do you have any secrets worth my time

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do you have any tips for improving your art..? i've been trying so hard to try and improve, but when i look back on my art i feel like i'm making the same mistakes. i draw all the time and i know something is off, but i can't figure out what i've been doing wrong. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) do you have any advice? even if you don't, thank you for reading this♡♡♡

Sure !へ(゜∇、°)へ  mah tips doesn’t worth that much but i can always try to help u !

(/・ω・)/ First of all, we always makes the same mistakes. Truly. it’s not even a secret. There is always THAT thing we avoid to draw bc we kno’ we suck at this.

This aside, u r always improving. Even if u don’t “see” it. Maybe an improvement in the time (u did it in 1h instead 2 h) Or maybe u feel moar confident about somethin’ in particular,it’s up to u but don’t focus ur eyes on mistakes. If u can’t figure out the problem,that’s okay,it can takes some time. Have u tried to look at ur veeery old drawings?i’m sure u’ll find mistakes u’ve never seen before. Or if u want,ask to a friend/a sibbling or ppl on internet. There will be always somewahn for helpin’ u. It’s not bc u can’t see it that ppl won’t see it as well. ヾ(๑ㆁᗜㆁ๑)ノ”

hope that was maybe helpful?! i dunno ur art so i tried to help u as i could…

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I don't know if someone thought of this already but it just occurred to me that John saying to Mary "I choose the baby's name " is very significant, he doesn't say we shoul choose the baby's name, or I've been thinking about baby's names, or even Can I choose the baby's name? is not a question it's a statement, he is gonna choose the name without her, period 1/3

but then when she says no he doesn’t even bother to discuss it which is weird for a man that just a moment ago was declaring he was doing it, he doesn’t try to justify himself he doesn’t say let’s talk about it or I have the perfect name in mind or anything else he just lets it go it seems like contradictory behavior UNLESS “I choose the baby’s name” actually means I’m raising this kid without you 2/3

John has already made the decision to get rid of Mary it just happens that he has to wait until she gives birth before in order to make sure she is not running away with his baby, Mary is not going to be part of the baby’s life and that’s why she will take no part on the decision, John is choosing the baby’s name when the time comes and meanwhile he’s letting his lying wife think he has given up 3/3

Hi Lovely!

This is an interesting observation! The line itself has always bothered me because even after EVERYTHING she did, Mary STILL thinks that she can make all kinds of ultimatums and demands upon John. EVEN DURING THEIR “FORGIVENESS” SCENE, SHE BELITTLES JOHN AND MAKES HIM FEEL AWFUL. That whole spiel after they “hug”:

JOHN: All this does not mean that I’m not still basically pissed off with you.
MARY (tearfully): I know, I know.
JOHN: I am very pissed off, and it will come out now and then.
MARY: I know, I know, I know.
(She sniffs. They pull back far enough to be able to look into each other’s eyes.)
JOHN (softly): You can mow the sodding lawn from now on.
MARY: I do mow the lawn.
JOHN: No, I do it loads.
MARY: You really don’t.
JOHN: I choose the baby’s name.
MARY: Not a chance.
JOHN: Okay.
(They tightly hug again.)

Like. This whole thing rubs me the wrong way, and I cannot fathom how anyone thinks it was genuine: 

“Hey, I shot and killed your best friend, tried to do it again, lied to you about my entire life the entire time we’ve known each other, am actually a secret freelance assassin who kills people for money, think you’re really boring, and admitted I would rather your best friend who you love be dead than lose you as my protection AND not apologize for any of it because you are not worth an apology so I’ll be angry at YOU for not just taking it in stride and okay you’re not allowed to have any input in naming our child and I think you’re lazy.”

Mmm. Yeah, no. John would not just sit there and take it. I think in a subtle way he’s trying to see if she is genuine, but of course she’s not.

But regardless, yes, I suppose it is a subtle clue that John is taking control of the situation, and he has already made the decision to not stay with Mary. He’s doing it because of a greater plan that I believe will be unveiled in S4.

As an aside, we know the real reason Mary didn’t want John to name the baby: Because she KNEW he was going to call it Sherlock (or a variation of). NOTHING named Sherlock was EVER going to have “Watson” attached to it as long as she lived… even if the baby is fake / not really John’s, she doesn’t want that constant reminder that John will never love her like he loves Sherlock.

