do you guys remember this song


Dan: It must have been incredibly emotional for you guys…

N: Yeah it was, watching him out there … first of all, that’s a tough song to sing and being out there on your own for the first time on the week that something like that happens must have been horrific for him. But it was a no brainer, we were all in America at the time, I remember I was in NY and I heard about it, there was no doubt that was the next thing I was doing. … So we all flew home and we didn’t want it to be like a whole publicity thing …

Dan:… No pictures

N: No we didn’t want that, we were just in and out, seeing Louis for what it was and just be there to support him cause it is a tough time you know

—  Niall answers Dan Wotton about getting together with the boys on X Factor last year afer Louis’ mum died. 

i like it when people call me in cute nicknames i’ve never heard of, when people send me cute songs that remind them of me, when people give me wild flowers and when people remember me in general. it’s like the littlest kind of joy you could ever receive but you know for a fact that they are often times the best.

Support Older Girl Groups Pt. 1: f(x)

This week on Support Older Girl Groups we are supporting f(x). If you want to know why you should participate even if this week isn’t about a group you stan, check out this post

So what this is is sort of a masterpost of ways to support the group of the week. And since it’s my favorite group and people have been taking about their status as a group a lot lately, I thought a logical place to start would be f(x).

This is far from everything f(x) has released, I just chose a few for each category so it would be easier to get the view up in a noticeable way. If you can’t put your effort into everything on this list, put your effort into 4 Walls, Free Somebody, All Mine, and On My Own. 

About the group

F(x) is an SM girl group that debuted in 2009. They were originally considered Asia’s Dance Group by SM.The members are Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal. Sulli also used to be part of the group. If you are looking for some different concepts, f(x) is definitely for you! They have done so many different concepts. I think you will notice their individuality as a group immediately!

Title tracks

4 Walls was their last music video and album to be released. It was released in 2015, so quite a while ago. It’s currently at 27,161,327 views, but deserves way more. Let’s get it to 30mil!

Red Light came out in 2014 and was their last music video and album with Sulli. It currently has 36,027,739 views, so it’s close to 40mil! it would be really awesome to get it to 50 mil sooner rather than later too. 

Rum Pum Pum Pum is pretty close to 50 mil, and it would be really great for them it! It currently has 46,309,778 views. 


All Mine was the last music video f(x) has released. it was released in July of 2016 and currently has 8,411,608 views. Let’s get it to 10mil! This is a really special music video and song because it had been so long since f(x) had any activities together, and it has been a long time since, Also the music video was directed by Amber! I would be really great if this music video in particular had a big spike in views! 

Heartbeat is an amazing and sweet song by Amber and Luna. It’s honestly such a great song and Amber and Luna make such a could unit (they really should be a subunit.) But the music video is still yet to reach 1mil views! It’s currently at 901,491 views. That’s not that bad for a Station song but Heartbeat and the group deserve so much more. Let’s get it to 1mil and then much farther from there!

Borders is an Amber solo that she wrote and is very special to her. Honestly I cried to first time I heard it, it’s just too dang relatable lmao. Another thing that you might like is it is in English, and it has subtitles in both Korean and English. It currently has 5,221,617 views, which is actually pretty good for a Station song. But Amber has really been having hard times with her solo work an SM, so a spike in the views could really help. 


Free Somebody is Luna’s solo debut from May 2016. It’s such a great song that shows off both her beautiful voice and dance skills. Sadly it was not promoted well and got overshadowed by other SM comebacks, so it didn’t do nearly as well as it should. It currently has 8,154,679 views. Let’s get it to 10mil! 

On My Own was part of Amber’s Crossing series that she was making on her own Youtube Channel. Sadly, Crossing was never finished. We are not sure what happened to it, but based off of her cryptic Instagram posts (still the last two she posted if you want to go read them), it doesn’t sound like it was good. On My Own is a really important song to support for the same reason as Borders. It’s currenly at 1,040,418 views. Let’s get it to 2mil! and then maybe even 5mil!

I Don’t Want to Love You was not exactly a solo, but a collaboration between Krystal and June One Kim. It’s also not under SM and it’s not in Korean so it wasn’t that popular. But watching it will still help support f(x)! Also, it’s a really interesting and different song. The music video is actually a little spooky (also the intro kinda drags on) But still please support it becasue it’s a good song! It currently has 453,638 views. Let’s get it to 1mil!

Other Stuff to Check Out

Luna’s Alphabet is a vlog series on Youtube that Luna has been making, and it’s getting a season 3 soon! The videos usually range from around 5 to 15 mins long. And don’t worry, there are English subtitles!

