do you have any idea how hard this picture was to take

quietlykeen  asked:

Do you have any tips on developing characters? As in how do I decide what they look like. I know it's my choice since it's my story, but I'm having a hard time putting down what I imagine on to paper. Should I find a photography of something close and work from there? Or should I just be attempting to describe them the best that I can?

Finding pictures of your characters is a great idea! Whether you choose famous actors, lesser known models, or just random people on the internet, I don’t recommend showing these pictures around to your friends or editors though. Those pictures should just be for you, to help you create a clear picture of the character that you’re better able to describe. 

You also might take a picture and make some changes to it. As in, you like the facial structure of a person, but you imagine them a bit fuller, or maybe their hair is a different color or length. You can choose an image as a base and play with it to get a good character appearance in your mind. 

Readers will develop their own opinions of what your characters look like, so apart from some of the major traits, like skin, eye, and hair color, probably their height and general body type, the rest can likely be left to the imagination of the reader. 



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