I’m sorry if I caused all of this.’ OH BOY!     ‘No,no,no this isn’t your fault,it’s mine because I didn’t have the courage to tell him how i actually feel about him.’ She hugged me ‘And if makes you feel better I was just helping him with something so he did that only to thank me.’ She pulled away and looked at me smiling and I returned the smile..’We talk about you all the time,every time actually.’ I smiled even wider and she brushed my tears ‘Now pull yourself together there someone who want to see you.’ I looked at her again confused standing up in the same time as her ‘Me,who?’ She turned away from the door opening them slightly ‘Oh you’ll see.’                                                                                                                               I walked into the main office of the institute and I saw a male figure standing by a fireplace his back was facing me but he didn’t even have to turn around to know  it was Raphael.So he probably hear me enter and he turned around to face me.’Izzy told me you wanted to see me.So how can I help?’ He looked at me before he sat down on the couch..’Actually I’m here for something else.’        ‘What do you mean?’                                                                                           ‘I saw your look today,full of hurt.’ I looked at him confused,yeah I’m really confused this day maybe if things were just a little easier..’Really,it’s okay I understand.Izzy was helping you and you were just thanking her.It’s not a big deal.’ I saw him standing up and coming toward me but I turned around trying to stop my tears..What’s happening to me?! He turned me around ‘But it is a big least to me,because when Isabelle called me today to tell me you didn’t left your room whole day I got worried.Because I hurted you in the most horrible way.’  I looked anywhere but him and he putted his hands on my cheeks so I could look at him.’It was wrong from me not telling you how I feel  about you,but I was scared because you’re so good everybody loves you,you even helped Simon to adjust,and I’m not,I’m just a vampire leader.’                   ‘But you’re good,you’re good to me.And I was just helping.’                                       ‘Yeah maybe but you did something more everytime you were around me a I couldn’t help and fall in love with you.’ I didn’t said anything I just have the wish to kiss him so I did,when I pulled away we both smiled ‘I take that you’re in love with me too.’                                                                                                          ‘Damnnn,you’re right!’ We both smiled but louder this time and then he kissed me again.I was so relieved..He loves me…Oh God he really loves me…

Madame Librarian's Milestone Supernatural Challenge

Well, it’s happened. I’ve reached 400. When I look back and see how quickly this has happened it’s overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who’s followed, liked, stalked, and reblogged and told others about this little corner of the ‘net. 

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Special thank you to @spnfanficpond, @thenanahunter and the Muppets ( @sassyclassyandsmartassy, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell, @helvonasche, @trisscar368, @charliesbackbitches, @faith-in-dean, @like-a-bag-of-potatoes, @kayteonline, @wevegotworktodo, @oriona75, @cici0507, @thegreatficmaster, @hideyourdemoneyes, @dr-dean, @manawhaat…if I’ve missed anyone, let me know. I can’t remember blog names outside of skype.)

As a bit of fun for everyone let’s do a Challenge.

I know what you’re thinking. “Mindy, I already have sooo many fics to write for other challenges”. This maybe true, but I think you like this.

Do you have a WIP that has been floating around your computer that’s been begging to be finished? Or how about that idea that you have jotted down but haven’t gotten to? Here’s your chance. Dust off those notes and half finished things because it’s time to party.


  • Must be following me.
  • Send me an “ASK” with the Name and Pairing of your fic. 
  • ALL Supernatural pairings/tropes/au’s welcome. If you think it, you can do it. 
  • No NonCon/DubCon. 
  • Your work cannot already be part of another challenge or Bang. 
  • There is no word limits or constraints. Drabbles to Epics are encouraged. 
  • Fics are due by January 31st
  • Once finished, click on my Submit button and I’ll post them the day after the challenge closes. Submissions can be links to the fics on your blog or text. 
  • All submissions will need to have a header that includes the format below for easy reading and have the tag #madamelibrarians SPN writer challenge 
    • Title
    • Pairing
    • Rating
    • Word Count
    • Warnings/Tags
    • Brief Summary (no more than 100 words)
  • And the final rule, no hating on other fics or the ships posted. This is for everyone to get to read other’s works and for fun.

