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Our 5e group was at the end of a session set in the Underdark where we had to escape slavery and kill the evil Drow matriarch, and we went on a short quest to murder the guy who sold us and an entire ship full of enslaved folks out to her for money. Afterwards, we went around freeing all the remaining slaves, and the half-orc fighter (hermit background, reclusive) was trying to prompt a slave rebellion.

Fighter: I stand up and spread my arms to get everyone’s attention, and, I get stage fright so I look at Trejo.
DM: *laughter* Okay?
Warlock: Um, I… I don’t wanna—
Fighter: I put him on my shoulders.
DM: Okay, sure. You’re strong enough.
Warlock: I… I look at Sophia.
Rogue: What, why me?! Um, okay, I… um… “You are all strong, and can free yourselves from your shackles, I—what do I say??”
Warlock: I put her on my shoulders.
DM: *laughing* Okay??
Fighter: Is—is this performance, or persuasion now? Acrobatics—?
Warlock: Say something!
Rogue: Like what?? I have terrible Charisma!
Fighter: *jokingly* Okay, I’ll take over, I get on Sophia’s shoulders—wait, shit!
Table: *laughter*
DM: Jump glitch! Inception!!
Warlock: She looks at Hunter.
Rogue: I look at Hunter.
Battlemaster: Okay, I, I get on Sophia’s shoulders.
Table: *laughter*
Fighter: I’ll go ahead and make that strength check—19 plus 4, 23.
DM: You’re good—all the slaves are looking up at you like “What?? Is happening??” Like they just saw you kill their captor and they just have a ship now, they’re not sure what to do.
Battlemaster: I um—I give a little speech, “Alone we may not be strong, but together we can all be free again, and rid the world of suffering!” Or something. Yeah.
Fighter: We’re a person pillar, what is even happening.
DM: I don’t know anymore, but I’m loving it. I—the session was over when you killed the matriarch twenty minutes ago, guys, why are you even doing this? You’re free, you can just leave.
Fighter: *slamming fists on the table and chanting* Re-vo-lu-tion, re-vo-lu-tion—!

Prompt # 151

“What the heck did you just do?!”

“You know, I’m not entirely sure, but I think I might have just summoned a demon?”

Coachella // Cole Sprouse

Hey, could you do a Cole Sprouse imagine, where him and the reader are together at Coachella with the rest of the cast. And they all ship them and it is just really cute and fluffy. This would be awesome. Thank you in advance 😊

A/N: Hi guys! I’m sorry it took so so so so long for me to post my stuff, but I am a busy girl (what am I saying? I spend most of my time on Sims and playing video games) and school is almost starting back up again (it’s saturday and i’m talking 11pm right now and i go back on monday help) but I will try to do this for you 💕 Btw, this is short bcos I have never been to Coachella so I couldn’t really describe the experience omg. 

Warnings: Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Words: 867. 

Characters: Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Ross Butler, Casey Cott. 

You were beyond excited as you walked through the front gates of the biggest music festival you’ve ever attended. You had Cole holding onto your hand tightly, making sure you wouldn’t get lost within the crowds. Camila and Lili were both chatting to you about the fashion, and their outfits. You wore something simple, just like Camila and Lili. A ‘Boho Chic’ styled outfit, paired with white Converse and your hair was in loose curls and you had a huge smile on your face.

Looking up at Cole, seeing his brown hair fall perfectly over his face. His white shirt and blue jeans were simple and you loved it. A lot.

“What are you staring at me with heart eyes for?” Cole whispered in your ear, a chuckle following his question as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his body as you walked to the H&M tent with him and the rest of the cast.

“Because you’re a beautiful specimen and I think you’ve casted a spell on me to make me look at you all the time.” You grinned, shaking your head a little as you looked around, seeing an abundance of celebrities floating around. There was music playing from the live performances and you were honestly so amazed by the relaxed atmosphere. Cole laughed at your comment, pressing a kiss to your temple. You could hear Camila exclaiming how cute you two were as a couple and Lili quietly agreeing with her. KJ, Casey and Ross were all wolf whistling in the background, making you blush and bite your lip.


You were currently dancing with Camila and Lili to the music at the stage where you were with everyone you had come with. It had eventually gotten a bit sexual, where it ended up with you grinding up against Camila, her hands on your body. You were laughing, since you were a bit tipsy and high off the adrenaline, along with Camila, and Cole was standing over with KJ, Casey and Ross. Cole was muttering under his breath. He heard KJ laugh at him. “Jealous are you, mate?”

Cole raised an eyebrow at KJ, chuckling a little bit and shaking his head. “I’m just gonna let her have fun. She’s had a tough few months, so I’m just letting her let loose.” Cole shrugged, running his fingers through his hair and walking up behind you, leaning in to whisper in your ear. “I’m gonna go and get some drinks for the clan. I’ll be back soon, okay?”

You turned around, apologizing to the girls before looking up at him. “I’m gonna come with you, okay?” You took his hand, your bag at your side. You made your way through the crowds, headed towards the little stall where drinks were being sold. You asked for 7 bottles of water, pulling your purse from your bag, but Cole had already handed them the money, telling them to keep the change before taking 4 out of the 7 bottles of water. “I could’ve paid for them, Cole.” You laughed, holding the three bottles, walking besides your boyfriend.

“You don’t need to worry about it right now, my beautiful. I just want you to have fun with us all.” He spoke as the both of you arrived back to your group, who were now all finished with their dancing, and had sat on the grass, just a little bit away from the crowds.

“You two are honestly the cutest. Like, cuter than Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen from his music video or whatever.” Camila commented, thanking you as you handed her and Lili a bottle of water, handing the other water bottle you had to KJ, who was also seated next to Camila.

“I think we aspire to be David and Victoria Beckham, actually.” Cole smirked, his hand snaking around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You blushed, looking at Camila and rolling your eyes.

“Well if you pop out babies like the Beckham’s do, I will be astonished and honestly cry.” Lili laughed, making you face-palm, unscrewing the bottle lid and taking a drink.