If Gilderoy Lockhart was in the Hunger Games
  • <p> <b>1.Caesar:</b> So how are you finding the Capitol?<p/><b>Gilderoy:</b> It's an odd sort of place isn't it? Do you live here?<p/><b>2.Katniss:</b> *fires arrow at Gamemakers* Thank you for your consideration<p/><b>Gilderoy:</b> If you don’t mind my saying it was pretty obvious what you were about to do and if i had wanted to stop you it would have been only too easy<p/><b>3.Cato:</b> *gets shot in hand by Katniss*<p/><b>Gilderoy:</b> Not to worry! I shall fix that arm of yours straight away<p/><b>4.Finnick:</b> Got any secrets worth my time?<p/><b>Gilderoy:</b> For full details see my published works<p/><b>5. Effie:</b> Eyes bright.Chins up. Smiles on.<p/><b>Gilderoy:</b> Well I didn't get rid of the Bandon Banshee by smiling at him<p/><b>6. Haymitch:</b> He's a peacock. A total preener.<p/><b>Gilderoy:</b> Celebrity is as celebrity does<p/></p>

I meant to publish this a long time ago.  Under the cut are 180 quotes from the most popular movies & albums of 2014.  You can use these for bios, graphics, para titles, starters, sidebars, descriptions, or anything else you can come up with.  If you find this helpful, I would really appreciate a like or reblog.  Thanks so much for another fantastic year, I love you all!

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hey! so i know you love remus, and i thought this would be fun for you because of all the potential options? but anyways, my question! if you could have rewritten remus's story starting from any point in his life, how would you have done it? (note: including romantic interest as well as death)

he doesn’t get bitten by a werewolf, the end.


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Zodiac Highschool Chapter #9 - Sagittarius: Black eye

The shoes hit on the ground, constantly, always in the same rythm, like my breath. I arrived back home after training covered in sweat. I took a cold shower, ate something and went to highschool. I arrived on time, neither earlier nor later. I sat with Aries that’s still chasing Leo and trying to convince her to go back with him.

- Those two are always with the same problem… they bore me… - told me Aquarius, who sat behind me.

- Yeah, to be honest they’re a bit annoying at times… but I guess they should be together again. It’s obvious that they still love each other… I don’t know why they make it so complicated… Life is easier, right?

- If you say so… - she leaned closer to me and said softly almost in a whisper - But what about you?

- What do you mean?

- Do you feel something for Leo? You and her fucked after all… - Aquarius said with a malevolent smile.

- What the hell Aquarius?! … Mind your own bussiness.

- That’s not an answer - she concluded and with resignation sat back and started paying attention to Leo who was complaining about Aries again. Meanwhile he sat by my side.

- Everything okay, dude?

- For once, I’m not sure what to say - Aries answered me.

As soon as I left Leo’s home I felt repentance. I betrayed my friend after all and I wasn’t proud of it. Of course Leo is hot… I would have to be blind to not realise she’s the hottest girl in class… but Aries loved her. ¡¿What the hell was I thinking?! Having sex with her was nice, but I didn’t know if it was worth it. As I don’t like lying I was determined to tell Aries. He needed to know, he deserved the truth. I could lost a friend but honesty is more important. After all, secrets aren’t forever and being an escapist won’t help in any way.

After eating lunch I went to the basketball court with Aries.

- Okay, Saggy we’ve got a little time to do a match before class! - Aries told me in a better mood than this morning.

- Mate… eh… I’ve got to tell you something - I said bringing my hand at the back of my head.

- Is anything wrong? - He said annoyed.

- You would hate me… eh… I fucked Leo…

I saw anger appear through his eyes. His face became one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen in my whole life. He was burning inside with anger, like fire… I was hoping that his fire would not meet gasoline to finally explode.

- When? WHEN?! - He screamed.

- The day she knew you were cheating… so, the day she decided to leave you… Aries I’m not in love with Leo I didn’t want to hurt…


He couldn’t hold it anymore, and although I’m quick, his fist hit my face and I fell on the floor. Then he came over me and started hitting me. I spited his face and hit him back trying to defend myself, but he was pure rage and that gave him an infinite strenght… He was hurting me.

Then someone started shouting:

- Guys, come here! I need help!

Some hands started grabbing Aries and fortunately they took him away from me. Then I saw someone offering me a hand to stand up, when I was able to focus my sight I saw Pisces’s face.

- Are you okay? I’ll bring you to the infirmary you can’t go back to class in this state unless you feel better. - Pisces said to me.

I looked through the court and I saw Gemini and Capricorn trying to calm Aries down, which it wasn’t the best idea because Aries hated them both. But then, fortunately, Libra appeared to be the peacemeker. A lot of people were watching us. Leo and Aqua were there too.

