do you guys understand how much i hate him ;;;

*three voicemails*
“you suck, you know that?” she sounds drunk. “i never needed you as much as when you left that day in December and you knew that! you knew i would need you more than ever those next few days and you still acted like a child and stormed out. and i want to hate you; boy do i want to hate you…” there was a long pause. “there’s this guy here right now and he’s looking at me like maybe i am the best thing for him, but how can i tell him that my heart is gone, that it belongs to you? his friend says he wants to buy me a drink but i don’t think he understands that no matter how many shots i take, i’m still going to end up empty inside, forgetting my name but still remembering yours. god i love you so much, why can’t you see that? *end of message 1*
“hey so i’m not sure what i said last night, but i know it was something dumb so please just delete it. i just want to say i’m sorry. we both knew that one day, it would come to an end,” she sighs. “but i think we wanted to hold on to it for as long as we could, you know? i guess we just didn’t think about the repercussions, or maybe we did and decided the pain was worth it. and it was, to me, it was. we were just both so stubborn, so hard-headed, not willing to let go of our pride. i just need you to know i don’t regret it; i don’t regret loving you. it’s just…” she paused. “we were sparks that lit a match and the fire was beautiful, but we didn’t nurture it, we didn’t feed it with good intentions; we simply let it burn then fade out. i wish we hadn’t. i’ll always love you, please remember that.” *end of message 2*
“hi. it seems like it’s been forever since i called you, since i saw your face. i hope this is still your number. i’m sorry i went away, i just couldn’t stay there any longer. i couldn’t stay in that home where every wall reminded me of you and i, of us. i couldn’t stay in that city where every street and every corner reminded me of you. i had to get out of there; i had to get out before i went insane. it’s beautiful here; it rains in spring, snows in the winter, leaves fall in autumn and it’s crazy hot in the summer. i’ve wanted to call you so many times, like when it snowed the first winter i was here or when the ball dropped on new years. i wanted to call you on your birthday, i know i should have, but what would i say after all this time? and on his anniversary, i just wanted to hear a familiar voice. i had your number dialed, i just didn’t have the courage to get sent to voicemail. i hope you get this, i promise i won’t call anymore. i just need you to know i’m doing okay. i still miss you, like crazy on some days, but i have a good job here and i made some friends. i got this really nice apartment with a gym nearby. there’s been no one and i’m not saying that for sympathy or for it to lead to anything, but i’m content with the memories of us. i hope you’re happy, that’s still my 11:11 wish. i’ll always love you, no matter how far apart we are, physically and otherwise. i love you to the moon and back times infinite.” *end of final message*
The TouKen fandom is the sweetest and most patient ever!

I made tumblr to express my love for my shingeki no kyojin fandom and Tokyo ghoul fandom. Ever since Tokyo ghoul, I have enjoyed Touken and now that their canon on TG:Re, I decided to make this tumblr account. And going through the TouKen tag I was really shocked to find so much hate being thrown at them. I was already inlove with Touken and now I am more inlove because of the fandom, they try to be patient with the antis and make it as positive and hate free as possible.

I just wanted to rant. This is my first time. I just don’t understand the reason? Why do they say Touka is abusive! I mean when? Don’t include training days please. I can understand they would hate Touka during the first few chapters, how Touka treated him. But guys seriously have you seen how Touka wanted to turn her back on Yoshimura just to save Kaneki? Have you read any other manga? In Japan, hitting someone shows those characters’ relationship. The closeness of those characters. This is a common manga trope. Touka never hit or kicked Kaneki to completely injure him. The bridge scene, Kaneki blocked Touka’s punch but after that he just let her do it so she could vent out her emotion. And now that he is the ONE EYED KING, I doubt he will just let Touka “abuse” him.

Although I respect opinions, I just don’t like the hate. Anyway, that’s all. I’m out. K. Byeeee

Rumours Part 2

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Pairing : Jin x Reader

Genre : Angst

Author’s note  : Part 2 was requested by @gwynethjodie, @jenni-maybee-blog,  @jinna-army and anons. 

Word count : 860 

Part 1 Part 3

Months passed since you left him, apparently he has been trying to contact you all this time but honestly you did not care one bit; he deserved to feel whatever he was feeling, maybe regret or guilt, hopefully both. He had his bandmates text you constantly and even call you to know about your whereabouts. 

You’ve been living with your friend since that night, she warmly welcomed you to her small apartment, she picked up the pieces and put you back together, after you had explained to her what had happened, first of she couldn’t believe you were dating a member of BTS and second she couldn’t believe the ‘softest caring member’ would do something like that.

