do you have have an hq version of this

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Do you happen to have an HQ version of the photo of Stevie w/ the HAIM girls on her couch at her house??

Hey anon, I don’t have the photoshoot in HQ but I do have the magazine, so I can scan it for you in high resolution. Hope that will do. :)

thrp’s diverse fc resource directory revamp 

This update has been a very long time coming, and after two years, the diverse resource directory has undergone a complete revamp! As always, every FC on the directory is a diverse FC (meaning that they are a person of color and/or a trans person and/or plus sized) that has rp resources. 

What’s new? 

  • A few new FCs have been added and are currently being added.
  • All images and information for the old FCs have been updated to reflect the FCs’ current ages, as well as their updated names and gender identities in some FCs’ cases. 
  • The new theme (huge thanks to Raven!) allows for sorting of multiple categories at one time (ethnicity, gender, and age rather than only one at a time), something that was not possible with the 2014 version of the directory. (Note: unfortunately you cannot sort more than one ethnicity at a time, but you can search for FCs by searching multiple ethnicities using Diverse GIF HQ! Click here to find out how.)
  • Rather than listing every resource on the FC’s image like the last version, clicking on the FC will now lead you to their tag on Diverse GIF HQ. This means that updates to their resources will be much more efficient (updated immediately when they are reblogged to Diverse GIF) and you can see all of their gif hunts in one place, with one click. 


The aim of this directory has always been to make it easy for rpers to find FCs that already have resources and locate those resources all in one place, but I realize that many amazing FCs out there unfortunately do not have any resources and as such cannot be listed. In order to get those FCs on the directory eventually, @diversegifhq will have a bi weekly list of featured FCs that need resources (in addition to the Featured FC spotlight that is already there). This way, we can encourage people to create resources for FCs that do not have them, and grow the directory over time. 

Of course, if you see any issues or misinformation on the directory, and/or if you have FCs that you would like me to add, please feel free to let me know! The directory will be updated constantly (alongside Diverse GIF HQ), and more FCs are being added as I type this. I hope you all find the directory to be helpful! Please reblog and share this if you can! 

Hello Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes fandom :D Some of you have been asking me 1) do I have a link to a high-quality file for Carol and 2) how I manage to make my gifs look hq. 

  1. Unfortunately, I do not have a link to a higher-quality version of the entire film (compared to the quality of the dvdscreener that was leaked last month).
  2. My gifs (most of them, save for a few) are high-quality. That is, I make gifs from 720p videos I find on Youtube (there are lots of Youtube video download websites out there…).

So, here’s a compilation of most of the videos (I didn’t save all of them) that contain the content that you have seen featured on my blog in the form of gifs. None of these clips are originally mine; a lot of them come from “official” YouTube channels so…yeah.
I have organized the videos in the simplest way possible (to me, at least lol); hopefully you find it easy to navigate through :D Let’s get started!

Trailers/TV Spots // I have included trailers from different countries as well; while a lot of them have hard-coded subtitles, they do sometimes have different cuts (longer/shorter; text/no text [i.e. rave reviews]) and some of them show scenes not shown in the film or in the US Trailers. Keep in mind that these show a lot of the same content; for this reason you may just want to skip going through these.

Movie Scenes/Clips // Again, some of these are dubbed in their respective foreign languages. Worry not– you can check the screenplay for dialogue. And another thing: many of these scenes/clips are extensions of another [ex. “Strange Girl” and “Sundays”] or just the same scene under different titles. I’ll try to keep them in the same clusters; however, they are not in chronological order.

Featurettes/Interview Specials // These are interview segments mixed with film clips. A lot of my gifs come from these videos.

So there you have it :D All (or most of them) should be available in 720p.
And remember that this post isn’t exhaustive because I did not save all of the videos I used into a playlist :// Also, please tell me if a link doesn’t work! Most importantly: have fun while making your gifs/edits or just have fun crying over how amazing Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes is. ‘Cos I do that.