It was getting towards dark and you were currently wrapped up in a blanket, sitting next to Cole, who was wrapped up in the same blanket, sipping a cup of coffee, from the Thermos that Lili had filled up. “Have you enjoyed today?” Cole asked quietly, his lips brushing against your ear, taking a deep breath.

“I did, actually. Thank you so much for bringing me along, Cole. You didn’t have to.” You smiled, turning to look at him and pressing a kiss to his cheek. You stood up, dropping the blanket and starting to pack your stuff into the back pack you had bought along.

“What are you doing?” Cole asked, watching you put both of your stuff away. You motioned for him to give you the blanket as you spoke.

“Packing. As you can see. I want to spend some time with my amazing boyfriend in a cold hotel room.” You smiled, watching him nod and start to pack up to.

Boy were you happy to have a guy like him in your life.

I'm gonna say it...

FUCK this fandom.

You antis seriously almost crossed a fucking illegal line copying leaked photos from the op (who ASKED NICELY for you assholes to stop leaking them) and claim you’ll only remove them if Klance becomes canon???

Are you FUCKING kidding me??? You’d give Studio Mir potential troubles with DreanWorks just for your fucking ship? You’d really cross that line?

Oh, who am I kidding? You harassed Shiro’s VA for having a different opinion on Shaladin than you. You call people who ship Kallura homophobes when plenty aren’t straight, anyway. You pieces of shit SUICIDE BAIT and harass people just for shipping Shaladin even though you could just??? I don’t know… FUCKING BLOCK THEM?

Just how dense are you people?

You know what this proves? You people don’t care about the show. You don’t care about the story, it’s characters, it’s animation, or it’s style. You don’t care about the strong badass princess Allura or the funny comic relief that is Hunk.

You just care about shipping. That’s it. Just shipping. And you people would go as far as to harass others just because they have a different perspective from you??? You twist their words, make them seem like THEY’RE the bad guys when they didn’t do anything wrong.

Who knows, maybe an anti will try and twist the words of this rant right now, just throwing shitty ad hominem attacks with no real purpose or articulation. It’s pathetic and delusional.

So I’ll say it again: Stay. In. Your. Motherfucking. Lane.

It’s not even that hard. You could learn a thing or two.


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Zach Dempsey x Reader
Request: No.
Word Count: 820
A/N: This is my very first imagine! I’m excited to share it with you all, I’ve always been interested in writing and now I can finally show you guys what I’ve got. Again this is my first, so I apologize if it’s not very well written or if there are any spelling errors. Requests are now open, I will be doing imagines, ships, etc… I hope you guys enjoy! :) Also an additional side note, this has become my main 13 Reasons Why blog now! So if you happen to follow @ans-dempsey and look forward to more imagines, I will be posting them all on here! Also it’s Friday so I might have a few more up today. :)
Warnings: Slight mention of self-harm.
Italics = you, Bold = Zach

You had stayed up late tossing and turning. Throughout the week, your family has really been pushing you to get your grades up. You weren’t usually like this, you were a straight A student, but your insecurities were really starting to get to you. Recently you had gotten out of hand, more drinking, going out, and it had even gotten to the point of self-harm. You knew Zach would become furious with you if he were to ever find out, but you needed something–an escape. Everything was just going downhill for you and you were beyond frustrated. Despite the choices you’ve made to handle the ugly from the week if it wasn’t for your boyfriend Zach, you don’t know exactly where you’d be right now

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I can draw any picture or paint any theme on shoes(Any size of shoe of course) , literally anything is cool here!
Transaction through Square or PayPal (you choose)
I wil ship anywhere in the United States.

Message/ Inbox me if you have any questions at all, maybe we can hash out some ideas!


The challenging decisions of game development, or how good people can end up making bad games

The following scenario is a work of fiction and not based on any specific game I’ve worked on, or any specific experience I’ve had.


You’re sat in a meeting room with a bunch of other game developers; key representatives from every department that might be affected by animation. There are people from the design team, the engine team, gameplay programmers, AI programmers, the tools team, technical animators, animation programming, the animation director, and a producer. The meeting is about the future of your animation technology.

It’s relatively early in your project; the third game in a successful series, and the animation department wants to do a major upgrade to the core animation technology. Their argument is simple: The animation team has been using the same tools and tech for the last two games, and they’re concerned that if the animation technology isn’t improved, the animation will start to look bad compared to your competitors. There have been some minor improvements since the first game in the series, but no real major steps forward. Since the original tech was created, the rest of the industry has made some pretty major breakthroughs in animation technology; breakthroughs that this team would like to try and implement.

The big problem: The new technology is a paradigm shift. There’s no easy way to convert all the old animations and game code over to the new system, so doing this big upgrade to the animation tech, means pushing the reset button on all the gameplay and AI systems that were built for the last two games. Everything will have to be built up again from scratch.

It’s your job to decide whether or not they should do it.

The producer is the first to chime in…

“How long do you think it’s going to take to get the gameplay and AI back into a state where we can start playtesting and building levels?”

“I’m pretty confident that in 6 months we’ll be good to go”, says the animation programmer.

“Well… 6 months to do the tech and tools… it’ll be maybe another 6 months on top of that to rebuild each of the game systems to get things back to where they were”, offers up one of the technical animators. “I still think it’s worth it though. Once we have the new tech, it’s going to make producing new features way faster than before.”

“You have to bear in mind”, says the Animation Director, “What we did on the last game is pretty much hitting the ceiling of our current technology. It was a real strain on the team. I really don’t want to go through that again on this one.”

“I’ll be honest, I have some concerns”.

Everyone looks towards the lead engine programmer.

“I thought the whole point of this next game was to try and push the cooperative experience. That’s what the directors said was their number one priority”, he nods towards the game director, “And I thought the publisher had already signed off on that. Weren’t they saying that’s what they were most excited about?”

“We can’t do both?”, says the game director.