Happy writing.

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Eric and Dylan,
It’s been fifteen years since you came into our school armed to the teeth killing 13 people and wounding 24. In approaching the school, the first person you killed was my sister, Rachel Scott, she was 17. Before you killed her you asked her if she believed in God, she answered “yes” and you opened fire.
It was April 20th 1999, this year the anniversary falls on Easter Sunday where my family will celebrate our time together and honor our faith. If Rachel were here today she would be painting Easter eggs with our sisters and playing with our nieces and nephews.
She, at some point, would look me in the eyes and tell me to smile more and not take things too seriously.
She was an incredible teenager who has changed the lives of millions all by little things she did for others and the writings she left behind in her diaries. The truth about her is that she would have forgiven you for your hateful actions, so do I.

While many people around the world watched on television of students running out of the school, police approaching, and sobbing pupils. Before the camera crew arrived, I was in the library where you were slaughtering our classmates as if it were a game or movie you had watched again and again. At gunpoint you bullied and made fun of us. Crouching under a table remaining silent, I saw you shoot two of my best friends. The last thing Isaiah heard were racial slurs. You both left the library for a few minutes giving us a chance to escape. I yelled out at the students to escape with me and helped pick up a girl who had been shot. After escaping, you returned to the library and put an end to the massacre by taking your own lives.

That day my life changed forever. The next two years I carried a lot of hate and anger fantasizing on how I would have got revenge on you, had you been alive, and at times closed myself off in isolation. It was making me more like you. Then I decided to go on a mission to South Africa. It was one of Rachel’s dreams. There I met the man who enlightened me. 17 members of his family had been killed and despite the profound pain he spoke with me, he shared his story and did it with serenity. That day I understood that I had to break the chain of hate you started and the only way was to share with every one. I had to travel a long path to forgiveness to free myself from your shadows. Now not only do I feel free but I speak about a powerful story that rose out of the ashes - a message that my sister left behind. The biggest antidotes to anger and hatred are kindness and compassion. Your darkness gave light a chance to be seen.

A month before the shooting, you were in your parents’ basement pointing to a camera with a gun saying, “We need to get a fucking chain reaction going here.” At the same time, one month before, my sister was in her English class writing a paper about her values and beliefs, “I have a theory that if one person will go out of their way to show compassion it will start a chain reaction of the same.” Both of you spoke of a “chain reaction” but while yours ended with suicide, Rachel’s lives on with us as we share her story with millions of kids each year. My sister’s unfairly short life continues to have a huge impact on others.

I remember you. We met once when I was in 8th grade and you were in high school. Your presence instilled fear in me. We were at a mutual friend’s house and you were on the computer looking up plans to build a pipe bomb, little did I think that a couple years later I’d find myself under a table protecting myself against such a bomb. We even played basketball together, there you seemed like “normal people”.

There are those who say you started the slaughter because you were bullied and ostracized in our school. If I could go back to that day on the basketball court, I would talk to you, I would ask you why you acted the way you did and I would try to make you understand that it’s not all like it seems. I would tell you that the solitude you felt was the same that many others feel and that it all passes.

Eric and Dylan, what you did that day didn’t solve anything. You didn’t do justice with those guns, you stole the dreams and futures of 13 innocent people, like my sister Rachel. Today I forgive you because I know that hate only creates hate, and I cannot let you take away my smile, you’ve already taken my sister.

—  Craig Scott

I’m not gonna let myself sit in this bitterness because it’s not in good faith and I know it but honestly? I’m a little irritated that the same people (I know it! The same literal exact human beings) who gave me shit for months about liking guns as a hobby and about thinking that yes, they have been and will remain crucial to marginalized people ensuring our own safety (because nobody will do it for us, and because the far right is not going to stop arming itself because you dislike guns) are asking for advice on getting into and buying firearms because they’re beginning to feel the pressure some of us have felt for years and have known was only going to intensify. This is the only post I’m going to make to this effect but. Maybe don’t be an asshole, maybe try to understand where someone is coming from? When I said months ago that perhaps we’d need to be arming ourselves at least for immediate self defense against the most dangerous and emboldened among the far eight, it was paranoia. And now that you see that I wasn’t just being a crazy black dyke bitch you’re willing to consider that maybe I don’t just jack it to guns. Anyway it’s irritating but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep posting firearms resources.