Amber’s channel is where she posted her Crossing songs. There are only 4 videos but it wouldn’t hurt to subscribe anyway!

What The Pineapple was Amber’s Youtube channel for basiclly anything else she wanted to post. There are lots of funny things on it you should really check it out! Also it is primarily in English but there are Korean subtitles. Sadly it has been a long time since she last posted to it, but maybe if the views spike she will bring it back, or get to start something like Luna’s Alphabet.

Ending Notes

Please reblog this and share this as much as possible! This project will do no real good unless it is a group effort. And please watch the videos as much as possible! It would do the most good if you guys watched each one (or at least the title tracks) multiple times a day this week (and weeks to come.) I’m not expecting you to take the time to watch all of Luna’s Alphabet or What the Pineapple, but if you could watch all the music videos that would really help not only f(x), but all older girl groups! If you want people to put the effort to help out your favorite older girl groups, help out other people’s faves too! Remember, next week’s post could be your favorite group!

Also remember!

Listen to all of these songs on Spotify

Buy them and or the albums if you can

Look out for Victoria’s solo album coming out soon

follow them all on social media

(If there is anything that needs to be fixed about this post feel free to message me)


since we’re all talking about the oncler again:

I’m mildly convinced that the fandom is immortal, it keeps resurfacing when I least expect it to. I barely contributed to the madness but hoo boy was that first year or two a doozy and I loved it. Rock on and stay stupid, babies.


Imagine meeting Dean in a bar.

Title: The Good Girl

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, (briefly), Jayden, Rae, Dani, & Bailey (OFCs briefly mentioned)

Warnings: pre-smut, language, fluff

Word Count: 3.8k

A/N: So, this story is rooted in my own personal experience at 25. Obviously the guy wasn’t Dean fucking Winchester, but oh if he had been. *whew* Thank you Mimi and Erin for helping me see the issues and get them resolved. I know that a lot of you have been EAGERLY anticipating this fic. I REALLY hope it doesn’t disappoint you. It got lengthy and a little out of control and WILL have one more part. - I know it’s an HOUR LATE. SORRY!

Summary: You were a good girl. You went off to a private Christian college because  you knew there was a bad girl waiting to be set free. You wanted a career, so you made a choice. You went away. You didn’t smoke. Didn’t drink until you were 21. No bars until you were 23. Didn’t have sex until you were in love, or at least you thought you were in love. You’ve always liked who you are, but there was a pretty distinct shift when you were 25. Five friends. One guy. One piano. One drink. One bar. Everything changed. You’re different now, and you’re certain you’ll never forget that leather jacket or those green eyes. Jan. 24th, 2012. The day Dean Winchester rolled through town.

Dean Bean Lovers Tags Below, Bitches


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I so dearly love how the Awesome Mix 2 is used in GOTG2 but I know so little about music I can’t really articulate it? s’just like… it takes all these familiar songs and recontextualizes them and makes them sound like the movie’s Greek chorus, not to mention giving Meredith (who made the mix in canon, obviously) more of a place in the story?

Like, the cheerful (but deceptive) sweetness at the beginning of the movie - Brandy wears a braided chain/made of finest silver from the north of Spain - becomes the accusatory shout of I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain! at the end, and it sounds like Meredith condemning her ex-lover from beyond the grave. And then in amongst the gleeful violence of the Come A Little Bit Closer scene you listen to the lyrics and realise it’s a song about a guy who assumes a woman belongs to him, more shades of Ego there -

And other people have brought up how Mr Blue Sky at the beginning seems almost to foreshadow Yondu’s fate (I’ll remember you this way…), and I’m positive that was intentional considering where his story ends up - “I’m sorry I didn’t do none of it right”/Mr Blue, you did it right…

(hey you with the pretty face/welcome to the human race?)

But I think I love most of all how the chorus of The Chain turns into a battle cry during the final battle, all these characters screaming IF YOU DON’T LOVE ME NOW, THEN YOU’LL NEVER LOVE ME AGAIN, and it relates to all of them - Peter and Ego, Gamora and Nebula, Yondu and Peter, Rocket and the whole team. It’s like a sudden WHAM of what the movie’s been about all along: these incredibly broken people trying to prove to each other and (mostly) themselves that they’re worthy of love.

I just really utterly adore this wacky dayglo jukebox musical, I guess.

How do you measure a year?

Request: soulmate au- when you reach 18, you stop ageing until you meet your soulmate. 