“We’re probably going to have to rework a whole lot of the systems anyway if we’re going to make them replicate properly over the network,” says the lead gameplay programmer. “The first two games weren’t really built with that in mind. It could be a good time to do this as well since we’ll be rewriting a bunch of the systems anyway. That said, it does add to our workload.”

“And for you guys?”, the producer asks the lead AI programmer.

“It’s pretty much the same situation as gameplay”, she replies, “It’s a lot to take on. I have to say, I think 12 months is optimistic. Things always come up that we don’t expect. I’d say closer to 18 months. I mean… remind me, when are we supposed to be shipping again?”

“We’re aiming for 2 years from now”, says the producer.

“Well if it ends up being 18 months, there’s no way my team can work with that”, adds the lead level designer. “We can rough some things out, but gameplay needs to be solidified a lot earlier than that.”

“Well we could build the new system in parallel with the old system, and let people switch between the two”, says the animation programmer. “That way you can start building levels with the old systems, and we’ll switch it over further down the line when the new systems are in a better shape. It’s a bit more challenging to do it that way, but it’s doable. Honestly though, when I say 6 months for my stuff, I mean 6 months. I can get most of it up and running in 3, but I’m saying 6 to give us a buffer.”

“And how confident are you about the extra 6 months for building out the game systems”, the producer asks the technical animator.

“Reasonably… I mean it’s tough to say… it’s new technology. I’ve got nothing to refer to cause we’ve never done this approach before”, they reply, “6 months is my ballpark estimate, it could be 4, it could be 12. We’ll have a much better idea once the core tech is done and we start working on the first systems. Bear in mind, it’s not like we’d have nothing until that 12 months is up. Systems will be gradually coming online as we go. We’ll get core movement done in the first few weeks.”

“I’d feel much more confident about it if we had another technical animator on the team”, says the animation director.

“I’ll ask if that’s possible but we’re close to our headcount limit, and tech animators aren’t the easiest to hire, so I wouldn’t count on it”, says the producer. “Remind me again, what we’ll be gaining for all this work?”

“It’ll be much faster for us to put animations into the game, and then easier for us to tweak and bug fix them”, says the technical animator. “In general, faster iteration time should also mean the quality of the animation will go up. Basically, it’ll be easier for everyone to do their best work.”

“I think we all want that, but it’s a lot of risk to take on with only a 2 year timeline”, says the lead engine programmer, “there are other teams besides animation who are also proposing some pretty ambitious tech goals as well. We’d maybe have to make some concessions there if we want to go with this”.

“Does anyone really think that it’s going to be 2 years though?” says the animation programmer. “Looking at the scope of this game, it’s probably going to end up closer to 3, with or without the animation system”.

“I can only tell you what I’m being told now, but the publisher seems pretty adamant about it being a 2 year project”, says the producer.

“So what are we going to do about this? Are we going to push ahead with this or not? What’s the call?”


This is what game development is like.

Should the team go with the new animation system? Everyone makes good points. It’s a tough call. You have to think about the people in the room: How confident are you in the projections of each person? Are some people known for being overly ambitious? Are others known for being too conservative? How much is the value of the new animation system versus the cost of building it? How many extra-people will you be able to get to work on it? Will other departments suffer if you put development effort here? Will the game really come out in two years, or is it more?

In one potential future, you decide to go ahead with the new animation system. Things are rocky at the beginning, but with a some hard work and late nights, the animation programmer and technical animators manage to hit their estimates without too much disruption to other teams. The game scores highly, and is praised in particular for it’s strong animation.

In another potential future, you go ahead with the new animation system and it’s a train wreck. The animation programmer was low-balling their estimates because they were excited about working on the new system, and expected the release date to be knocked back a year (it wasn’t). The technical animators were genuine when they gave their estimates but didn’t account for the complexity of making the same systems work in an online cooperative game; something they’d never done before. The difficulties with the animation system caused problems for other teams, especially for the designers, who had a tough time making fun systems and levels, as bugs in the animation system made it difficult for them to play the game throughout development.

Another potential future has the team saying no to the new animation system. It ends up that even without the new animation system, the scope really was too big in other areas, and the game ends up being released after 3 years instead of 2. By the time the game is released, the animation does look horribly outdated, despite the best efforts of the animation team. The issue is specifically called out in reviews.

Then there’s the future where the team says no to the new system, making it much easier for the team to hit the 2 year deadline. It’s a struggle, but the animation team is still able to produce some decent results, and it turns out gamers were more interested in the new cooperative features anyway, leading to great reviews and great sales.

On any game there are a thousand calls like this. Some are big, some are small, and many can lead to the success or failure of your game.

The process of making a game has so many moving parts it’s incredibly difficult to to account for every eventuality. It’s about the technology you’re working with, it’s about your ideas and your ability to execute on them, it’s about what the rest of the market is doing, and most of all it’s about the people on your team: Who they are, how they work, and what else might be going on in their lives.

The point here, and stop me if you’ve heard this one before, is that making games is really fucking hard. You’re faced with so many of these kinds of decisions, the answers to which are highly subjective. It’s likely not every person in the meeting room comes to a consensus, and when a game comes out with some aspect that players don’t enjoy, more often than not there were a whole lot of people on the dev team that argued for the exact same thing that the players are arguing for.

It’s been said many a time before, but it’s true nonetheless: No-one sets out to make a bad game. In the cases where someone on your team was faced with one of these difficult subjective decisions, and made a bad call, they agonize over it. If you have empathy, you look at that decision and say, “That’s not necessarily a bad developer. It was a tough call. It could have gone either way, and it could have just as easily have been me”.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that gamers shouldn’t still be free to critique the games they spent their hard-earned money on. At the end of the day, it’s our job to entertain. Just please, remember that games are made by real people who are running a gauntlet of very challenging problems. 

The answer to “why did this game suck?” isn’t always as simple as “because the developer sucks”, or the even more cringe-worthy “they were just lazy”: It’s because making games is really fucking hard.

on a slightly serious note though

Gil is 100%, completely and utterly, totally screwed. I mean. There’s no recovering at this point, he is in deep shit and nothing is going to save him.