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You get me with the Jamie-Faith feels Lenny. Every darn time. Tears rolling down my face uncontrollably. How do you manage to rip my heart out and make me want to come back for more? Do you have a secret spray that's shoots from your blog and hypnotizes us into returning and asking "please mam, may I have some more"? Picture me standing here in my Dickens clothes crying. ;(

I don’t know if it helps but working out this week’s and next week’s installments for Faith Restored and the goodbye between Jamie and Faith left me sobbing in the shower. But then it will switch back to Claire for a little while and when we come back to Jamie and Faith’s time period there will be a familiar face who is in fact not dead that will hopefully be something/someone to look forward to. There is still a lot of angst ahead in this fic before Claire comes back, I’m afraid.

So no secret spray unless my own tears count. 

And this is precisely how I came to write so many fics at once; this one is in an angsty spot and Nature of Choice isn’t exactly going to be angsty even with Brianna going back to the future but they’re all still separated so it’s not happy feels/fluff time yet (though there will be some serious fluff when baby Fraser is born), but in Jamie through the stones it’s time for a Fraser family vacation to Edinburgh so fluff there. 

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You know exactly how little faith the larries have in their own "beliefs" about larry being real when you see how over the top and vocally they harass everyone in Louis and Harry's lives to try to get some sort of validation or even some action or word they can take as secret code and twist to continue their bullshitting for another day. That behavior more than anything tells me that deep down they KNOW they are wrong and they are screaming the loudest to try to drown out their own doubts

Instead of admitting error, “members of the group sought frantically to convince the world of their beliefs,” and they made “a series of desperate attempts to erase their rankling dissonance by making prediction after prediction in the hope that one would come true.”

How to Convince Someone When Facts Fail

They don’t act according to the beliefs they profess. They act more like devotees who need to clap for Tinkerbell to remain alive. Phoebe needs to touch her nose for Larry to be real. Of course no larrie would say that Phoebe’s confirmation makes larry real, but then they continue to demand evidence in the form of action.

But it gets worse, because if they believed that Phoebe is not at liberty to confirm larry, they’re doing nothing but making her and her brother’s lives harder. They actively believe that Louis’ sisters are being controlled by “they” and that Louis and Harry are punished for infractions that might indicate they are coming out. So they’re STILL not acting according to their beliefs.

Their behavior shows that they either feel the truth of their statements is made so by the number of people who proclaim them or who they recruit, or that they are fully willing to make Louis’ life harder for the validation.

Just a little (non-complete) drawing of my biggest crush for Submission Saturdays. And he’s helping me get through my artists block 😹

PS, I love the block so much! Keep doing what your doing!

@rowst ASDFHKJG THIS IS AMAZING!!! We have so much faith in your ability to get through your artist’s block! You totally got this, chocobro!

We can always find inspiration in Prompto in more ways than one and overcoming an artist’s block is definitely one of them ^_^

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I love her so much and I could do anything for her but she is miles away from me and I can't be with her.. we want to be with eachother but life is hard and we have to wait so long.. it sucks😢 She is sleeping now but I'm crying because she is not sleeping beside me...

I get that the distance between you and her are really hard to handle. The best advice I can give you is to be strong and positive, even when it’s really hard at the moment. Think of the good things about your relationship. Appreciate the little things, and be happy you have found someone who loves you for you and you love them even though you guys are miles apart. Do not think of the negative things and wishing for something which you can’t have right now. Nothing is impossible with of love, faith and working together. I wish you guys all the strength you need to overcome the distance soon.