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吾輩と奴と兵長 by 茶漬け美味

Me and him and Corporal

The last of the three fics this author has uploaded. I highly recommend the others: Eren’s Letter and “Eren, I’m Here”. This is over a whopping 20,000 characters in Japanese which is why it took so dang long to translate. I’ve done a way poorer job with this than the other two, but enjoy.

I am a cat. I do not possess a name yet.

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Y'all know those old women you see who have husbands who love them and dote on them and just adore everything they do?

And when you ask them about it, they say he’s just always been like that?

How did I get lucky enough to find one of those sweet, gentle boys that thinks the sun shines only for me? Seriously, I can do no wrong in his eyes.

He cherishes me and legitimately will do anything for me. He thinks I’m something precious. Let that sink in because that word is used a lot.

This man thinks that I am something holy and precious that WONDERFUL, in the real sense of those words…

And I just… How??? How did this happen??? How is he so amazing? Who do I need to thank for creating such an amazing human being?

He’s so special guys… You don’t understand… This little freak of nature would do nothing but stare at my face all day if I let him. He hates working; he does it for me. He took time off school; he went back because I asked him. He was just a boy… And he’s somehow blooming into this dependable, beautiful man, and I am just so thankful to get to be around to see it…

I don’t understand how this happened.

Every time I sit here and think about it… Every time it hits me how much he loves me… I’m just awestruck.

Like, the old man and woman in up. Or my uncle and auntie. Or that one old couple from the church I use to go to. Those rare few relationships that stand the test of time AND BOTH PEOPLE ARE STILL HAPPY, not together for any other reason than love.

I’m one of those lucky people in this world who has someone who loves them unconditionally.

Holy shit.

How? I’ve never been lucky in my entire life. Where is the catch? Come on. This can’t be real… I must have snapped, and this is some drug induced coma dream. This can’t be real. I don’t get to be this lucky.

Wow… Okay. That got dark. But seriously, I’m so happy.

I really hope everyone gets to feel this sort of love. Everyone deserves to be loved this much.

We don’t even fight, guys! Like, when we fight, it’s because he told me a half-truth because he wanted to please me. Or wouldn’t give me his full opinion on something because he wants me to be happy. And those are just silly little spats, really.

Y'all, he loves me more than Snape loved Lilly. This sounds so arrogant, but I promise y'all, I have been denying this and being a bitch to this kid for a year now, and he’s exactly the same. No, he’s better.

And now, he’s gotten me to love him too.

I’m so glad he didn’t give up… He loves me more than anything and anyone and just how?

What did I do in my life to deserve this godsend of a human being? He’d follow me anywhere. He’d sell his soul for me. He’d bust his ass working some shitty ass job just to take me out and make me smile.

This love… I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but a big thank you to the universe for giving him to me. He’s too wonderful to exist.

AND HE’S SO HANDSOME! Like, usually it’s a trade off between super sweet and super attractive, but not with my lover 😂 He’s got both 😏

Anyway, anyway, sorry for the super cringey rant. This has been on my mind for all day. He’s at work now. So, thought I’d just let these thoughts out.

TLDR; @playdoh-king is the greatest man on the planet, and I hope you all find someone like him 💖

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I'm not trying to be rude here, but I don't really get why you're so critical of mcu Steve but give Tony so much leeway? Steve wasn't that much of an asshole to him in the Avengers until they were influenced by the staff, and Tony was making jokes about Steve's age/time frozen in ice from the moment they met, which.. is his humor/personality but also kind of reductive of Steve's very recent trauma? Your post makes it sound like you ship Stony but judge Steve off how nice he is to Tony ?_?

Dudes,,,, listen.

Before I start anything off here- imma just explain that I Do Not Hate Steve Rogers. Please! Guys! Understand that I can love a character and still dislike their actions! I do not just blindly accept everything a character does as word of God!! I used to Stan the absolute fuck out of Steve until civil war came out, but, because i am an individual who is capable of objective thought and does not just treat Steve Rogers like the next coming of christ like some of yall seem to do , i realised that he acted like an asshole? and there have been many instances where I have dissaproved of Tonys actions too- for instance, what you mentioned about the insensitive way he acted around steve when they first met, and the way he will often behave childishly in the face of serious issues! I just don’t bring them up because to me, they’re not as serious as some of the issues I bring up with steve!

And,,, for the millionth time, let me also add that how Steve acted in CW is, in my opinion, not in character of him, and I basically choose to just ignore most of that movie entirely because on a whole, it does not ring true to me. As I say a lot, MCU Steve for me generally is just. Rather inconsistent and shallow,,, so I mean? Especially after what happened in CW I am going to have a lot of bitter thoughts concerning him? Because what he did was a dick move?? And if Tony did something like that, then I’d be pissed at him too- or, more aptly, the writers. For writing the characters so badly. Which is what they did to my boy Steve.