Let’s presume that Odin is able to slide under the door and gets into the ship-and I mean, yeah he’s probably gonna make it, I don’t think it’s very dramatic to have your character die by…door(though I will admit, it would be a genuine plot twist, hah). Looking at the currently circumstances;

Well, first of all, all three of the people Gil took in-Ava, Odin, and Maggie-were photographed and their faces catalogued by the guards. Granted, those guards….yeah those same guards probably also died during the presentation, but there has to be some database shared by ALL guards, so I doubt the photos died with them. Gil also was the one to drop two of his passengers off at the Refugee Center…

Which they escaped from, but Gil doesn’t know about that yet. Then, he’s about to get Maggie tested when one of his passengers goes hogwild, taking out the TITAN Guards, possibly killing Strategos Six, and most importantly, massacres innocent civilians. Ava was under the influence of the vial, sure, but again, Gil doesn’t know that. He and Maggie walked in on Ava just…suddenly being a huge monster and killing people for the lulzs.

And now, he’s about to be trapped in an automated vessel-which Gil implies they shouldn’t be on, getting awfully nervous at the idea of boarding an automated vessel which apparently, has cameras inside-with a guy he thinks crashed a ship into his home and a girl that MURDERED PEOPLE.

If you’re a TITAN Guard, and you find these four stowaways in a ship, are you really going to believe in Gil’s innocence? And furthermore, are you really going to care?

No. You’re going to think he was part of some rebellious plan, and do your damnedest to capture him. Gil brought Ava to the planet; now, obviously it wasn’t in his control what happened, but again, that doesn’t matter. In the eyes of TITAN, Gil is complicit in murder.

So uh…this isn’t really a theory, just ramblings, but. Gil might wanna start packing his bags and maybe get some running shoes on-Maggie as well, for that matter-since this…can’t end well.

Now that I can breathe again after the CS angsty episode...

… how cool would it be if all the CS shippers joined forces to reunite Killian and Emma?!

*among the clouds in the skies* Cora: WHAT? Damn it, he chose her, how many times do I have to tell you?! I wasn’t betrayed by the pirate on that beanstalk for nothing! Zeus, do something!

Zeus: #*@*$&%£ (Olympian curses, lightnings and thunders) That’s it, I’m shell-phoning Poseidon and ordering him to create some tsunami or something and bring the Nautilus back to f****** Storybrooke! I bloody resurrected that man to bring him back were he belongs and my ship will sail, damn it! I already have the popcorns ready for the wedding, for me’s sake!

Tinkerbell, from wherever she is: I’m in. Already trying to convince Blue to give me fairy dust, it might come in handy. That pirate’s pined enough! 

Widow Lucas: You have my crossbow. 

Leroy: And my pickaxe. I solemnly swear that I won’t be cockblocking those two until they’re coming back from their honeymoon. I didn’t have the heart to do it when they decided to move in together, let alone at their wedding!

Nemo: On my way, guys. Trying to steer the Nautilus back to Storybrooke, but I think I need a portal. In the meantime I’m taking care of our boy Killian here. I just want him to return to his family!

Archie: These are the moments I wish I was a magician instead of a freaking cricket. I freaking lost it when Hook showed me the ring! I just ship Captain Swan. So. Much. All I can do is take care of Emma while you guys work your magic, the girl deserves some happiness… and most of all she deserves that WEDDING RING on her finger! Bring the Captain back, boys!

Zelena: WTF what do you mean the Captain left?! But… the engagement ring?! I’ve been waiting for this moment for ages, FFS! I f****** cursed his luscious lips to make the pirate kiss Emma, and now this?! Rest easy, Emma, my pretty, I can’t let my favourite lovebirds suffer again. Somebody give me the Black Fairy’s wand, I have a portal to open and a pirate to rescue! *wicked grin* And Baby Gold will learn not to mess with my OTP.

Arthur, from the Underworld: Oh no, not this again! My mate separated from his lady love? This just won’t do. Don’t worry, Zeus, I got your message and sent Charon on vacation to Honolulu. There’s no way Hook is coming back to the Underworld before a couple of centuries. 

David: Cough, cough… Excuse me, Arthur, I thought you meant my mate! Whose place is with my daughter! As soon as you find him let me know and I’ll make my son-in-law find his way home, come hell of high water! *sigh* I miss my bro. Hold on, Killian, I… I mean, we will always find you, mate. 

Mystic Messenger Characters’ Theme Songs

Yoosung Kim

Crybaby - Melanie Martinez

“your heart’s too big for your body

it’s where your feelings hide

they’re pouring out

where everyone can see

they call you crybaby, crybaby,

but you don’t fucking care”

Jaehee Kang

Jenny - Studio Killers

“I wanna ruin our friendship

we should be lovers instead

I don’t know how to say this

‘cause you’re really my dearest friend

Jenny take my hand

‘cause we are more than friends”


Everybody Loves Me - One Republic

“oh my,

feels just like I don’t try

looks so good I might die

all I know is everybody loves me

don’t need my health

got my name and got my wealth, I

stare at the sun

just for kicks all by myself”

Jumin Han

Dazzle - Oh Wonder

“dazzle me, dazzle me, dazzle me with gold

you’ll never be what you wanna be with all that money, that money

dazzle me, dazzle me, throw away your gold

you’ll never be what you wanna be with all that money, that money

there’s a human in your heart of hearts

hiding true colours made you fall apart”

Saeyoung Choi

Putting the Dog to Sleep - The Antlers

“prove to me

I’m not gonna die alone

put your arm ‘round my collarbone

and open the door

well, my trust in you

is a dog with a broken leg

tendons too torn to beg

for you to let me back in”

Saeran Choi

Gasoline - Halsey

“and all the people say

you can’t wake up, this is not a dream

you’re part of a machine, you are not a not a human being

low on self-esteem, so you run on gasoline”


Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

”now we’re torn, torn, torn apart

there’s nothing we can do

just let me go, we’ll meet again soon

now wait, wait, wait for me

please hang around

I’ll see you when I fall asleep

though the truth may vary

this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore”

For those using Ji’s “breakup” as a means to complain about shippers, like…yall are literally revealing yourselves.