- Look what you’ve make me do… you’ve ruined me - Aries said to Leo and then he sat on the floor covering his face.

In Leo’s eyes I saw guilt and something really fragile being broken.

- I’m sorry for both of you… - her voice was trembling and she left.

Pisces and Aqua brought me to the nursing. Pisces left me alone with Aqua because he didn’t want to lose any classroom. Aqua tried to make me laugh and hugged me to make me feel better. After the nurse has desinfected and covered my injuries I returned to class with Aqua. Nobody said it was Aries and I refused to tell to the teachers and at home who made me that. There was enough damage done.

I looked myself in the mirror before going to sleep. A black eye appeared on my face. I brushed my teeth. I felt pain in every single fiber of my body. I hope everything goes right, I want everything as it was, I don’t wanna lose my friend. I forgive him about the fist fight as I know I hit him hard too. I put my head over the pillow and whispered in the emptiness of my room “I want my friend back… “

Ho ho ho, Classic Rock Fandom! Christmas is coming and so is The Secret Rocker Santa project! I started this project back in 2013 and it was a prosperous start. Almost 500 classic rock fans have joined, made new friends and shared good emotions together. Last year the project was even more successful, so I feel motivated to keep this tradition going and I hope that you’ll help me to make it big this year too.  

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Are you in love with the Beatles? Or you are a Led Zeppelin fan? Can’t live without listening to Queen? David Bowie is your icon? It doesn’t matter which Classic Rock bands or singers you are into. If you are looking forward to making new friends who are in love with classic rock or just want to make someone happy, sign up and make it happen, this is your chance!

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a tumblr-wide “match-maker” where you will anonymously compliment/befriend a tumblr user who is randomly assigned to you and in turn, you will be assigned to someone else.

How it works:

  • From now until November 25th, message me saying you want to participate in Secret Rocker Santa. (you can’t do it anonymously)
  • I need to know your age and favourite bands/singers (Your list can contain 5 or less favourites). However, if your bands/singers are not very popular in this fandom, it’s possible that your pair might not share the same interests.
  • If you are older than 20 years old, you may be paired with someone with different interests or age, since most of the people who sign up are 13-22 years old.
  • Your blog doesn’t have to be classic-rock-related, you just need to be a fan. 
  • During the last days of November (the 25th through the 30th) I will be randomly assigning people to their Secret Rocker Santas. You will receive a message from me telling you their information, but it would be extremely helpful if you could message me first to find out who is your pair, that would help me to reduce the tumblr messaging limit problem. You might get a message from my second account daenerys-drogon-targaryen, so don’t be surprised, you can trust the information.
  • You will start messaging your pair ANONYMOUSLY on the 1st of December and continue until Christmas (December 25th), which is when you will reveal yourself and (hopefully) have made a new friend.
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  • Some people might get more than one santa or will be assigned to more than one person, since many unexpected things can happen and I want to make sure that everybody will have a pair. So if you are not able to be a secret santa for two people let me know. (You can also let me know if you’d like to be a santa for two or more people)
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  • If you are not already following your pair’s blog, you probably shouldn’t do it right away, because they might understand that you are their santa.
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If you have any questions or want to ask for advice, do not hesitate to message me!

o<(*‘ー’)o<※☆:゚*★ I aslo want to thank nowheremoon for making this awesome banner. Worth a FOLLOW!  ★:゚*☆※



the hunger games trilogy meme; [5/10] memorable scenes

‘With secrets,’ he says softly. He tips his head in so his lips are almost in contact with mine. ‘What about you, girl on fire? Do you have any secrets worth my time?’ For some stupid reason, I blush, but I force myself to hold my ground. ‘No, I’m an open book,’ I whisper back. ‘Everybody seems to know my secrets before I know them myself.’ He smiles. ‘Unfortunately, I think that’s true.’ His eyes flicker to the side. ‘Peeta is coming. Sorry you have to cancel your wedding. I know how devastating that must be for you.’ He tosses another sugar cube in his mouth and saunters off.

flowerywater  asked:

Hi, I was in London a couple of time and I'm planning on visitinf it this year (and maybe moving there in future I'm just so in love with this city!) and I just want to ask you if you have any advice what to visit apart from the most famous places. I'm in love with National Gallery btw. But I was thinking about some places which are worth seeing but maybe only a few know about? I would be very thankful for your answer.


I have actually recently answered a very similar question - you can read my reply HERE

Apart from that, there are also a couple of really good books covering this subject that I would recommend: 

Secret London - Discover the Capital’s Secrets and Surprises  

Secret London - An Unusual Guide

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you’ll have a great time!