It’s not ‘giving Tony leeway’- because I just don’t think he’s done anything that needs me to give him shit for? I can’t give someone leeway when they haven’t even crossed the line in the first place. In every movie of the avengers and iron man,, Tony has always done his utmost for the people around him. And yeah! he can be a dick! he goes about things in ways that could be done a lot better and acts with his heart more than his head a lot of the time! But at the end of the day? His bottom line is protecting everyone.

That’s not what I saw in Steve in CW, and so imma call him out on that lmao. It’s more the way he was written than his actual character though, because the Steve I know is. Very Much Not That.

(Ps hell yeah imma judge steve based off how he treats Tony lol people who act like judgemental assholes to other people are gonna get me pissed whether it’s Tony or not)

Trans Dipper

So I don’t know how many of you guys keep up with gravity falls, but something occurred to me and I don’t know what to feel. So y'all remember how dipper has done the “Lamby Lamby” dance and song thing right? You know how he hates it so much? Well I understand being embarrassed, but it seems like there’s more to it than that. What if when he was younger his parents made him do it to show how he is their “little girl” no matter what? And that’s why he hates it so much, and hates hearing about it. It reminds him of his parents not accepting him and trying to force him to be feminine.

Just a thought

Matt Healy imagine: From bestfriend to boyfriend

*Warning: Selfharm, depression and anxiety*

“A little bit of salt. How much is a little bit of salt anyway?” you say frowning while reading the recipe from your new cooking book. “Ugh, I give up” You sigh as you close the book and starts to clear up the ingridients on the table. All you ever wanted was to take your mind off negative things and to kill time since your boyfriend was taking ages to reply and yet he says he was doing “nothing”. You heard shuffling outside your apartment door and a huge smile spread across your face.

“Hello there, love. Missed me?” Matty asks posing at your door frame. He lived next door to yours and that’s how you guys became so close. He was your only bestfriend after all your female bestriends stabbed you in the back. “Not as much as you think, Healy” You say standing infront of him with folded arms. “I’ll take that as a yes though. Wanna have lunch together? You have to cook though” He says poking your nose and going back to dragging his stuff into his room.

You got back into your cooking again. You sigh as you check your phone to see nothing from your boyfriend. A tear rolled down your cheeks but you wiped it off and started to cook.

“Is that pasta I smell” Matty asks as he pokes his head into the kitchen. You just nodded. He helps you prepare the table. Just boyfriend material, you thought. “So how was tour” You ask before taking a mouthful of pasta. “It was good. I had to carry a lot of emotional baggage back home” He chukles at the end.

After lunch he left to take a nap and you were left alone in your apartment again. You were getting really worried about your boyfriend. You called several times until he texted asking you why you were calling him so much. You started to tear up but tried to be strong. After some texts he showed up at your door.

“Gosh Y/N. Why are you so annoying? I was just out with my friends. Will you please stop being like this” He says starting to get angry. “You could have just told me. It’s not fair when you tell me to tell you where I go and stuff and you just leave me hanging. You know how that makes me feel like. It makes me worried. I care about you a lot. Why do you always leave me hanging?” You say with tears falling down your cheeks. “I just can’t take your all of this depression and anxiety stuff you go through. It’s just so much. You say you will change but I never see it changing at all. I’m just so done with all this. Bye” He says slamming the door.

You burst out crying. You hate having all your emotions and feelings attached to just one person who doesn’t care much as you do. You walked to your kitchen cabinets and took a small knife. You felt hopeless and cutting your was the only way to calm yourself and leave the pain. Matty had your sleeping pills since he knew you might do something bad. You took a deep breath as you let the knife slide down your skin. You closed your eyes slowly as you tried to sit on the floor. Faint screams of your name was been called but you didn’t care.