You talk about being a good fan and supporting JI and krys but the only thing youre doing is complaining about does doing that support either one of them? Do you really care about them or do you just want another reason to express hatred towards shippers?

Focus on fans that are crawling back to him after dismissing him when kaistal was first announced. Focus on the fans that burned his photos and are now calling him “Jonginnie” again. Focus on people blaming fckn ksoo of all people for this. Thats where your energy should be directed. Not towards kaisoo shippers that have been there for Jongin throughout all of this.

5-year-separation positivity hour

Okay I started writing this last night but I feel like it needs to have an actual post about this. I still don’t know the spoilers for the finale, so please don’t tell me!

Okay, so let’s say Bellamy and Clarke are indeed separated. I know a lot of you will be pissed off for delaying Bellarke further, but hear me out: this can be really good for actually making them canon.

This got really long so I’m placing it under the cut.

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Why Soriel Works

I’ve seen a lot of anti-Soriel posts lately. I would like to do my best to counteract them because I think that there is an argument to be made for Soriel in the canon. I’ve given it a lot of thought and have got some screenshots for the game so without further ado, allow me to present the most overly in depth pro-Soriel post I’ve ever written.

Let’s break it down into the 2 major characters: Sans and Toriel, and how their individual personalities and tendencies make them such a natural match.


What do we really know about her, personality wise? Quite a bit, actually. She’s protective. She’s kindhearted. She’s compassionate. She’s hardworking. These are traits she’s always had but they are magnified through her struggles and her pain. Toriel copes with the immense heartache, emotional agony many of us could never imagine, by working extra hard to protect Frisk. You’ll notice that her house is very safe for them, with sharp objects hidden or filed down to keep them from getting hurt, even accidentally. She’s had years to prepare her house for the presence of children and even goes as far as to set up a curriculum for their education. Toriel begs Frisk not to leave the Ruins because King Asgore will kill them. She knows this because she has seen this six times before. Now, we all know this. But I think it bears repeating since all of this will become important at a later time.


We know less about Sans’s history but we do know quite a lot about his personality. Sans clearly suffers from depression, caused by being forced to reset over and over. “You can’t understand how this feels,” he says as you fight him, “knowing that one day, without any warning, it’s all going to be reset.” This knowledge also helps explain why his dialogue as a Lost Soul reflects hopelessness and pain: “just give up. I did.” But I think a lot of people misunderstand Sans’s character.

Many people call him lazy. But Sans isn’t lazy. In fact, Sans is one of the most hardworking characters in the entire game.

Preposterous, you say! But allow me to explain. What can be construed as lazy is actually a lack of motivation and a feeling of helplessness. But we know from the game that he loves his brother and actually puts effort into keeping him happy. He helped Papyrus make the costume that he now wears everywhere. He encourages Papyrus’s hobbies and friendship with Undyne. He berates you for calling Papyrus uncool. Little details that I don’t have time to map out here imply that Sans works very hard to keep Papyrus happy, from telling him his friends are on vacation when Papyrus is the only survivor to paying all of their rent to getting Papyrus the best books and toys while living in a very barebones (pun intended) room himself.

And if you don’t believe me about the rooms, see for yourself. Notice how Papyrus’s is full of toys and a nice bed and lots of decorations, even a computer:

Not notice that Sans has a much smaller room with the bare necessities:

Sans doesn’t even have bed sheets. No bookshelf. No computer. Absolutely nothing. He has worked hard to ensure that Papyrus is happy all while taking very little for himself. He may sleep on the job but Sans will work extremely hard for those he loves.


So what does this have to do with Soriel? Quite a bit. Both clearly will work very hard for those they love. But while Sans is a bit more standoffish, Toriel is warm and welcoming. Where Sans stops working when he feels things are hopeless, Toriel works harder. This balances the relationship quite a bit.

But here’s where things get interesting: their meetings with each other already change the other for the better. You can see the effects in the game if you’re looking.

Considering how much pain Toriel has endured, she seems oddly jovial when you meet her. She smiles a lot and even suggests you tell the Dummy a joke. Considering we do see Toriel’s pain when we spare her (”Pathetic, is it not? I cannot save even a single child.”), we know that the happier exterior masks her inner heartbreak. But the fact that Toriel is able to smile at all is, in part, due to meeting with Sans. Sans has helped her enjoy life a bit more and has staved off the depression.

Now how has Toriel impacted Sans? Well we know from what I said above the Sans will work extremely hard for those he loves. Therefore, we don’t see him working hard for anyone except two characters: Papyrus and Toriel. Papyrus is fairly obvious; he’s Sans’s little brother and he is the one thing keeping Sans sane through all the resets. But his interactions with Toriel have cause him to respect and even love her enough to spare Frisk in every single route except Genocide. In fact, let’s look at his Genocide dialogue. Before Sans fights you, he expresses his sorrow that he couldn’t keep his promise to her:

This has clearly been on his mind for a long time. He followed you, watched over you, tried to find any good in you to justify keeping his promise. He failed in that endeavor and makes the conscious decision to break the promise he made to save you from yourself. One could argue that he kept the promise in that he did try to keep you from having your soul taken. I wouldn’t call this laziness, I would call this motivation, which, as I said before, he usually lacks.
Time to address the elephant in the room: the old lady comment. A lot of anti-Soriels assume that this makes that possibility null and void. But I think if that’s the best argument you guys can come up with, it’s pretty indicative that you don’t have much to stand on. Toriel frequently  refers to herself as an “old lady.” Why wouldn’t Sans use this terminology when she uses it on herself? It seems more like an affectionate term rather than him actually seeing her as an old lady.

