do you guys understand how poignant this is

i really, really like all of the stress/anxiety stuff in yuri on ice. it’s one of my favorite parts of this show.

like that scene with seung-gil after he messed up and yuri sees him crying. and that scene where victor’s listening to the announcers talk about what a great job the other skater’s doing, and yuri’s just been warming up next to him with his earbuds in, and then victor turns and sees that yuri’s holding his earbuds in his hands and he’s actually been listening and is just FUCKING TERRIFIED. or when victor tries to “motivate” him by threatening to leave and instead it just makes yuri break down because holy shit dude how the fuck could you say that to me right now??

it’s all so incredibly realistic and poignant. it feels really strong without feeling melodramatic and i love it. you don’t see that balance struck well very often, and rarely are male characters shown to struggle with it in a way that doesn’t make a joke out of them or criticize them for “being weak”. (other characters within the show might do this, but the tone of the show itself shows these moments of anxiety in a light that’s clearly meant to make them understandable)

it’s a show where a guy can be brought to tears because of how incredibly stressful everything is and the tone of the show overall is very “yep that’s a valid reaction” while still letting the characters figure out ways to try and handle these emotions healthily and as someone who has to constantly muscle through petrifying anxiety i just really really enjoy this portrayal.

okay, time to talk about this scene

It was handed beautifully, so I really want to take a closer look at it and talk about all the things I love about it beyond the hug itself. Because it’s such a poignant showcase of how much these two care about each other; even when Makoto is actively trying not to. Even when Aigis doesn’t understand her own heart.

So as you can imagine, this post is going to be image heavy (couple of Gifs included!) and also sort of long (because I’m going to reference a few other scenes, too.) 

On we go!

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