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x reader

Warnings: mild angst

Word count: 2,797 

A/N: welcome to day one of the @hamwriters writeathon (aka AU time)! I’m posting a fic a day this week (woah) and I am so excited pls come and scream with me. endless thanks to @gratitudejoyandsorrow for proofreading and being awesome ^-^

schedule for the rest of this week here

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You celebrated your eighteenth birthday in seventeen eighty three. Your parents, ageing together for twenty years, looked on fondly as you accepted their gift- new writing supplies and a diary.

“Write about your life,” your father suggested. He had fought in the revolutionary war alongside Washington himself, meeting your mother when he had returned from to New York to begin his life anew.

“Thank you,” you told him. Your best friend Theodosia had already found her soulmate and, despite you being born before her, she now looked older.

You carefully signed your name on the inside cover. The ink shone on the page and you decided you would write a letter to your soulmate each and every day until you met them.


You pushed your way through the streets of New York, shivering in the cold. Having invested your money well over the last two hundred and thirty years, you didn’t have to work full time, and could afford to spend your time in coffee shops, writing.

You were on your two hundredth journal. You always carried your first one and your latest one with you- the beginning and the end of your life, you reasoned. You had written over eighty-five thousand letters to your soulmate.

And you had never met them.

A couple of times you had tried to find someone else- someone who had lost their soulmate or who hadn’t found them yet either, but it never worked. If they had known their soulmate, you could never be enough.

You slipped into your current favourite coffee shop- a two story independent shop that was a stones throw away from Broadway. You wondered idly if there was a new show you could go and see, and decided to head over to take a look later.

There was a new barista at the counter. Her hair a golden-brown that caught the light as she chatted animatedly to her coworkers. You slid into your favourite seat - a cushy armchair by the window - and pulled out your journal.

You opened it to a fresh page and pulled out a pen and a paperclip. You wrote the date above the lines and fished around in your jacket pocket for a moment before finding your ticket to an art exhibition you had been to. You clipped it to the page and started to write.

Dear Soulmate,

New York is so different now- so busy, so tall, and so alive. It’s no longer the city I grew up in, but I suppose the world moves on even if I don’t.

There was an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art about soulmates - I saved my ticket. They had photos of people with their soulmates, dressed in the clothing of the era they were born in. The kind of thing they might have worn on their eighteenth birthday.

Couples from all over the world - every nationality, every gender, every sexuality. Little placards letting you know how long they’d waited for each other. People born during World War One - a horrible time - meeting their soulmates today.

It gave me hope that I might still find you.

You closed your journal as the waitress brought over your coffee, setting it down with a smile. You thanked her.

Over two centuries you had met people who had waited for their soulmates for just as long as you had. Many of them had watched their families die, as you had, and struggled to keep faith. Every one of them had found their soulmates eventually and promised you it was worth it.

So you waited.

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Before It’s Too Late (part 1)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none…. yet.

A/N: I have a thing for friends turn to lovers so here’s another one :) Hope ya like. Also I got my first piece of hate guys!! Does that make me legit now? Do all the cool, awesome writers get hate??

“You doin’ okay?” Bucky questioned as he sat down on your bed, a bag of Cheetos in his hands.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m fine.” you nod, looking over your shoulder before looking back at the paper in front of you. With your head in your hands and your elbows resting on your desk, you sigh.

“Your brain is gonna pop if you continue to think hard like that.” the brunette spoke before munching on a Cheeto.

“I really have to get this done, Buck.” you let out another deep sigh while turning around to face him.

Bucky Barnes. The man you have been in love with since your junior year of high school and now that you’re a junior in college, that makes it about 5 years. 5 years. You had met him your freshman year of high school when you had a panic attack upon entering the high school campus, being overwhelmed by the new scenery and older kids - that you didn’t know - that were attending as well. He came up to you, calming you down and reassuring you that high school was going to be fine. It helped and the two of you found out that you had first period together. You’ve been inseparable since.

“Get what done?” he reclined back, shoes kicked off as he got comfortable.

“My creative writing professor wants us all to write a two to three paged paper on the time we felt the most pain in our lives. She wants us to really dig deep into it, put a lot of feeling in it but I’m blank. I can’t think of anything.” you explain while running your fingers through your messy hair.

“How much time do you have to write it?” Bucky questioned.

“Two days. She said she was giving us extra time so we wouldn’t feel rushed. She really wants us to get in depth about it.” you respond.

Bucky closes the bag of Cheetos and sits on the edge of your bed. “The most pain you’ve felt in your life… hmm..”

He looked up into the corner of your room as he tapped his chin. After a few seconds, you sigh. “I’ll just write about the time I fell off my roof and how my thigh got impaled by that broken glass.”

Bucky winced. “I remember that day. I tried grabbing you, ya know.”

“You didn’t even notice that I fell until I screamed.” you roll your eyes.