Another piece of evidence that Sans is absolutely nuts about Toriel is the fact that she and Papyrus are the only characters to get a mention during his fight:

The Genocide fight reveals not only that he knows you’re resetting the timeline but that he remembers the resets. Don’t believe me? How’s this for an example:

Now where would Sans have heard the part about special attacks? No one mentions them in the Genocide run. He would have to remember Papyrus talking about them in a Neutral run. This just makes all the resets even more depressing. How old is Sans, anyway? Well we can assume he’s much older than he looks. He can’t age when he’s been reset so many times. That means, for all we know, he and Toriel could be the same age or within a handful of years of each other. The age argument really is a lame one because we know nothing about them in terms of their ages.
So… okay. I can hear you guys out there asking “that’s all fine and dandy but what about your argument for them becoming a romance? Why can’t they just be friends?

Well of course they can. But there is evidence for romance and it all comes from body language.

Let me break this scene down for you. First of all, look at what Toriel says here to Asgore, for whom she has nothing but disgust and contempt now:

This is a romantic nickname because Alphys and Undyne both address her as Toriel after the ending (Alphys in one of the dialogues after the True Ending and Undyne while calling for her to talk to you on the phone). But Sans?

Sans is the only character to call her that other than Asgore. Her former lover. This is not a coincidence.

Still not convinced? Okay, I’ve got more.

Notice how Asgore is depressed when Alphys and Undyne introduce themselves to Toriel:

He’s not crying. He’s just depressed. He acts this way from Undyne through Papyrus’s introductions. But check out how he reacts when Sans shows up:

Wide eyes. He’s surprised. Who is this strange man? Why are he and Toriel so chummy? He knows what’s going on. Check out Papyrus as well, he can tell something is up.

But check out how he continues to react:

He’s crying. Toriel has obviously found someone else. Look at the way they’re staring into each other’s eyes. Asgore isn’t stupid. He knows this isn’t just her meeting a best friend. This is her meeting someone she obviously likes a lot.

And the next thing you know, Undyne’s telling him to find someone else.

Look at the animation here. Sans and Toriel are standing right next to each other and staring into each other’s eyes. They’re positioned in such a way that it looks like they’re holding hands. This is not a coincidence because Alphys and Undyne also maintain that eye contact. And it’s not like they became a thing, right?

But here’s something else I noticed, and it’s definitely intentional. Sans and Toriel make eye contact again for a very brief section just before Flowey shows up.

And Papyrus is back to eyeing Sans suspiciously.

Now this eye contact thing may not be all that important but again, this is a device Toby used to imply a ship since Alphys and Undyne are the only other pair to stare at each other during this particular scene. You can even see it if you scroll up at the screenshots I already put down! So why would Sans and Toriel have the exact same body language as Alphys and Undyne in this scene, even to the point of making that eye contact again just for a couple of lines and having Asgore and Papyrus obviously react the way they do?

Come on, guys. It’s simple. Soriel may not be strictly canon but there’s a lot of evidence to imply that their interactions are headed that way.

One person who shipped Asgore and Toriel shipper claimed that Sans and Toriel don’t talk about anything, they just tell jokes. We know that’s not true. Look at this line right here:

Now you could argue that she said this after all the events. And she probably said she baked pie for Frisk after the final fight of the game. But she definitely was talking about baking before that scene. Check out this little part of the hangout/date with Papyrus:

Sans? Lazy Sans decided to bake something? Why would he do that? And Papyrus goes on to say that the thing Sans bakes was like a quiche but filled with a “sugary non-egg substance.”

Sounds like a pie to me. And where would Sans have gotten the idea in the first place? Toriel.

Still not convinced? How about this line?

Looks like it wasn’t just jokes. She was talking about her baking. Sans was talking about Papyrus. I think the evidence speaks for itself. Also, you could say that they only talk about superficial things. Sure. But please give me your evidence that they definitely don’t ever talk about the superficial. You have none. Just has I have none that they do.

We know they don’t know each other’s names. But that’s about it. Sans can even tell if she’s upset without seeing her face so I’d say he knows a bit more about her than “she bakes.” As for why he doesn’t know about the human stuff, that’s some pretty dangerous information. Toriel has her reasons for not revealing herself to Sans and it’s mostly to do with the fact that she wants to be separate from the world. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have deep conversations. But they kept things to themselves that they kept from everyone else. You can’t fault Sans for not telling Toriel things he won’t even tell Papyrus. And you can’t fault Toriel for not telling him things she wouldn’t even tell you. That doesn’t mean they didn’t get to know each other. Only that anything related to their identities were kept secret, as they were from everyone else. If true love means spilling every secret you’ve got, I’ve got quite a few Alphys and Undyne criticisms to talk about too… But the fact remains that deep discussions can be had and two people can get to know each other very well despite not knowing their true identities or every single secret they keep. This is a nonsensical argument, to be honest.

Oh I could go on about why Soriel is far more likely to be canon than Asgore and Toriel. Let’s talk about the fact that Toriel became disgusted by Asgore’s actions and left him as a result but that he still continued to do what he did even though he wanted Toriel back. Why’s this important? Because Sans keeps his promise, even when you kill both Papyrus AND Toriel. This proves that Sans’s devotion to Toriel is even more important to him than the entire Underground where Asgore selfishly refused to go back on what he said when he realized that what he was doing was so wrong. He was unwilling to sacrifice anything for Toriel where Sans was willing to sacrifice everything. Additionally, as I said before, it could be argued that Sans does keep his promise in Genocide since he’s trying to save Frisk from losing their soul. In a twisted way, killing them kept them safe.

So, with all this evidence laid out in front of you guys, how about the shippers of Asgore and Toriel stop accusing Soriel shippers of having no evidence or no deeper reason to ship Soriel. There’s plenty of evidence and there are plenty of deep reasons to ship it. And the evidence suggests that Soriel is, or at least will be, canon.

EDIT: If anyone can tell me how this has been showing up in the tag for the Asgore and Toriel ship, please let me know as I have scoured this post and have found absolutely no mentions of it by name, even going as far as to change all slashed out ship name mentions to avoid it even remotely coming out.