You woke up to somebody hugging your fragile body whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he knew you were awake. “Y/N” He says. It was not your boyfriend’s voice. You slowly opened your eyes to see Matty with a very worried look on his face. His eyes were puffy and red either from crying ot lack of sleep, it was hard to tell with your blurry vision. “Matty?” You say trying to make sure if it was him. “Sshh.. Y/N its okay. I’m here. Everything will be fine. He is really not the right guy for you. He don’t understand you, Y/N. You tell me how you feel about him but why are you still with him when you are getting hurt everytime” Matty says hugging you tighter. “I don’t know what to do. I hate when my feelings are so attached to him. I hate caring too much. I hate everything so much. I hate myself so much. I just hate this. I’m just ruining everyone’s lives. You should go before I hurt you” You say sobbing and trying to get out of his hug. You tried but you didn’t have that energy anymore. Your hand hurts eventhough it was bandaged tightly. “You just need someone that will care about you. Someone that will take good care of you. Someone that understands you” He says caressing your head. “Who will ever want anyone so depressed. Who has git bad anxiety. Everyone thinks I’m insane. Nobody will ever want to be with someone like me. Who will ever want me anyway?” You say wiping away your tears and blowing your nose. “Maybe the one right infront of you will” Matty says looking right into your eyes and smiling. “No, Matty. I can’t let myself be a burdon on you. I’m too much to everyone already” “Ssshh.. You are talking too much. Just give me a chance and I’ll prove you wrong. I’ll make your boyfriend, well, ex boyfriend jealous of your new boyfriend” He says smiling at you. “But-” “No buts Y/N. I mean it. You are my girlfriend now. I know you like me. I saw everything on your tumblr blog. I love you, don’t you mind?” He whispers the last part smirking. You just burried your head in his chest from embarassment as he chuckles. “So am I your boyfriend now?” You just give him a nod earning a tight hug from him.

Things after that went very well. He made you a tour buddy and took you on tours and your anxiety was getting better. You were happy again.

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Taehyung’s grandmother passed away and her funeral was on the morning the day Bangtan got their first win for Blood Sweat and Tears.

Jimin mentioned Taehyung handled his grandmother’s passing very well, and told Everyone to remember her in their memories.

[Credits to Twitter Accs for the information]

I was taken aback from this and finally realized how hurt Taehyung is during this whole era. He kept his professionalism and never let this heartbreaking issue take over him. He put up bright personality during fan signs and on music shows/variety etc.

Maybe it was the heavy schedule that kept him from remembering, kept him from thinking and kept him from letting his own feelings out.

He didn’t let anyone worry. He didn’t want to.
He only told us now.

As an Army, I’m deeply upset too. He has been hurting and quiet just to not make anyone worry. I really want to run up there to hug him and tell him it’s alright to cry, it’s alright to show your emotions because we are all human. We can cry. We can be grieved.

Everyone who’s an Army will definitely know how much his grandma means to him. He always puts his grandparents first priority in his speeches and his choices. He’s a family guy, he loves his family a whole lot more than many of us can imagine.

And yet people somehow takes him for granted and those who doesn’t understand him pulls him down in the upmost disgraceful ways ever. Stop spreading hate on him for things he didn’t or meant to do. Stop accusing him when you have no proofs. Leave him and The rest of Bangtan members alone.

I hope we can tell Bangtan how much we love him and console them at the same time by hash tagging on Twitter or mentioning them with words of encouragement and love.

They deserve the love for what they have always done for us. We are really pampered by them and this is the least we could do.

EXO Reaction to their GF singing “Trouble Maker” with someone else

I really love this /song./ I’m so addicted to it and brings back some nice memories. I always listened to it with my best friend :3 Love, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: “So.. you will dance.. THAT with other boy?” *Trying to accept the fact you will get really close with someone who’s not him*

Kris: *He tries not to show his jealousy but lately people have been asking him about your new song cover and he can’t help it and get a little annoyed by it*

Sehun: “Sure.. it’s fine I don’t mind.. but don’t get too jealous when I sing together with Hyuna alright? *Dying of jeaousy*

Tao: *He surprises you on stage as your new partner* “Sorry Y/N, I wasn’t going to let you dance with him. I’m better at this”

Kai: *He doesn’t mind. His mind is too busy with you to actually pay attention to the guy. He is enjoying your performance so much that makes him want to do dirty things to you after that.*

Xiumin: *Watches every movements your partner does so he doesn’t touch where he isn’t supposed too* “Don’t you even there to try and act smart”

Baekhyun: *Judging really hard* “I hate him…”

Luhan: *Can’t complain after seeing how much skin you are showing and liking it very much* “Ohh… it’s alright I guess.. It’s a show… yeah..”

Chen: “No oh.. I don’t think so Y/N. You are not going on that stage!”