“I was trying to get your damn Christmas lights up, woman.” you chuckle, shaking your head as you tap your pen on the desk. “But you survived and you’ve got a killer scar too.”

“Shut up, you’re annoying.”

He smiles, flashing you his pearly whites and you turn around, back to your paper.

“Just write about that, I’m sure you’ll do great. You’re an amazing writer.” he spoke from behind you. Thank god your back was to him or else he would’ve seen you blush.

“Alright, alright. Stop being so nice, it’s gross.”

The two days were up and you turned in your paper before walking to your car with Clint who was also in your creative writing class.

“How do you think you did?” he asked, pulling a juice box out of his backpack.

“Uh… decent. I guess.” you shrug.

Clint turned his head to you and quirked an eyebrow. “Just decent?”

“Well it wasn’t my best work but I couldn’t think of anything else to write.” you tell him.

“What did you write about?”

“The time I fell off my roof and had my thigh impaled by broken glass.”

Clint rolled his eyes. “That was six years ago, Y/N. Stop bringing it up.”

“I had to go to the hospital!”

“You sound just like Vince Vaughn’s character from Couples Retreat when he keeps bringing up the fact that he got bit by shark when really, he cut himself while climbing up the latter to get on the boat.” he says, sipping from the juice box.

“But I got seriously injured. I had to go to the hospital so that they could get the shard of glass out of my thigh because it was way in there.”

“Whatever, Dave.” Clint calls you the name of the character and you burst out laughing.

Once it dies down, you look over at Clint. “I know my truth.” you say, causing Clint to laugh. “Alright, back to a serious note. What did you write about?”

“I wrote about the time my dog died.”

“What do- Scruffy?”


“But you hated Scruffy.”

Clint let out a dramatic sigh as his left arm flopped to his side. “Yeah but he used to eat all my broccoli and now when I visit my parents I have to eat them.”

You chuckle. “You’re such a child.”

Before he could respond, you heard a deep voice shout your name, causing you to stop walking and turn around. Bucky ran over to you, cutting across the green grass as he held the straps of his backpack. He stopped in front of you, bent over and breathing heavily.

“What’s up, Naruto?” Clint smiled, causing the brunette to glare up at him.

Bucky stood up and pushed his hair away from his face. “I need your help.”


“I have a date with a girl from my history of art class.” he smiled.

That was another thing. Whenever he had dates, you would help him get ready for it. It sucked, yeah but he never went on a second date with any of them. “She was insane,” he’d say, or, “she was already talking about marriage!”

Something was always wrong with the girls he went out on dates with which gave you hope. Maybe you had a chance? If you ever got the courage to confront him about your feelings.

Pfft, yeah right.

“Okay.” you nod.

“I’m telling ya, she’s the one.”

You scoff. “That’s what you say about all of them.”

“I know, I know but I have a good feeling about her. I can feel it in my bladder.” he replied and Clint laughed.

“Are you sure you just don’t have to go to the bathroom?”

Bucky gives him a harsh look. “Don’t you have go complain about how you don’t have a girlfriend, Barton?”

“Ooo, look at me like that again. I think I just got aroused.” Clint shimmied and Bucky playfully rolled his eyes before laughing.

“Alright, meet me at the apartment.” you say, digging your keys out of your pocket.

“Can you just take me? I rode my skateboard to campus today.” he turns around to show you his skateboard which was hanging out of his backpack.

You smile. “Sure, Bucky. Hop in.” he smiles back at you before shrugging his backpack off. You turn to Clint. “I’ll see you later.”

Clint leans in close, whispering; “You still haven’t told him that you’re in love with him?”

You pull away and slap his arm. “Clint! Shh!”

“Ow!” he rubs the spot. “Sorry, Nat told me you were gonna tell him soon!”

“Tell who, what soon?” Bucky asked from behind you, causing you to jump.

“Y/N was gonna tell Sam that he should stop wearing socks with sandals on dates because it’s unappealing.” Clint responds smoothly and you silently thank him.

Bucky chuckles. “Ew, I know right? I always tell him to put sneakers on or somethin’ but he never listens.”

Clint smiles, pursing his lips as he rocked back and forth on his feet. “Well I’m gonna go, Vision said he rearranged our snack cabinet and threw out old ones so now I need to see if he threw away my Twinkies.”

You nod, both you and Bucky saying goodbye before hopping in your car and driving off.

You pull up to your apartment building and park before getting out. You lived with Wanda and Nat both whom you met your freshman year of high school. Natasha punched a guy in the face for making fun of the dress you had worn to school and Wanda made you laugh when you came into class crying. You all have been so close since.