Also, I love Asgore. This is not a bash post. Do not use it as such please.

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101. for starmora pls!!

101. “They grow up so fast.”

when your life is so out of control that you’re posting the next ficlet at 3 am again lmao so sorry guys,,, anyway, enjoy some starmora parenting reflections while they do the dishes!! (bc I’m a slut for domestic shit asfglknf)

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We are Groot.”

Peter actually drops the plate he’s washing when he hears the words, the dish making a loud klank as it hits the bottom of the sink. The water continues running over Peter’s soap-covered hands, but he’s too busy staring wide-eyed at Groot, who’s standing on the other side of the table, to take notice.

He briefly glances at Gamora, who was collecting the rest of the dishes, but has also stopped and opted to instead stare at Groot. He’s just calmly looking at the two of them with his gentle smile, handing Gamora his and Rocket’s plates.

“You…remember that still?” Peter questions because, honestly, he’s never really understood how Groot’s memory worked. Sometimes, it was apparent that he still remembered everything from his life before the battle with Ronan, but most times, Groot acted like the age he physically appeared to be. “You can still say that?”

But now, nearly three years later, Groot’s practically back to his full size.

Groot nods. “I am Groot.”

“Teamwork is good, yeah,” Peter says. “Not sure if the teamwork required for doing the dishes is worth an epic ‘we are Groot,’ though.”

“Thank you for your help, Groot,” Gamora says softly, taking the dishes from Groot’s hands. “Peter and I have the rest of it handled. You can go.”

“I am Groot,” he says, bidding them farewell with a wave—Peter and Gamora both wave back, per usual, because some things just never change, no matter how much time passes—before leaving the room completely.

Gamora brings the plates up to the counter beside the sink and Peter sighs, shaking his head as he picks up the plate and resumes scrubbing it. “Well, that was interesting.”

“I knew he remembered the battle and what happened to him,” Gamora says, switching to Peter’s other side and picking up the dishrag. “But that was the only other time he said ‘we’…”

“Glad to know I’m not the only one who was a little caught off guard there,” Peter says lightly, passing the clean plate to Gamora to dry. “I guess I just…kinda blocked that memory out, while Groot was little.”

“I did, too,” she admits, running the towel over the plate. “All it seemed to do was give Groot nightmares.”

There had been a good handful of nights in which Peter had awoken to rushed, tiny footsteps accompanied by a flurry of knocks on his door. He’d then open the door to reveal an upset Groot, small tears running down his bark as he babbled about bad dreams where he or members of the team got hurt.

(Peter can even recall an entire week straight spent with Groot nestled between him and Gamora in the captain’s quarters, because of a recurring dream about Ronan where Groot couldn’t save everyone in time.)

“At least he seems to have grown out of it,” Peter says, absentmindedly continuing to clean. “Well. He seems to have just fully grown up, at this point.”

He sees Gamora nod in his peripheral vision, but as she starts putting the dishes away, her actions slow. She eventually turns her eyes up to his. “Does it feel strange to you at all?”

“Strange?” he echoes, handing her a fork. “I mean, I guess it’s weird, because it feels like it went by really fast.”

“Sometimes, I almost wish he was small again,” she admits, drying the fork. “I mean, it’s impractical for the team, as well as his own safety, but…” she trails off, pausing her drying completely. “It was nice, in a way.”

“It definitely really enforced the idea of us being a big family,” he says, glancing at her. “It brought out the best in everyone, in a way, because we all had to watch out for the little guy.”

She laughs softly. “It felt like we were parents.”

“It still feels like we’re parents,” he corrects, shaking his head in exasperation, because he’s certain he’ll have to scold someone at some point during the rest of the day for doing something stupid. “They grow up so fast.”

They finish the rest of the dishes off in a contemplative, comfortable silence. Peter really hasn’t thought much about Groot growing up until now. He calls upon personal familial experience for some sort of reference to what he’s feeling now: with Yondu, things had been complicated until the very end, though Yondu never stopped looking over him, even from a distance, when Peter had finally left; with Peter’s actual mother, well, she’d never even gotten the chance to see him grow up.

He helps Gamora put the last of the dishes away. She watches him stretch his arms up to the highest shelf in the cabinet, handing him the last of the plates, when she opens the discussion again. “Have you ever thought about parenthood?”

The question catches him by nearly as much surprise as Groot’s remark earlier. Peter narrowly avoids knocking down what dishes are already in the cabinet down, onto his head, before turning to look at Gamora with a nervous flutter in his chest. “Um…not much, to be honest…”

That is, he really hadn’t thought about it, until Gamora had danced her way into his life and he found himself looking after little Groot with her.

“I think the real question here is,” he continues, regaining some confidence, “now that we’ve actually dipped our toes into the ocean of parenthood, did we each like it enough to ever do it again, but more traditionally?”

She ducks her head to hide her smile at that, but Peter can still see the corners of her lips pointing upward. “I suppose that is, indeed, the real question.”

“Before the Guardians, my answer would’ve been a hard no,” he admits. “But now, after I’ve had to coax a baby tree to sleep more times than I’d like to count…” He shrugs. “I dunno. Doesn’t sound as impossible or really out there, y’know?”

“Yeah,” she murmurs, meeting his eyes.

“What about you, babe?” he asks, closing up the cabinet. “Have you ever thought about it?”

Gamora holds her arms out on either side of her, looking more unsure than Peter’s seen in a long time. She takes a few steps away from him, as if the idea is too large to be contained in an intimate conversation between the two of them. She turns back to look at him. “As a child, I wanted nothing more than to excel at everything, be this warrior. But when I was forced down that path, in a way I hadn’t anticipated or wanted, and everything changed, I lost sight of myself and my goals.”

Peter nods along to her words. They’ve both been significantly more open with each other in the past year or two about their pasts, especially their childhoods—both before and after their worlds were both turned upside down by the untimely deaths of their parents—and aspirations.