I Spy

“… All systems are in check and everyone is waiting for the signal, so Janna I’d really appreciate it if you would STOP MOVING.”

Janna smirk as she climbed over the the enemy’s wall and into enemy territory. “My call sign is witch darling, how unprofessional of you seashell.”

Seashell groaned. “You’re gonna blow everyone’s cover if you continue, stay put for once, do you hear me?”

“Come on seashell, have a little faith in me.” Janna picked up a grenade and played with it a little.


That’s when Janna turned off her intercom and heard a giant explosion from the other side of the wall. Fifteen minutes, she has fifteen minutes to get what she came for and get out. So naturally, she started running.

Janna O'Keefe was one of the worlds greatest spies. She was known for her crazy plans that always seem like they would fail, but end up successful anyway. She was jailed for stealing various things around America, but how she stole things was what interested the Outer Space Spies Organization, aka OSSO. An organization dedicated to protecting earth from alien life. The OSSO figured the Janna would be a good asset to the to the CoveOps team.

But now the OSSO is regretting their decision.

“MISSION ABORT!! MISSION ABORT!!!” The intercom suddenly turned on and Seashell was shooting at her ear.

Janna scoffed. “I’m almost at the target Seashell, just hold on.”

“Witch if you get caught right now you will never get out alive! So do everyone a favour and GET THE FUCK OUT!!”

“Aww so you do care about me seashell!” Janna said as she jumped into a small bunker. “But I gotta do my job.”

Janna turned the intercom off and could practically feel seashell anger from miles away. Janna mentally note to give her a coffee when she comes back.

Well, if she comes back.

Janna navigated herself through the thin corridors of the bunker. She was mentally counting of the seconds she was walking. She had thirteen minutes and forty three seconds. So time-wise, she was doing fine.

She needed to steal some secrets plans some planet has that could possibly destroy the earth as she knows it. But she doesn’t remember what the planet’s name is, because she fell asleep half way through the briefing. But if she had to take a wild guess, she would guess Saturn. Saturn feels sketchy with all those rings around it.

Janna finally found the room that contain what she needed. “Eleven minutes and twenty three seconds left, Not bad.”

So Janna did what she did the most, explode things. In a few seconds the door blasted open and the room was accessible.

Then an alarm went off.

“Shit!” Janna said quickly running in.

Sure the guards would be to distracted by the sudden explosion outside the wall, but as if they weren’t going to tend to the thing they were keeping safe in the first place. Janna’s time went down from eleven minutes to five minutes. She had to act fast.

So naturally, she went in and grabbed everything she could. Files, pictures, maps, a grocery list that was laying on the floor. Any evidence was good evidence.

Then she heard a gun click.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you.”

Janna stopped dead on her tracks. She was on a time limit, she didn’t need this right now.

“Now turn around and face me.”

Janna knew she had no choice but to follow the order of the person with the gun. Slowly she turned around.

Boy, was she hot.

Janna could practically feel her face burn up because of the mesmerizing beauty of the woman. She wouldn’t mind dying at the hands of this girl. The girl had blonde hair and hearts on her cheeks. Janna wondered, was she into anime?

“Now let’s make things easier for the both of us and give me the bag.” She smirked.

“And what makes you think I’ll do that?” Janna sneered.

“Because I have a gun pointing at your face.”

Janna reluctantly gave her the bag. But just before she could get her hands on it, Janna kicked her leg and grabbed the gun. Janna worn the bag over her shoulder and pointed the gun at the girl’s face. “Look who’s got the gun now?”

“Well, I’d love to stay and chat but I’m on the clock here so I’m just gonna-”

Suddenly there was gunshots.

“Shit!” They both yelled. Dunking behind the cover of the table. “They’re here! We have no escape!”

“This is all your fault!” The woman said. “If you just gave me the bag none of this would have happened!”

“Uh says the girl who pointed the gun at my face!” Janna yelled.

A soldier was yelling something in an alien language she recognized as Saturnian at outside the room. Janna was right, she was in Saturn. But she was more focused on the gun shots than anything else.