Bucky also lived in the same apartment building as the three of you. He lived with Steve and Sam. You also met them your freshman year. Bucky introduced you to them. Steve had been his childhood friend and he met Sam through Steve. Come to think of it, you met your other friends, Peggy, Tony, Clint, Bruce and Vision your freshman year too. All of you were such a tight bunch, like family.

You, Wanda and Nat decided to move into the apartment building right off campus in the beginning of your junior year and once you told Bucky about it, he convinced Steve and Sam to move into the apartment building with him. “I want to be close to you,” was his reason. Bucky was a clingy person.

They lived just down the hall from the three of you. There was a lot of apartments to fill considering most of the people who lived there were seniors and had graduated.

Peggy lived in the dorms with her two roommates Cynthia and Pepper. Tony lived in the dorms as well with Bruce and Clint bunked with Vision. They all wanted the college experience, living in dorms and all but both Tony and Bruce were thinking about moving into an apartment due to all the shit they own.

You get to the door and look over at Bucky. “Open it.”

“You have a key.”

“I don’t wanna get it out.”

“Well, neither do I.”

You almost buzzed your apartment before remembering that Natasha was with Bruce and Wanda was at softball practice. Your finger circles before landing on Bucky’s apartment number, buzzing it.

“Who is it?” Sam voice comes out of the speaker in a sing-song tune.

“Y/N, open up.”

“Why yes, of course.” There’s a buzzing sound and you pull the door open, the both of you walking in.

You ride the elevator up to your floor and walk into Bucky’s apartment, being greeted by Steve and Sam. “Hey Y/N.”

“Hey guys,” you smile. “What’s crack-a-lackin’?”

Sam shrugs. “Nothing much. All I did was score a date with Cynthia!”

You rush up to him and take him by the shoulders. “You’re joking right?! Are you serious? Please tell me you’re being serious.”

Sam laughs. “I’m being serious.”

You thrust your fist in the air. “Finally!” you bream. “Now I can finally come here without hearing you talk on and on about how you’re gonna ask her out.”


“Alright, that’s enough.” Bucky pulls you to him. “Leave her alone, she’s helping me get ready for a date.”

“Who’s the unlucky girl?” Sam questioned and Bucky shot him a look before relaxing.

“Kristen, from my history of art class.” he responds.

“No way! The girl you’ve introduced us to?” Steve exclaimed and Bucky nods with a smile playing at his lips.

“Hey! How come you’ve never introduced me to her?” you turn to Bucky.

“Wanted to make sure she was good enough to bring home to you. Wouldn’t want my best girl to meet some asshole now would I?” he grinned, draping his arm over your shoulders.

“But I met you.”

His smile drops as Sam and Steve burst out laughing. Bucky pouts and moves away from you. “When you’re done being a meanie, I’ll be in my room waiting.”

He turns and walks into his room, shutting his door behind him. You turn to Steve and Sam as their laughter dies down and Steve gives you a sad look.

“You okay?”

“Why would she be okay? The love of her life is going on a date with someone.” Sam responds in a whisper.

“ ‘The love of my life’? That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t ya think?” you scoff.

“You love him, don’t you?”

“Yeah but-”

“Then I rest my case.”

You chuckle, shaking your head. “I’m gonna go. Peace out losers.” you say, throwing up the peace sign as you made your way to Bucky’s room.

A/N: I got some issuessssssss. So here’s the first part, I hope ya like. Tell me what ya think and if there’s any mistakes I’ll fix it when I wake up :)


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BTS reaction to you breaking up with them and they knew it was coming

Anon said: If is not much to ask can you do BTS reaction to you breaking up with them because they don’t even try to keep the relationship going? They just distance himself from you. Like they knew you will do that, that it will happen. I hope you can do it, thank you

Jungkook: Sitiing down with you on the couch, he kept looking at you, knowing something is up. He wouldn’t take his eyes off you.
“You, just… Don’t try anymore” you start to tear up and he does too. 
He knows it, that he done wrong.
“I’m sorry Jungkook..” he starts crying and looks away from you 
“But we need to break up” you added, your heart breaking apart
Jungkook would nod his head and cry even more. Silence would fill up the room, and the only sound is two of you crying. 

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Jimin: After you said you guys need to break up. He’ll be silent. He would tear up but not cry. He knew it was coming, that he messed up. He wouldn’t try to stop you from leaving cause’ there is no hope, no hope for ficing something he done. He loves you, and will for a long time, but knows you will be better on your own and happy with someone else.

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Taehyung: “I love you. I know you hate me, but this is just the way I feel. O saw it coming long time ago. I know a “sorry” doesn’t mean anything to you at this point, but I am sorry Y/N.” 