Kyungsoo: (To the guy)  “I’m going to kill you ‘bish’.. ” *Satansoo is finally here*

Lay: *He didn’t understand why everyone was making a big fuss about it until he saw your performance* “What… is …. this”

Suho: “Yes it’s okay. I’m just going to practice my boxing… you know.. just in case” *JEALOUS*


For You (Stiles Stilinski)

Word Count: 812

Warning: a little bit of profanity

Request: “Anon: Can you do a Stiles imagine where ur the reason ur parents came to town and your parents are out to get Scott’s pack and the only way to stop it is to move away? Can u make it sad also, sorry if it’s confusing! Thankss!”

havent done a sad imagine in a while! thanks for requesting x


You were pacing around your room, scavenging for words you could possibly say. This wasn’t going to be easy, but you had to. It didnt seem like it but this decision had to be made my erasing what you wanted think about what needed to happen or else it wouldve just been selfish of you.

You eventually manage to gather enough courage to finally go to Stiles’ house. You knock on the door and his dad answers. He smiles, “Hey Y/N, Stiles is in his room, you can go ahead and go check up on him.” You thank him.

You go into his room and Stiles face brightens up quickly, like he was having a bad day before you came but was happy when you were there. You were going to miss him so much.

“We need to talk..” You say, looking at the ground.

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Robert Lightwood

I honestly don’t understand how people can hate Robert Lightwood so much. He has had the greatest character development I have ever seen. Not only about accepting his mistakes and actually trying to make better things. He also went from a “no confidence at all” guy from the Inquisitor.

He’s one of the most humanized characters in Cassie’s stories. He makes mistakes like everybody else, and he makes it again (come on guys, havent you ever done that?) but in the end he realized he was wrong. He swallowed his pride, and of course, took years for him to do it. But in the end he’s trying to fix the mess.

When he was young he was worried about what people would think about him, he had no clue of what he was going to do about his life, about who he was or what he wanted. He had also felt the rejection not only for his parents but the shadowhunter world. He knows what it feels like and it’s afraid of it, and insecure. Valentine was where he could be safe, Valentine was somewhere when he could hide from his on doubts. And Michael, in the end, was his regret - he did everything wrong with him in the end, afraid of people would think (it was 1984, guys), afraid of his own feelings *because he didn’t know them*, afraid of being rejected again. The fear consumed him and he had to live with what he’s done for his whole life, without being able to say sorry.

When he realized Alec was like Michael, the fear probably came up again, he was afraid of getting to close and making the same mistakes. So in the end, he got a distance from his son, he thought he was doing the right thing and made a mistake again. But, guys, he realized it, he admitted and will spend the rest of his life trying to making up for that, trying to show the for his son is real! Imagining the pain he’s passing from losing one son, and having the others against him. Yes, its his fault, but not only.

Robert Lightwood is as human as all of us. All of us had made mistakes and regretted it, he’s no different. And he learned with it.

5SOS Preference #4- He Cheats (Ashton) Part 3 #TEAMDYLAN

Ashton: (Part 1(Part 2)

Your name: submit What is this?

        “You sure have a lot of guts to show up.” You hear Dylan growl before slowly standing up. “Let me guess you came here because you were crying you’re heart out. That you made the worst mistake of your "Life”. That you will never forgive yourself but you want more chance.“ Dylan said trying to keep calm as he crosses his arms. "Or are you just here to pick up your stuff? I’ll be glad to help you take things out for you. But no promises that I wont drop a box of your crap on your head.” Dylan added with one of the fakest smile you have ever seen him do.

        Ashton turned his direction to Dylan. His hurt expression turned to anger. “And who the hell are you? And, what gives you the god damn right to speak to me like I’m in idiot?” Ashton snarled. Dylan chuckle and gave Ashton an amused look. “Who am I? Well you sure know so much about (Y/N)’s life and I think I have the right to speak to you like an idiot. Mostly because you are one. Do you truly think you can get with a another girl while being with someone already. I bet not even once you thought about (Y/N) when you were fucking another chick. You only care about your fucking hormones!”

        “Oh that’s it.” Ashton snarled before grabbing Dylan by the shoulders and slamming his body into the wall. “You think you’re Mr. Perfect don’t you? Blaming me for doing something terrible. Well look at yourself. We only been broken up for a week and you found yourself making out with her whole she’s week. I honestly think that’s quite terrible.” Ashton spat darkly.

        Dylan’s jaw clenched before connecting his fist to Ashton’s cheek. “Well Mr. Famous, it seems I haven’t turn out to be a cheating scumbag!” Dylan yelled before throwing another hit over in Ashton’s way.

        You stood there frozen as the boys battled it out. You soon clued in to the terrible event in front of your eyes. “Boys! Stop!” You shriek before hesitantly pushing the bodies aparts. “Act your fucking age!” You yell look over to see Dylan giving the death glare to Ashton. “I don’t think Mr. Famous will be able to.” Dylan spat. You felt Ashton move his body closer to Dylan but you pussed him back. “Don’t” You snarled. “There is no reason to act like this.” You said, your voice was slightly shaky.