“Who cares! But if we both want our asses alive and out of here, we have to work together. Deal?” The woman offered.

The offer was scary. What if this woman was actually working for the other side? She could get herself and the CIA in danger because of it.

Well, Janna always accepted danger.

“Fine,” Janna said. “But once were out, we go our separate ways ok?”

“Ok then, can I have my gun back? I kinda need it.” She said.

Janna hesitantly gave the gun back to her. “You don’t have be scared ok? I’m not gonna shoot you.”

“Well you were gonna a few seconds ago.”

“Let’s not dwell on the past ok?”

Suddenly they heard foot steps coming from the door. “Shh they’re here!” Janna whispered.

Everything grew quiet as the soldiers filled the room. A mere whisper was enough for the soldiers to find out where they were and fill them with bullets.

“Hey! Over here!” The woman yelled out as loud as possible.


Suddenly, a barrage of bullets rained over the walls. “WOULD IT KILL YOU TO KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN?!”

“WELL-” The woman started before cutting herself off due to a bullet passing by her. “LETS NOT STICK AROUND TO FIND OUT!”

Luckily, since the soldiers were shooting everywhere, Janna and the girl were able to get out safely. “Whoa, how did you know that would work?”

The woman straighten herself up. “I didn’t.”

Janna was baffled. “What?! You’re a real risk taker!”

They both walked in silence and eventually, they reach outside and out of the enemy base.

“Woo! We did it!” Janna yelled.

That’s when she spotted the woman walking away with her own pieces of evidence. Janna called out to her.

“Hey! Why are you leaving?” Janna asked. “We could go back to my headquarters together!”

The woman smiled as she turned around. “Sorry but I’ve got a base of my own, beside, if we’re both after the same thing we must be fighting for the same cause.”

Janna smiled. “Can I at least get your name?”

“Starshine, and yours?”


She shrugged. “See you around witch.”

And just like that, Starshine disappeared. Janna turned on her intercom and heard a gasp of relief from the other side.

“Oh my god Janna! You’re alive! Did you make it out with the evidence?” Seashell exclaimed.

“Mhmm,” Janna smiled as she looked over her shoulder at the evidence she grabbed.

“I don’t know how you do it, Janna. You must be some kind of superhuman.”

Janna smiled. “Hey Jackie can you do me a favour?”

“Was is it?”

“Search for every secret organization fighting for earth, I need to confirm something.”

When he's bored
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Inquisitor:</b> Dorian look.<p/><b>Dorian:</b> *reading in his alcove* Amatus, I'm busy at the moment.<p/><b>Inquisitor:</b> oh really.<p/><b>Dorian:</b> Yes. I'm reading... very important literature.<p/><b>Inquisitor:</b> bullshit, that's Hard in Hightown.<p/><b>Dorian:</b> So elves DO have enhanced eyesight. Facinating.<p/><b>Inquisitor:</b> DORIAN JUST LOOK AT ME.<p/><b>Dorian:</b> *shuts book petulantly* Elion, I don't see what could possibly be so impo-<p/><b>Inquisitor:</b> *hanging upside down by feet from the upper level* ..... TA DA.<p/><b>Dorian:</b> ..... Get down from there. You'll fall.<p/><b>Inquisitor:</b> whaaattt? Not impressed with my climbing abilities?<p/><b>Dorian:</b> At the moment, I'm more concerned you're going to fall and break bones. What will the Inquisition do when their beloved leader is hobbling around on one leg?<p/><b>Inquisitor:</b> Love, you have too little faith in m- *falls*<p/><b>Solas:</b> *elven cursing*<p/><b>Inquisitor:</b> ...... I'M NOT HURT AT ALL.<p/><b>Dorian:</b> sigh<p/></p><p/></p>

Author’s Note: First of all, this is my first smut, so I would love all feedback and kindness I can get. :) Second, this is for @faith-in-dean and @for-the-love-of-dean July Saints and Sinners Challenge. I took a chance, and after much motivation from friends, chose to sin.(gotta have a little fun, right?) Lastly, I would like to thank and give endless praise to @itallbelongstome and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing for being amazing betas, and to @ardethbayiscraycray for helping me come up with the plot and everything in between.

