do you guys think so because i dunno


It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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Here’s something to think about next time you bash a celebrity...

You guys do realize that these celebrities, especially actors, are PEOPLE WHO HAVE FEELINGS AND INSECURITIES ABOUT THEMSELVES.

How may you ask?? Well..I dunno, why the fuck does one have insecurities???


And how does the media get so much rep and popularity??


Whatever fans say or do on their social media, has a HUGE impact on what the media leaks out. “Oh Sebastian Stan has a mustache in his upcoming movie and already fans are calling him unattractive or comparing him to their dad or uncles??? WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT. Really?? Sebastian looks like your dad or uncle..really. So you would rather comment on his appearance than to see how hard this man has worked into the movie industry and the roles he’s portrayed so beautifully in the past. He’s tried so hard to make sure he isn’t anything like other actors, more so his own self.

What if one day you woke up and decided to change your hair hm? Like you got a new haircut or style? Then people start bashing about how bad you look or how they would rather see ice melt than to see your face?? How does that feel. Please tell me cuz it feels like shit! 

Another thing, Sebastian has a therapist. And I’m pretty sure it’s because of people and these so-called “fans” who like to tag him in shitty posts and say inappropriate things that can mentally and physically downgrade a person’s stability and function in life.

So next time you don’t like something about a certain celebrity, keep ya opinions to yourself or share without having to sound displeasing and rude.


Sans First Sugar Rush
Ian Murray
Sans First Sugar Rush

A very funny and hilarious comic done by @min-play, and also my debut of Underswap!. I had fun doing US Sans and Papyrus’s voices. Tell me what you guys think.

what really sold me on doing a voice over for this; is @min-play’s clever uses of GIFs in the comic. Especially that last one of a sugar powered Sans. I freaking cried because I was laughing so hard XD.

So after I managed to pull myself together I did a comic dub.

I had so much fun doing this one and I hope @min-play likes it

hope you guys enjoy this aswell!

Voices = Me

Comic = @min-play

Music = papyrus. | Underswap | Fandom

           Bonetrousle {Sans Ver.} | Underswap | Fandom

(P.S. I like to call Sans’s version of Bonetrousle “Rattle Me Bones” why? I dunno, seems more fitting.)

(P.P.S. go visit @min-play, they’re super awesome and got amazing art. go follow!)

So this happened a few days ago
  • Me: So dis guy I'm talking to online is complaining about the lack of male gems, and ya know what he says? He says Maybe dey should change one of dem gems into a guy. Da nerve of som people...
  • Punny Friend: I dunno, i thinks it might be good.
  • Me: Whaddya talking about? You've said you hate that idea too.
  • Punny Friend: Not out of the blue, but like, if one of them got hurt and then decided they wanted to have the appearance of a male. That way... (a cheeky smile appears on his face)
  • Me: (realizes) No. No. Don't you do it.
  • Punny Friend: It had to happen at some point.
  • Me: NO IT DID NOT.
  • Punny Friend: Imma say it.
  • Punny Friend: IMMA DO IT
  • Me: ...........
  • Punny Friend: ............
  • Me: ...........
  • Punny Friend: .......Imma throw myself off dat building now.
  • Me: You better.

Hi Guys! So here is a fic I’ve had for a WHILE..but tbh I don’t think its that great. I’m kinda just tired of seeing it in my drafts, so I’m posting it because I do like parts of it but as I said in a previous post I don’t like it enough to tag you guys. You probably have no idea what I’m on about…and sorry I just…I dunno its hard to explain how I’m feeling and why I feel its not enough to tag you wonderful people… but yeah…so only tagging mmfdfanfic 

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Do you guys think that akuma and kwami come with some kind of masking power? Because this last episode, Marinette didn’t even know Lady Wifi was Alya until she saw her phone charm. It’s just so egregious, a person who looks exactly like Alya questioning the principal about why he suspended Alya, and with technology-themed powers, and Marinette (who is sort of extremely intelligent) had to look at her phone charm to confirm her identity.

I dunno, I just feel like they’re building up to some kind of plot explanation of this nonsense.

man, do you guys remember last year when we just had that ‘censored’ version of the extended theme that was played at the gallery opening (video) (lyrics). And we had some of the new verses but most of it couldn’t be sung because of spoilers? And we were wondering when we’d get to hear the full theme, when we’d reach the point where those lines aren’t spoilers any more. And nearly a year later (almost 11 months to the day) we have!

I dunno. It’s so neat to think about how much we’ve learned since then. Like, they had to censor the line about not being from Earth, because they hadn’t fully revealed they were aliens yet (the gallery opening was right before “Coach Steven” aired so we were barely into season 1). And of course the lines about why they fight, because those were all big spoilers back then. But now they’re not.

Okay, so this line is what really stuck out to me in this scene and for me, it raises the question: Is it possible Greg WAS there and that perhaps he was lying?

To me, when some people lie (and he already looks nervous, although that could just be because he’s afraid for Steven considering the situation at hand) they use a statement that directly negates the truth in an attempt to hide it.

I dunno, what do you guys think?

So I have been thinking:

The SoulxMaka fans and SteinxMarie fans should really team up because we both face very similar problems from other people for what we ship (ex: people completely mischaracterizing the guys and thinking they’ll be awful to the girls when we have both made many long, glorious posts about why this is just wrong)

@dollypopup what do you say, oh queen of SteinxMarie? Shall we team up to fight the endless battle of bad characterization?