         You heard Ashton sigh before moving back slightly. “(Y/N), please just hear me out.” Ashton begged. You saw Dylan about to speak but you stop him. “Just keep your mouth shut for once.” You pat Dylan’s chest before facing Ashton with not the most amused look you could have. “Speak.” You sigh as you cross your arms over your chest.

        “You seriously don’t know how much regret I have. I know Mr. Perfect is going to roll his eyes at me right now but I don’t care. I want you to know the truth. Yes, I did cheat. Yes, it is a terrible thing to do knowing it wasn’t the first time this has happened to you. Honestly if I had a time machine to turn this all around I would in a heart beat. Durning that time all I cared about was my needs and that was utterly selfish. I ruined all the amazing moments we had together. Soon after my mind flooded with all our amazing memories. God, remembering your smile just shattered my heart. I know this sounds terrible but yes, I am asking for a second chance to prove myself that I can make more memorable times happen once again. That instead of tears I can bring your beautiful smile back.” He looked into your eyes. “Please (Y/N), I promise you wont regret it.”

        “I just witnessed the same bullshit speech from the last guy.” You heard Dylan chuckle out with a dark tone. Dylan slowly made his way to the door before looking over at you. “I think I should have my chance to speak before you decide. (Y/N), I fucking love you. I started to like you many years ago. Sometime I wish I didn’t because for many years I was invisible to you. It killed me so much but what was worst was seeing you hurt by douchbags like him. Today you honestly don’t understand how happy I was when you kissed me back. I felt hope, that maybe I’ll be that guy that made you extremely happy. The one that you can do that love dovey crap you seem to enjoy with.” He chuckled slightly before sighing. “But I need to tell you that if you go back with him, I can’t be around anymore. I hate the fact that I’m making you choose but I don’t want to see you go back to a guy that promised he wouldn’t hurt you then soon broke your heart into a million pieces. I don’t want to be that guy that always has to clean up the mess. I rather be that guy that makes you happy over then hurting you.”

        You stood there frozen. All of these words were coming all at once. Deep down you truly knew who you wanted. You just haven’t noticed for many years.

        You look over into Ashton’s direction. “Ashton.” You said. Dylan’s head fell down but perked up soon as you said these words. “I’m sorry but you hurt me. I can’t trust myself to be a cheater. I also have someone that I know who will make me extremely happy. I’m also sure he will never hurt my heart like you did.” You look over at Dylan. You smile as you saw his over joyed face. “Seriously?” He stuttered out and you nodded happily. Dylan ran over and swooped you up in his arms.

         "I understand, I truly understand (Y/N).“ Ashton said truly heartbroken before leaving the room and house.

       You looked into Dylan’s eyes and you giggled. "Yes, seriously.” Dylan chuckled before jokingly saying. “Maybe seriously will be our always.” You rolled your eyes playfully. “Oh don’t pull that fault in our stars crap now.” He laughs before attaching his lips to yours softly. “I love you to fucking much.” He murmured against your lips. You slowly pulled away. “I love you too.”

Author’s Note: Sorry for the very long wait! The ending for team Ashton and also the ending for both teams will be posted at one point! I hoped you liked it! Sorry for any mistakes. School has removed most of my attention to writing. :(

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Did you have a fav pic from the boys? POOOOST *-*

like all the boys in one? or all the boys one for each? ill do both for you ~ (but like my favourite pictures change everyday, so this is my favourite picture of each of the boys from today.)

okay i can’t chose one, i’ll put two for each


The Two Sides of Min Yoongi!

Rap Daddy ~

Shoulder Oppa ~



you don’t understand how much i love him and his hands.

and his eyes+eyebrows+forehead+snapbacktae and just him.

ok time for muscle pig i mean jungkook


and now the one i hate so much omffffff 

stupid little shit with his smile uGH I HATE HIM


People That Act Like Giant FNAF fans but don’t even know anything about the game.

Me: Hey do you like FNAF?


Me: Oh I hate him.


Me: Uhh he always kills me 


Me: Do you even play the games? 


Me: Ok…. Who is the killer?

Fan: Phone Guy

Me:(in my head)  (YOU’RE A FUCKING IDIOT!) ok, how many children were killed? 

Fan: 5. But I forgive Vincent too.

Me: Ya know Vincent is just a fan name, right?


Me: Ok.. show me proof

Fan: *Holds up own DeviantArt with crappy fan art of vincent x phone guy*

Me: That doesn’t confirm anything. Nice drawing tho, but ya know who can draw Fnaf Characters REALLY good?