Pairing: Casifer x Reader

Prompt/Kink: Semi-public/Public sex 

Word Count: 2,738

Warnings: SMUT, masturbation, Daddy kink(idek it just happened), public nudity, a bit of dom, a smidge of fluff??, unprotected sex(wrap that before you tap that), idk don’t read if you don’t like sexy times 

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You have been under Crowley’s command for as long as you can remember. Tending to his every beck and call, always serving as his second in command. He treated you with more reverence than he gave anyone else in his service, giving you no reason to hold a grudge against him. Crowley and you had even seemed to have some form of a friendship, he would actually listen to you if you talked to him, and you did the same for him. All of these things combined made you completely loyal to the King, almost to a fault. You would never trade this job, you doubt any better offer would come your way, and you would turn it down anyways.

All of this came crashing down when Lucifer was suddenly running amok again. You knew that returning to his kingdom would be one his biggest priorities, conceivably his foremost priority,  and it wasn’t going to be long before he had all of Hell’s inhabitants trapped beneath the weight of his brutish thumb.

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Has everyone watched the “Freedom 90″ video and listened to the lyrics yet?

No????!?!?!?   DO IT NOW!!!  It’s REALLY important whether RBB was referencing that particular song or not.

I won’t let you down
I will not give you up
Gotta have some faith in the sound
It’s the one good thing that i’ve got
I won’t let you down
So please don’t give me up
Because i would really, really love to stick around

Heaven knows i was just a young boy
Didn’t know what i wanted to be
I was every little hungry schoolgirls pride and joy
And i guess it was enough for me

To win the race? A prettier face!
Brand new clothes and a big fat place
On your rock and roll tv
But today the way i play the game is not the same
No way
Think i’m gonna get me some happy

I think there’s something you should know
I think it’s time i told you so

There’s something deep inside of me
There’s someone else i’ve got to be

Take back your picture in a frame
Take back your singing in the rain
I just hope you understand
Sometimes the clothes do not make the man

All we have to do now
Is take these lies and make them true somehow
All we have to see
Is that i don’t belong to you
And you don’t belong to me

You’ve gotta give for what you rake
You’ve gotta give for what you take
Heaven knows we sure had some fun boy

What a kick just a buddy and me
We had every big-shot goodtime band on the run boy
We were living in a fantasy
We won the race
Got out of the place
I went back home got a brand new face
For the boys on mtv
But today the way i play the game has got to change
Oh yeah
Now i’m gonna get myself happy


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Some may say you were paranoid and a little too cautious but it was your job to be like this. If you let your guard down for just a couple seconds chaos could break loose.

“My king I would prefer if we keep the reckless behaviour to a minimum” you said opening the door to your vehicle so T'Challa could step out.

“You seem to have little faith in me [Y/N]” T'Challa said adjusting the collar of his suit. However there was a hint of playfulness in his voice.

“Excuse me for being worried my king” you replied stiffly “you do have a history of being a little rash”.

“Well I assure you [Y/N]” a smile had now formed on his face “I’ll try to behave myself”.

“I don’t mean to offend my king but I highly doubt that”.

Nana Osaki has thousand of drawbacks but I’ve always appreciated her faithfulness. When it comes to friendship or relationship, Nana osaki seems way more faithful than Nana Komatsu. Plus she’s ready to come to blows to protect her friends! She’s so involved in her relationships that these commitments eat her little by little. “Why aren’t the people around me as faithful as I am with them?” But the thing I love the most is her faithfulness towards Ren. Yea, she’s been teasing Yasu several time. But you know what? After 7 years of living without Ren, of being separated from the love of her life, she still wears the engagement ring. She still loves him from the bottom of her heart. We quite don’t know anything about her life in England, but I do have clear images in my mind of Nana going to bed every single night, missing her old past love, and her old past friends. And that, my dear, is pretty amazing to me.