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J-Hope: Soon as you leave, he’ll cry his eyes out. Will be so heart broken,  but knows it’s his fault. Would later realize what kind of perfect and wonderful person you are and taht he lost you and probably will never be able to see or be with again.  

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Rap Monster: He would not cry at first. He’ll just say “I understand where you are coming from and I know this is the best way”. As he stays alone he would cover his face and just start crying. To let everything out he’ll write raps for you, about you, wirte everything down how he feels. Wanting you to know he messed up so fucking bad.

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Suga: He’s a tough guy. He doesn’t cry as often. Being without you he would feel the emptiness, like a puzzle missing. Same as Rap Monster he would either write songs or just play the piano. Play your favorite songs, melodies just so he can remember what good days were. 

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Jin: He would tell you “I promise I will change” , “I’ll do anything to fix this.” , “I don’t want to lose you, please don’t leave”. But it would be too late. He would  understand what he put you through and what he done, he’ll cry and cry. Be changed man without you.

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Poor Innocent Carlos
  • Jay: *Singing work*
  • Carlos: Oh you got a job?
  • Jay: No it's a song...
  • Carlos: Oh! So you're singing about a job?
  • Jay: No! The song is about--
  • Evie: Hey guys! What are you doing?
  • Carlos: Jay was telling me the meaning about the song 'Work'.
  • Evie: OH! Um Carlos... I just remembered we have a math test to study for so go to my room now! *Carlos walks off*
  • Evie: Seriously Jay! Don't you remember what happened when we tried to teach Carlos about Netflix and Chill?
  • Jay: It's not my fault the kids so freaking innocent...

I believe I have made much mockery of Fionn mac Cumhail without actually giving enough reason for you to believe me that he is, indeed, in all seriousness, my favorite Irish mythological figure. So today, we shall do just that.

We already talked about Fionn’s origins and how he started his road down the path of kickasstitude, but let’s do a quick recap: He was raised by his two warrior moms (his aunt Bodhmall the Warrior-Druidess and her ‘friend’ Liath Luachra the Fighting Woman) and the three of them went on various adventures, some chronicled, most not, and all the while several hitmen were looking for him. His childhood name, Demne, was changed to Fionn, which means literally “white” or “bright”, in reference to his long, flowing white mane of hair, to mask him from those who pursued him due to his increasing fame.

Now, today, I want to talk to you about THE exploit that put Fionn on the map, and no, I am not talking about the Salmon thing, I mean an actual deed of martial mastery and weaponized self-mutilation.

Now an adult, Fionn found himself wandering the land, as he would always be turned away from various orders of knights when his employers realized who he was, since he was a wanted man and target of the mightiest knights ever, the Fianna Knights. Downtrodden but still resolute, Fionn arrived at the city of Tara. There was kind of a big problem with the city of Tara, however: It was burned down to the ground every year for the last 23 years. Not even the Fianna Knights could stop it.

Aillen the Burner was the one responsible for this. Once a year, for the last 23 years, Aillen had burned the city to the ground after using his magical music to put everyone to sleep in the city. Every year, he did this shit, and no one could stop him, because they were ASLEEP and USELESS while Aillen just burned things down with his fire breath calmly and at his own pace. Oh, yeah, by the by, Aillen was a Sidhe from Tuatha De Dannan, AKA a god-like existence. Stopping him wasn’t that simple.

But Fionn took one look at this dude and said “I AM GOING TO SUPLEX HIM”.

Fionn knew the event was to happen the day he arrived, so he made the necessary preparations. Actually, he didn’t, because each one of his testicles has a gravitational field and is harder than steel. He stood outside of the palace of Tara holding his Crane-Skin Bag of Weapons, patiently waiting.

NOW, FIONN FACT: Unlike many heroes, Fionn did not have a named weapon. Instead, his “weapon” was the Crane-Skin Bag. The Crane-Skin Bag, which had once belonged to his father, housed a myriad of magical weapons that Fionn would flexibly use in combat to meet the needs of any particular engagement. Fionn’s power, basically, was having an inventory. Like, you guys remember Doraemon?

Right, so basically, Doraemon is Fionn’s fursona. Literally the same character. The only difference is that Fionn was pulling out sick chainsaws and shotguns out of his bag instead of helicopter hats for his loser friend.

So Fionn was doing a newspaper sudoku, waiting for this shit to go down, when suddenly, over yonder, he heard a very suspicious voice.

“Yo yo yo I’m doing this I’m DOING THIS a 24th time baby #westside time to BURN WHORES”.