Fan: OMG WHOO!!111112121111111

Me: Scott Cawthon 


Me: *Facepalm*

Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 7

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Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Warning: Trigger; cutting

Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 915

I pushed through the front door without stopping to even let Luca know that I was back home. It was almost 2 by the time I stepped foot inside the house and the only thing I wanted to do was hide myself away in my room and never come out again. I didn’t know if I wanted to punch something or just cry until my body over exhausted itself. 

As I made my way down the hall to my bedroom a voice stopped me. “Hey, hon.” I turned to see my mom coming out of my parents bedroom. From all the commotion of this morning, the thought of my parents returning back home from their trip to Europe must have slipped my mind. My mom took in my tense posture and anxious eyes, moving closer to me and bringing me into a hug, “What’s wrong, Nory?” She asked using the nickname she gave me when I was just a kid. I felt myself come completely undone in her arms. My mom was the most caring and heartfelt person you could ever meet and Luca was lucky enough to inherit that, unlike me getting my dad’s hard stare not knowing when to have a good time and let loose. Tears spilled from the corners of my eyes trailing their way down my cheek and into my mouth. I hiccuped on each breath I inhaled while my body lightly shook as I exhaled. My mom didn’t let her grip fall loose around me, continuing to hold me for as long as I need her for.

Every moment of the conversation I had with Luke today came playing back in my brain. I remembered his cold tone, his pained eyes and the way he told me that we couldn’t see each other anymore.

There had to be a mistake somewhere, this couldn’t be happening. It didn’t feel real then again nothing felt real anymore.

“I’m so lost, mom.” I voice wavered as I whispered it quietly into the crock of her neck. “So lost.”


I never did tell my mom about Luke, at least not now. I know what she’d say telling me he wasn’t worth my time especially after what he did to Luca. But it didn’t matter what anyone said because there was something about that boy that made me feel every single emotion and I didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing.

I sat on the edge of my bed staring at the razor on my dresser. Since the party 2 weeks ago I haven’t made any move to cut feeling as though it would break some unspoken promise between Luke and I.

But I guess it didn’t matter anymore.

I pushed myself up off my bed and moved to pick up the blade. Studying it, I traced my finger tip lightly over the sharp edge careful not to prick myself. This time my brain didn’t have an inner argument with itself as if it knew that this was the only option I had. Slowly, my hand brought the blade down to my wrist over the scars of previous cuts. It pierced my skin deeper than any other cut I’ve made causing a loud gasp slip from my mouth that I muffled at the end by biting my lips together.  

I watched numbly as the crimson coloured liquid poured from the slice in my arm. I wondered if this was what watching your own death would be like, numbness; feeling nothing. It was like I was just an object in the world that had no soul purpose.

My eyes caught on the picture of Nicole and I that Luke looked at the night of the party. Moving towards it, I picked the frame up and studied it though no thoughts or feelings pulsed through my body as I took the photo in. I only saw two happy girls, girls I didn’t even recognize anymore.

I’ve never seen you smile like that.

His voice played over and over again in my head. Of course he’d never seen me smile like that before because a complete jerk like him had no right to make me happy.

Then I threw the photo against my wall, cracking the frame. I let out a scream that was louder than I intended it to be but I could care less. My eyes landed on my desk that still had binders on it from last year. I walked across my room to the desk in three strides and swiped my arms across the surface knocking everything off. I let out another screaming destroying more of my room.

I didn’t notice my mom’s presence until I felt her gentle arms wrapping firmly around my small body causing me to struggle against her. My body gave up slumping against her petite frame that I leaned back into to balance myself.

The tears coming from my eyes were nonstop and my hair felt like it was a birds nest. I felt her hand rubbing soothing circles into my back and she whispered a long ‘Shh’ in my ear.

“I hate, Luke.” I told her though it was more of a confession to myself.

“Eleanor, Luke isn’t worth getting this upset about.” She gently told me thinking that I was talking about how he hurt Luca but I only shook my head at my mom.

“You don’t understand.” I began. “I hate him because I love him.”

And now he was gone. 


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This might be too biased with Seungri but I don’t care. This might get many hate but I hope some people would sympathize. I hope.

I am just a fan, my assumptions might be wrong but all of the things I would put here are my opinions and my emotions. I’m sorry if somebody would be hurt or irritated because of this. I just thought that I should put this out of me since it’s somehow a heavy burden in my heart.

Yesterday, September 12, Seungri had an accident. His car swerved on three lanes and flipped after hitting the concrete barrier. YG’s first statement was “he did not get injured.” But apparently after some tests have been run it appears that he has hepatorrhagia, or hemorrhage in the liver.

