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newsies songs summarized

overture: Emotional Chest Feeling: the song

santa fe (prologue): jack going “i wanna be a coowwwboy baby”

carrying the banner: there will always be one more chorus than you think

the bottom line: this song is a banger i dont care what anyone says (feat. evil planning and a bouncy chorus)

that’s rich: We Are All Love Medda

i never planned on you/ don’t come a-knocking: jack has no use for poetry or moonlight but still manages to be one corny sappy bitch

the world will know: ANGRY STOMPING AND Y E L L I N G

watch what happens: a banger but also deceptively hard to sing

seize the day: We Are All Love Davey

santa fe: jack wants to be a cowboy, cont’d

king of new york: a bop, also SPOON FIGHT

watch what happens (reprise): go and look it up the poor GUYS head is spinning (you knew it was coming also this song bangs)

the bottom line (reprise): the one everyone forgets about

brooklyn’s here: arguably the biggest jam on the whole album feat. them tiny boys

something to believe in: Jatherine Is Canon Shut Up

once and for all: DETERMINATION + that daym key change

finale: hey here’s some more flips n shit fuck you

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Would you rather have a character who is both sick and injured, or have an injured caretaker doing their best to look after the sickie despite their injury?

Wow okay we’re gonna do this

I guess…the latter. I’m all for mutual suffering, and sometimes the sick and injured thing is too much whump for me and there’s just something really quality about an injured character taking care of their sick friend/SO and then leaning into the wall, biting their lip hard, trying not to make a sound so the sick person won’t know they’re hurt…I just…that’s my kinda thing.

weird man lounging around with his student, said “I have a PhD”, more at eight

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i love your actor au and i hope you bring it back, but for now i'm imagining everyone getting all dressed up and looking gorgeous for the premiere and i'd love to see it if it's ok


Happy Birthday Chanyeol-ah~ 171127 | Reasons to love Park Chanyeol ❤

Hey, Lucasfilm

As much as I love Rose please don’t give the Unnecessary Heterosexual Love Interest™ to Finn only to stop people from shipping him with Poe


I regret everything.

Ravenclaw, immediately after agreeing to do something.


“Sometimes a commander’s decisions must be made without regard for how they will be perceived.

What matters is that the commander does what is necessary for victory.”

Another installment in the Grand Admiral Thrawn of the First Order AU series. Click here for the previous set  


                                                               "merry christmas”