Her hands fall back down to her sides. “I suppose…things like parenthood are, as you said, no longer out of reach.”

He smiles then, coming closer to her and taking her hands in his. “There’s no rush.”

“No rush,” she agrees. “We still have many adventures to go on, Star-Lord.”

She leans up toward him then, placing a quick kiss on his lips, as if to seal their bounded fate.

Maybe they’ll find themselves on a path similar to the experience of raising Groot someday, or maybe not. There’s still time, and, as Gamora said, they have much to do. After all, Thanos is still out there, and Peter knows that until that’s dealt with, Gamora can never truly, completely relax as the rest of them can.

A crash from another room interrupts their silent moment, followed by Drax and Rocket arguing. Mantis is laughing. Groot chimes in with an “I am Groot.”

Peter and Gamora sigh, simultaneously.

“Shall we go check on the kiddos?” he teases.

“Better do it now than when Rocket accidentally blows up the ship,” she jokes back.

They leave the kitchen, hand-in-hand.

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dunno how i feel about people calling what’s transpiring in the lwa fandom a ship war between ankko and dianakko fans, when the former is legitimately not doing anything to anyone besides loving and defending their ship and one of their favorite characters from the latter’s vitriolic portion of their fandom when we have to.

we’re not the ones invading the diana/dianakko tags at high speed, spouting bullshit that tears down diana as a character despite her development, invalidating the dianakko ship, or being downright nasty to the shippers just because they like or defend it. because not only do we not have anything against dianakko, as many of us see the validity in the ship, but we actually really love diana, and respect it/her and the shippers enough not to be dicks about something they love.

this whole mess is completely one-sided, as there hasn’t been a single andrew/ankko fan that said they hated diana/dianakko. we’re just getting fed up with some of its fandom and their inability to “stay in their lane,” so by default, our love of diana/dianakko is waning. the one and only thing we’ve asked, that many of them refuse to comply with, is that they don’t tag their hate in the andrew/ankko tags. that’s it. we don’t care if you hate andrew or ankko, though we wish people would actually give some real, valid reasons other than the usual, subjective opinion of “he’s boring,” “serves no purpose in the narrative,” “is a jerk,” etc., two of which aren’t true at all, because the narrative and his development actually contradict those last two “reasons" and the first applies to whichever individuals that personally feel that way. we just want you to stay out of the tags.

it’d be easier if people just came right out and said that he “got in the way of their ship,” because that is legitimately what it all boils down to, rather than us having to pick apart these strawman arguments every, single time someone finds the balls to enter the tag with a nasty ass attitude. i’m not saying that anyone who isn’t an andrew/ankko fan can’t enter the tags; i’m not the boss of anybody here. but, we’re pleading here, that if you don’t have authentic constructive criticism that we may have a genuine dialogue, instead of the billion and one “i hate this dude/ship because…” lists, then stop entering the tags. many of us have been through enough ship wars to last a lifetime and are getting quite sick of it.

one last thing, there’s a case of hypocrisy that i feel needs to be addressed here, in the case of the diana/dianakko and andrew/ankko fandoms. if you don’t want us to defend andrew/ankko, stop coming in the tag like you have a chip on your shoulder. keep that shit on your blog or find somewhere else to complain that’s not his or the ship’s tag, otherwise you will be met with opposition. you see, because we don’t actively go onto your blog or into the diana/dianakko tags seeking to start drama just because we prefer andrew/ankko. we don’t even send character/ship hate (that i know of). that would literally be us trying to shove our opinion down your throat like an angry mother bird, you know, kinda like what some of y'all do to us, and we don’t want to do that. instead, we block you to avoid it, because life’s too short to be bitching over which fictional character/ship is better, when they’re both valid characters/ships. we don’t invade the diana/dianakko tags at high voltage speed, because, newsflash, some of us are actually multishippers and know how to ship one without putting down the other, and we actually really respect how many of you feel about your preference. again, why? because they’re both good, balanced, healthy ships and help akko grow as a person. now, imagine if we did to diana/dianakko what many of y'all seem so intent on doing to us? yeah, not a pretty sight.

literally all we’re asking you guys to do is leave us alone. you don’t like andrew? that’s fine. you hate ankko? okay, cool. it’s a free country. but please, stay out of the tag with the aggressive/passive-aggressive remarks, blaming us for why you hate him/it even more when all we’re doing is what you’re doing - loving our ship and andrew without invalidating yours or diana.

this is getting beyond gross and old.

“No one puts baby in a corner” (Peter Quill x reader)

A/N: Cinco! Part five of my Peter Quill story. If you want to jam along with this fight scene click here

Part uno, dos, tres, cuatros

Warnings: language, Groot cuteness, a lot of violence, mentions of death, other than that just the inference of sex

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“Wooooow,” you said over exaggeratedly. Peter and the dealer stopped talking to look at you. “You must really think we are desperate here.”

“This is a rare item. Not-“ You put a finger to his lips to shut him up.

“Don’t insult me. I know what this item is worth. It is not worth going three moon systems over to steal from a high security vault like you’re suggesting to give you something you are only going to sell to some scum I will have to hunt down later. That is way more exhausting than any supplement is worth.”

“These promise power.” He seethed.

“I got plenty of power with or without.” You smiled cockily before flipping the dealer over the counter. Just like that shots sprayed the air as Peter knocked you to the floor.

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First, can we just take a moment to appreciate this GIF??? It is one of my favorite, I love these guys.

Second, after such a long time, my askbox is completely empty because I FINSIHED SHIPS!!!! I hope I did a good job with them because I was a little nervous to do them. I didn’t want you guys to get made at me.

Anyway, I will be re-opening my askbox, but please, DO NOT SEND ME ANYMORE SHIPS. THEY ARE STILL CLOSED AT THE MOMENT.

They just take a lot of time to get through them and I don’t want to rush. I will probably open them again soon, but for now I want to focus on finishing requests. Thanks so much for understanding, you guys are amazing!!

Have a lovely day!!!