It’s a shame that I read a vip said, “it was two hours ago, so we stopped talking about it.” How can you move on that fast? Did you see how his car flipped? Don’t you even worry that much? Don’t get me started about comparing the same scenario on other members. When a little accident happened to Jiyong in Busan, vips we’re too concerned. But when it happened to Seungri, why did I not feel the same intensity of concern that they have for the other member?

I am aware that Seungri isn’t the most popular member, but why can you do that? Make me understand. Also I read some people who are cursing him and blaming him. The accident might be completely his fault, but as a vip, how could you say such hurtful words? Especially if you tweet it to him, you’re aware that he can read every single word you say but you still did it, you still tweeted it to him. Didn’t you think about how he will feel if he read your words? He’s probably in a lot of physical pain right now and how can you inflict more emotional pain for him. Knowing that if someone said those words to you, you’ll be hurt too right? Where’s the humanity on your words?

My pain isn’t just for the vips who doesn’t care but also for the other members. I am waiting for Jiyong or Youngbae to post any ‘get well soon’ message, but why do I only see pictures of them having fun in Singapore? Maybe they post that in order for fans to not worry but why can’t they post a single ‘get well soon’ message? Is it hard to post it? Is it too much?

Maybe I’m seeing it in a different perspective but this is how I view it right now. I might be biased with Seungri so much but this is how I felt. I mean if you don’t stan him, you wouldn’t feel what we Seungri stans can feel. It’s a sad feeling, especially if you know that you have to be numb enough to all the hate he keeps on receiving from people whom he didn’t do any bad thing too. It’s sad, to be honest, but it’s the reality. And I hope it would be changed soon.

I pray for Seungri’s fast recovery, I hope he gets well soon. And I hope you guys understand what I wanted to point out in this confession. I am just too hurt right now but these are my thoughts and feelings.

Matthew Espinosa

You Can Do Better


Settle For Less by Before You Exit 


He watched as the girl he loved was once again crying in his arms because of the guy she called her boyfriend. He was sick of watching her fall apart because of some guy that clammed he loved her, but all he did was bring her down. He had it and he knew that he could treat her much better than this guy ever could. 

“Babe you can do so much better…” He would mumble time and time again as she would just cry harder. She loved the jerk that would hurt her time and time again. She didn’t know why she couldn’t leave him. It was like there was something holding her back from doing so. 

“But I can’t Matt. I love him..” She mumbled as he would sigh and look up at the crisp white ceiling of her room looking for the right words to say. He knew this was a touchy subject for her. 

“Babe, he keeps hurting you. Do you know all the things you could do if you’d just let him go?” He asked as she looked at with with tearful eyes nodding her head. 

She knew all of this. She knew she could do better, but yet she loved this guy. She loved him with every aching bone in her body. She wanted to hate him but she couldn’t, no matter how hard she would try he would still hunt her. 

“I want you to understand I’ll be here for you ever moment of the way Y/N, I care about you. Not only that but I’ve fallen in love with you. You don’t understand how much you mean to me. You make me want to try and change the world for you. I want everything to just be perfect for you..” He mumbled as she starred at him in complete and otter shock. 

“Y-You love me..” She whispered as he chuckled and nodded his head. He knew this was the moment he had to let her know. He had to let her that there are people out in the world that are going to treat her better than he ever will. Matt wanted to be that person. 

“I want to be the person to paint your gray skies blue. i want to be the reason that you wake up and go to sleep smiling. I want to be the person that you kiss. The one that you say ‘I love you’ to because baby I love you more than you could ever imagine.” He mumbled before kissing he softly not even waiting for her to respond 


I honestly cannot believe there are people who actually hate Castiel and want him off the show.
Do you guys even understand the work of art this character is? He brings so much diverse nature and unique story telling for the show it’s insane and refreshing.
Castiel is such a strange but compelling character. He started off as a character with basically no emotions. He didn’t really understand human gestures or human sensations or human anything. But what he did understand was how strangely beautiful humanity as a creation was and is. Being a timeless creature he’s basically seen just about everything and yet he’s still amazed at how far people can go.
The idea that Dean and Sam Winchester, basically babies time wise for Castiel, are schooling and teaching one of the most powerful creatures ever manifested how to do the most basic things is so beautiful and innocent.
But what gets me the most is that whenever Castiel has made a mistake or has fallen into despair, it wasn’t the angels that helped him or God really, but the humans. From flat out hobos to Dean and Sam Winchester themselves, Castiel has been saved by one of the weakest and strongest beings ever created.