It was Aillen the Burner, with his beautiful song that lulls mortals to sleep! One by one, the citizens and warriors of Tara fell asleep like defenseless babes, and Aillen was readying his fire breath when he noticed one thing: Fionn, very much not asleep, was running at him at around 300 kilometers per hour, a huge spear in hand.

“Yo yo ok wtf the fuck, that’s never happened before, what’s your deal, how are you still awake?”

See, Aillen’s plan was, for the most part, flawless. He just failed to account for someone with just the right amount of senseless disregard for his own safety and neurons: Fionn came to the conclusion that if you just avoided falling asleep, Aillen himself couldn’t be too tough, if he was relying on this strategy in the first place. So did Fionn use his literal infinite salmon knowledge superpower to create a balm that would neutralize the effects of the lullaby? No, he didn’t, he just grabbed one of his spears, the poisoned one, and went to town on his own face with it to stay awake.

Let me say that again.

One of Fionn’s spears was poisoned with an extremely potent venom (like fucking every other spear in Irish mythos), and when I say potent, I don’t mean “it stings”, I mean “mere contact with the tip of the spear felt like dipping your fingers in magma”. He held his spear with both hands and, as he ran after Aillen, he kept smashing the tip of his spear against his own face to keep himself awake with the pain of the burning tip.


So Aillen, very reasonably scared shitless, ran. He ran for like three blocks and then the much physically superior Fionn caught up to him, his face ANGRY like a bull who had just been kicked in the balls by man in red spandex, grabbed him by the shoulder, and absolutely pincushioned him with spear thrusts like he was some Fist of the North Star live action adaption character. Fionn is actually the first recorded machine gun in history, and what gun companies nowadays use as a basis for their gatling guns, because holy fuck he just RIDDLED the dude into something that would make swiss cheese mold green with envy.

So this kinda left everyone very impressed and even more uncomfortable because, holy shit, ok, Fionn, uh, saved them all, but he’s also the dude they were supposed to kill. How the fuck do you kill THAT? I mean he kinda just killed a god by smashing a spear against his own face repeatedly REALLY HARD for a good while, do YOU want to go against that kind of man? That’s the kind of shit someone with nothing to lose steps away from. Damn.

So, with no viable options other than Not Fighting That Lunatic, Fionn’s heritage was acknowledged, and Goll, in his wisest moment ever recorded, stepped away voluntarily. Goll mac Morna was the guy who staged the coup that killed Fionn’s dad and stole the Fianna Knights leadership from him. The other guy that indirectly killed Fionn’s dad, Tadg mac Duanat, gave Fionn his beautiful house on the hills of Allen to Fionn in exchange for not obliterating him in loud, bloody, gory vengeance. Fionn accepted. Reminder that Tagd is also Fionn’s grandfather on his mother’s side.

And that’s how Fionn regained his rightful ownership of the Fianna Knights, stopped being a wanted man, and killed a god through sheer masochism.

The moral of the story is that if you can beat the fuck out of your own face, your enemies will assume you can do that to their faces just as fine, and they will give you free real estate so you don’t do that.

Mutual Friend

Anonymous asked:

“Can you do one where y/n is best friends with Brendon Urie and y/n is at Brendon’s little house studio so he invites Josh Dun because he has a crush on her and it gets really fluffy and cute, they where playing together different instruments and stuff”

A/N: Sorry for the late post, hope you enjoy!

Warnings: mild language

Fem!Reader x Josh Dun | masterlist

“Y/N! You’re coming over today, right?” Brendon asked. “Yes, Brendon, I’m leaving now. Chill,” you responded, giggling. Brendon always has a way of getting on your nerves.

“Well sorry, don’t want you to bail on me again!”

“Brendon that happened ONE TIME! You’ll never let me live that down, my God.” He laughed in response.

“Hurry and get your ass over here.”

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  • Hinata: Naruto-kun I-...I-...
  • Naruto: Come on Hinata, tell me -ttebayo!
  • Hinata: I-...I-...
  • ---
  • Shino: Looks like Hinata is in trouble.
  • Kiba: Trying to confess again?
  • Shino: Yeah... maybe we should help her out.
  • Kiba: Alright, we got this. As we practiced, for the emergencies.
  • Shino: Right. Let's just do it, for our teammate. (sighs) This is gonna be embarrassing...
  • ---
  • Hinata: I-...I-... (thinking) I can't do this...
  • Kiba: Ay ay ay
  • Shino: Aaay ay ay
  • Kiba: Let it rain over meee!~
  • Naruto: ???
  • Kiba: Oh, what's up, Naruto? Didn't notice Hinata was dropping the beat?
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: Õ.Õ (faints)
This is not canon. This is purely for crack-y fun.