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What would the Karasuno boys reaction be to seeing Hinata and Kags with hickey marks?

It would depend on if everyone was aware that they were together or not. If they already knew than they would both get some good natured ragging from the team (a bit extra from Tsukki) in general.

If they were not aware that Kageyama and Hinata were dating then it would be more interesting.

It’s Saturday and they only have afternoon practice. Hinata had stayed over at Kageyama’s place because Kageyama’s parents were out of town. They both wake up naked and satisfied and ready to head out to practice. Hinata pokes at the bruises on Kageyama’s chest and lower neck. “I got you good last night.” Hinata says while grinning at his handiwork.

Kageyama swats his hand off the hickeys and pokes at the matching ones ALL over Hinata. “I think we’re even.” He says. “Let’s get showered and ready for practice, you want pancakes for breakfast?”

They finish getting ready, eat breakfast and head out to practice. Both of them get there before anyone else. They change and head out to warm up and start practicing their quicks.

The rest of the team shows up and then practice starts in earnest. It is during one very successful spike that they notice. Hinata is cheering when Yamaguchi tells him he has something on his neck. Everyone looks over as Hinata lets out a little squeak and slaps his hand over the spot on his neck. He turns and glares at Kageyama saying “Why didn’t you tell me they were visible?”

Kageyama grumps back at him “How did you not notice, idiot, there are three of them.” He then pauses and looks around the room at everyone staring at the two of them. He blushes bright red right up to the roots of his hair.

Tanaka recovers the fastest, he walks over to Kageyama with a huge grin on his face and slaps him on the back. “Nice work Kageyama, I guess that answers that question. You two are dating.”

“And apparently getting it on.” Noya laughs out.

“So now the king is marking his territory.” Tsukishima says “How quaint.”

Tanaka then walks over to Hinata and leans over whispering loudly “You have to watch out for the bugs this time of year, they can be really persistent.”

Noya walks over and high fives Tanaka.

Suga and Daichi walk over, everyone quiets down. “Ok, Ok, everyone, you can talk about this after practice, but right now let’s get back to practice.

Everyone goes back to their places except Suga. He looks at Hinata’s neck, back over to Kageyama and then back to Hinata. “You know, I have some concealer that will cover those up quite nicely. It’s even a high intensity version so it should last through practice. Suga tells Hinata.

Hinata grins and thanks him. He gets a confused look on his face and asks “Why do you have something like that?”

Suga grins and says “Well, Daichi likes to leave marks so it’s sort of necessary.”

From across the gym they hear Daichi shout out “SUGA!!!!” as the entire team cracks up.


I greatly enjoyed the Hannibal opera last night.  I thought I’d share the program notes for anyone who couldn’t make it!

Two things really stuck out to me.  First, the “Hannibal Rising” portion of the opera was almost entirely wordless, except for the spirit of Mischa repeating Hannibal’s name from time to time.  The piece was beautiful and very interesting, and really captured the flavor of controlled mayhem of Hannibal Before Will Graham.  I really enjoyed the staging; Hannibal stalked the literal margins of the performance space.  Not subtle, but really effective.

Fittingly, the only time you got interiority from Hannibal was in duets with Will.  I would’ve loved one more, time permitting.  As it was, the structure of the opera had the highly interesting effect of centering Abigail Hobbs’ emotional experience.  She got the most emotional illumination of anyone, and Hannibal and Will largely interacted through her.  If I hadn’t brought a lot into the opera with me, I would have described it as the tragedy of the life and death of Abigail Hobbs, which is a really interesting choice.  As a tv viewer, it was easy to get lulled into the trap of Will’s projections of Abigail.  The opera made me think harder on what her experience must have been like, aside and apart from Will and Hannibal’s fantasies of family that she never really signed up for.

Anyway!  What an interesting experience.  Please shoot me an ask if you’d like me to e-mail you HQ versions of the program notes and I’ll see what I can do.