(Crack mixes are going on this blog where they belong)

Okay, so an asker over on @thebrightsessions​ official tumblr knows that I will make basically any mix if prompted, so I made a Damien-and-Mark-Bro-Out-On-A-Road-Trip Mix. I have no so many regrets.

Track listing, with commentary by yours truly: 

  1. You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi (the natural choice to start out any respectable road trip mix)
  2. Tom Sawyer - Rush
  3. Back to Black - ACDC (obviously)
  4. Island - The Starting Line (pop punk is the next step after 80s classics IMO) 
  5. The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls (do you guys remember this band??? whatever happened to them? this album is great) 
  6. Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry
  7. Run Away With Me - Carly Rae Jepsen (okay, someone on tumblr posted about how Damien would love Emotion and I can’t find the post anywhere but it has been HAUNTING ME because Emotion is absolutely an album that Damien would secretly love and I can’t believe I was called out like that. Also, Emotion is the best pop album in years, maybe ever.) 
  8. Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings (the ultimate dancing while driving song) 
  9. Never Forget You - Noisettes
  10. Man! I Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain (this is canon, don’t @ me) 
  11. Ready to Run - The Dixie Chicks (duh!) 
  12. Ride - Far Places (this whole playlist is a mix of silly things and great songs but they are all from actual road trip mixes I’ve made. This one is the newest addition - it is by Evan Cunningham’s band Far Places. Evan composes all the music for @thebrightsessions and is really awesome and you guys should buy his music)

Honorable mention: “Hold On” by Wilson Philips, which is the only song you ever need on the road but is too near and dear to my heart to put on this ridiculous thing. 

(I’m so sorry) 

Happy Hiatus! 


“I remember, I remember it all..”
“but how?”
“Who Cares”

I may or may not have typed song lyrics


You may recall Me and @holluhasnoclue Talkin about our Jay and Nya Cosplay? WELL, WE FINALLY GOT AROUND TO SHOWING YOU!! 

Jay is @holluhasnoclue (You can find her on instagram under the same name)
Nya is me. My work is on Facebook and Instagram as ShuggaQueenCosplay
Photos are by the amazing, new photographer, Sarah Brandt. If you wish to contact her, PM me and I can do that for you!

📱 TFLN Starters – 7/?? 📱

  • [text]: I was speaking french the whole night. Until i got arrested. Then I decided I should probably start speaking English.
  • [text]: He dreamed I was a serial killer and now he won’t let me touch knives
  • [text]: I asked her if she could eat some Doritos so when we made out it would taste awesome
  • [text]: I spy something regrettable…
  • [text]: I hate it when the guy who runs the chicken and waffles truck is convinced that I run a cult.
  • [text]: The night is not complete until I am drnk and speaking to inanimate objects
  • [text]: all i wanted to do was something grown up. like go to applebees and drink.
  • [text]: she makes me feel like im THAT guy in a the taylor swift song
  • [text]: Sometimes you have a glimmer of a heart and then I immediately remember you are dead inside.
  • [text]: No, I stopped taking my meds because I like crazy me better
  • [text]: Let’s play a little game called “Chill the Fuck Out”–you’re our first contestant
  • [text]: I found your bra. How you get it off the satellite dish is your problem.
  • [text]: I’ll have you know my trust issues and my daddy issues are two COMPLETELY different topics of conversation.
  • [text]: I wish I had some fucking Fairy God Parents, I want a kit kat so bad.
  • [text]: I’m trying to bond with my sister…Its like getting to know a person I never met that I don’t like
  • [text]: Simple revenge plan: break into his house and steal one shoe of every pair
  • [text]: I’m slightly possessive over the guacamole when i’m stoned.
  • [text]: I just ran into the woods like an idiot because ADVENTURE.
  • [text]: If we went to a costume party as Batman and Robin I would go as Robin, that’s how much you mean to me
  • [text]: Pounding your chest saying “me Tarzan” is not flirting or even talking
  • [text]: Dude, you just left me a 3 minute voicemail of pop rocks in your mouth. Im sitting right next to you
  • [text]: You need southern Jesus.
  • [text]: Peanut butter fills the cracks of my heart
  • [text]: FYI… At my funeral, it will be your job to throw yourself dramatically onto my casket.

Anon prompt: “omg! I love your imagines! could you pretty please doone where jughead and the reader are at a party and juggie gets drunk and sings sex by the 1975 an then in the morning wakes up and doesnt remember dooing it? please!”

A/N: Sure can, sorry I didn’t post this last night :-( 

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